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Author Topic: Electric Vehicles  (Read 19702 times)

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Re: Electric Vehicles
« Reply #405 on: June 26, 2018, 05:24:32 pm »
This is slightly off-topic, but I did want to share that it appears, from what I read, that the Chevy Volt is now approaching the point at which Federal tax credits will be phased out. As you might be aware, the current subsidy for this type of eV will be phased out once GM reaches the milestone of 200,000 total Volts sold since the car debuted.

In fact, this might well be the very last month that Volt buyers will get the full $7500 off their tax bill. It appears that this quarter is the last quarter for the full tax break, and buyers in the 4th quarter 2018 will only get half, and that the subsidy will cease in 2019.

Tesla also is about to lose the tax incentive. It looks like Leaf buyers will still get the full benefit until about quarter 1 of 2020.

All the numbers above are estimates, but these sales are being tracked pretty closely by several watchdog groups, and I think the graphic above is  fairly accurate about what to expect.

For this reason, I am considering trading my beloved 2014 Volt for a new one, which would give me enough eV range that I'd probably almost never need to pump gas. The new Volts have a battery-only range of 53 miles. My current Volt is supposed to have 35, but I've found 32 is a more real number. Even with only 32 battery miles, most of my commute to work and back is on battery power.

Yes, I know most electricity comes from fossil fuels. But more than 30% of our local power comes from some type of renewable, and it is possible to actually get all your power from renewable sources here now if you are willing to pay an extra premium for it. I just learned about this option, but I think that's right.

Yep. Thanks for the graphic.  :emthup: I expect all those incentives to be gone this year for the Leaf too. People will rush to buy Leaf EVs when they are the only ones left with the incentive. After that, the only prayer EVs have in Trumpland is if BYD booster Warren Buffet can jam a bunch of Chinese EVs down Trumpy's throat.

Otherwise, all the stops are coming out to strangle EVs in the USA on behalf of the unavoidable gasolene product of refinery output. It's about preventing fossil fueler bankruptcies National Security, of course. :evil4:

Looking on the "bright side", I suppose then I might even be able to afford to buy a used "no longer made" Model 3 (after Tesla goes bankrupt and is absorbed by GM  :evil4:)  or maybe a used Leaf nobody wants as everyone rushes back to gas guzzling pickup truck heaven. USA! USA!

I expect the newer Leafs to be the kind of car that people hang onto for a long time. I wouldn't be surprised to see a well cared for Leaf outlast a FF car by 3X or 4X in terms of miles and/or years of service, given the superior design. I'd love to have one, or a Bolt even, but the Volt meets my needs here in Texas better.

My wife's brother has had the Leaf for a year or more now, I guess, and seems happy with his choice. But he never needs to take road trips. He drives to the airport and gets on a plane for work travel, just like most tech-y people these days, seems like.  He flies to some other city for work, and often only comes home on weekends. His company does databases for governments and non-profits, mainly, from what I understand.

True, EVs are computers on wheels, not so much cars. So, of course, driving them for 500,000 miles or more is logical and expected. All you do is basically change the battery pack avery 150,000 miles or so, depending on the manufacturer. The smart people will hang on to them, unless Trumpy makes it illegal to own one or taxes the living daylights out of owners because they "ain't payin' gasoline tax fer da roads". The Koch crooks are out to destroy EVs. It is prudent to take that threat seriously.

We'll see what happens. With the Trump Fascist pro-fossil fuel Supreme Court out to make "legal" just about any part of Trump's hate filled agenda like the racist travel ban on Moslems, I don't hold out much hope for the progress of clean energy or EVs in the immediate future in this country.

Check out the 'Peak oil ain't there' (so to speak  ;D) thread I started, where Palloy is out to GIT me. I've got some interesting news for him to try to dance around today.  ;)

You two are great debaters, but I wish you could keep it a little friendlier.

I know. "Do as I say, not as I do".

I know he can be difficult, but he is a good contributor to our forum.

I don't really want to strike him. I'm all talk. (Well, not always, but most of the time. :) )

I agree Palloy is a smart cookie. I disagree he is a good debater. He is always looking for some thread derailing excuse to get off the issue he is being querried about. That's a fallacious debating technique. He reminds me a lot of Ashivin, who whould immediatly accuse sombody of "projection" when that somebody exposed his morally bankrupt sophistry.

I will agree with you, however, that the Palloy versus Agelbert shouting match gentlemanly debate attracts lots of beady bubbles. This forum likes that, even if I'll probably die of heart failure in the course of these "debates". It's a tough world. ;D
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
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