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Title: Projet 4500 3D printer
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Title: 3D Tool Printing
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3D Tool Printing

3D Metal Printing with super fine stainless steel powder and binder, then later infused with bronze powder, taking a couple of days.
Title: 3D hearts helping children
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3D hearts helping children
Title: 3D Printed Electric Generator!
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DECENTRALIZED Industrial processes are coming!
This generator was created using parts made by a 3D printer. After the Japanese earthquake in 2011, it was used to generate electricity to areas that were without it.  ( (

Japan starts to develop next-generation 3D metal printer

Aug.19, 2013

Japanese government and private companies plan to develop the next generation 3D metal printer which will dramatically change the current manufacturing patterns.

While U.S. companies currently dominate the market, Japan hopes to launch 3D Printers with highest quality to meet international standards.

In collaboration with major heavy industry manufacturers, universities, the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry plans to launch a new research and development team in 2014 to develop 3D metal printers. Japanese companies own the technology of turning solid metal into fine metal powder, therefore Japan could give full play to the advantages of this technology.

Currently 3D printers are used to print mainly plastic items. But the new generation of 3D printers will be able to "copy" engine and airplane parts. Japanese government introduced an economic development strategy in June and announced it would focus on research and development of 3D printers. These printers are expected to be released within several years.

Currently the United States dominates the 3D printer production. The two biggest companies in the world, Stratasys and 3D Systems hold 70 percent of global market share. Germany, China and the United Kingdom have also reinforced their effort in the development of 3D printers. Japan had a slow start, but it hopes their technological capability and the development of 3D metal printers could help them to catch up with other countries in 3D printing development. (
Title: Cube Pro 3D Printer now available for $2,800
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Now look at the wide variety and standard categories of 3D printers in the 2014 3D Printer Trade show. The metal objects some of them can make are mind boggling!
Title: More 3D Printing Fun
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Title: Setting up and Printing with an Orion Delta Desktop 3D Printer
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For geeks only.  ;D