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Wonders of Nature / Ants: Nature's Secret Power
« on: June 28, 2014, 04:54:34 pm »

Astounding Research and Footage 

You have seen ants before. They are small, annoying little insects that we easily dismiss, unless we step on a fire ant or leave something sweet lying around and come back to find it covered in the little things.

Well, you will never take ants for granted again after seeing this!

We are only now starting to crack their secret codes so we can understand them. This utterly fascinating film takes you inside the world of these genius creatures, who constitute a superpower all by themselves.

They communicate in codes, using scent and chemicals to work in unison. They transmit clandestine messages and follow invisible trails. They can support 100 times their own weight while standing upside down on glass. They consume vast amounts of food and run huge distances.

And the whole colony functions as one organism.

In this documentary we will be transported into the world of ants through the eyes of Bert Hölldobler, a world authority on these amazing animals.

What animal is the most warlike? What animal has the greatest supercity on the planet? Not man but ants.

 They are the real success story. It is only their tiny size and our vanity that allows us to hold onto the myth of our supremacy. Ants rule the planet. They are found in habitats from far northern Finland to the sweltering tropics.

You will get a look behind the scenes at the underground structures they build. You will not believe your eyes around 45 minutes into this breathtaking film.   ;D

Aside from humans, ants have the most complex societies on earth. They are living proof that with vast numbers and fairly simple rules, a formidable specialized intelligence can emerge - one capable of building climate controlled cities without the need for centralized authority.

Prepare to be astonished!

 --Bibi Farber

This film directed by Wolfgang Thaler.   
- See more at: http://www.nextworldhealthtv.com/videos/the-amazing-animal-kingdon/ants-natures-secret-power-full-film.html#sthash.YaFXfpY3.dpuf

WE SIGNED: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort 

Ms. Kimberly Mandel, OR

Jun 27, 09:57

# 140

This planet is our home! Please learn about it and care for it as if your life depends upon it. IT DOES! 


Ms. Karen Thatcher-Smith, CA

Jun 27, 06:58

# 139

The future of our planet is of far more consequence than the pursuit of corporate profits. 


Mr. Roy Wright, NH

Jun 26, 20:12

# 138


Ms. Danielle Owen, SC

Jun 26, 17:41

# 137

We have to pressure our government to take major action to stop the degradation of the biosphere from climate change.

Fracking is poisoning aquifers and destroying good farm land while sickening us, our animals and the wildlife! We must stop this despicable profit-over-planet horror!

 It's time to eliminate the excuse our fossil fuel loving oligarchy uses for pollutiong our biosphere and contriving "resources" wars for oil that bring nothing but misery to us and profits for them.

The chemical corporations are also just as guilty of polluting our air, ground and water because they use fossil fuels and do not employ closed loop recycling to keep harmful chemicals from damaging the biosphere.

Help stop this pollution by making oil a liability, not an asset!

Why?  Because that is what it actually is!

Burning fossil fuels is killing us. the sooner we stop "valuing" that poison, the sooner we strip the power away from the war lovers that wield it. Our very democracy is in jeopardy because of centralized energy corporations. That's right; it's just as much about political power as about energy.

Demanding 100% Renewable energy is the way, not only to the extremely important goal of a viable biosphere, but absolutely essential to regaining our democracy from the fossil fuel industry that buys our politicians with the profits from pollution fuels while said politicians keep fossil fuel and nuclear power plant "subsides" (taxpayer theft!) to tilt the energy playing field against renewable energy.

Read this quote from a peer reviewed book by Dilworth and pass it on so people can learn what oil REALLY costs we-the-people:


This is a chart of the fossil fuel subsidies versus renewable energy! If that isn't a "level" energy playing field that looks like an alpine slope, I don't know what is.


I started a petition on Care2: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort. I'm hoping that if enough people sign my petition, we can make a difference. Will you help me collect signatures by adding your name?
Here's a link to the petition:


Posters you can print to publicize the petition:

Thank you and please pass it on. We'll have real traction against the polluters if we can get 100,000 to several million signatures by September when the petition is to be delivered to the White House.

WE SIGNED: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort  Mrs. Susan Tzareff, FL
Jun 26, 14:45
# 136 
Mr. William Graham, CA
Jun 26, 14:29
# 135 
Ms. s Lieber Pasarell, NY
Jun 26, 14:24
# 134 
Ms. Veronica Roach, NJ
Jun 26, 10:29
# 133
Ms. Christine Haftl, PA
Jun 26, 10:15
# 132
Mr. Leonard Jay Hastings, MI
Jun 26, 09:57
# 131
Get off your dead Republican ass, Congress!

Mr. terry yeager, OH
Jun 26, 09:47
# 130
Ms. Teresa Donahue, MI
Jun 26, 09:42
# 129
Ms. Sandra Sweeney, WI
Jun 26, 09:17
# 128
We must, we can, do this!

Mrs. ROBIN Galloway, IA
Jun 26, 09:10
# 127
Ms. Gretchen Dulong, MA
Jun 26, 08:39
# 126
Name not displayed, CO
Jun 26, 07:36
# 125
Mrs. Nakia Lilly, CO
Jun 26, 07:28
# 124
Let's evolve, people! The future depends on it!

Ms. Rebecca Kingston, NC 
Jun 26, 07:20
# 123
Mr. Edward Jurek, FL
Jun 26, 06:37
# 122
Ms. Susan Eyclesheimer, FL
Jun 26, 06:20
# 121
Ms. Amanda Grim, NC
Jun 26, 05:43
# 120
Mr. Randall von Steinen, MI
Jun 26, 05:20
# 119
Mr. Jason Collins, FL
Jun 26, 04:59
# 118
Mr. Jay Mullings, PA
Jun 26, 04:59
# 117
Mrs. Dawnette Davis, MN
Jun 26, 04:43
# 116
Mr. Thomas Dixon, TN
Jun 26, 03:48
# 115
Mr. John Owen, CA
Jun 26, 01:25
# 114
Ms. Shelley Lang, FL
Jun 26, 01:08
# 113
Name not displayed, ND
Jun 25, 23:26
# 112
Name not displayed, MN
Jun 25, 23:09
# 111
Mrs. Debra Raymond, NC
Jun 25, 23:00
# 110
Ms. Maureen Kill, WA
Jun 25, 22:37
# 109
Ms. Stephanie Stout, TX

Jun 25, 22:27
# 108
I come from a Texas oil family, and I have known since grade school that the production, processing, transport, and burning of oil and gas is DIRTY, and that the politics behind oil is even dirtier. We need to turn away from oil, gas, and coal as fast as we can and use wind and solar power to produce electricity for electric powered mass transit, freight trains, and passenger trains, both high speed and conventional Amtrak. Stop the Keystone XL pipeline, the mountaintop removal method of coal mining, fracking on public lands, the oil wars in the Middle East, and wean us away from fossil fuels.
Ms. Jeanie Egbert, CA

Jun 25, 22:26
# 107
Please do all you can to bring renewable biofuels to our gas/filling stations ASAP.

Ms. Patrice Anita, CA
Jun 25, 22:02
# 104
Using renewable energy will save the planet, the environment and We The People...we need to put people over profits NOW....

Great News! Thom Hartmann is giving the petition NATIONAL COVERAGE !

I was wondering why the numbers were starting to JUMP!

Now I know!

Pass it on! Let's OVERWHELM the fossil fuelers  that will do EVERYTHING to destroy the petition (and me  ;D) once the numbers start going ballistic.


We signed: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort

WE SIGNED! Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort
Mr. Ido Kek, HI
Jun 25, 21:14
# 102
Mrs. Susan Clemens, CT
Jun 25, 21:10
# 101
Mrs. Carol Halsey, CO
Jun 25, 21:10
# 100 
Mr. Steve Burns, CA
Jun 25, 20:53
# 99
Name not displayed, GA
Jun 25, 20:19
# 98
If the so-called 'Greatest Generation' could achieve 75-100 years ago all of the wonderful advances that we celebrate today, surely we can come together, once and for all, to rescue Mother Nature (and ourselves in the process). 
Ms. Michelle Maani, CA
Jun 25, 20:17
# 97 sent
Ms. Elizabeth Smallwood, OH
Jun 25, 20:04
# 96
Mr. Hugh McFadden, MT

Jun 25, 20:03
# 95
Let's get with it and stop greed from destroying our planet.  No, it's not an exaggeration. Our invasive species is killing its only home. How stupid we are.   
Ms. Lori Caswell, WI
Jun 25, 20:02
# 94
Ms. Nikki Heffner, MO
Jun 25, 20:00
# 93
Mr. peter lehnert, MI
Jun 25, 19:55
# 92
Mr. Timothy Naujunas, MA
Jun 25, 19:54
# 91
Ms. Pamela DeWolf, MN
Jun 25, 19:38
# 90
Mr. joseph bianculli, NY
Jun 25, 19:37
# 89
Name not displayed, OR
Jun 25, 19:13
# 88
Mr. Robert Marchetti, CT
Jun 25, 19:09
# 87
Ms. Sherry-Lee Wisor, AB
Jun 25, 19:01
# 86
Mr. Robert Henderson, MI
Jun 25, 18:53
# 85
The sooner we lead, the sooner the rest of the world (those not already ahead of us) will follow, and the better odds our grandkids will have. 
Ms. Deirdre McDonald, CA
Jun 25, 18:50
# 84
Mr. Rafe Sunshine, BC
Jun 25, 09:02
# 83
Ceasing the burning of fossil fuels and support of sustainable alternative energy technologies is the means by which Humanity may avoid a global warming disaster for ourselves and for future generations.   
Mr. William Sykes, SC
Jun 25, 05:10
# 82
Essential that we grow a clean energy national attitude and availability quickly. 
Name not displayed, OR
Jun 24, 23:14
# 81

The DIRTY ENERGY SOURCES long history of profiting from our blood and treasure while they despoil the biosphere.

The following quote from a peer reviewed book is of extreme importance to all Americans:

Dilworth (2010-03-12). Too Smart for our Own Good (pp. 399-400). Cambridge University Press. Kindle Edition.

"As suggested earlier, war, for example, which represents a cost for society, is a source of profit to capitalists. In this way we can partly understand e.g. the American military expenditures in the Persian Gulf area. Already before the first Gulf War, i.e. in 1985, the United States spent $47 billion projecting power into the region. If seen as being spent to obtain Gulf oil, It AMOUNTED TO $468 PER BARREL, or 18 TIMES the $27 or so that at that time was paid for the oil itself.

In fact, if Americans had spent as much to make buildings heat-tight as they spent in ONE YEAR at the end of the 1980s on the military forces meant to protect the Middle Eastern oil fields, THEY COULD HAVE ELIMINATED THE NEED TO IMPORT OIL from the Middle East.

So why have they not done so? Because, while the $468 per barrel may be seen as being a cost the American taxpayers had to bear, and a negative social effect those living in the Gulf area had to bear, it meant only profits for American capitalists. "

Note: I added the bold caps emphasis on the barrel of oil price, money spent in one year and the need to import oil from the Middle East.

This totally unjustified profit, never mind the needless loss of lives, then increases the power of the fossil fuel corporations to perpetuate a biosphere harming dirty fuel status quo. How? By "funding" politicians with rather large "donations" to keep renewable energy from competing with dirty energy.

If all this was just about power politics, I might not be that concerned. Humans, particularly the overly ambitious and aggressive ones, have always fought and schemed to control and fleece the population at large.

But now we know the future of our biosphere is at stake. Now we know the entire edifice of dirty energy is a knife in the back of the biosphere that will destroy our species and many others.

The system, as defined by the fossil fuel fascist dystopia that currently runs most of the human affairs among the 1 billion population in the developed world that is saddling the other 6 billion, who are totally free of guilt for causing it, with this climate horror we are beginning to experience, IS quite stubborn and does not wish to change the status quo.

Mother nature will force it to do so.

Whether it is done within the next two decades or not (i.e. a switch to 100% PLUS bioremediation Renewable Energy steady state economy) will dictate the size of the consequent die off, not only of humans but thousands of other species as well.

We are now in a climate cake that has been baked for about 1,000 years according to atmospheric, objective, proven with experimental data, science.

If the crash program to switch to renewable energy is to begin soon, I expect the trigger for the crash program will be the first ice free arctic summer (according to my estimates) in 2017. But millions of people demanding a transition to 100% renewable Energy will give us a fighting chance to win the Climate Victory.

You can help us leave dirty energy sources that are killing us behind. I started a petition on Care2: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort. I'm hoping that if enough people sign my petition, we can make a difference. Will you help me collect more by adding your name?

Posters to download and print to publicize the petition:

Here is the link to the petition:  http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/Ai3Tb

For those who don't wish to bother signing or are concerned for your "privacy". Hello? Hello? This is the year 2014! By 2030  periods where the "Humid Heat Stroke Index" is so high that the human body can no longer maintain a normal core temperature will become common. Home Sap is on the short list for extinction! That is sorta more important than hiding from the NSA or the CIA now ISN'T IT? And I DO NOT see ANY of the home addresses or e-mail addresses anyway, Care2 does! So, if you CARE about future generations,  you  have ZERO excuse, unless you are a bought and paid for climate denying, war profiteering LOW LIFE GREEDBALL, for NOT signing.

Accept the fact you are a NIHILSTIC DEATH CULT ACCESSORY to the HOMO SAP SUICIDE or sign here (and pass this on to everyone you care about to sign too!).


General Discussion / Re: Welcome!
« on: June 25, 2014, 07:40:19 pm »
Welcome mlns40731! ;D  Post as you wish either replying or creating your own topic to blog on and discuss. Also, quote anything I write here with or without attribution. The main thing is to wake up the people to what is ACTUALLY going on in the hope of stopping all the damage to the biosphere by the greedballs among us before it is too late.

for registering!

“There Is Nothing So Powerful As An Idea Whose Time Has Come.”
                                                                                 Victor Hugo

Here’s to the crazy ones. 

The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.

They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo.You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them, disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.

“Because The People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.”

Let's DO IT!


Help Win the Climate Victory with Your Signature Here

Pass it on. The planet you save may be your own.

Climate Change / Re: Future Earth
« on: June 24, 2014, 10:02:56 pm »
The Sixth Extinction; An Unnatural History


We signed: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort

we signed: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort

Mr. Solar Dad, FL
Jun 24, 14:00
# 80
we All MUST do this for our children's survival!

Mr. Bruce Brown, MI
Jun 24, 12:23
# 79
Nice work so far, Mr. President. More is needed.  ;D
Mrs. Paula French, CA
Jun 24, 09:31
# 78
Mr. eugene ekaitis, PA
Jun 24, 04:46
# 77
Ms. Karen Wilkinson, WA
Jun 23, 22:12
# 76
Mr. Robert Parker, CO
Jun 23, 21:16
# 75
Mr. Randall Baird, PA
Jun 23, 17:27
# 74
Ms. Lorna Paisley, IL
Jun 23, 17:01
# 73
Mr. Richard Imus, AZ
Jun 23, 15:43
# 72
Ms. Ann Rennacker, CA Jun 23, 14:08
# 71
If a Corporation messes up the environment they must be responsible for cleaning their mess.
Ms. Jelica Roland, Croatia
Jun 22, 20:45
# 70
Mrs. Laura Mariski, NY
Jun 22, 18:53
# 69
Mr. Ricardo Abreu, CA
Jun 21, 22:47
# 68
Climate change is a fact- let's minimize the impact by weaning off of fossils fuels ASAP!!!
Mr. Micheal O'Loinsigh, Ireland 
Jun 21, 13:56
# 67
Ms. Elizabeth Nipper, MO
Jun 21, 13:06
# 66 
Mr. Howard Johnson, AZ
Jun 21, 10:16
# 65 
Mr. Porter Hedge, PA
Jun 21, 08:23
# 64 
Mr. sam scharff, WA
Jun 21, 07:55
# 63
this accords with ...the general welfare 
Mr. Paul Hof, Netherlands 
Jun 20, 17:45
# 62
Mr. James Jorissen, CA
Jun 20, 17:20
# 61
Let's start yesterday.
Mr. Mike Farley, WI 
Jun 20, 05:48
# 60
Name not displayed, WA
Jun 19, 22:51
# 59
Mr. Richard Stewart, LA
Jun 19, 19:52
# 58
Jun 19, 15:37
# 57
If only our leaders cared a little more about the future than their own pre it would help.  

Ms. B W, VT
Jun 19, 14:39
# 56
Ms. Jane Wilson, NE
Jun 19, 14:13
# 55
Mrs. Gracie Winters, OK
Jun 19, 13:35
# 54
Ms. Laurie Thomas, KY
Jun 19, 11:22
# 53
There is no sufficient excuse, justification or reason for treating the earth with disrespect.

Ms. Charlotte Sines, CO
Jun 19, 10:54
# 52
Mrs. Mary Umowski, NJ
Jun 19, 07:45
# 51
Mr. Michael Hertel, WI
Jun 19, 07:30
# 50
Hi, I have a good idea to produce electrical energy from solar energy using what I want to call SPUDS Solar powered up draft slopes. Simple greenhouse roof holds in warm air which is allowed to travel up slope of mountain through turbines to produce electrical energy. If interested email me, mghertel (at) execpc.com I need lots of help with the design and funding however I am sure if built well it would show a good profit quickly.
Mr. Colin Maddock, New Zealand
Jun 19, 02:50
# 49
Mr. Steven Gaylord, CA
Jun 18, 12:51
# 48


 Representative Fred Upton (R-Mi6) says he supports an "all of the above" energy policy. This includes legislative favors for dirty energy's big-money interests, as well as Upton's five-year battle on behalf of the Keystone XL pipeline—which he claims is part of his "vision" for the nation's "New Architecture of Abundance."

Upton’s constituents do not believe in his "vision." We see nothing new about continuing to spew fossil fuel exhaust. We see eternal abundance in wind and sunshine.

As Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Upton spins his committee's support for dirty energy as "protecting jobs" and "taking care of the economy." Meanwhile, bills that encourage commerce in clean energy die in Upton's committee.  >:(

Upton’s constituents understand that the nation’s interest would be best served if Upton’s committee would stop doing favors for dirty energy and, instead, would encourage the research, development, production, and delivery of clean energy—the kind of commerce that would clearly benefit the environment and the economy while creating true job growth.

Upton, now in his fourth year as chairman, could have taken a leading role in the nation’s—and thereby the planet’s—all-important transition from dirty energy to clean. Instead, he lets renewable-energy initiatives die in his committee. Upton has forsaken his leadership responsibility and has capitulated to the big-money corporate interests that are pushing us toward our own extinction.

 That's why I signed a petition to Rep. Fred Upton (MI-6), which says:

 "Please stop pushing outdated big-oil energy solutions. As Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, you should be one of the nation’s strongest advocates for the business of researching, developing, and producing green energy, not black. If you can't take on that role, please retire."

 Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:



Bruce Brown  (petitionshare@moveon.org)

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