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It was an unusually clear and cloudless day in Tokyo on the afternoon of March 5, 1966. British Overseas Airways flight 911 was scheduled to leave Tokyo at 1:30pm for Hong Kong with Captain Bernard Dobson on the flight deck. In addition to the cabin crew, there were 124 people aboard the Boeing 707 that day.   

911 Falls in a Flat Spin (PICTURE AT LINK!) :o
Due to the clear weather, Dobson asked for an amendment to the scheduled flight plan, climbing visually via Mt. Fuji to allow his passengers a rare up-close view of the Japanese landmark. 911 left Tokyo at 1:58pm and began climbing southwest towards Mt. Fuji, reaching 17,000ft. Passing over Gotemba, the aircraft turned northwest and began a slow descent towards the 12,400ft mountain. Shortly afterwards, witnesses reported seeing the aircraft trailing white vapour. The aircraft was then seen to be shedding pieces and then a large puff of vapour came from the aircraft's tail. It pitched up and entered a flat spin, the tail assembly and engines seen to be missing and the starboard outer wing had failed. The forward fuselage then broke off and the aircraft continued in a flat spin until impacting the base of Mt. Fuji. All aboard 911 were killed.

911 Falls Near Mt. Fuji
 Clearly the aircraft suffered some sort of in-flight structural failure. The weather was clear at the time and no explosion was seen other than the puff of white vapour. The FDR was recovered, but was destroyed in the resulting ground fire. Reconstruction of the wreckage trajectory showed that the vertical fin and port tailplane failed first, followed by the failure of the starboard outer wing, resulting in the flat spin and forward fuselage failure. Metallurgical study showed that the wing had failed upward and the engines had all failed to the left, as had the tail surfaces. Paint markings on the port tailplane indicated that the vertical fin had smashed into the tailplane, causing it's failure. No structural defects or control system failures could be found. Boeing officials said that the fin must have failed due to a sudden extreme load imposed on the surface, but in testing, the fin only failed when a load greater than 110% it's design limit gust load was imposed. Investigators were able to locate an 8mm camera in the wreckage. The camera showed, from out the window, the aircraft's progress over Gotemba and continuing northwest towards Fuji when it suddenly skipped frames and then showed blurred images of the passenger cabin before ending. Obviously, the camera supported the idea that a sudden load had been imposed on the aircraft, but it gave no clue as to what the cause was. Study of the meteorological conditions at the time helped to unravel the mystery.
A strong pressure gradient lay over Japan at that time, causing strong west to northwest winds and clear visibility. At the time of the accident, a weather station at the base of Mt. Fuji was registering winds of 60-70kts. Winds of such velocity are very conducive to the formation of mountain waves. These waves are formed by smooth air flowing at a high velocity encountering and obstruction such as a mountain and "boiling over" or breaking up, resulting in turbulence and gusts. In moist conditions, these waves can be visualized by the formation of standing rotor or lenticular clouds, but in dry conditions, there may be no cloud formation. Study of satellite photos just prior to the accident showed the formation of both rotor and lenticular clouds in the mountains south of Mt. Fuji.

911 Impacted Nearly Vertical

Reports from other aircraft which had flown in the vicinity or Mt. Fuji showed that nearly all of them had encountered moderate to severe turbulence. A U.S. Navy aircraft dispatched to search for the wreckage of 911 encountered extreme turbulence near the same area the crash occurred. After landing, the aircraft's G-meter was found to have registered plus 9g to negative 4g during the flight. It was concluded that, while approaching Mt. Fuji's leeward side, flight 911 was violently impacted by a severe mountain wave which led to vertical fin failure and subsequent in-flight break-up, the white vapour being jet fuel flowing out of the aircraft after separation of the engines.


Wonders of Nature / Predator Competition
« on: March 31, 2014, 03:16:30 pm »

A group on safari got a front-row seat to watch a year-old elephant survive an all-out attack :o by a pack of lions in Zambia.

Details at link:


Renewables / Re: The Big Picture of Renewable Energy Growth
« on: March 31, 2014, 02:51:08 pm »
03/27/2014 02:58 PM          
Vermont Raises Support for Solar While Slew of States Consider Repeal

SustainableBusiness.com News

Vermont is swimming against the tide of ALEC and other Koch-sponsored Americans for Prosperity bills that are moving through the states to make it harder to grow renewable energy.

In Vermont, the legislature voted to increase solar net-metering to reward homeowners and businesses for installing solar systems. They raised the net-metering cap substantially - from 4% of a utility's peak load to 15%.

That is, utilities no longer have to compensate customers when they send solar back to the grid when net-metering payments surpass 15% of its peak demand from the previous year or from 1996, whichever is greater.

Net metering allows people with on-site solar to first use solar energy for themselves and then sell any excess back to utilities at the full retail price. Utilities, in turn, sell the energy to neighboring homes and businesses.

While Vermont's largest utility and one of the most progressive in the country, Green Mountain Power, doesn't believe there should be a cap at all, the situation is quite different in states where legislation by ALEC is being pushed.  >:(

Repeal Bills Sprout in Numerous States  >:(

Until this year, we didn't hear much from utilities, but since ALEC developed a model bill to eliminate net-metering - "Updating Net Metering Policies Resolution," it's suddenly become controversial for utilities across the country.

After meeting a measly 1% cap, Missouri utilities say they are no longer required to provide rebates for solar. Last year, solar sales surged in Missouri, adding 1,700 jobs in the state and if it were in place through this year, that number would double, according to Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association.

In Kansas, bills were introduced to eliminate net-metering, but after negotiations, have been watered down instead. They raised the maximum size of solar arrays eligible for net metering and cut the payment that people receive.

This week, the State Senate  voted to repeal the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), but it was rejected by the Assembly.   

ALEC and Americans For Prosperity   have made repealing the RPS a top priority, and the latter has been running statewide radio and TV ads.    >:(

The RPS - which requires 20% renewable energy by 2020 - has been driving growth of the wind industry there since 2009. It has created 13000 jobs with close to 2 gigawatts installed, and factories that make wind components have sited there. Kansas gets over 10% of electricity from wind and is benefiting from lower electric prices. And Kansas City is about to become a leading city for solar, installing rooftop systems on 80 municipal buildings.

Republican State Senator Forrest Knox says the RPS distorts the free market and therefore will drive up costs now that the federal production tax credit has expired, which has artificially propped up growth. Other senators that voted for repeal say it's time for the industry to stand on its two feet and they expect electric prices to rise 40%.

Kansas should be the first in the nation to abandon cumbersome government mandates on energy production, according to Jeff Glendening, state director of Americans for Prosperity, reports Topeka Capital Journal.

At the same time the Kansas Senate passed the Promoting Employment Across Kansas program - which subsidizes companies that relocate to or expand in Kansas.

Bills to kill net-metering and impose fees on solar owners have also been introduced - and so far have been defeated - in Utah and Washington. In Utah, however, they passed a bill to study the value of distributed energy.

Indiana just passed a law that eliminates the state's energy efficiency standard and ends ratepayer-funded energy efficiency programs, such as free energy audits and subsidized upgrades, at the end of 2014.

Last year, ALEC failed to roll back state RPS after getting some 120 of its model bills introduced. They added net-metering to their list for this year. Arizona passed a modified bill that is already having a negative impact on solar sales.

30 states have a mandatory RPS and 7 have a voluntary one. Over 40 states have net-metering laws.

Read a really long article on the battle between rooftop solar and utilities:
Website: www.scientificamerican.com/article/fight-over-rooftop-solar-forecasts-a-bright-future-for-cleaner-energy/

General Discussion / Historical Documentaries
« on: March 30, 2014, 08:27:47 pm »
Clark Gable made this one and appears several times in it. He was Captain Gable of the Army Air Force. Bob Hope makes a joke that they wouldn't let Red Butler fly the B-17 because his ears wouldn't fit.  ;D

Fossil Fuel Folly / Re: Hugelasagnardening
« on: March 26, 2014, 08:30:37 pm »
PP said,
It also made me think that the Hugelkulture  (hk) effect is not just for vegetables and small plants but also good for trees.

It is a pleasure to listen to the thoughts of a  true scientist at work. 

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