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Author Topic: Magnetic Gears  (Read 385 times)

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Re: Magnetic Gears
« on: June 17, 2018, 01:46:15 pm »
Nevertheless, I can see where a slow rotating giant transmission can make use of magnetic gears effectively, thereby saving millions of dollars in lubricant, while prolonging the life of the transmission itself simply because the "gears" never wear out.
"Never" is a verry long time... magnets actually do wear out eventually, unless they are kept at absolute zero.  The hotter they get, the quicker they demagnetize.  Raise a magnet to its melting point and it will demagnetize instantly, unless it is already in a strong enough magnetic field.

But, for a wind turbine whose lifespan is measured in decades, this should be negligible... as long as there are no volcanoes erupting nearby ;-)

Agreed about the wind turbines. The big plus there is that their efficiency goes up several percentage points because they no longer suffer from transmission gear friction losses. The fossil fuelers will not like that. 

As to magnetic gears wearing out, Yes and no. An increase in heat, as you stated, debilitates a magnetic field, but as long as the heat is not above a certain threshold (far above ablosute zero), the field strength recovers completely, for most practical purposes, when the temperature goes back to normal operating temperature. Yes, there is SOME degradation if the temerature is not above absolute zero, but the rate of degradation is insignificitant compared to mechanical gear degradation from friction.

True, very high heat disrupts the molecular alignment that gives a a magnet its gauss strengh, hence your view view that they "wear out". In the factory process making a magnet, as you know, a strong magnetic field is placed over a molten piece of potentially magnetic material and allowed to cool, producing a "permanent" magnet.

In truth. magnets do not "wear out", ever, if you are using electromagnetism. I understand your assumption about "wear" with these magnetic gears may be based on them being permanent magnets that overheat and lose effectiveness over time, but that is not relevant to the comparison with mechanical gear wear. A mechanical gear wears, as you know, because of friction. There is zero friction with magnetic gears. That is the BIG DEAL that can change he entrie paradigm of the efficiency calculations, and therefore minimum energy requirements, to run our civilization. With magnetic gears, you eliminate a HUGE loss of efficiency now present in every single machine that hitherto used mechanical gears.   

The rate of wear of mechanical gears is orders of magnitude above the "wear" from normal magnetic heat caused degradation.

Here's a screenshot from one of the videos by Amory Lovins on the inefficiencies of our civilization. As you can see mechanical transmission (i.e. friction losses from mechanical gears) are a big drag on efficiency. We get rid of that and it's a whole new LOWER energy required ball game. 💫    

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