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Nuke Puke / Re: Nuclear Insecurity Today
« on: February 02, 2014, 01:11:52 am »

Advances in Health Care / Light Lowers Blood Pressure
« on: February 02, 2014, 12:34:42 am »
Light Lowers Blood Pressure

UVA exposure reduces human blood pressure by releasing nitric oxide metabolites from storage in the skin.

By Tracy Vence | January 20, 2014

For years, researchers have reported predictable seasonal variations in human blood pressure. Both systolic and diastolic blood pressure tend to be greatest during the winter months and lowest in the summer. Many have attributed this variation to changes in temperature, but according to a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology today (January 20), variations in sun exposure may be the answer.

“This study . . . provides suggestive evidence that skin-derived NO metabolites may have a role in modulation of blood pressure upon UV exposure,” Thomas Michel, a professor of medicine and biochemistry at Harvard Medical School who was not involved in the work, told The Scientist in an e-mail.

The University of Southampton’s Martin Feelisch and his colleagues first began to suspect that sunlight could affect blood pressure nearly two decades ago. At that time, the researchers were investigating the vasodilative effects of nitric oxide (NO), a signaling molecule that circulates in the bloodstream at low concentrations, typically by hitching a ride on proteins, like albumin or hemoglobin.

It was more than 10 years ago that Feelisch and his team first exposed healthy individuals to short periods of high-intensity sunlight, and observed subsequent decreases in circulating nitrate and increases in nitrite, both metabolites of NO. The researchers also recorded significant reductions in blood pressure. At that time, “metabolites of NO were long considered to be biologically inert,” said Feelisch. “We started to look at the possibility to bioactivate this molecule.”

Meanwhile, other groups were reporting reductions in blood pressure as a result of dietary nitrate supplementation, which Feelisch and his colleagues had not controlled for. Temperature was another potential confounding variable. Were the effects Feelisch and his colleagues observed due to light exposure or elevated temperatures? How might dietary nitrate come into play?

In 2009, a team led by the University of Edinburgh’s Richard Weller showed that human skin and the dermal vasculature contain significant stores of NO—much more than can be found circulating in the blood—and that these stores could be mobilized by UVA (long-wave UV) irradiation.

For the present study, Feelisch, Weller, and their colleagues investigated the effects of UVA exposure—equivalent to 30 minutes of sun exposure at noon on a clear day in Southern Europe—on 24 healthy volunteers, controlling for both temperature and dietary nitrate. The researchers found plasma nitrate and nitrite changes, as well as reductions in blood pressure, that were consistent with the release of NO from skin storage. “These observations support a mechanism for the modulation of systemic NO bioactivity and a possible role of the skin in cardiovascular homeostasis,” he and his colleagues wrote.

“The strength of this study is the methodology,” said the Karolinska Institutet’s Eddie Weitzberg, a professor of physiology and pharmacology who was not involved in the work. “It is well-performed with adequate control experiments.”

One lingering question is the source of the cutaneous NO stores. Another is how, exactly, NO metabolites are released into the bloodstream. “From a mechanistic angle, it’s important to understand what contributes to determining the concentration of this storage material in the skin, and whether there is anything [else] that would facilitate translocation from the skin to the circulation,” said Feelisch. “It’s a complete black box at the moment.”

Clinically speaking, tests to evaluate blood pressure response to repeated UVA exposure with respect the age, gender, and disease states—such as hypertension—are needed. But if the blood pressure-reducing effects of UVA light hold up in larger trials, Feelisch suggested that a reevaluation of the risks and benefits associated with sun exposure might be in order. “Avoidance of sunlight may be a new risk factor for cardiovascular disease that’s never been on the map,” he said.

Still, this work is early-stage. For now, Michel said, “I certainly wouldn’t take these findings as any mitigation against the well-founded recommendation by dermatologists to avoid excessive sun exposure.”

D. Liu et al., “UVA irradiation of human skin vasodilates arterial vasculature and lowers blood pressure independently of nitric oxide synthase,” Journal of Investigative Dermatology, doi: 10.1038/jid.2014.27, 2014.


Climate Change / Re: Global Warming is WITH US
« on: January 30, 2014, 02:24:03 pm »
Psalm 27

7  Hear, O LORD, when I cry with my voice:
have mercy also upon me, and answer me.
8  When thou saidst, Seek ye my face;         
my heart said unto thee,
Thy face, LORD, will I seek.
9  Hide not thy face far from me;       
put not thy servant away in anger:
thou hast been my help;
leave me not, neither forsake me,
O God of my salvation.
10  When my father and my mother forsake me,         
then the LORD will take me up.
11  Teach me thy way, O LORD,         
and lead me in a plain path,
because of mine enemies.
12  Deliver me not over unto the will of mine enemies:     
for false witnesses are risen up against me,
and such as breathe out cruelty.

General Discussion / Re: Non-routine News
« on: January 30, 2014, 02:19:07 pm »
YEP. This place is probably where the term "deadpan" came from.  ;D


Vermont Stories and Historical Gossip BEFORE GLOBAL WARMING. 

Although it may not be obvious to the casual observer, the population of the State of Vermont can be sorted into two distinct types:

1.Those people whose families have lived in Vermont since it was settled and whose family folklore includes tales of the great Republic of Vermont, when Vermont was an Independent Country, and who have never quite forgiven Ethan Allen for agreeing to join the Union despite all of his other fine accomplishments. These people, who will subsequently be referred to as "Native Vermonters", are hardy and hard working, straightforward and straight talking, and are the foundation of everything that makes Vermont great. They are also almost, but not quite, completely invisible in the current Vermont landscape.

2.Everyone else, who will subsequently be referred to as "Flatlanders." Flatlanders are sometimes called "New Yorkers" by older Native Vermonters.

Vermont has always had a population of Flatlanders: those who've moved to Vermont from somewhere else because Vermont "is such a nice place." In recent years those who pay attention to the media might conclude that Flatlanders have taken over the entire State. It is true that important Towns like Montpelier (the State capital) and Burlington (a self-styled major metropolitan city) are almost, but not quite, exclusively populated by Flatlanders.

Native Vermonters quite sensibly regard the current large numbers of Flatlanders to be a temporary phenomenon and have the attitude of "This Too Shall Pass." Like mud season.  ;D They know that as soon as it appears to the Flatlanders that Vermont has somehow, despite all their progressive efforts , become "just like everywhere else", they will move away in droves. Perhaps leaving behind a few people, who might after a few generations be considered "Newcomers"  ;)  to Vermont by the Natives and occupy that wide gray area between the two solitudes, so to speak.

This book reveals for the first time the true History of Vermont as maintained by Native Vermonters.  8)  When the influx of Flatlanders started to become chronic Native Vermonters agreed in a series of Town Meetings to conceal some of the more interesting episodes of Vermont History by the simple and expedient method of denying knowledge of any such thing and implying that the questioner was a few cows short of a herd.  ;D  This tactic was incredibly successful and centuries of Vermont History were hidden this way. The truth of this remarkable assertion can be demonstrated at any time by finding an older person in Vermont (Flatlanders without exception move to Florida once their joints reach a certain age and temperature) and asking that person whether he or she has heard of the events described in this book. The answer will invariably be "No." followed by something on the order of "What's the weather like on the planet you come from?"   ;D

How did the author, who moved to Vermont from California, learn of this secret history? The answer is that he inadvertently acquired two undeniable attributes of Native Vermontership as follows:

1.He purchased property in a Town in which the terrain goes uphill in both directions. (Admittedly this is not a difficult feat in Vermont.)

2.He built and occupied a one-room log cabin with just a wood stove and without utility power for an entire Vermont winter (11.5 months).  Actually he did this for two entire Vermont winters in a row but no one noticed because it's extremely difficult for anyone, even Native Vermonters, to determine when one Vermont winter ends and the next one begins.  ;D

One day after walking uphill (of course  ) in the snow for hours into Town for a breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup the other people in the Town Restaurant began to talk about strange events in his presence. After several more days of walking uphill (of course  ) in the snow for hours into Town for a breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup the author began to piece together the incredible Secret History of Vermont.  ;)

Why is the author willing to reveal these incredible truths? The answer is that if he publishes a book and someone actually buys it then all those breakfasts become tax-deductible as a research expense. Free food!  Everyone has their price when it comes to betraying deep secrets. That's mine. 



The word "Vermont" derives from Olde Neanderthale but modern day scholars are divided as to its precise meaning. Some say that it comes from "ver mont" which in Olde Neanderthale means "Heaven on Earth" but others insist that it really comes from "verm ont" which means "Any place that if you stay there during the winter you must have rocks in your head." Olde Neanderthale is a very pithy language.

Back in the days when the U.S. Federal Government was disorganized and inefficient (1789 to date) it often had difficulty maintaining an adequate supply of currency.

The problem with cows is that they are large and difficult to store.

The problem of keeping the paddlewheel boats running during the winter was solved in a typical Vermont fashion. Instead of trying to keep the water channels open, the paddlewheels were affixed with chains, the entire boat was mounted on sled runners, and a snowplow was attached to the front. As a result, the paddlewheel boats ran considerably faster on the ice during the winter than they did in the water during the summer. The summer slowdown was tolerated because it typically only lasted 15 days.

Vermont is unique among the states in that it has two completely independent State governments. The first, known as the Vermont State Government, has no bureaucrats, has levied no taxes, and is of the opinion that it isn't the government's place to go around telling people what to do. It has the highest approval ratings of any governmental organization in the observed universe. The other is known as the Montpelier Legislature whose motto is, "Pass six unenforceable regulations before breakfast."

Because it is a major cause of pain and suffering the Montpelier Legislature occasionally proposes a bill outlawing Death and is puzzled each time when the idea is solidly rejected by the citizens. This is because the citizens have seen that Death is practically the only way a member of the Montpelier Legislature can be persuaded to give up his or her seat.

During the right time of year a visitor to Vermont cannot help but to be astonished at the amount of acreage devoted to growing corn. A simple calculation shows that during its 15 day growing season Vermont grows enough corn to feed all of Asia and Africa for several years. Where does all this corn go?

Some of it is fed to cows. Cows are no longer legal tender but cows give milk that can be made into Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream which is legal tender in most parts of the world. Some of the corn is converted into whisky most of which is discretely exported to foreign places like Kentucky and Tennessee.

The Vermont Libertarian Mountain Lion

Unlike moose, which are officially everywhere, mountain lions officially don't exist. There hasn't been a proved sighting of a mountain lion by a certified official for over a hundred years. Occasionally someone will claim they've seen a mountain lion, or catamount as they're sometimes called by Native Vermonters, but the evidence is never enough to survive the so-called trial by immersion in a Montpelier manure pit.

The Vermont Tin Pecker

The absence of the usual clue, warmer weather, makes it difficult to tell when spring is coming to Vermont. Nevertheless there are a few signs well known to all Vermonters. When people all over the State are awakened half an hour before the alarm clock by the vigorous percussion of a diamond-hard beak on chimney pipe or roof flashing then you can tell that the springtime mating season of the Vermont Tin Pecker has begun.

Radiocarbon Dating

It's not that Vermont isn't full of jokers. (Drive a car with out-of-state plates and ask directions from someone in Vermont sometime. Please!) It's just that the conclusion that every single Vermont archaeology student independently decides to pull exactly the same prank is one that only an Archaeology Professor or Radiocarbon Lab Owner would come to.

The other conclusion, that the canning jar racks in grandma's basement are 30,000 years old, is one of those things that's so completely and totally obvious that the maintainers of the Secret History don't have the slightest worry of it ever being discovered


Nuke Puke / Re: The nuclear INSANITY of the 1950s
« on: January 29, 2014, 12:07:37 am »

Published on Feb 27, 2013

The U.S. Army's Top Secret Arctic City Under the Ice! "Camp Century" Restored Classified Film - In the late 1950s, during the height of the Cold War, the US military constructed a secret base in the Arctic for "research" purposes. Some theorists claim that it was actually used as a covert nuclear weapons storage &/or testing facility.  >:(

Others have made even grander claims - that Camp Century was actually a weather manipulation experiment ... or a U.S. Military administered Alien / UFO base! The whole truth may never be known.

This video is the actual declassified US ARMY FILM documenting the construction process.

Teaser screenshots from the video:

Agelbert NOTE: This film shows how an entire city was built under the ice. They moved a 6 thousand tons on SLEDS that looked like snow trains without rails pulled by caterpillar tractors. The nuclear reactor (the narrator says it is PORTABLE) was designed to be FLOWN QUICKLY to the location it is needed but they chose to ship this one for safety reasons  ;D

Consider HOW MANY of these nukes are laying around in Army bases TODAY that people nearby know nothing about... If you think these nuclear nuts stopped making these portable monstrocities, you are wrong. After viewing this film, I realize the madness goes FAR BEYOND anything we are aware of and there must be several thousand of these reactors out there hidden from the public eye.

Then again, maybe they stopped the program after the SL-1 meltdown. We may never know.  :( :P


Renewables / Re: Wind Power
« on: January 28, 2014, 10:43:54 pm »
Some news about WIND POWER that Gail Tverberg may have missed...  ;)

This is certainly an interesting initiative, and I’m happy we had the chance to dig into it in more detail than we did when the initiative was unveiled in November.

It does help bring electricity to people without electricity or who are using dirty, expensive, health-damaging fossil fuels for electricity generation — 50 million such people is the target.

It also provides revenue to Vestas and other initiative partners. In other words, it helps the environment, it helps individuals financially, it helps individuals to improve their quality of life a great deal, and it brings revenue to Vestas. Win-win-win-win.



CHEAP renewable energy for up to 1.3 BILLION people by taking old turbines being replaced by new, bigger turbines in Europe, refurbishing them and them putting them in proven high wind areas in third world areas in cooperation with governments providing incentives GIVES INVESTORS over 50% LOW RISK RETURN ON INVESTMENT! As the speaker says, "You don't get any better than THAT for a business venture.

So WHY doesn't Gail Tverberg recognize this and support it? Why does she spend time poo pooing wind power? You KNOW why. She is  biased for fossil fuels, period. She is urging people to throw away a tremendous opportunity for clean, environmentally friendly profits that actually help third world countries, unlike dirty polluting energy, in order to safeguard fossil fuel corporation interests.   
This is anathema to what an objective actuarial energy expert should be doing for the business community. She is giving bad investment advice, PERIOD. 

Several more short videos and story at link: 

Wind For Prosperity Is No Charity Or PR Campaign — This Is About Business (Exclusive Videos)


Climate Change / Re: Global Warming is WITH US
« on: January 28, 2014, 09:13:43 pm »
UB said when questioning climate change skeptic Snowleopard (fossil fuel defender),
Why doesn't the weather you mention suggest warming due to jetstream breakout due to polar vortex weakening?

This is the part that always gets me too. The slower Jetstream due to less difference in temperature in the equatorial atmosphere and the polar one was predicted by climate scientists nearly a decade ago! I have brought this up but Snowleopard refuses to believe it. It is an effect, not a cause. The temperature gradient is reduced between the poles and the equator. That takes energy OUT of the Jetstream's velocity. The Jetstream begins to meander and produce oxbows that move along the northern hemisphere producing horrendous temperature extremes. This was ALL PREDICTED by climate scientists as an EFFECT of the CO2 CAUSE that brings Global Warming.

That SAME oxbow pattern, since it has been so extreme in sending arctic air at us in the past 50 days or so will probably give us a February that will break all records for being so HOT.

That's the way it works, Snowleopard. As to early frosts, I can tell you that the frosts in Vermont are consistently coming later, not earlier. But the main issue here is that NOAA figures show a warming planet and you don't believe their figures. We can sit here and through anecdotes at each other until the cows come home but the fact reminds that the average temperature is rising, not descending.

I realize that none of us here have the power to do much about it but regardless of how much you think the facts are "fixed" to hoax a GW scenario, Cui Bono (i.e. Who stands, or stood, to gain from a crime, and so might have been responsible for it?)???

DOING NOTHING and adopting a WAIT AND SEE attitude BENEFITS THE CORRUPT STATUS QUO! WHY don't you see that?  Do you LIKE the way our laws and government and energy policy are NOW? According to everything you write here, the answer is NO! But then you turn around and advocate doing NOTHING. That does not compute!

EVEN IF the global warming thing was bull**** ( I WISH!), destroying the fossil and nuclear fuel industries is a noble goal, is it not? Al Capone was finally nailed on income tax evasion even though he had murdered hundreds. Get it?  ;)

It will be a cold day in hell before the energy you use to feed yourself will be at a reasonable price unless the centralized energy monsters running this planet into the ground are not taken apart. By advocating inaction, you are cutting off you nose to spite your face. Think about it.



Advances in Health Care / Re: Medical Attention
« on: January 28, 2014, 04:28:22 pm »

My SPEP looks almost exactly like the green (normal) SPEP above.  ;D
My total protein was exactly the minimum amount (6.5 g/dl in the normal range of 6.5- 8.3 g /dl).

My triglycerides are a little high (went from 131 in October to 221 now) but anything under 500 is really not that big a deal. Besides, my LDL (calculated) went down from 160 to 143 ( which is an improvement). The Doctor mentioned Lipitor and I proceeded to discuss the risks and asked that we just wait a year and check again while I try to lower the triglycerides with diet. He agreed.

My blood pressure was PERFECT at 110/70!  ;D

So since the SPEP is okay, the plan is to work my diet to lower the triglycerides. LDL cholesterol and simultaneously raise the "good" cholesterol (HDL).

One day at a time. So, thanks be to God, I appear to have some more time left on planet earth. Tough luck for the fossil fuelers.  ;D

Climate Change / Taters Ain't what they SHOULD BE...
« on: January 27, 2014, 04:32:01 pm »
Little Elise wanted to see vines grow from a potato, but after trying for three weeks, she figured something was wrong. Then she experimented with an organic potato. Watch out!

This sweet yet profound video is perfect for sending around to anyone who still thinks conventionally grown produce is REAL food.

Video (2:32)

This Video should be FRONT PAGE NEWS all over the internet and the WORLD!
WHY? Because it has ALL the ingredients of TRUTH from someone who is innocent and is merely looking out for human society with science, not agenda based, methodology to satisfy her curiosity.

Her observations then confirm one more link in the predatory capitalist, conscience free, Big Ag MO that makes the agricultural profit generating COMMODITY (instead of what it's supposed to be - a human health improving tuber) a scourge on human health and a HIGH YIELD - LOW NUTRITION - CHEMICALLY LACED - CROP (i.e. heavier because it forces the potato to put all its energy into starch instead of vines    ).

   = Big Ag

Please pass this on. The cancer you avoid may be your own.   

General Discussion / Re: Darwin
« on: January 27, 2014, 03:57:28 pm »
Excellent hard boiled, detailed scientific evidence ONLY article on the anomalies in Homology that refute the Theory of Evolution:


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