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Author Topic: What A Nuclear Power Plant REALLY IS  (Read 2185 times)

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Deleterious effects of Nuclear power on the biosphere.
« on: November 24, 2013, 06:15:39 pm »
I am engaged in a small dust up in regard to the deleterious effects of Nuclear power on the planet in general and our species in particular. Here's an update of the give and take. 

Poland Builds Electronic Wall To Keep Out German Renewables
Read more at http://cleantechnica.com/2013/11/22/poland-builds-electronic-wall-keep-german-renewables/#DQlksfx5MxkhX3xG.99

Poland should really consider nuclear energy, now that time is running out.  Building solar panels is a joke in sun scarce Poland, and wind alone isn't going to fill the gap.
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Here's  what nuclear energy has done to "accelerate" the "evolution" of Humans thanks to the 300 year "gift" that Pandora's Nuclear Box just keeps giving and giving.


RobertPPruitt > agelbert 
Just so you know, coal power plants release 100 times more radioactive material into the air
   when burned(mostly uranium thorium and polonium . This settles into all our water and soil, and coal has been burning a LOT longer and there are LOT more of them than Nuclear plants.
A few releases of radiation from nuclear accidents is no match for the amount of radiation we have pumped into our food, water supply, and our bodies from coal for all these many decades....not by a long shot.

But most modern plants do catch most of it now, but the damage has been done.
Oh, and don't forget the radon gas that is almost completely released into the air....good stuff

Just so you know!, There has never been a case of a severely muted human baby from people that live in coal country.

And coal is a false comparison anyway! Was that in your propaganda 101 course to always try say "coal " is worse as if we have either coal or nuclear? 

Don't you ever get tired of repeating the same low IQ propaganda lies? Do you understand how Cesium-137 is immediately taken up in all the muscle tissue of mammals because our biochemistry believes it is the much needed nutrient called Potassium?

I guess not. You will reap what you have sown. Count on it. Have a nice day.


RobertPPruitt > agelbert 
Oh I know exactly how bad it is.
I also know that the CDC and WHO traveled the world examining bodies and came up with somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 MILLION people die in the world EVERY year from the affects of pollution. Of which a very large percentage comes from coal.

I don't care if the Japanese packed up and walked away from Fukushima today and never went back it would never reach the yearly death toll that coal has. Coal just isn't considered as dangerous because it doesn't cause the visible affects that radiation can. Does not make it safer, not by a long shot.

If 3 million are dying yearly, just imagine what it is doing to EVERY human it doesn't kill. Also before coal was in widespread use for home heating cancer was actually pretty rare in the world. And chimney sweeps(coal not wood) were the first to develop occupational cancer, (of the scrotum no less) in the mid-late 1700's. After that cancer began a steady rise. I know of no study that links a rise in world wide cancers to nuclear plants coming online, or even enough of a local rise where nuclear accidents have happened to even panic over when compared to the overall cancer rates.

In 2006 Greenpeace(and we know what they're full of)  released a report from 52 "respected" scientists on the affects of Chernobyl and even they found that less than 200,000 extra deaths could be attributed to Chernobyl in what? 15 or so years? Way over 7 MILLION people die every year from cancer. Even that retarded organizations inflated numbers(always about everything) barely amount to a statistical anomaly. Fukushima is going to have to be MUCH more deadly to have any kind of real impact on cancer rates. But we know for a fact that coal has killed many many millions of people around the world.

But yes, we would do well to get rid of both nuclear and coal. But based on the science and deaths, coal needs to be gotten rid of first, and the sooner the better, since it's affects will likely last for many generations to come.

"But yes, we  would do well to      must get rid of both nuclear and coal."


But you fail to recognize the nuclear corruption rabbit hole in regard to the  Agreement the WHO has with the IAEA to not publish any epidemiological study of cancer clusters around nuclear power plants, internal organ damaging radionuclide dosage differences in DNA destruction far below the IAEA "safe" dosage levels for radionuclides in food, and much more that has contributed to the deaths of over 8 million human beings since Chernobyl alone!

WHO has been hamstrung by the IAEA for over half a century! Do the math. If the "horror" of coal was so much worse than nuclear, why has the WHO been gagged by the IAEA but not by king coal?

Take just 8 minutes of your time and watch this French video with English subtitles. Learn the truth. Then look at this map of Cesium-137 deposition in the USA <b>before</b> Fukushima.


It's much worse now and cesium-137 does not exist in nature. Do you think our cancer rate went from one in ten in the 1950s to one in three now because of coal? Coal is much more "profitable" than nuclear power but only the nuke pukes could muzzle the WHO. Why? Because if the truth was known, all nuclear power plants would be forced to close, period. You stated that "WAY over 7 million people die a year of cancer". Well, guess what? The increase in cancer rate on the planet is directly proportional to the amount of Cesium-137 (and some other radionuclides poison deposition) and inversely proportional to the distance from nuclear power plants!

 It was never about cheap electricity. It was always about making plutonium for bombs off the public dime and to hell with the DNA destruction of children and population cancer clusters. The nuclear industry, like the fossil fuel industry, externalized the health costs that have degraded human DNA in order to make bombs and some money. You do not get more low down than that!

You have no idea whatsoever about the massive damage already baked into our DNA from this nuclear monstrosity. Both fossil fuel burning and nuclear fission must be ended if we are to survive on this planet. The more immediate danger is nuclear. Watch the video and do the research on the cruel, conscience free "agreement" between the WHO and IAEA that has done uncountable damage to Homo sapiens for the sake of nuclear profits.


Out of about 8,000 people at the WHO, two were assigned to work on radionuclide effects and safe dosages! That's criminal insanity!

Chernobyl and Fukushima Cesium-137 deposition maps.

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