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Climate Change / Re: Global Warming is WITH US
« Last post by AGelbert on Today at 05:36:24 pm »
Agelbert NOTE: This is a nice video compilation evidencing the absolutely breathtakingly reality challenged ability of TPTB to justify doing absolutely NOTHING to change the profit over planet status quo that continues to exacerbate the Catastrophic Climate Change we are NOW experiencing. Some choice quotes spewed from the Criminal in Chief provide additional perspective on how amazingly illogical the 'greed is good' crowd he represents is.   

Climate Change / Re: Global Warming is WITH US
« Last post by AGelbert on Today at 04:35:30 pm »
A Conversation with Guy, Paul Beckwith, and Martin Halliwell

Nature Bats Last

Published on Nov 13, 2017

Geopolitics / Re: Money
« Last post by AGelbert on Today at 02:59:51 pm »

Popular Diestel Turkey Sold at Whole Foods Tests Positive for FDA-Prohibited Drugs  :P

Organic Consumers Association

November 18, 2017

By Katherine Paul


According to the lawsuit, Diestel turkey products tested by the USDA were positive for residues of:

• Ketamine, a narcotic. The Drug Enforcement Agency describes ketamine as "a dissociative anesthetic that has some hallucinogenic effects." Ketamine's street names include Special K, Cat Tranquilizer, and Cat Valium, the latter two referencing its veterinary uses, and it is commonly referred to as a club drug because it is used illegally at dance clubs and raves. The FDA has not approved the use of ketamine in poultry.

• Amikacin, an antibiotic for human use that the FDA considers important for humans

• Spectinomycin, also an antibiotic for human use

• Hygromycin, an antibiotic for veterinary use

• Ipronidazole, also a veterinary pharmaceutical

Melengestrol acetate, also known as MGA, a synthetic hormone

• Sulfanitran, an antibacterial drug feed additive

Full article:


Agelbert NOTE: This is just more irrefutable evidence that Capitalism kills (everything and everybody). Have a nice Social Darwinist True Believer day.
General Discussion / Re: Historical Documentaries
« Last post by AGelbert on Today at 02:32:51 pm »
Pile of English coins – photo by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P. / Flickr

The Case of the Corrupt Archbishop


Corruption by powerful officials is not a new story. There are many examples in history where one can find how men and women were overcome by temptation of greed. This includes a 14th century Archbishop of Dublin, who spent years orchestrating an elaborate plot of embezzlement and forgery.

This story is told in the article, “The Case Against Alexander Bicknor, Archbishop and Perculator,” by James W. Lydon, which is part of a collection of essays entitled Ireland and the English World in the Late Middle Ages.

Alexander Bicknor had come to Ireland in 1302, serving the English monarchs Edward I and Edward II in various official duties, including as deputy chancellor and justiciar. He was appointed by the Pope to be the Archbishop of Dublin in 1317.

Eight years later, an investigation carried out by the Royal Exchequer in London began turning up evidence that the Archbishop had been for years skimming money from the English king, which Bicknor was in charge of distributing to the rest of Ireland.

For example, a writ was sent to Bicknor ordering him to pay the earl of Ulster £2500, 15s. for wages in serving in the war in Scotland, and Bicknor kept 500 marks for himself, while stating that he had sent the full amount to the earl.

As the investigation proceeded, the English government found that the Archbishop, along with the treasurer and other royal officials in Ireland, were routinely embezzling royal funds and then forging false records. A clerk named John of Manchester was hired by Bicknor to commit the forgeries.

One of the illegal scams goes back to 1313, when they concocted a letter patent from the prior of the Dominicans in Dublin stating that he had received 35 marks in alms granted by the King – in reality the Dominicans only got 5 marks.

The royal court was able to get several of the archbishop’s underlings to confess to the forgeries and frauds, including John of Manchester. Bicknor was summoned to London, and when questioned, said they he did not wish to deny that he knew about or consented to them.

The court ruled that the embezzlements over the years totalled the sum of £1168. 6s. and ordered all those involved, including the archbishop, to be confined to the Fleet Prison and have their property seized. Besides property around Dublin, the crown seized other lands in Gloucester, Shropshire and Staffordshire belonging to Bicknor.

However, the imprisonment of Alexander Bicknor did not last long. Within days, King Edward II sent an order releasing him, “because of devotion to the holy church and reverence for the episcopal dignity.” Lydon adds that Bicknor was an effective administrator and increased royal revenues , which may have been reason enough for Edward to be lenient with him.

The other accomplices spent months or years in prison before they were able to pay large fines to obtain their release, and some were even banned from serving a royal office again. Although Bicknor was given a pardon, officials from the Royal Exchequer spent the next twenty years continuing to investigate and question the archbishop, in particular about revenues and goods confiscated from the Templars.

One question left unanswered was why Bicknor spent years defrauding the royal government. Lydon writes, “there is no apparent reasons for his actions. It can be said with some certainty that he did not need the money for personal use. He certainly did not live a life of extravagance and did not acquire wealth by the time of his death.”

Lydon’s article can be found in Ireland and the English World in the Late Middle Ages, edited by Brendan Smith, was published by Palgrave in 2009.


Renewables / Re: Sustainable Food Production
« Last post by AGelbert on Today at 02:03:42 pm »
Medieval Manuscripts: Bread in the 15th-century


By Eberhard König and Carlos Miranda García-Tejedor


The situation in the miniature of brown bread (f. 61v) is completely different: the setting is the public bakery, the sort that used to exist in towns and villages. Several balls of dough can be seen on boards mounted on trestles. A group of women has gone to bake their bread; one of them uses a pallet to put the two loaves into the oven. The baked bread, easily distinguished from the white dough on the boards, is put into a large basket.

Photo courtesy Moleiro Editor

Original description of the miniature f. 61:

Panis opus.
Complexio: calida in 2º.
Electio: qui minus habet furfuris et steterit per noctem ante coctionem.
Iuuamentum: optemperat uentrem.
Nocumentum: inducit pruritum et scabiem.
Remotio nocumenti: cum copanagio unctuoso.
Quid generat: nutrimentum bonum. Conuenitomnibus complexionibus etatibus temperatibus et regionibus habitatis.

Brown bread.
Nature: hot in the second degree.
Optimum: with little crust and risen overnight before baking.
Benefit: it moves the bowels. ;D
Harm: it causes itching and scabies.
Remedy for harm: with fatty food.
Effects: good food. Advisable for all temperaments, ages, seasons and inhabited regions

Full article: 

Who CAN you trust? / Re: Corporate Fascist Corruption of Christianity
« Last post by AGelbert on November 19, 2017, 05:16:20 pm »
PROOF that there is NO organized Christian Church in the USA

Poll: Majority Of Evangelicals Would Support Satan If He Ran As Republican Candidate

November 15, 2017

U.S.—A new LifeWay Research poll confirmed Wednesday that a majority of conservative evangelicals would vote for Satan, the Prince of Darkness, should he run for public office as a Republican candidate.

The poll found that 72% of self-identified evangelicals would vote and even campaign for the prince of fallen angels should he promise to promote Republican policies while in office.

“Most of those we surveyed agreed that they would in fact vote for Satan, as long as he verbally supported pro-life and pro-Second Amendment platform positions,” the head of the research study said. “A majority of respondents ‘strongly agreed’ that it was important for a candidate to pay lip service to the hot-button issues of the religious right, while strongly disagreeing that a candidate’s personal penchant for tempting countless millions of souls into the fires of hell would affect his public policies.”

“Lucifer? Yeah, I’d vote for him, as long as he claims to be a Republican,” one member of a study focus group said. “He’s got some character flaws, sure—who doesn’t—but we’ve got to remember that ensuring we Christians get some fleeting political power is far more important than whether our chosen candidate does a little soul-devouring on the side.” 

The poll also looked at related issues, such as the willingness of evangelicals  to overlook or minimize major moral failings in human candidates.

“Personal indiscretions, shady business dealings, making blood sacrifices to Azathoth the Daemon Sultan in secret—Christians are now willing to forgive literally everything if it means they’ll have some kind of political clout,” the study head told reporters. “Our findings confirm that conservative Christians are actually more likely to vote for mobsters, cultists, and hellish demon kings than any other demographic.

At publishing time, study officials had confirmed evangelicals would also be willing to support Sith lords, elder gods, and the evil Dr. Robotnik if they were to run for office as members of the GOP.


Agelbert Observation: Yeah, the above is satire. But the evidence is irrefutable that the WALK of the overwhemling majority (at leat 72%) of these pseudo-Christians is the exact opposite of the "we follow Jesus Christ's teachings" TALK. While it is true that these pseudo-Christians have never actually voted for Lucifer, the entitiy that Jesus Christ called the Prince of this world, they did vote for an adequate representative.

There are some Doomstead Diners that love to ridicule and condemn Christianity (i.e. the teachings of Jesus Christ) based on the voting habits of the pseudo-Christians from the American Organized Mainstream Orwellian Christian Churches, like those that dominate Texas and Florida politics, though the demonic influence of these War loving bastions of gun nuttery and bigotry is not limited to those two states. These crazed bigot factories are firmly entrenched all over the USA   These Lucifer worshipping Churches are funded and religiously supported by their fellow Social Darwinist Religionists from the Military Industrial Complex AND Big Oil AND many 'Second Amendment' fetish gun lovers AND white supremacists AND (so on you get the 'might is right' idea).

So, the next time you fine felllows want to finger the "Christians" for the profit over people and planet woes cursing the USA, I suggest you remember that the nominal Christian Churches in the USA were long ago infiltrated (i.e. flipped to anti-Christian ideology) by the lovers of war and selective law enforcement in our IMPERIALIST/CAPITALIST government, who wanted to MAKE SURE this country NEVER espoused Christian behavior in foreign or domestic policy.

The RELIGION of most Doomstead Diners, like that of the pseudo-Christians who voted for Trump, and would vote for Lucifer himself if he he gave lip service to their spoon fed wedge issues, is Social Darwinism.

True, you Diners aren't being suckered into forking over 10% of your income to some sanctimonious charlatan crook running a con. And you save a little more money by not being preached to at in some building once a week or so. You are also far more objective than the pseudo-Christians church goers who delude themselves into believing that they worship Christ instead of Mammon. You materialsts have done all that scientific caloric math and haven't found any intrinsic thermodynamic value in the energy density of spiritual powers or the promise of salvation in the afterlife. Like all materialsts would say, "If ya can't measure it, it ain't there".

But in a way, you are even greater suckers than the pseudo-Christians. How can that be? Well, at least they actually believe that Lucifer exists. Lucifer has you by the cognitive short hairs because, not only do you scoff at the very idea of fallen angels, but you do not even want to admit that evil exists!

May 14, 2014 ... “Maybe his [Satan's] greatest achievement in these times has been to make us believe that he does not exist, and that all can be fixed on a purely human level,” said Pope Francis.

The CHURCH of Jesus Christ, since Jesus Christ founded it, has ALWAYS been composed of the members of the BODY of Christ. It has NEVER been a building. It will never be a human organization composed of a hierarchy. It is a group of humans who serve Jesus Christ, PERIOD. Many of those people who are destined for salvation do not even know they will be saved or that they are already serving Jesus Christ. Many who believe they are serving Jesus Christ and are saved will be damned. Only God knows. But I am certain we will all be judged by our actions (i.e. fruit/behavior), not by our words.

Apologies to John McPherson for Agelbert Fair Use Cartoon tampering.  ;D

Climate Change / Re: Global Warming is WITH US
« Last post by AGelbert on November 18, 2017, 02:59:10 pm »
Departures from the 20th-century global average temperature for October, 1880-2017. The four warmest Octobers on record have all occurred in the last four years. Image credit; NOAA/NCEI.
Who CAN you trust? / Re: Mechanisms of Prejudice: Hidden and Not Hidden
« Last post by AGelbert on November 18, 2017, 02:54:49 pm »


The Paradise Papers  Are Proof That Capitalism and Racism Fuel The Global Plutocracy

To end the immoral abuses documented in the Paradise Papers, we must challenge the systems of both entrenched wealth and racial domination.


Who CAN you trust? / Re: Corruption in Government
« Last post by AGelbert on November 18, 2017, 02:35:13 pm »
Guillotine Sliced, French Toast

The bill is coming due.


Who CAN you trust? / Re: Corruption in Government
« Last post by AGelbert on November 18, 2017, 02:22:27 pm »
Forget, Hell! Umm, that is, unless ah don't recall... 

Jeff Sessions gets CAUGHT LYING by ted lieu & jeffries on Trump Russia Meetings



Published on Nov 14, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before House judiciary committee on his meetings with Russian officials and the Trump campaign on this hearing Senators Ted Lieu  and Hakeem Jeffries question Jeff Sessions on President Trump, Russia and Trump Jr 11/14/2017.

Jeff Sessions gets CAUGHT LYING by ted lieu & jeffries on Trump Russia Meetings

It's just part of his skill set.

Color me nof surprised.   ::)

If his lips are moving, he's lying.



When Napoleon Tried To Conquer Egypt - Documentary

For History buffs: Napoleon's REAL Waterloo was in Egypt, not Waterloo

Agelbert NOTE: While the fellow narrating the documentary admires Napoleon's 'leadership qualities', he admits that Napoleon was was an expert liar and consumate con artist. As learned Doomer Surly says, and I agree with him. lying is part of the 'skill set' of certain people.

In our current ethics free imitation of a civilization (i.e. Social Darwinist Religion ), unethical behavior is, not just admired for being 'astute', but rewarded with money and power along with never ending syrupy accolades from fellow true believers in 'might equals right'.

Our current criminal in chief, an admitted admirer of P.T. Barnum, is no Napoleon. BUT, the common thread that history shows among these men that lie and cheat their way to fame, who achieve temporary success by stimulating the most barbaric instincts that humans possess (eventually causing the death of thousands of suckers that admire and follow them slavishly and stupidly), is their ability to repeatedly portrays massive failures as successes in the public eye. This 'skill set' is what keeps them from being taken down the first time they fail in one of their schemes.

So let us be clear, the issue is not that people like Trump lie and get away with it; the issue is that they realize they screwed up and then sit down and carefully think through their predicament, using all the mens rea they can muster, in order to turn a massive failure into a propaganda event that will be portrayed as an astounding success.:o  ;)

THIS was Napoleon's 'secret'. THIS is what the Napoleon wannabe Trump is trying to emulate. THIS is why you read about Waterloo and not about Egypt, which should have earned Napoleon the disdain of the French and a long prison term, if not the death sentence. For example, Napoleon didn't know what to do with about 2,000 prisoners he had taken in combat, so he had them murdered. He ordered his men to use bayonets to save ammunition. It was done on a beach in the Middle East. It took three days. Napoleon then faked a victory march into Cairo, even as a large percentage of his army was sick with plague. Napoleon then snuck out of Egypt, knowing the Turks and/or the English would soon run France out of there, declaring 'victory' in Egypt when he arrived in France.

He was greeted as a hero. He then went on to other massive errors like fighting Russia and trying to keep Haiti in slavery. But you know about that. What you don't know is in this documentary.

Be warned, Trump is going through his Egypt experience now. If he uses it to catapult himself to greater power by using the Napoleon Con Man Secret of branding failure as a 'brilliant success', a signifcant percentage of Americans, plus an even greater amount of non-Americans, will die in miserable conditions, either from war or from want.

Trump, like Napoleion, is not stupid. Trump is intelligent. He is an expert in scapegoating those who tell the truth about him. These are NOT true leadership qualities. These 'qualities' are, unfortunately, admired by those with no ethical compass.     This has been my gripe with Wall Streeters in general and some Doomstead Diners in particular. The fact that a person lacking empathy and any sense of personal responsibility whatsoever is intelligent and clever enough to pass the buck to an innocent party can only considered a 'admirable' if you are a Social Darwinist. Social Darwinsim is a a demonic religion disguised as a justification for consciense free predation. Following it can gain you wealth, power and fame and make you a party to the eventual destruction of everything good about humanity. But, because the cause and effect horizon is greater than a single human lifetime, many are fooled into believing that it is not evil and destructive, but simply 'prudent apex predator behavior'.

If you cannot learn from me, at least try to learn from history. Napoleon's most trusted general, the one he left in charge of Egypt, was assassinated within a year and the French Army surrendered to the English shortly thereafter.

Napoleon was an intelligent, empathy deficit disordered, buck passing, MURDERING CROOK. Trump, with less intellect than Napoleon and the exact same Murdering Con Artist mindset, has several times the destructive power that Napoleon had. Do the math. Help get Trump out of office or face the doom you helped bring about. 

When Napoleon Tried To Conquer Egypt - Documentary



Published on Aug 24, 2017

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Watch more great documentaries - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8g1...
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