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Author Topic: Nuclear Power Industry Mendacious Propaganda  (Read 4114 times)

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Re: Nuclear Power Industry Mendacious Propaganda
« on: February 15, 2014, 04:50:29 pm »
Why the Obama Administration Will Not Admit that Fukushima Radiation is Poisoning Americans
YEP. :(

And this is the money, money and MORE MONEY quote.

“If nuclear power is as safe as the industry always claims, then why do they insist on liability limits and exemptions?” asked Shawn-Patrick Stensil, a nuclear analyst with Greenpeace Canada.

“If nuclear power is as safe as the industry always claims, then why do they insist on liability limits and exemptions?”

“If nuclear power is as safe as the industry always claims, then why do they insist on liability limits and exemptions?”

Nuclear poison is the beloved baby of the MIC. It gave them power and the ability to finance every project of dubious ethical value and enormous cost to the taxpayer in total secrecy and totally free of all liability for damages of any sort under the false rubric of national security. Controlling energy is only part of the scam. These people were willing to wage nuclear war with losses of up to 40 million in the USA as a "win". No one can seriously entertain the thought that these goons give a **** about childhood cancer clusters around nuclear power plants and genetic defects for the last half a century or so. 

 That is PEANUTS to them. It's WORTH IT for a "few" American children to get cancer and die so they can keep they secret parasitical connection to the tacxpayer intact per secula seculorum. 

To the MIC, nuclear power is like a rifle to a die hard Second Amendment Prepper. I.E. the MIC will let go of nuclear power when it is pried away from their cold dead hands and not a moment sooner. They NEED that excuse for secrecy and 24/7 government manipulation of energy policy for the benefit of a few oligarchs. 

They won, Surly.  But thank you for continuing to expose how we have been taken and continue to be taken to the "cleaners" (see Orwell) in both money and health until the end.   

DATELINE: July 4, 2036 - satire or prophecy  ???
The Journal of New England Nuclear Medicine applauds the new free radiation therapy/spa located conveniently within 25 miles of every major US city providing increased health benefits to the populace by helping them avoid obesity.

The new, slim trim appearance, particularly highlighting facial structure and handsome cranial features, is also a hit with Hollywood as all the new films use actors that have obtained these free facial and body health improvements complements of the ubiquitous and life saving presence of nuclear power plants, the holy grail of renewable energy.

The new Hollywood Diet. Just think, all these benefits without having to go through painful plastic surgery! Your taxpayer dollars at work! Celebrate our great and glorious energy independence and health with your family today with a fireworks celebration being held next to your local nuclear power fuel rod reservoir/therapy spa pool. Don't forget to bring the kids. 

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if it has not works, is dead, being alone.


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