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Author Topic: The nuclear INSANITY of the 1950s  (Read 1401 times)

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Re: The nuclear INSANITY of the 1950s
« on: December 23, 2013, 10:42:08 pm »
In 1961 we had a mini-Fukushima in the USA. It was covered up, people were lied to and, worst of all, ALL the lessons they SHOULD have learned were, not just discarded, but FLIPPED ON THEIR HEADS in true ORWELLIAN brainf uck!

What did they learn?
1) It was hell on earth to deal with reactor accidents and took several months in the case of a tiny nuclear reactor to get the radiation under control.

2) Extensive monitoring instruments and backup security systems were not optional in operating a nuclear reactor (i.e. lots of personnel and instrumentation = lots of money to run them safely - they conveniently - for them - IGNORED the fact that other energy sources were, consequently, MUCH cheaper AND safer. WHY? Because they wanted Plutonium for BOMBS! All the rest was, and is, LIES to steal money and health from we-the-People.).

3) People aware of the accident could better respond to the threat and thereby avoid collateral radiation disease injury.

What did they DECIDE?

1) Reactors COULD be used for electrical power cost-effectively.

2) Accidents would be kept from the public to avoid "panic" (i.e. the truth about these poisonous and super expensive pigs so the nuke pukes in the MIC could keep driving the "atoms for Peace" gravy train scam).

3) ANY accident could be EVENTUALLY handled in a small reactor so ANY accident could be handled in a big one (i.e. they gave the green light to BIG, REALLY DANGEROUS REACTORS!).

Watch this video that none of us knew existed at the time which was made for the nuke lovers.


NOTE: Somebody with a brain must have seen this video back then because, you will note, the movie "On the Beach" was made in 1962. Too bad people only thought it had to do with nuclear bombs...

The secrecy was used to destroy our health and profit the nuke pukes for over 50 years, not for national security. Nuclear power needs to be killed or the PEOPLE THAT PROFIT FROM IT will kill us. These ****ing nuclear greedballs are the ultimate mad scientists willing to kill most of us off just say they can play king of the energy hill. Have a nice day.

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