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May 2nd, 2020 by Steve Hanley

Images credit: Modvion

Advances in Health Care / Re: COVID-19 🏴☠️ Pandemic
« Last post by AGelbert on May 03, 2020, 01:11:57 pm »

May 3,2020 COVID-19

Agelbert NOTE:   COVID-19 has already caused more deaths per year, compared to 2017, from the greatest to the least, than Maternal Disorders, Alcohol Use Disorders, Drug Use Disorders, Conflict, Hepatitis, Fire, Poisonings, Heat (hot and cold exposure), Terrorism and Natural Disasters. Remember that when you are told by the politicians from both wings of the 💵😈🎩 Capitalists 'R' US DUOPOLY that the 🦍 MIC Pentagon MASSIVE BUDGET SWAG off we-the-people's dime is "justified".
Click on image below for update:

Agnotology The Making and Unmaking of Ignorance

Edited by Robert N. Proctor and Londa Schiebinger

What don't we know, and why don't we know it? What keeps ignorance alive, or allows it to be used as a political instrument? Agnotology—the study of ignorance—provides a new theoretical perspective to broaden traditional questions about "how we know" to ask: Why don't we know what we don't know?

The essays assembled in Agnotology show that ignorance is often more than just an absence of knowledge; it can also be the outcome of cultural and political struggles. Ignorance has a history and a political geography, but there are also things people don't want you to know ("Doubt is our product" is the tobacco industry slogan).

Individual chapters treat examples from the realms of

֍ global climate change,

֍ military secrecy,

֍ female orgasm,

֍ environmental denialism,

֍ Native American paleontology,

֍ theoretical archaeology,

֍ racial ignorance,

֍ and more.

The goal of this volume is to better understand how and why various forms of knowing do not come to be, or have disappeared, or have become invisible.

About the author

Robert N. Proctor is Professor of the History of Science at Stanford University and the author of The Nazi War on Cancer (1999) and Cancer Wars: How Politics Shapes What We Know and Don't Know (1995). Londa Schiebinger is the John L. Hinds Professor of History of Science and the Barbara D. Finberg Director of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University. Her recent books include Plants and Empire: Colonial Bioprospecting in the Atlantic World (2004) and Gendered Innovations in Science and Engineering (forthcoming from Stanford).

Two quotes from this book that are popular (found in several other books):

Page 86 - IPCC's conclusion that most of the observed warming of the last 50 years is likely to have been due to the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations accurately reflects the current thinking of the scientific community on this issue.‎
Appears in 66 books from 1969-2008

Page 104 - All scientific work is incomplete — whether it be observational or experimental. All scientific work is liable to be upset or modified by advancing knowledge. That does not confer upon us a freedom to ignore the knowledge we already have, or to postpone the action that it appears to demand at a given time.‎
Appears in 62 books from 1950-2008


Agelbert NOTICE: This is one of six posts I will make over the next several days on Agnotology, as excerpted from the excellent book I posted about above.

The purpose is to educate you on how TPTB game us. Feel free to pass these posts on to any naďve friends or family.  People who don't like the mushroom 🍄 treatment need to know how little access to historical truth and scientifically accurate information we actually have in this country>:(

IOW, for centuries, TPTB have had a HABIT of lying both actively and PASSIVELY (keeping information from you!). This has corrupted our culture and impeded scientific progress. It's getting WORSE, not better.   

Agnotology: Part two of six parts

Agnotology: Part three of six parts

Agnotology: Part four of six parts

Agnotology: Part five of six parts

Agnotology: Part six of six parts

Doomstead Diner Daily / Doomstead Diner Daily 5/3
« Last post by Surly1 on May 03, 2020, 07:27:27 am »

News digest brought to you by the Doomstead Diner.

Inside the extraordinary race to invent a coronavirus vaccine

washingtonpost.com - Ian Haydon, 29, a public information specialist at the University of Washington, was one of the first people to receive an experimental coronavirus vaccine. (Ian Haydon) By Carolyn Y. Johnson close C…

What the Coronavirus Models Can’t See

nymag.com - We’re committed to keeping our readers informed. We’ve removed our paywall from essential coronavirus news stories. Become a subscriber to support our journalists. Subscribe now. On April 20, less th…

'How is this possible?' Researchers grapple with Covid-19's mysterious mechanism

theguardian.com - Respiratory physician Dr David Darley says something peculiar happens to a small group of Covid-19 patients on day seven of their symptoms. “Up until the end of that first week, they’re stable,” says…

Warren Buffett dumps US airline stocks, saying 'world has changed' after Covid-19

theguardian.com - Warren Buffett, the legendary American investor, has sold his firm’s entire holdings in the four major US airlines, warning that the “world has changed” for the aviation industry because of the coron…

Coronavirus live news: global cases near 3.5 million as travel within China up 50% since April

theguardian.com - Six new polio cases have been reported in Afghanistan as the war-torn country recorded its highest one-day rise of new coronavirus cases and deaths, triggered by the continued surge of transmission i…

Maryland cancels $12.5 million PPE contract with firm started by GOP operatives

washingtonpost.com - The state of Maryland on Saturday canceled a contract to purchase 1.5 million N95 masks from a firm started by Republican operatives after failing to receive masks or ventilators. (Justin Chin/Bloomb…

Emerging from lockdown: '46 days in the house was enough'

apnews.com - BEIJING (AP) — From the United States to Europe and Asia, people in many parts of the world are emerging from their homes as virus-related restrictions begin to ease and springtime temperatures climb.

Trump Moves to Replace Watchdog Who Identified Critical Medical Shortages

nytimes.com - WASHINGTON — President Trump moved on Friday night to replace a top official at the Department of Health and Human Services who angered him with a report last month highlighting supply shortages and …

Pandemic Journal

nybooks.com - Jane Barlow/AFP via Getty Images This is the current edition in a running series of dispatches by New York Review writers that is documenting the coronavirus outbreak with updates from around the wor…

Jane Ganahl, et al: Elder Women Speak about the Virus

voxpopulisphere.com - Women over 60 share their coronavirus stories—from becoming a grandmother to dancing in the street. Jane Ganahl, Bay Area, California Born 1952 With news that oldsters like me are most at risk for th…

I Have Seen the Future—And It’s Not the Life We Knew

theatlantic.com - Last week, confined to my home in America, I glimpsed the future. Or more precisely, one of several possible post-pandemic futures. Christopher Suzanne, an American who teaches English in Wuhan, Chin…

U.S. public ‘firmly opposed’ to reopening the economy immediately

news.harvard.edu - This is part of our Coronavirus Update series in which Harvard specialists in epidemiology, infectious disease, economics, politics, and other disciplines offer insights into what the latest developm…

Mobile Phone Data Show More Americans Are Leaving Their Homes, Despite Orders

npr.org - State leaders are considering reopening economies and allowing people to leave their homes, but more and more Americans appear to be doing so on their own. Emerging data suggest that though people dr…

Florida man stalks beach as Grim Reaper to protest reopening amid pandemic

theguardian.com - Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, announced on Friday that state parks will soon reopen, even as the coronavirus pandemic continued and Death himself stalked the beaches of the Sunshine state. In fai…

Coronavirus death toll: CDC data says it's much greater than indicated

usatoday.com - Federal data released this week shows that the number of deaths recorded in the U.S. this year is higher than normal, outpacing deaths attributed to COVID-19 in states that have been hit hardest by t…

US Intel Community Says Coronavirus Was Not Made In a Lab

defenseone.com - The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was likely not produced in a lab, though it remains possible that a lab’s mishandling of the virus contributed to its spread, the head of U.S. intelligence said in a Thursd…

34 days of pandemic: Inside Trump’s desperate attempts to reopen America

washingtonpost.com - President Trump walks away from the podium to play a video during a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic at the White House on April 13. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) By Philip Rucker, close P…

'Over our dead bodies': Lindsey Graham vows Congress won't extend additional $600 coronavirus-related unemployment benefits, as US death toll crosses the 60,000 mark

businessinsider.com - South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday Congress would extend the additional $600 unemployment benefit provided in the coronavirus relief package past July only "over our dead bodies." His …

Through Creative Accounting, Trump Tries to Cast America’s Death Toll as an Achievement

theintercept.com - That Germany and South Korea are also densely populated indicates that there are other factors at play, but the first wave of outbreaks in Europe and the U.S. have been most intense in major cities a…

‘Murder Hornets’ in the U.S.: The Rush to Stop the Asian Giant Hornet

nytimes.com - A dead Asian giant hornet rests on entomologist Chris Looney’s jacket in Blaine, Wash. The queens can grow to two inches long, and the hornets can wipe out a honeybee hive in a matter of hours. BLAIN…

Stock-dumping Georgia senator’s campaign is swirling down the drain: internal GOP poll

rawstory.com - … then let us make a small request. The COVID crisis has cut advertising rates in half, and we need your help. Like you, we here at Raw Story believe in the power of progressive journalism. Raw Story…

MN Demonstrations, Demands to Free Prisoners Escalate

unicornriot.ninja - Maple Grove, MN – Demonstrators have been ramping up organizing efforts to ensure the safety of incarcerated and detained people during the coronavirus state of emergency. The repeated message is tha…

Senate to return to Washington as Congress struggles to reconcile constitutional duties with risk of pandemic

washingtonpost.com - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) arrives at the U.S. Capitol on April 21. (Patrick Semansky/AP) By Mike DeBonis and close Mike DeBonis Congressional reporter covering the House of Repre…

Trump’s Nationalism Advances on a Trajectory to Violence

theintercept.com - Ever since Donald Trump declared his presidential candidacy and rank racism in 2015, those of us who’d witnessed the nationalist undoing in the Balkans at the end of the last millennium have found th…

Coronavirus sweeping through massive US prison population

news.yahoo.com - Washington (AFP) - A massive wave of coronavirus infections is blasting through the world's largest prison population in the United States even as officials begin opening up their economies, saying t…

“Exceptionally Dire”: Secondary Impacts of Covid-19 Could Increase Global Poverty and Hunger

theintercept.com - More than 234,000 people worldwide have already died of Covid-19, and before the pandemic finishes, it could kill hundreds of thousands, even millions, more. But the final toll is destined to be far …

Twitter locks out Candace Owens for call to ‘stand up’ to Michigan governor over Covid lockdown – Trump supporters scream BIAS

rt.com - “Candace tweeted that people in Michigan should go back to work. What rule did she break? Not even Twitter can say,” tweeted Turning Point USA chief creative officer Benny Johnson on Saturday, along …

Kent State and the War That Never Ended

newyorker.com - Phillip Lafayette Gibbs met Dale Adams when they were in high school, in Ripley, Mississippi, a town best known as the home of William Faulkner’s great-grandfather, who ran a slave plantation, fought…

Opinion | Americans are in the dark on one of the Trump administration’s key coronavirus response tools

washingtonpost.com - President Trump speaks during a coronavirus task force briefing at the White House in Washington on April 4. (Tasos Katopodis/Bloomberg) By Katie Porter April 28, 2020 at 4:59 PM EDT Katie Porter, a …

This Doctor Is Fueling Coronavirus Conspiracies — And The Far Right Is Taking Notice

buzzfeednews.com - BuzzFeed News has reporters across five continents bringing you trustworthy stories about the impact of the coronavirus. To help keep this news free, become a member and sign up for our newsletter, O…

Kayleigh McEnany promises press she will 'never lie' to them and then starts lying

lancastercourier.com - White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany held her first press briefing behind the podium on Friday, and it became an instant train wreck of lies as soon as she answered the first question. Her pr…

Editor's note

The Doomstead Diner is a hub for discussion and information pertaining to the ongoing Economic Collapse of the Industrial Economy. The Diner is the result of many years of discussion and debate on many other forums. At Doomstead Diner, our goal is to collate much of the information we can to assist in planning for the world to come.

Cars Stuck at Sea Shows Weight of U.S. Auto Industry Glut
By Bloomberg on May 01, 2020 01:14 pm
By Chester Dawson (Bloomberg) — The length of almost two football fields, the cargo ship Jupiter Spirit arrived in Los Angeles’ harbor on April 24 after an almost three-week journey from Japan, ready to unload its cargo of about 2,000 Nissan Armada SUVs, Rogue crossovers and Infiniti sedans in a quick, half-day operation. But when the […]  Read full story...

🦕 Tanker Rates 🌠 Crash as 🦖 OPEC+ Cuts Near. Tanker Owners Reman Bullish
By Bloomberg on May 01, 2020 11:49 am
By Firat Kayakiran (Bloomberg) — Oil tanker rates are crashing as a pact to limit global crude production begins. Don’t bet on the rout enduring. From today, crude producers in the OPEC+ alliance are cutting their collective output by a level that’s unprecedented in history — almost 10% of global consumption. Normally, such huge curbs would have destroyed […]  Read full story...
New York Gov. Cuomo Delivers COVID-19 Update | LIVE | NowThis
19,822 views•Streamed live 11 hours ago

NowThis News
699K subscribers

HAPPENING NOW—CUOMO UPDATE: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is at an MTA facility in Flushing, Queens, where he will deliver an update on the state’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. This week, he announced that the NYC subway would be suspending service from 1 am-5 am everyday so that the trains can be cleaned and disinfected. Cuomo called the move ‘as ambitious as anything we’ve ever undertaken.’ This comes as many people experiencing homelessness across NYC have turned to the subway to be a safe place to go during the pandemic, as they fear the coronavirus would spread more rapidly within homeless shelters.

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#AndrewCuomo #Coronavirus #NewYork #News #NowThis #NowThisNews
Five Years After Freddie Gray's Death: The Resistance Makes 🗽 Change, The Government Doesn't 😡
2,695 views•Streamed live on May 1, 2020

The Real News Network
395K subscribers

The people at the core of the resistance after Freddie Gray's death are changing lives and building community five years later, while the government has done little to address poverty and isolation in the poorest Black communities of Baltimore.
Category News & Politics
Can 🗽 Jesse Ventura Make Greens Viable?
347 views•Streamed live 6 hours ago

Black Bear News
2.58K subscribers


Climate crisis: North pole 'soon to be ice free in summer', scientists say

Jesse Ventura weighing presidential run on Green Party ticket

Stop the Money Pipeline: Private banks owning oil companies is a recipe for disaster

#FridayGasStrike #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateStrike
#GretaThunberg #ClimateChange #CompassionateDegrowth
#BlackBearNews #PlantTrees #Cicada #Rewild

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Virology Lectures 2020 #4: Structure of Viruses
50,910 views•Feb 4, 2020

👨‍🔬 Vincent Racaniello
50K subscribers

Virus particles are constructed in three ways: with helical, icosahedral, or complex symmetry. We discuss the principles of helical and icosahedral symmetry and how larger and larger viruses are assembled. Some particles are wrapped with a lipid envelope, derived from the host cell, which is embedded with viral glycoproteins.

Category Science & Technology

Agelbert COMMENT: There is a logical paradox involved in Vincent Racaniello's view that viruses, which are obligate parasites, as correctly defined by Vincent Racaniello, are "more ancient in the evolutionary ladder" than ribosome containing living cells. According to Modern Evolutionary Theory, which I am sure Vincent Racaniello does not question, prokaryotes were the only form of life on Earth for millions of years until more complicated eukaryotic cells came into being through the process of evolution.

Considering the prevailing view in the scientific community of the Darwinian evolutionary sequence stated above, viruses initially were parasitical exclusively of bacteria (i.e. prokaryotes). Vincent Racaniello's belief that viruses, always obligate parasites, "PRECEDED" bacteria, which have the complex machinery that the obligate parasite must access to reproduce, is a logical fallacy. It is putting the virus parasite "cart" before the bacterial host "horse". 

The more likely evolutionary scenario, one that most, if not all, virologists have unfortunately rejected, is that viruses devolved from prokaryotes that were subjected to several essentially simultaneous mutations that were both faulty and advantageous.

👉 The faulty mutation produced the obligate parasite, lacking the ribosome and other cell machinery that is sine qua non for perpetuation of the species through replication.

👉 The evolutionary advantage of the bacterial mutation to a virus (which had to have happened simultaneously with the loss of cell machinery for replication, or else there would be no viruses today), was an amazing toolbox of specific proteins beneficially mutated  to facilitate attacking and hijacking a bacterium in order to reproduce. There is no other logical way to view this. Any other way to view this is unscientific straw grasping.

Viruses are an example of Devolution, not Evolution. No OBLIGATE parasite, be it a virus or any example of the highly complex species of parasites from the subphylum Chelicerata, has ever existed PRIOR to the existence of the host that said parasite requires, do not pass go, do not avoid extinction, for the survival of that species. There is no random "evolutionary pressure" that can be pseudo-scientifically speculated about, even with lots of hand waving and charts, that would constitute "evidence" of the PRIOR existence of a parasite to some, not yet evolved, life form said parasite exists to target. No host, no host parasite that lives from targeting the host, PERIOD.

Furthermore, Vincent Racaniello's claim that viroids, that have a limited ability to self assemble, are the RNA spark that got the (added to his speculation that all those transposones in our genome are "evolutionary evidence" that we were "something else" before) evolution of life ball (i.e capsid ;D) rolling is more unscientific straw grasping.

WHY? While it is true that the T1 icosahedral capsid could certainly have come about randomly from this self assembling property of protein fragments, that does not even remotely begin to scientifically explain, steps by thousands of SIMULTANEOUSLY REQUIRED random steps (SEE: Factorial math mind boggling numbers), the amazingly specific viral machinery existing for the purpose of protecting some RNA (be it +RNA or whatever) inside that capsid and, within a limited amount of time from the moment the virus was formed and ejected into the intercellular environment, seeking to gain entry into a specifically targeted host through a specifically targeted receptor site, at which point even more specifc, finely tuned tools to hijack the host machinery are used for replication.

The point is that a capsid made of self assembling proteins is not the relevant evolutionary issue. The relevant evolutionary issue is that a virus, being an obligate parasite, that lacks even one of the tools I just listed above (in an overly simplistic fashion), goes extinct, period.

NOTE: I recognize that 👨‍🔬 Vincent Racaniello 👍 is, without a doubt, an expert in viruses, and explains their structure and function elegantly, clearly and beautifully. If he stayed away from the logically flawed speculation about the "evolutionary importance of viruses", he would be better off.

Finally, there is the issue of proper protein folding, an indispensable part of successful protein synthesis. Every one of the those self assembling T units Vincent Racaniello beautifully described, that make up the non-covalent icosahedral structure that forms a virus capsid, MUST be folded a very specific way. Even with exactly the same proportion of atoms from different elements, bonded in exactly the same way in these capsid assembly molecules, they will not function properly if they are not folded properly.

Viruses do not have Ribosomes and Chaperonins. They never did have Ribosomes and Chaperonins.

What that means to people who don't see a problem with the claim that the "self assembly" ability of capsid proteins in viruses is "proof" that viruses "started the evolution of life" is that without Ribosomes, which are key to the complex process of synthesizing proteins to be later folded by Chaperonins (Chaperonins are any of a family of large chaperone proteins that function chiefly to assist in the folding of newly synthesized proteins), NONE of those viral capsid forming T units will be folded properly.

That's right, they DO NOT "self fold" properly. That's right. They self assemble to form a capsid ONLY when their T units are PREVIOUSLY folded properly. That's right. Randomly, the exact same capsid protein molecules will have thousands, if not millions, of possible three dimensional arrangements, of which ONLY ONE ARRANGEMENT, specific to each and every member of any given family of T units, WILL WORK. Even the tiniest 60 facet capsid requires that all of its T units be folded in exactly the same way in order to self assemble.

Viruses are an example of Devolution, not Evolution.

Agelbert NOTE:   COVID-19 has already caused more deaths per year, compared to 2017, from the greatest to the least, than Maternal Disorders, Alcohol Use Disorders, Drug Use Disorders, Conflict, Hepatitis, Fire, Poisonings, Heat (hot and cold exposure), Terrorism and Natural Disasters. Remember that when you are told by the politicians from both wings of the 💵😈🎩 Capitalists 'R' US DUOPOLY that the 🦍 MIC Pentagon MASSIVE BUDGET SWAG off we-the-people's dime is "justified".
Click on image below for update:

Agelbert NOTE: This is the American (Medical Industrial Complex = EXPENSIVE instead of nearly free as in Cuba) version of the Drug Cuba has been using successfully to treat COVID-19 patients:

Interferon alfa-2b

US: C (Risk not ruled out)
Routes of administration   Subcutaneous, intramuscular
Legal status UK: POM (Prescription only) US: ℞-only
Identifiers IUPHAR/BPS   

Interferon alfa-2b is an antiviral or antineoplastic drug. It is a recombinant form of the protein Interferon alpha-2 that was originally sequenced and produced recombinantly in E. coli[1] in the laboratory of Charles Weissmann at the University of Zurich, in 1980.[2][3] It was developed at Biogen, and ultimately marketed by Schering-Plough under the trade name Intron-A. It was also produced in 1986 in recombinant human form, in the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Havana, Cuba, under the name Heberon® Alfa R[4].

It has been used for a wide range of indications, including viral infections and cancers. This drug is approved around the world for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C, chronic hepatitis B, hairy cell leukemia, Behçet's disease, chronic myelogenous leukemia, multiple myeloma, follicular lymphoma, carcinoid tumor, mastocytosis and malignant melanoma.

The medication is being used in clinical trials to treat patients with SARS-CoV-2[5] although there are no yet published results of those trials on peer-reviewed scientific literature.

So far, two non-peer reviewed research articles have been published. One study at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, showed evidence of a direct anti-viral effect of Interferon alpha against novel Coronavirus in vitro. The study demonstrated around 10,000 fold reduction in the quantity of virus that was pre-treated with Interferon alpha 48 hours earlier. A second study by universities in China, Australia and Canada analysed 77 moderate COVID-19 subjects in Wuhan and observed that those who received Interferon alpha-2b showed a significant reduction in the duration of virus shedding period and even in levels of the inflammatory cytokine, IL-6. [6] [7]
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