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Author Topic: Blasts from the 2012 to 2013 past when there was more HOPE 🌟  (Read 644 times)

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Will the real Agelbert please stand up!

One of the reasons I chose the Bot Blogger alias, was from the back n forth with a certain poster called Cheryl on the Auto Earth. There was no doubt that 'she' (turned out to be a he) was provoking people to disrupt conversation, just at the time that news came out about the tendering of contracts by the US military for multiple online personality(avatar) management software, up to 20 identities at a time, by one person. If you aren't paranoid yet, it's time.

This is my take.

When this-shizz-got-real, not so long ago, with the development of the foxstead, the roller coaster took off and a bunch of people got alternately euphoric and queasy. Myself included. (Apologies if I offended you GO. Glad you're back. Love your posts.  )

This brings up feelings of security naturally, cause this all seems like a dream when you get right down to it, and who wants that to end? So people start to draw their lines of involvement. How deep could this go? Well, we just don't know. Are there threats from people of dubious identity? Sure. Are there people listening? Sure.

RE is proving himself to be a very competent manager of the ride, so far, and has established an inside and an outside. This doesn't happen magically, like taking the red pill, and we all don't have to become the Borg in the process...sorry for mixing my sci-fi metaphors.

In defense of Bob, I can imagine that he's just trying to protect y'all from the threats. And doing it from the outside ironically. LOL

Agelbert, took a break right after a big show down with Ashvin, saying he'd had enough of the style/tone/tendencies of the conversation. It only makes sense to me he would come back with a fresh approach to posts. I'm enjoying them all. I was grateful for the cat video right after the photo put up by Gypsy M, of the walk in the woods of SC. Brought a tear and a laugh, and I hate cats. Thanks GM and AG.

BTW go see Sugar Man, the documentary. It's is freakin' amazing and will make you hopeful for all of us. Needed that after reading about the scum Jim Steele.

Well done, AG.

My goodness, I seem to have created a fuss with my low stress hopium newfound posting style. I admit I am somewhat more laconic and controversy avoiding than before. A couple of visits to the ER will do wonders to get a person to modify his behavior in order to keep the blood pressure under control and possibly live a little longer. 

Thanks Surly, RE and Golden Oxen for recognizing it is really me that has returned from the dead (not literally but it was pretty damned close! :o). I have also been through a family tragedy. Last September my brother in law, ten years younger than me, was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer with mets to the liver. You can imagine all the internet research on cancer that followed in search of some therapy that would extend his life. He died Sunday, February 24, 2013.  :emthdown:

For those others who didn't recognize my writing style because it avoids controversy and a lot of back and forth fireworks, I wish to explain that my views on renewables, the biosphere and energy have not changed and I continue to plug my articles and comment posts on energy in the Waste Based Society Series that are parked here thanks to RE all over the web. I was gratified to see that Robert F. Kennedy Jr shares my views about fossil fuels (he calls them a theft of the commons).

Thom Hartmann has also come out plainly stating that fossil fuels were never cheap or cost effective so I am in good company. It was Grand Biosphere Poisoning and Robbery combined.  As time goes by I hope more will share this view and BYPASS the RULING CLASS with decentralization of energy use and distribution for a more democratic , equitable society that respects and blends in harmoniously with the biosphere for a truly livable planet. Until then I will continue my upbeat style of finding information and news to lift your spirits a bit along with some hard truths sprinkled in.

For those such as luciddreams that haven't read my stuff, the whole Waste Based Society Series, which includes  important historical articles by RE as well as my screeds, is an excellent big picture view of how we got to this clusterfuck and possibly how we can get out of it.

Everybody just do your thing because I am certainly going to do mine!  ;D


Thanks for understanding why I raised the uncomfortable question virtual pat down, and explaining the different online persona from last year. The post above was indubitably yours and not a Gitmo guard's while the real agb is cuffed and hooded in orange overalls. I never read your stressful stoush with ash, cant follow every thread in this multiplex, but it seemed then you were saying risky things about 911 radar when you suddenly dropped off the radar after being outspoken, and now saying very little, which I see is wise. Were meant to be crazy conspiracy theorists after all  :o 8).

Surly & GO
You were right this time, but what if you were not. According to Sophie Posel of Occupy Corporatism, Occupy mostly lost mojo because of cointelpro infiltrators, and others either calling out vs vouching for. Vetting for would have been better IMO, however awkward.

2 olympic athletes, swimmers Nick Darcy and another were severely reprimanded and almost dropped from the team for visiting a gun shop and posing with guns and getting their picture taken, putting the pic on facebook. I dont own the computer Im on, a govt and private funded organizn does. I walk a fine line between standing tall and speaking up in the truth movement and being told to STFU, see, hear and speak no evil. Suppose some IT investigation pulls up me visiting pics of little girls with guns, it would be worse than getting caught surfing p o r n which would be reassurance im another typical sleeping sheep. You have my good will at DD because you proved for me how money will be worthless soon and just how many people are probably going to die, and convincing me to bug out instead of in. Ill keep you all posted how that goes, but create less work for you all for now.

El viento sopla de donde quiere, y oyes su sonido; mas ni sabes de dónde viene, ni a dónde va;
así es todo aquel que es nacido del Espíritu. Juan 2:8


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