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Title: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
Post by: AGelbert on October 29, 2013, 10:38:51 pm
Did you know that animal testing does not even accurately
measure the effect the product may have on a human?

This video, which contains no graphic imagery at all, explains
this is not only unjustified cruelty, but flawed science.(

Take the Leap to Cruelty-Free Products

Watch out for Leaping Bunny imitations to fool you. NEVER trust ANY advertising until you have fact checked it. Corporations in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or whatever are KNOWN for experimenting on animals and claiming they DON'T or, if they DO, they "do it humanely" for the good of human civilization. (
Title: Wildlife "services" is really Big AG cruelty and death to Animals!
Post by: AGelbert on January 05, 2014, 10:43:26 pm
Shoot 'em, Shut up and Shovel 'em is the sick, twisted and cruel mantra of Government funded Predator "Control" that ends up killing countless domestic dogs and non-target raptors and even some livestock!

Poisons that have been illegal for decades are being used by the government!

Please spread this video everywhere to stop this horror as soon as we can. Natural predators like mountain lions and coyotes aren't the problem, BIG AG is the problem! >:(
Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
Post by: AGelbert on May 03, 2014, 05:47:07 pm
                                                      (                                             ( 

Demonstration against animal testing in Paris

 Krisztina Kupi
 May 2nd, 2014
 Animal Rights

Last Saturday afternoon about 200 people demonstrated in Paris against animal testing in scientific research, according to AFP. On 26 April, activists gathered in Paris’ Place de la République for the abolition of animal testing in scientific research. The demonstration was organized by International Campaigns, an activist collective for animal rights.

All the participants in the demonstration were dressed in white and formed a silent and static triangle while waving boards that denounced animal research, animal testing and vivisection. The demonstration took place as an event related to the World Day of Laboratory Animals, held every year on April 24.

Activist leader Eric Moreau told French news agency AFP:

The demonstration has a double purpose. One of the goals is to denounce the fate animals have in laboratories and mainly to demand authorities to fund and develop research methods without animals. These methods already exist but they are grossly underfinanced. >:(

As citizens, we are here to show what laboratories do not want to show behind their walls. But we also know that the priority to make things develop is the massive and generalized funding of methods that do not involve animals. Animal testing is a political problem.

International Campaigns, a French activist collective for animals, was founded in 2003 and since then they have organized international and local campaigns to raise public awareness of animal rights and the sad fate of laboratory animals. Besides their demonstration against animal testing held in Paris, they have recently organized several campaigns all around France to raise awareness of a diet without animal products.

As the organization says on their website, they hope to make people think about the brutal exploitation of animals which is usually motivated by the pleasure or profit seeking of humans.   (
 (                (                     (
Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
Post by: AGelbert on May 17, 2014, 01:29:06 am
More Openness on Lab Animals  (

Dozens of U.K. research groups agree to publicly disclose more information about their animal subjects. (

By Kerry Grens | May 15, 2014


Pharmaceutical behemoth Bayer used 142,084 animals—primarily mice and rats—for research in 2013. Posting these data online, the firm illustrates where public disclosure is headed in the U.K. in terms of how—and how many—animal subjects are employed in the service of science. Dozens of research organizations in the U.K. this week (May 14) signed an agreement to more openly share information on animal studies.

“For many years, the only ‘information’ or images that the public could access about animal research were provided by organisations opposed to the use of animals in scientific progress,” Wendy Jarrett, the chief executive of Understanding Animal Research and the chair of the working group that developed the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research in the U.K., said in a statement. Signatories of the Concordat, including professional societies, biomedical companies, and universities, agreed to disclose when, how, and why they use animals in research and to be more open with the public and the media about animal research.  ( (  (

Animal rights organizations were not appeased by the effort to create more transparency.  ( Wendy Higgins,    ( the communications director of the Humane Society International, told the BBC: This Concordat presents a veneer of openness but it’s actually just another platform for obscuring the unpalatable truth about animal experiments.  >:( Michelle Thew,    ( the chief executive of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, wrote in a blog post at The Huffington Post UK that the Concordat “is simply transparency on their terms with researchers having complete control over what the public gets to see.”  :( >:(
Title: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good (BOTH WRONG!)
Post by: AGelbert on June 04, 2014, 11:02:30 pm
Title: Senseless Wildlfe Killings
Post by: AGelbert on June 10, 2014, 11:35:04 pm
◦more than 320 gray wolves
◦75,326 coyotes
◦419 black bears
◦866 bobcats
◦528 river otters
◦3,706 foxes
◦12,186 black-tailed prairie dogs (as well as destroyed more than 30,000 dens)
◦3 golden eagles

Were ALL KILLED ( by our Government in 2013. (  ( (

Your Tax Dollars at "work" murdering innocent animals...

2 Million Animals Killed by Federal Wildlife Program in 2013 (
Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
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Simple Solutions for Coexistence of Wolves and Livestock

Suzanne Asha Stone, Defenders of Wildlife | June 18, 2014 11:26 am 

The night sky was completely dark except for the light from the Milky Way when I heard the dogs starting to growl. They could hear movement in the woods near the sheep bedgrounds and were automatically on guard. Wolves were denned not far away but I couldn’t yet tell what had the Great Pyrenees on edge. A few sheep baaed sleepily in response to the growls. The band of ewe sheep had been anxious lately after their lambs had been separated from them to be shipped to market. In the starlight, I could still make out the snowcapped peaked of central Idaho’s majestic Sawtooth Mountains across the valley.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

The wind stirred fluttering the aspen leaves in the trees around me as the dogs starting circling around the sheep, growling deeply. In the distance, a wolf howled and filled the valley with his lonely song. Coyotes quickly chimed in over the hills to our east. I scrambled out of my sleeping bag and searched for my flashlight but couldn’t find it. I did find the telemetry scanner and flipped it on. Given the summer temperatures, the Forest Service had set a ban on campfires and I could feel the sudden chill of the damp night air. I hadn’t slept well earlier that night because of the noise from the sheep band. The ewes were calling for their lambs until they finally settled down. Even calm sheep are noisy at night though. Whoever invented the fable about counting sheep at night to get a restful sleep had clearly never spent the night with the wooly beasts.  ;D  My teeth were chattering as I scanned for radio signals. Bingo. The loud steady beep confirmed that the alpha male was close by.

This was my first night on my own at sheep camp as part of the new wolf guardians program, and the year was 1999. I listened to the two dogs as they paced. They were growing even more defensive. A wolf howled closer this time from the direction of the telemetry signal and then gave two short warning barks. Oh great. A train wreck was getting ready to take place.

Wolves are usually wary of dogs but these wolves had pups nearby to protect. I had warned the sheep owner that moving his band toward the den site would likely cause a reaction from the wolves as they perceive that the dogs are just funny looking strange wolves and strange wolves are a serious threat to their pups. The dogs started barking loudly and charging toward the sound. I didn’t have any more time to look for my flashlight or my boots. Instead I grabbed the first things that I could find—a metal pot and a wooden spoon—and charged out toward the direction of the signal clanging away on the pot and yelling at the top of my lungs. Seconds later, I could hear a large animal running away through the brush and splashing across the small creek. Half an hour later, the dogs settled back down and I spent the rest of the night watching for falling stars. I counted dozens before I finally drifted off to sleep before dawn.

That night happened 15 years ago; just five years after wolves were reintroduced to Idaho. It was the beginning of my efforts to help local ranchers adapt to co-existing with wolves using nonlethal deterrents to protect their livestock and to help keep wolves from being killed in response to preying on sheep and cattle.

Nonlethal tools like fladry—hanging strips of fabric from fence lines—have proven extremely effective at deterring wolves from livestock without killing them.   ( Photo credit: Defenders of Wildlife

Nonlethal deterrents were ridiculed in those early days. I knew that telling people that I chased off a wolf with a wooden spoon and a metal pot wouldn’t help convince the skeptics so I didn’t share that part of the story with many of the managers at the time.  ;) ;D Fladry was a brand new tool being tested (and laughed at) >:(  in the Salmon River country. Radio activated guard systems that blared out everything from the sounds of helicopters to rifles firing to rock music  ::) when they detected a wolf’s radio signal were being tested and revised for broader use. Few ranchers were willing to embrace these new (and some very old) techniques ( and were encouraged by the federal U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) 'Wildlife Services’  (
agents  ( to ignore them and stick with traditional lethal (  (

A few people stuck with the new tools though.   (
Rick Williamson from Wildlife Services in Idaho revolutionized the fladry system by making it electrified. His wife Carol built miles and miles of the new “turbofladry” by hand on her sewing machine. Rick received a national award for his innovative efforts from USDA, yet many of his colleagues ( refused to ever try the methods because they felt it would seem to the ranchers like they accepted wolves on the landscape when most  ( deeply resented them. (

This week, we held a workshop and field tour highlighting more than a decade of refining and adding new nonlethal tools to our program at the site of the largest nonlethal wolf and sheep coexistence project in the region. In central Idaho’s Sawtooth National Forest—a sheep superhighway and also wolf territory—Blaine County ranchers, county, state and federal agencies, and local wolf advocates are working together to effectively resolve conflicts using nonlethal wolf management and livestock husbandry methods. These methods include deterrents like fladry, livestock guard dogs and electric fencing, that dramatically reduce or eliminate livestock losses and build social acceptance for wolves. And the results are undeniable. For the last six years, a total of more than 100,000 sheep and lambs have grazed across this area amidst wolf packs. Yet fewer than 30 sheep have been killed in the project area during this time, and no wolves have been killed by government agencies in the project area.

These nonlethal control methods are cheaper than lethal wolf management, and Blaine County also has the lowest rate of livestock losses in the state.
If you’re interested in learning more about these methods, let us know. We’re always eager to encourage those who have an open mind on the value of working together to resolve conflicts effectively by protecting both livestock and wolves. (
Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
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I think this fellow makes a lot of sense! ;D

Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
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Virginia C o ckfighting Case

Friday, October 10, 2014 - 5:00pm

In May, the ASPCA assisted in the rescue, removal and sheltering of more than 550 birds from properties associated with c ockfighting in Virginia. Five people charged in conjunction with the case have now received sentencing, and today we have an update on their status. (

On Thursday, a federal judge sentenced Kentucky man Walter Stumbo, 51, to 18 months in prison. His wife, Sonya Stumbo, 51, and their son, Joshua Stumbo, 33, each received ten months. Sonya Stumbo was convicted at trial and the other two pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including possession of an animal for use in animal fighting.

In addition, Wesley Robinson, 57, and his son Jonathan Robinson, 33, each pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to operate an illegal gambling enterprise and illegally conducting c ockfights; one count of transporting fighting roosters across state lines; one count of transporting bird fighting knives across state lines; and one count of illegally distributing oxycodone.

On August 27, Wesley Robinson was sentenced to six months in prison. On October 8, Jonathan Robinson was sentenced to join his father in prison for a sentence of one year and one day.

“The cruel and inhumane practice of c o ckfighting has no place in civilized society and is against federal law,” U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy said in a written statement. “We will vigorously investigate and prosecute individuals who attend, facilitate, or profit from the misery inflicted on animals during these barbaric fights.”

In the aftermath of the raid, the ASPCA has learned more about the illegal c ockfighting operation. Known as the “Big Blue” C ock Fighting Pit, the enterprise in McDowell, Kentucky, featured arena-style seating, multiple fighting pits and a restaurant. The Robinsons reportedly brought the birds from Wise County, Virginia, to Big Blue on weekends, and spectators allegedly travelled from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, and other states to attend fights at Big Blue.

“Big Blue” had approximately 5,000 members. Entrance fees ranged from $250 to $2,500, and over $90,000 in cash was seized at the Stumbo’s home.
Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
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Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
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 Stunning Photos Show Similarities Between Humans and Other Animals

Stefanie Spear

Chimpanzee Hands.


Emperor Moth

Da Vinci Bat.

Agelbert NOTE: Animal welfare is the responsibility of self aware beings. We are treating animals cruelly. We treat each other cruelly too. Animals are more innocent than we are because they are NOT self aware enough to be complex, war waging idiots.

Never confuse animal rights with animal welfare. They are not human and never will be.

Some of the cruelest humans in our history have been great defenders of animal rights. It is the height of hypocrisy to voice a concern for animals while you are cruel to humans you dislike.

"How    can you find pleasure in shooting from behind cover at poor creatures browsing on    the edge of a wood, innocent, defenseless, and unsuspecting? It’s really pure  murder." Heinrich Himmler.  (

Hermann Göring, in the same vein, prohibited "the unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments," and intimidated ‘those who still think they can treat    animals as inanimate property’ with threats of internment in concentration   camps.1  ( WTF!!!?

Closer to our day, PETA has  compared eating chickens with participating in the Nazi Holocaust (which    was evolution-inspired).    And Newkirk protested to Yasser Arafat because a terrorist attack used a donkey    strapped with explosives—but she said it was not her business to protest against    the innocent human lives lost in suicide bombings, just to ‘leave    the animals out of this conflict’. So once again, elevating animals really    amounts to trivializing atrocities against humans.

Kindness begins with our species. And, BECAUSE we are self aware, MUST include the welfare and humane treatment of animals too. (
Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
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Victories for animals in labs!    (

Dear Anthony,

BREAKING: Switzerland has pledged to ban the sale of cosmetics containing ingredients newly tested on animals, which will spare rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats unnecessary pain and suffering.

This would make Switzerland the 35th country to take legal action toward helping end cosmetic animal testing since the launch of HSI's global campaign in 2012.

Read more about Switzerland’s monumental decision to #BeCrueltyFree! (

After years of pressure from HSI and others, Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency has also committed to ending a mandatory one-year toxicity test using beagle dogs.

Currently, the agency requires that manufacturers conduct the toxicity test for all food-related pesticides — such as crop sprays. Beagles are bred specifically for this test, which typically begins when they are six months old.

Thanks to HSI's continued work with the government, these dogs will no longer be given food mixed with pesticides daily for a year while suffering in this prolonged poisoning test.

Canada joins the United States, the European Union and India, which have already stopped requiring this test, and Brazil which has also committed to ending this redundant and scientifically unnecessary safety test.
Learn more about how these victories are changing the game towards better lives for animals in labs. (

And this is just the beginning. We will continue our fight to spare the lives of animals in laboratories across the globe whether they endure animal testing for cosmetics, pesticides, or other purposes.

Thank you for all that you do for animals.


Andrew Rowan   (
President and CEO
Humane Society International
Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
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Animal cruelty-free testing methods will be tested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (

Elena Motivans April 18, 2017

Animal testing is considered unnecessarily cruel by many, especially since new methods are being developed to take its place. The most promising are organ-chips that contain human cells and imitate the complexity of particular organs. Now they are on their way to being commonly used. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Office has just entered into an agreement last Tuesday with the company Emulate that creates “organs-on-chips” to develop and test the technology.

A few examples of organs-on-chips. Image credits: Kbjung.

Using these organ-chips could eliminate the need to test drugs or cosmetics on animals. These chips are much more accurate than animal testing, which is good for animals and for us. The chip is the size of an AA battery. It is transparent and made out of flexible polymers. The chip contains little channels filled with tens of thousands of human cells and fluid that imitate human functions and reproduce blood and air flow similarly to in the body. Therefore, chips can recreate breathing motions and muscle contractions.

Drug safety

It is important to make sure that a drug is safe enough before it is tested on humans. Until now, animal testing has mostly been used to assure this safety. The process as it works now is that scientists run the tests on animals and bring their data to the FDA for approval, once the FDA grants permission, then the drug can be tested in humans. These organ-chips could change this process, with drugs tested on the chips instead of on animals. After testing the drug on an organ-chip, the researchers could see how an organ would react to certain treatments. For example, they could use a liver-on-a-chip to see how the liver would react to a medication. The result would be more accurate than animal testing because it uses human cells.

Medication could be tested without involving animals. Image credits: Maxpixel.


“We are excited to begin this relationship with FDA as a potential first step toward accelerating the adoption of our Human Emulation System for broad application as a new testing platform for a wide range of products that are reviewed and approved by regulatory authorities to protect and improve human health.” – Geraldine A. Hamilton, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer of Emulate.

The FDA and Emulate will evaluate and develop the organ-chips as an appropriate medium to test food, drugs, and cosmetics. For starters, the company and FDA will focus research on the company’s liver-chips. The liver breaks down most drugs so how the liver reacts is critical. They will use human, dog, and rat liver on chips to study differences in toxicology responses between the different animals.

The Emulate organ-chips imitate actual organs; they can predict human responses to food, cosmetics, and dietary supplements more precisely than any other method, such as cell cultures or animal testing. Hopefully, this system will be successfully implemented in the USA. It could decrease the number of animals that are used in testing and increase the efficiency of important drug-testing.   (

Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
Post by: AGelbert on June 06, 2017, 10:26:47 pm

Lab-grown human skin might finally spell the end for animal testing (



Animal testing is an ethical problem which has been going on for decades, with no clear end in sight. We don’t like it, but then again, we like having safe products which we know for sure aren’t going to cause us any harm. We also like new medicine and drugs, which are virtually always tested on animals. Thankfully, technology has advanced so much that we might yet have a solution to this conundrum: developing tissues tissues that mimic the real thing.

Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
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Hundreds of Kittens Have Been Killed for Experiments Funded With Taxpayer Money 😨

May 4, 2019

Care2 Action Alerts <> 5:18 AM

Results for the Care2 Petition "Hundreds of Kittens Have Been Killed for Experiments Funded With Taxpayer Money"

(   Care2 Team

Amazing news (, the USDA has halted its horrible research program that has led to the deaths of thousands of cats. Your signature helped to bring an end to these cruel studies. Thank you for all your efforts!

See link below:

Care2 Team
Title: Re: Torturing Animals and Claiming it is Science for Our Own Good
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A dose of that ol' time religion for doomers, back before a global pandemic Too big to fully reproduce here, but a trip in the Wayback Machine for those of us who came of age on nukes, massive earthquakes, volcanoes and EMPs.

Experts Knew a Pandemic Was Coming. Here’s What They’re Worried About Next. (
Nine disasters we still aren’t ready for.


You might feel blindsided by the coronavirus, butwarnings about a looming pandemic have been there for decades. Government briefings, science journals and even popular fiction projected the spread of a novel virus and the economic impacts it would bring, complete often with details about the specific challenges the U.S. is now facing.

It makes you wonder: What else are we missing? What other catastrophes are coming that we aren’t planning for, but that could disrupt our lives, homes, jobs or our broader society in the next few years or decades?

It’s the government’s job to think about this: Every year, the intelligence community releases the Worldwide Threat Assessment—a distillation of worrisome global trends, risks, problem spots and emerging perils. But this year, the public hearing on the assessment, usually held in January or February, was canceled, evidently because intelligence leaders, who usually testify in a rare open hearing together, were worried their comments would aggravate President Donald Trump. And the government has not yet publicly released a 2020 threat report.

Here’s what’s coming for us now:

Read the rest of the article here:

It makes you wonder: What else are we missing?

Too many people who blindly believe in the "unquestionable ethics" of modern scientifc inquiry and those highly educated researchers that engage in it, resulting in peer reviewed "wisdom" for the, uh, "good of humanity", ARE MISSING THIS!!!!


Of course the "intelligence" leaders are concerned with "ATTACKS ON TRUST AND TRUTH". Those BASTARDS have so distorted the very concept of "TRUST" and "TRUTH" that anyone who is not hopelessly brainwashed from the time they killed their first frog in a biology lab in high school (you have to BELIEVE in Science or you fail...) cannot help but come to the conclusion that the "Might equals Right" SYSTEM championed by TPTB, along with their Holy Darwinian Scientific Priesthood (,  that routinely engages, in the name of "science", in the methodical double blind, placebo controlled torture of small animals they euphemistically call "animal models", is TOTALLY CORRUPT. If a scientist with several years of university education (i.e. the patient and thorough final brainwashing tutelage of tenured ivory tower elite profs there) under his highly respected belt DOES IT, it's not animal abuse, it's "scientific inquiry".


EVIL BULLSHIT IS SOCIETY ALTRUISTIC VALUES DESTROYING EVIL BULLSHIT, no matter how many true believers in the "survival of the fittest" ethically BANKRUPT ideology want to dress that up as "justified in the name of science".


There is a type of person FAR more dangerous to human society than a low IQ uneducated white supremacist racist pseudo-christian right winger; it's a high IQ peer reviewed biology research scientist that gullible people respect and admire.


Torturing and killing animals in the name of science and torturing and killing humans for the same reason is ideologically consistent for a "sophisticated" true believer in Darwinian Evolutionary Theory. They will mock anyone out there, be it a lay person or a fellow scientist (no matter how credentialed), that dares to question the "scientifically accepted" DOGMA that all members of the species Homo sapiens are "highly evolved" primates, nothing more.


EVERY SINGLE TIME some Darwinan true believer attacks a lay person that is criticizing research scientists by citing all the cruelty, baseless conjecture and "science" texbook legerdemain (used to brainwash high school students) that goes with, and results from, "scientific inquiry" with disdain and/or mockery in defense of that particular type of 😈 "scientist", people of good will have a moral imperative to call BULLSHIT on them. Not doing so is immoral, reprehensible and hypocritical for anyone that claims to have ethics as their guidng principle. (


The merciful man doeth good to his own soul: but he that is cruel troubleth his own flesh. Proverbs 11:17