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Title: Profiles in Courage
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Michael Ruppert:(

Truth-Telling Cop who claims CIA enables drug-trafficing. On November 15, 1996, then Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch visited Los Angeles' Locke High School for a town hall meeting. At the meeting, Ruppert publicly confronted Deutch, saying that in his experience as an LAPD narcotics officer he had seen evidence of CIA complicity in drug dealing.[11]
Ruppert went on to become an investigator and journalist,[12] and established the publication From The Wilderness, a watchdog publication that exposed governmental corruption, including his experience with CIA drug dealing activities.[13]

Ruppert is the author of Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil,[14] published in September 2004. Crossing The Rubicon claims that Vice President Dick Cheney, the US government, and Wall Street had a well-developed awareness of and colluded with the perpetrators of 9/11.

Ruppert appears in the documentary films The 911 Report You Never Saw - The Great Conspiracy, Peak Oil - Imposed by Nature,[15] Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, The End of Suburbia, American Drug War: The Last White Hope and Collapse.
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On it. Have been aware of his work for some time.

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Kyle Childress
There’s a line in the old King James, that says the prayers of a faithful person ‘availeth much.’ One person, one small community, acting in faithfulness, can bring healing, hope, change.”

Meet the Churchgoers Helping Lead an Uprising Against Big Oil in Texas

Activists in Texas are connecting the fight against the Keystone pipeline with the struggle for environmental justice

Snippet 1:

Since the blockaders began showing up at his church, Childress told me as we drank coffee on his back porch the next morning, people have noticed a change in his preaching. “There’s an urgency that maybe I didn’t have before. They’re reminding us that climate change is not something we’re going to fiddle-faddle around with. I mean, you’ve got to step up now.”

But there’s more to it, Childress continued: “I’m preaching to young people who are putting their lives on the line. They didn’t come down here driving a Mercedes Benz, sitting around under a shade tree eating grapes. They hitchhiked. They rode buses. And they get arrested, they get pepper-sprayed, they get some stiff penalties thrown against them.” (In January, Tar Sands Blockade and allied groups settled a lawsuit brought by TransCanada seeking $5 million in damages for construction delays, forcing them to stay off the pipeline easement and any TransCanada property.)

Childress noted that some of the blockaders, especially the Occupy veterans, refer to the corporate capitalist system as “the Machine.” “And they’re exactly right, using that kind of language,” he said. “They’re going up against the Machine in a real, clearly defined way. Not subtle—really upfront. And I’m trying to help them realize what it’s going to take to sustain the struggle. (

Snippet 2:

]The prophet Amos, Childress told us, was called to be a fierce advocate—among the Bible’s fiercest—on behalf of justice for the poor and oppressed. “Amos’s strong preaching was hard then, and it’s hard today,” Childress said. Just as in Amos’s day, when the wealthy trampled on the poor while worshiping piously in the temples, so today our “programs of care for the poor and needy” are dismantled “with a religious zeal.” Meanwhile, “giant corporations get a free ride. They can diminish people, destroy the earth, pour out climate-changing carbon, all in the interest of short-term profit, and no one can do anything about it.” But Amos knew, Childress assured us, that God is the spring of justice—and that without God, “we are unable to keep up the struggle for justice and goodness and love over the long haul.”

“God calls us to justice, to be a people who embody justice,” said Childress, himself a longtime activist on issues of race, poverty and peace. And yet, as King and all those who fought for civil rights knew, “serving and battling for justice is a long-haul kind of calling.”

Childress—deeply influenced by the likes of Wendell Berry, the late Will D. Campbell and, of course, King—is not a Bible-thumper. He doesn’t shout. Heavyset and ruddy-faced, with a whitening, close-cropped beard, he speaks with a soft, flat West Texas accent. But his voice carries real power and conviction.(

Full Article HERE ( (
Title: Profiles in Courage: Eleanor Roosevelt
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Eleanor Roosevelt

Oct 21, 2013 video archive from C-SPAN 2 hours, 1 minute

Don't miss this historical information and video clips of this courageous woman.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (

American HISTORY you may not know about.

Eleanor Roosevelt was both the most loved by the people and the most hated First Lady by the elites in American History because of her courageous activities.

J. Edgar Hoover led an effort to have Eleanor Roosevelt declared a negro, be stripped of her citizenship and deported to Liberia!

Eleanor Roosevelt has the largest FBI file of any First Lady.

The Republican Campaign button for the 1936 election had, "We don't like Eleanor either." on it. IOW, every bigot out there hated her guts. She was often depicted with "coal dust" on her face in satirical newspaper cartoons. No, it wasn't because she was friendly with coal miners and supported unions for them... 

The Daughters of the American Revolution DID NOT LIKE HER AT ALL. Why? Because she supported unions and defended the civil rights of African Americans. She made these High society ladies uncomfortable with all this "boat rocking". LOL!

And that's WHY J. Edgar Hoover,  one of the greatest fascist Racist Police State Pigs in American History, targeted her. Even with all her high society white family credentials, the INSTANT she moved to support a democratic USA with equal rights for all, the propaganda machine of dedicated fascist racist assholes declared her a N_____R Lover.

When that didn't work, they decided to go all out and to rebrand her genetics in order to DESTROY her credibility.

The Klu Klux Klan placed the highest price on her head (reward for assassinating her) that that pack of cowardly murdering racists had ever placed on anyone on its list of "Enemies of Amerika".

Despite many assasination threats and attempts (she carried a gun), she refused secret service protection until her death in 1962. 

Eleanor Roosevelt's Wartime Prayer
Dear Lord,
Lest I continue
My complacent way,
Help me to remember that somewhere,
Somehow out there
A man died for me today.

As long as there be war,
I then must
Ask and answer
Am I worth dying for?

When Eleanor informs Truman of her husband's death:
ER: Harry, He's dead.
HT: Oh Mrs. Roosevelt, I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?
ER: That's the wrong question because you are the one in trouble now.

Historians discuss all the above and much more including the 1918 Lucy Mercer affair with FDR that caused Eleanor to, henceforth, have her own bedroom, how FDR's mother told him that if he divorced Eleanor to marry Lucy, she would cut him off from the family money and how, despite all this, in 1921 when FDR got polio, Eleanor was the one who willingly gave him a daily enema, inserted a glass tube in his **** to extract urine (because of his paralysis) and gave him the support in the political arena to win the presidency over a decade later. ( He could not have done it without her.

The elitist, greedy, anti-democratic, racist, predatory capitalists from EVERY political party have been out to undo everything SHE and FDR accomplished for human decency ever since. (

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Harry Schwartz: A Great Man who founded the Torch Commando Part 1

Harry Heinz Schwarz (13 May 1924 – 5 February 2010) was a South African lawyer, statesman and long-time political opposition leader against apartheid, who eventually served as the South African ambassador to the United States during the country’s transition to representative democracy.

Schwarz rose from the childhood poverty he experienced as a German Jewish refugee to become a lawyer and a member of the Transvaal Provincial Council, where from 1963 to 1974, he was Leader of the Opposition.

In the 1964 Rivonia Trial he was a defence lawyer. Advocating a more aggressive political opposition to the National Party's racial policies in the 1960s and 1970s, as Leader of the United Party in Transvaal and leader of the liberal "Young Turks", he clashed with the United Party establishment.

He championed the cause of non-violent resistance to apartheid and in 1974 signed the Mahlabatini Declaration of Faith with Mangosuthu Buthelezi for a non-racial democratic society in South Africa. He was in the opposition for over 40 years and was a founding member of the Democratic Party.

In light of his record, his appointment as South African Ambassador to the United States in 1990 was widely heralded as symbolic of the government's commitment to ending apartheid,
[1] and played a significant role in renewing the nation's image as the new democratic South Africa.[2][3][4]

The Torch Commando was born out of the work of the Springbok Legion, a South African organisation of World War II veterans, founded in 1941 during the second world war by progressive anti-fascist servicemen, and the War Veterans Action Committee established with the involvement of Springbok Legionaires to appeal to a broader base of ex-servicemen.

The Springbok Legion was initially formed by members of the 9th Recce Battalion of the South African Tank Corps, the Soldiers Interests Committee formed by members of the First South African Brigade in Addas Ababa, and the Union of Soldiers formed by the same brigade in Egypt.

The aims and objectives of the Springbok Legion were enunciated in its 'Soldiers Manifesto'. The Springbok Legion was open to all servicemen regardless of race or gender and was avowedly anti-fascist and anti-racist. Amongst its leading members were servicemen such as Joe Slovo, Lionel Bernstein, Wolfie Kodesh, Jack Hodgson and Fred Carneson who all later joined the African National Congress and its military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe under the command of Nelson Mandela.

Others such as Harry Schwarz, a later well known anti-apartheid political leader, lawyer and ambassador to the United States during the government on national unity was one of the organizations founders.

Torch Commando in action

The Torch Commando was founded in 1951 during the Coloured vote constitutional crisis, in protest against the South African government's plan to remove coloureds from the voters roll in the Cape.

At a time when the Springbok Legion's numbers were diminishing, the Torch Commando strategy gave a new lease of life to the aims and objectives of the Springbok Legion, perceived as being too left wing by some, and gave a home to whites in other liberal formations including liberals in the United Party, who identified with black grievances.

The wartime fighter ace Group Captain Adolph Malan became the president of the 'Torch Commando'. The commando's main activities were torchlight marches, from which they took their name. The largest march attracted 75,000 protesters.

Torch Commando in action

The Torch Commando existed for more than five years, and at its height had 250,000 members.

The government was alarmed by the number of judges, public servants and military officers joining the organisation, and a new law was passed to ban anyone in public service or the military from joining.

Subsequently the National Party did everything to purge the memory of the Springbok Legion, Torch Commando and men such as 'Sailor' Malan, who have appeal with white Afrikaner youth.

While Harry Shwartz was busy trying to move South Africa to become a non-racist representative republic, the multimillionaire gold mining tycoon Charles W. Englehard Jr.( was doing all he could to SUPPORT Apartheid South Africa.  >:(  (

The policy of South Africa as expressed by the new Prime Minister [John Vorster] is as much in the interests of South Africa as anything I can think of or suggest. I am not a South African, but there is nothing I would do better or differently." --U.S. multinational businessman Charles W. Engelhard, 1967

  More than any other American, Charles Engelhard gave direct political support to the Nationalist government. Engelhard sat on the boards of Witwatersrand Native Labor Association and Native Recruiting Agency, two South African government agencies which recruit cheap African labor to work in the mines.

Engelhard also served as a leading officer of the South African Foundation, a South African government businessmen's public relations front on which no other American would agree to serve. This foundation was set up in the words of its leaders "because there is a systematic, well-organized, well-financed attack on South Africa, conducted on a world scale by a number of organizations supported by Afro-Asian and Communist interests."   ;)

And while Engelhard was busy telling American detractors that U.S. corporate involvement could play a constructive role in helping bring South Africa's black majority toward full political participation, ( foundation's book, South Africa in the Sixties, was arguing that "in regard to overall direction, white hegemony is to prevail."   (



By far the largest of Engelhard's stakes, however, was in the South African gold mining industry, which for decades has mined sub-economic gold by employing Africans at wages half the poverty datum level. Largely through his chairmanship and stock holdings in Rand Mines, Engelhard's interests controlled an estimated 15 per cent of South African gold mining industry during the '60s. Indeed, it was through his entry into the South African gold industry during the early '50s that Engelhard first started to turn his father's relatively modest metals business into a global powerhouse.

Setting himself up as a bullion dealer in South Africa, Engelhard beat restrictions on the export of newly mined gold by manufacturing solid gold art items--solid gold pulpit tops, dishes, bracelets. Once legally exported in this manner, they would be melted down into bullion again.

Yeah, you guessed it. Gold shaped like animals ( BEAT THE RESTRICTIONS in order to be remelted into giold bullion in the USA again.  (

That certainly would explain the LOVE of ART in the form of golden statues of animals by certain people that ADMIRE Engelhard, don't you think? It's like a massive private joke about making money from slave labor AND bypassing export laws designed to force South Africa to treat its blacks better. DOUBLE PROFITS!(
It must be hilarious to a certain strain of gold bug...  (

But while the Cabots may now be hundreds of years removed from the wealth they earned in the slave trade, the Engelhard family South African connection lives on, albeit without Charles W.

SHORTLY before his death, Engelhard, in a complicated series of transactions, sold off much of his South African interests to Anglo-American and other companies. The current Engelhard family parent corporation, Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals, still has diversified holdings in South Africa, but in the recent climate of intensified criticism of U.S. operations there, the Engelhard company has refused to disclose the extent of the assets and activities of its privately held South African subsidiary.

In October, 1976, the company refused to cooperate with Sen. Dick Clark's committee studying U.S. investments in Southern Africa.

Meanwhile, the Engelhard family has shifted much of its formerly South African capital into the manufacture of pollution control devices. somehow it doesn't seem to make their money much cleaner.  (

Engelhard stabled race horses in North Carolina, England and South Africa, $15 million worth of race horses -- about the same amount that the Engelhard Foundation has in assets. He needed three private jets and a helicopter to transport him to his international business and pleasure appointments.

"The key to the misery of these people is to let them get enough to eat, enough clothes, a car and some financial stability. I don't care what the college professors say, I know this is what the black people of Africa want." --Charles W. Engelhard, 1966 (

Englehard died in 1971 but Engelhard mining and minerals continued to live down to its Apartheid defending legacy with a clever dirty trick.

Please note the DATE, October, 1976, the company refused to cooperate with Sen. Dick Clark's committee studying U.S. investments in Southern Africa. That is the year they claimed they "tested" the market for a type of bullion sale and withdrew it. (
 Senator Cark was breathing down their necks so they waited a year and went ahead with the scam. Read on. 


The American public was souring on South Africa and those nifty Gold Krugerrand sales were dropping. The American public were being educated by people like Shwartz on how Black Africans were treated and didn't like it one bit (except for our racists, of course!).

So Engelhard Enterprises of SA came up with a clever plan to fool Americans into buying his golld and silver rounds to take advantage of the slump in Krugerrand sales.

They sweetend the deal by making Engelhard rounds slightly purer (24 karat instead 22 karat) to make sure anybody that discovered the ORIGIN of the metal in the coins would not have a "consciense" attack (with goldbugs, karats talk a lot louder than a consciense does!).

June 12, 1977 Newspaper report on Engelhard Enterprises of SA's new "coins".,2583241

I had never heard of these coins before but I imagine the goldbugs know about them. Engelhard must have made a tidy profit from this "gold art work" importing scam (that the corporation added a new clever twist to after his death with the bullion coins) because he was REALLY loaded when he died. That coin, because of this, certainly deserves to bear the name "Englehard" embossed on that symbol of greed and African slave labor.

Don't you just love how these mining firms operate? Such INTEGRITY, eh? Apartheid, YES! Con the American coin buyer, YES! Refuse to cooperate with a U.S senatorial committee, YES! Engelhard Enterprises of SA was (probably still is) convinced that he who has the gold, makes the rules. It's a wonderful life! (

I do admit that when you tag the word, "American(s)" on to something, Americans fall for it hook, line and sinker. I guess that is why all those fascist Koch echo chamber un-think tanks always make sure the handle starts with "Americans" for this, that and the other!  (

Harry Schwartz: A Great Man who founded the Torch Commando Part 2
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Harry Schwartz: A Great Man who founded the Torch Commando Part 2

After rich people die you ALWAYS learn of the "Foundation" (a tradition of tax dodging shenanigans founded by Rockefeller) and the goody two shoes things it is doing in the old reptile's name.

But this bit of philanthropy had a racist bent to it worthy of the old reptile himself.

The path to Engelhard's "sainthood" (naming a library in HAHVAHD for him) while simultaneously accompanied mysteriously by the demotion of the Department of Afro-American Studies to committee status.

"...the library in the new building will be named the Charles Engelhart Public Affairs Library, in recognition of a gift of one million dollars from the Charles Engelhard Foundation." --JFK School of Government Spring 1978 Bulletin.

No, I can't prove the two were connected but the timing and the MONEY to HAHVAHD tells the story. At any rate, the money "donated" to Harvard by the Engelhard foundation SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUT IN A TRUST FOR SOUTH AFRICAN MINERS or at least sent to Harry Shwartz to help in his and Nelson Mandela's anti-apartheid struggle, not used for some God Damned library. (

Here's a little background on the war at Harvard and how the bad guys won it.

Why do I say this? Didn't south Africa get a Representative Republic and didn't it end Apartheid?

Yes, but about 10 years LATER than it should have BECAUSE of Engelhard's money.

Harvard was KEY to telling the world that South Africa was out of line and had to end Apartheid. Several members of congress were prevailing on Harvard to divest of its investments in South Africa and ALONG comes the Engelhard Foundation and drops a million bucks in their lap!

Sure, Sophie Engelhard wanted her dadddy to look good but there was MORE TO IT THAN THAT. Read on. Sophie must have been quite friendly with Bok but maybe I am just imagining all these amazing coincidences that clipped Harvard's wings and allowed Apartheid to continue OVER TEN MORE YEARS.

Sure, Reagan was a big fan of Apartheid too but IF Harvard hadn't received that "donation" in 1977 and HAD DIVESTED THEN of all South African investments publicly on the world stage, SA Apartheid could have ended BEFORE Bush stole the presidency for Reagan in 1980.

If Carter had been able to broker an anti-Apartheid new government in 1979, the subsequent boost in his popularity might have well been enough to prevent Bush's skullduggery with Iran from getting Reagan elected.  :o  

THAT's what blood money from a racist predatory capitalist can do to a country and to a university that started out as a college based on MORAL behavior. The bad guys won. Sorry.  (
Throughout the 1970s, the University was engulfed in an intense debate over the moral implications of its financial investments in apartheid South Africa.

In 1979, protests also erupted over the dedication of a library at the Kennedy School of Governmen to an apartheid supporter and the rumored demotion of the Department of Afro-American Studies to committee status.

The unrest prompted the University to weigh the symbolic impact of pulling Harvard capital out of South Africa with possible financial losses. Some argued that Harvard ought to use its international stature to take an ethical position against apartheid and questioned the moral validity of the Harvard Corporation’s investment policy at the time.

By the end of 1978, though, the University evaluated corporations for investments based on the benefits they provided nonwhite employees. This policy was proposed by the Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility (ACSR)—a committee formed in 1973 to advise the Corporation on ethical issues.

Amid this turmoil over Harvard’s South African investments, the Kennedy School announced it would name its library after Charles W. Engelhard, an industrialist whose political and financial participation in South Africa reputedly supported the apartheid regime. In their protests for divestment, some students denounced the naming of the library after Engelhard.

The controversy reached a national scale when seven members of Congress wrote a letter to Bok on Dec. 15, made public on Jan. 3, expressing their concern over the library’s name. (

“We fear that the recognition of Engelhard at this particular time may be interpreted by the South African government and its supporters as an indication of official acceptance—or at least tolerance—of apartheid by major American institutions,”  (
the legislators wrote.

University officials eventually compromised with protesters by putting a plaque saying that the funds were given in Engelhard’s memory rather than naming the library after Engelhard.  ;)

The fight over the dedication of the Engelhard library was not the only development in the protests of the 1978-1979 school year.  >:(

In 1979, some students coupled rumors circulating of a possible demotion of the Af-Am department to an interdisciplinary committee with calls for divestment as grounds for protest.  (

The credentialed assholes at Harvard fought the students AND the credentialed principled faculty on the issue of divestment. You have heard these arguments before and have even heard them here from people that believe morality and money aren't related. Of course that is a pretense. It's just greed in action with some erudite cover speech.

Watch Bok ( in Harvard dance:

The debate over Harvard’s investment even reached members of Congress. Rep.-elect William R. Ratchford, D-Conn., told The Crimson that Harvard’s divestment from South Africa-related stock could influence national and international governments against apartheid.   (  (

In late spring, the Faculty circulated a letter that endorsed a gradual, five-step policy to force corporations to pull out of South Africa. The letter, signed by over 100 professors, urged Harvard to stop investing in corporations operating in South Africa, and to support or initiate shareholder resolutions calling for corporate withdrawal. According to this letter, if these efforts fail, Harvard should adopt a policy of selective divestment.   


Bok was reluctant to yield to student and Faculty pressure. He wrote two letters addressing divestment from South Africa in which he explained his support for University policy.

In an open letter in March, Bok wrote that the purpose of a university is not “to reform society in specific ways,” but to transmit knowledge and protect its financial stability. In his second letter in April, Bok doubted the effectiveness of divestment in promoting the end of apartheid, and supported the Corporation’s position that the best way for Harvard to influence corporate behavior was “to vote as a shareholder.”

Bok’s open letters played an important role in the debate on Harvard’s South Africa-related investments.

According to Morton Keller, co-author of Making Harvard Modern, Bok was well aware of the moral implications of Harvard’s investments, but he also felt it his duty to protect the financial stability of the University.

“Derek Bok was very much double-minded about it,” Keller says. “Part of him responded favorably to the idea that there should be a moral dimension [to Harvard’s investment policy.”
“Part of him opposed it in the sense that his primary responsibility was to see that the University was affluent and solvent,” Keller continues.

“And to get into the business of deciding what was moral and what was immoral in the way of investments was going down a dangerous road.”

The Corporation never launched full and immediate divestment, though it sold stocks in companies that did not contribute to anti-apartheid efforts, which included protesting to the government and training or promoting black employees.

“I don’t think it is correct to say that the Corporation changed its mind,”  (
Bok, who led the Corporation in the late 1970s, writes in an e-mail. “We were asked to sell all of the stock of all the scores of companies which did any business in South Africa. We never agreed to that demand. (
We did decide to sell a few stocks, amounting, I would guess, to only half a dozen companies or so.”

Mansfield says that the University did realize its moral responsibility in its financial investments.  (

“They ended up accepting the premise of divestment advocates, namely that the University had a moral responsibility not to invest in companies that were complicit in apartheid,” Mansfield says.

“It certainly made our investment managers aware that they could be confronted with moral objections. I imagine that has remained,” Mansfield adds.

June 9, 2004

So it goes. A lot of noise and the credentialed assholes just pretended they were going along until the noise died down. I disagree with Mansfield or at least whatever morality Harvard supposedly espoused didn't last.

The fact that Dershowitz teaches there is testament to that!  >:(

Of course it hasn't ended. As we speak there is a huge and ongoing scandal of many top universities, including Harvard, participating in the African corporate land grab. But that's a subject for another day.

So it goes.

Thank God this world has men like Harry Heinz Schwarz to counter the greed and calloused predatory capitalism of people like Engelhard and the corporate predators he left behind.

Do your part, tell somebody that ( "GREED IS BAD" ( whenever you get a chance. 

And remember Harry Schwartz, an example of honorable, prejudice free behavior for all of us to follow.

If you missed Part 1 of this article on a courageous man, click below:  8)
Harry Schwarts: Founder of the Torch Commando Part 1
Title: Profiles in Courage: Chris Hedges
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Chris Hedges

"As a Socialist I Have No Voice in the Main Stream Media."
Title: Profiles in Courage: Senator Bernie Sanders
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Senator Bernie Sanders
Senator Bernie Sanders says he doesn't wake up dreaming to be president, but if the current ranges crises facing the nation and the planet aren't addressed by other candidates, he says, a presidential candidate he may be. (Credit: AP/Rich Pedroncelli)


"We are in a situation where we have not been since the late 1920s, before the Depression, where the top 1 percent owns 38 percent of the financial wealth of America, while the bottom 60 – six zero – percent owns 2.3 percent of the wealth in America. That is obscene beyond belief."

Published on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 by Common Dreams       

Bernie Sanders: To Defeat Oligarchy, I Would Run for President

Latest interview with senator from Vermont shows that his reluctance to run would be outweighed by the scale of unaddressed crises and ignored issues

- Jon Queally, staff writer

Senator Bernie Sanders, for the second time in as many weeks, is indicating serious contemplation for a presidential run in 2016 if none of the potential Democratic candidates show the proper urgency when it comes to addressing a key set of issues that he thinks now face the country and the world.

Stressing the overarching crisis of out-of-control income and wealth inequality coupled with the planetary emergencies of global warming and climate change, Sanders' message has been that unless these problems are put at the forefront of the domestic policy agenda he will feel compelled to run.

In an extended interview with Salon journalist Josh Eidelson published Wednesday, Sanders admitted he does not "wake up every morning with a huge desire to be president of the United States... I don’t."

"What distresses me enormously is that there is very little discussion about [our] major crises, and even less discussion about ideas that can resolve these issues."

However, he continued, "I do wake up believing is that this country is facing more serious crises than we have faced since the Great Depression. And if you include the planetary crisis of global warming, the situation today may even be worse. And given that reality, what distresses me enormously is that there is very little discussion about these major crises, and even less discussion about ideas that can resolve these issues."

In an interview ten days ago with a local Vermont paper, the Independent senator for the first time indicated he would be willing to run if it seemed necessary.

“These are not normal times," he told the Burlington Free Press. "The United States right now is in the middle of a severe crisis and you have to call it what it is.”

As John Nichols reported for The Nation recently, a run by the Vermont senator would pit the populism that is bubbling up from the progressive base of the Democratic Party and among independents against what the Sanders plainly terms the forces of "oligarchy."

"That’s what oligarchy is. Oligarchy is when a small number of people control the economic and political life of the country."

A "small handful of multi-billionaires control the economics of this country,"  Sanders told Nichols. "Economically, they clearly have an enormous amount of power. And, now, especially with Citizens United, these very same people are now investing in politics. That’s what oligarchy is. Oligarchy is when a small number of people control the economic and political life of the country—certainly including the media—and we are rapidly moving toward an oligarchic form of society.”

According to Nichols, Sanders would enjoy a run again the oligarchs and the system that insulates them from the displeasure and will of the public. In their exchange, Sanders asked Nichols to imagine a presidential candidate who said to voters:

“I am going to stand with you. And I am going to take these guys on. And I understand that they’re going to be throwing thirty-second ads at me every minute. They’re going to do everything they can to undermine my agenda. But I believe that if we stand together, we can defeat them.”

“If you had a President who said: ‘Nobody in America is going to make less than $12 or $14 an hour,’ what do you think that would do?

If you had a President who said: ‘You know what, everybody in this country is going to get free primary health care within a year,’ what do you think that would do?

If you had a President say, ‘Every kid in this country is going to go to college regardless of their income,’ what do you think that would do?

If you had a President say, ‘I stand here today and guarantee you that we are not going to cut a nickel in Social Security; in fact we’re going to improve the Social Security program,’ what do you think that would do?

If you had a president who said, ‘Global warming is the great planetary crisis of our time, I’m going to create millions jobs as we transform our energy system. I know the oil companies don’t like it. I know the coal companies don’t like it. But that is what this planet needs:  (
we’re going to lead the world in that direction. We’re going to transform the energy system across this planet—and create millions of jobs while we do that.’

If you had a President say that, what kind of excitement would you generate from young people all over this world?”:

On the political/media landscape and income inequality
The great moral and economic and political crisis facing this country, which gets relatively little discussion, is the growing disparity in income and wealth that exists in America. We are in a situation where we have not been since the late 1920s, before the Depression, where the top 1 percent owns 38 percent of the financial wealth of America, while the bottom 60 – six zero – percent owns 2.3 percent of the wealth in America. That is obscene beyond belief. The worst wealth inequality in the entire — of any major country in the world. And in terms of income, the last statistics we have seen from 2009 to 2012 tell us that 95 percent of all new income in this country went to the top 1 percent.

"So what you have there is obviously [a] horrendous economic situation, but it is very dangerous to our political system. Because big money interests are putting huge amounts of money into the political process through Citizens United. And these are issues that have got to be addressed, or else in my view the United States will move very rapidly toward an oligarchic form of society when our economic and political life is controlled by a handful of billionaires.

"I see this as a huge moral issue, an economic issue, a political issue. There is virtually no discussion about that, virtually none. I don’t know how we can be a serious nation when this issue is not front and center, and there are not real ideas out there on how we address it."

On the crisis of unemployment
"Real unemployment is not 7.2 percent — it’s close to 14 percent, including those people who have given up looking for work, and who are working part-time. Youth unemployment, youth unemployment is close to 20 percent. African-American youth unemployment is close to 40 percent. These are crises. And yet day after day, we hear about the deficit — which is a serious issue — and we hear almost nothing about the unemployment issue, which among other things is having a horrendous impact on the current young generation, the kids who have graduated high school and college."

On climate change and global warming
"It is beyond comprehension — although the scientific community is almost unanimous in telling us that global warming is man-made, that it is already causing disastrous problems, and that those problems will only get worse in years to come — that we have almost no movement at all, virtually no movement in Congress on this planetary crisis."  (

On the social safety net and the middle class
]"I would say that while the American people feel very strongly — and this is, by the way, across the board, Democrats, Republicans and independents — in opposition to cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, inside the Beltway, the political establishments, ( there is support for cuts to those terribly important programs. [...]

"We have a middle class that is disappearing, and somebody has got to be speaking strongly to defend our middle class

On the value of a presidential run
"The nature of media is that presidential campaigns and candidates are a means, to some degree at least, of getting these issues out there. And I think that you can give all the speeches you want on the floor of the Senate, that’s great, but I think being involved in debates and being out there around the country allows — gives you the opportunity to talk about these issues in a way that you otherwise could not."

On Elizabeth Warren
"Elizabeth Warren is [...] clearly one of the smartest people in the Senate. She is a true progressive. [...] She is doing a great job, and understands fully the issues facing the middle class and working class in this country. She is a very strong proponent in defending the working families in this country."

On Hillary Clinton
 (  Check the article. It's politico polite speak for:  (  (

On socialism
  ( Check the article. Predatory capitalists won't be happy with it at all! (                   (   

On Walmart
"Now what is particularly outrageous about the Wal-Mart business model is that the Walton family that owns Wal-Mart is the wealthiest family in this country  … The six heirs of Sam Walton are worth about, I believe, over $100 billion. Which is more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of the American people, interestingly. And what is quite amazing is that one of the reasons this family has become so wealthy is that the taxpayers of the United States provide more welfare to the Walton family than any family in America. So that — when you have workers in Wal-Mart who in order to feed their families have got to go on food stamps, have got to go on Medicaid to get their healthcare, have got to live in government-subsidized affordable housing in order to have a roof over their heads — what that dynamic is, essentially, is that the United States, that the taxpayers of this country are in partnership with the Walton family. The Walton family makes all of the money – the wealthiest family in America – while the taxpayers have to subsidize the low-paid employees. And that to me is totally absurd.

"The Wal-Mart family, the wealthiest family in this country, should be paying their workers a living wage, not starvation wages."

Click on link for full article and video: (

He's got my vote!  ;D
Title: Profiles in Courage: Adam Falkner
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Adam Falkner
The Option of Silence is the MARK of Privilege.
My Father's Family
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Nelson Mandela

Some Nelson Mandela quotes which we don't expect to read in the corporate media's obituaries:

1."A critical, independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy. The press must be free from state interference. It must have the economic strength to stand up to the blandishments of government officials. It must have sufficient independence from vested interests to be bold and inquiring without fear or favor. It must enjoy the protection of the constitution, so that it can protect our rights as citizens."
2."If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don't care for human beings."
3."The current world financial crisis also starkly reminds us that many of the concepts that guided our sense of how the world and its affairs are best ordered, have suddenly been shown to be wanting.”
4."Gandhi rejects the Adam Smith notion of human nature as motivated by self-interest and brute needs and returns us to our spiritual dimension with its impulses for nonviolence, justice and equality. He exposes the fallacy of the claim that everyone can be rich and successful provided they work hard. He points to the millions who work themselves to the bone and still remain hungry."
5."There is no doubt that the United States now feels that they are the only superpower in the world and they can do what they like."
6.“It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.”
7.“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.”
8.“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”
9.“No single person can liberate a country. You can only liberate a country if you act as a collective.”
10."If the United States of America or Britain is having elections, they don't ask for observers from Africa or from Asia. But when we have elections, they want observers."
11.“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”
12.On Gandhi: "From his understanding of wealth and poverty came his understanding of labor and capital, which led him to the solution of trusteeship based on the belief that there is no private ownership of capital; it is given in trust for redistribution and equalization. Similarly, while recognizing differential aptitudes and talents, he holds that these are gifts from God to be used for the collective good."


Full Article at link below.  (

Nelson Mandela was truly a great man BECAUSE he allowed God to guide his thoughts, words and deeds.

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Alan Grayson

 From a recent 188-page report by the World Health Organization come these ghastly and appalling factoids: :(

•Suicide rates rose 40% in the first six months of 2011 alone.

•Murder has doubled.

•9,100 doctors in Greece, roughly one out of every seven, have been laid off.

Joining those doctors in joblessness are 27.6% of the entire Greek labor force. By comparison, in the depths of the Great Depression, unemployment in the United States peaked at a lower percentage than that. Among Greek young adults under 25 years old, unemployment reached an abominable 64.9% in May. (Yet the unemployment rate in Greece was as low as 7% as recently as 2008.)

 I'm sure that my Tea Party friends will blame universal healthcare, paid sick leave and "generous" unemployment benefits for this catastrophe. "If we simply stopped helping people, then they wouldn't need our help," they would say. You can see where that "logic" leads. The dead need no help whatsoever, except possibly burial. Sort of like this: "The Republican healthcare plan: Don't Get Sick. And if you do get sick, Die Quickly."

Maybe you think that I'm kidding about what my Tea Party friends would do. I'm not. A few years ago here in Florida, we had a children's health insurance program called KidCare, with a waiting list of over 100,000. The Tea Party Republicans didn't like that. So they eliminated the waiting list.

 But back to Greece. A lot of people blame Greek government debt for the current suffering.  (
According to the Central Intelligence Agency, that most authoritative of all conceivable sources,  ;D  Greek government debt stands at 160% of GDP, which seems like a lot. But Japanese government debt stands at 215% of GDP, and the unemployment rate in Japan is only 4%. (

 Moreover, Spain's unemployment rate is virtually as high as Greece's, but Spain's government debt stands at only 85% of GDP. That's less debt than Singapore's, and Singapore's unemployment rate is 1.8%.

 So we cannot properly attribute the catastrophe in Greece to labor protection, nor can we attribute it to government borrowing. What is the cause, then?  (  The World Health Organization has the answer: austerity. "Austerity" is a bloodless term for gross economic mismanagement, animated by heartlessness. That robotic cut-cut-cut mentality that deprives us of jobs, of public services, of safety, of health, of infrastructure, of help for the needy, and - ultimately -- of our economic equilibrium and the ability to survive. The mentality that ushers in, and welcomes, a vicious war of all against all. Austerity is destroying an entire country, right before our eyes.

 Or, as the World Health Organization put it: "These adverse trends in Greece pose a warning to other countries undergoing significant fiscal austerity, including Spain, Ireland and Italy. It also suggests that ways need to be found for cash-strapped governments to consolidate finances without undermining much-needed investments in health."

In America, we have a rich and powerful lobby ( that has the same prescription for every economic malady: austerity. Cut-cut-cut. Cut Social Security and Medicare. Cut teacher and police and firefighter jobs. Cut health care. Cut pay and cut pensions. It all boils down to that one ugly word: austerity. And austerity always brings disarray, disaster, decay and death.(

People often ask me my position on various issues. Well, I'm for certain things, and I'm against others. But on one issue, I'm very consistent. I'm against pain and suffering. Especially avoidable pain and suffering. And therefore, I'm against austerity. It begins with seemingly innocuous budget cuts. It then leads inexorably to the destruction of countless lives. ( ( (  (

 Why am I telling you about Greece? In 1935, Sinclair Lewis wrote a book called "It Can't Happen Here." But it can. And it's up to us to prevent it.


 Rep. Alan Grayson

"The horror! The horror!"
 -- The last words of Col. Kurtz in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness (1899).
Title: Profiles in Courage: Helder Camara
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Helder Camara


BBC Radio Scotland - Thought for the Day

 Alastair McIntosh, 1 August 2006 – Spiral of Violence 

My youth was during the Vietnam era, and I have to confess that as a hawkish young man I found war rather exciting. I remember going to Aberdeen University and seeing a poster that said, “War is not good for children and other living things,” and it irritated me for its naivety. 


But there were rather a lot of posters like this, and, worked on by my valiant if few-and-far-between girlfriends, I gradually started to think in new ways that chipped away at the armour round my heart. 

One of the most influential poster voices was a Brazilian archbishop called Helder Camara. He’d come out with things like - why is it that “When I give food to the poor they call me a saint. [But] when I ask why the poor have no food they call me a communist”?

I wonder how many of today’s politicians realize that when talking about the “spiral of violence” in the Middle East, they’re drawing on Camara, who published a little book by that name in 1971? 

He observed that violence builds up at three levels in a society. Primary violence is the everyday effect of structurally ingrained social injustice. This generates secondary violence - the revolt of the oppressed. And that in turn provokes tertiary violence - repression by the powerful to secure their privileged position. And so the spiral of violence tightens. 

After years of being out of print, Archbishop Camara’s little book is now going on the web. It culminates with an “appeal to youth”, saying that wars happen because of the egotism of adults, and he urges the youth to, “provoke discussions [and] force people to think and take up a position: let it be uncomfortable, like truth, demanding, like justice.” 

Whether Lebanese or Israeli, war is not good for children and other living things, and the children are always innocent. Camara’s last word is for them: “With you I must remain young in my soul,” he said, “and keep the hope and love I need to help all humanity.”

Spiral of Violence by Dom Helder Camara
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: Surly1 on December 18, 2013, 07:34:36 am
Brilliant, AG.

He observed that violence builds up at three levels in a society. Primary violence is the everyday effect of structurally ingrained social injustice. This generates secondary violence - the revolt of the oppressed. And that in turn provokes tertiary violence - repression by the powerful to secure their privileged position. And so the spiral of violence tightens. 

Camara was a true saint (in spite of the HRCC's efforts to quash liberation theology.) And a personal inspiration. He is one of the reasons I am unalterably opposed to violence in resistance.
Title: Profiles in Courage: Martin Luther King
Post by: AGelbert on January 20, 2014, 08:27:05 pm

Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did

HamdenRiceFollow .

Martin Luther King Jr removing a burned cross from his front yard with his son at his side.

This will be a very short diary. It will not contain any links or any scholarly references. It is about a very narrow topic, from a very personal, subjective perspective.

The topic at hand is what Martin Luther King actually did, what it was that he actually accomplished. 

What most people who reference Dr. King seem not to know is how Dr. King actually changed the subjective experience of life in the United States for African Americans. And yeah, I said for African Americans, not for Americans, because his main impact was his effect on the lives of African Americans, not on Americans in general. His main impact was not to make white people nicer or fairer. That's why some of us who are African Americans get a bit possessive about his legacy. Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy, despite what our civil religion tells us, is not color blind.

I remember that many years ago, when I was a smartass home from first year of college, I was standing in the kitchen arguing with my father. My head was full of newly discovered political ideologies and black nationalism, and I had just read the Autobiography of Malcolm X, probably for the second time. 

A bit of context. My father was from a background, which if we were talking about Europe or Latin America, we would call, "peasant" origin, although he had risen solidly into the working-middle class. He was from rural Virginia and his parents had been tobacco farmers. I spent two weeks or so every summer on the farm of my grandmother and step-grandfather.

They had no running water, no gas, a wood burning stove, no bathtubs or toilets but an outhouse, potbelly stoves for heat in the winter, a giant wood pile, a smoke house where hams and bacon hung, chickens, pigs, semi wild housecats that lived outdoors, no tractor or car, but an old plow horse and plows and other horse drawn implements, and electricity only after I was about 8 years old.

The area did not have high schools for blacks and my father went as far as the seventh grade in a one room schoolhouse. All four of his grandparents, whom he had known as a child, had been born slaves. It was mainly because of World War II and urbanization that my father left that life. 

They lived in a valley or hollow or "holler" in which all the landowners and tenants were black. In the morning if you wanted to talk to cousin Taft, you would walk down to behind the outhouse and yell across the valley, "Heeeyyyy Taaaaft," and you could see him far, far in the distance, come out of his cabin and yell back. 

On the one hand, this was a pleasant situation because they lived in isolation from white people. On the other hand, they did have to leave the valley to go to town where all the rigid rules of Jim Crow applied. By the time I was little, my people had been in this country for six generations (going back, according to oral rendering of our genealogy, to Africa Jones and Mama Suki), much more under slavery than under freedom, and all of it under some form of racial terrorism, which had inculcated many humiliating behavior patterns.

Anyway, that's background. I think we were kind of typical as African Americans in the pre-civil rights era went.

So anyway, I was having this argument with my father about Martin Luther King and how his message was too conservative compared to Malcolm X's message. My father got really angry at me. It wasn't that he disliked Malcolm X, but his point was that Malcolm X hadn't accomplished anything as Dr. King had. 

I was kind of sarcastic and asked something like, so what did Martin Luther King accomplish other than giving his "I have a dream speech."

Before I tell you what my father told me, I want to digress. Because at this point in our amnesiac national existence, my question pretty much reflects the national civic religion view of what Dr. King accomplished. He gave this great speech. Or some people say, "he marched." I was so angry at Mrs. Clinton during the primaries when she said that Dr. King marched, but it was LBJ who delivered the Civil Rights Act. >:(

At this point, I would like to remind everyone exactly what Martin Luther King did, and it wasn't that he "marched" or gave a great speech.

My father told me with a sort of cold fury, "Dr. King ended the terror of living in the south."(

Please let this sink in and and take my word and the word of my late father on this. If you are a white person who has always lived in the U.S. and never under a brutal dictatorship, you probably don't know what my father was talking about. 

But this is what the great Dr. Martin Luther King accomplished. Not that he marched, nor that he gave speeches.

He ended the terror of living as a black person, especially in the south.

I'm guessing that most of you, especially those having come fresh from seeing The Help, may not understand what this was all about. But living in the south (and in parts of the midwest and in many ghettos of the north) was living under terrorism.

It wasn't that black people had to use a separate drinking fountain or couldn't sit at lunch counters, or had to sit in the back of the bus. 

You really must disabuse yourself of this idea. Lunch counters and buses were crucial symbolic planes of struggle that the civil rights movement used to dramatize the issue, but the main suffering in the south did not come from our inability to drink from the same fountain, ride in the front of the bus or eat lunch at Woolworth's.

It was that white people, mostly white men, occasionally went berserk, and grabbed random black people, usually men, and lynched them. You all know about lynching. But you may forget or not know that white people also randomly beat black people, and the black people could not fight back, for fear of even worse punishment. 

This constant low level dread of atavistic violence is what kept the system running. It made life miserable, stressful and terrifying for black people. 

White people also occasionally tried black people, especially black men, for crimes for which they could not conceivably be guilty. With the willing participation of white women, they often accused black men of "assault," which could be anything from **** to not taking off one's hat, to "reckless eyeballing." 

This is going to sound awful and perhaps a stain on my late father's memory, but when I was little, before the civil rights movement, my father taught me many, many humiliating practices in order to prevent the random, terroristic, berserk behavior of white people. The one I remember most is that when walking down the street in New York City side by side, hand in hand with my hero-father, if a white woman approached on the same sidewalk, I was to take off my hat and walk behind my father, because he had been taught in the south that black males for some reason were supposed to walk single file in the presence of any white lady.

This was just one of many humiliating practices we were taught to prevent white people from going berserk. 

I remember a huge family reunion one August with my aunts and uncles and cousins gathered around my grandparents' vast breakfast table laden with food from the farm, and the state troopers drove up to the house with a car full of rifles and shotguns, and everyone went kind of weirdly blank. They put on the masks that black people used back then to not provoke white berserkness. My strong, valiant, self-educated, articulate uncles, whom I adored, became shuffling, Step-N-Fetchits to avoid provoking the white men. Fortunately the troopers were only looking for an escaped convict. Afterward, the women, my aunts, were furious at the humiliating performance of the men, and said so, something that even a child could understand.

This is the climate of fear that Dr. King ended.

If you didn't get taught such things, let alone experience them, I caution you against invoking the memory of Dr. King as though he belongs exclusively to you and not primarily to African Americans. 

The question is, how did Dr. King do this—and of course, he didn't do it alone. 

(Of all the other civil rights leaders who helped Dr. King end this reign of terror, I think the most under appreciated is James Farmer, who founded the Congress of Racial Equality and was a leader of nonviolent resistance, and taught the practices of nonviolent resistance.)

So what did they do?

They told us: Whatever you are most afraid of doing vis-a-vis white people, go do it.   (
Go ahead down to city hall and try to register to vote, even if they say no, even if they take your name down. 

Go ahead sit at that lunch counter. Sue the local school board. All things that most black people would have said back then, without exaggeration, were stark raving insane and would get you killed.

If we do it all together, we'll be okay.

They made black people experience the worst of the worst, collectively, that white people could dish out, and discover that it wasn't that bad. They taught black people how to take a beating—from the southern cops, from police dogs, from fire department hoses. They actually coached young people how to crouch, cover their heads with their arms and take the beating. They taught people how to go to jail, which terrified most decent people.

And you know what? The worst of the worst, wasn't that bad. 

Once people had been beaten, had dogs sicced on them, had fire hoses sprayed on them, and been thrown in jail, you know what happened?

These magnificent young black people began singing freedom songs in jail. 

That, my friends, is what ended the terrorism of the south. Confronting your worst fears, living through it, and breaking out in a deep throated freedom song. The jailers knew they had lost when they beat the crap out of these young Negroes and the jailed, beaten young people began to sing joyously, first in one town then in another. This is what the writer, James Baldwin, captured like no other writer of the era.

Please let this sink in. It wasn't marches or speeches. It was taking a severe beating, surviving and realizing that our fears were mostly illusory and that we were free.

So yes, Dr. King had many other goals, many other more transcendent, non-racial, policy goals, goals that apply to white people too, like ending poverty, reducing the war-like aspects of our foreign policy, promoting the New Deal goal of universal employment, and so on. But his main accomplishment was ending 200 years of racial terrorism, by getting black people to confront their fears. So please don't tell me that Martin Luther King's dream has not been achieved, unless you knew what racial terrorism was like back then and can make a convincing case you still feel it today. If you did not go through that transition, you're not qualified to say that the dream was not accomplished.

That is what Dr. King did—not march, not give good speeches. He crisscrossed the south organizing people, helping them not be afraid, and encouraging them, like Gandhi did in India, to take the beating that they had been trying to avoid all their lives. 

Once the beating was over, we were free.

It wasn't the Civil Rights Act, or the Voting Rights Act or the Fair Housing Act that freed us. It was taking the beating and thereafter not being afraid. So, sorry Mrs. Clinton, as much as I admire you, you were wrong on this one.  ( Our people freed ourselves and those Acts, as important as they were, were only white people officially recognizing what we had done.

Originally posted to HamdenRice on Mon Aug 29, 2011 at 08:24 AM PDT.

Also republished by The Yes We Can Pragmatists, J Town, Black Kos community, Genealogy and Family History Community, White Privilege Working Group, Barriers and Bridges, Kitchen Table Kibitzing, and Daily Kos.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on January 20, 2014, 08:42:24 pm
Surly said,

Camara was a true saint (in spite of the HRCC's efforts to quash liberation theology.) And a personal inspiration. He is one of the reasons I am unalterably opposed to violence in resistance.

I am way behind you in learning of this great man. I had heard of Liberation Theory vaguely with Vatican II but really didn't know much about it. It's only in the last decade or so that I have learned how the real saints are either demonized or studiously ignored. Camara is now an inspiration to me but you are as well, brother.  (

Title: Profiles in Courage: Bill Hicks
Post by: AGelbert on February 26, 2014, 07:11:50 pm
Bill Hicks
Title: Profiles in Courage Micheal Ruppert R.I.P.: COLLAPSE VIDEO
Post by: AGelbert on April 19, 2014, 09:03:46 pm
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: Surly1 on April 25, 2014, 06:53:33 am
Interesting in that I have a great appreciation for the bodies of work of both Bill Hicks and Mike Ruppert. A taste clearly not shared on DD.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on April 25, 2014, 03:25:37 pm
You are a patient man but I don't believe you ever really fit in to the irrational, dismissive, "we've got this planet all figured out" attitude prevalent at the DD. They like to argue but, by and large, have no interest in questioning the premises of their world view. Premises established when they were about FOURTEEN.  >:(

Speaking of Ruppert, I heard an interesting commentary on Ruppert from Webster Tarpley. Tarpley is a historical scholar. I don't agree with his views on energy and his dismissive attitude toward the Occupy movement. But, he makes sense when he says that Ruppert was off base claiming that the guy that did an expose on drug trafficking in L.A. by the CIA and was later "suicided" by the CIA WAS NOT SUICIDED. I think Ruppert was Suicided just like Gary Webb.

Anyway, the point Tarpley brought up, and I agree with him there, is that the world view that humans are inherently evil with absolutely no recourse to a better world is an interpretation of the created Universe that leads to a "There is no solution" type attitude (quite prevalent at the DD, regardless of the rampant atheism there) that can lead to paranoia and a closed mind towards potential solutions when things look very dark  ( ( (i..e. 85% forked = 100% forked is BAD LOGIC).

A person in this "collapse is imminent" mind set becomes trapped in a self reinforcing depressive cycle and loses objectivity. This happened to Mike Ruppert in regard to renewable energy. He refused to study it or even contemplate it as a solution NOT BECAUSE of the physics and laws of thermodynamics, but because he was CONVINCED that there IS NO HOPE and was not interested in anything that would delay the "apocalypse". Maybe he was right. But the point is that closing the door to hope is a bad way to live and certainly not the way we should live in a JUST UNIVERSE. The fact that the Christian world view believes that man's nature is flawed and the universe is fallen does not justify the view that we are just naturally bad and there ain't a thing we can do but bend over and kiss our arses goodbye. Ruppert was wrong that fossil fuels could not be replaced and mankind could not live sustainably. He was right that sociopaths run the world and some of them were out to get him.

God did not make an unjust, random universe, like many DD people wrongly believe. No matter how hard mankind  tries to fork it up, a remnant of mankind HAS the answers because those answers EXIST, not because they are a pipe dream. God is good. The universe is good. Man can be good despite his fallen nature. You're here. I'm here. THAT'S PROOF!  ;D

Entropy is real and we are all going to die someday. So what? That doesn't mean we should throw up our hands and claim man is too evil (a rather virulent form of entropy born of spiritual bankruptcy when applied to human to human physical, destructive behavior) to be without recourse for a sustainable society. Tarpley claims that logic is a mental box canyon.  ( agree. Tarpley has more faith in hard ball politics and BS energy "solutions" (  like nuclear and fusion  :P and still doesn't get how badly forked the environment is  ( but that doesn't negate the validity of his view that assuming that no solution exists is wrong for a responsible human being.   (

Listen to the Tarpley Broadcast of April 19, 2014 if you would like to hear what he said. It includes an accurate and extremely informative history lesson on the Ukraine (it's an artificial country actually invented by the Germans in WWII!  :o)  (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: Surly1 on April 26, 2014, 10:51:29 am
Hi AG,

You are a patient man but I don't believe you ever really fit in to the irrational, dismissive, "we've got this planet all figured out" attitude prevalent at the DD. They like to argue but, by and large, have no interest in questioning the premises of their world view. Premises established when they were about FOURTEEN.  >:(

Speaking of Ruppert, I heard an interesting commentary on Ruppert from Webster Tarpley. Tarpley is a historical scholar. I don't agree with his views on energy and his dismissive attitude toward the Occupy movement. But, he makes sense when he says that Ruppert was off base claiming that the guy that did an expose on drug trafficking in L.A. by the CIA and was later "suicided" by the CIA WAS NOT SUICIDED. I think Ruppert was Suicided just like Gary Webb.

I am not sure I deserve the implicit praise, but thanks. Often I am ANYTHING but patient.

You already know that I am not an atheist. But I guess I read the commentary differently from you, in terms of "we have the planet figured out." Geez, the older I get, the more I realize I know little, and that much of what I know has been shaped by those with an agenda. So I have learned to question everything.

You would have to be either an optimist or a lunatic to be an old man involved with Occupy. I qualify on both counts, girded by the belief that it is only masses of people in the streets that can possibly counteract the pernicious influence of corporate money or get the attention of their otherwise-bought hirelings to influence policy. So how's that working out so far? Not so good. The same people who have the police locked down also own mass media and are in the process of turning the net into a greased tube for Amazon, Comcast and verizon.

Hard times for an optimist.

In re Ruppert, there is a body of evidence that suggests otherwise. Allow me to point you to these and you can consider the argument that he did in fact take his own life.

I am struck by that one of the last thoughts attributed to MR was, "There is no more time." It reminded me strongly of a quote often misattributed to Buddha, but actually From Carlos Castaneda, in the voice of Don Juan:

There is one simple thing wrong with you – you think you have plenty of time … If you don’t think your life is going to last forever, what are you waiting for ? Why the hesitation to change? You don’t have time for this display, you fool. This, whatever you’re doing now, may be your last act on earth. It may very well be your last battle. There is no power which could guarantee that you are going to live one more minute.

If we don't show up, who will?
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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This is an extremely complicated subject for me. As a veteran (over 23 years ago) of, not one, but TWO suicide attempts over a one year period, I respectfully request that you set aside what you think you know about Ruppert, his justification for doing what he did, your views on the degree of inertia hurtling mankind toward a massive collapse and die off (i.e. that it is Thelma & Louise after they left the cliff edge situation).

My friend, you do not understand the nature of the various methods those in control of a society use to marginalize whistle blowers when they haven't killed them outright. Society, my friend, DOES NOT WANT TO GO THERE. Why? Because it would force a review of the passive aggressive measures used to SUICIDE a person. No job, no friends, no income, no opportunities, etc. DO NOT DRIVE A PERSON INSANE. The bipolar business and "mental instability" so often attributed to the person that took his own life are a fiction created for the express purpose of absolving an INSANE and CRIMINAL society from responsibility in the murder by suicide of a thorn in the ruling class's side. It is an established clinical fact that ANYONE can be driven to suicide through a combination of ostracism and surreptitious drugs added to his or her food. They DO IT ALL THE TIME, Surly. Do you want chapter and verse on this? I'm too worn out to find it for you but you KNOW it's there, hidden in plain sight.

1. A person becomes a target because said person challenges a ruling class piece of propaganda that is essential to control of the populace.

2. ALL human needs of said target are analyzed to see what is the "weak" point.

3. A multi pronged approach, depending on the importance of the target, begins to close all the doors that allow said person to feel they are successful at whistle blowing ("Come down off the cross, Mike." implying the effort is quixotic).

4. A multi pronged approach, depending on the importance of the target, begins to close all the doors that allow said person to eat, sleep and socialize without conflict and constant struggle, always, but gradually, making it more and more difficult to make ends meet. This is key to undermining the self esteem of the target.

5. Efforts are made to isolate the person from any and all persons who give him or her respect, comfort or friendship. Nickel and diming in the monetary needs area (landlord ups the rent, court won't address it, cops ignore his complaints, etc.) and defamatory rumors are spread about the person being a pervert of some sort to keep potential readers or people who admire the target away from him.

6. when the target claims "they" are out to get him, his pedigree as a "MENTALLY UNSTABLE" person is established. This is the GREEN LIGHT for the next phase: The health care professional that befriends him and provides ALL THE MEDICATION he needs free of charge to "help him in his crisis". The medication is designed to mimic a bipolar diagnosis (periods of euphoria followed by severe depressive states - that's right Surly, "MEDICATION" does that).

7. Now it's a waiting game. The target's rep is tarnished as his missives appear more paranoid and he refuses to justify, in a detailed, objective manner, his claims of being persecuted or any of his other claims on government criminality. He withdraws his trust from 100% of the people around him because he doesn't know who to trust. This reinforces the planned ostracism of the target (now with the HELP of the target!) that will lead inexorably towards suicide. The target is putting stuff out there that certain professionals quote with "concern" about the "mental health" of the person and "suggesting" that said person needs help. The sociopaths rub their hands with glee at this key aspect of the "program" bearing its rotten fruit.

8.The next severe depressive swing has the target logically considering that there really isn't any hope for HIM. He conflates that lack of hope with the previous, and erroneous, assumption that "Thelma and Louise have gone off the cliff" (the basic premise of the DD).  This is a faulty premise. However since the premise that "they" are out to get him is NOT faulty, this clouds his mind (when he is in the depressive swing) to the "There is NO HOPE for ANYONE" assumption.

Target realizes that those out to get him will be tarnished if he dies and many will pay more attention to what the target wrote if he dies violently. Many will suspect he was suicided. This is the only light in the tunnel the target can see. He sees himself as using his death as the last act to fight the evil establishment. He sees himself on a mission from God to do this (he may be right but that never included suicide) justifying the act. Now he begins to plan, knowing his mental state will be questioned. He writes SANE hints here and there about a logical, studied course "action" that is the only "recourse" in the battle against the foe.

9. Target off's himself. Sure the CIA didn't do a double tap on his forehead Mossad style but it's the SAME GOD D A M N E D THING, Surly.

I just explained to you what the people in Vermont have done systematically for a couple of centuries in this country. Modern science, with the help of  pharmacology, has perfected the technique. They won, Surly. But they haven't, and never will, outsmart or actually succeed in thwarting God, who holds ALL the cards. THAT is MY main reason for HOPE, not renewable energy. God IS in CONTROL.

Mike KNEW that God wasn't going to do JACK **** to stop mankind's insanity with fossil fuels. But that should not have caused him to go the "there is no hope" path. Mike was smart. The sociopaths knew that so they messed with his mind so he could aid THEM in ruining Mike's rep. This is the MAIN tool used by the evil ones (ridicule, charges of mental instability, perversion, etc.) to destroy the power of the person's message by destroying the messenger's cred. On a much, much smaller scale, I experienced similar attempts to destroy my cred at the DD. I know of what I speak. I got rather tired of people more concerned with pointing fingers at me than arguing the merits of my posts.

I don't have Ruppert's brain or skills at exposing the bad guys. BUT, I KNOW how people are suicided by society through ostracism and slander. I've BEEN THERE. I am CERTAIN that RUPPERT, even though he may have put the gun to his forehead, DID NOT commit suicide; he was MURDERED BY THE ESTABLISHMENT

I don't think I'm splitting hairs here, Surly. Maslow's heirarchy of human needs is REAL. You and many DDers like RE can claim you've got to be tough and not let it "get to you" and only the "weak sisters" (like me?) with thin skin or insufficient "grit" to give everyone the finger and keep smiling fall to this evil technique. B U L L S H I T ! I can take you and, in six months turn you into a basket case looking for a bridge to jump off of with the power and chemicals available to our government. God knows this. Sometimes, He works a miracle and the person lives on (point blank suicides sometimes don't work because the bullet misses all the "right" spots or the gun won't go off, etc - a pastor's witness about when he pointed a double barreled shot gun at the inside of his mouth) but the GUILTY PARTY is the GOVERNMENT, not the person. You may disagree, but I believe God sees it that way too.

Like I said at the beginning, society will not accept that it murders people by suicide. Sure when a person is dying of cancer and commits suicide to avoid pain, that's the real deal and society is not involved.  But the fact that your arm held the gun that shot YOU is NOT proof of suicide until the role of the GOVERNMENT in closing off ALL avenues of life quality through the elimination of needs (Maslow's hierarchy) is studied THOROUGHLY. Of course that ain't gonna happen any time soon.

So why didn't I succeed in my two  (actually there were three but the authorities never learned about the sleeping pills - I just slept for a couple of days lol!) suicide attempts? I don't know. Perhaps it was so I could keep a Diner from committing suicide early on when I was posting at the Diner (I'll write about it soon). Perhaps to take care of my wife and cat. Perhaps I have some function, like this post, that will help you survive and thrive.

I'm not the boss. J.C. calls the shots in my life. I am His willing slave and though I have little desire to remain on planet earth, I realize it's not my decision. Ruppert forgot that but I'm certain that was due to some drug that set up a severe depressive state combined with a panic attack. He was a good man. They killed. He is with God. 

Finally, the KEY to start destroying a person's HOPE so you can DESTROY their self esteem and pave the way to suicide is to get said person to ASSUME that logically, scientifically, politically and even randomly in the "Darwinian" universe we inhabit, there is no purpose in remaining alive; but you MIGHT buy some time for those you love by committing suicide.  ( ( (

Don't say it can't happen to you, Surly. Don't allow hopelessness into your world view. The DD is STUCK in that world view. God does NOT want you to think that way. Satan DOES!


Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: Surly1 on April 27, 2014, 09:45:47 pm

A remarkable post with a lot of food for thought.

I have been working all weekend, and will try to unpack some of this for discussion in the next day or so. I am bone tired right now, and just came across this as I am ready to pack it in.

Thank you for the cre and the depth with which you put this together.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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You are welcome, my friend.  (
This is a library. There is no pressure and no rush here ever.  ;D

Title: Profiles in Courage: Michael Dadashi
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Michael Dadashi

A former heroin addict started this awesome e-waste company that hires others in recovery

By Holly Richmond

Most ex-heroin addicts don’t start multimillion-dollar companies, but Michael Dadashi did — and now almost 70 percent of his employees are former alcoholics and drug addicts too. Dadashi’s company is MHD Enterprises, which recycles electronic waste.

MHD recycles, repairs, and resells businesses’ old tech products and items customers have returned. Dadashi actually started the company to support his heroin habit, according to Fast Company, which had plagued him since age 18. (He’d learned about e-waste recycling at a short-lived previous job.)

After trying rehab, he OD’d while he was driving in 2009 and finally got clean. ( By 2012, MHD was the 28th fastest-growing company in America. With his recovery and business both on track, Dadashi combined the two, hiring people from the detox center where he served as a sponsor.  (  As he told Fast Co.:

“We’re giving computers and electronics a second chance,
but what talks to my heart is giving people a second chance.” (

AWW. Do you have a tissue? I’m fine; it’s just my allergies.  ;D
Title: Profiles in Courage: George Washington Carver
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George Washington Carver

"I believe the Great Creator has put oil and ores on this earth to give us a breathing spell...As we exhaust them, we must fall back on our farms, which is God's true storehouse and can never be exhausted. For we can learn to synthesize materials for every human need from the things that grow."

- George Washington Carver -

Please read this article first:

Decades-old pollution loophole still burns people of color and the poor

By Brentin Mock

Petrochemical companies in the U.S. are into some really funky practices.  >:(

You may know that refineries and other polluting industrial plants have to apply for government-issued permits to secrete toxins into the air. The permits ensure that those secretions don’t rise above certain air quality standards so people living nearby don’t get sick and die.

Even so, companies across the country have found ways to release more poisons into the air than is safe – nasties like soot, the product of incomplete combustion. Scientists have found no level of soot that is safe for humans breathe it in. There’s no 50 shades of this gray stuff; if you live next to one of these soot secretors and inhale even a little bit of the stuff, you increase your likelihood of dying early, period.

One of the excuses companies use is that their facilities release certain premature and post-operational emissions when they are firing up, shutting down, or when they break down. This is part of doing business, they say, so it shouldn’t count under the permit caps, even though it fouls up the air quality of the people who live near their facilities.

Roughly three dozen states allow for this type of pollution under rules called “startup shutdown malfunction,” or SSM,  :P by those who track this and who care about people’s health. It’s been going on for roughly four decades, and environmental justice groups want it stopped, like, yesterday.

The Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of finalizing a rule to do that by June 12 — thanks to a Sierra Club petition — but the groups want faster closure. After all, lives are at stake. On Earth Day, the Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change sent a letter to President Obama urging him to “expeditiously move forward with finalization and implementation of this much- needed, long-overdue public health safeguard.”

The problem isn’t Obama, though. Like most things policy these days, it’s the states that have been obstructing progress. States are responsible for developing plans that ensure they are complying with national air quality standards. But not only have many states allowed for SSM excuses, but some provide additional cover for SSM pollution by waiving the financial liability — as much as $37,500 per violation daily — that normally comes with polluting beyond permitted limits. Called “affirmative defense,” it’s the kind of corporate affirmative action that hardly ever gets checked. (The EPA actually has allowed these affirmative defenses in the past, but a recent D.C. Circuit Court ruling, on a case brought by the Natural Resources Defense Council, will force the agency to rethink that.)

Luckily, states don’t have final say on air quality plans, especially if they are not up to snuff. Congress granted the EPA the last say, under the Clean Air Act, meaning the federal agency becomes the ultimate dominatrix tasked with whipping state plans into shape if proven flaccid.

Such federal ceilings and check systems are needed because, as I’ve written before, states sometimes pretend that their stink don’t **** on other states. Also, because China.

The EPA knew SSM was a problem back in 1977.  >:( But when it set the rules, it had neither the resources nor the staff expertise to actually do anything when the rules were broken. That’s not a knock against the EPA; many new federal agency rules have a trial-and-error period when they are refined through tests and challenges. Also, Congress often bestows rule-making powers on federal agencies, but with little guidance on how to exercise those powers. Environmental groups help mold and finesse the rules via public comments … and by suing the **** out of the government agencies responsible for upholding them.

But when it comes to SSM, companies have been allowed to pollute with impunity for so long that it’s as if they feel entitled. (Remember this next time Republicans give a budget speech cursing the “entitlements” of low-income Americans.) I’m sure it hasn’t helped that the victims of this lack of oversight have mostly been communities of color and poor residents. Those neighborhoods generally don’t matter enough for anyone to care to change their practices.

Fact is, little cracking down happened for too long. Today, air pollution can be better tracked and mapped, and the data better organized and stored — though all far from perfect. Environmental groups just want the rules and their enforcement finally brought into alignment with the updated info.

To understand the urgency of this, listen to the stories of some of the people who live on the fencelines of these polluters, collected from a Sierra Club document about state plans to address SSM issues:

Birmingham, Ala.

The Walter Coke plant has been raining down pollution since the 1880s, a practice that hasn’t slowed even as Jefferson County recently ranked tenth in the nation for cancer risks from toxic air.  ( ( The company is no stranger to SSM, having invoked it over 80 times from 2008 to 2012 alone. This has meant hell for Charlie Powell, who lived close-by for nearly 40 years, developing respiratory problems in the process, and his wife developing cancer. His 70-year-old aunt Eunice Webb also has asthma after 20 years of living within a mile of the plant, as does one of her grandchildren who lives with her. Her mother and sister, also Walter Coke neighbors, have suffered heart attacks and her husband died from cancer.

Detroit, Mich.

The 48217 zip code is the most polluted in the nation, thanks to the Detroit Marathon Refinery. A $2.2 billion expansion in 2008 to process Canadian tar sands for crude oil couldn’t have helped. The funky sulfuric emissions from Marathon flaring has burdened long-time 48217 resident Regina Woodard-Smith with breathing problems, when not regularly over-peppering her home and yard with soot. For Sherry Griswold, who lives within a few hundred feet of Marathon, the monster flaring has shaken her home so badly that ceiling tiles dropped loose. She has stopped bringing her grandchildren over after tiring of washing soot off their skin from playing outside.

Shreveport, La.

The Calumet refinery released over 320,000 pounds of excess air pollution over the neighboring community between 2005 and 2012. There are four elementary schools in close proximity. Velma White, who’s lived in the community for almost 40 years, became concerned about Calumet’s pollution after her daughter fell ill to renal failure. Many others in the neighborhood have developed respiratory illnesses, asthma, heart disease, skin problems, and cancer. She has suffered from Calumet’s flaring and funky emissions herself, with constant burning sensations in her nose and mouth and nausea.

It doesn’t sound like these communities are getting any pleasure out of living close to these refineries. Since many of the residents are elderly and low-income, they have few if any options to move away. This is why environmental groups are hoping Obama hears their hollers. (


Brentin Mock is a Washington, D.C.-based journalist who writes regularly for Grist about environmental justice issues and the connections between environmental policy, race, and politics. Follow him on Twitter at @brentinmock.

Well said. It needs to be shouted from the rooftops until the deliberately hard of hearing oligarchy that runs our country gets it. I  posted the following on a seemingly totally different subject to show the toxic relationship of white privilege to people of color and the poor of any color by "greed is good" true believers that have cursed our country from the outset:

The subsequent post is connected through an indirect route to the above article. The post is my rant against Koch lies about biofuel sources being "bad" for the environment at Cleantechnica followed by praise of Brenton for writing (at Grist)  about how the poor of color are set up to breath toxic air in the USA.

In answer to an article claiming corn is a poor biofuel source ( ) :

This is grossly erroneous information. But just for the hell of it, let's say it is true. Hello? Have you morons erudite luminaries heard of Duckweed or Azolla (mosquito fern, duckweed fern, fairy moss, water fern)? Never mind sugar cane, which beats the stuffing out of corn (a crop set up as a biofuel source by big oil deliberately to fail!), both Azolla and Duckweed have higher growth rates, actually sequester carbon rather than simply being carbon neutral and can grow in just about any place that humans live on this planet, including non-arable land because you grow them with water that does not ever have to be replenished from the initial shallow tank amount, thank you very much.

Sorry folks, spare me the hemming and hawing about "unproven" crops and biofuels, this is really another Koch funded piece of clever half truth.

Do you remember how our ancestors crowded the native Americans and Blacks into the worst living conditions imaginable, took away their quality of life, pride of ownership and any hope for a decent future and then "lamented" how "genetically lazy and prone to theft and immoral behavior" said people were as compared to whitey?    Sure you do! Well, guess what? Big oil has been doing that with renewable energy in general and biofuel crops in particular for several decades. Have you ever heard of hemp? Did you know you can make any plastic there is from it cheaper than from fossil fuels? Did you know we were doing just that in the 1930s until a "strange" series of fires destroyed our first major chemurgy refinery? Get real people. Big oil is just "doing what they have done for over 100 years! . We need fossil fuels like a hole in the head.

Corn was always a poor, lousy, stupid choice for biofuels because you need to plow a field - you need lots of fuel for the machinery in a self defeating loop of irrationality when you are looking for biofuels, it's an annual instead of a perennial - a guarantee of leaking carbon into the atmosphere! The Kansas Land Institute proved all this (and provided a thorough laundry list of perennial grasses that don't require plowing or pesticides - all much more cost efficient for biofuel stock than stupid corn) and told it to Congress over 15 years ago and Congress would not listen. -And that's the way big oil wanted it!

( Learn our history or be doomed to be suckered by big oil again and again!

And by the way, Brentin. I wish to say I admire your articles which exemplify integrity and veracity in reporting. I am certain you know of this African American scientist that could have changed our energy history in the 1930s if the Chemurgy technology he invented to make hydrocarbons out of plant carbohydrates had not been sabotaged by Standard Oil's seven sisters (Rockefeller and oil cartel friends, that Teddy Roosevelt <b>never actually dismantled </b>),  working hand in hand with Dupont (tetra ethyl lead fuel additive) and bought and paid politicians.

George Washington Carver, “Father of chemurgy”
Title: God Spoke through George Washington Carver
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Title: Profiles in Courage: Steven Donziger
Post by: AGelbert on May 12, 2014, 10:09:01 pm

Steven Donziger

SEE ABOVE  >:(  Chevron propaganda poster lying through their corrupt and EVIL TEETH! (


Steven Donziger lives in New York City where he practices law in the area of international human rights and the environment. He is part of a team of advocates representing indigenous and farmer communities in an area of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest polluted by oil operations conducted by Texaco, now owned by Chevron. In 2011, the communities won a landmark $19 billion judgment against Chevron for the cleanup of what is considered to be one of the worst oil-related environmental catastrophes in the world. Steven has been involved in advocacy for the affected communities since first visiting the region in 1993.

Steven was the founder and director of Project Due Process, a legal advocacy group for Cuban detainees who came to the United States in the Mariel boatlift. He is the former director of the non-partisan National Criminal Justice Commission that produced the book The Real War on Crime (HarperCollins). His analysis and commentary on human rights, environmental, and criminal justice matters has been featured in numerous legal publications, academic journals, and news outlets. After graduating from law school in 1991, Steven worked as a trial attorney with the District of Columbia Public Defender Service. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors to the Fortune Society, the largest self-help organization for ex-offenders in the United States. In 1991, Steven led a mission of lawyers and public health specialists to Iraq to assess the impact on civilians of the bombing during the first Gulf War.

Agelbert NOTE:excellent VIDEO AT LINK showing WHAT A MURDEROUS bunch of EVIL Sociopaths the Oil Corporations are.  Steven has been on this case (and WON IT UNANIMOUSLY but Chevron WON'T PAY!) for TWENTY YEARS! Now Big Oil is trying to destroy him. Criminal negligence, entrapment, extorsion, bribes and other dirty tricks 24/7 is THEIR MO. That's what they DO and have DONE for over 100 years. Spread the word. Tell everybody to sign in support of Steven at his web site. This man is truly a courageous man! (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage: Dr. David Suzuki, Professor Emeritus of Zoology
Post by: AGelbert on May 18, 2014, 09:19:51 pm
David Suzuki
Jump past the Intro to the meat of the matter at 4:50  ;D

Dr. Suzuki's most precious title is that of being and Elder. He is a hard nosed scientist absolutely devoid of pollyannish, cornucopian willful blindness about the horrific ecological trajectory we are on. Nevertheless, he disagrees with colleagues like that fellow scientist at the "Nature Bats Last" blog. WHY? First of all because he IS PAINFULLY AWARE of the LIMITATIONS of HUMAN SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE. I.E. David tells those SO SURE that Thelma and Louise  have left the cliff that they are making exactly the same mistake, born of scientific arrogance (the "we know all there is syndrome"  ;) ) that was made with fossil fuels, DDT, Tetra-ethyl Lead, GMOs, Nuclear Power, ozone destroying CFCs in air conditioning and so on. Put simply, those who ARROGANTLY (see 30 positive feedback loops mean we all MUST BE DEAD SOON!( ) believe it's OVER from the scientific data  available to them are just as arrogant as the ones who championed all those destructive inventions. The COMMON ground is HUMAN ARROGANCE.

David says it's time to GET IT that we STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND the BIOSPHERE. That means the precautionary principle IS NOT OPTIONAL. That precautionary principle applies BOTH to cornucopians AND doomers. What part of the absolute requirement for us to use biomimicry, not just as the gold standard, but as the indispensable requirement for Homo saps at our present state of INFANCY in biosphere knowledge, for any new technology to be applied in our crude civilization do people not understand?   (

Do you really think an internal combustion engine is high technology compared with a muscle? How stupid, ignorant and absolutely arrogant can you be? Look at a car or a house and compare it with anything alive that moves or a sea shell. ONE sea shell lasts EASILY a thousand years! Our technology is CRAP! And that CRAP is celebrated like some amazing genius of invention when it is a "genius" for ****ting where we eat, NOTHING ELSE!

So, yeah, when we GET IT that we STILL DON'T REALLY GET IT, then we can use our growing understanding of nature to imitate it with closed loop processes like nature uses. Anything else is STUPID. David does not think we have passed the tipping point because, as bad as our impact has been, the damage is still remediable. The Caveat is that GEOENGINEERING will only make it worse.

Technology, the kind WE have invented, is PEANUTS (poisoned peanuts at that!) compared with the magnificently complex cascade of biochemical reactions that governs life on the is planet.  (

The doomers believe we are killing the biosphere. I believe the biosphere will kill us long before we can destroy it. Repeat after me, WE DON'T KNOW ENOUGH to ASSUME it is over.(  We HAVE TO get off the "humans are be all, end all of inventive cleverness" BS and slavishly imitate nature whether we fully understand a process or not. 

David doesn't say anything about the biosphere killing us but he says PLENTY about our silly economic systems composed of Pollyanna wishful thinking greedball, willfull stupidity. We ARE NOT IN CONTROL, PERIOD. That is David's message. (

We need to GET OFF THE "we jus' gotta be in control" business and accept that we are PART of the biosphere, not the LORD of the biosphere!  (
Until we REALLLY understand how this incredibly complex system ticks, we have to STAY within the boundaries set for us by the biosphere.  (

David is big on evolution, something I disagree with, but his heart is in the right place because he understands it is NOT OPTIONAL to respect all life in order for us to survive and thrive. Humans who bow before the altar of arrogance representing human ingenuity are simultaneously unconcerned about destroying a forest here or a few acres of soil there with a mine or whatever because they are ignorant. I call it criminal negligence.
Damnant quodnon intelligunt

Yeah, things are bad. But I agree with David. It's not over. It's ARROGANT to be a doomer. The solution begins with HUMILITY and acceptance, especially by the scientific community, that we still are in our infancy as far as truly REAL FUNCTIONAL DURABLE TECHNOLOGY. That is the technology of biochemistry and closed loop recycling.

Can we do it? Sure! Will we do it? If human arrogance continues, no.   >:(

I'm rooting for humility.   ( Check out GNH, not GNP, as the most important goal humans should seek.

David was on Moyers recently. Link here:
Dr. David Suzuki Tells Bill Moyers Why It’s Time to Get Real on Climate Change
Title: Progress Reports: Petition to White House (for Sept 2015 Delivery)
Post by: AGelbert on June 21, 2014, 04:53:31 pm
To all people who want a better tomorrow: 
I just started a petition on Care2: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort. I'm hoping that if enough people sign my petition, we can make a difference. Right now I've got 66 signatures — will you help me collect more by adding your name?
Here's a link to the petition:
Thank you

We signed: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort

Ms. Elizabeth Nipper, MO
Jun 21, 13:06
# 66 
Mr. Howard Johnson, AZ
Jun 21, 10:16
# 65 
Mr. Porter Hedge, PA
Jun 21, 08:23
# 64 
Mr. sam scharff, WA
Jun 21, 07:55
# 63
this accords with ...the general welfare 
Mr. Paul Hof, Netherlands
Jun 20, 17:45
# 62
Mr. James Jorissen, CA
Jun 20, 17:20
# 61
Let's start yesterday.
Mr. Mike Farley, WI
Jun 20, 05:48
# 60
Name not displayed, WA
Jun 19, 22:51
# 59
Mr. Richard Stewart, LA
Jun 19, 19:52
# 58
Jun 19, 15:37
# 57
If only our leaders cared a little more about the future than their own pre it would help.
Ms. B W, VT
Jun 19, 14:39
# 56
Ms. Jane Wilson, NE
Jun 19, 14:13
# 55
Mrs. Gracie Winters, OK
Jun 19, 13:35
# 54
Ms. Laurie Thomas, KY
Jun 19, 11:22
# 53
There is no sufficient excuse, justification or reason for treating the earth with disrespect.
Ms. Charlotte Sines, CO
Jun 19, 10:54
# 52
Mrs. Mary Umowski, NJ
Jun 19, 07:45
# 51
Mr. Michael Hertel, WI
Jun 19, 07:30
# 50
Hi, I have a good idea to produce electrical energy from solar energy using what I want to call SPUDS Solar powered up draft slopes. Simple greenhouse roof holds in warm air which is allowed to travel up slope of mountain through turbines to produce electrical energy. If interested email me, mghertel (at) I need lots of help with the design and funding however I am sure if built well it would show a good profit quickly.
Mr. Colin Maddock, New Zealand
Jun 19, 02:50
# 49
Mr. Steven Gaylord, CA
Jun 18, 12:51
# 48
Ms. Merideth Genin, NY
Jun 18, 09:27
# 47
Mr. Lanny Sinkin, TX
Jun 18, 08:46
# 46
Mr. don goger, CO
Jun 18, 08:32
# 45
Mr. bill nowak, NY
Jun 18, 05:57
# 44
Mr. georg van den Berg, United Kingdom
Jun 18, 03:54
# 43
Mr. Shawn Gray, TX
Jun 18, 01:50
# 42
I personally work as a energy broker (selling electricity in deregulated markets at discount in Texas) as well as offering residential service in same markets I offer both customers business and homes a choice of Green or Standard and try to push the green most times higher (not always 80+% of the time) and have been able to sell 15MW Green Vs 100MW Non in the last 5 years but thats up form 0 green five years ago.I also have sold 10 solar systems in DFW zero out of pocket to the owner and lower rates for 20 years (not just for dfw but most of the us) area this year.I believe green is the way to go (by the way i make the same or less on green energy sales)
Ms. Eileen Novak, NE
Jun 17, 16:40
# 41
Moving away from our nation's dependency on fossil fuels isn't a worthy cause, it's an imperative.
Ms. Lucille Brott, NE
Jun 17, 16:31
# 40
Mr. Jan Peterson, CO
Jun 17, 15:50
# 39
The longer we delay, the greater the pain will be for our children & grandchildren: we owe it to them to make this change happen quickly!
Ms. Madolyn Crumpton, TX
Jun 17, 10:57
# 38
Time is running out. Set aside power and profit for the few and do what is right for the rest of us.
Ms. Karen Ciesar, WI
Jun 17, 05:30
# 37
Mrs. Leana Whitlow, CA
Jun 16, 22:39
# 36
Ms. Sue Torreyson, CA
Jun 16, 20:39
# 35
Mrs. rosslyn dahlmann, VI
Jun 16, 20:21
# 34
Mr. John Wheeler, PA
Jun 16, 19:25
# 33
Mr. Ferdinand Puttinger, Austria
Jun 16, 18:29
# 32
Please Let`s be AWARE: At pre our AGE of exciting scientific discoveries is opening to us the unbelievable view on amazing interrelations between the complex appearances of whole evolution since big bang, from atomic properties to dimensions of boundless universe, but we HUMANS want to give preferences to commercial-driven short-dated and destructive influences, which will change eart`s face irreversible! This is an enormous SELFISH and self-inflicted behavior, because comming generations will never more have the chance to see the unharmed diversity of nature`s uniqueness. If we still prefer to be focused mainly on ongoing excessive economic track, we will always AGAIN come to the same frustrating conclusion that we don`t really move forward to future`s urgently needed solutions! AND It`s the most Appaling witness of Mankind`s incredible DULLNESS which appears as Paranoiac Schizophrenia Behavior of Everyone: We applaud loudly when sciences have found some indications of life in archaeological discoveries on other planets, but we Humans want to continue destroying stubbornly our wonderful multifarious & precious EARTH only for selfish whims of greedy & short dated economic interests. Why is sophisticated Mankind not able to interrupt this strange behavior by aid of Politics & Politicians? Politicians should not only promise to strive for enduring environmental CHANGE at each election. They should finally indeed implement effectively Measures for promised CHANGE! Comprehensive Technical Equipement for Global realisation of GREEN economics is already available at promising competitive Level. Therefore it`s time for CHANGE if Humans want to SURVIVE, because nature is reflecting already Human`s thoughtless behaviour in an unfavorable reaction to compensate our FATEFUL influence, what will limit the scope considerable for our greedy lifestyle and therefore also for economic`s generous revenues in near future! AND WHY is mankind not able to accept that he is only part of Evolution and Not it`s RULER? Up to now science has revealed unimaginable interrelations for deeper Insights into viewable and invisible kinds of Existences in whole Universe. Not only to get amazing Knowledge about these existences, but also to widen our cognition for being able to Perceive our Marginal Role in this Universe. We should learn to be DEVOTED into our marginal being in contrast to overwhelming and generous appearance of unique Universe. Being Thankful and Compassionate to all beings means to recognise our esial Relatedness to all forms of appearances in Universe, but specially to those of our precious Earth. And practising Devotion to our marginal being could make us really Great and being generous to all Nature`s Creatures. This devotion could change us to a New Mental existence, feeling Spiritual Kinship to nature`s beings, what is finally everything what Universe has created since its Big Bang. To be Honestly Thankful for all being`s existence let us feel Pure relationship to all Universe`s appearances and creates desire for treating them Carefully. Awareness of ient beings evolved in Dialog with Universe`s appearances and relies for its education into individual being`s Consciousness furthermore on esial Stimulus of ambient outside world. Therefore our relationship to all Universe`s appearances is evident. If we are tasting our being with all our precious Senses and being Thankful for this Great Gift, we really practise truthful Devotion and want no more longer ask ourselves how great is our role in the face of boundless Universe. This means being Aware of our Awareness and creates Loving Attitude. Such a mental attitude wants let also disappear borders of Religious Denominations. INDEED whole Humankind belongs to one and Universal Spirit of LOVE and COMPASSION, so Let us Be compassionate and give Love to all Nature`s Creatures. Or in other Words & More Clearly: We should Not let RULE our EGO, because Ego based Behavior cannot be satisfied and wants finally destroy its environment only for short moments of feeling Saturated! Thank you for your worthy Attention & Efforts. Kindest regards, AUSTRIA / Europe.
Ms. Grace Adams, CT
Jun 16, 13:14
# 31
We can destroy civilization with business as usual, or we can raise energy prices 70% to reduce demand by 25% and pay 25% of cost of energy to fossil fuel firms as Dane geld to get out of the way, or maybe we can raise energy prices 10% and demand that utilities yield return on investment to fossil fuel firms for the equipment bought with that 10% increase.
Name not displayed, CA
Jun 16, 12:11
# 30
It won't happen unless we make it happen and the consequences of no action are too dire.
Mrs. Brenda Lee, CA
Jun 16, 12:06
# 29
Mr. Keith Augusto, NV
Jun 16, 06:33
# 28
Name not displayed, AZ
Jun 16, 06:25
# 27
Name not displayed, MI
Jun 15, 23:18
# 26
Oil leaks endanger lives, filthy plants endanger lives. We can have clean air, clean water and soil with renewable, clean energy.
Mr. Edward Laurson, CO
Jun 15, 18:42
# 25
Name not displayed, CO
Jun 15, 16:31
# 24
Mrs. C. Batista, VT
Jun 15, 14:53
# 23
Don't you want the children to live in Healthy Climate? Please sign and pass it on so future generations have a chance to live in and thrive harmoniously in a Viable Biosphere. Thank you!
Mr. Dan Metzger, IL
Jun 15, 06:09
# 22
Let us begin. Let us agree.
Mr. Errol Isenberg, FL
Jun 15, 04:58
# 21
Most world leaders are encouraging their countries to produce more fossil-fuel based energy, not less. There is technology available now that would allow us, if the technology is scaled up, to produce most, if not all, of our needed energy from renewable sources. DO IT NOW!
Ms. Sallie Park, VA
Jun 14, 21:23
# 20
Dr. Jatinder Sehgal, AZ
Jun 14, 21:22
# 19
Mr. Bradford Woodbury Sr., IL
Jun 14, 13:57
# 18
Mr. Michael O'Brien, CO
Jun 14, 10:35
# 17
It is our one chance to stop the Global Terminal Extinction Event, if done soon enough.
Mr. Jesse Dellinger, PA
Jun 14, 03:32
# 16
Mr. John Cook, WA
Jun 13, 12:17
# 15
Although this may lead to furthering Agenda 21 I prefer to face that further down the road than doing nothing now!
Mr. Jim de Cordova, CA
Jun 13, 11:09
# 14
Mr. Timothy Havel, MA
Jun 13, 08:29
# 13
Ms. Sandra Speicher, CO
Jun 13, 06:36
# 12
Mr. PJ van Staden, South Africa
Jun 13, 03:44
# 11
Mr. David Ferraro, VA
Jun 13, 02:10
# 10
Absolutely necessary for the preservation of humankind. Expect scorched-earth opposition from the fossil fuel lobby.
Ms. Natasha Salgado, ON
Jun 13, 01:41
# 9
Mr. frank mcclain, CA
Jun 12, 23:20
# 8
I hear Sen Inhofe says the solutions to 'climate change' are "too costly". Never mind that continuing to burn fossil fuels is 'too stupid". When we humans start doing something because it is 'smart' instead of 'cheap', we may have a thriving planet to pass on to our great great grandchildren. As of now, it looks like they'll get a smoldering wreck. We can prevent this. Today is the day to change course. We can do this. We really can.
Ms. Mary Ch, ON
Jun 12, 09:35
# 7
Please watch shows "SOS Global Warming" on
Ms. Stacey Calvert, United Kingdom
Jun 12, 09:08
# 6
Mr. Joseph Wenzel, MN
Jun 12, 05:29
# 5
Ms. Kaileen Reynolds, TX
Jun 12, 04:00
# 4
Mr. Serdar Murat, Austria
Jun 12, 02:55
# 3
Mr. John Forbes, United Kingdom
Jun 11, 21:42
# 2
Name not displayed, VT 
Jun 11, 18:51
# 1


Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort (

Pass it on. The DEMOCRACY and planetary biosphere you save may be your own...

Title: Profiles in Courage: A 2 year old child!
Post by: AGelbert on August 03, 2014, 06:13:40 pm
Profiles in Courage: A 2 year old child!
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on August 04, 2014, 02:55:24 pm
I believe the time is NOW to eliminate ALL fossil fuel AND nuclear power piggery!

We have the knowhow and ability to do it NOW! Business as usual just wants to make sure we-the-people pay for it instead of the polluting pigs that have profited from larcenous subsidies.

It's time for a Wall Street Transaction Tax to pay for a World War 2 style, 100% transition to renewable energy.

We will have a buoyant economy, win the climate war and provide millions of jobs that won't vanish after the infrastructure is built the way DIRTY energy projects have "worked" for business as usual.  (

If you agree, also support Randy Credico for Governor of New York. He knows what to do with parasites like Goldman Sachs. 
Randy when he ran for mayor.  Google him! Study him! This man KNOWS what to do AND how to do it!

Also support Tax Wall Street Party's Dan Buhrdorf Senate Campaign in Nebraska.

Dan Buhrdorf ( Google him! Study him! This man ASLO KNOWS what to do AND how to do it! 

Dan Buhrdorf of Tax Wall Street Party Challenges Bankers’ Tool Sasse of GOP for US Senate in Nebraska.


Progress on Petition to go 100% Renewable Energy:

Ms. Bonnie Jean Tucker, NC

Aug 03, 15:38

# 347

President Obama if you would consider the American people over your campaign donors, this Liberty from fossil fuels could work and would help free people from the debt of rising energy bills.Fossil fuels are not sustainable and you should LEAD THE COUNTRY ON THE RIGHT PATH NOW!!!!!

About this Petition

This action is important because the health and very survival of future generations depends on it. We must strive tirelessly to provide a Viable Biosphere for our children. They deserve as beautiful a planet as the one we have lived in.

It's time to reverse all this environmental trashing and get real about the fact that sustainability is not optional for a caring, intelligent human population. We are the caretakers of the biosphere because we are self aware beings. It's high time we began living up to our responsibility to be good stewards of nature. (

Thank you and please pass it on. Voting for the right people is every bit as important (OR MORE!) than signing a petition. The biosphere you save may be your own.

Note:If you want a Disqus formatted version of this post, just PM me with a request and I'll send it to you. In that format you can post iit as a comment anywhere that Disqus is used for more impact.   ;D

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on September 07, 2014, 04:07:46 pm
James Hinton is an honest man who has WON the primary. His opponent in California is in the pocket of the banks AND Walmart. That means his opponent, a 30 year incumbent Democrat  >:(, will NEVER vote to tax Wall Street or raise the minimum wage! James Hinton is now representing the Tax Wall Street Party.

James Hinton is DANGEROUS to the establishment. How do I know? Because he is already being SMEARED as an IMMORAL ****R by the media (do a Google search on him and you will see what I mean). Of course it is dressed up as a "former online ****r" in faux innocent speak without stating ANYTHING about his REAL populist platform. 

The Next New Deal

Here in California's Fifth District, you might need to look beyond the vineyards and resorts to see that America is in fact suffering a second great depression. Decades of free trade, war, deindustrialization and rule by Wall Street have left too many Americans struggling to survive.
It doesn't have to be this way. I represent the program for the Next New Deal – the program that will make our infrastructure, our schools, our farms and factories – and in turn our living standards – the best in the world. I need your support.

Recent Headlines

Federal Reserve must help rebuild our earthquake-stricken region with 0% disaster loans repayable over 30 years Congressman Thompson should lobby Yellen at once for fast actionThe following statement was issued today by the James Hinton congressional campaign: Read More ›
James Hinton can bring change to Washington, D.C. It does not make any sense to send Mike Thompson  ( back to Washington, D.C., to represent us in Congress. Read More ›

Congressional candidate earns reader's support

I have seen James Hinton campaigning for Congress at coffee shops as well as the Farmers Market. His style reminds me of John F. Kennedy. Read More ›  (

Please pass this on. The country you help emerge from totalitarian dictatorship may be is your own...
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on September 07, 2014, 04:46:03 pm
The other two key REAL populists to vote for are:

Dan Buhrdorf   ( for Senator in Nebraska (TPTB REALLY hate this guy! Just do a Google search and WATCH them keep asking you, "Do you mean XXXXX?" - "Search results for XXXX" AFTER you clicked on your Original request!  :o  >:(  - a doctor totally unrelated to politics!) The other trick they play in the search is trying to route you to his opponent's  (the Nebraska Wall Street, War mongering CROOK Sasse) web site!) Do the search. Learn about how it works in this fabulous forking futuristic fascism we are "blessed" with!  :evil4:  If enough people start searching for Dan Buhrdorf, TPTB will be FORCED to allow people to find him easily.  ;) ;D  8)

Ghost of Legendary Wall Street Nemesis Appears in Nebraska Senate Race (

Tax Wall Street – Not Main Street!

Wall Street caused the ongoing economic depression with reckless financial speculation. We must rebuild federal and state budgets, reduce the deficit, and shift finance back toward productive capital investment. Wall Street must pay its fair share with a 1% sales tax on stocks, bonds and derivatives. (


Randy Credico   ( for Governor in New York

( (

Title: Profiles in Courage: Dick Gregory
Post by: AGelbert on October 20, 2014, 08:28:14 pm
Dick Gregory Comedian and Activist (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on November 01, 2014, 09:04:48 pm
Dick Gregory on 911 and the America Too Few Know About
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on November 26, 2014, 04:13:39 pm
Arnold Abbott ✨ 
My name is Arnold Abbott. I'm ninety years old and I live in Fort Lauderdale. Every week for the last 24 years, I've been preparing food and bringing it to the park and beach to help feed hungry people with no roof over their heads.

But this month I received three summonses for feeding those who are homeless, and now I'm facing jail time or a $500 fine for each "offense."

I believe anyone should be able to help their neighbors – especially this Thanksgiving. So does Randy Mcquade, a Florida resident who once experienced homelessness. We started a Care2 petition demanding that Fort Lauderdale stop punishing people for feeding those who are homeless. Will you sign it?

Fort Lauderdale, FL has long been one of the hardest places to be homeless in America. The new tight restrictions over processes to share food with those who are hungry or homeless are just the latest in a long series of cruel anti-homeless laws trying to force this population out of sight.

As long as there is breath in my body, I will continue to serve my brothers in the areas where they can be found. I'm not afraid of jail; I spent two and a half years in war. I am afraid of allowing a law like this to stand, and allowing city government to take away the rights of people experiencing homelessness.

This holiday season, please consider volunteering to feed the less fortunate in your area – and right now, please sign our petition to let the Fort Lauderdale city leaders know that you will not tolerate such laws that so disregard our freedoms and basic human decency.

Thank you for your support,

   Arnold Abbott
 Care2 member

Thank you for helping 🕊️( Arnold feed the poor and hungry. Please pass it on.  
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on May 09, 2015, 09:09:04 pm
William Pfaff, Critic of American Foreign Policy, Dies at 86


PARIS — William Pfaff, an international affairs columnist and author who was a prominent critic of American foreign policy, finding Washington’s intervention in world affairs often misguided, died on Thursday in a hospital here. He was 86.

His wife, Carolyn Pfaff, said the cause was a heart attack after a fall.

Mr. Pfaff, who moved to Paris in 1971, wrote a syndicated column that appeared for more than 25 years in The International Herald Tribune, now The International New York Times. He was a longtime contributor to The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books and other publications, the articles informed by his deep knowledge of history and philosophy.

Mr. Pfaff (pronounced FAFF) also wrote eight books, which further examined American statecraft as well as 20th-century Europe’s penchant for authoritarian utopianism. In “The Bullet’s Song: Romantic Violence and Utopia,” published in 2004, he examined what drove European intellectuals to embrace communism, fascism and Nazism.

In “Barbarian Sentiments: America in the New Century” (1989), he argued that the United States had historically harbored unrealistic assumptions about its benevolence in its foreign policy, often with disastrous results. The book was a finalist for the National Book Award. “In fresh, lucid and arresting prose,” the citation said, Mr. Pfaff “articulates America’s geopolitical illusions.”

He revisited the theme in his most recent book, “The Irony of Manifest Destiny: The Tragedy of America’s Foreign Policy” (2010).

“What has occurred since 1945,” he wrote in its introduction, “has amounted to an American effort to control the consequences of the 20th-century crisis in Europe and the breakdown of imperial order in Asia, the Near and Middle East, and latterly in Africa while maintaining that supervisory role over the Americas first claimed by the United States in 1823” with the Monroe Doctrine. (

The latest American miscalculation, he wrote, was in the Middle East, where the United States was waging an “unnecessary and unwinnable” war “against radical currents in the Islamic religion.”

A soft-spoken man with the appearance of an Oxford don, Mr. Pfaff never stopped writing, even though his health had been declining well before his fall a week ago. In his last column, dated April 22, written before Britain’s parliamentary elections of May 7, he analyzed the implications for the United States and Europe if Britain withdrew from the European Union. Other recent articles dealt with Iran, Ukraine and the Islamic State.

Often taking a lonely stance and labeled an iconoclast, Mr. Pfaff was attacked at times as anti-American for his unapologetic criticism of American interventions in Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

“He rejected the messianic illusions of successive American administrations,”
said a longtime friend, John Rielly, president emeritus of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. “Although many American pundits consider him a liberal, he was in many respects a classic Christian conservative — one who was skeptical about liberal notions of inevitable progress and always aware of the limitations of human activity.”

In response to critics, Mr. Pfaff would say that he regarded himself as an American patriot  (  concerned above all with safeguarding long-term American interests and values.

His insights into European and American affairs drew many admirers. One was William Shawn, the longtime editor of The New Yorker, which published about 70 articles by him called Reflections. In a letter from 1987, shortly after he stepped down as editor, Mr. Shawn wrote, “I don’t think any other writer has ever done anything quite like your elegant and brief political essays,” which, he added, were “written in a literary form of your own invention.”

“I admired those essays extravagantly,” Mr. Shawn wrote. The letter, framed, was on display in Mr. Pfaff’s book-lined office at his home in Paris.

The American Academy of Diplomacy, in presenting him with an award in 2006, called Mr. Pfaff “the ‘dean’ of American columnists and commentators, not through seniority but through substance,” noting “his moral vision of the proper uses of power and limits on its abuse.”

Mr. Pfaff’s columns were syndicated in Japan, South Korea, Australia, India and the Arab press of the Persian Gulf, among others.

“But ironically ( his columns appeared less and less frequently in major newspapers in the United States    (, the superpower whose policies he analyzed in tart, limpid and critical commentary,” said Jonathan Randal, an American author and correspondent.

Mr. Pfaff was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in December 1928, a descendant of English, Irish and German immigrants. He grew up in Columbus, Ga., where his father and uncle ran military supplies stores. He studied literature and political science at the University of Notre Dame, from which he graduated.

Enlisting in the Army, he served in the infantry and a Special Forces Unit during the Korean War and afterward. He later worked at the lay Catholic magazine Commonweal until 1955, when he left to travel to Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He also helped open the European office of the Hudson Institute, a Washington-based conservative research firm.

Over time he became more pessimistic,
his wife, the former Carolyn Cleary, said. “He lashed out at America because he loved it, but he became sadder and sadder about the nation that was so great, yet was belittling itself. He wanted America to stay home and fix its own country.”

Besides his wife, Mr. Pfaff is survived by their son, Nicholas; their daughter, Alexandra Pfaff-Drouard; and five grandchildren. (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on June 13, 2015, 01:36:47 am
Pope Francis has Jesus Christ in his corner!

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on July 02, 2015, 08:44:00 pm
A political revolution.

It's coming. 

Because what should be alive is dead, because what should be dead is alive, because what should be set free is bound, because what should be bound is set free, because what should be done is not done, because what should never be done is being done.

By politicians who reward the powerful and punish the powerless, by bankers who regulate Congress instead of Congress regulating them, by police who kill children and call it law enforcement, by hacks who cut-and-paste plutocrat talking points and call it journalism, by judges who fill America's prisons with the poor and call it justice.

They will be held accountable, they will all be held accountable.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on August 12, 2015, 06:14:30 pm
Jimmy Carter is truly a good and courageous man. He tried his best to help Americans, and has done great work for people and children around the World. Truly what anyone calling themselves a Christian, should model themselves after.

Jimmy Carter Reveals He Has Cancer   (

—By Inae Oh Wed Aug. 12, 2015 4:54 PM EDT (

Agelbert NOTE: Never underestimate the level of participation and funding that the fossil fuel Big Oil Oligarchy is responsible for in the portraying of Jimmy Carter as a "failed" President. They hated him (then AND now) because he told the TRUTH about our need to get off of dirty energy. 

Jimmy Carter’s words, said in his cardigan by the fire, are as relevant today as ever: “Twice in the last several hundred years there has been a transition in the way people use energy… we must prepare quickly for a third change, to strict conservation and to the use of . . .  permanent renewable energy sources, like solar power.”


“We must not be selfish or timid if we hope to have a decent world for our children and grandchildren,” he continued. “By acting now, we can control our future instead of letting the future control us.” (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on September 19, 2015, 11:04:43 pm

Great speech by Senator Sanders!  (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on February 12, 2016, 09:47:51 pm
Sanders rakes in $5.2 million in post-primary appeal (

Feb. 11, 2016, 3:30 pm by Jasper Craven
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on February 19, 2016, 06:59:55 pm
'El Viejito' for president: why Latinos in Nevada are switching to Bernie Sanders     (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on May 22, 2016, 07:22:04 pm

The political revolution is not just about electing a president. We need a Congress with members who believe, like Bernie, that we cannot change a corrupt system by taking its money.

So let me introduce you to Tim Canova, a progressive challenger who is running against Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in a Democratic primary in Florida this year.

Tim endorsed Bernie’s presidential campaign, and was inspired to run because of Wasserman Schultz’ support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. His campaign is funded like ours, by lots of people giving small amounts of money.

Thank you for powering this political revolution.

All my best,

Jeff Weaver
 Campaign Manager
 Bernie 2016

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on July 27, 2016, 09:19:08 pm

Global Research, July 27, 2016 Region: USA

In-depth Report: U.S. Elections

Jill, not Hill! Activists in Philadelphia Shift Their Support to Green Party Candidate Jill Stein

By Stephen Lendman

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Announces Her Presidential Run

Activists in Philadelphia’s downtown plaza chanted “Jill, not Hill.”

Jill Stein, presumptive Green Party presidential nominee, a longtime physician/activist, a true populist, wanting her professional skills used to heal a sick nation.

It desperately needs what she can provide, media-supported corrupted duopoly power denying her the chance to become president by virtually ignoring her candidacy, opposing what she stands for.

She remains redoubtable and heroic, her progressive agenda what the world needs now, genuinely supporting:

◾world peace and disarmament;

◾democratic values;

◾the inviolability of rule of law principles;

◾universal healthcare and education as fundamental human rights;

◾living wages for all working Americans;

◾green, clean energy;

◾popular interests served over monied ones;

◾electoral reform free from today’s money-controlled process; along with

◾real social justice and revolutionary change

Seeking support in Philadelphia, she accurately accused Clinton of “backstabbing” Sanders by now exposed electoral rigging, urging his supporters to back her, saying “(m)y campaign is here.”

She’s an advocate for progressive change. Perhaps “Never Hillary” activists will give her enough votes to prevent a 2nd Clinton co-presidency – the top political priority above all others.

Her revolutionary spirit is real. Her message is “Americans deserve real solutions for the economic, social and environmental crises we face. But the broken political system is only making things worse.”

“It’s time to build a people’s movement to end unemployment and poverty; avert climate catastrophe; build a sustainable, just economy; and recognize the dignity and human rights of every person.”

“The power to create this new world is not in our hopes; it’s not in our dreams – it’s in our hands.”

Jill is a longtime physician, a mother, activist and organizer, a pioneer advocate for environmental health, a promoter of healthy communities, a fighter for peace, equity and justice so desperately needed.

Imagine America led by someone with her dedication for people over profits, assuring enforcement of human and civil rights, a distinguished woman of principle and honor – polar opposite duopoly choices.

I’m proud to support an eminently qualified candidate for president, a dedicated woman, saying “(w)e can build a better future together” and meaning it.  (

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Visit his blog site at

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright © Stephen Lendman, Global Research, 2016

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on July 27, 2016, 10:24:34 pm
Jill Stein: ‘The Floodgates Opened Into Our Campaign’ After Sanders Endorsed Clinton (Video)
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on October 28, 2016, 02:15:11 pm
Visualizing the U.S.-Mexico Border (

Josh Begley

October 26 2016, 12:57 p.m.

In partnership with FIELD OF VISION (

What does the southern border of the United States look like? (  (   (

For all the talk of “securing the border” and “building a wall,” there is surprisingly little visual material that conveys just how vast this stretch of space is.

In total, the U.S.-Mexico border spans 1,954 miles. According to Google Maps, it would take 34 hours to drive its entire length. In places, there already is a border fence — more than 650 miles of it. Pushed and pulled by various forces, some 1 million people are estimated to pass through the official ports of entry every day.

But what does the geography of this landscape look like? Is it industrial? Desolate? Populated? All of the above?  ( (   ???  (

Using the geographic coordinates of the international boundary line, in addition to location data for the existing border fence (which has been mapped by journalists at NPR and the Center for Investigative Reporting), I wrote a small computer script to download satellite imagery for the entire border.

I ended up with about 200,000 images.  :o

Using a command-line tool called ffmpeg, I programmatically stitched the images together, and then worked with Laura Poitras and her team at Field of Vision to edit them into a short film. Jace Clayton, the artist and author known as DJ /rupture, developed an original score for the piece.

Rivers of Data

Borders begin as fictions. They are performed. They are lines drawn in the sand, spaces that bend and break and make exceptions for certain kinds of bodies.

But borders are made real by the policies built around them. The fact that borders are performed does not make them any less real. The border is quite literally what gives the nation its shape.

One way the border is performed — particularly the southern border of the United States — can be understood through the lens of data collection. In the border region, along the Rio Grande and westward through the desert Southwest, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) deploys radar blimps, drones, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, seismic sensors, ground radar, face recognition software, license-plate readers, and high-definition infrared video cameras. Increasingly, they all feed data back into something called “The Big Pipe.”

As my colleague Roger Hodge reported in 2012, the Big Pipe is “a surveillance network developed by Kenneth Knight, the deputy executive director of national air-security operations for the Office of Air and Marine (OAM), a lesser-known division of CBP that operates the largest law-enforcement air force in the world.”

He continues:

CBP, which encompasses the Border Patrol, has in turn deployed increasingly advanced means not only to scrutinize, search out, and seize an immense stream of drugs and bodies (to use CBP parlance), but also to channel a concomitant river of data — electronic manifests, lists of travelers’ names, dates of entry, and untold terabytes of video footage — all of which must be analyzed, quantified, indexed, and stored.

In thinking about rivers of data, and untold terabytes of video footage, I found myself returning to Rebecca Solnit’s “River of Shadows” — and an idea Trevor Paglen introduced in a series of essays about what he calls “seeing machines.”

Seeing Machines

In his 2014 essay “Geographies of Photography,” Paglen sketched out the role of seeing machines in creating relational geographies capable of collapsing space and time.

Seeing machines create noncontiguous spatial and temporal geometries. They collapse the near into the distant, and the present into the past and future. To illustrate these “relative” geographies of seeing machines, I’ll use the example of a Reaper drone. What exactly is a Reaper drone? In essence, it’s a camera attached to a remote-controlled airplane. Sometimes it carries missiles. What’s particular about a Reaper drone (and other drones in its larger family, including the Predator and the Sentinel) is that airplane, pilot, navigator, analysts, and commander don’t have to be in the same place. The aircraft might be flying a combat mission in Yemen by a pilot based in Nevada, overseen by a manager in Virginia, and supported by intelligence officers in Tampa (geographer Derek Gregory has written about what he calls “Drone Geographies.”) The drone creates its own “relative” geographies, folding several noncontiguous spaces around the globe into a single, distributed, “battlefield.” The folding of space-time that the Reaper drone system enables is a contemporary version of what Marx famously called the “annihilation of space with time,” i.e. the ability to capitalize on the speed of new transportation and communications technologies to bring disparate spaces “closer” together, relatively speaking. Photography has been a part of this space-time annihilation from the start.

Although seeing machines have played a part in the “annihilation of space with time” since the 19th century origins of the phrase, they are increasingly playing a role in creating new relative temporal geographies, perhaps something akin to an “annihilation of time with space.” … There’s every reason to suspect that if the 19th Century saw the annihilation of space with communication and transport technologies, then the 21st Century may see a similarly dramatic reconfiguration of time through persistent monitoring, storage, and analytic technologies that can “reach into the past” in unprecedented ways.

Most of the technologies used to enforce the border, or perform the border, can be understood as “seeing machines.” This film is an attempt to linger on that idea for a moment, and to explore ways of using those technologies — in this case satellites — to better visualize some of the spaces they are enforcing.

Might simply looking at a place that has been so heavily politicized ( — a place abstracted into a sound bite — give a small amount of texture and meaning to a phrase like “build that wall”?  ;)

The southern border is a space that has been almost entirely reduced to metaphor. ( It is not even a geography. ( Part of my intention with this film is to insist on that geography.  ( (

By focusing on the physical landscape, I hope viewers might gain a sense of the enormity of it all, and perhaps imagine what it would mean to be a political subject of that terrain.

Agelbert NOTE: 6 MINUTES of high speed pass over border at link. ANYONE that talks about building a "wall", either electronically or physically, is full of RIGHT WING MENDACITY, DUPLICITY AND RACIST INFLAMING OPPORTUNISTIC MENS REA. (
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Energy| Dec. 04, 2016 05:59PM EST

Standing Rock Celebrates as Army Corps Denies Key Permit, Halts Project (

Stefanie Spear


The Obama Administration and the Army Corps of Engineers officially denied the easement to cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota after a many months-long campaign by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and allies against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Army Corps will undertake an environmental impact statement (EIS) to look at potential alternative routes for the pipeline.

Agelbert NOTE: MUST SEE video of 13 year old courageous Standing Rock Organizer. ( (

Agelbert NOTE: Trump will react accordingly to the news (SEE BELOW). Don't let evil filled people destroy our biosphere.   (

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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( I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump 



DALLAS — I am a Republican presidential elector, one of the 538 people asked to choose officially the president of the United States. Since the election, people have asked me to change my vote based on policy disagreements with Donald J. Trump. In some cases, they cite the popular vote difference. I do not think president-elects should be disqualified for policy disagreements. I do not think they should be disqualified because they won the Electoral College instead of the popular vote. However, now I am asked to cast a vote on Dec. 19 for someone who shows daily he is not qualified for the office.  (

Fifteen years ago, as a firefighter, I was part of the response to the Sept. 11 attacks against our nation. That attack and this year’s election may seem unrelated, but for me the relationship becomes clearer every day.

George W. Bush is an imperfect man, but he led us through the tragic days following the attacks. His leadership showed that America was a great nation. That was also the last time I remember the nation united. I watch Mr. Trump fail to unite America and drive a wedge between us.

Mr. Trump goes out of his way to attack the cast of “Saturday Night Live” for bias. He tweets day and night, but waited two days to offer sympathy to the Ohio State community after an attack there. He does not encourage civil discourse, but chooses to stoke fear and create outrage.

This is unacceptable.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Trump’s Threat to the Constitution



Last week, Mr. Trump commented on Twitter that flag-burning should be punished by jailing and revocation of citizenship. As someone who has served this country, I carry no brief for flag-burners, but I defend their free-speech right to protest — a right guaranteed under the First Amendment. Although I suspect that Mr. Trump’s chief purpose was to provoke his opponents, his action was consistent with the authoritarian playbook he uses.

Mr. Trump also recently inflated his election performance, claiming — without evidence — that he “won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” This, too, is nothing new. Authoritarians often exaggerate their popular support to increase the perception of their legitimacy. But the deeper objective is to weaken the democratic institutions that limit their power. Eroding confidence in voting, elections and representative bodies gives them a freer hand to wield more power.

As a C.I.A. officer, I saw firsthand authoritarians’ use of these tactics around the world. Their profound appetite for absolute power drives their intolerance for any restraint — whether by people, organizations, the law, cultural norms, principles or even the expectation of consistency. For a despot, all of these checks on power must be ignored, undermined or destroyed so that he is all that matters.

Mr. Trump has said that he prefers to be unpredictable because it maximizes his power. During his recent interview with The New York Times, he casually abandoned his fiery calls during the campaign for torture, prosecuting Hillary Clinton and changing libel laws. Mr. Trump’s inconsistencies and provocative proposals are a strategy; they are intended to elevate his importance above all else — and to place him beyond democratic norms, beyond even the Constitution.

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Jon Eagle Sr.

22 hours ago.

I witnessed something powerful and profound today. Wes Clark Jr and the assembled veterans took a knee and collectively asked for forgiveness for the genocide and war crimes committed by the United States Military against tribal nations in this country.

Leksi Leonard Crow Dog on behalf of the tribes in attendance accepted and asked for forgiveness for any hurt that might have been caused June 25, 1876 when the Great Sioux Nation defeated the 7th Cavalry.

The last thing he said to the veterans was, "... and today we forgive and ask for world peace." All the veterans replied in a single unified voice, "WORLD PEACE!!!!"

The Native Veterans filed through the ranks, shaking hands and giving each other hugs. There were a lot of warriors with tears in their eyes.


Veterans at Standing Rock shock tribe members, beg forgiveness for war crimes against tribal nations

By Jen Hayden   

Monday Dec 05, 2016 ·  4:13 PM EST
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Update to today on Hamilton Electors actions

By RWN   

Monday Dec 05, 2016 ·  7:18 PM EST

 498   Comments  (498 New)   

I don’t have much time because I have get back on the phone talking to fellow Republican Electors but I thought best to update you all on the mission.

First thing tomorrow in Colorado (and subsequently other states this week) three of us are going file in Federal District Court a lawsuit seeking relief from  C.R.S. § 1-4-304(5), which is the CO State Statutes that binds us to voting for the winner of the popular vote in Colorado. Link

The lawyers and group have formed a 527 to raise money for such an effort, here is another Link and here.

Hon. Polly Baca is our lead,

Today a Republican Elector came out in the New York Times, I have had a number of personal conversations with him and there is a significant number of others who remain private.

In these conversations with fellow National Electors we have started to come to a consensus that John Kasich appears to be the emerging alternative candidate. Link . That article also introduced the back channel discussions with the Clinton campaign regarding Democratic Electors en masse voting faithless for a Republican alternative.

Colorado Independent summarizes the Colorado delegation, Link (at article link below)

The New Yorker Magazine did a nice piece on the Hamilton Electors, link.

Newsweek published a national op-ed supporting our movement. Link

CSPAN has decided to come to Denver CO on Electoral College day to cover Colorado’s electors. Link

Those are the published reports, what can say privately is that the iceberg is far bigger and deeper below the surface and this Electoral College is definitely in play for the full measure or the Twelfth Amendment.

Texas Elector makes powerful plea to Republican Electors to reject Donald Trump in NY Times OpEd

By Lefty Coaster   

Monday Dec 05, 2016 · 10:07 PM EST

Agelbert NOTE: I posted on this yesterday. I recommend you go to the link to learn how the Trump Brownshirts are already posting the elector's address on the internet and threating him with death.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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What bugs me about Donald Trump as president-elect? The same thing that ought to bother you, too, no matter how you voted last month.

The rules? They are not needed, thank you. They simply don't apply. Not to him…..The truth is, Trump's the one who thinks he is special.

And if Congress doesn't stand up and insist on the rule of law, then who will? Because if we're leaving it up to Trump to decide which rules work for him and which don't, there won't be any rules left by the time he is through.

Trump's pick for the Pentagon shows again the rules don't apply to him; Congress should say no (

Written by Michael A. Lindenberger
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Four things evangelical Trump supporters  (  should keep in mind

Nov 21, 2016 
Written by Terrance Terrance Green, DMN Contributors Network 

While several key voting blocs supported Donald Trump, white evangelicals overwhelmingly supported him, according to exit poll results. 


One reason is because during every presidential election cycle, right-wing Christians misinterpret Scripture to get people to vote Republican, as if Republican is synonymous with God or Christian.

Another reason is because it is easier to claim morality than to acknowledge one's own racism, hatred and misogyny, and actively fight against them. 

As a Jesus-loving, spirit-filled, black man with a Ph.D., I believe that what some evangelicals supported in this election did not make sense.   (

Scripture says that judgment must begin with the household of God, so if we want our nation to heal, then evangelicals need to keep four things in mind:

1. America was first founded on racism and exploitation, not Christian values.

There is nothing Christ-centered about slavery. Period. To persuade people to vote for Trump in the name of "this country was founded on Christian values" is simply wrong. This country was founded on the dehumanization of indigenous peoples who already lived here and on the backs of enslaved Africans. So to say that this is God's nation because of the "founding fathers," who owned enslaved Africans, is misleading.   

2. Jesus is not a Republican or a Democrat.

It amazes me how some evangelicals point to the Republican Party of the 1860s to justify their actions today, as if Republicans did not own enslaved Africans or were not complicit during slavery. Jesus never pledged allegiance to any political party. Rather, Jesus challenged the political, economic and social norms of the times and constantly called to task those with power and advantage. Jesus always sided with those who were systemically oppressed and downtrodden. Today, Jesus would critique Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Democrats, Republicans and all other political parties. However, Jesus would not stop there. To be like Jesus, evangelicals must go beyond what and whom they are against and offer alternative solutions that are truly rooted in Scripture and not political interests.

As Christians, we are all called to do justice with and on behalf of the "least of these," such as the poor, the oppressed, the imprisoned, the widow, and the racially and socially marginalized. Doing justice is not simply a call for more personal responsibility; it calls for a radical transformation of the structures that create these conditions.

3. Evangelicals are not truly pro-life.

If the advocacy for pro-life begins and ends with abortion, then it is not really pro-life. It is a contradiction to be vocal about abortion but silent about police brutality, poverty, mass incarceration and a lack of access to health care that also takes lives. It is sad when evangelicals will pray heaven and earth together to stop abortion, but will look the other way when their sisters and brothers in Christ talk about their lived experiences of racism, hatred and oppression in America. It is also not Christ-like to dehumanize people because of their faith tradition, race, sexuality, gender identity or immigration status. Whether you agree or disagree, we must start from the realization that we were all made in God's image and likeness, and everyone deserves to be treated as a human.

4. Racism functions on many levels, all at the same time, and some evangelicals just supported it.

There is a difference between racism and prejudice. Prejudice is to prejudge someone based on assumptions and limited knowledge. We are all prejudiced. Racism, however, is a system of advantage based on race and whiteness. Although a system, racism also operates on individual, institutional and societal levels. While some people may not engage in overt acts of racial hatred, when they support a candidate who campaigned with ideologies and rhetoric that disadvantage people of color and whom the Ku Klux Klan endorsed, then that is racism.

This is not to condemn evangelicals, but to challenge my fellow Christians to live like the Christ they proclaim. There can be no healing in this nation without acknowledging people's pain and working to remedy that pain — which is what Christ would have wanted all of us to do.

Terrance Green is an assistant professor of educational administration at the University of Texas at Austin.
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N.Y. Times throws a lifeline to sinking Hamilton Electors movement

By arodb

Wednesday Dec 07, 2016 · 12:52 PM EST

COMMENT by arodb:

If this were to work, if so called "faithless Electors" were to be faithful to the principles of the Constitution, we can avoid the specter of President Trump alone with Mike Flynn, and perhaps his son who tweets of Hillary's pedo phile ring, deciding among themselves the fate of the world.

Hamilton in Federalist 68 saw Electors as preventing one with: "Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, (which) may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors .... but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union (of Electors), or of so considerable a portion of it as would be necessary to make him a successful candidate for the distinguished office of President of the United States. "

Over the last fifty six elections we've never experienced one so brilliantly attuned to popular resentment combined with mastery of the effectiveness of playing the part of a courageous iconoclast - with such rapid-fire fictive calumny that less bombastic media couldn't keep up, nor was the opposition up to the game that was played --- which had little to do choosing the most responsible carrier of the torch of this esteemed position.

This is the exception, the rare event when a chain of accidents requires that those who had become a conduit for the people's choice, revert to what is enshrined in our Constitution. This unique use will not destroy democracy, but preserve it.

There is a certain dark irony to the fact that a system designed to prevent the people from choosing an unqualified demagogue has resulted in the election of an unqualified demagogue not chosen by the people. -- Scott Lemieux

The fundamental problem reformers face is that the two Electoral College malfunctions in the past 16 years have both benefitted Republicans. Had John Kerry gotten 150,000 more votes in Ohio in 2004, he would have won the presidency without winning the popular vote, and a sequence in which each party got stiffed in turn might have created the necessary bipartisan consensus to change a bad system. But with one party clearly benefitting from the Electoral College, getting rid of it will be impossible.

In the meantime, the Democrats need to emphasize that Donald Trump was not the people’s choice. Paul Ryan has already claimed a mandate for a radical and deepoly unpopular policy agenda. More people voted for Clinton’s agenda, which should be a good reason for Democrats to unite in opposition to put pressure on wavering Republicans in the Senate. The Democratic Party cannot normalize the Trump administration. Trump’s popular vote loss is a perfect way of illustrating his incompatibility with norms of American governance.

The Electoral College, tilting the playing field in favor of a party increasingly hostile to racial minorities has the regrettable effect of shielding it from reform in the next few years.
But Hillary Clinton got more votes than Donald Trump: That is an undisputable and politically significant fact that progressives need to point out to the American public early and often. -- Scott Lemieux

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 December 11, 2016

Anti-( (
 March in Baltimore

 Protests against Donald Trump's visit to Baltimore to attend the Army Navy game on December 10, 2016 - TRNN's Facebook Live
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  December 15, 2016

The People's Tribunal on the Iraq War, Day One:

Chris Hedges, the former Middle East bureau chief of the New York Times discusses his reporting on Iraq in the 90's and the horrific human suffering that followed the 2003 invasion.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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January 3, 2017

"It was out of love that the Black Panther Party was started"  (

Executive Producer Eddie Conway  ( interviews Ericka Huggins ( the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party. Huggins is a former political prisoner and was one of the central leaders of The Black Panthers.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Dr. Jill Stein covers ALL the bases on the present Duopoly (Democrats+Republicans) Corruption, provides history and explains the solution to each corruption based problem that would open the way for the will of we-the-people to become reality. (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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"The Democratic Party Can't Just Whisper Sweet Nothings Anymore" - Nina Turner ( on RAI (1/4)

Published on Jan 16, 2017

On Reality Asserts Itself, Nina Turner, former Ohio State Senator and leading Bernie Sanders surrogate during the primary, tells host Paul Jay that she grew up poor, believing in the Democratic Party and the Clintons but she came to understand the failure of the Party to serve the needs of the African-American community and poor white workers.
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Agelbert Comment: Governor Scott of  Vermont, a Republican with Principles  :o  ;D, is showing Courage in the face of Trump Fascism. I applaud Governor Scott!  (

Scott promises to fight Trump orders (

Jan. 31, 2017, 5:10 am by Adam Federman and Morgan True


RUTLAND — Vermont leaders say they will push back against President Donald Trump’s executive order closing the borders to people from seven Muslim nations.

Republican Gov. Phil Scott, Congressman Peter Welch, D-Vt., and T.J. Donovan, the Vermont attorney general, say the order is immoral and possibly unconstitutional.

Scott issued a strongly worded rebuke of the president’s order suspending the nation’s refugee resettlement program for 120 days and indefinitely barring Syrian refugees from entering the country.

He spoke in Rutland on Monday where up to 100 refugees from Syria and Iraq were to be settled in the coming weeks. Trump’s ban indefinitely halts the resettlement of refugees in Rutland until the federal government determines that their admission is “consistent with the national interest.” The first two families arrived earlier this month, but officials say they may now be the last.

Scott said that he held a special meeting with his Cabinet on Sunday to discuss measures his administration can take to protect the rights of all Vermonters, including refugees.

“We’re going to push back,” Scott said. “I just don’t think it’s right. I don’t think it’s acceptable. It’s not who we are as Vermonters, it’s not who we are as Americans. And I think we should be more accepting. I think this infringes upon our constitutional right.”

Trump’s order bars entry to green card holders from Sudan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Somalia, Iraq and Yemen, all of which are predominantly Muslim countries, from entering the United States for 90 days, during which time the Department of Homeland Security and State Department will review the visa adjudication program.

In a statement issued late afternoon Monday, Scott said his administration would not enter into agreements that ask governors or local officials to carry out immigration enforcement functions. He underscored that law enforcement officials in Vermont would not be asked to perform any duties that “may ultimately be deemed unconstitutional” and also suggested that his office, in coordination with the Vermont Attorney General and other states, would be exploring a legal challenge to the orders under the Fourth Amendment and the 10th Amendment. Scott also called for the creation of a Civil Rights and Criminal Justice Cabinet to review and monitor the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Scott said the president’s executive order crossed legal and ethical lines, and he took exception to the withholding of federal money from states that refuse to enforce Trump’s new immigration policies.

He applauded federal courts that issued emergency injunctions allowing green card holders to enter the country. The injunctions temporarily prevented the government from deporting refugees and immigrants who had arrived at U.S. airports last weekend.

Scott deflected a question about whether he thought the order was a Muslim ban, as many critics have characterized it, but said that wasn’t the important point.

“I just feel whether you’re Muslim or Christian it doesn’t matter,” Scott said. “We have an obligation to help.”


Scott Administration Actions

The Scott administration is taking the following steps “to defend and protect the Constitution, and the civil rights and safety of all Vermonters”:

1. The Governor has directed his legal counsel to coordinate with the Vermont Attorney General’s office – and other states – to assess the constitutionality of the executive orders, specifically the impact of the broad policy proclamations contained in the border security and immigration enforcement orders on the Fourth and Tenth Amendments, for the purpose of exploring a legal challenge to the orders.

2. The Governor will immediately convene a Civil Rights and Criminal Justice Cabinet, charged with further review of the Executive Orders. The Civil Rights and Criminal Justice Cabinet will identify areas that are not in compliance with current state or Constitutional law and make recommendations to the Governor. This Cabinet will include the Governor’s legal counsel, Secretary of Human Services, Secretary of Agriculture, Commissioner of Public Safety, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Senate Pro Tem, House Speaker, State’s Attorneys Office Executive Director, Defender General, a mayor designated by the Vermont Mayor’s Coalition, and representative leaders from the Vermont Association of Chiefs of Police, and Vermont Sheriffs’ Association.

3. The Governor will elect not to enter the agreements suggested under the border security and immigration enforcement orders, which ask Governors and local officials to carry out immigration enforcement functions. Further, he will seek legislation and support from lawmakers to prohibit local officials from entering such agreements with the Federal government. This action will not prohibit law enforcement officers’ ability to uphold the law, but it will ensure they are not carrying out additional actions under the executive order that may ultimately be deemed unconstitutional or infringe on the rights of Vermonters or the rights of Vermont as a sovereign State.

 4. The Administration is reaching out to the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security for further clarification on each of these orders, and how they relate to Vermont’s sizable refugee and immigrant populations.

5. The Administration is coordinating with refugee program administrators and stakeholders within impacted industries to keep them informed on its efforts, address concerns, and communicate impact.

jan van eck  ( 12 hours 58 minutes ago

It would appear that Trump’s NSA is rapidly morphing into Kommissariat 5 of the Geheimstadtspolitzei, Ministerium fur Staatssicherheit der DDR. And that will continue until the NSA is abolished, either by the Congress or by a “V” for Vendetta type reaction of the population. You now have some 145,000 personnel doing spying on everyone else, at a cost of some $65 Billion a year of your scarce taxpayer dollars.

So you have to ask yourself: how is it that the nation of Americans, the one social group on the planet that has for centuries so zealously guarded religious liberties going back to the days of Roger WIlliams and Ben Franklin, end up electing someone who seeks to (very rapidly) convert the entire country into an internment camp?   (

There is something seriously wrong with this man.    (

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on February 10, 2017, 02:13:44 pm
Email from Senator Sanders
February 10, 2017

Dear Mr. Gelbert:

Thank you for contacting me regarding President Donald Trump’s nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions to serve as Attorney General. I voted against his confirmation because I do not believe the American people can trust Sessions to uphold the values of our Constitution as Attorney General.

For years, there have been very worrisome allegations about Session’s views on race.  In fact, in 1986, a Senate committee denied him a federal judgeship precisely because of those concerns.  Given his record, I continue to have deep reservations about his commitment to upholding the civil rights of all Americans.

I also have serious concerns about Sessions’ record on privacy and government surveillance. He has strongly supported the USA PATRIOT Act, which I believe gives the government far too much power to spy on innocent United States citizens, with little to no oversight or disclosure.

Moreover, I do not believe Sessions will provide the leadership we need to reform our broken criminal justice system.  At a time when there are 2.2 million people incarcerated in the U.S., causing an immense burden for taxpayers, we need sentencing reforms to reduce our incarcerated population and drive down recidivism rates. Unfortunately, Sessions has repeatedly opposed efforts to reduce sentences for nonviolent crimes, and opposes reentry programs for offenders.

Lastly, Sessions has opposed nearly every immigration bill that has come before the Senate that has included a path to citizenship for immigrants.  The Attorney General has significant discretion in the application of immigration laws, and I am deeply concerned that he will pursue policies that will tear families and communities apart. 

The Justice Department has the responsibility of enforcing the laws of our nation, including such bedrock principles as protecting the right to vote, shielding citizens from discrimination, and standing up for civil liberties. Sessions’ record does not reassure me that he will strongly enforce those principles. For those reasons and more, I voted no on his nomination to be Attorney General of the United States. 

Thank you again for contacting me, and please feel free to stay in touch about this or any other subject of interest to you.  For up-to-date information on what I am working on, please sign-up for my e-newsletter, the Bernie Buzz, at


United States Senator

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Agelbert NOTE: A Christian who actually walks the talk is a rare, but welcome  (, sight in today's Apostate Christian U.S. Church (


Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Populist Coalition Beats Back Chevron in California Refinery Town  (

 Sunday, February 12, 2017 

By Mark Karlin, Truthout | Interview


Can progressive coalitions unite around common interests to successfully battle powerful foes?
   ( Yes is the answer, as this interview with Steve Early about his book Refinery Town reveals.

Mark Karlin: What are the demographics of Richmond, California, and its contrast to its neighbors, such as Berkeley?

Steve Early: Richmond is a blue-collar city of 110,000, just a few miles from Berkeley. It is 80 percent non-white. About 40 percent of its population is Latino, 30 percent African American, and 10 percent Asian. Nearly one-fifth of its families live at or near the poverty line. It has the lowest median income of 101 cities in the nine-county Bay Area and Latino family income is about $5,000 a year less than that citywide figure.

It's definitely not a university town, like Berkeley. It's been a city of industry for more than a century, growing up around a railhead and ferry to San Francisco, a Standard Oil refinery and a port area that included, during World War II, a Kaiser shipyard employing 100,000 workers.

What is the role of Chevron and the Chevron refinery in Richmond politics?

Until the early 21st century, Richmond City Hall and municipal politics were dominated by Chevron (nee Standard Oil). Big Oil is Richmond's largest employer and a reliable patron of old-guard Democrats, Black or white, eager to do its bidding. Chevron's political partners have included the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and local manufacturers' association, various developers, the building trades, and often, equally conservative public safety unions.

In the last three election cycles alone, Chevron, its labor allies -- and other big special interests -- spent more than $7 million trying to elect business-friendly candidates and defeat activists who are trying to make their city safer, cleaner, greener and more equitable for all its residents. Chevron's tendency to put production and profit ahead of workplace safety, community health and the future of the planet provides no shortage of issues to organize around between elections. Thanks to their year-round, non-electoral work, candidates fielded by the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) have won 10 out of the 16 municipal races they have entered since 2004.

What is the Richmond Progressive Alliance, and why should it be a role model for progressives?


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Uncomfortable truths: The role of slavery and the slave trade in building northern wealth

By Denise Oliver Velez

# blackhistorymonth  # blackwomen  # CivilRights  # TeachingResources  # VotingRights 

"If you're in a coalition and you're comfortable, you know it's not a broad enough coalition." Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon
Sunday Feb 12, 2017 ·  9:00 AM EST


The Rev. James Rowe describes her statue, which he sees on his early morning jog:

She is carrying two heavy jugs, one of liquor and one of molasses, back from the Rondout Creek area where she would have purchased them for her owner who ran the local Jug Tavern. The statue is beautiful, but it is not pretty. Her clothing is a rag of a dress, her feet bare, her back showing the scars of beatings, and in the predawn light I can almost see the determination in her eyes set toward freedom.

He muses about his white privilege in the land of Sojourner’s slavery.

And as my predawn runs and ministry take me along these historic and ancestral streets alive with ghosts, I cannot help but wonder occasionally how my life would have turned out if my ancestors had been Mohegan instead of white settlers or slaves instead of free. I say occasionally because as a white, male, cisgender person I have the privilege to be able to not think about such things because who I am as considered the norm for our society. And not thinking or speaking about these things is the preferred societal, "normal" thing to do. [b\When I talk about my white privilege in my predominately white privileged world, I get pushback from others.[/b]

That pushback likely comes from those to whom any mention of privilege makes them uncomfortable—or is received as an affront, and not merely a fact of life. Hopefully, the sight of young Isabella pushes other viewers to introspection.

Lengthy article with many historical facts about how the yankees in New England profited from slavery that you may not know about.
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 February 16, 2017

A Day Without Immigrants: Thousands Hold Boycotts and Demonstrations Against Trump

We bring you the voices of some of the thousands who are refusing to work, go to school, and shop and instead are rallying against raids and deportations carried out by the Trump administration
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Chat With DNC Chair Candidate Sam Ronan  (

Published on Feb 12, 2017

Sam Ronan is making waves throughout the progressive community. He's the only DNC Chair candidate to unequivocally denounce the DNC's bias and sabotage of Bernie Sanders' campaign. Additionally, most of his ideals are in line with the Justice Democrats' platform. In this segment, Mike chats with Sam Ronan about the DNC, its bias against Bernie, specific DNC policies, lobbyist contributions, and more. Enjoy!

Learn More About Sam Ronan:
Sam Ronan's Twitter:
Sam Ronan's Facebook:
DNC Roster (Tell Them to Support Sam Ronan):
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Agelbert note: Begin at around 8:53 on the video.
Global Capitalism: Nationalism and Scapegoating Foreigners [FEBRUARY 2017]

Global Capitalism, Monthly Economic Update:
“Nationalism and Scapegoating Foreigners”
with Richard D. Wolff
Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work,
Left Forum & Judson Memorial Church

Wednesday, February 08, 2017 at 7:30pm
Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall
239 Thompson Street at Washington Square

These programs begin with 30 minutes of short updates on important economic events of the last month, then Wolff analyzes several major economic issues. This month, these issues include:

1. The economics of tearing up treaties (like TPP, Nafta, NATO, etc.);
2. The economics of global interdependence (China, Mexico, Europe etc.); and
3. The economics of immigration.

When time permits, we open the floor to questions and comments. Our goal: to develop all participants’ understanding and ability to explain current economic events and trends to others.

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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February 19, 2017

Pope Francis Calls for Broad Front Against Tyranny and Savage Capitalism

Matthew Fox and Paul Jay discuss the Pope's message to social movements and comparing the European far right and the rise of Trump to Hitler (1/2)

The currently prevailing “law of the jungle”, causing the atmosphere to be overused in terms of the deposition of carbon ad infinitum, is thus de-legitimized by the Pope.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on February 20, 2017, 12:36:36 pm
February 20, 2017

Steve Bannon  ( Allies with Catholic Theo-Fascism Against Pope Francis (2/2)

Matthew Fox says Pope Francis is fighting against the fascist Catholic order Opus Dei and has demoted an American right-wing cardinal
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on February 23, 2017, 08:29:43 pm
Celebrating the First Black Female Zoologist   (

Posted On February 23, 2017 by Marja Diaz

Howard University is just down the street. As a historically black college in Washington D.C., Howard’s been churning out incredible role models like Kamala Harris (Attorney General of California), Toni Morrison (Nobel Prize for literature) and Taraji P. Henson (star of Hidden Figures, and also your favorite character on Empire).

Besides releasing class upon class of bad-ass black alumnus, Howard was also home to a trailblazer in the conservation field:  Roger Arliner Young, the first African American woman to earn a doctorate degree in Zoology.

I may be a bit biased, considering her name graces the title of my fellowship, the same one dedicated to increasing diversity in the rapidly changing face of conservation. Regardless, Young is an inspiration, because being the first is hard. But it can be even harder as a woman, and a woman of African American decent, pursuing a zoology degree in the 1920’s.

So who exactly was Ms. Young?
Roger Arliner Young

Roger Arliner Young grew up in Pennsylvania, earning her way into Howard University in 1916 to study music. However, under the wing of a prominent black biologist named Ernest Everett Just, she pursued animal biology.

Like any true underdog story, her time there was not easy. She struggled with grades, dealt with mental health problems and later became the sole supporter of her ailing mother. But Young faced her demons and graduated in 1923 with a B.S. in Zoology, went on to teach at Howard and even earned a Master’s in Zoology from the University of Chicago. Although she worked and researched with Just for many years at Howard, her name never appeared as a coauthor on any of his publications.

Then, in 1924 she published her first article, “On the excretory apparatus in Paramecium” in the journal Science (still one of the most revered journals today), making her the first African-American woman to research and publish in this field.

Her Ph.D. came later, and Young earned a doctorate in Zoology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1940. Throughout her time as a scientist, she focused on marine organisms, conducting research on everything from radiation effects on sea urchin eggs to hydration and dehydration of living cells.

In honor of Black History Month, it’s important to both celebrate the accomplishments of pioneers like Young, and acknowledge the difficulties in their paths that paved the way for ours. And although this progress continues, there is still much work to be done in diversifying the field of conservation.

Today, climate change and increasing environmental stressors disproportionately affect communities of color. From Standing Rock to continued coastal flooding in Louisiana, we see climate change, sea level rise and pollution hurting communities we should be fighting with and for to protect.

Issues like these highlight the need for leaders of color in conservation. And to ensure that regardless of gender, race, class, religion or background everyone’s voices are heard equally.

Fortunately, organizations like Ocean Conservancy are committed to this change, working to increase diversity throughout environmental organizations with the RAY—Roger Arliner Young—Marine Conservation Diversity Fellowship, a program dedicated to supporting emerging leaders in marine conservation.

As a woman of color amidst the end of black history month and the rapidly approaching kickoff of International Women’s Day in March, I couldn’t be more proud to celebrate Roger Arliner Young, and the slew of diverse leaders headed this way.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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( Pedro Viloria

“First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the officer and her family during this difficult time. I think I speak for our McDonald’s family when I say how proud we are of Pedro.( He is an excellent employee, so it didn’t surprise me that he took immediate action and jumped through a window to help save this woman.  And he was not the only member of the team that played a pivotal role in ensuring she received the medical attention she needed. A second employee, who asked to remain unnamed, assisted with CPR. Their quick thinking and action were everything in that moment.”

CBS News/ March 15, 2017, 2:37 PM

McDonald's employee jumps through drive-thru window to help officer

Agelbert NOTE: This is the type of news that will make it rather difficult for the Fascists in the Trump Wrecking Crew to demonize latinos and other minorities. The propagandized Trump followers, even the red neck racists, will soon realize that all the xenophobic BALONEY from the Trump/Bannon wrecking crew is just a divide and conquer distraction from their 24/7 looting of the public coffers on behalf of the fossil fuel industry fascists.

We-the-people of the planet earth are all one people. Those who would try to make us fight each other on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, culture, color or creed are the only enemies we have to worry about.

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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May 24, 2017

Nina Turner on Bitter Fight in California Democratic Party

Nina Turner says Kimberly Ellis's loss to a Clinton democrat for chair of the state party by only 62 votes shows strength of Sanders movement, but makes clear corporate democrats won't give progressive an inch for the sake of "unity"
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Senate Democrats' anti-Trumpcare ad will leave you stunned

By Keith Pickering 

Saturday Jun 10, 2017 · 2:07 PM EDT

ust a quick post to let you see the new anti-AHCA put out by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC). Stunning brilliance in thirty seconds, without a single word spoken.

Here it is, “The Price” :

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on July 16, 2017, 08:26:34 pm
Randy Bryce, Working Man Gone Viral, on His Bid to Beat Paul Ryan   (


A Wisconsin union ironworker’s plan to oust the House speaker: “I don’t need a law degree. I don’t need a doctorate. I have ears to listen.”

EXCELLENT must read article:  (

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Remembering Dick Gregory  (

Aug. 21, 2017 4:30 pm

Thom remembers his friend, the late Dick Gregory the activist and comedian who made his audience conscious through humor. A personal friend of Thom and the program, Dick Gregory passed away over the weekend after a lifetime of fighting for justice and a lifetime of laughs.

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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November 8, 2017
Progressives Win on Election Day  ( , Can they Win the Democratic Party?

Progressives scored big Election Day victories, but for Trump to be defeated, they need to win control of the Democratic Party, says Jeff Cohen, author, professor, and co-editor of "Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis"
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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The People Have Spoken, Healthcare Is For Everyone (w/Guest Jonathan Schleifer)    (

Thom is joined by Jonathan Schleifer of the Fairness Project to discuss expanding medicare by ballot initiative, are other states going to do the same and can this lead to single payer?

Thom Hartmann Nov. 8, 2017 2:30 pm

It Doesn't Cost Billionaires ( Anything To Oppress You

Thom Hartmann Nov. 8, 2017

Capitalism Creates This Kind Of Tragedy (w/Guest Richard Wolff) (

Thom is joined by friend of the show Richard Wolff to discuss how capitalism leads to tragedy like the one we see in America every single day.

Thom Hartmann Nov. 8, 2017
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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NOV 08, 2017

Democrats Defeat GOP With 'Blue Wave' in Crucial Elections (


A giant blue wave swept 2017’s most important state elections Tuesday as Democrats won governors’ races in Virginia and New Jersey.

Moreover, in a feat some analysts did not think was possible, early returns showed Democrats on the verge of taking control of Virginia’s House of Delegates, its lower chamber, in a state that the GOP gerrymandered in 2011 to create a red super-majority.

Read more GREAT news!
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on November 21, 2017, 01:33:10 pm



Seattle’s new Democracy Voucher Program is reducing the power of big money and giving everyday people a bigger voice in local elections, according to initial analysis of the system in this year’s municipal elections by the Seattle-based Win/Win Network and national money-in-politics reform group Every Voice Center.

In 2015, Seattle voters overwhelmingly approved the Honest Elections Seattle ballot initiative by a 63 percent to 37 percent vote to create the first-in-the-nation Democracy Voucher Program.

In 2017, the program went into effect for the first time, distributing four $25 Democracy Vouchers to every Seattle resident for use in two at-large city council races and the contest for city attorney. The program will expand to other races including the race for mayor in future election cycles.

To qualify to spend the vouchers, candidates agreed to only accept small donations of $250 or less, raise a threshold number of small contributions, gather signatures, and agree to limit their campaign spending. Use of the program was widespread in 2017, with 13 out of the 17 candidates in the primary election agreeing to participate, and six of them meeting the qualification requirements to redeem the vouchers. Five out of the six contestants in these races who advanced to the general election ran using Democracy Vouchers.

As the following analysis details, Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program is achieving its intended goals by generating historic numbers of new and small donors, diversifying the makeup of campaign supporters to better reflect the people of Seattle, and limiting the reliance on big money in local elections.

Using data currently available, our initial analysis of the 2017 election surfaced these key findings:

•    At least 25,000 Seattle residents—a historic number—participated as campaign donors in this election cycle, three times the roughly 8,200 residents who donated to candidates in 2013.

•    As of publication, more than 18,000 Seattle residents gave nearly 70,000 Democracy Vouchers to 2017 candidates, and more Democracy Vouchers are likely to be received before the December 1 deadline.

•    An estimated 84 percent of this election cycle’s Seattle donors were new donors—about 20,900 individuals who had not contributed to city candidates in the 2015 or 2013 cycles. Among these new donors, 71 percent were voucher donors.

•    Contrasting voucher donors to city council and city attorney candidates with cash donors to mayoral candidates in 2017, Democracy Voucher donors better reflected Seattle’s population including young people, women, people of color, and less affluent residents.

•    Candidates in races eligible for Democracy Vouchers relied less on big money. Instead, 87 percent of the support for their campaigns came from small donations of $250 or less and Democracy Vouchers. By contrast, small donations accounted for just 48 percent of the money backing candidates for city council and city attorney in the 2013 elections.

Full pdf:

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Agelbert NOTE: Cornel West tells it like it IS! (

"WHY YOU GOTTA DEFEND A LIAR, MAN?!" Philosopher Cornel West DESTROYS Trump Lackey Paris Dennard


Dose of Dissonance

Published on Aug 15, 2017

During a CNN panel debate on "Anderson Cooper 360," philosopher Cornel West brilliantly destroys Trump lackey & former Bush staffer Paris Dennard for defending Donald Trump's lies!
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Agelbert NOTE: Phil Donahue is a man who broke through all the brain washing LIES he was spoon fed as a child BECAUSE he tirelessly searched for and accepted the TRUTH, no matter how uncomfortable it was for him to incorporate into his world view.  ( ( (

This TRNN replay is must viewing for anyone who thinks trusting the State they grew up in is "objective" and "reasonable". Trusting the State is the path to dictatorship. Flag waving fools (i.e. 'my country right or wrong' ( are precisely the people that have been suckered into defending the fascist destruction of what little democracy we have left in the USA. (

If you feel comfortable with today's U.S. Government foreign and domestic corporate plunder and pillage based polices, you will not escape the cruelty that those policies have visited on others. You are only fooling yourself to think you will never be the target of corporate government profit over people and planet mayhem simply because you are "white" and economically well off. Your Government encouraged empathy deficit behavior, cleverly labelled by the Orwellian Propaganda Machine as "patriotism", will eventually boomerang on you and yours. Stop letting greed destroy our country. Stop being stupid. Stop ruining the future of your offspring. Start admitting you have been wrong. Then, and only then, we just might get through this. Otherwise, your selfishness will be key to the destruction of everything decent about human society. You have been warned. (


September 30, 2014

The Radicalization of Phil Donahue - Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)

Mr. Donahue says he believed he was blessed, living in the greatest country on earth - but through hosting his show, speaking to people like Chomsky and the Black Panthers, he came to question what he had thought was true

October 2, 2014

Corporate Media is Destroying Democracy - Phil Donahue on Reality Asserts Itself (2/3)

Mr. Donahue says that corporate media doesn't rock the boat, it is the boat

October 3, 2014

Whistle Blowers, Dissenters, and Progressives are the Patriots - Phil Donahue on RAI (3/3)

On Reality Asserts Itself Mr. Donahue says we are a nation of laws, until we are scared;

Logic is the enemy and truth is a menace. (
Title: Re: Progress Reports: Petition to White House (for Sept 2015 Delivery)
Post by: AGelbert on November 28, 2017, 01:50:59 pm

The petition failed, but I hope some good people woke up because of it.  ( I continue to advocate for a viable biosphere.

I am a Green Leaf Star American.


Mr. Ferdinand Puttinger, Austria
Jun 16, 18:29
# 32
Please Let`s be AWARE: At pre our AGE of exciting scientific discoveries is opening to us the unbelievable view on amazing interrelations between the complex appearances of whole evolution since big bang, from atomic properties to dimensions of boundless universe, but we HUMANS want to give preferences to commercial-driven short-dated and destructive influences, which will change eart`s face irreversible! This is an enormous SELFISH and self-inflicted behavior, because comming generations will never more have the chance to see the unharmed diversity of nature`s uniqueness. If we still prefer to be focused mainly on ongoing excessive economic track, we will always AGAIN come to the same frustrating conclusion that we don`t really move forward to future`s urgently needed solutions! AND It`s the most Appaling witness of Mankind`s incredible DULLNESS which appears as Paranoiac Schizophrenia Behavior of Everyone: We applaud loudly when sciences have found some indications of life in archaeological discoveries on other planets, but we Humans want to continue destroying stubbornly our wonderful multifarious & precious EARTH only for selfish whims of greedy & short dated economic interests. Why is sophisticated Mankind not able to interrupt this strange behavior by aid of Politics & Politicians? Politicians should not only promise to strive for enduring environmental CHANGE at each election. They should finally indeed implement effectively Measures for promised CHANGE! Comprehensive Technical Equipement for Global realisation of GREEN economics is already available at promising competitive Level. Therefore it`s time for CHANGE if Humans want to SURVIVE, because nature is reflecting already Human`s thoughtless behaviour in an unfavorable reaction to compensate our FATEFUL influence, what will limit the scope considerable for our greedy lifestyle and therefore also for economic`s generous revenues in near future! AND WHY is mankind not able to accept that he is only part of Evolution and Not it`s RULER? Up to now science has revealed unimaginable interrelations for deeper Insights into viewable and invisible kinds of Existences in whole Universe. Not only to get amazing Knowledge about these existences, but also to widen our cognition for being able to Perceive our Marginal Role in this Universe. We should learn to be DEVOTED into our marginal being in contrast to overwhelming and generous appearance of unique Universe. Being Thankful and Compassionate to all beings means to recognise our esial Relatedness to all forms of appearances in Universe, but specially to those of our precious Earth. And practising Devotion to our marginal being could make us really Great and being generous to all Nature`s Creatures. This devotion could change us to a New Mental existence, feeling Spiritual Kinship to nature`s beings, what is finally everything what Universe has created since its Big Bang. To be Honestly Thankful for all being`s existence let us feel Pure relationship to all Universe`s appearances and creates desire for treating them Carefully. Awareness of ient beings evolved in Dialog with Universe`s appearances and relies for its education into individual being`s Consciousness furthermore on esial Stimulus of ambient outside world. Therefore our relationship to all Universe`s appearances is evident. If we are tasting our being with all our precious Senses and being Thankful for this Great Gift, we really practise truthful Devotion and want no more longer ask ourselves how great is our role in the face of boundless Universe. This means being Aware of our Awareness and creates Loving Attitude. Such a mental attitude wants let also disappear borders of Religious Denominations. INDEED whole Humankind belongs to one and Universal Spirit of LOVE and COMPASSION, so Let us Be compassionate and give Love to all Nature`s Creatures. Or in other Words & More Clearly: We should Not let RULE our EGO, because Ego based Behavior cannot be satisfied and wants finally destroy its environment only for short moments of feeling Saturated! Thank you for your worthy Attention & Efforts. Kindest regards, AUSTRIA / Europe.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on November 28, 2017, 10:42:49 pm

November 28, 2017

Mostly-White Knoxville Elects Indian American Socialist to City Council   (

DSA Member Seema Singh Perez discusses her election to City Council in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on December 01, 2017, 06:42:47 pm
What Corporate Media ( is NOT Showing You

Agelbert NOTE:
Dan  ( believes the Kochroaches should not assume they have won yet.


Well, so far their victory calibration is not going as they want because the party of NO can't seem to agree on how to screw the people over and is not actually passing the money grab they Bribed the GOP to give them.

Healthcare failed to go through and the tax cuts for the rich are being seen for what it is.

People are waking up and the GOP is realizing that they can't hold office if they keep trying to pass laws with approval ratings in the teens.

The result of this current Congress and administration is going to be voters voting in the most progressive choices they have in 2018 and 2020. The resistance is here and getting noticed.

The main stream media isn't covering it but they had to drag protesters out of the Senate hearing an arrest then for protesting in front of their senators. How many senators do you think want to have their voters arested in protest against the laws they are voting for?

The people are waking up and change is coming.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on December 05, 2017, 08:35:07 pm

December 5, 2017

A Green New Deal for Washington State

Trump may be leading the US backwards on developing a Green Economy but a new study by the Political Economy Research Institute at UMass, says Washington State can pave the way to a New Green Deal. Prof. Robert Pollin and AFL-CIO Labor leader in Washington State discusses the study and the possibilities. Link to report (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on December 08, 2017, 06:06:54 pm

Courageous Whistleblowers Who Spoke Out Against Fraud and Corruption

National Whistleblower Center  (

Published on Dec 1, 2017

Meet four courageous whistleblowers who changed the world by speaking out against fraud and corruption:

Bradley C. Birkenfeld
Sherron Watkins
Dr. Toni Savage
Dr. Frederic Whitehurst

Join the movement to fight for stronger legal protections for whistleblowers who report fraud, waste, and abuse:

Donate to support NWC's advocacy work:

Sign up to the Action Alert Network:

Find the latest news on whistleblower rights at

Video produced by National Whistleblower Center

Category Nonprofits & Activism

License Standard YouTube License
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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December 8, 2017

DNC's Unity ;) Commission Further Dividing the Party (

"You look at the big picture and you see that there's a lot of money that keeps flowing to Clinton-aligned political consultants from the Democratic party, and the majority on this commission clearly does not want to shake up that game, much less end it," says Norman Solomon, co-founder of
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on December 12, 2017, 11:25:04 pm
December 12, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Democrat Doug Jones just defeated Roy Moore in Alabama!

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on December 13, 2017, 03:22:33 pm
A small win for the good guys. It's tempting to say the tide is turning against Bannon and Trump, but the truth is that this kind of upset is likely to remain an anomaly, at least for a while. 

I'll bet the Repugnants lose the Senate in 2018. (


A small win built up to epic proportions by the media. ( One corrupt party of elites battling another corrupt party of elites.  I can't say the democrats are good guys.  I do not care to accept forty year old he-said she-said stories as fact even if the accused are people I find personally distasteful.  Were the Democratic party to embrace the possibility of collapse and determine that the country needed to be put on a sound footing to prepare for a janky future I could change my mind but that is not going to happen.  Democrats tend to be cornucopians totally out of touch with reality.  Republicans as disgusting as they are, at least recognize the world has limits. ( Their answer is just to take it all for themselves. (

Both major American political parties have only a sophomoric, skin deep world view.  Their immaturity combined with their power make both parties dangerous for the little guy.   Only people from scalable professions can enter the upper ranks of either party. 

    A scalable profession is good only if you are successful; they are more competitive, produce monstrous inequalities, and are far more random with huge disparities between efforts and rewards — a few can take a large share of the pie, leaving others out entirely at no fault of their own.

    One category of profession is driven by the mediocre, the average, and the middle-of-the-road. In it, the mediocre is collectively consequential. The other has either giants or dwarves — more precisely, a very small number of giants and a huge number of dwarves.  - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

In other words only people with a lot of money can be high ranking Republicans or Democrats.  In other  words people with distorted and incorrect ideas of how the world works.  This can lead to only one thing.  Doom!

Consider Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known as 'The Rock'.  He could be our next president, the idea is being floated around.  Dwayne I'm sure is a really nice guy but he has a totally scalable world view.  Were Dwayne to become president the little guy is going to be totally left out.  I could never vote for him.  To Dwayne and people like him success is just a fact of life.  That any part of their success is the result of luck or others being left behind so they could have all success to themselves is a concept they won't entertain.  For them success is a matter of hard work and that is all there is too it.  To elites the idea the world should move in a direction where only one guy has everything makes total sense.


Nice try, Mr. Arrogant holier than thou pseudo-erudite babble spewing bigoted double talker. Your pathetic and feeble attempt to downplay this key win by Doug Jones is expected, it being that you are a TRUMPER, whether you want to admit it or not. I am not surprised that Eddie is on the same erroneous page as you on this issue (birds of a feather flock together).


Your verbal effluent exercise in deliberate confusion irrelevance, by bringing up prize fighter Dwayne Douglas Johnson, evidences how desperate you are to change the subject AND how low you will stoop to cleverly attempting to trash someone with a similar sounding name.

You know NOTHING about Doug Jones.  Perhaps it is time that you learned what a principled man he is. He tirelessly defended a man found guilty (who was innocent) of Cannabis possession and use to the point of getting him freed from prison YEARS after the man was found guilty and imprisoned. You OWE Doug Jones for his principled behavior. We all do! He will be a voice of reason in the Senate. SHAME on you! (

Doug Jones Never Stopped Fighting Until My Husband was Free!

Thom Hartmann Dec. 11, 2017 4:30 pm

There is so much talk about Roy Moore and the awful things he's done but what about Doug Jones? Today on the Thom Hartmann program, Thom gets a call from someone Doug Jones never gave up on.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on December 13, 2017, 05:58:01 pm

Stars Fell on Alabama ( The Beautiful Defeat of Roy Moore   (

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

By William Rivers Pitt, Truthout | Op-Ed
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on December 13, 2017, 07:27:52 pm
(!.png) Listen up America, Alabama has spoken

December 13, 2017


Doug Jones's election is a moment of change, not only in Alabama, but for an America yearning for signs that these values matter in 2017.

Over the past several months, Jones has visited every corner of Alabama and worked hard to earn people's votes. He built a strong coalition of canvassers and phone bankers, deploying a strong get-out-the-vote operation such that Alabama Democrats haven't seen in decades. He was willing to speak to any Alabamian, no matter their income, their faith or their race. His victory speech showed his admirable desire and ability to embrace all Alabamians.

Jones's voter base represents the future of Alabama: an emerging coalition of black voters, LGBT activists, women and young voters. He won by offering these groups a vision that can help our state assert itself in the 21st century. We believe that he will be a strong ally for Senator Richard Shelby and state officials in attracting economic opportunities to Alabama. And we will hold him to his word that he will be a voice of compromise in an increasingly partisan Senate. In his acceptance speech, Jones called on the Senate to renew the Children's Health Insurance Program. We hope they will do so quickly, as many Alabama families depend on it. Republicans claim to care about children; killing this program belies it.

We hope that other Alabama's politicians will heed Jones's example. The last two years have seen far too many political scandals in our state. And as we saw from Moore's few campaign appearances, the Alabama Republican Party may be taking its voters for granted. We would all benefit from a better exchange of ideas, from politicians who court the broad center of the electorate rather than build a base that divides Alabama's people. Jones offered a new path for Alabama's leaders, Republican and Democrat. They should all walk it.

This kind of moving beyond party-before-principle was clearly in evidence from our Senior Senator Rep. Richard Shelby, who put country and state ahead of his party, urging fellow conservatives to write in another candidate rather than vote for Moore, and almost 23,000 voters did -- a number slightly greater than Jones's margin of victory. This was one of Shelby's finest moments and we hope will long serve as a shining example to his congressional colleagues.

This election outcome is tremendous for Alabama. We believe Doug Jones will be a fine Senator and move us forward in myriad ways.  But Jones's victory does not mean our state is suddenly not the conservative bastion it has been (though even in the hardest-right elections, about a third or more Alabamians vote for more progressive candidates.) Jones understands this, and will seek to represent all Alabamians. That said, the state is changing -- more urban, with a more diverse population, and those segments of the voting population carried the day for Jones. We are encouraged to see more young people engaged in our electoral and political processes, and urge both parties to find ways to continue this.

Full article:
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on December 13, 2017, 07:52:46 pm
"Tell Mitch McConnell to seat Doug Jones now" petition

December 13, 2017

Bradley Davidson


The people of Alabama—powered by strong turnout of African-American voters and overcoming the GOP's shameful voter suppression efforts—spoke up decisively in favor of Doug Jones last night. We also spoke up against the GOP's attempts to strip healthcare from millions while giving massive tax breaks to the richest Americans and largest corporate donors.

But now Mitch McConnell is going back on his word by saying he won't allow the people of Alabama to let our newly elected senator serve until next year. He's choosing this obstructionist political tactic to push through harmful legislation that will hurt the poor and middle class while giving massive tax breaks to the 1%.

Mitch McConnell is exactly the reason so many Alabamians and people across our nation are sick of politics as usual.

The people voted. Let us have our voice. Seat Doug Jones immediately.

That's why I signed a petition to Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, which says:

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he wants to "let the people of Alabama make the call" about who our next senator will be.

The people have spoken, and we want Doug Jones to immediately step into his rightful role as elected senator from Alabama so he can vote on the pending tax bill which could give cuts to the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and poor.

Tell Mitch McConnell there should not be a tax vote until Doug Jones is seated. The people deserve a voice." (

Will you sign the petition too? ( Click here to add your name:

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on December 14, 2017, 12:40:46 pm
December 12, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Democrat Doug Jones just defeated Roy Moore in Alabama!


I have to think that these days, they'd have stopped it after the third knockdown, whether the three knockdown rule was in place or not.
People forget what a brutal killing machine Foreman was back in the day.

Hey Surly, I'm Glad to see you up and around!  (

Here's some good news to cheer ya!


World Bank Puts Fossil Fuels On Notice

December 13, 2017

By Jennifer Delony Associate Editor

The World Bank Group (WBG) yesterday during the One Planet Summit in Paris said that, as of 2019, it will no longer finance exploration for and production of oil and gas.  (

The One Planet Summit, which was organized by the United Nations (UN) and WBG, brought together local, regional and national leaders from around the world, along with public and private finance entities to identify ways to accelerate global efforts to fight climate change.

WBG said that it will make exceptions in its stance on gas financing in the poorest countries where it benefits energy access for the poor.

In addition, WBG said that it will present a “stock-take” of its Climate Change Action Plan, which includes targeting 28 percent of its lending for climate action by 2020, and announce new commitments and targets for after 2020 at COP24 in Poland next year.

In related news, leaders from select regions in North and South America signed a “Declaration on Carbon Pricing in the Americas” during the One Planet Summit.

According to the UN, the initiative will apply a cost of carbon to guide public investment decisions in relevant jurisdictions, and encourage private companies to do the same through internal carbon pricing.

Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico, as well as the Governors of California and Washington and the Premiers of Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec, launched the “Carbon Pricing in the Americas” cooperative framework. (



Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Heather Shelby, Environmental Defense Fund via

December 14, 2017

Late last night, the nomination of Michael Dourson ( —President Trump’s dangerous choice to lead EPA’s toxics office—was officially withdrawn.  ( (


This is a victory for American families from California to North Carolina, who would have been put at risk by Dourson’s policies

EDF supporters leapt into action after his nomination, flooding your elected officials with messages of concern around Dourson’s extreme conflicts of interest. And with good reason: From tobacco to toxic chemicals, Michael Dourson has long been industry’s go-to man to downplay health concerns.
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TRNN Exclusive: The man that "shoed" Bush

December 15, 2017

TRNN REPLAY - Muntadhar Al-Zaidi from Beirut: I expected to be killed the day I threw my shoes at Bush
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Jill Stein Denounces Probe over 'Collusion with Russians'


Published on Dec 19, 2017

The Green Party presidential candidate says she will comply with the Senate investigation of her campaign, but warns that "a noose is tightening around our democratic institutions".   
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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The New Climate Watchdogs:( Democratic Attorneys General Take on Trump

Attorneys General Maura Healey of Massachusetts and Eric Schneiderman of New York have been fighting to preserve environmental protections through the courts.

Donald Trump was just hours from inauguration as the 45th president of the United States when a coalition of Democratic attorneys general went to court to defend EPA regulations limiting interstate air pollution.

It was a legal shot across the bow of the fossil fuel industry, and the start of a war of attrition the AGs waged throughout 2017 against the new administration and its coalition of red states and fossil fuel companies intent on weakening climate and other pollution rules.

The attorneys general filed a motion expressing support for the Environmental Protection Agency's Cross-State Air Pollution Update Rule, which required coal-fired power plants in 22 states to reduce smog pollution that blows into downwind states. The rule had been challenged by coal companies, power generating corporations and officials in five upwind states, including by Scott Pruitt, then attorney general of Oklahoma, who was Trump's choice to become head of the EPA.

Since that opening salvo, state attorneys general have filed nearly two dozen lawsuits—about two a month—against the federal government, seeking to uphold legal protections of the environment and climate.

The cases include:

    Jan. 23: Seven attorneys general went to court to oppose truck makers who were trying to block the EPA from cutting greenhouse gas emissions from new engines. The Democrats called the climate protections vital to their states.
    April 5: Sixteen attorneys general went to court to oppose the Trump administration's efforts to topple the Clean Power Plan, the mainstay of the Obama climate agenda.
    May 10: Four attorneys general filed a lawsuit in federal court to protect state residents from pollution generated by coal mining. The lawsuit challenges the U.S. Department of the Interior's decision to restart federal coal leasing on public land.
    June 20: Fourteen attorneys general filed a motion to intervene in a lawsuit against EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's actions to halt regulation of methane leaks from new oil and gas operations. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that significantly contributes to global warming.
    Sept. 11: Five attorneys general filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Transportation alleging it was illegally delaying automotive fuel efficiency standards, the most effective greenhouse gas limit ever imposed by the United States.

Air, Water and Science Itself Under Assault

The role of state attorneys general has never been more important, said Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, a Democrat who has confronted the Trump administration eight times in court over environmental and climate issues.

"The air we breathe, the water we drink and science itself are under assault by the Trump administration," Healey said. "It's more important than ever that states take the lead in addressing the impact of climate change and hold the administration accountable for enforcing the laws that protect our residents and our planet."

With Republicans in control of the White House and Congress, the Democratic attorneys general are in the best position to push back, said David Hayes, the executive director of the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center at New York University School of Law.

"They are well positioned, with access to the courts, to ensure that whatever the government does, it is done in accordance with the rule of law," said Hayes, who served as the Interior Department's deputy secretary under both the Obama and Clinton administrations.

Hayes's organization is closely engaged in the fight, lending practical assistance and coordination as well as legal expertise. It has been tracking litigation and other actions outside of the courtroom since January. (Columbia University's Sabin Center for Climate Change Law also tracks climate-related litigation.)
GOP Used the Same Strategy to Fight Obama

Critics condemn these recent actions as policymaking through litigation—even though Republican AGs, like Pruitt, followed much the same practice during the Obama administration.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh bristles at the criticism.

"We have a government that says climate change is a hoax, and not only are they ignoring it as an issue, they are going to make it worse," he said. "We're going to protect the environmental policies in place and make the administration follow the law."

Republican AGs similarly doggedly fought Obama administration environmental policies through the courts.

When Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was the state's attorney general, he was fond of saying: "I go into the office in the morning. I sue Barack Obama, and then I go home."

As attorney general of Oklahoma, Pruitt sued the EPA 13 times in an effort to overturn or stunt environmental regulations.
A Methane Fight, Led by the States

Although litigation can drag on for years, several of the multistate lawsuits have met with success.

One of the most recent victories came in October in response to a lawsuit filed by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas.

They sued to block the Interior Department's effort to delay compliance with rules curbing methane flaring at oil and gas drilling sites on public and tribal lands. The practice of burning off methane, a greenhouse gas more potentent than carbon dioxide, has been blamed for contributing to climate change.

Interior Department officials at the Bureau of Land Management argued that the environmental benefits were not worth the added expense to the oil and gas companies. But the judge ruled that the bureau acted illegally when it tried to indefinitely postpone the rule.

Despite losing in court, the Trump administration still suspended the rule on Dec. 8. That defiant action prompted Becerra and Balderas to file suit again, alleging the action was "arbitrary and capricious" and was contrary to BLM's responsibility ensure the safe and responsible development of oil and gas resources on public lands.

Jack Pitney, a professor of politics at Claremont McKenna College near Los Angeles, said the broad legal strategy being adopted by attorneys general illustrates their unique leverage. 

Even though they may be part of the minority party, they can act independently without fear of being stymied by opponents across the political aisle, he said.

"There is nothing wrong with partisanship as long it promotes serious deliberations on issues," Pitney said.
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January 5, 2018

Oregon Court: Banning Fossil Fuel Facilities is Constitutional (

An Oregon appeals court ruled that restricting fossil fuel infrastructure is constitutional, overruling a lower appeals court decision. It's an important victory in the fight against climate change, and for local self-determination, says Nicholas Caleb of the Center for Sustainable Economy
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on January 10, 2018, 06:01:42 pm
Bill McKibben - <> Unsubscribe
3:27 PM (2 hours ago)

to me
Dear Friends,

Today we have news of a mighty win: one of the planet’s central cities has gone fully on the attack against the fossil fuel industry, which means the tide is finally turning in the climate fight.

Just an hour ago we stood with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio as he made two major announcements: New York's pension funds will divest from the big oil and gas companies ( , and the city is suing the biggest of these corporations( for the climate damage they've caused.(  (

This is a huge moment in our fight to stop climate change. A city as iconic as New York could trigger a wave of action against the fossil fuel industry from other powerful cities and states around the U.S. and globally. For that to happen, we need each and every one of us to continue to demand change.

Join me, Senator Bernie Sanders, and many other powerful movement leaders and grassroots organizers to discuss this massive victory and how we can build on this momentum to forge a Fossil Free world together -- Tune in on Jan 31st via livestream at a watch party near you.

When we dreamed up the idea of fossil fuel divestment in 2012 we thought: some colleges and churches will do this. We didn’t dare dream that half a decade later the richest city in the world would be leading the charge. As one of the financial centers of the world, New York sends a powerful message about the fiscal folly of fossil fuels.

And not only is New York City divesting, it is also taking those most responsible to court. Fossil fuel companies – and their lies and lobbyists – are to blame for the climate crisis we're in and it's high time they're held to account.

It also shows us what is possible when we step up and fight back. New Yorkers, still reeling from Superstorm Sandy, fought long and hard for this win. Now we need more people to take up this fight in their communities. There’s no excuse for any city or state, any province or region, any pension fund or portfolio, to be in business with this industry.

Find out what you can do in your city or town to work towards climate justice on Jan 31st. Join (or host) a watch party with your community to talk about what climate action is possible in 2018.

The time has come,


P.S. Click here to watch the livestream of the announcement during today's press conference with Mayor Bill de Blasio, Comptroller Scott Stringer, Public Advocate Tish James, Naomi Klein, myself, and many more. is building a global climate movement. Become a sustaining donor to keep this movement strong and growing.
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California in revolt: how the progressive state plans to foil the Trump agenda

From immigration to the environment and recreational cannabis, state leaders and activists are finding paths to circumvent the administration. Will it work?

A farm worker in Carlsbad. California, has the country’s most expansive ‘sanctuary’ law, restricting police from questioning people about their citizenship status.

California prides itself on being first with progressive laws on climate change, labor rights and marijuana. In 2018, the Golden State’s “firsts” are defensive – bold proposals and legal maneuvers to protect citizens from Donald Trump.

State leaders have pushed legislation and lawsuits to circumvent and undo Trump’s agenda on immigration, the environment, internet freedom and other liberal causes. One of the most consequential victories came Tuesday when a judge in San Francisco blocked the Trump administration’s plan to end a program that allows 800,000 undocumented people to study and work in the US.

At the same time, activists have also launched grassroots campaigns to shield residents from the White House’s attacks – and to pressure local Democrats to do more to mobilize the largest state against the president.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) agents outside a 7-Eleven convenience store in Los Angeles, where recent raids were conducted.


California lawmakers have adopted the most expansive “sanctuary state” law in the country, restricting police from questioning people about citizenship status and limiting cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice).

The state has also taken the Trump administration to court to challenge his travel ban on Muslim-majority countries and his decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca) program.

A US judge in San Francisco sided with California on Tuesday in the Daca battle, ruling that the Obama-era program that protects “Dreamers” – undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children – must remain in place.

But Trump – who has a reputation for being vindictive and has openly expressed disdain for California – is on track to retaliate. Ice already arrested hundreds in targeted raids in sanctuary cities last year, and the agency’s acting director has promised to ramp up deportations in the state this year, even suggesting California politicians should be prosecuted.

Across California, vast networks of attorneys and volunteer advocates have formed, leading the resistance to Ice on the ground, sometimes saving lives in the process.

Though Obama deported more immigrants than any other president, the need is even greater now with Ice indiscriminately picking up people in raids, according to Maria Sofia Corona-Alamillo, an attorney working with the Los Angeles County Rapid Response Network.

“The immediate goal is to provide a first line of defense for community members that are facing removal from the country and imprisonment in government-run detention centers, which we for many reasons find inhumane.”

Last year, she said the network mobilized after Ice agents showed up to an auto repair shop with guns drawn and, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, arrested a group of workers even though they had a warrant for only one individual. Ice declined to comment.

Jennifer Lee Koh, an attorney with the Los Angeles network, said she represented a Mexican immigrant who was apprehended and threatened with deportation last year. Instead of the typical outcome of removal, the network helped the man, who has three young children, get temporary relief, and he is now on track to get a green card.

“We counter this climate of fear and terror that a lot of these enforcement actions bring to these communities,” said Hamid Yazdan Panah, attorney coordinator with the Northern California Rapid Response Network.

There’s more legislators could to proactively protect immigrants, activists argued. Koh urged California’s governor, Jerry Brown, to issue more pardons to immigrants threatened with deportation due to previous criminal convictions.

Some have argued that stricter enforcement of sanctuary rules is necessary considering that even in liberal jurisdictions like Los Angeles and Oakland, local police have been caught continuing to assist Ice.

Javier Hernandez, director of the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, said California should provide “universal representation” – ensuring access to lawyers for all immigrants facing deportation: “Give everyone a fair chance to fight.”

Oil drilling

Trump unveiled a plan last week to open up US offshore territory to oil and gas drilling, including previously protected areas along the Pacific Ocean.

The administration later reversed its position, saying it would not allow drilling off the Florida coast, following pressure from the state’s Republican governor. That further fueled claims that Trump was again targeting California, which has the world’s sixth largest economy and overwhelmingly voted against the president.

Brown condemned the decision, and lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom said the state was working to prevent new federal drilling leases.

“We have a beautiful pristine coastline. We are going to do everything in our power to make sure it remains that way,” said state senate leader Kevin de León.

Despite the defiant statements, environmentalists argued that Brown has a poor record on oil and gas, with not-for-profit Consumer Watchdog pointing to his administration’s approval of more than 200 new offshore wells between 2012 and 2016.

Brown should halt all offshore drilling in state waters, said Liza Tucker, the group’s energy project director: “That would be truly drawing a line in the sand.”

Brown’s spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.


Days after California launched what is expected to be the largest recreational cannabis market in the world, the US attorney general, Jeff Sessions, announced he was repealing an Obama-era policy that had allowed states to legalize pot.

Amid bipartisan backlash, California lawmakers said they were preparing to resist a potential crackdown on weed through a new law that could establish a “sanctuary state” for cannabis.

Assemblyman Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer said he knows seniors, veterans, relatives and others who depend on medical cannabis – motivating him to advance legislation that would block the state from assisting federal authorities in arrests, investigations or prosecution targeting legal operations.

“Jeff Sessions’ call for cannabis enforcement is not only ill-conceived, it’s still that federal war on drugs that hasn’t worked … which is really a war on African Americans and Latinos.”

Criminal justice reform advocates have also urged California leaders to decrease its prison and jail populations for drug crimes and help people with past convictions work in the legal market.

Sessions’ attacks have “only advanced our cause quicker and further”, added Erich Pearson, a cannabis CEO in San Francisco: “We’re in a much more organized time than we’ve ever been.”

Homes in San Francisco. Trump’s tax plan sets a $10,000 cap on the amount of property and income taxes that residents can deduct from federal taxes.


Trump’s tax reform legislation, the most drastic change to the code in 30 years, is slated to hurt California by setting a $10,000 cap on the amount of property and income taxes that residents can deduct from federal taxes. The average California deduction was nearly $8,500 more than the new cap, according to one analysis, meaning many stand to suffer.

Lawmakers, however, are hoping to bypass Trump’s policy with the Protect California Taxpayers Act, which would allow state residents to make charitable donations to a fund and receive a tax credit in exchange.

“We won’t allow California residents to be the casualty of this disastrous tax scheme,” De León said in a statement.

If the bill is successful, other states could follow suit.

Protestors rally in support of net neutrality, which was recently repealed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Net neutrality

In a state home to the world’s most powerful technology companies, the recent repeal of net neutrality rules, designed to protect an open internet, sparked significant protests. The win for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chair, Ajit Pai, a Trump appointee, dismantled regulations that ensured internet service providers (ISPs) treated all websites equally and couldn’t charge some more for delivering certain services.

While Democrats in Washington DC work to overturn the repeal, California lawmakers are working to reinstate net neutrality in the Golden State. The bill would empower California regulators and law enforcement to establish and enforce net neutrality requirements on ISPs operating in the state.

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January 11, 18

Judges Rule N. Carolina Representatives Cannot Choose their Voters   (

In a major blow to partisan gerrymandering, a panel of federal judges ruled that North Carolina's congressional districts are unconstitutional and must be redrawn before the 2018 midterm election. The decision boosts other efforts to reverse gerrymandering in the US, explains Dan Vicuna of Common Cause:;
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January 27, 2018

Honduras: The Never-ending Coup

Special Report from the Hemisphere's Most Controversial Inauguration
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JAN 28, 2018

Fed Up With Democrats, Progressives Forge Own Path 🌟

Jim Hightower / AlterNet


his burgeoning movement is not merely about protesting or lobbying the government — it intends to become the government. It’s a new politics embracing a three-front strategy I call R-I-P:

֍ — Resist the Trumpeteers and corporatists of all parties who’re imposing plutocratic rule over us commoners.

֍ — Insist on enacting a positive, aggressively progressive people’s agenda.

֍ — Persist in organizing from the ground up to sustain both “little-d” democratic politics and “everybody” policies.

Full article:
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Chris Hedges - Fascism in the Age of Trump 🦀  

November 2017

Published Jan 29, 2018
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on January 30, 2018, 09:19:23 pm
Chris Hedges 🌼 Jan 30, 2018 - in Portland, Oregon

Agelbert NOTE:
Hedges ✨ ( explains the mechanism of the decline of the US Empire as a parallel with the decline of the Roman Empire.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Katie McChesney - <> February 5, 2018 5:28 PM

It’s been five days since Fossil Free Fast, and I’m still getting chills thinking about how powerful it was. 💐 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼 🌷 🌱 🌲 🌳 🌴 🌵 🌾 🌿 🍀 🍁 🍂 🍃 🍄 🌰   (

Tens of thousands of you watched from home or gathered at more than 300 watch parties across the country -- from Hilo, Hawaii to Mount Vernon, Iowa to Maryville, Tennessee. Inspiring movement leaders, many fighting on the frontlines of this crisis in places like Puerto Rico and the Gulf Coast, laid out the #ClimateResistance plan for 2018.

But, of course, Fossil Free Fast wasn’t just a powerful event -- it was the beginning of a new chapter for the grassroots movement for climate justice here in the U.S. The momentum we built together on Wednesday was just the beginning. Now, it’s time to get to work.

Watch this wrap-up video capturing some of the most inspiring highlights from Fossil Free Fast -- and share it widely to keep the momentum going as we get ready for what’s next.

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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 February 5, 2018

Kansas Teacher Scores Big Win 🌟    for Israel Boycott, and Free Speech 🌞

A federal judge has ruled that Esther Koontz's constitutional rights were violated when she was denied a Kansas teaching job over her refusal to renounce the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) against Israel
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The Apology of Socrates by Plato

Despite the title in this Plato work, Socrates says “I shall never alter my ways not even if I have to die many times”(  ( (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Trump 🦀lives an unexamined life. Trump 🦀 probably thinks Socrates 🕊 was a "loser". Honest and principled human beings KNOW who is the real loser of the two.

"The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living" - Socrates
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Lessons From Germany

Vermont Town Meeeting

February 16, 2018

I am delighted German Ambassador Peter Wittig joined me in Vermont last Friday. We had a series of very productive meetings with the governor, state legislators, career and technical educators and Vermont businesses to see what we can learn from Germany’s highly acclaimed apprenticeship and workforce development programs. Ambassador Wittig also joined me Friday evening for a town meeting in Burlington that was attended by more than 500 Vermonters. We had a very lively discussion about current events in Germany and Europe, and how Germany approaches issues like higher education, health care, workers' rights, taxation, climate change and more.

Senator Bernie Sanders
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Jimmy Carter Brilliantly Explains How The Establishment ( Gave Us Trump 🦀

Secular Talk

Published on May 11, 2017
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Five Activism ( Suggestions That Worked: When Your Representatives 🦀 Don't Listen

Monday, February 19, 2018

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet | Op-Ed

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Chris Hedges 🕊 Q&A "Fascism 🐉 in the Age of Trump 🦀"


Published on Dec 3, 2017

Journalist, author and war correspondent Chris Hedges took questions after speaking at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy NY on November 10, 2017 on fascism and empire in the age of Trump.

Chris Hedges is the best-selling author of War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning (2003), a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction. A quote from the book was used as the opening title quotation in the critically-acclaimed and Academy Award-winning 2009 film, The Hurt Locker. The quote reads: "The rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addiction, for war is a drug." Hedges, whose column is published Mondays on Truthdig, has written twelve books, including the New York Times bestseller Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt (2012), which he co-authored with the cartoonist Joe Sacco. Some of his other books include Unspeakable (2016), Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative to Revolt (2015), Death of the Liberal Class (2010), Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle (2009), I Don’t Believe in Atheists (2008) and the best selling American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America (2008). In 2011, Nation Books published a collection of Hedges’ Truthdig columns called The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress. Hedges previously spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. He has reported from more than 50 countries and has worked for The Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times, for which he was a foreign correspondent for 15 years. Hedges was part of the team of reporters at The New York Times awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2002 for the paper’s coverage of global terrorism. He also received the Amnesty International Global Award for Human Rights Journalism in 2002. The Los Angeles Press Club honored Hedges’ original columns in Truthdig by naming the author the Online Journalist of the Year in 2009 and again in 2011. The LAPC also granted him the Best Online Column award in 2010 for his Truthdig essay “One Day We’ll All Be Terrorists.” Hedges is a senior fellow at The Nation Institute in New York City. He has taught at Columbia University, New York University, Princeton University and The University of Toronto. He currently teaches prisoners at a maximum-security prison in New Jersey.

Category: Nonprofits & Activism
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Taking Community Control Of Our Neighborhoods 🕊 With Thomas Linzey

Corporations are taking more and more of our commons, even to the point of taking our water. Thomas Linzey Esq joins us to talk about how we can take back control.

Thom Hartmann Feb. 21, 2018 3:00 pm
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Can we Save Social Security From The Trump 🦀 Administration? (w/Guest Jasmine Jefferson 🕊)

Can we fight off the Morbidly Rich and save Social Security?

Thom Hartmann Mar. 1, 2018 3:00 pm
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March 8, 2018

Top Democrats' 🦍 😈 War on Progressives Backfires in Texas  ;D

Despite open opposition from the DCCC, Houston progressive candidate Laura Moser advanced to a runoff in one of the first contests of the 2018 primary season. Larry Cohen of Our Revolution discusses the struggle for progressive Democrats under a corporatist party leadership;
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Panama Hotel Owner Declares Victory and Trump’s Name Is Removed  ;D (

The Monday showdown at the hotel began with the arrival of the majority owner, Orestes Fintiklis, 39, followed by a contingent of court officials and police officers — and a Panamanian court order au…
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Striking teachers in West Virginia call for raising taxes on coal 🦕  and gas 🦖  ( (

It turns out, most of us prefer our beaches nice and clean. That’s probably why a January proposal from Trump’s Interior Department to open up the Atlantic coast for offshore drilling was met with op…

Agelbert NOTE: Don't reward the polluters for pollution, TAX THEM! (


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Progressive Candidates Are Pulling the Democratic Party Left, Whether the Establishment Likes It or Not

Monday, April 23, 2018

By John Knefel, Truthout | News Analysis

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on May 16, 2018, 05:14:34 pm
A WIN TODAY FOR NET NEUTRALITY – The Senate today PASSED our resolution to restore net neutrality – (

May 16, 2018

Senator Leahy <>
4:41 PM (31 minutes ago)
to me
Dear Mr. Gelbert:

Today, by a vote of 52 to 47, the Senate approved a congressional resolution of disapproval that would reverse the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s misguided decision late last year to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Rules.  I was proud to join 29 other Senators to sign the discharge petition forcing a vote on this critical resolution.  As a longtime advocate for strong net neutrality rules, I cast my vote for this resolution because Vermonters expect and deserve a free and open Internet.

The FCC under the leadership of Chairman Ajit Pai has made clear time and time again that the voices of the American people are irrelevant in its blind pursuit of regulatory reform, even when those reforms are poised to detrimentally affect millions of people across the country and benefit only large Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  Millions of Americans contacted the FCC ahead of the 2015 vote, and then again before the vote last year, and urged it to protect the pillars of freedom and openness upon which the Internet was built.  Instead, Chairman Pai and the other Majority Commissioners disregarded their duty and obligation to act on behalf of the public and repealed these pro-consumer, pro-small business rules.

Vermonters have spoken loudly and clearly.  They want an Internet free from corporate control, where they are the ones who decide what they can see online.  Businesses in Vermont have been just as outspoken.  For our entrepreneurs and business owners, net neutrality rules provide the certainty that they can compete on an equal playing field with the largest companies in the world.  They should not be held hostage by the prospect of being relegated to a slow lane, where they either pay a toll or lose customers due to slow loading times.

I encourage you to read my statement ( on this resolution and the FCC’s actions.  The Congressional Review Act established procedures by which Congress can pass a Joint Resolution of Approval or Disapproval of a rule issued by an executive agency.  If passed and signed by the President, the rule is repealed, and nothing substantially similar can be promulgated again in the future.  From here, this resolution will go to the House of Representatives to await further action.  You can be sure that I will continue to fight for a free and fair Internet for all, including by urging passage of this resolution by the House of Representatives.


United States Senator
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Army Discharges West Point Grad Who Promoted Communism

by Tyler Durden

Wed, 06/20/2018 - 12:33

Authored by Commie Bishop via Campus Reform,

The West Point graduate who promoted communism in social media posts last year has officially been discharged from the U.S. Army.

According to Fox News, Spenser Rapone’s resignation was accepted Monday, and he will be leaving the military with an other-than-honorable discharge.

Rapone’s social media posts, including a picture of him wearing a Che Guevara shirt under his military attire, sparked outrage last year, with officials blasting the West Point graduate for his radical political activism.

"The U.S. Military Academy strives to develop leaders who internalize the academy's motto of Duty, Honor, Country, and who live the Army values,” the military academy said in a statement at the time.

“Second Lieutenant Rapone's actions in no way reflect the values of the U.S. Military Academy or the U.S. Army.

“As figures of public trust, members of the military must exhibit exemplary conduct, and are prohibited from engaging in certain expressions of political speech in uniform,” West Point continued.

“Second Lieutenant Rapone's chain of command is aware of his actions and is looking into the matter. The academy is prepared to assist the officer's chain of command as required.”

According to The Daily Caller 🦕, former Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania, Jason Altmire, who nominated Rapone for the elite military institution, also disavowed the former cadet’s actions, calling them “abhorrent.” (

“While I strongly support the rights of American citizens to express their opinions, the actions of 2nd Lieutenant Rapone are abhorrent and appear to be in clear violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, in addition to being inconsistent with the values of the United States Military Academy,” the former lawmaker said last year. (

“I have no doubt that the U.S. Army will take appropriate action.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) welcomed the decision to discharge the West Point graduate, noting that Rapone’s pictures suggest that he supported U.S. enemies.

“While in uniform, Spenser Rapone advocated for communism and political violence, and expressed support and sympathy for enemies of the United States,” Rubio said, as reported by Fox News.

I’m glad  ( to see that they have given him an ‘other-than-honorable’ discharge.”

According to the news network, Rapone said that he “knew there could be repercussions,” to his actions and that his “military career is dead in the water.”

“On the other hand, many people reached out and showed me support,” he said.

“There are a lot of veterans both active duty and not that feel like I do.” (

"I would encourage all soldiers who have a conscience to lay down their arms and join me and so many others who are willing to stop serving the agents of imperialism and join us in a revolutionary movement," Rapone added.   (

Rapone also posted a picture on Twitter Monday showing him giving the middle finger to the sign outside Fort Drum, along with the caption, “One final salute.”

( (

This took me back to the days when I wore those uniforms. Shining that tiny breast plate (a token symbol of an ancient large breastplate) was always a chore. You also had to be very careful when you attached it to the white canvas straps that attach to the dummy powder box (a token symbol from the Revolutionary War) because the Brasso polish you used on the breastplate, which comes in contact with the 4 bent metal clasps underneath the breastplate, might stain the white straps (a lot of cadets got demerits for that when we had to wear the full dress gray uniform for parades) :P . You put everything on and THEN carefully positioned the breastplate. Full dress gray is the one with that ridiculous three lines of round gold colored fake buttons in the front. The military just LOVES shiny objects. (

I admire the this brave man of conscience, Spenser Rapone 🌟, for realizing the ethical and moral value of Communism and its vast superiority over our ethically and morally bankrupt Capitalist System Cruelty.

I salute him. ( 

But, I ain't done yet.


This is MY CONSTANT SALUTE to anyone who thinks Capitalism is "the best system".

Have a nice Brainwashed Capitalist day.
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What Does It Take to Excel in Archery?


American archer Matt Stutzman holds the Guinness World Record for the longest accurate shot with a bow and arrow. In 2015, Stutzman broke his own 2011 record by accurately hitting a target 310 yards (283 m) away using a compound bow, and no one has bettered that mark since -- not even archers with arms. Stutzman was born without arms and grew up using his feet for nearly every task imaginable, including using a bow and arrow. Stutzman originally began shooting arrows in order to hunt and provide food for his family, before ultimately taking his archery skills all the way to the podium at the Paralympic Games.


Take a bow, Matt Stutzman:   ( (

At the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, Stutzman won a silver medal in the men's individual compound event. At the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, he lost in the round of 16, and he is now preparing for the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

How does a person without arms shoot arrows? He picks up an arrow with his left foot, maneuvers it onto the bow’s string and then pushes his right foot away from his chest. He’s now locked and loaded.

To release the arrow, Stutzman uses a belt stretched around his chest. The belt holds a release aid that he activates with his jaw, using pressure similar to clicking on a computer mouse.
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Can Ben Jealous Unify Democrats against Larry Hogan? (

July 3, 2018

Ben Jealous takes viewer questions and discusses what his primary win means for the future of the Democratic Party
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With Superdelegate Reform, is the Democratic Party Now Democratic?  ???
July 3, 2018

New Democratic Party rules scale back the influence of superdelegates in choosing the presidential nominee. But DNC Unity vice-chair Larry Cohen of Our Revolution says the party still has a long way to go towards real reform

Story Transcript

AARON MATE: It’s The Real News, I’m Aaron Mate. The Democratic National Committee has taken a big step towards becoming more democratic in addressing one of the key issues to come out of the contentious 2016 primary between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee has voted to curb the role of superdelegates in selecting presidential nominees. Superdelegates are a group of hundreds of party activists and insiders whose votes are counted on top of the general primary results, and curbing their role has been a top priority for supporters of Bernie Sanders inside the Democratic Party.

Well, joining me is someone who has helped lead that fight. Larry Cohen is Board Chair of the Bernie Sanders campaign offshoot, Our Revolution, and he is Vice Chair of the DNC Unity Reform Commission. Welcome, Larry. So, talk about these new rules. Under the change, now superdelegates will no longer be allowed to vote on the first ballot at the convention, only if it goes to a second ballot. But let me ask you, why even have superdelegates at all ?

LARRY COHEN: Well, that would be a good question. I’m quite happy that we have some results from two years of work, and it still has to get voted on on August 25 by the four hundred and forty seven DNC members who are all superdelegates themselves. But that might be an interesting question for another time at this point. We’re happy to move on. I mean, the general theory would be that you have a balance between the public and voters, caucus voters, primary voters. And the people who work in the party every day lead the party members of Congress. And so, in this case, we’re saying all those folks are delegates at the convention, but they 👹 💵 🎩 🍌 won’t vote on the first ballot for president. ( There hasn’t been a second ballot since 1924. So, I think, you know, big progress here.

AARON MATE: Let’s just remind people why this is so important to Bernie Sanders supporters. I want to go a clip from CNN. This is early on in the primary, in February 2016, right after Bernie Sanders has beaten Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire by more than twenty points. The DNC chair at the time, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she goes on CNN and Jake Tapper says to her that Bernie Sanders is coming away from New Hampshire with about the same number of delegates as Hillary Clinton, even though Sanders has just beaten Clinton. And this was Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s response.

JAKE TAPPER: It looks as though Clinton and Sanders are leaving the Granite State with the same number of delegates in their pockets because Clinton has the support of New Hampshire’s superdelegates, these party insiders. What do you tell voters who are new to the process, who says this makes them feel like it’s all rigged?

DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists. We are, as a Democratic Party, really highlight and emphasize inclusiveness and diversity at our convention. And so, we want to give every opportunity to grassroots activists and diverse, committed Democrats to be able to participate, attend and be a delegate at the convention. And so, we separate out those unpledged delegates to make sure that there isn’t competition between them. (

JAKE TAPPER: I’m not sure that answer would satisfy an anxious young voter. But let’s move on.

AARON MATE: So that is Debbie Wasserman Schultz ( in February 2016, speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper. Larry Cohen, so you have Wasserman Schultz there saying that superdelegates exist, in part, to basically protect party elites and insiders from the grassroots. Do you feel as if that mentality is still prevalent inside the DNC leadership and do you think that the reforms so far that you’ve managed to win, including the superdelegate victory that you just had, have addressed that?

LARRY COHEN: Well, the Unity Reform Commission has thirty pages of reforms. And the question is still not clear how many of those will get voted on on August 25 at the full DNC meeting, four hundred and forty seven members in Chicago. But if we were to implement all those or most of those or even the ones that the Rules Committee, in the previous four meetings this year, have considered, we’re going a long way towards making this a grassroots party but at the same time a party. So, you get into a philosophical discussion about, well, what is a political party? It has to have some structure to it in terms of people deliberately joining, building at every county. There’s more than three thousand counties in America.

Part of what’s been lacking is no party in many of those counties, maybe even half of them. And so, you do have to have some balance, pushing aside her answer, between building a party- and most of the superdelegates are nothing to party leaders. The question then is, well how did those party leaders get elected? Are they elected by grassroots members of the party, are we encouraging grassroots members to join in all fifty-seven states? And that’s the much bigger issue. You have fifty-seven different parties. The DNC is only really there to pick the presidential nominee. Important as that may be, much more important is reforming the fifty-seven parties. Long way from that.

AARON MATE: Right. Okay, so on that front, let’s talk about a few key cases. You have a gubernatorial race in New York between Cynthia Nixon, seen as the progressive favorite, and the incumbent governor, Andrew Cuomo. How is the fight over rules, and this suspicion that the rules are rigged against progressives like Nixon, playing out when it comes to that race?

LARRY COHEN: It’s huge in that race because there’s three point six million unaffiliated voters in New York. They’re not in any party. They were registered without a party, in many cases almost automatically, when getting a license. Many of them are young and they had to join the Democratic Party on October 13 of 2017, exactly eleven months before the gubernatorial and legislative primary. It doesn’t even stop with Cynthia Nixon.

As you likely know, or viewers would know, there’s eight people, eight senators in New York that are Democrats from heavily Democratic areas that caucus with the Republicans. They all have challengers. In fact, we’re supporting all those challengers. Those challengers can’t look to those millions of unaffiliated voters, the ones who live in those districts, because they’re shut out because they didn’t switch last year. We’ve been pushing all year to change that. In fact, the Democratic Party itself could change it in New York. And at their convention a few weeks ago, they tabled the resolution to do so. (

AARON MATE: Finally, Larry, let me ask you about the impact of last week’s victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, defeating the incumbent Congress member, Joe Crowley, widely seen as being in line to become the next Speaker of the House. Your sense, from talking to your colleagues in the party and activists, about what that victory means for people and what kind of energy it’s generating?

LARRY COHEN: Yeah. So, first, we were proud to be one of the few large organizations that endorsed Alexandria. She is awesome. Ironically, she won with these incredibly closed rules. So, the party machine, which is what it is in Queens, Jackson Heights in that area, and part of the Bronx, turned out fewer voters than she did because she created real excitement. And the turnout is so low that she was able to run with the win, with the rigged rules. So, that shows the enthusiasm for her, that even though she couldn’t appeal to younger nonaffiliated voters, she was able to win anyway.

What it means is that as we approach the state primary, as I said on September 13, the energy level, the enthusiasm for candidates like Jessica Ramos, running against one of the Independent Democratic Caucus senators, Peralta  (, who caucuses with the Republicans, which means that even though there is a Democratic majority you can’t pass anything, this is what New York has been for years. And I think we may be close to a new day. We still need party reform. We need it in every county in New York. We need in terms of, who are the county chairs? They have obscene power in New York and we need it in terms of how government functions in New York, the corruption level in New York.

And it’s not just New York. It’s New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois. It’s many states, not all, not even most, where this kind of what what you call “rigged” system definitely makes it harder for change to occur. But Alexandria is amazing   ( I think that that spirit will build in Queens, in the Bronx, across the city and across the state. It still makes it very hard for Cynthia Nixon  ( because on a state level, you have these three point six million unaffiliated voters in the same way they couldn’t vote for Bernie Sanders in 2016. Because in that case, the presidential primary was six months after the registration deadline. He wasn’t even running then. You know, these barriers need to go. (

AARON MATE: Okay. And quickly, Larry, looking ahead to 2020, do you think by the time that primary comes around that the concerns of the Bernie Sanders supporters who felt as if the deck was stacked against them, that party elites would not give up control of the party no matter what- do you think that there is going to be, by then, there’s going to be enough progress made to address that sizable contingent’s concerns?

LARRY COHEN: Well, I think we’re making a lot of progress. And let me credit the current chair, Tom Perez, of the party. He has actually embraced the Unity Reform Commission reforms totally. And his leadership is key. We never would have passed that without it. Jen Dillon, she came. She was named by Clinton, as I was named Vice Chair by Sanders, she was named Chair, and she is looking for massive change. She’s still only forty years old, but she’s helped lead lead this effort for significant change. So, I think it’s no longer about Sanders, per se. This is about, can we have a party that can win, can we have a party that appeals to younger voters and diverse voters? And I will continue to work for that. I’ve been doing it, really, for three years, since I entered the Sanders campaign. And I’m hopeful that that one day soon we can have a Democratic Party that is democratic and that all voters, young and old, can say, “Hey, I want to join this party. I want to fight for change in our nation.”.

AARON MATE: Larry Cohen, the Board Chair of Our Revolution, Vice Chair of the DNC Unity Reform Commission. Thank you.

LARRY COHEN: Thank you.

AARON MATE: And thank you for joining us on The Real News.

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July 23, 2018

Youth Climate Suit ( Moves Forward

An appeals court has blocked the latest attempt from the Trump administration to dismiss a lawsuit brought by 21 young people against the federal government for failing to act on climate change.

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday ruled against the administration in the suit for the second time this year, voting unanimously to allow the suit to move forward to an October trial.

The case was originally brought against the Obama administration in 2015.'Climate-kids'-suit-against-government-allowed-to-proceed

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July 26, 2018

Agelbert NOTE: The Zero Hour movement is the last best hope for getting the governments of the world, particularly the U.S. Government (, to tackle Climate Change. ( The demands of Zero Hour that are sine qua non for human survival as a species are listed below under the heading of Ending of the extractive based( economy and starting the rapid transition to a living economy that will create local jobs and local sustainable economies (i.e. a VIABLE BIOSPHERE). ( They demand that the transition be completed by 2040.

I don't know if we have that much time. I believe the 100% Renewable Energy Transition must be completed in a decade, at most, in order to avoid the worse effects of Catastrophic Climate Change. Regardless of how short the time we have is, I applaud these courageous, reality based young people for making these demands. (


If Zero Hour's demands are repulsed, or indefinitely delayed, by the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn( that have corrupted governments all over the world for over a century, it is Game Over for humanity.


Just Transition

( Zero Hour believes that a Just Transition leaves no one behind as we seek to achieve an environmentally sustainable economy.

A Just Transition protects workers as they transition away from the fossil fuel economy to a clean sustainable economy called the living economy. A Just Transition also ensures that communities of color, Indigenous communities, and frontline communities are not left behind in any way. A Just Transition should also protect the youth as they enter into an economy that is already fundamentally damaged by the fossil fuel corporations. A Just Transition means that all have an inalienable right to food, water, air, and land. Zero Hour believes that workers of all ages should be able to sustain their families, their health, their pensions, and their housing for now and future generations.

Therefore, we make these demands for a Just Transition:

Coal, Oil, Gas Corporations and Communities

 - Respect the contributions of the fossil fuel workers.

 - Donate to local impacted communities so that they may invest in local clean renewable energy, community based industries, and local living wage jobs for transitioning fossil fuel workers.

 - Donate into climate justice education for youth as reparations for the  damage caused to their health and future.

 - Donate to local communities so they may clean up the lands and  waters polluted and damaged by fossil fuel extraction/infrastructure/ shipping/export.


 - Switch to clean renewable energy and clean industrial processes.

 - Reskilling of their employees for new clean, local energy industries.

 - Provide fully paid quality healthcare for their workers and families who have been made unhealthy by working for extractive and toxic indus tries.

 - Provide full pensions for workers in extractive and toxic industries.

State and Local Governments

 - Respect and follow the Treaty Rights of the Indigenous Nations of that land and protect their food sovereignty and intellectual property.

 - State governments must pass a state constitutional amendment to include rights to healthy living wage jobs, clean and safe sustainable affordable housing, and affordable quality healthcare.

 - Invest in zero emissions mass transit that is affordable for low income people.

 - Invest in clean renewable energy as the way forward and make it accessible to low income people.

 - Divest pensions from fossil fuels and banks that support fossil fuels and shift to publicly owned state and local banks instead.

 - Invest in grassroots transformative justice to move away from the unjust prison system and the school-to-prison-pipeline.

 - Switch to 100% local clean renewable energy to power government owned buildings such as schools, community centers, City Halls, and etc.

 - Reskilling and redeployment of workers for locally based sustainable industries such as radically sustainable building, permaculture, reforestation, hemp production etc. with educational opportunities and training also provided to youth.

 - Legalize hemp production for local industry, medicine, and food.

- Refuse all new permits to extractive industries.

 - Implement climate justice education in schools according to recommendation from climate justice groups and frontline communities.

 - Invest in local permaculture food growth particularly in low income communities, and include this in climate justice education.

 - Plant indigenous trees and native species in local areas, and include this in climate justice education.

 - Support the state youth climate lawsuits and follow the climate recovery plan outlined in their lawsuit.

Federal Government

 - Respect and follow all treaties with First Nation communities and protect the food sovereignty and intellectual property of First Nations.

 - Respect Indigenous women, Indigenous queer and trans, women of color, and queer and trans people of color and protect them from assault, sexual violence, and trafficking caused by the fossil fuel industries.

 - Provide adequate funding to local communities for Just Transition.

 - Pass constitutional amendment to include rights to healthy living wage jobs, clean and safe sustainable affordable housing, affordable quality healthcare.

 - Outlaw private prisons and the forced labor of prison inmates.

 - Acknowledge the term “climate refugee” and welcome all climate refugees including; war refugees, communal/gang violence refugees, and natural disaster refugees.

 - Work together with other wealthy nations to be prepared to welcome climate refugees and provide safety and accommodation for them in international solidarity.

- End the extractive based economy and start the living economy that will create local jobs and local sustainable economies:

 - By stopping the extraction and pollution of all water bodies

 - By investing in water cleaning measures to restore ecosystems

 - By investing in innovation that enables clean renewable energy and local green economies

 - By supporting structural change at the national, state, and local level

 - By stopping the exploitation of labor including labor in prisons

 - By reskilling and redeployment of workers for local sustainable jobs

 - By providing sustainable job and business opportunities to youth with access to training and affordable education for those jobs

 - By providing quality affordable universal healthcare

 - By investing into research for natural healing methods and making these methods accessible and affordable for all

 - By providing affordable radically sustainable housing and making it accessible for all, particularly low income communities

 - By banning any extractive industries from operating in wilderness areas and nature sanctuaries

 - By taxing extractive industries and put that money into the Just Transition practices listed here.

Climate Justice Alliance tells us:

- A Just Transition moves us towards a livable future.

 - A Just Transition upholds Self Determination.

 - A Just Transition equitably redistributes Resources and Power.

 - A Just Transition creates Meaningful Work / Right Livelihood / Human Development.

 - A Just Transition requires Regenerative Ecological Economics.

 - A Just Transition retains Culture and Tradition.

 - A Just Transition embodies Local, Regional, National and International Solidarity.



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Progressive Groups Tackled Tough Races: Winning Some, Losing Others

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce that Peabody Award-winning broadcast journalist Marc Steiner 🌟 will be joining The Real News Network’s daily news team for the month of August. Marc has hosted a weekly show on TRNN since April, but for the month of August you will see him on-air for two to three breaking news stories each day.

Marc’s highly acclaimed public interest radio show, “The Marc Steiner Show,” broadcast over Baltimore’s public radio airwaves for almost 25 years. He was also the creative force behind the founding of public radio station WYPR.

Marc was one of the first people Sharmini Peries and Paul Jay met when they moved to Baltimore, and they have been friends and cohorts ever since. Marc has dedicated his life – and his work – to issues of social justice. At age 16 he was the youngest civil rights worker to be arrested in Maryland.

In the summer of 1968 he was part of the Poor People’s Campaign, and he is currently featured in the Poor People’s Campaign exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. For more information on his life and work, you can watch this video that was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his show.


The Real News Team

August 8, 2018

The Nation’s John Nichols analyzes the results of Tuesday’s elections. Rashida Tlaib won Rep. Conyer’s seat in Detroit, becoming the first Muslim woman to go to Congress. Although few other progressive candidates won Tuesday night’s primaries, some did and Missouri’s Right to Work referendum was defeated
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Can Maryland be at the forefront of Third Party Organizing?

August 10, 2018

Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Andy Ellis, Green Party Candidate for State Delegate MD-45, who argues that some of the most popular ideas in the post-Bernie Sanders era emanate from Green Party organizing
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Michael Keegan, People For the American Way

August 15, 20182:42 PM (24 minutes ago)
to me

People for the American Way


The big news from yesterday’s primary Election Day is that history-making, diverse, strong progressives continue to rack up amazing victories ( And we’re proud that so many are doing it with PFAW’s help.

PFAW’s endorsed progressive champions in yesterday’s congressional primaries all won -- and won handily, in double-digit landslides!

Ilhan Omar ( won the Democratic primary for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. Ilhan is now running to become the first Somali-American member of Congress and, along with another PFAW endorsee Rashida Tlaib, one of the first Muslim women ever elected to Congress. As a state legislator, Ilhan has been an active member of our nonpartisan affiliate PFAW Foundation’s Young Elected Officials Network.

Jahana Hayes ( won the Democratic primary Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District. If she wins the general, she’ll become the state’s first Black Democrat to serve in Congress.

Randy Bryce ( won in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District and now stands good chance of turning Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s seat blue! Bryce was going to be a formidable challenger to Ryan before the Speaker decided to retire, and now that he’s retiring, Democrats’ odds of flipping the seat are even better.

Our other successful federal endorsees ran uncontested. They were Angie Craig(, candidate for Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, and incumbents Rep. Mark Pocan (WI-02), Rep. Gwen Moore (WI-04), Sen. Tammy Baldwin (WI), and Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT).   (

At the state and local level, the young progressive candidates supported by PFAW’s Next Up Victory Fund also fared incredibly well with two of our three candidates in contested races ending their night victorious:

Mandela Barnes, ( a former member of PFAW Foundation’s Young Elected Officials Network, won the statewide Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin -- by a more than 2-to-1 margin.

Mitra Nelson ( won the special election for St. Paul, MN City Council Ward 4 by double digits.

Next Up endorsee Quentin Phipps   ( ran uncontested in the Democratic primary for Connecticut State House District 100.

PFAW's Next Up Victory Fund helps strong progressive candidates age 40 and under run and win critical local and state races, to build a deep bench of winning progressive candidates and expand progressive power from the ground up.

Besides our exciting progressive victories, the other big news of the day was that Trump 🦀 continues to consolidate his power and influence in the GOP. 👎 🤬

The most Trump-friendly candidates won in high-profile Republican primaries with the most shining example of this coming in the form of a result from the previously too-close-to-call gubernatorial primary in Kansas from last week.  Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach -- a close Trump ally who spent years seemingly prepping his party for the eventual rise of Trumpism by being a national leader in the arenas of racist, anti-immigrant, and voter suppression policies -- was declared the winner in his challenge against Kansas’s incumbent Republican governor, after Gov. Jeff Colyer conceded. Anti-Trump Republican and former Minnesota Governor (and failed presidential candidate) Tim Pawlenty also went down in that state’s GOP gubernatorial primary, in a bid to reclaim his old job.

We have a lot more amazing progressive candidates to support and a lot of right-wing Trump Republicans to defeat!  And, together, with your help, our win record is going to be incredible -- and the country, the Democratic Party, and the progressive movement will all be better and stronger because of it!

You can help keep the momentum going right now by donating to support Andrew Gillum  ( ( -- a truly transformational progressive leader and PFAW’s endorsed candidate for Florida governor. Andrew’s Florida primary is in less than 2 weeks!

Thanks for everything you do!


Michael Keegan, President   

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Aug 29, 2018       

Young Christians ( More Progressive, Diverse Than Their Parents

Many millennial Christians are seeing political issues in a markedly different light than their parents’ generation, Eliza Griswold writes in a recent piece for The New Yorker. While older evangelicals have fought to put bring down Roe v. Wade, for example, their younger counterparts, concerned with “the sanctity of life both in the womb and after,” are drawn to universal health care and, while still opposed to abortion, are seeking to limit the number of abortions carried out rather than ban the procedure all together.

And it’s not just abortion they differ on. Young Christians are increasingly opening up to ideas of sexual fluidity, and a recent survey by the Human Rights Campaign found that a majority of them are in favor of marriage equality.


While 53% of young, white evangelicals support marriage equality, only a quarter of white, older evangelicals do so.

Such a generational divide existed regardless of ethnicity. Seventy-five percent of young Hispanic Americans and 69% of young black Americans support same-sex marriage, compared to Hispanic seniors at 38% and African-American seniors at 40%.

Asian-Pacific Islander Americans were the only group to have a majority in both generations, with both young and old supporting equal marriage at 84% and 54%, respectively.

HRC found that 45% of young, white evangelical Protestants would reject policies that allow the right to refuse service of LGBTQ people for religious reasons and 54% support LGBTQ non-discrimination protections.

Two-thirds of black Americans and six in ten Hispanic, Asian-Pacific Islander and white Americans disapprove of service refusals due to sexuality or gender identity. Read more (

On other progressive issues, such as police brutality and family separations at the U.S. border with Mexico, millennial Christians have found appeal in the humanitarian approach that can be learned from biblical texts about Jesus’ own actions.

Climate change is also a biggie. ( The environmental phenomenon may have been “often the butt of a joke” in the communities where they grew up, but the millennial Christians who formed the group Young Evangelicals for Climate Change Action (YECA) see the link between their religious and environmental responsibilities.

“ Y.E.C.A., an organization specifically focusing on millennials, posits that evangelicals aren’t a monolithic bloc that doesn’t believe in climate change — they are more polychromatic than data suggests.

Y.E.C.A. doesn’t have one theological party line about how environmental responsibility and faith work hand in hand. According to Kaleb Nyquist, a member of Y.E.C.A.’s steering committee, the organization is pulling from the Bible. Nyquist … explained that “as an organization, [Y.E.C.A. is] going to take anyone who, as a Christian … finds a reason to be concerned about climate change through the lens of Scripture.”

Traditional proofs used to illustrate that the Bible advocates for environmental care span the Old and New Testaments. The most common and earliest trope is steeped within Genesis’ creation story. Genesis proclaims God as the creator of the world: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth,” and declare God’s creation good: “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” These verses and others deem the earth, vegetation, and everything inhabiting it as good and godly. (

The creation story is one of many supporting texts that could be used to say environmental responsibility and faith go hand in hand. ( Read more (

Griswold found that one of the key factors in the generational shift in the American evangelical community is that Christian youths are less keen on subscribing to what many see as passé political conservatism, but are hanging on to theologically conservative ideas.

There are a number of other factors involved, too, including growing diversity and globalization, Griswold writes.


During the past decade, evangelicalism has grown more diverse: as the number of white believers has declined, the Latino evangelical population has increased dramatically. … From a distance, evangelicalism can appear culturally monolithic—nearly eighty per cent of white evangelicals support President Trump, according to the Public Religion Research Institute—but many young evangelicals are more diverse, less nationalistic, and more heterodox in their views than older generations. Believing that being a Christian involves recognizing the sanctity of all human beings, they support Black Lives Matter and immigration reform. …

For young believers … the ubiquity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks in their lives, among other factors, have made it more difficult to live in the kind of theological, cultural, and political isolation that previous generations once did. And, as their secular peers embrace more fluid identities in regard to sexuality and race, young evangelicals are also beginning to see such positions in shades of gray rather than in black and white. There are other factors, too, related to globalization: the exponential growth of fellow-believers in the Global South; the growing diversity of evangelicals in the U.S., driven in part by the influx of immigrants who arrive in American churches with their own dynamic faith. The result is that younger evangelicals are speaking out on issues like family separation at the border, climate change, police brutality, and immigration reform­­—causes not typically associated with the evangelical movement. In the continuing moral outrage at the border, which includes nearly six hundred children still displaced in New York City alone, many see the faces of themselves and their families. Read more (

As The New Yorker piece makes clear, however, questions remain about whether the generational divergence in political views will be reflected at the polls, given that, as the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, 48, sees it, evangelicals have been able to influence President Trump on a number of issues since he took office.

Agelbert NOTE: The Hydrocarbon Hellspawn TOOL called Trump made clear what he WASN'T in the most recent White House meeting with about 100 "Christian" Evangelical (hypocrite) Leaders. ( Trump 🦀 said, when referring to "all he had done" for Christians (LOL!), that "YOUR RELIGION" (NOT his religion or our religion) is "in danger" (See: Orwell) with a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives... 


ANYONE that still thinks this TOOL of the Fossil Fuel Industry 🐉🦕🦖 is a Christian, is nuts. By saying "YOUR RELIGION", he made it it CRYSTAL CLEAR THAT CHRISTIANITY IS NOT his religion, PERIOD. That was one of the rare times Trump told the truth. Of course you will still get hypocritical Pharisees like James Dobson (and other money grubbing friends of government power pretending to be Christians) who will try to spin what Trump said as a 'harmless baby Christian expression'. ( Trump came out and said he was NOT a Christian, PERIOD. ALL Christians that voted for him have been taken for fools. Of course the PSEUDO-Christians (, which represent the majority of "Christian Evangelicals", wanted that evil bastard in power to further the racist, fascist, war/Wall Street loving agenda those hellspawn favor. The Spiritual Consequences of that demonic vote are absolutely devastating.

What goes around, even if it happens after you die, comes around.

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French environment minister ( quits during live interview — says we’re not doing enough



When Nicolas Hulot, the French environment minister, went on a radio breakfast show, no one was expecting anything like this. As the interview went on, Hulot spoke more and more about the failures of his cabinet — lamenting that France has not done enough on any environmental front.

“Have we started to reduce our CO2 emissions? No. Have we started to reduce our use of pesticides? No. To prevent the erosion of our biodiversity? No,” Hulot explained.

As the discussion continued, it seemed that Hulot reached a striking moment of self-awareness. Saying that he felt “alone” in a cabinet which took “insufficient” action to tackle environmental challenges, he foreshadowed his resignation.

“I can’t lie to myself anymore,” he said. “I don’t want my presence in the government to give the illusion that we’re facing up to such stakes,” he said on public radio France Inter.

Neither President Emmanuel Macron nor any other ministers were made aware of this decision beforehand. In fact, when Marlène Schiappa, Macron’s secretary of state for equality heard the news while being live on another radio station, she asked the presenter if he was joking.

Read more:

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William Rivers Pitt is a senior editor and lead columnist at Truthout. He is also a New York Times and internationally bestselling author of three books: War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know, The Greatest Sedition Is Silence and House of Ill Repute: Reflections on War, Lies, and America's Ravaged Reputation. His fourth book, The Mass Destruction of Iraq: Why It Is Happening, and Who Is Responsible, co-written with Dahr Jamail, is available now on Amazon. He lives and works in New Hampshire.

Ted Cruz 🦕 Might Lose, and Other Giddy Tidbits From Election 2018 (

BY William Rivers Pitt 🌟 Truthout (

PUBLISHED September 15, 2018


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Four Reasons Why Los Angeles's Upcoming Public Banking Ballot Initiative is a Huge Deal ( (

BY Phoenix Goodman Medium

PUBLISHED September 16, 2018

Phoenix Goodman, Medium: On November 6, the citizens of Los Angeles will have a chance to decide if their city should pave the path toward creating the first municipal public bank in the country. A public bank, if done correctly, could empower local residents with a level of influence rarely afforded through local ballot measures.

Read the Article (
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In Viral Video, Medea Benjamin 🕊 (  ( Confronts Trump Official ☠️ on Iran

September 21, 2018

At a public event in Washington, DC, CodePink’s Medea Benjamin confronted Brian Hook (, the head of Trump’s Iran Action ☠️ Group (, over the US withdrawal from the JCPOA and re-imposing crippling ☠️ sanctions on the Iranian people. Benjamin joins us to discuss her action, which went viral online

Story Transcript 👍👍👍

AARON MATE: It’s The Real News. I’m Aaron Mate.

The U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal has been one of the most consequential decisions of the Trump presidency that has faced relatively little public protest. Well, this week was different, when the administration was confronted directly. Brian Hook, the head of Trump’s so-called Iran Action Group, spoke Wednesday at the Hudson Institute, a right-wing think tank in Washington. As Hook finished his remarks, he was joined on stage by Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the peace group Code Pink.

BRIAN HOOK: It is time for all nations to join us in holding Iran to a new level of accountability for its destructive behavior; especially its lawless pursuit of ballistic missiles. Thank you.

MEDEA BENJAMIN: That is the most ridiculous thing I have seen. The world community wants to keep the Iran nuclear deal. Our allies. The Germans, the French, the British, they want to keep in this deal. The world community wants to keep the deal. Let’s talk about normal countries. Let’s talk about Saudi Arabia. Is that who our allies are? They are the biggest- to the world community. You’re hurting me. You’re actually hurting me. I want to ask, do you think these sanctions are hurting the regime, or are they hurting the Iranian people? They’re hurting the Iranian people. You’re making the case for war with Iran. How did the war with Iraq turn out? You’re doing exactly the same thing we did in the case of Iraq. We don’t want another war in the Middle East. How did Iraq turn out? How did Libya turn out? We have the people of Syria suffering. And how dare you bring up the issue of Yemen? It’s the Saudi bombing that is killing most people in Yemen. So let’s get real. No more war. Peace with Iran.

AARON MATE: Joining me now is the star of this viral video. Medea Benjamin is the co-founder of the peace group Code Pink. Welcome, Medea. Walk us through what you did here, and the message that you tried to bring.

MEDEA BENJAMIN: Well, thanks for having me on, Aaron. You know, it’s very hard to sit through the kind of drivel of Brian Hook talking about missile, missile, missile, Iran threat, danger, not a normal country. And my head was spinning, and I felt like I had to get up and respond to it. And I knew that in the Q&A it was going to be curated. They had passed around cards. They weren’t going to answer the questions that I had asked. And so I felt I better just get up and say my piece.

And so as you can see, I jumped on stage. And I thought it was so important to counter the path that the Trump administration and Brian Hook and Mike Pompeo are taking us down, because it is so dangerous. And I’m old, Aaron. I’ve been through the antiwar movement around Vietnam, Central America, post-9/11. And I was just sitting there feeling this tremendous deja vu about Iraq; that here was yet another administration doing lies, distortions, inventions, whatever it wanted to paint Iran as a demon that had to be addressed militarily. And you know, we’ve got to do something to counter that. We can’t allow them to take us into another war in the Middle East or anywhere.

AARON MATE: You got a lot in in just a few minutes of remarks as they were dragging you away. One of the things you said was talking about the impact of sanctions, how the sanctions do not hurt the government of Iran so much as they hurt the people of Iran. And this is a critical point, as especially now already sanctions are back in place with Trump withdrawing from the nuclear deal. But even harsher sanctions from the U.S. are going to be reimposed in November. So can you talk about what you were speaking of in terms of the impact of the U.S. sanctions on Iran?

MEDEA BENJAMIN: Yes. I’m in communication with a lot of people in Iran, and hear story after story about how devastating the sanctions already are. And as you said, in early November is the next round of sanctions to try to cut off oil exports from Iran, which is the main source of income, and will be absolutely devastating. And so I thought it was important to bring out the issue that these are ordinary Iranian people who were being hurt by the sanctions.

And the outpouring from Iran that I received after this intervention has been astounding. Yes, there are some people who are extremely nasty and actually doing death threats that I want to report to the FBI, but the majority of them have been really positive and saying how they are their lives are so difficult right now; they can’t get married because they don’t have money. They don’t want to have children because they don’t have the money to support them. They lost their jobs because the job situation is very difficult. A doctor who wrote to me and said he can’t treat his people, give them the kind of health care they deserve because of shortages.

So this is strangling not the higher-ups, not the clerics, not the government people. This is the strangulating the ordinary Iranian people. And it’s designed precisely to do that so they’ll be so angry that they’ll rise up against their government. But I think what is happening is that many people in Iran are becoming united against the outside because of this, instead of focusing on the changes they want to make in their own government. Now they feel they have to hunker down and save themselves against a potential war.

AARON MATE: And you mention that Brian Hook, the head of this new so-called Iran Action Group, was speaking about missiles in Iran. This issue of ballistic missiles. There have been rumblings in the Trump administration they want to try to push through some sort of new agreement with Iran that would limit its ballistic missiles. Can you talk about what is going on there, and what you think the Iranian government’s reaction to that will be, especially in light of the Trump ministration walking away from the Iran nuclear deal?

MEDEA BENJAMIN: We already know the reaction of the Iranian government, which is to say it’s ridiculous to pull out of a deal that was not an agreement between two countries, as Brian Hook said. It was an international agreement approved by the Security Council of the United Nations, by the European Union. If the U.S. pulls out of that it’s just crazy to think that the Iranians would sit down and negotiate another deal with the Trump administration. It makes absolutely no sense.

The rest of the world community, minus a couple of countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirates, want the deal to be saved. Trying to figure out how to salvage that deal. And we will see a lot of contentious things at the United Nations next week when the issue of Iran comes up, and we find that our allies in Europe are on a very different page than the Trump administration. So I think it is not rational to talk about trying to rein in Iran’s missile system when you have just ripped up a nuclear deal. And also to recognize the most sophisticated military technology in the Middle East is not in the government of Iran, it’s in the hands of Israel and Saudi Arabia, thanks to the United States.

AARON MATE: Medea, finally, I want to ask you just a personal question. You’ve become notorious for your willingness to confront U.S. officials and former U.S. officials at public events like this one. I remember there’s a famous incident where you were there when Donald Rumsfeld was entering a gathering, and you announced to the crowd, here comes the war criminal. And you stood beside him, denouncing him as a war criminal and speaking a bit about his record. I’m wondering, when you put yourself in this situation, are you ever nervous? Is it scary to go up against people, especially powerful people like your targets?

MEDEA BENJAMIN: It’s extremely scary. I don’t do this without sweating it out, and really a lot of shaking and questioning whether I should do it or should I do it. But in the end I think it’s important to do, and I think more people should do it. I wish there were people everywhere these criminals go to be popping up and denouncing them, because we make their lives way too easy when they are destroying the lives of people around the world.

AARON MATE: Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, star of that new viral video confronting the head of the Trump administration’s Iran Action Group. Thank you, Medea.

MEDEA BENJAMIN: Thanks for having me on, Aaron.

AARON MATE: And thank you for joining us on The Real News.

Agelbert NOTE: CodePink’s Medea Benjamin 🕊 deservves the Congressional Medal of Honor for her consistent outstanding courage and heroism. 💐 (

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Green Party Candidate Barred From Ohio Gubernatorial Debate  >:(

September 23, 2018

Ohio Green Party candidate ( barred from debates, continues aggressive campaign for Governor (  (
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Brazil’s Historic Presidential Election: Left (  and Right ( Have Equal Chance of Winning(


September 21, 2018

Now that frontrunner Lula da Silva of the Workers Party has been eliminated from the presidential race, his running mate, Fernando Haddad and far-right Jair Bolsonaro look likely to make the run-off after the first round vote on October 7th
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Debate Recap: 2018 Maryland Governor’s Race

September 25, 2018

Incumbent Republican Larry Hogan 😈 and Sanders-backed Democrat Ben Jealous ✨square off in the only debate in the race for Maryland Governor
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Group of 58,000 Science Teachers Issues No-Bullshit Position on Climate Change (

Maddie Stone

9/18/18 11:45am Filed to: STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math 👨‍🔬  🔬) EDUCATION

Scientists and members of the public criticize proposed changes to New Mexico’s science teaching standards at an October 2017 hearing. Photo: AP

Fossil fuel interest groups will continue debating the reality of human-caused climate change until the seas swallow us all, but among scientists the matter is settled. Last week, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) put out a position statement affirming as much and telling the naysayers to **** off.

Published September 13, the new position statement opens by unequivocally acknowledging the “overwhelming scientific consensus” that Earth’s climate is changing due to human activity, while at the same time noting that widespread confusion exists among the American public. It recommends that science teachers and policy makers work to ensure basic science climate concepts are included in K-12 educational curricula—without the ginned up “controversy” pushed by climate denial groups.

“The science of climate change is firmly rooted in decades of peer-reviewed scientific literature,” the position statement reads. “Given the solid scientific foundation on which climate change science rests, any controversies regarding climate change and human-caused contributions to climate change that are based on social, economic, or political arguments—rather than scientific arguments—should not be part of a science curriculum.”

The NSTA—which calls itself “the largest organization of science teachers worldwide” with nearly 60,000 members—has issued position statements on topics ranging from laboratory safety to the metric system. Occasionally, the private professional association also weighs in on a scientific topic that’s become polarizing because of political ideologies or religion, like evolution.

David Evans, executive director of the NSTA, told Earther that the decision to develop a position statement on climate change came about a year ago, as high-profile battles over teaching the subject played out in state legislatures and school boards and garnered national media attention.

Last fall, controversy erupted in New Mexico over an attempt to replace climate change with “temperature fluctuation” in new science teaching standards. In the winter, a similar brouhaha occurred in Idaho, after state legislatures voted to remove most mentions of climate change from proposed K-12 science standards. Teachers have also faced pressure from outside interest groups, most notably fossil fuel propaganda machine The Heartland Institute, which recently mailed a misinformation-ridden report titled “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” to hundreds of thousands of teachers nationwide.

Both the New Mexico and Idaho efforts to water down climate science were eventually defeated, but many teachers, especially in more conservative locales, are still reticent to bring the politically-charged subject into the classroom. Evans hopes the new statement gives those teachers a firmer foundation to stand on and helps them acquire additional resources. The position statement recommends school administrators provide science teachers with “professional learning opportunities” that address climate science.

“Most teachers in the classroom now never really had any formal classes in climate science—it just wasn’t taught 20 years ago,” Evans said. “Having a position statement helps teachers get that kind of support.”

Evans also hopes the statement gives science teachers some guidance on what they should leave out.

“Often times, there’s a confounding of climate science on the one hand, and ‘what should we do about this thing happening to the environment’ [on] the other hand,” he said. “And the two are really distinct.”

In his view, the basic science should be taught in chemistry, physics or Earth science, while discussion of specific policy actions or mitigation measures belongs in a social studies class.

“If I had my fantasy wish... that [social studies] class would have students well informed about the science of climate change,” Evans continued. “And that would be a place where they could debate the merits of how much fossil fuel we use and what we use it for. What we want are citizens—students—who are informed about the science and can use that information.”

Among American adults, there aren’t nearly as many of those informed citizens as one would hope. A Gallup poll released earlier this year found that only 35 percent of self-identified Republicans and 62 percent of independents believe global warming is caused by human activities.

“Teachers are in a really tough position teaching this topic in a lot of communities. They want and they deserve a lot of support for it.”

Those statistics can be turned around over time, but teaching climate science accurately is critical. A survey released by the nonprofit National Center for Science Education (NCSE) in 2016 found that while roughly 75 percent of public school science teachers devote some classroom time to the subjec, over a quarter “give equal time” to perspectives that doubt the scientific consensus.

The same survey found that most teachers are unaware of the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change’s causes, and that only about two-thirds see human activity as the primary driver.

“You’ve got a situation where these campaigns to cast doubt on the science have had a lot of success,” NCSE executive director Ann Reid told Earther. “Even teachers who believe the science aren’t always sure about the certainty.”

In Reid’s view, the new position statement hits the mark by raising a lot of these issues and suggesting school districts provide teachers more support to strengthen their knowledge.

“Teachers are in a really tough position teaching this topic in a lot of communities,” she said. “They want and they deserve a lot of support for it.”
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Wednesday, 03 October 2018 08:31

The Real Swamp Report #3: Don't Look Now, But Gillum Is Winning in Florida 😀 (

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October 6, 2018


( Crowdpac Reaches $3mil US for Collins' opponent ( ( (

PearliePoo2 (7,444 posts)  Right now it's $3,068,650! It's exploding!  ( Currently, the fund is gaining about $25,000 an hour! (  Someone's going to have one hell of a war chest! (  (


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Chris Hedges ( in Eugene, Oct. 3, 2018


Todd Boyle

Published on Oct 4, 2018

Chris Hedges spoke in Eugene, Oct. 3, 2018 to the Community Rights Lane County.  He is on the west coast for his latest book, "America: The Farewell Tour"

From the book's website, "Chris Hedges’s profound and provocative examination of America in crisis is “an exceedingly…provocative book, certain to arouse controversy, but offering a point of view that needs to be heard” (Booklist), about how bitter hopelessness and malaise have resulted in a culture of sadism and hate.

America, says Pulitzer Prize­–winning reporter Chris Hedges, is convulsed by an array of pathologies that have arisen out of profound hopelessness, a bitter despair, and a civil society that has ceased to function. The opioid crisis; the retreat into gambling to cope with economic distress; the pornification of culture; the rise of magical thinking; the celebration of sadism, hate, and plagues of suicides are the physical manifestations of a society that is being ravaged by corporate pillage and a failed democracy. As our society unravels, we also face global upheaval caused by catastrophic climate change. All these ills presage a frightening reconfiguration of the nation and the planet.

Donald Trump rode this disenchantment to power. In his “forceful and direct” (Publishers Weekly) America: The Farewell Tour, Hedges argues that neither political party, now captured by corporate power, addresses the systemic problem. Until our corporate coup d’état is reversed these diseases will grow and ravage the country. “With a trademark blend of…sharply observed detail, Hedges writes a requiem for the American dream” (Kirkus Reviews) and seeks to jolt us out of our complacency while there is still time."

Category News & Politics
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Fierce Battle for State Assembly Between Socialist 👍 and
 Obama Staffer ( ( in Richmond, CA

October 14, 2018

Richmond, California, Councilperson Jovanka Beckles, a declared socialist ( versus Obama staffer Buffy Wicks ( in a battle for State Assembly is defining the Democrats

Story Transcript

MARC STEINER: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Marc Steiner. Good to have you all with us.

The new class of political battle inside the Democratic Party seems to be between the Democratic establishment and the rise of new people from the Democratic Socialist association and others; candidates that are defining what’s happening in politics in America, redefining what’s happening in America. And it’s happening in the 15th California Assembly District. It’s a district that comprises working-class cities like Richmond, and academic left-wing enclaves like Berkeley, and parts of Oakland, California.

One of the candidates running- they’re both, actually, Democrats in this final election. One of them is an Obama acolyte whose name is Buffy Wicks. The other candidate in the general election is Richmond City Councilwoman Jovanka Beckles. Jovanka Beckles and the other candidate are similar on some issues, but really different. Jovanka’s running on single-payer, full daycare, free college, as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, which sets her apart. In our continued exploration of America’s future with progressive candidates from around this country, we talked today with Richmond Councilperson Jovanka Beckles, who’s running for the Assembly seat in the 15th District. And Jovanka, welcome back, good to have you with us here on The Real News.

JOVANKA BECKLES: Thank you so very much. Great to be here.

MARC STEINER: Good to have you with us. So what I want to do, we’re going to start by playing this short clip of your campaign ads to give people a flavor, and then jump into our conversation.

All right. Very well.

VIDEO: My name is Jovanka Beckles. I’m a mental health professional, a union member, and an immigrant. For the past eight years on the Richmond City Council, I’ve been part of a movement and fight corporate [money]. We rejected corporate campaign donations and achieved victories for working people. We banned the box, won rent control, and a $15 minimum wage. When working people come together, we can take back control of our lives, and a greater share of the wealth that we ourselves create.

Because together we can build a California that puts people over profit.

MARC STEINER: So for our viewers across the country and the globe- let me explain very quickly and see if I have this right, Jovanka- in California when you run for political office, the top two vote getters, to make 50 percent, run against each other. Many places have two Democrats running against one another for the general election, which is what’s happening in your district this moment. Is that correct?

That is absolutely correct. In fact, in the primary there was one Republican in a race full of 12 people.

MARC STEINER: It says something about your district.

JOVANKA BECKLES: It says a lot about our district. Exactly. It’s the most progressive district, the most diverse district in the state.

So I really want to explore, because I think this, as I said at the top of the program here, this is kind of an example of this new classic battle across the country in the Democratic Party. But talk a bit about that as you see it. Because Buffy Wicks is an Obama acolyte, as I said. She worked for his administration. She helped his campaign in California when he fought against Bernie Sanders’ campaign in California. But she also is very liberal and progressive on a number of issues, and that’s what mean by this new battle. Define what you see as the difference between that point of view and point of view that you’re running on.

JOVANKA BECKLES: Yeah, it’s exactly right. And I you know, I know folks have have expressed that oh, you know, we’re we’re both very liberal, very progressive. But I haven’t really seen that in terms of the policies that we both find to be the most important. So in other words, we differ in so many different ways. We both agree, of course, yes, something needs to happen with regard to wealth inequality. We both agree that there’s an affordable housing shortage, absolutely. But we differ in the way that we- in the solutions that we have.

We differ in the solutions to address the housing crisis. I believe that we need to build hundreds of thousands of new affordable housing, public housing. She believes that we will get ourselves out of this mess by building market rate housing, and I don’t. I disagree. And so that’s why we differ when it comes to just- one of the other solutions being the support for Prop 10, which is the repeal of Costa-Hawkins at the state level. I support it. The opposition does not. That’s one way we differ.

We also differ in other ways. I believe that when you have an attack on the public school system the way that we’re seeing it, unprecedented numbers of resources being drained from our public institutions, our public schools, we need to have a moratorium on charter schools. And she does not agree that that’s the way that we address resources being drained from our public schools.

I also believe that we need to get dark money out of our elections, out of our politics, and our government. The majority of money comes from, that were donated to me, comes from right within the district. The majority of money that she’s received comes- a lot of it is coming from Washington D.C. Unfortunately, a lot of the billionaires that are donating to her campaign are the same billionaires who not only donate to Republicans, but are invested in privatizing our schools, are invested in private prisons, and are committed to destroying unions, and destroying- and not supporting the implementation of a single-payer healthcare for all system.

MARC STEINER: So if I’m clear, you are a union member. You’re in the Teamsters, correct?

JOVANKA BECKLES: Correct. Local 856. Absolutely.

MARC STEINER: But you’re a mental health worker by trade?

JOVANKA BECKLES: There we go. Teamsters Local 856. And yes, I’m a mental health professional by training. I’ve been in the mental health field for 30 years right here in the Bay Area. That’s the other way that we differ. I’ve lived consistently in the Bay Area for 30 years, and have worked here consistently for 30 years. I moved to the Bay Area in 1989, and I have never moved away, but I’ve been devoted to creating the change that I like to see in my community for the last 30 years here.

So let’s take a couple of these things that you’re talking about. I want to take a broader issue here first, before I talk about some of the specifics you’re kind of talking about in your district. What does it mean for you as a union member to be a socialist, a declared democratic socialist, running for a State Assembly seat? I mean, clearly the socialists won’t have a majority in the Assembly. They most likely will not for the foreseeable future. But what does that mean for you, to be a socialist running?

JOVANKA BECKLES: It means that I believe that there is more than enough to share. I believe that in the fifth-largest economy in the world, within the largest economy in the world, there is enough resources for us to share. We as working people, we created this wealth that we are seeing, and yet we’re not benefiting from any from it. We’re not being, it’s not being shared with us. And so we as working-class people absolutely have to have a seat at the table. We have to have a seat in positions of power to be able to change this direction that we’re seeing, where we’re seeing the gap between those who have and those who do not have widen every day, by the day.

And so it’s so important that as working people we know, we see, we experience firsthand the challenge that it is to make ends meet. The challenge that it is to pay for for healthcare, to pay for food, to pay for rent, or a mortgage, and still be able to have some, you know, some spending money, right? Some disposable income. And so when we have more working people, I believe, in office, we’ll start to see the wealth shared a little bit better and more equitably.

So one of the things we see in this race also, I believe George Miller the congressman came out in favor of Ms. Wicks, and Barbara Lee came out to support you. Am I right about that?

JOVANKA BECKLES: Yes, you are. So excited. The congresswoman is someone that I’ve admired for years, particularly when she was the lone ‘no’ vote to start us in this endless war that we are still experiencing today. So she’s always been someone that I’ve admired because of her courage and her willingness to stand up for the people and be a voice for the people. So that’s really exciting. This happened yesterday. The endorsements from other unions are also coming in. So we’re really seeing this campaign gain so much momentum on a daily basis.

MARC STEINER: So let me talk about the issues here. And when you, when you talk about the housing issues, and talking about Prop 10 and what that means, and what the battle is over Prop 10- and I believe that is your opponent has not said she’s for or against it, she said let the voters decide, but you very clearly have come out on this on this value proposition. Talk a bit about that.

JOVANKA BECKLES: Right. What Prop 10 does is right now, cities like Richmond- I’m really proud to have been in this movement to bring the first rent control policy to a city, the first one in 30 years. So Richmond, we passed a rent control on the ballot. However, our hands are tied. And Berkeley has rent control, and Oakland does, too.

MARC STEINER: And hands are tied why? Why are your hands tied?

JOVANKA BECKLES: Hands are tied because of Costa-Hawkins. That’s the state law that exempts properties built after 1995 from rent control policies. And what Prop 10 does by reforming Costa-Hawkins, by repealing it, rather- my, the opposition wants to reform it. But we, the majority of people understand that we have to repeal that that law so that states, so that cities, can have more power, more control in creating the kinds of policies that best fit their residents.

And so right now we’re seeing, for example, in Oakland lots of new development; for-profit luxury units being built right now. And those units are not going to be under rent control, under the rent control policies, because they’re being built, you know, after 1995. So by reforming that it gives cities more options for those, for better policies that best fit their residents. And so my opponent believes that we don’t need to appeal that, we need to reform it. And it really is, you know, her idea of housing development, her plan, really is- there’s no other way to say it, but it really is a public giveaway of land for the for-profit developers. And I believe that we really should be using our public land and money to build the permanent, affordable, not-for-profit housing that that we need.

MARC STEINER: So let’s talk about money for a moment. One of the things, the conversations I’ve had with people in this state, where we broadcast from in Maryland, and across the country, about certain policies is about money. We live in a capitalist world, which is how our economy is managed and run. When people talk about having a single-payer system in the state of California, when you talk about daycare for working families that is paid for in California, when you talk about free college tuition, which used to be in California, as it was in New York once, and no longer is. First question people will ask, will ask Jovanka Beckles: how do you pay for that? In this system, how do we pay for those things for our people?

Absolutely. So we’re really seeing now in 2018, we’re seeing how capitalism really is not working for the majority of us. It’s only working for a very, very small percentage of people. So you pay for these things by taxing the wealthy, by taxing the rich, by insisting that they pay their fair share of taxes just like the rest of us. And you do that by reforming Prop 13. And in California, Prop 13 really is a way for big corporations to have a loophole, and not pay their fair share of taxes. So when we reform that that proposition- and it will be on the ballot- we will then be able to have the resources that we need. Since Prop 13 was initiated in, I think it was 1979, we have lost about $367 billion in revenue. Now imagine what we could have been doing with all that money lost. And so when we reform prop Prop 13, we’ll then have the billions of dollars that we need.

But it isn’t just a matter of of taxing the rich through proper reform of Prop 13, it’s also taxing speculators. It’s also taxing vacant properties that they buy and they keep open, they keep empty. And so when we tax these kinds of speculators and vacant properties, we can build the, as I talk about in my platfor, the hundreds of thousands of of housing for all, through taxing the rich. We can also- that will bring millions and billions of dollars to the state for us to build the affordable housing that we need, and that people have a right to. People have a right to shelter. We’re seeing so many people who are working 40 hours a week living out of their cars, and something is terribly wrong when hardworking people can’t afford to pay rent in the state of California in the Bay Area.

So Jovanka, one of the things I think that a lot of us really wonder about, and many of our viewers who wonder about people around this country are wrestling with, is for people running as democratic socialists in this country, we live in a land right now that is hugely divided in terms of political viewpoints. And It’s gotten to a point where we are as divided now as it was when I was younger civil rights worker down South. It’s that intense. I can feel the same intensity at the moment. I’m just curious, from your perspective, what the political battle means that we’re facing now when we’re so divided as a people. And so much is built around race, it’s also built around, kind of, political viewpoints and more. And what that means, you think, for our future, your future as Californians and our future as Americans, and where that takes us.

JOVANKA BECKLES: Yes. You know, we’re all in the same boat. The 99 percent, we’re all in the same boat. Because what we’re seeing now is a movement. Is a movement that really is stating a loud message. We cannot continue in this direction. The for-profit system that puts profit above our health, that puts profit above our education, that puts profit above our planet, is not working. It’s not a sustainable model. We need- people are fighting. We’re coming together, we’re realizing that we have to put aside our differences of race and age and even political affiliation, and come together as one united people to fight against the injustice that we’re seeing, to fight against the greed.

What we’re seeing right now, as people are understanding that we have to elect more candidates, more public officials who are going to always put the needs of the planet and working people and our children and our health above the profit of of our billionaire class and corporations. What we’re seeing is a movement where people are understanding that we are getting poor while they’re getting richer, and it’s not a model that’s sustainable. Because when we don’t have the kinds of regulation that we need, our planet is literally burning. Our planet- we’re seeing the weather is wreaking havoc right now in Florida and throughout the world. And that’s a scientific truth that if we continue to go in this direction we’re not going to have a planet to live on.

And so no amount of profit- we have two corporations right now, I believe it’s Amazon and Apple, that have now reached the trillion dollar profit line. That is not a model that is sustainable, because we the workers created that wealth, and we are realizing that we deserve, we’re entitled to share that wealth that we ourselves have created. And so we have to build a world, a California, a United States that puts the needs of the people above the profit of corporations. And that’s the, that’s the model that we’re seeing; a movement that’s gaining momentum more and more every day. And so I’m really excited about what we’re seeing, that people are now awake, and are passionate and driven to change the system, this very corrupt, unjust system that we are all experiencing.

MARC STEINER: So very quickly here as we conclude, Jovanka- I mean, I understand also that the campaign, which was really kind of aboveboard for a long time, and the two of you, with different positions, were acting fairly honorably, at least in the debates I’ve seen, the conversations I’ve seen taking place. But things have gotten ugly. I understand that some red-baiting has taken place and people are literally attacking your signs, and attacking you as a person. Not physically, but your character.

Yes, attacking my character. Red-baiting a black woman living in the United States of America. Our signs are being defaced. They’re being tagged with things. One sign I saw someone had “Communist voters unite.” Don’t even understand. That’s obviously people who don’t understand the difference between communism and socialism. Socialism just says that there is enough wealth to share. That’s all. That’s what that means. And it’s unfortunate that any working-class person would not subscribe to a model that benefits all of us.

They’re they’re attacking my character. There’s whisper campaigns. I had a gentleman, a black gentleman the other day approached me saying he heard that I hate black man. And I know that it’s a whisper campaign based on the fact that I’m an out lesbian on the Richmond City Council. But to take it to that level, that I hate black men, is really disheartening. But it’s not the first time that this has happened. In 2008 when I ran the first time, that was the whisper campaign; Jovanka doesn’t think she’s black, Jovanka doesn’t like black people because, you know, she’s a Latina. And then there, then the other whisper campaign was, you know, Jovanka is a Green Party member. And I’ve been a Democrat for 37 years at this point. But it’s just the kind of things that people use to divide us. Our office in Richmond has been vandalized twice. (  >:(

And so we’re seeing that our message that resonates with the majority of people to actually build a California that works for all of us, it resonates with the people to have a California that’s just and equitable. Resonates with the majority. But we’re seeing that there are those that are feeling threatened. And unfortunately, you know, the very people that I’m sure are doing these things are working-class people not understanding that everything that I do, everything that this movement is about, is for them. And so that’s really unfortunate. But we move on, we persevere, we stand up, we fight back, and we’re going to win this election in November. (

MARC STEINER: We’ve been talking to Richmond City Councilperson Jovanka Beckles, who is running for the 15th Assembly District in California. And Jovanka, thank you so much for joining us here on The Real News. It’s been a pleasure to talk with you.

JOVANKA BECKLES: Thank you. Pleasure is all mine. Thank you so much.

MARC STEINER: Take care. And I’m Marc Steiner for The Real News Network. Good to have you with us. Take care.
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October 22, 2018

Cheer up a Friend With The Nation's 2019 Wall Calendar


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The Revelator

Teens ( Rise Up for Action on Climate

The Ask

October 17, 2018 - by John R. Platt

We asked one of the teenage organizers of the recent Zero Hour Youth Climate March what they’ve learned and how others can follow in their footsteps.


What’s your biggest takeaway from these first events? Are politicians or the heads of corporations listening?

You can never really tell when politicians are listening because it’s their job to pretend like they’re listening. It’s their job to make you think that they’re considering everything that you tell them, that everything that you say is important to them. I hope that they have at least heard what we are saying. I know that after the lobby day at least their staff knows who we are, and saw our faces and heard our voices.

The other day I was talking to Senator Heinrich at a League of Conservation Voters event. He said that he knew us, that he’d heard of us. That meant the world to me and Jamie [Margolin, the founder of Zero Hour]. I don’t have words for it. I looked him in the eye and I knew that he had genuinely heard of us and that this wasn’t just a tactic. I was so grateful that we had recognized by someone with so much influence in our government.

Zero Hour advocates for common-sense climate legislation. What does that look like to you?

The term “common sense” is tough. Not everyone knows what you’re talking about. In the case of common-sense climate legislation, however, it really is what just about anyone might think it is. All we want is what makes sense. All we want is effective change. All we want for the people of this world is protection and safety. That’s all anyone wants. That’s what makes it common sense, because everyone at least wants a good life for themselves.

Full article: (

( Zero Hour Just 🦅 Transition (

( Zero Hour Platform and attacks on them by the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn 🦕🦖 (
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October 26, 2018

VIDEO: Andrew Gillum ( ( stands up ( to racism

Last night at his gubernatorial debate with DeSantis (, Andrew 🌟 wasn't pulling any punches. He called out DeSantis for his affiliation with racists outright in an incredible exchange that you have to see to believe.

Andrew Gillum isn’t afraid to fight back against the bigotry lurking beneath the surface (and sometimes above it!) of today's GOP. That's just one reason why he will make a fantastic governor -- if we put him over the top on November 6.

Watch the amazing clip of Andrew taking a stand against racism, then split a donation between Andrew Gillum’s campaign and DFA's work supporting progressive candidates like Andrew nationwide.

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In Conversation: Elizabeth Warren and Robert Reich

Published on May 8, 2018

Robert Reich discusses the progressive movement and how we can reclaim democracy.

Agelbert NOTE: Robert Reich ends the conversation with this quote:

“We can have concentrated wealth in the hands of a few or we can have democracy. But we cannot have both.” - Suprem Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis
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Agelbert NOTE: As much as I admire the courage of those luminaries below and as much as I agree with their analysis of the present political threat to we-the-people (INCLUDING THE FOOLED TRUMP SUPPORTERS) that Trump's (Fascist) Brand of Authoritarianism represents, the entire discussion is made MOOT by the inability of the US Government (including BOTH the Democratic and Republican wings of the Profit over People and Planet Oligarchs 'R' US 😈🐉🦕🦖👹 💵 🎩 🍌🏴‍☠️ Party) to take steps to mitigate Catastrophic Climate Change by going on a War Economy footing to transition to 100% Renewable Energy within a decade or less. Neither Hitler nor Stalin nor Mussolini had to to face the fact that the human species is on the fast track to extinction, even though we were already well on the way in the time of those dictators. It REALLY IS DIFFERENT this time with the Trump Fascist Wrecking Crew et al.

The way things ARE now, the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn (i.e. the greedball oil loving, Fascist pie in the sky wishful thinkers of the Fossil Fuel 'Industry (' ) are killing, 24/7, ANY hope for a viable biosphere.

IOW, no amount of fixing the Fascist Tyranny now sweeping the globe will stop the unavoidable mass extinction of most, if not all, of the mammalian vertebrate species on this planet (including humans, of course). ONLY a transition to a 100% Renewable Energy powered WORLD economy WITHIN A DECADE OR LESS can, hopefully (it may be too late even for that too, but that doesn't mean we should not try) guarantee a (barely) viable biosphere for future generations.

OTHERWISE, ....IT........ IS....




The Intercept

October 31, 2018

NYU Professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat and Yale Professor Jason Stanley on Trump’s Brand of Authoritarianism

Jeremy Scahill: I’m joined now by two scholars of fascism. Ruth Ben-Ghiat is a professor of history and Italian studies at New York University. She’s the author of several books, among them, “Fascist Modernities” and “Italian Fascism’s Empire Cinema.” Her forthcoming book is called “Strongmen: How The Rise, Why They Succeed, How They Fall.” She’s also a columnist for

And Jason Stanley is the Jacob Urowsky professor of philosophy at Yale University. Stanley is the author of “Know How,” “Language in Context,” “Knowledge and Practical Interests,” as well as “How Propaganda Works.” His latest book, which was released earlier this year, is “How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them.” Ruth, Jason, welcome both of you to Intercepted.

Jeremy Scahill: So, that was from the film “A Night at the Garden.” People can watch that at Ruth, one other sort of historically important point I think that’s relevant to bring up is — we can say, oh, well, this isn’t something that is a direct analog to fascism right now, because we have a multiparty system, because we are having elections, because Trump has not declared himself president for life in an official way, although he does joke about it sometimes.

But couldn’t someone make an argument — yes, because we’re only two years into this, but the direction that we are heading in definitely has historical analogs in how Mussolini consolidated power and in how Hitler consolidated power, how General Franco consolidated power? Isn’t it a fair point to say, yes, you may be technically correct that we’re not living in that right now, but all of the warning signs from history are screaming out for us to recognize this for what it is?

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Yes, and — you know, in the case of Mussolini there was a two-year period that’s very instructive where he was head of a coalition government — and Hitler had the same. It’s just that Hitler had already been trying to get to power for 10 years, and he wanted power immediately. You know, Mussolini used to joke about staying in power for 20 years. His personality profile, the way he treated and humiliated his allies in Parliament is very, very similar.

You know, one of the reasons he killed Giacomo Matteotti, who was the head of the Socialist Party —even I was taught in former years that it was just because he was anti-fascist. Well, turned out Matteotti was about to denounce Mussolini and his family and the National Fascist Party for corruption. And so, he was killed for a classic kleptocracy. Mussolini was put under investigation, and it was to escape investigation that he declared dictatorship.

So, these transition moments are very, very important, but they are transitions. When we — when things evolve, and — I believe that we are heading toward, you could say, a militarized authoritarian surveillance state. It will look different than the fascism of the 20th century looked. But we are heading toward that, but we are in the transition, and we still have time to do something about ( it. (

Jeremy Scahill:  What would be, Ruth, the sort of next steps that people should be aware of based on your understanding of history?

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: One of the issues is, when you have someone like this in power, there’s so much going on, and they hit you in so many directions — which is a strategy, by the way. This is a Bannon “blitzkrieg” strategy, that it’s hard to know what to do first. So, you have population management, the very significant move that they were trying to have the National Park Service not allow protest, and GOP legislators introduced several bills to criminalize protest.

One thing I find interesting, which recurs in the past, is Trump is this charismatic figure. And they come along every so often, you’ve mentioned some of them. And they seem to coalesce the kind of anxieties and frustrations of a given historical moment, but the conservative elites—in this case, GOP—back them and not other people, because they believe that they can use them as a vehicle to do the things they’ve been wanting to do for a long time—the racist, the voter suppression, all the things that the GOP has been trying to activate and was very frustrated it couldn’t do under Obama, right? This is a kind of mutual using of the authoritarian and his backers, right? And so, many of the repressive, authoritarian-minded things going on right now are being introduced by the GOP.

{... ...]

Jeremy Scahill:: Well, and, Jason, you also write about the necessary mythology that comes with Trump’s whole spiel, that America was once great. What he’s really sort of telegraphing there is, there was a time when white people were in full control of this country until the immigrants, the blacks, the uppity women, the Jews, the globalists came to steal America’s greatness. And one of the stats in your book that you cite is 45 percent of Trump supporters believe that whites are the most discriminated-against racial group in America and that 54 percent of Trump supporters believe that Christians are the most persecuted religious group in America.

Jason Stanley: When the dominant group is made to feel like victims, that seems to be the culture that breeds the success of this kind of politics. [... reflective of this, that —]

Jason Stanley: [...  ...] So, the idea ( is that all movements for equality are really masks for domination. And so, at that moment when you find the dominant racial group being made to feel like this enormous victim of feminism, of minority groups, that’s when you know the politics ( is taking effective control. Of course, it distracts them from what they’re really victims of, which is the people funding this kind of politics, which, as Ruth mentioned, are very often business elites ( ( (

Jeremy Scahill: These are the words of the great Langston Hughes (  from his poem Let America Be America Again. The poem was performed here on Intercepted by Ty Jones, the producing artistic director at the Classical Theatre of Harlem.

Ty Jones Performs Langston Hughes’s Poem “Let America Be America Again”

Let America be America again.

Let it be the dream it used to be.

Let it be the pioneer on the plain

Seeking a home where he himself is free.


(America never was America to me.)


Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed—

Let it be that great strong land of love

Where never kings connive nor tyrants scheme

That any man be crushed by one above.


(It never was America to me.)


O, let my land be a land where Liberty

Is crowned with no false patriotic wreath,

But opportunity is real, and life is free,

Equality is in the air we breathe.


(There’s never been equality for me,

Nor freedom in this “homeland of the free.”)


Say, who are you that mumbles in the dark?

And who are you that draws your veil across the stars?


I am the poor white, fooled and pushed apart,

I am the Negro bearing slavery’s scars.

I am the red man driven from the land,

I am the immigrant clutching the hope I seek—

And finding only the same old stupid plan

Of dog eat dog, of mighty crush the weak.


I am the young man, full of strength and hope,

Tangled in that ancient endless chain

Of profit, power, gain, of grab the land!

Of grab the gold! Of grab the ways of satisfying need!

Of work the men! Of take the pay!

Of owning everything for one’s own greed!


I am the farmer, bondsman to the soil.

I am the worker sold to the machine.

I am the Negro, servant to you all.

I am the people, humble, hungry, mean—

Hungry yet today despite the dream.

Beaten yet today—O, Pioneers!

I am the man who never got ahead,

The poorest worker bartered through the years.


Yet I’m the one who dreamt our basic dream

In the Old World while still a serf of kings,

Who dreamt a dream so strong, so brave, so true,

That even yet its mighty daring sings

In every brick and stone, in every furrow turned

That’s made America the land it has become.

O, I’m the man who sailed those early seas

In search of what I meant to be my home—

For I’m the one who left dark Ireland’s shore,

And Poland’s plain, and England’s grassy lea,

And torn from Black Africa’s strand I came

To build a “homeland of the free.”


The free? (

Who said the free? Not me?

Surely not me? The millions on relief today?

The millions shot down when we strike?

The millions who have nothing for our pay?

For all the dreams we’ve dreamed

And all the songs we’ve sung

And all the hopes we’ve held

And all the flags we’ve hung,

The millions who have nothing for our pay—

Except the dream that’s almost dead today.


O, let America be America again—

The land that never has been yet—

And yet must be—the land where every man is free.

The land that’s mine—the poor man’s, Indian’s, Negro’s, ME—

Who made America,

Whose sweat and blood, whose faith and pain,

Whose hand at the foundry, whose plow in the rain,

Must bring back our mighty dream again.


Sure, call me any ugly name you choose—

The steel of freedom does not stain.

From those who live like leeches on the people’s lives,

We must take back our land again,



O, yes,

I say it plain,

America never was America to me,

And yet I swear this oath—

America will be!


Out of the rack and ruin of our gangster death,

The R A P E and rot of graft, and stealth, and lies,

We, the people, must redeem

The land, the mines, the plants, the rivers.

The mountains and the endless plain—

All, all the stretch of these great green states—

And make America again!

Listen to the entire podcast or read the lengthy interview:


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No. 53, Nov. 8, 2018

Hello Revelator readers,

The midterm elections are now all but over (a few results are still being tallied), and things look just a little different now. It wasn't exactly a "blue wave," but quite a few people were elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate and other offices who have promised to take stands on climate change, public lands and other environmental issues. There were a few losses, too, including at least one really big one. What does it all mean for the country, and for the planet? We have a look at the results. (

In other news, America's national parks and other public lands could face permanent damage under the Trump administration's energy-dominance agenda. As our article reports this week, oil and gas development could put millions of acres of ecologically and culturally important wildlands at risk. (

Sometimes protecting the planet means protecting the soil. ( We have an interview with Leah Penniman, author of the new book Farming While Black, who discusses how her farm's use of Afro-indigenous farming technologies are good for the soil, the pollinators that depend on it, the climate and the community that benefits from access to nutritious food.

Farming While Black also happens to be one of our picks for the 16 best environmental books coming out this month. Check out the full list here (, with books covering everything from wolves and sea turtles to the psychology of climate change.

In case you missed it:

Two big conferences this month address the important topic of light pollution. Find out how a new reserve in Idaho worked to protect the night sky (, and how other communities can follow.

What should we cover next? (

We welcome your ideas and inside scoops. Drop us a line anytime.

Coming up:

We've got a lot of great stories and essays in the works, including a look at the surprising part of the country taking bold steps to address sea-level rise.

We'll have a fresh batch of links in next week's newsletter, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest headlines as they go live. And while you're on social media, we hope you'll share our stories with your friends.

That's it for this week. As always, thanks for reading.

John R. Platt

Editor, The Revelator
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November 9, 2018

BREAKING NEWS: According to our friends inside Andrew Gillum's campaign, the current vote tallies in Florida have Mayor Gillum ✨ within .45% of Ron DeSantis 🦖 -- which means the Florida gubernatorial election is now almost certainly going to a recount.

Thank you for your support at this critical and historic moment.

- Charles

Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director
Democracy for America

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Voting Rights Restored to EX-Felons in Florida:( Could It Have Changed the Governor’s Race? (  (

November 9, 2018

Ballot measure restoring rights to Felons was approved by 64% of the electorate in Florida.  Desmond Meade of Florida Rights Restoration Coalition and Eddie Conway, Executive Producer at The Real News Network discuss battles won and the fight ahead
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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November 10, 2018

I've got to be frank with you. After our team at Democracy for America worked relentlessly for months to help 299 DFA-endorsed candidates win on Tuesday, the last few days have been challenging to say the least.

Though Election Day was way back on Tuesday, we're still extremely busy with election work -- supporting Stacey Abrams's team as they fight for every last vote, assisting Gina Ortiz Jones in Texas as she tries to secure a narrow House victory, and preparing for a major recount in Florida for Andrew Gillum.

So we're a little late with this message. But there was no way that we were going to let this historic election go by without celebrating everything that we as Democracy for America members, volunteers, staff and activists were able to achieve together.

First, WE FLIPPED THE HOUSE! That was a significant focus for DFA all cycle, and it took a LOT of work to make it happen online, on the ground, and on the phones. For example, via DFA Dialer, volunteers made a DFA-record-breaking 3,580,788 calls to voters across the country to get out the vote, helping catapult Democrats into power on Tuesday.

But it's not enough to celebrate the fact that we flipped the House. We need to celebrate the way that we flipped the House: by electing a record number of history-making candidates who will change the face of Congress forever, and who will make the Democratic Party even more progressive.

Here are just a few of the DFA-endorsed candidates who made history on Tuesday night:

🌟 🌟 Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar became the first Muslim women ever elected to Congress

🌟 Deb Haaland became one of the first Native American women ever elected to Congress

🌟 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress

🌟 🌟 Jahana Hayes (CT) and Ayanna Pressley (MA) became the first Black Congresswomen from their respective states

🌟 Veronica Escobar became one of Texas's first Latina Congresswomen

We can't take these big wins for granted. We started early, we fought hard and we delivered results. It's time to do it again starting right now. You can help sustain DFA's momentum immediately: Chip in $3 or more monthly to help make history again in 2019 and beyond.

While there are still a number of races left to call and lessons to be learned from 2018 in the weeks and months ahead, it’s important for us to honor the people who really made these monumental victories happen: grassroots DFA members like you.

Over the last two years, grassroots leaders and organizers took the despair we all felt in 2016 and turned it into a movement that firmly rejected the politics of bigotry, hate, and fear that Trump has used to turn the country against itself. And together, we relentlessly worked to elect a new generation of leaders committed to an inclusive, populist progressive vision for the United States.

Mission. Accomplished. (

If there's one clear message from Democratic victories in 2018, it's that the future of the Democratic Party lies with the candidates, campaigns, and voters of the New American Majority leading the fight for multi-racial inclusive populism.

Even as we continue to fight to win recounts and run-offs in 2018, Democracy for America members have already begun the battle to win in 2019 and beyond. Help build the movement, month-by-month: Click here to chip in $3 or more monthly.

Thanks for being a part of DFA. These victories never would have been possible without you.

- Charles

Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director
Democracy for America

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How a group of teens ( ( built the climate movement Zero Hour

Published on Oct 31, 2018

Last summer, at the age of 15, Jamie Margolin started a climate group with some other teens. A year later, Zero Hour held its first march on Washington, D.C. Watch our short doc on how they did it and what they’re giving up to fight climate change.

( Zero Hour Just 🦅 Transition (

( Zero Hour Platform and attacks on them by the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn 🦕🦖 (

The Fossil Fuelers 🦖 DID THE Clean Energy  Inventions suppressing, Climate Trashing, human health depleting CRIME,   but since they have ALWAYS BEEN liars and conscience free crooks 🦀, they are trying to AVOID   DOING THE TIME or   PAYING THE FINE!     Don't let them get away with it! Pass it on!   
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Abrams ( ( Files New Lawsuit To Demand Absentee And Provisional Ballots Counted

Source: Talking Points Memo

By Nicole Lafond

November 12, 2018 12:08 pm

Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams filed a new lawsuit on Sunday evening to try to force counties not to throw out some absentee and provisional ballots, The Washington Post reported.

About 5,000 votes were added to the total over the weekend, primarily in Abrams’ favor. Abrams’ campaign has said it needs at least 21,700 more votes in order to force a runoff against Republican Brian Kemp, who has already resigned as secretary of state and claimed victory in the governor’s race with 50.3 percent of the vote, to Abrams’ 48.8 percent. To get a recount, Abrams would need more than 19,300 additional votes.

Abrams’ campaign estimates there are at least 26,000 provisional ballots that were cast in the Georgia race, according to the Post.

“The bottom line is this race is not over. It is still too close to call, and we do not have confidence in the secretary of state’s office,” Lauren Groh-Wargo, Abrams’s campaign manager, told reporters Sunday, according to the Post.

Read more:

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on November 15, 2018, 12:54:35 pm

November 15, 2017

Dear Mr. Gelbert:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the Farm Bill.  I appreciate hearing from you regarding its critical programs and the certainty it provides for farmers, families, and communities across the country.

Every five years, Congress must pass a Farm Bill to address the needs of producers, support consumers, and establish programs to ensure America’s agricultural industry remains strong, sustainable, and profitable.  The Farm Bill touches every single person in this country and establishes our values as Americans.  I am proud to fight for a good bill that addresses the interests of our dairy farmers, sustainable conservation programs, nutritional support for families, rural development programs, international food aid, organic agriculture, animal welfare, and the health and safety of consumers and producers everywhere.  As former Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee and author of the first Organic Farm Bill more than 25 years ago, I recognize how much impact this bill has on our daily lives and these priorities continue to be important as I work on this bill.

On June 28, 2018, the Senate passed our version of the Farm Bill which included many significant wins for Vermonters.  You can read more about the Senate bill here.  We are now negotiating with the House of Representatives to reconcile the vast differences between our two versions of this bill.  On September 5, 2018, we had a public meeting of Farm Bill conferees from the Senate and House of Representatives.  I gave a statement highlighting Vermont priorities and will continue to fight for what is important and right in this Farm Bill.  You can read my full statement here.

I have heard from hundreds of Vermonters about the importance of the Farm Bill in supporting organic and sustainable agriculture, reducing the use of pesticides and protecting water quality, and protecting animals and endangered species everywhere.  This bill also must provide some assurances for our struggling Vermont dairy farmers, protect the ability of families to receive nutritional assistance, maintain a strong international food aid presence with programs like McGovern-Dole, and address the unique challenges faced by rural communities.  It is important that this bill continues to fully fund conservation programs and ensure our environment is protected and our agricultural industry is sustainable.  I am proud that the Pet and Women Safety Act, of which I am a cosponsor, is included in the Senate Farm Bill and I will continue to fight for animal welfare provisions in this bill.

In addition to undermining the critically important Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the House 🐉🦕🦖 version of this bill prevents towns and cities from making their own choices to reduce the use of chemicals, undermines the endangered species act, and attacks bedrock water quality and other environmental protection laws.  As we work on a compromise bill, I will continue to oppose the provisions that provide exemptions for anti-environmental forestry management plans and dangerous pesticide applications that skip the proper approval process.  I promise to fight for strong enforcement of organic standards and for the rights of communities to protect themselves from hazardous materials. 

Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind as the conference process continues and we work towards a compromise on the Farm Bill that treats everyone fairly and takes care of the farmers who provide quality products while respecting our air, land, and water.

Thank you again for contacting me.  Please keep in touch.


United States Senator
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No. 54, Nov. 15, 2018

Hello Revelator readers,

You may be surprised to learn that Virginia has one of the fastest rates of relative sea-level rise in the country. The Hampton Roads region is experiencing both rising seas and sinking land, threatening tourist towns like Virginia Beach and the region's major military facilities with frequent flooding — a situation expected to worsen as the climate warms. This week, in the first of a series of stories on the topic, we write about how the state is beginning to get serious about tackling sea-level rise (, which could make Virginia a leader in coastal adaptation and climate strategies.

Fossil fuels 🏴‍☠️ are driving our climate problems, as we all know, and a surplus of fracked shale gas is poised to make that even worse. The petrochemical industry🐉🦕🦖 ( 😈 👹 is ramping up production of plastics  ( to fracking, with dire consequences for the climate and the health of residents in the Rust Belt, where many new pipelines and production facilities are being built.

When it comes to wildlife, we still have a lot to learn about the reintroduction of imperiled wild species. University of Texas-Austin researcher Kalli F. Doubleday explains why all eyes are on India's Sariska Tiger Reserve for important lessons on the reintroduction of big cats  ( their coexistence with neighboring humans.

While tigers may be good at grabbing headlines, let's not forget about insects. Scientists are calling for more research to understand why many insect populations are declining ( what we can do about it.

Subscriber bonus:

We have a special thank you for our subscribers this week: a free copy of Corrupted Science: Fraud, Ideology and Politics in Science [/font]by John Grant, courtesy of publisher See Sharp Press. This must-read new book dives into the sordid history of how corporations and politicians — including the Trump administration — have twisted or attacked scientific expertise. As a subscriber, you can download the e-book in any of these formats: PDF,  ( (Kindle) or Epub. Enjoy — and thanks for subscribing!

In case you missed it:

Wildfires are on top of our minds right now as California battles its most deadly and destructive wildfire in state history. Wildfire historian Stephen Pyne explains why we need to have different strategies for fighting different kinds of wildfires 🔥 (, especially those at the intersection of wildlands and our developed communities.

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Judge ( Overturns Trump’s ( ‘Catastrophic’ Asylum Ban

November 21, 2018

A federal judge ruled that Trump’s ban on asylum applications from those who do not enter the US at a legal port of entry is in complete contravention to US and international law. Angelo Guisado of the Center for Constitutional Rights outlines the practical and legal background of the decision
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Pro-Environment Groups Spent Millions on "Green" Midterm Candidates


PUBLISHED November 25, 2018


During this election cycle, groups like League of Conservation Voters spent millions on a number of House, Senate, governorship and state house races on candidates with pro-environment agendas.

And their efforts paid off: The most anti-environment administration ( will now face one of the most pro-environment ( ( Houses ever elected.

Full article: (

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Bernie Sanders, "Where We Go From Here" 🤔

Politics and Prose

Published on Nov 29, 2018

Bernie Sanders discusses his book, "Where We Go From Here", at a Politics and Prose event at George Washington University on 11/27/18.

Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign was a beginning, not an ending. In Where We Go From Here: Two Years in the Resistance, New York Times bestselling author Bernie Sanders chronicles the day-by-day struggles that he and his progressive colleagues have waged over the last two years in the fight against Donald Trump’s agenda and for a government that works for all. The good news is, progressive voices are making significant strides. Where We Go From Here shows how citizens all across America are standing up to the Trump government.

BERNIE SANDERS was a Democratic candidate for President of the United States. He is serving his second term in the U.S. Senate after winning re-election in 2012 with 71 percent of the vote. Sanders previously served as mayor of Vermont’s largest city for eight years before defeating an incumbent Republican to be the sole congressperson for the state in the U.S. House of Representatives. He lives in Burlington, Vermont with his wife Jane and has four children and seven grandchildren.

Founded by Carla Cohen and Barbara Meade in 1984, Politics and Prose Bookstore is Washington, D.C.'s premier independent bookstore and cultural hub, a gathering place for people interested in reading and discussing books. Politics and Prose offers superior service, unusual book choices, and a haven for book lovers in the store and online. Visit them on the web at

Agelbert NOTE: If absolutely everything Norman Solomon says in the following post is not done with absolutely no compromise to the Corporate Capitalist BASTARDS (who OWN the Republican Party) corrupting the Democratic Party, all the laudable reforms (sine qua non for a viable biosphere) that Senator Sanders courageously champions are doomed to failure. 😟 Indeed, the existence of humanity itself may hinge on Democratic Party Progressive SOCIALIST Militancy.

A Challenge to the New Blue Congress: Govern as Progressives (

If the Republicans AND DINOs prevail, thus continuing the insane Government Welfare Queen Babying of CAPITALIST Profit Over People and Planet STUPIDITY, then, uh, see below:


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Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal Proposal Now Backed by 15 House Democrats 👍 (
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Truthdig Is Going to the U.S.-Mexico Border (Video)

DEC 08, 2018

Michael Nigro Contributor 👍

Michael Nigro is a leading photojournalist for Truthdig, known for his reporting from deep within major events. He was “on the ground” for the website at the infamous protest in Charlottesville, Va., when…

Multimedia journalist and Truthdig correspondent Michael Nigro will travel to the U.S.-Mexico border near Tijuana this month to cover the stories of Central American families seeking asylum.  In a reader-funded campaign, Nigro plans to offer a firsthand account, through livestreaming, photo essays and original reporting, of confrontations between asylum seekers and government officials in a climate of heightened xenophobia.

Some families have traveled more than 2,000 miles to escape dangerous conditions, including gang violence and poverty. Last month, U.S. Border Patrol agents fired tear gas on asylum seekers, including children, near Tijuana. Thousands are waiting at camps in Mexico, unsure about whether the U.S. will let them in. 

Nigro has previously covered the Poor People's Campaign, the Dakota Access pipeline protests at Standing Rock, N.D., the Trump inauguration DisruptJ20 protests, and the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va. He will be reporting from San Diego and Tijuana from Dec. 17 through Dec. 22. Find the project’s GoFundMe here. (
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Young Climate Activists Storm Capitol Hill Demanding A Green New Deal

December 11, 2018

Over 140 were arrested in protests calling for Democratic leaders to create a plan to decarbonize the economy

Story Transcript

UPDATE December 11 2:00PM: Nine more representatives have now backed the Sunrise Movement’s proposal for a Select Committee on a Green New Deal.
Rules Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-2)

Progressive Caucus Co-chairs Reps. Pramila Jayapal (WA-7) and Mark Pocan (WI-2)

Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-13) Rep. Joe Kennedy (MA-4), Rep. Peter Welch (VT-AL), Rep. Steve Cohen (TN-9), Rep. Mike Quigley (IL-5), and Rep. Eleanor Holmes-Norton (DC)

DHARNA NOOR: One thousand young climate activists ( with the Sunrise Movement ( descended on Capitol Hill on Monday to demand a Green New Deal, a plan for the US to become carbon neutral within a decade and create tens of millions of jobs in the renewable energy sector.

VICTORIA FERNANDEZ: Things that would fall under it are moving our society to 100 percent renewables, creating good, livable wage jobs for anyone who wants one to solve the climate crisis, alleviating and beginning to eliminate poverty, especially for those who are most impacted, who are in the nexus of pollution and poverty every single day. It would look like transforming our public transportation, our entire energy system, and ultimately eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from every sector.

DHARNA NOOR: For the second time since Democrats won control of the House in the midterms, the Sunrise Movement held a sit-in in top ranking Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s office. They demanded the creation of a Green New Deal-focused select committee that can draft legislation as proposed by Representative-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Pelosi is the likely next House speaker.

In response to last month’s protests, Pelosi said she would reinstate the 2007 Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, but Sunrise says that’s not enough.

NICOLE CATANIA: The previous committee would talk about climate change, would talk about the science, but wouldn’t actually have legislative powers.

DHARNA NOOR: The activists also targeted incoming House Majority Leader Representative Steny Hoyer of Maryland and incoming Rules Committee Chair Representative Jim McGovern. One hundred forty-three were arrested in the sit-ins. McGovern endorsed the select committee for a Green New Deal, becoming the 23rd representative to sign on.

JIM MCGOVERN: I am committed to the Select Committee. I want to make sure that it happens, right?

NICOLE CATANIA: Really Congresspeople all over the country are coming out in support of this because of how politically popular it is, and that it’s on the national agenda in a big way.

DHARNA NOOR: Hoyer said he appreciated the protesters’ passion and that he was happy to hear from them, but he didn’t address their demands. Sunrise noted that Hoyer has accepted a quarter million dollars from fossil fuel executives, lobbyists, and PACs, and suggests that may influence his decisions. They want Democrats to reject such influence.

VICTORIA FERNANDEZ: The select committee would have every member that is part of it pledge to not take any money from fossil fuel executives. We need to make sure as the American people that the select committee that meant to address climate change at the scale that is required, that we know that they’re not in the back pockets of fossil fuel CEOs or being influenced in any way.

DHARNA NOOR: They had a similar message for West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who’s a leading contender for the top Democrat on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

VICTORIA FERNANDEZ: He has taken a lot of fossil fuel money. He literally shot a piece of climate legislation, famously.

DHARNA NOOR: Hours before the sit-ins, activists held 50 lobbying sessions with Democratic leaders.

The New Deal was a series of public works projects, policies, and reforms enacted by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1930s. The unprecedented economic intervention helped pull the US out of the Great Depression. Like its namesake the New Deal, the Green New Deal will take massive investment. But the activists say that government funds need to be reallocated.

VARSHINI PRAKASH: The IMF estimates that we spend $10 million a minute in subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. And we’ve spent trillions of dollars on these industries; massive giveaways and subsidies. I would say that we have spent a lot more on billionaires and fighter jets than we have spent on actually improving our economy in a society so that it works for all people.

DHARNA NOOR: The protesters say the time to act is now. Last week, a report from the Global Carbon Project showed that in 2018, carbon emissions reached an all-time high globally. And a recent report from the globe’s leading body on climate change shows that we may just have 12 years left to avoid irreversible effects of climate change.

NICOLE CATANIA: The IPCC report gave us 12 years. I’m 23. In 12 years I’m 35. That’s when people start families. We don’t have time to waste anymore. We need this now.

DHARNA NOOR: The Sunrise Movement knows that fighting the climate crisis is an uphill battle. On the same day they took to the nation’s capitol, the US, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Kuwait downplayed the results of that very same IPCC report at the UN’s international climate talks, or COP24.

VARSHINI PRAKASH: We are facing an opposition who will stop at nothing to squeeze the last bit of money out of the earth for their own profit.

DHARNA NOOR: But they say that if their Green New Deal is successful it could set a global example.

ROSE STRAUSS: The Green New Deal, drafting this legislation, would really be setting an example for hopefully the rest of the world. And part of the actual resolution is being a leader in green technology, because once we have the incentives, you know, companies are going to start innovating and meeting these needs that we have for renewable energy. And hopefully we can kind of use what America hopefully will do to address climate change as a platform for the rest of the world. Because climate change is a global problem, and we can only solve this problem if the international community comes together as well on this issue and makes a change.

DHARNA NOOR: And the stakes couldn’t be higher.

VARSHINI PRAKASH: Where my family’s from in southern India, an extremely strong monsoon season displaced a million people and put them in refugee camps. I want to be real that every decimal point of warming that we avoid could save the lives of millions of people.

ROSE STRAUSS: I go to school in Santa Barbara, and last year my finals were canceled because the fires were so bad there. I have asthma. I literally could not leave to study. It was totally debilitating. This apocalypse, far-off world that we keep talking about, climate change is not far off anymore. It’s here right now, and the clock is ticking. And honestly, we’ve run out of time, so we have to do this now.

DHARNA NOOR: For The Real News, with Taylor Hebden, I’m Dharna Noor.
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DEC 23, 2018 NEWS

This Could Stop Congress From Forcing Shutdowns (

US Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) ( on Saturday called for congressional salaries to be put on hold during the next government shutdown. (

The US government went into a partial shutdown at midnight on Friday after President Trump refused to sign a spending bill that did not include $5 billion for his wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. He had long claimed that Mexico would pay for the wall.

“It’s completely unacceptable that members of Congress can force a government shutdown on partisan lines & then have Congressional salaries exempt from that decision,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter.

“Have some integrity,” she added, calling for salaries to be furloughed for the next shutdown.

 Next time we have a gov shutdown, Congressional salaries should be furloughed as well.

It’s completely unacceptable that members of Congress can force a government shutdown on partisan lines & then have Congressional salaries exempt from that decision.

Have some integrity.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@Ocasio2018) December 22, 2018

(Spoiler alert: most members of Congress are already wealthy!)

Speaking as a working class member-elect, I think it’s only fair.

It would also cause members who actually depend on their salary to think twice about leadership and take a shutdown vote more seriously.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@Ocasio2018) December 22, 2018

Members of the House and the Senate are paid $174,000 a year. According to Roll Call, 153 House members and 50 senators are millionaires.

More than 420,000 federal workers who are considered “essential” will continue working — but without pay, according to CBS News. Those employees may eventually receive back pay. However, an additional 380,000 workers will be furloughed and may miss a paycheck depending on how long the shutdown lasts.

Ocasio-Cortez, who will join Congress in early January  as the new representative for New York’s 14th District, has been a vocal critic of the demand for $5 billion for a border wall. When the House passed a short-term spending bill with $5.7 billion for border security, Ocasio-Cortez challenged the GOP trope that the federal government simply doesn’t have the money to implement bold progressive policies such as Medicare for All or a Green New Deal.

“And just like that, GOP discovers $5.7 billion for a wall,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote. “But notice how no one’s asking the GOP how they’re paying for it.”

For the wall’s $5.7 billion, every child in America could have access to Universal Pre-K.

Yet when we propose the SAME $, we’re told Universal Edu is a “fantasy”& asked “how are you going to pay for it”

Education is an investment in society that yields returns.
Walls are waste.

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@Ocasio2018) December 21, 2018

On Friday, she outlined another way the $5.7 billion could be spent instead of Trump’s proposed wall.  “For the wall’s $5.7 billion, every child in America could have access to Universal Pre-K. Yet when we propose the SAME $, we’re told Universal Edu is a ‘fantasy’ & asked ‘how are you going to pay for it.’ Education is an investment in society that yields returns,” she tweeted. “Walls are waste.”
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Dec 15, 2018 | 185,518 views | by Connect4Climate

15 year old activist Greta Thunberg ( ( speaks truth to power at the UN COP24 climate talks:

"My name is Greta Thunberg. I am 15 years old. I am from Sweden".

Learn more:

91 Radio Stations and Growing!

Climate Rebellion & Deep Adaptation

Posted on December 13, 2018, by Radio Ecoshock


Every time world experts meet to hash out a climate deal, Stuart Scott appears in the NGO Press Room to interview all the voices left out or shut out by authority. Stuart makes You tube videos, now posted at I interviewed Stuart Scott in October. This time has a special guest. Greta Thunberg, a Swedish school girl with excellent English, learned about the climate threat at an early age. Seeing nothing happening to stop it, she left class to protest outside with a simple sign. She then sat outside Parliament, until they made her move. Now a whole generation has been inspired by her. Stuart Scott brought Greta to the Conference of the Parties 24 in Poland – the first big climate meeting since Paris in 2015.

Greta Thunberg, Sweden

You need to hear Greta (, introduced and interviewed by Stuart Scott. Please pass on either the video or audio to anyone you know.


– Film-maker Sir David Attenborough at COP24, Poland. A video of his short talk “The World Is In Your Hands” is here.

“Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale – our greatest threat in thousands of years: climate change. If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilizations, and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”


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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ( Proposes 70 Percent Tax on Mega-Rich 👹🎩 to Pay for “Green New Deal” (

BY Shira Tarlo, Salon

PUBLISHED January 5, 2019

US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York, leaves a photo opportunity with the female Democratic members of the 116th US House of Representatives outside the US Capitol in Washington, DC, January 4, 2019. SAUL LOEB / AFP / GETTY IMAGES

Newly elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the youngest woman ever elected to the US Congress, told Anderson Cooper that high tax rates on the super-rich would help fund the ambitious plan to combat the threat of climate change known as the “Green New Deal.”

In an upcoming 60 Minutes interview, set to air this Sunday, the 29-year-old Democratic socialist says the “Green New Deal,” which aims to eliminate carbon emissions within 12 years, is “going to require a lot of rapid change that we don’t even conceive as possible right now.”

“What is the problem with trying to push our technological capacities to the furthest extent possible?” Ocasio-Cortez asks.

To pay for the deal, Ocasio-Cortez pointed to the progressive tax rate system in the 1960s and proposed the idea of tax rates as high as 70 percent on the super-rich.

“You know, you look at our tax rates back in the ’60s. And when you have a progressive tax rate system, your tax rate . . . let’s say, from zero to $75,000, may be ten percent or 15 percent, et cetera,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “But once you get to, like, the tippy tops, on your ten-millionth dollar, sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60 or 70 percent.”

“That doesn’t mean all $10 million are taxed at an extremely high rate, but it means that, as you climb up this ladder, you should be contributing more,” she added.

Cooper 🐵 replied that she was proposing a “radical agenda, compared to the way politics 😈 is done right now.”

“I think that it only has ever been radicals that have changed this country,” Ocasio-Cortez replied. “Abraham Lincoln made the radical decision to sign the Emancipation Proclamation. Franklin Delano Roosevelt made the radical decision to embark on establishing programs like Social Security. That is radical.”

Asked if she calls herself a radical, Ocasio-Cortez said, “If that’s what radical means, call me a radical.”

The freshman Congresswoman has emerged as a national progressive firebrand and has captured the attention of Americans of all political stripes. Her suggestion to tax the ultra-rich as much as 70 percent is likely to get as much attention as the recently-revealed and now-viral clip of a college-aged Ocasio-Cortez mimicking an iconic scene from the iconic 1980’s movie “The Breakfast Club.”

Ocasio-Cortez was sworn into the House of Representatives on Thursday as Democrats reclaimed control of the lower chamber. During the Democratic primary in June, the political novice unseated incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley, the fourth highest-ranking Democrat in the House. Ocasio-Cortez is a self-identified Democratic Socialist and supports universal health care, tuition-free public universities and criminal justice reform.  (
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Why are People Talking About Socialism? – with Paul Jay

January 2, 2019

From Donald Trump, Karl Rove, and Fox News to an invigorated progressive movement and many newly elected members of Congress, many are saying that socialism will be the issue in the 2020 elections – a viewer mailbag segment with Dharna Noor and Paul Jay

Story Transcript 🕯️(

DHARNA NOOR: It’s The Real News. I’m Dharna Noor. And I’m back in the studio with our editor-in-chief, Paul Jay.

For the past few days we’ve been taking a look at viewer questions and comments from The Real News Network. And we’re here to discuss some of those. How’s it going, Paul?


DHARNA NOOR: So we recently were looking at a segment that you did with Francesca Fiorentini on November 2, which was called Trump Defines Socialism as a Key Issue in the 2018 Elections. And often when we put socialism in a headline or discuss socialism in pieces we get lots of viewer comments that are pretty skeptical. They say socialism doesn’t work, it’s never worked. Look at, for instance, a country like Venezuela. What goes through your mind when you see things like that? What’s your response to those sorts of critical viewers?

PAUL JAY: Well, first of all, let me say again what I said to, you know, some of the other mailbag things. I’m giving you my opinion. Real News does not have an opinion on whether socialism is a good thing or a bad thing.

DHARNA NOOR: But Paul Jay might.

PAUL JAY: But I do. And Real News does have an editorial guideline that we should try to follow evidence and facts. And so my response is, and may be the the most common one these days–and by the way, everybody all of a sudden thinks socialism is the thing to talk about. Trump, as you said, it’s the issue of the 2018 elections. Karl Rove 😈 wrote an op ed saying it’s going to be the issue of the 2020 elections. Fox News 👹 can’t stop talking about socialism, of course, how bad it is.

DHARNA NOOR: And the Democratic Socialists of America has grown in membership. We have people really excited about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-avowed democratic socialist.

PAUL JAY: Who Tom Perez says is the future of the Democratic Party. There’s arguments about what is social democratic socialism versus socialism, and so on. So it’s a big topic. Everybody’s talking about it. And so we’re we’re going to talk about it too. And the reason I think everybody’s talking about it is not because socialism failed in Venezuela, which is a particular case. And it did, in a sense, fail in Venezuela. But we’re talking about it because capitalism is failing. And the reason socialism has come again to such a forefront of conversation is because capitalism is out of solutions. You can barely talk about an area of life which is critical to our existence, whether it’s climate, whether it’s the threat of accidental nuclear war, if it’s the threat of financial meltdown and financialization, whether it’s the coming of artificial intelligence which, at the very least, could be replacing millions and millions of jobs. Mass unemployment. Like, take all the big picture questions. Capitalism is not offering solutions to any of it.

But let’s say, yes, socialism failed in a lot of countries where it was attempted. But before we kind of get into that, capitalism has failed on a far grander scale. Because you got to ask, you know, capitalism succeeded for whom? Failed for whom? Capitalism gave us World War I, and capitalism gave us World War II. Capitalism has given us endless wars since World War II. I mean, you know, you can go on, from Vietnam, to Korea, to Iraq and Syria. I mean, you can’t end–capitalism has given us endless numbers of outright fascist dictatorships. Capitalism gave us Hitler. Capitalism gave us Mussolini. Go on with all the Latin American dictatorships and capitalism gave us kleptocracy in Africa. You go on and on. Capitalism has been, for most people, a disaster, and continues to be for the majority the people of the world.(  (


Now, if you’re an American, and particularly if you’re a white American, but not only, capitalism hasn’t been so bad until recently. Especially after World War II, there was a big expansion of the United States. The United States became the global hegemon. The United States grew into a position where it could essentially plunder much of the wealth of the world. And the elites, the oligarchs the United States, did share some of that wealth; at least with the upper stratum of the working class. You know, workers living and working in critical areas of the economy. The auto industry, transport, telecommunications, where workers had real leverage, because if the workers went on strike in those sectors they could close down whole sections of the economy. And of course the Democratic Party, that was an important base for the Democrats to get elected, this upper stratum. Some people called it the labor aristocracy.

So yeah, so capitalism worked–and even you could say empire 🦍😈👹💵🎩🍌🏴‍☠️🚩 worked–for a large section of the American population for quite a while. Western Europe, for a lot of period of this expansion, most of Western Europe’s standard of living was pretty good. The kind of social democracy that developed in Europe, which is important to distinguish that from what most people think socialism is. Social democracy, European style, the governments that came to power, is essentially just reining in some of the excesses of capitalism. That’s their words. But it continues concentration of ownership, private ownership, and concentration of political power. And you can see even in Europe eventually, you know, the savagery of capitalism asserts itself as soon as you brought online the availability of getting cheap labor from China and other places, and you could start undercutting the wages both of American, Canadian, and West European workers.

So when you start assessing whether socialism failed in a Venezuela, or even a Soviet Union, or whatever, we have to first of all acknowledge that yeah, more or less, it did. I think one example which I think was, you know, relatively positive was Cuba, but a tiny place that could never withstand the global forces without some big ally. Cuba’s a long conversation. It’s certainly no utopia. But the main point is that when we look at this issue of what socialism is, and does it make sense, and is it possible, the starting point is the absolute failure of capitalism. Even though, sure, it made some people rich. And somebody wrote in we have cars and nice houses. But how many people lost their cars and nice houses in the 2007-08 crash?

DHARNA NOOR: That was Mike Newman commented.

PAUL JAY: And that’s coming again.

DHARNA NOOR: So I think, again, there are viewers who are writing in and saying that this is kind of a whitewashing of socialism. Somebody wrote in saying, well, coming from a socialist country–they don’t say which one–I can tell you that it’s terrible, very very bad, but not so different in some aspects from the U.S. present system. And even–I mean, Francesca, in your segment with her, mentioned that the basis of the Venezuelan economy, though of course more democratic, was based on the extraction of oil. Which, of course is, I think we can both agree, a flaw of Venezuela. So what’s your response to people who say, well, I lived there, or I went through it, and it wasn’t so great?

PAUL JAY: Well, you know, you have to–and I haven’t walked a mile in those people’s shoes. And for example, if you were living-

DHARNA NOOR: You’re from Canada. That’s not a socialist utopia?

PAUL JAY: No. And that is an important point, actually, that just because you have a socialized healthcare system doesn’t make the country socialist. But listen, if I had grown up in the Soviet Union, if I’d grown up in Eastern Europe, if I’d been who I am, I mean, I could likely have been in jail. So I understand the sort of anger and rage, even, people had to how bureaucratised, especially in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, it got. The extent to which it became very much like a police state. I think it’s sometimes exaggerated, especially in Eastern Europe. I think it’s very exaggerated in Cuba. It’s, you know, Cuba is a kind of unique situation.

But Venezuela, just to take it, because that’s the one they’re talking about all these–socialism is not just somebody has a good idea, oh, let’s have, let’s have a socialist system, any more than capitalism was just a good idea. Oh, feudalism. Yeah, kings, and aristocracy, and lords. You know what? I’ve got an idea for a whole new system. Let’s have capitalism. It doesn’t begin as an idea. It begins as an objective process of how human society develops, and how human economy, the economies of human society, develop. And you know, we learn how to make tools, and now we don’t want to have–you know, our tribal society that was built on just gathering berries and, you know, running around chasing animals. All of a sudden we had agriculture and animal husbandry. And our society changes. And with that the ideas change. So we start to become conscious of what’s possible because of objective developments. It’s not all just springing from people’s heads.

So to apply that idea to Venezuela, I mean, Hugo Chavez comes to power because neoliberalism–and one of the first big mass protests against this hypercapitalist policies was in Venezuela prior to Chavez getting elected, and prior to his involvement in the attempted coup. But these policies were destroying Venezuela. And people, you know, they rose up against these policies. Hypercapitalism wasn’t working. And the exploitation of the oil resources was, you know, a tiny elite was benefiting from it, and people were conscious of this.

So sure, socializing the benefits of that oil, it was obvious as a way out of the situation. You have a movement, and you have leaders that emerge from the movement, and it is what it is, meaning, you know, it wasn’t–they didn’t have some great worked-out plan. It wasn’t you know a party where they had economists and all kinds of people to figure out what to do once you get elected. You know, stuff happens. They may have been been as surprised as anyone that they actually wound up running the country. And with all its defects and all its weaknesses and all its warts, the Venezuelan or Bolivarian revolution, it accomplished a lot. And it wasn’t just about spreading more of the oil money around. There was, and I guess still is–I haven’t been for a while, and I don’t have the same kind of a handle on it–but the kind of community decision-making, community governance at the local levels. There was a, there were real experiments and development, developing different forms of democracy, which has to be part of the socialistic conversation. Because, like, you have a big state-owned sector in China, right. But you don’t have any democracy to speak of. And you have a class of billionaires that have emerged that run the Communist Party.

So I don’t know what kind of socialism it is. It’s not socialism just because you have state ownership. And on the other hand, there’s a certain amount of planning going on in China. People’s standard of living is going up. These are complicated processes, and we need to analyze them as such. But I’ll go back to where it was in the beginning. The reason we need to have this conversation of what does a modern socialist system look like, and how will it operate, and what are the features of it–you know, we talk about even the United States is a mixed economy. There’s socialistic features. We’ve got a publicly-owned post office. We have public libraries, and schools, and such. Why? Because it made so much sense. But the same sense that it made to do that has made sense to have socialized healthcare in virtually every advanced capitalist country. It makes sense here. But once that makes sense, so does banking. Why would you let big banks 👹💵🎩🍌🏴 blackmail the whole society and whole economy so that they can go speculate? So it makes sense. You should have socialized banking.  (

DHARNA NOOR: Yeah. Or here in Baltimore, Baltimore recently became the first major city in the U.S. to ban water privatization. And in my reporting on this I found a lot of people–people in Baltimore are generally pretty fed up with the Department of Public Works because there have been so many instances of, you know, false bills that have been sent to people. The price of water has gone up so much. And so many people I spoke with would say, well, public ownership shouldn’t really be on the table because, you know, we have a publicly controlled system right now. It’s not doing very well. But I think the point that I want to make is that just because not privatizing doesn’t fix everything doesn’t mean it’s not the right first step. I mean, the statistics show that the price of water goes up across the United States when a private 😈 system does come in.

PAUL JAY: And there’s cities that privatized and went back again because it was such a failure.


PAUL JAY: I guess I just want to end on where I started. It’s not just some intellectual conversation, is socialism good or bad. Yeah, there’s been–as, frankly, any major transformation of human society–there’s going to be tremendous fallout and weaknesses and stupidities. Especially if you talk about the Soviet Union building, trying to build socialism in what was a very backward country. And that was a matter of great debate at the time.

But we need to look at this. We need to talk about it, because capitalism has failed. It’s failed most of the population of this world for at least the last hundred years. But most importantly, it has no solutions to the actual threat to us as human society. Capitalism is completely out of steam with the most urgent threats facing us. So this is not just some idea, I mean, cafe conversation. This is about our existence or not. And unless somebody has some other idea, and I don’t think there is, when you look at what there is, you need to take what–you’ve got to break up the concentration of ownership. Because with concentration of ownership goes concentrated political power. Everybody understands that. But there’s no way to weigh against that without public ownership. How else do you break up concentrated ownership? It’s not because you’re going to give everybody a share of a company. That’s not going to happen. The only counterbalance, counterweight, to concentrated private ownership is public ownership.

On the other hand, public ownership in a small number of hands, like a single-party state or some of the models of the 20th century, that’s as dangerous. Because concentrated power, even if it’s in the name of socialism, will also be a disaster. Will be a–you know, become a dictatorship. Because concentrated ownership equals concentrated political power. So we’ve got to look at how does this public ownership look in a way that’s very diversified? You know, whether it’s ownership at a city level, at a state level, at the federal level when necessary. Whether it’s workers co-ops, whether it’s regional conglomerations.

But you know, but I’ve said this before. We’re in an era now, because of artificial intelligence, where you could coordinate an economy like that. You could have a Green New Deal which is mostly built out of public ownership in many ways, so that it doesn’t get too concentrated, and still coordinate that. I don’t think it was ever possible in human history to have the kind of socialism that could also be democratic. And as I said before, I don’t think there’s any choice to this. The alternative is we’re not going to have civilization at all. (


DHARNA NOOR: Right. Thanks very much, Paul.

Again, we’re in the middle of our end of the year fundraising campaign right now. We’re going to keep doing this. Paul and I are going to keep discussing your viewer comments and questions. So if you have any comments or questions about this or anything else, put them down below, and please support The Real News Network. We don’t take any corporate funding or government funding, and we don’t sell ads, which means that the only people we have to answer to are you. So please help us make Real News, and stay in touch.

Thanks, Paul. And thank you for watching The Real News Network.
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We Won! The Tornillo children's prison is closing (

Rabbi Bruce Elder (, Shut Tornillo Down Coalition <> Unsubscribe
January 9, 2019 4:21 PM
to me


The government has responded to our demands and is shutting down the immigrant children's prison in Tornillo, Texas. Most of the children have already been allowed to go live with their sponsors pending their asylum hearings. More are scheduled for release in just a few days.

Thank you for helping us achieve this remarkable historic success!  ( (

OUR JOB IS NOT DONE. Many thousands of children remain imprisoned at other detention facilities. 😱 ( We have already started to contact senators and representatives to urge them to pass legislation to free these other children, reverse the policies that have led to their confinement, and make the changes to our immigration policies that are so urgently needed.

In order to demonstrate the support that we have for these demands, we will be delivering to Congress the petition that you and more than 65,000 other people signed. (

In coming days, we'll be back in touch to ask you to be part of our ongoing efforts. In the meantime, be encouraged by knowing that once again the people have prevailed and have brought about change—and you helped make it happen.

Rabbi Bruce Elder,
Shut Tornillo Down Coalition
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Janary 9, 2019

Republicans are scared. The incoming group of progressive U.S. Representatives represents a massive shift away from business as usual in Washington.

One newly-sworn in Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), is under fire from Republican lawmakers and Wall Street alike for her calls for a 70% marginal tax rate on incomes over $10 million. But a 70% tax rate on the top income bracket is not at all new. In fact, it was that rate in 1980, and in the 1950s and 1960s the top tax rate was 91%.

So why is Rep. Ocasio-Cortez under attack? Republicans are scared that a young, powerful, woman of color is about to disrupt Wall Street’s lock on Congress and have the American people cheering alongside her.

Americans overwhelmingly believe that the wealthy and corporations need to pay their fair share of taxes. (That’s a major reason Trump’s tax cuts were such a flop in last year’s election.) And when they do, we can invest in our country’s future including expanding access to healthcare, universal pre-K education, a Green New Deal, infrastructure and more.

Americans for Tax Fairness is providing activists and elected officials alike with the research, advocacy and mobilization to back-up our demands that the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share. And we need your help to support our champions in Congress as we work together to repeal and replace Trump’s tax scam benefiting the well-off.

WATCH: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s interview with Anderson Cooper

Americans for Tax Fairness is providing activists and elected officials alike with the research, advocacy and mobilization to back up our demands that the rich and corporations pay their fair share. And we need your help to support our champions in Congress as we work together to repeal and replace Trump’s tax scam benefiting the well-off.
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In Response to Lies and Hate, Let Me Make Some Things Clear About My Climate Strike

Common Dreams Feb. 04, 2019 09:07AM EST


"We children shouldn't have to do this. But since almost no one is doing anything, and our very future is at risk, we feel like we have to continue." Photo: @GretaThunberg

By Greta Thunberg

If everyone listened to the scientists and the facts that I constantly refer to—then no one would have to listen to me or any of the other hundreds of thousands of school children on strike for the climate across the world. Then we could all go back to school.

Recently I've seen many rumors circulating about me and enormous amounts of hate. This is no surprise to me. I know that since most people are not aware of the full meaning of the climate crisis (which is understandable since it has never been treated as a crisis) a school strike for the climate would seem very strange to people in general.

So let me make some things clear about my school strike.

In May 2018 I was one of the winners in a writing competition about the environment held by Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish newspaper. I got my article published and some people contacted me, among others was Bo Thorén from Fossil Free Dalsland. He had some kind of group with people, especially youth, who wanted to do something about the climate crisis.

I had a few phone meetings with other activists. The purpose was to come up with ideas of new projects that would bring attention to the climate crisis. Bo had a few ideas of things we could do. Everything from marches to a loose idea of some kind of a school strike (that school children would do something on the schoolyards or in the classrooms). That idea was inspired by the Parkland Students, who had refused to go to school after the school shootings.

I liked the idea of a school strike. So I developed that idea and tried to get the other young people to join me, but no one was really interested. They thought that a Swedish version of the Zero Hour march was going to have a bigger impact. So I went on planning the school strike all by myself and after that I didn't participate in any more meetings.

When I told my parents about my plans they weren't very fond of it. They did not support the idea of school striking and they said that if I were to do this I would have to do it completely by myself and with no support from them.

On August 20, 2018 I sat down outside the Swedish Parliament. I handed out fliers with a long list of facts about the climate crisis and explanations on why I was striking. The first thing I did was to post on Twitter and Instagram what I was doing and it soon went viral. Then journalists and newspapers started to come. A Swedish entrepreneur and business man active in the climate movement, Ingmar Rentzhog, was among the first to arrive. He spoke with me and took pictures that he posted on Facebook. That was the first time I had ever met or spoken with him. I had not communicated or encountered with him ever before.

Many people love to spread rumors saying that I have people "behind me" or that I'm being "paid" or "used" to do what I'm doing. But there is no one "behind" me except for myself. My parents were as far from climate activists as possible before I made them aware of the situation.

I am not part of any organization. I sometimes support and cooperate with several NGOs that work with the climate and environment. But I am absolutely independent and I only represent myself. And I do what I do completely for free, I have not received any money or any promise of future payments in any form at all. And nor has anyone linked to me or my family done so.

And of course it will stay this way. I have not met one single climate activist who is fighting for the climate for money. That idea is completely absurd.

Furthermore, I only travel with permission from my school and my parents pay for tickets and accommodations.

My family has written a book together about our family and how I and my sister Beata have influenced my parents' way of thinking and seeing the world, especially when it comes to the climate. And about our diagnoses. That book was due to be released in May. But since there was a major disagreement with the book company, we ended up changing to a new publisher and so the book was released in August instead.

Before the book was released my parents made it clear that their possible profits from the book, Scener ur hjärtat, will be going to eight different charities working with environment, children with diagnoses and animal rights.

And yes, I write my own speeches. But since I know that what I say is going to reach many, many people I often ask for input. I also have a few scientists that I frequently ask for help on how to express certain complicated matters. I want everything to be absolutely correct so that I don't spread incorrect facts, or things that can be misunderstood.

Some people mock me for my diagnosis. But Asperger is not a disease, it's a gift. People also say that since I have Asperger I couldn't possibly have put myself in this position. But that's exactly why I did this. Because if I would have been "normal" and social I would have organized myself in an organization, or started an organization by myself. But since I am not that good at socializing I did this instead. I was so frustrated that nothing was being done about the climate crisis and I felt like I had to do something, anything. And sometimes NOT doing things—like just sitting down outside the parliament—speaks much louder than doing things. Just like a whisper sometimes is louder than shouting.

Also, there is one complaint that I "sound and write like an adult." And to that I can only say; don't you think that a 16-year-old can speak for herself? There's also some people who say that I oversimplify things. For example when I say that "the climate crisis is a black and white issue"; "we need to stop the emissions of greenhouse gases"; and "I want you to panic." But that I only say because it's true. Yes, the climate crisis is the most complex issue that we have ever faced and it's going to take everything from our part to "stop it." But the solution is black and white; we need to stop the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Because either we limit the warming to 1.5°C over pre-industrial levels, or we don't. Either we reach a tipping point where we start a chain reaction with events way beyond human control, or we don't. Either we go on as a civilization, or we don't. There are no gray areas when it comes to survival.

And when I say that I want you to panic I mean that we need to treat the crisis as a crisis. When your house is on fire you don't sit down and talk about how nice you can rebuild it once you put out the fire.


If your house is on fire you run outside and make sure that everyone is out while you call the fire department. That requires some level of panic.

There is one other argument that I can't do anything about. And that is the fact that I'm "just a child and we shouldn't be listening to children." But that is easily fixed—just start to listen to the rock solid science instead. Because if everyone listened to the scientists and the facts that I constantly refer to—then no one would have to listen to me or any of the other hundreds of thousands of school children on strike for the climate across the world. Then we could all go back to school.

I am just a messenger, and yet I get all this hate. I am not saying anything new, I am just saying what scientists have repeatedly said for decades. And I agree with you, I'm too young to do this. We children shouldn't have to do this. But since almost no one is doing anything, and our very future is at risk, we feel like we have to continue.

And if you have any other concern or doubt about me, then you can listen to my TED talk here (or below), in which I talk about how my interest for the climate and environment began.

And thank you everyone for your kind support!

It brings me hope.

Watch Greta Thunberg's full TED Talk:



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February 19, 2019, Newsletter

Global Citizen Stories

Why Young People Are Ditching School to Protest Climate Change

Students across the UK marched out of school and into the streets last week to protest against climate change. Here’s why. (

In 30 towns and cities across the UK, young people are marching out of school and into the streets to protest against climate change.  (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Feruary 26, 2019

On Friday, a group of California kids and teens working with the Sunrise Movement ( met with Senator Dianne Feinstein 😈, hoping to convince her to support the Green New Deal.

Instead, they got a lesson in why Washington, D.C., has failed to handle the climate crisis for so long.

She blamed the Republicans. She told the young people that they were being politically unrealistic. She said she wouldn't listen to them because "you didn't vote for me."(1)

But the Sunrise Movement accomplished something big at that meeting: They showed the whole country that to solve the climate crisis, senators like Dianne Feinstein need serious grassroots pressure -- and we're turning up the heat.

Here's what the billboard will look like. Can you imagine this over the Bay Bridge? It'll be amazing:


Yours in the fight for our children's future,

Eddie, along with Analeeza, Brenna, Caitlin, Lindsay, Mary, Mai, Molly, Nikki, Raquel, Scottie, and Tim (the Courage team)

1. (
2. (
3. (
4. (
5. (

Courage Campaign fights for a more progressive California and country. We are an online community powered by more than 1.4 million members. (

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on February 26, 2019, 09:10:28 pm
But the Sunrise Movement accomplished something big at that meeting: They showed the whole country that to solve the climate crisis, senators like Dianne Feinstein need serious grassroots pressure -- and we're turning up the heat.

Here's what the billboard will look like. Can you imagine this over the Bay Bridge? It'll be amazing:


Absolutely magnificent, and worth a contribution.

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By Joe McCarthy and  Erica Sanchez

MARCH 14, 2019



16-Year-Old Climate Activist Greta Thunberg ( Was Just Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (

Why Global Citizens Should Care
The United Nations’ Global Goals recognize that climate change threatens the very foundations of human society and young people around the world are taking decisive action to protect the planet.
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Greta ( & Svante  ( Thunberg - Straight Talk (


Published on Dec 9, 2018

http://ScientistsWarning.TV/ - Today our little climate giant, Greta Thunberg, is joined by her father, Svante to talk about her path from an unknown Swedish school girl to an internationally recognized climate leader. If governments don't give a damn about her future, why should she give a damn about their laws!  Svante discusses how Greta's passion for the truth about climate has changed the family's lives.  Very compelling.

Caption author (Portuguese) Eduarda sa andresen

Caption author (Spanish) Raúl Asís Monforte González

Caption author (Turkish) Duygu Ünat

Category Education

We Don't Have Time

Shape of things to come song video

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The hero who chased away the New Zealand murderer speaks. Meet Abdul Aziz. ✨(   


Tuesday March 19, 2019 · 2:06 AM EDT

Timaeus introduced us to the hero of the New Zealand massacre here.

The white supremacist killer killed at least 41 at one mosque and went to drive to a second mosque. Inside that second mosque was 48-year-old Abdul Aziz, there at a service with his four sons and about 80 other people. Aziz is a refugee from Afghanistan.

He heard gunshots, looked out a window, and saw the killer, armed with an assault rifle, running toward the front door. So what did he do? He attacked the killer! (  (

Mr. Aziz didn’t run away from the murderer, he ran toward him. We should know his name. Now see and hear him for yourself:

Thank you Mr. Abdul Aziz Wahabzadah. 💐 (

We know how MSM 🙉🙊🐵( works. Let’s do our part to ensure that Mr. Aziz gets the recognition he deserves. (

Rest in peace to the victims so cruelly taken from us.

Best wishes to those recovering from their injuries.

Condolences to all the loved ones left behind, and to the people of New Zealand.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ( also known by her initials, AOC (

Thursday March 21, 2019 · 1:05 PM EDT


Wonder Woman of the left, Wicked Witch of the right, Ocasio-Cortez has become the second most talked-about politician in America, after the President of the United States. (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Republicans ( claimed a Green New Deal is "elitist." ( They didn't expect what came ([/size]f) next.

Watch this video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's scathing rebuke of ( ( after they called a Green New Deal "elitist."
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I LOVE this young woman. Future US President, if she can avoid taking the "Wellstone exit."
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on March 28, 2019, 02:33:46 pm

I LOVE this young woman. Future US President, if she can avoid taking the "Wellstone exit."

I have often thought the same thing. Then again, she is from New York. On top of the New Yorker thick skin, she is of Puerto Rican stock. We Puerto Ricans are old hands at playing dodge ball with TPTB, being a colonized folk for over a century (after hundreds of years of Spain's Imperialism!). 

I'll let you in on this. That type of person is NOT emotional AT ALL. AOC knows exactly when to let loose some vitriol and when not to. She also is clearly aware of the danger she faces from TPTB. Here's who is going to come after her BIG TIME, long before the FBI gets into the Wellstone AND JFK jr. aircraft "accident" skullduggery. It's OBAMA (! Wall Street Lackey Obama and Pelosi and Corporate Dumocrat pals are going to make her life as miserable as those SICK FU-CKS can. She KNOWS it and has plans, in place, ready to be used, modified and honed daily, on how to deal with it.

Sure, they ( may find some way to compromise her and shut her up. They will certainly try to tarnish her position and run her out with a trumped up claim that she "took a bribe" or something like that.

It might work against AOC, but it will not work against the tidal wave of ANGER against a system of STUPID, GREEDY exploitation of people and planet that is dooming our species and thousands of others that we depend on to survive. AOC is just the leading edge of a TSUNAMI that will destroy the polluter power structure. All those loyal FU-CKS like Mueller and Obama (and so on) will become irrelevant BECAUSE the loyal FU-CKS at the street level have kids EVERY DAY telling them that people like Greta Thunberg, AOC, Kevin Anderson, etc. are THE ONLY HOPE THEY HAVE. As Chris Hedges has correctly stated, Revolutions are successful when the "palace guards" refuse to be stupidly exploitative and cruel to fellow citizens. As soon as that happens, the Nomenclatura ASS-HOLES like Obama (and all the corporate Dumocrats) immediately change their tune, right along with all the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn funded Republicans, who will then claim a massive transition to Social Justice based Equality and Clean Energy is something they were "always in favor of" (

AOC may get taken out, though they will need to bring a sandwich if they think she is a pushover, but what she stands for will not.


The Fossil Fuelers 🦖 DID THE Clean Energy  Inventions suppressing, Climate Trashing, human health depleting CRIME,   but since they have ALWAYS BEEN liars and conscience free crooks 🦀, they are trying to AVOID   DOING THE TIME or   PAYING THE FINE!     Don't let them get away with it! Pass it on!   

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Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Mike Gravel  ( Is Running for President — But He Doesn’t Want to Win (


PUBLISHED April 18, 2019

The 88-year-old former senator from Alaska declared his candidacy after being approached by two teenage democratic socialists who wanted him to bring attention to a wide variety of policy positions that were being ignored by other Democratic candidates. Without the pressure to win, Mike Gravel ( is uniquely positioned to stretch the boundaries of acceptable debate and push progressive Democratic candidates further to the left. (

 Read the Article → ( (
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Spain’s Center-Left Wins Without Majority 👍, Rules out Coalition With Podemos for Now 🤔

April 29, 2019

Spain's centre-left Socialist Party won significantly in Sunday's election, but forming a government on its own is out of reach. Far-right Vox party enters parliament for first time. Prof. Sebastiaan Faber analyzes the result
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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The 'Badge of Honor' of COP24

Published on May 2, 2019

The COP24 in 2018 in Katovice, Poland, saw Greta Thunberg - then youth climate activist, soon to become global climate movement leader - rise to world fame. In this video, Stuart Scott explains his part of the story of how that all came about.

Stuart is interviewed here by Dave Gardner, host of the GrowthBusters podcast ( Their full conversation will be published soon as an episode of the podcast.

Category Education
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AOC & Bernie Join Sunrise Movement in DC Town Hall
May 14, 2019

At the town hall, the Sunrise Movement launched the next phase of their Green New Deal campaign: making three demands of Democratic presidential contenders

Title: The Story Of Berta Cáceres: How Her Fight For Indigenous, Environmental, & Gender Rights Cost Her He
Post by: AGelbert on June 23, 2019, 01:06:59 pm

June 23rd, 2019 by The Beam


The Story Of Berta Cáceres 🕊: How Her Fight For Indigenous, Environmental, & Gender Rights Cost Her Her Life (

Agelbert COMMENT: Berta Cáceres did the right thing. Evil people killed her for doing it.

Let us learn from her example to not fear, or ever hesitate, to do the right thing.

When all is said and done, doing the right thing, regardless of knowing we will be attacked by evil people for doing it, is the only thing that matters.

"The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living" - Socrates


Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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The Guardian

Sat 29 Jun 2019 03.00 EDT

One is America’s youngest-ever congresswoman, the other a Swedish schoolgirl. Two of the most powerful voices on the climate speak for the first time

by Emma Brockes

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg. Photograph: Stephen Voss, Anna Schori/The Guardian


When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez met Greta Thunberg: 'Hope is contagious' (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Trump 🦀 tweets racist attacks at progressive Democratic Congresswomen (


Yup, the old, "Go back where you came from." trick. If you are a minority and/or of the "wrong" color in the USA, this is par for the course. From being a plebe at West Point, to ATC work at Syracuse Tower in New York, to the parking lot booth I worked at the airport in Burlington, to 🕷 Eddie, 🐉 Karpatok, et al at the Doomstead Diner, I know all about it.

There are variations to that 'You don't belong here' theme (You are a guest in this country - You should be more grateful - Why did you come here? - How come you people breed so much? - How long have you been gaming the system?, etc., Ad nauseum) that, of course, always avoid mentioning the fact that the one delivering the 'witty snark' comes from a long line of ( European invaders to Turtle Island. As 'good old 🕷 Eddie', the proud WHITE Dentist from Texas, would say, "White guilt, I do not DO. (". 


Anyone with critical thinking skills recognizes that Mr. Trump is dispensing with the dog whistle and going full in-your-face "Southern Strategy" NOW because he feels cornered by some "setbacks on the census issue" and needs to start earlier than planned to get his base fired up against 'libruls'.

But, there is more going on here than racist button pushing to get bigots all emotional so they stop looking at their empty wallets under Trump. Yeah, there is that, sure, but Trump is trying to hide something far more damaging to him.

A key part of the Trump volume raising is the fact that he does not want his history with 🐍 Epstein to get discussed by too many people.

One other bit of skullduggery going on TODAY is the methodical disempowering of comment period access by we-the-people in regard to EPA proposals  :o >:(. If a Democratic Adminstration was engaging in that bit of fascist skullduggery, it would be all over the news.

The Trump noise level is always part of a strategy to distract from some skullduggery his wrecking crew is engaging in.

Yesterday, before I learned Trump 🦀 did his 'go back where you blackies came from' thing, I made the following comment after reading an excellent article. I believe it is appropriate to post it here. I hope it triggered some critical thinking among Trumpers, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. It's not that I am jaded; it's that I am an experienced observer of my fellow Americans, particularly those who fancy themseves as 'better/superior/smarter/cleaner/civilized' because they are WHITE.

Annie Easley, The Rocket Scientist Who Worked At NASA Before It Was Even Called NASA (  (

👍👍👍 This is an excellent, truth filled article. Though most people do not possess the impressive intelligence of Annie Easley, her tenacity and grit is an inspiration to all objective humans.

The 😈 privilege hogging bigots that have cursed this country from the start lack any objectivity whatsoever. They go out of their way to hide the accomplishments and brilliance of scientists like Annie Easley.

For example, the scientist who invented "bean soup", the Navy term for a chemical that quickly put out fires on U.S. ships during WWII, thus saving thousands of lives in the process, is NOT mentioned in WWII history documentaries (the exception was a 2007 PBS documentary, but the name of that documentary, "Forgotten Genius", neglects to point out the FACT that he was DELIBERATELY "forgotten" by those who write "sanitized" history in the USA). Percy Julian's name does not even appear in most history books of this period.

Percy Julian was one of the best Organic Chemists of the 20th century.


During WWII the Navy used a foam to put out fires of oil and gasoline. This foam was called Aer-O-Foam, and is still made today by Kidde Fire Fighting. The foam is made from soy protein and water, mixed and then aerated in a nozzle. The foam smothers the fire, coating the oil and preventing oxygen from getting to it. Seamen called the mixture ‘bean soup,’ since it was made from soybeans.

National Foam System (today owned by Kidde) got a sample of the soy protein from the Glidden Company in 1941. Glidden employed an organic chemist named Percy Julian, who had devised a way to separate soy protein from soybean meal. Glidden hired Julian in 1936 because of his resume, and because he was fluent in German, having done his dissertation work in Austria. Glidden had just purchased a modern solvent extraction plant from Germany, and needed someone to supervise the extraction of oil from soybeans, and the production of coatings, solvents, and glues from soy products. Percy Julian was very happy to have the job, having been refused work at DuPont (because when he arrived they realized he was black), and at the Institute of Paper Chemistry (because the town where it was located didn’t allow black residents). ...

... When Glidden gave up pharmaceutical work in 1953, Julian left the company and started his own. At the time he was being paid $50,000 a year (about $440,000 in today’s dollars).

Percy Julian’s later life was a mixture of success and obstacles. His company was fairly successful, and he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences (in 1973, on the second African American in the Academy).

On the other hand, he faced continued discrimination. For example, in 1950, when he moved his family into a ‘nice’ neighborhood in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, someone fire-bombed the house on Thanksgiving Day.

 Later that year someone tossed dynamite into their house.


Full article: (
SciTech Tuesday: Percy Julian and ‘Bean Soup’ (

If you think this heinous racist violence has "gone away", you do not understand Trump, his Cabinet's 🐍 "Plans and ☠️ Programs", and his Racists 'R' US enthusiastic base.

You see, there are way too many Americans that long for their privileged 'abuse of the other' past. Trump and his supporters have read the Constitution. They know that when the founders wrote "We the people", they meant "We the WHITE People".

Yes, they also excluded non-propertied white men and all women along with all other humans. Anyone that tries to bring that bit of nuanced BALONEY up is deliberately attempting to get readers to ignore how destructive to modern society the version of Gestapo Racism that Trump Champions IS. You are a FOOL if you think Trump is going to save your white bigoted arse. Your "enjoyment" of the increased violent racism under Trump and his wrecking crew will not feed your family or educate your children. Living on HATE and ABUSE of the "other" is the only "job" Trump wants you to have.

The following was written January 21, 2017. The prediction that the entire social contract that has been laboriously built up by people of good will since the time of FDR up to and including civil rights gains for people of color and healthcare for all Americans during the LBJ Administration would be deliberately and methodically destroyed piece by piece, is coming to pass

Anything at All Can Happen in the Age of ( Trump (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on July 16, 2019, 06:26:15 pm

Rep. Ilhan Omar ( Vows to Hold Trump ( Accountable ( for His Crimes

Rep. Ilhan Omar speaks at an event outside the U.S. Capitol, April 30, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

BY Jake Johnson, Common Dreams

PUBLISHED July 16, 2019

Shortly after joining fellow members of “the Squad” at a press conference condemning President Donald Trump’s racist attacks, Rep. Ilhan Omar said during an interview on MSNBC Monday night that she and her progressive colleagues will not allow the president’s abusive and dangerous rhetoric to distract from efforts to hold him accountable and pursue a bold alternative agenda.

“We’re going to make sure that not only do we resist him,” said Omar, “but that we insist on furthering policies that are going to guarantee healthcare for people, that are going to provide the proper education that they need, that is going to make sure they are not forever shackled with student debt, that is going to provide the kind of housing that is proper, that is going to take care of our veterans, our disabled, and our most vulnerable, which is our children, and our elderly.”

Omar, a Minnesota Democrat and Somali refugee, has been the target of some of the most vile abuse hurled by the president in recent days. As Common Dreams reported Monday, Trump ( told reporters on the White House lawn that Omar “hates Jews” and speaks “about how wonderful al-Qaeda is.”(

During the Monday evening press conference, Omar refused to dignify such lies with a response.

The Minnesota congresswoman echoed this sentiment on MSNBC Monday night and said she will seize the “opportunity to really talk about what the direction for this country should look like.”

“He’s called on us to go back and fight corruption and fight these countries that have worse leaders and inept leaders. Well, we are living in one,” Omar said. “He is that president. He is corrupt. He is the worst president we’ve had. He is inept and we are going to call him out for it, and we’re going to hold him accountable.” ( Omar went on to call for Trump’s impeachment, saying he has “committed high crimes and misdemeanors.”

“It’s about time that we start the process and impeach this president,” said Omar. “We are as members of Congress doing the work that will get us the country we all deserve, one that is truly functioning for all of us, one that sees and values every single person in it.”


We’re not just here to respond to the President’s tweets.

We’re here to hold him fully accountable for his crimes and put forward a bold progressive agenda for this country. 💪🏽

— Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) July 16, 2019


JUL 15, 2019 | TD ORIGINALS 

By Natasha Hakimi Zapata —  As the daughter of Iranian and Mexican immigrants, the president’s racist attacks on four congresswomen of color have struck me to my core. (

I Know What It’s Like to Be Told to ‘Go Back’ to My Own Country (
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( Senator Jeff Merkley Wants Every 2020 Candidate to Answer THIS Question! (

Thom Hartmann Program
Published on Jul 12, 2019

Senator Jeff Merkley wants every American to get involved and get out there and he wants every 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate to answer this one question

What's your answer to Jeff's question and what do you imagine the responses from the Democratic presidential candidates will be?

📽️ WATCH NEXT: Jeff Merkley Decides Not to Run but Has Bigger Plans

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Why Vest Virginia Can't Wait For Progressive Populist Stephen Smith (

Thom Hartmann Program
Published on Jul 25, 2019

Stephen Smith is fighting to build a people's government instead of a traditional billionaire backed government. 

Can a pro labor populist progressive movement beat the billionaires?

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Title: The Impeachment Snowball is GROWING 😀
Post by: AGelbert on July 29, 2019, 05:57:16 pm

( The impeachment process against Donald Trump just took a swift Sunday evening turn  ( (

Bill Palmer | 9:15 pm EDT July 28, 2019
Palmer Report » Analysis

On Friday afternoon, the House Judiciary Committee used a court filing to open a low-key but definitive impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. Since that time, Trump has been on an endless racist tirade in the hope of distracting the media and the public from the fact that the impeachment process against him has begun. But on Sunday evening, the process took a swift turn.

Democratic Congressman Denny Heck made this announcement on Sunday: “After considerable reflection and prayerful consideration, I have decided to support a formal impeachment inquiry.” But he wasn’t the only one. In a span of twenty minutes, Democratic Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, Democratic Congressman Derek Kilmer, and Democratic Congresswoman Kim Schrier each separately called for impeachment.

Not only has the number of House Democrats calling for impeachment soared past the one hundred mark, these calls are now happening at a rapidly accelerating rate.   ( It’s clear that the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry has opened the floodgates for those House Democrats who have been wanting to call for impeachment, but who have been waiting for the appropriate time.

Moreover, these new calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment came in the midst of his thirty-six hour long racist tirade against Congressman Elijah Cummings and the city of Baltimore. Trump is displaying the kind of erratic, unhinged, and deranged behavior that one might expect from a cartoon villain out of a poorly written movie, not the Oval Office. Momentum for impeachment is now picking up rapidly, and it’s more clear than ever that it’ll end up happening.

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Agelbert WARNING: Trump will try a 'Wag the Dog' false flag attack distraction when he feels sufficently cornered. He HAS TO BE EVICTED from the White House before he can perpetrate a false flage attack horror! (  (

When ( cornered, the White House RAT ( will become even more of a threat to National Security.
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(  (

July 30, 2019 (

Harris & AOC introduce climate justice legislation, Greta's 👍 setting sail, & more (

Title: CNN Tried to Derail Sanders and Warren Last Night. It Failed. 👍
Post by: AGelbert on July 31, 2019, 08:15:15 pm

CNN 😈 Tried to Derail Sanders and Warren Last Night. It Failed. (

Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren greet each other at the start of the Democratic presidential debate at the Fox Theatre on July 30, 2019, in Detroit, Michigan.JUSTIN SULLIVAN / GETTY IMAGES


Tuesday night's Democratic debate was a CNN-engineered center-right ambush of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren that was so ham-fisted in its conception and execution, it could have been drawn up by Donald 🦀 Trump himself. It did not work out the way CNN hoped.

Read the Article → (
Title: Rejecting Politics of Fear, Marginalized Puerto Ricans Led the Uprising
Post by: AGelbert on August 03, 2019, 03:40:32 pm

Historically, meta-narratives and images of fear have helped sustain the island’s colonial condition — fear that was instigated by the federal and local governing bodies toward pro-independence and socialist movements of the 20th century, fear of communism during the Cold War, and fear and doubt toward free determination and self-governance. This was all done in order for the governing elite to remain in power — until now. (

el Rey Charlie riding with his cavalry

Rejecting Politics of Fear, Marginalized Puerto Ricans Led the Uprising 👍


The uprising in Puerto Rico was unprecedented in its creation of a new visual language of protest based on those same marginalized groups of Puerto Ricans historically oppressed and reviled by a heteronormative and elitist colonial culture. The creative and performative nature of the uprising helped sustain its momentum and is now being used to call for a more radical transformation of Puerto Rico's political, economic and cultural framework.

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Title: “If your business funds Trump’s campaign, then you are supporting white supremacy. Full stop.
Post by: AGelbert on August 07, 2019, 10:15:04 pm
Morning Joe Scarborough :o hits Donald Trump where it hurts 👍

Bill Palmer | 10:10 am EDT August 7, 2019
Palmer Report » Analysis

Yesterday a political ant hill got kicked over when Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro tweeted the names and occupations of some of Donald Trump’s biggest donors – information which was already publicly available on the FEC website. Republicans tried to claim that Castro was somehow “doxxing” or “harassing” Trump’s donors.

“Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough of all people ended up stepping in as the voice of reason. He tweeted this about Donald Trump’s donors: (  “If your business funds Trump’s campaign, then you are supporting white supremacy. Full stop. Look at his rallies. Listen to the chants of “Send her back!”Hear the calls of “Shoot them!” Your money funds that. Your business supports that. You are complicit.”

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made a series of false accusations about Joaquin Castro over the incident. Castro fiercely fired back. But it was once again Joe Scarborough who stomped all over McCarthy’s disingenuousness, firing off this missive at him: “This is such bullshit coming from a man who says NOTHING when Trump laughs at supporters who shout for the shooting of immigrants or engage in fascist chants to “send her back”. Nobody is being targeted. Even you know that ALL donations to presidents become public record.”

So there you have it. Joe Scarborough, a former Republican member of the House, now finds himself defending a House Democrat against dishonest attacks from the leader of the House Republicans. It’s a reminder that the GOP simply has no leadership, and no honesty, these days. What stands out here is that by helping Castro to humiliate Trump’s donors, Morning Joe is hitting Donald Trump where it hurts: in the wallet.

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AUG 07, 2019

By Aviva Chomsky 👍 / TomDispatch

Where Would We Be Without the Green New Deal? (

Title: Bernie Sanders Is Acing the Electability Test
Post by: AGelbert on August 13, 2019, 07:22:58 pm

AUG 12, 2019 NEWS

( Bernie Sanders Is Acing the Electability Test (

By Jake Johnson — SurveyUSA has him trouncing 🦀 Donald Trump by eight points, the 15th consecutive poll in which the Vermont senator tops the president.

Read more (
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Protesters ( Crash 🦕🦖 ALEC 😈 Conference to Resist Bill Criminalizing Pipeline Activists


A group of protesters with the Austin chapter of Extinction Rebellion were briefly detained Thursday after disrupting a private meeting at the American Legislative Exchange Council’s annual conference to protest the organization’s role in developing a “critical infrastructure” bill that charges those who damage or disrupt operations of oil and gas facilities with a felony.

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Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on August 15, 2019, 05:47:09 pm
Resistance in Honduras Marches on as Political Prisoner Is Released on Bail 👍


Released last week on bail and facing trial proceedings today, Honduran political prisoner Edwin Espinal tells Truthout that while he will continue to resist the administration of Juan Orlando Hernández, human rights defenders must focus on dismantling the systems of oppression the regime installed.

Read the Article →
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on August 19, 2019, 05:31:04 pm

The World According to George Galloway ✨

This article’s (lightly edited) interview with George Galloway may be seen on video by clicking here. (

LONDON—There are few politicians in Britain who are attacked by the courtiers in the press and the mandarins in power more ferociously than George Galloway, a former member of Parliament and an icon of the left. They routinely shower him with insults and accusations. This is because there are few politicians willing to as ferociously name and condemn the crimes and injustices carried out by the American and British governments. He has for many years unequivocally stood up to defend the human rights of Palestinians, thundered against Israeli war crimes and demanded justice, leading him to be attacked as an anti-Semite. He has long opposed the Western sanctions and the endless wars in the Middle East, generating charges that he is a defender of terrorists. He has steadfastly raised his voice on behalf of those persecuted by the American government, including WikiLeaks Publisher Julian Assange.

The Economist once described Galloway, who spent more than 25 years in Parliament, as “the hate figure for the British establishment,” which, given who constitutes the establishment, is the highest of compliments.

I interviewed Galloway in London.

Chris Hedges: Let’s begin with this strange political moment—the rise of figures like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, a very Trump-like figure, perhaps a smarter version of Trump. How did we get here? From the start of your political career, you spoke out on behalf of the working class, how it was being attacked through neoliberalism, which corrupted the Labour Party the same way it did the Democratic Party in the United States.

George Galloway: Ontology is important. We need to define what is right-wing and what is populist. Some of the appeal of Trump, of Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party in Britain, is the very non-right-wingness. The apparent standing up for the little man, standing up for the worker against big business, against the bankers and the establishment—Trump played that card very well in the Rust Belt of the United States. Nigel Farage played it very cannily in similar places in the Brexit referendum in Britain. The support they garnered was not in fact right-wing, but left-wing. It was an anti-capitalist critique of the kind of finance capitalist model that has beggared millions of people and whole areas of your country and mine. When they say populist, I wonder if they really mean popular. I am attacked as a left-wing populist. But what does that actually mean?

My politics have not changed—perhaps this is a condemnation of me—not a single inch from my teenage years. I stand at exactly the same place. It’s everyone else that moved around me. Insofar as the kind of politics and approach and style that I’m employing are popular, that’s what drives the prevailing orthodoxy crazy. Dr. Johnson, a great Englishman of letters, said, ‘The grimmest dictatorship of them all was the dictatorship of the prevailing orthodoxy.’ I stand up against that from my political standpoint. So does Farage. So, to an extent, does Trump.

Now we come to the ontology of what you call the resistance. The **** hats and the achingly liberal resistance to Donald Trump leaves me entirely cold. I know they would not be out there protesting worst crimes that the Clinton crime family and the crooner Obama would and did commit. It’s the vulgarness, the brashness, the ugliness of Trump they oppose. But Trump is just American imperialism without the lipstick. Hillary would have had the lipstick. But the crimes would have been the same—arguably much worse.

CH: Figures like Trump and Boris Johnson are con artists. They are using the issues you spent your political career actually fighting for. …

GG: Certainly Boris Johnson. Beyond the mop of blond hair and the rancid morals, I don’t think there’s that much to compare between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. Boris Johnson is unequivocally a character of the 1%. He was educated at Eton and Oxford. He has spent his whole life in the milieu of the ultra-rich. The real upper class. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is to some extent on the outside. He was fabulously rich, although six times bankrupt. Perhaps not as rich as he claims. He has some identification with those on the outside. Con artist, definitely. But not the same kind of con artist as Boris Johnson. I was not happy that Donald Trump became the president of the United States. But I was very happy that Hillary Clinton did not.

CH: The Clintons, like Tony Blair, betrayed their base. Obama [did so] as well. He was quite conscious of what he was doing, unlike George W. Bush.

GG: Trump is failing the people he conned. Whereas Boris Johnson won’t even try to con them. He will not pretend to the British working class that he’s in it for them. Not really.

CH: What is the attraction of figures like Johnson and Trump who turbocharge the looting and pillage by the 1% and the consolidation of power by the global oligarchic elite?

GG: The way they win power is by correctly identifying real, material, objective realities amongst the masses of the people. Trump said to the people in the so-called Rust Belt [that] it’s the Clintons, NAFTA and super-nationalism, and the finance capital model that these people represent, that have done this to you. That was a correct identification and correct analysis. The fact that he’s a creature of the same swamp, and far from draining it is filling it, only comes later. But the existence of these grievances is what the left ought to have been doing. The British Labour [Party] movement, not just in Parliament, but in a broader movement, even in trade unions, in political parties of the left, bought into neoliberalism. The failure of the Labour government of the 1970s, the rise of Thatcher Reaganomics, knocked the stuffing out of the left. They began to follow the line “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

CH: [Margaret] Thatcher reportedly said, “My greatest creation was Tony Blair.”

GG: New Labour was her greatest creation. The left went along with that. And then the collapse of the Soviet Union caused a further oceanic loss of confidence. Instead of consistently standing up for working-class interests—against corporate capitalism, against globalized capitalism, standing up for the people of your own country—they liquidated their previous existence. The working people, quite correctly, thought, “You’re no longer for me. You’re no longer part of me. You’re no longer with me.” That’s a correct identification.

Jeremy Corbyn has rowed back from that into more familiar waters. Insufficiently well, hampered massively by the Blair-ite rump. It’s not really a rump, it’s a ramp actually because it’s quite a lot of MPs whose main purpose is to sabotage him. I know these are not things that can compare across the Atlantic all that easily. But that’s what’s happened here. The working class was abandoned by social democrats. Of course, people to the right of them, these populist figures can move in and steal some of their former clothes.

CH: How do we effectively build a political movement that stymies the rise of these very frightening alt-right entities and these political figures? We’re not doing a very good job of it in the United States.

GG: Not that good here either. First, we have to correctly critique what is wrong with the approach of the alt-right populists. That is to say, not critique what is right about what they’re saying, but to say it better and more convincingly. To say to the workers in the Rust Belt in our countries, “We stand for you. We’re going to fight for you and everything that is in your interests we will support. Everything that is against your interests we will oppose. Whoever else is saying the same thing, you can believe us because we are a part of you. We are your party. We are the people who represent you on a daily basis.” Secondly, to develop an iconography, a vocabulary, that can appeal to people. If you’re waving the flag of the European Union, you will leave the working class in the north and the south, in the west, and south Wales, cold.

The people of this country identify with this country. So, you have to. If you sneer at patriotism, if you sneer at people who actually, warts and all, love their country. … John Lennon once said, “If you want a revolution, don’t go waving pictures of Chairman Mao.” He was right. Chairman Mao leaves them cold on the streets of England. You have to find the iconography, the vocabulary, that fits.

The most impressive figure of my political lifetime was Georges Marchais. He was the leader of the Communist Party of France. He talked of socialism in the colors of France. He talked of France keeping its nuclear weapons but pointing them both ways. He was a figure of the French working class. It’s no accident that as an individual he was the most popular political figure in France, left or right.

CH: Are xenophobia and Islamophobia the driving forces behind support for Brexit?

GG: If you fill the atmosphere with hatred of the Muslims as an other, to further your foreign policy abroad, you’re going to get blowback at home. If you tell everyone that one new Hitler after another—from Nasser, through Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi, Bashar al-Assad … I’ve probably forgotten a few Hitlers on the Nile and the Euphrates—if you fill people, the atmosphere, with that kind of mentality, then how do you expect some people not to blame Abdul, who owns the news agent, or the 7-Eleven, on the corner? It’s inevitable. We predicted it. It’s come to pass.

CH: Is the resurgence of white nationalism an effective mechanism in the hands of figures like Trump and Boris Johnson? Does this divide the country and disempower socialists such as yourself?

GG: There is racism in Britain, of course; how can it be otherwise? We were the senior partner in empire for a very long time. You can’t have an empire without notions of racial superiority. How else can you justify occupying and ruling other people and their countries? You’re the father figure holding their hand until they are able to govern themselves. There is racism in Britain. But if you think Britain’s racist, you’ve never lived in France.

It is not as bad in Britain as it is elsewhere in the European Union. Similarly, there are real material reasons for racial antagonism on the part of the majority here. The British government moved a group of Islamist fanatics to Manchester who were known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. The clue was in the name. That Libyan Islamic Fighting Group were cosseted there by the British state for the day they could be sent back to fight in Libya.

One of their sons blew up a lot of our children in the Manchester Arena not that long ago at an Ariana Grande pop concert. It’s legitimate to hate the people who did that. It’s not racist to hate the people who murdered people on this very bridge. [He motioned toward London Bridge.] [Who] cut their throats, drove cars into them. It’s not racist to hate them. If you claim it is, you are actually helping the racists. The existence of an element of Islamist fanaticism on the edges of the Muslim community here in Britain or anywhere in the world should be attacked as ruthlessly by the left as it is for opportunistic reasons by the right.

This is a mistake the left has made. I always say to people, “Never confuse me with a liberal.” I’m not a liberal. I’m actually quite ill-liberal in many regards. I’m a socialist, not a liberal; that’s a different thing. Never get caught seeming to support extremism amongst sections of the community. Be as ruthless. If I was the mayor of London, I’d be hunting down al-Qaida. I’d be out there in a high-vis vest with the police in the mornings, raiding their houses. Whereas quite often, the so-called left looks like they care more about the criminal than the victim. They care more about the human rights of the terrorists than the victim of the terrorist. So, we have to be much smarter.

CH: I have interviewed members of al-Qaida and Islamic Jihad. These figures do not come out of religious households. They came out of petty crime, sometimes more than petty crime, drug addiction.

GG: Sri Lanka is the first time one of these suicide mass murderers came from families that were actually religious and not petty criminals. So, that’s undoubtedly true. But it’s not to say they don’t exist. They exist. They are a Siren on the rocks, seeking to lure young Muslims onto those rocks of extremism and a cult of death. We have to call them out. We have to struggle against it. It can’t only be solved by the military, the police and legal action. It’s necessary but not sufficient.

CH: The North African immigrants that live in banlieues outside of Paris have no jobs. They live in appalling conditions. The racism, as you pointed out, in France runs very deep. They are segregated from most French people. They are not considered—although they may have lived in France since they were 2—to be French by the French. They go back to Tunisia and they’re not considered Tunisian. There’s a loss of identity, a loss of work. These are the contributing factors, which gets back to the reconfigurations of these economies by neoliberalism, which cast aside not just immigrants but huge sections of the working class and working poor as human refuse.

GG: Exactly. I’ve just been writing for my website about the BBC series “The Looming Tower.” We contributed to the rise of this fanaticism in three ways. The first one you just mentioned. The second is by endlessly supporting by all means corrupt dictators, medieval kingdoms, leaving the people of these Muslim countries bereft of any other path out of their misery. Thirdly, by directly assisting al-Qaida and ISIS in Iraq, in Syria. We provided funding, weapons, propaganda and other material on the principle that my enemy’s enemy is my friend. So, if an Islamist fanatic is blowing himself up in the Caucasus, in Chechnya, that’s fine. We’ll help him. We’ll talk about his human rights. But if he’s running on the bridge in London cutting people’s throats, we’ll describe him in quite different terms. Thrice we have assisted the development of this fanaticism.

CH: Those of us who stand up for Palestinian rights are immediately attacked as anti-Semites. The press is an echo chamber, amplifying those attacks. Does Israel have a lock on Britain as they do in the United States?

GG: It doesn’t. But it has a bigger lock than I imagined. The last four years of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party, the success by which they have done that, the scale of which they have done that, shows they do have a bigger lock than I thought. Not even in Israel does this Zionist movement have a bigger lock than it does in the United States. Nothing compares to that.

It’s a trick. An Israeli Cabinet minister, Shulamit Aloni, giving me dinner in her house in Tel Aviv, literally told me it was. “It’s a trick,” she said. “We always do it.” They do it because it works. If someone stands up for Palestinian rights, the first default position is to call them an anti-Semite. The fact that someone like me [is attacked as an anti-Semite], with my politics, and the basis of my politics is so heavily Jewish, from Marx, through Trotsky and Chomsky. Half of the Bolshevik Party’s central committee was Jewish. According to the right wing, I am involved in a Judeo-Bolshevik conspiracy. The idea that I can be described as an anti-Semite is pitifully absurd. Ditto Jeremy Corbyn, who comes out of the same stable as me more or less. I’d like to think it doesn’t work. But to some extent it does. My wife, who is a person of color, an Indonesian woman, was abused in the street the other day as the wife of an anti-Semite, the wife of a racist. It’s absurd and effective, but less effective than it was before. If you call everybody an anti-Semite, then eventually nobody is an anti-Semite. The boy who cried wolf is a parable of note for a reason.

CH: The real anti-Semites, the Christian right of the United States, have become a political ally of Israel. It’s the equation of anti-Semitism with opposition to the government of Israel. One of the biggest racists in the Middle East is [Israeli Prime Minister] Bibi Netanyahu.

GG: There’s worse than him waiting in the wings.

CH: Where are we going? It’s a frightening direction if things don’t go right. What are the forces that frighten you? What does the left have to do?

GG: I’ll be honest, I’m not as pessimistic as you. I have faith in the people. I always have. I can only speak for my own people here. We hate fascism. We stood alone against fascism. Anyone who presents in the form of fascism will be rejected here. There’s not a single fascist counselor in Britain, not a single fascist MP in Britain. There never will be. Fascists are counted in the hundreds, not in the millions, like they are in many European countries. They are in almost every parliament in Europe. They’re in many governments in Europe. But they never will be here.

I believe in the chaos of the British political scene at the moment. It’s perfectly possible that the Labour Party could be the next government. Maybe soon. Parliament is in complete chaos over the Brexit issue. It’s one of the reasons I supported Brexit. But not the main reason. Out of that chaos, it may welcome a Jeremy Corbyn-led government. As someone who has known Corbyn well for 40 years, I can hardly believe I’m saying those words.

Chris Hedges

boris johnson brexit donald trump economy george galloway government hillary clinton immigration islamophobia israel jeremy corbyn labour party margaret thatcher middle east muslims politics populism racism socialist td originals terrorism tony blair
Title: Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives in NYC to Fight “Biggest Crisis Humanity Has Ever Faced”
Post by: AGelbert on September 05, 2019, 03:08:17 pm
Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives in NYC to ( Fight “Biggest Crisis Humanity Has Ever Faced”

Democracy Now!

Published on Aug 29, 2019

Following weeks of anticipation, Swedish climate justice activist Greta Thunberg arrived on the shores of Lower Manhattan Wednesday afternoon after a 15-day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in an emissions-free yacht. She was welcomed on land by hundreds of supporters at the North Cove Marina. As Thunberg’s yacht sailed over the horizon and past the Statue of Liberty, youth climate activists chanted “The sea levels are rising, and so are we!” and ( “We are unstoppable! Another world is possible!”

The 16-year-old climate activist is kickstarting a months-long tour of the Americas. For her first action, she will be joining New York students climate-striking outside the U.N. Friday morning. She will then take to the streets for a massive climate march in New York City on September 20, followed by two U.N. climate summits here. In December, she will attend the COP25 climate summit in Santiago, Chile. We hear highlights of Greta’s first speech and news conference upon arriving in New York City and speak to her father Svante, as well as New York youth climate activists Alexandria Villaseñor and Xiye Bastida.


Democracy Now! is an independent global news hour that airs on nearly 1,400 TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch our livestream 8-9AM ET:

Please consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now! today:

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Greta Thunberg crossed the Atlantic in the above Clean Energy powered yacht
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on September 06, 2019, 04:40:42 pm

Friday, September 6, 2019


Business as usual is what's doing us in.

We live on a planet that finds itself rather suddenly in the midst of an enormous physical crisis. Because we burn so much coal and gas and oil, the atmosphere of our world is changing rapidly, and that atmospheric change is producing record heat. July was the hottest month we've ever recorded. Scientists predict with confidence that we stand on the edge of the sixth great extinction event of the last billion years. People are dying in large numbers and being left homeless; millions are already on the move because they have no choice.
Their logic was impeccable: If the institutions of our planet can't be bothered to prepare for a world we can live in, why must we spend years preparing ourselves? If you break the social contract, why are we bound by it?

Bill McKibben: This Climate Strike Is Part of the Disruption We Need (

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on September 07, 2019, 07:25:24 pm
San Quentin State Prison's death row on August 15, 2016, in San Quentin, California. JUSTIN SULLIVAN / GETTY IMAGES

BY Laura Flanders, Truthout

PUBLISHED September 6, 2019


The U.S. is the world’s leader in incarceration. We’ve read about the atrocities that continue to take place in prisons and as a result of being imprisoned. There has been some progress, a growing movement to abolish prisons and jails. But how and where would we even begin to dismantle this enormous so-called prison-industrial complex, and what are the real solutions that encompass the needs of the vast and diverse communities that have already been harmed?

Full video and transcript:

We Must Abolish Prisons to Rebuild Communities Fractured by Mass Incarceration ( (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on September 16, 2019, 06:59:07 pm
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September 16, 2019

The Kids Are Rising

Swedish teen activist ( Greta Thunberg led around 1,500 youth climate protesters in a demonstration outside the ( White House Friday, the latest Fridays for Future climate strike that began more than a year ago with Thunberg protesting alone outside the Swedish Parliament.

Last week's protest comes as a preview of the country- and worldwide planned walkout on September 20, three days before the UN Climate Summit begins in New York City. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said last week that the Department of Education will excuse children who decide to skip school next Friday for the climate strike.

Since arriving in New York last month following a two-week transatlantic boat journey, Thunberg has appeared on multiple news outlets, including an interview with The Daily Show's Trevor Noah. "It feels like many people are debating about the climate crisis, which they are doing everywhere," Thunberg told the Washington Post in an interview ahead of Friday's protest. "But here (, it’s like they even doubt facts."


Full Newsletter: (

New polls show how America is thinking about climate, pipeline project divides indigenous groups, & more (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on September 17, 2019, 05:58:19 pm
1,092 views•Published on Sep 16, 2019

Black Bear News
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Friday Gas Strike

Massive Strike Hits General Motors As 46,000 Workers Walk Off

Australia launches emergency relocation of fish as largest river system faces collapse

Australian towns could run out of water by Christmas as drought drags on

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Title: September 20 Global Climate Strike Will Be Largest Ever
Post by: AGelbert on September 19, 2019, 10:25:02 pm
September 19th, 2019 by Steve Hanley


September 20 Global Climate Strike Will Be Largest Ever (    (
Title: The SHAPE of things to come
Post by: AGelbert on September 23, 2019, 04:47:14 pm
The SHAPE ( of things to come

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on September 24, 2019, 01:32:07 pm
Greta GLARES at Hydrocarbon 🦖 Hellspawn Trump  ( at UN on September 23, 2019. (

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on September 24, 2019, 04:51:25 pm
Greta RULES! 👍👍👍


Most teachers, particularly those teaching science, fully support Greta's call to action.

This man exemplifies the support that Greta has all over the world:

"The old frameworks for what is reasonable, they don’t apply anymore. That’s due to the scientific reality of climate change. Moderate, incremental policy is incompatible with a livable planet in the future. But also because the neoliberal project has been so delegitimized, people are looking for an alternative to that. And their eyes are going to find it in a sea of white nationalism and retrenching fascism or they’re going to find it in a vision of a better world, a more just world where everyone takes care of each other. So we should all organize and fight for that better world." -- Isaac Larkin, a 27-year-old molecular biology PhD student from Northwestern University

The Story Behind the Most Heated Moment of CNN's Climate Crisis Town Hall (

André Balsa
The very exact problem with climate change is the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, and the solution is not in the hands of individuals but in government policies that will drive systemic changes on a global scale.

Hence Greta Thunberg is 100% correct in blaming politicians for procrastinating for decades on implementing such policies.

Just as a reminder, on a global scale we still subsidize fossil fuels to the tune of $500~600 billion per year.

Brooks Bridges
Just watched her entire speech. First time I've seen her get angry. Powerful, moving and sad.

I've kept up with the science for years and her statements about the science are totally accurate.

A lot more kids will be waking up from now on and getting angry at the "adults" who destroyed their world. Greta is just the beginning - and a fuse lighting a power keg of justifiable resentment and disgust.

By The Conversation Sep. 21, 2019 07:00AM EST


I asked the children to personify climate change — to see it as an animal and give it a voice. If climate change could talk, what would it say? I hoped that by externalizing that voice, they could talk more honestly than they otherwise would. Even so, I wasn't fully prepared for their responses.

You created me, and now you must face the consequences… You spoilt the planet for the children and animals, now I'm going to spoil it for you… Adults have made the world a worse place, so now I'm here for revenge.

Anger was the most common emotion that surfaced with this technique. These complicated emotions about climate change — perhaps difficult to express or articulate in conversation — surprised me, but they probably shouldn't have. Given the severity of climate change and biodiversity loss predicted in their lifetimes, anger seems appropriate.

read more:
I’m a Psychotherapist – Here’s What I’ve Learned From Listening to Children Talk About Climate Change (

Marc Dorwit
nobel peace prize? She sounds like the doctor in the movie cassandra crossing (which is currently free on you tube), that is meant as a complement.

I attended the new york demonstration, i was impressed by the high school students, so well behaved, talking about current events, properly dressed, and i did not see any of them smoking anything, what a difference from when i went to high school in the 80's. To be surrounded by so many high school kids and not feel threatened was quite an experience. The crowd was huge, estimates were between 60,000 to as much as a quarter million, this was on a friday, not a weekend. The organizers had only planned for 5,000 people. The repo's and capitalists have a lot to worry about with this young generation, and we have good reason to be optimistic for america's future.

She's not only heroic but brilliant. There is no attack surface for psychopaths like Trump. "You should be in school!" Greta: "I"d much rather be in school". "You have Asperger's, weirdo!" Greta: "That's why I can see straight." "Where is your plan?" Greta: "That's your job, not ours."

A great inspiration. I think a tidal wave of change is beginning and if people like Trump continue to try to block the doors and exits, they will be swept away, and deservedly so.

Read more GREAT ( comments (and some fossil fueler troll ( takedowns too ;D):

Title: nother Global Climate Strike Is Coming Friday. These Kids 🌟 Aren't Giving Up.
Post by: AGelbert on September 26, 2019, 11:56:18 pm
Another Global Climate Strike Is Coming Friday. ( These Kids 🌟 Aren't Giving Up.  (
Source: Vox

Another youth-led climate strike is planned for Friday, September 27, a week after organizers rallied more than 4 million people across more than 150 countries into the streets in a strike to demand action on climate change.

Last week’s strike was intended to pressure world leaders headed to the United Nations Climate Action Summit on Monday, a meeting convened to encourage more ambitious climate commitments. Youth activist Greta Thunberg, who began striking alone outside Swedish Parliament in August 2018, opened the summit admonishing world leaders for failing to do enough to limit climate change.

“My message is that we’ll be watching you,” she said. “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.”

While 67 countries this week indicated their intention to enhance their commitments to climate action under the Paris climate accord by the end of 2020, the summit failed to deliver big commitments to limit greenhouse gas emissions from the world’s largest emitters: China, the United States, and India.

Read more:

Greta Thunberg is targeting the airlines with this strike. Youth activists didn’t get all of the results they wanted from the UN Climate Summit, but the event showed they changed the conversation around climate change on the international stage. Such an event would not have happened without pressure from young people global leaders recognized.

France's President Macron noted, “Each week for months and months now we’ve had young people speak,” “I think they’ve identified an absolute urgency that we have to respond to here.”

Youth and other campaigners are planning to keep up the activity and continue weekly strikes. Dozens of events are planned around the world. In Italy, the education minister Lorenzo Fioramonti wrote on Facebook that he invites students and families to participate in the strike there. In Washington, DC, activists may try to impact traffic in the morning by blocking key intersections, as they did on Monday.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on September 29, 2019, 10:05:37 pm
Our newest clients: ( 16 young climate activists (

This week, 16 young people from around the world came together to demand a livable future. Represented by Earthjustice, they brought a legal complaint to the United Nations urging world leaders to develop aggressive, comprehensive solutions to the climate crisis. Learn more about their fight.



Title: Forced Labor 😡
Post by: AGelbert on September 29, 2019, 10:38:55 pm
Reports of forced labor emerge as Uzbekistan's cotton harvest begins  (

September 23, 2019: Uzbekistan’s annual harvest is getting underway, but yet again reports of forced labor are emerging.

The World Bank is an institution that provides loans for developing countries. Right now it is providing almost $500 million to Uzbek agriculture projects. Yet Uzbekistan’s cotton industry has historically relied upon state-sanctioned forced labor. >:(

Whilst we have seen progress in Uzbekistan following the Uzbek Prime Minister’s announcement in September 2017 that the mobilization of students, teachers and healthcare workers would be halted “forever”, an estimated 336,000 people were forced to pick cotton during that harvest according to the UN’s International Labour Organization. So why has the 🎩 World Bank not taken action?

The 2018 harvest is now finished and as we wait for the overall picture to emerge, cases of exploitation have come to our attention. Civil society monitors have reported teachers and healthcare professionals coerced into collecting cotton during the harvest. In December 2018, the tragic death of 24-year-old Sohibjon Mutalibov brought to light that his employer, Uzbek-Spanish company Ammofos-Maxam, forcibly sent their workers to the fields in last year’s harvest.

Yet despite two years of documented proof showing forced labor continues on World Bank project sites, particularly in the poor and vulnerable region of Karakalpakstan, the World Bank has not suspended its loans.

Send a message to the World Bank President Jim Yong Kim now ( that the Bank must cease these loans to support state-administered forced labor in Uzbekistan! (

Watch the video to learn more about Sohibjon’s death:
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on October 08, 2019, 04:42:24 pm
Title: Extinction Rebellion begins blockades in Berlin, occupies central traffic junctions
Post by: AGelbert on October 08, 2019, 08:03:54 pm

Oct 7, 2019, 9:20 AM

Extinction Rebellion begins blockades in Berlin, occupies central traffic junctions (
#Climate & CO2    #Society   

Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion have begun two weeks of blockades and acts of civil disobedience by occupying two main traffic intersections in Berlin, demanding that Germany's government "tells the truth" about the threat posed by climate change. Berlin authorities have said they will tolerate protests as long these stay peaceful while a federal government representative said "dangerous" interventions in traffic are not acceptable.
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on October 08, 2019, 08:38:54 pm
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Mon, Oct 7, 8:29 AM (

Worldwide Extinction Rebellion protests kick off, it's cool to give $ to climate now, & more (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on October 08, 2019, 09:13:22 pm
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Mon, Oct 8, 8:21 AM ( (

Protesters splash Wall Street bull with blood, feds looking into bankrupt coal company for fraud, & more (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on October 09, 2019, 05:48:19 pm



By Jordan DavidsonOct. 08, 2019 11:02AM EST (

Extinction Rebellion Stages 'Die-In' at Iconic ( Wall Street Bull Statue (
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on October 12, 2019, 10:59:11 pm
Agelbert CELEBRATION: The Christian dam resisting Trump impeachment just BROKE! ( ( (




By Neil Steinberg  Oct 10, 2019, 12:56pm CDT

“If you are followers of Jesus, you can’t ignore what Jesus said,” said Rev. Jim Wallis, who was educated in Deerfield and returns to the area for appearances this weekend.

( v. Jesus: Christians can’t follow both ( (

Title: Reverend Jim Wallis on Faith and Political Polarization
Post by: AGelbert on October 12, 2019, 11:31:06 pm
SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

Reverend Jim Wallis on Faith and Political Polarization

Progressive evangelical leader Jim Wallis talked about his book, Christ in Crisis: Why We Need to Reclaim Jesus, in which he argues that the United States is experiencing a political and religious crisis.


Reverend Jim Wallis C-Span video interview: (

Title: Hagibis Strikes - XR Updates 👍 - Trump Protests 👍👍 - McCorkle Comments
Post by: AGelbert on October 15, 2019, 12:17:10 pm
BLACK BEAR NEWS 10.13.19 Hagibis ( Strikes - XR  ( Updates - Trump Protests ( - McCorkle Comments
984 views•Oct 13, 2019

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#FridayGasStrike #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateStrike
#GretaThunberg #ClimateChange

Typhoon Hagibis: Japan deploys 110,000 rescuers after worst storm in decades

Global Rebellion - Brussels (pepper spray)

Global Rebellion - Brussels

Thousands Protest ( Trump Rally in Minneapolis Minnesota

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Title: ✨ Elijah Cummings, a great man, has died. 😟
Post by: AGelbert on October 17, 2019, 03:59:58 pm
A great man has died. (


October 17, 2019/27 Comments/in Congress /by Rayne

Elijah Cummings, representative for Maryland’s 7th District, died last night. He had served his constituents since 1996.

His passing is a huge loss for his district, his state, and our country.

Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, spoke with NPR this morning about Cummings’ passing.


Cummings’ remarks this summer were prescient:

I’m begging the American people to pay attention to what is going on. Because if you want to have a democracy intact for your children, and your children’s children, and generations yet unborn we’ve got to guard this moment…this is our watch.

— Elijah E. Cummings (@RepCummings) July 24, 2019

Read more:

Title: The Real News’ Marc Steiner Remembers Rep. Elijah Cummings ✨
Post by: AGelbert on October 18, 2019, 05:23:17 pm
The Real News’ Marc Steiner Remembers Rep. Elijah Cummings ✨
October 17, 2019

Cummings was a civil rights leader, a political powerhouse, and, most recently, an ( outspoken opponent of President Donald Trump.

Story Transcript

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: I’m Lisa Snowden McCray. Welcome to The Real News.

United States Representative Elijah Cummings died early Thursday morning at a Maryland hospice due to health complications. Cummings was a political powerhouse in Maryland and especially in Baltimore, the city he represented since 1996. As the Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, he was an outspoken foe of President Donald Trump. His wife Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, who serves as Chair of the Maryland Democratic party, said Cummings worked until his last breath. He was 68 years old.

Now Marc, you have a long history here in Baltimore. And we were talking a little bit before we started the cameras that you and Elijah Cummings actually kind of knew each other before you knew that you knew each other.

MARC STEINER: We think so anyway.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: Can you talk a little bit about that?

MARC STEINER: Yeah. So it was 1962. Elijah is five years younger than me. And he was one of these young kids who were trying to integrate Riverside Pool, which is in South Baltimore, which is a really overtly racist white neighborhood. And so they chased them away; went after him. And I was part of the civic interest group which was the local arm of SNCC here in Baltimore. I was 16 then. And we went down to demonstrate and protect the kids and walked him to the pool. And so our joke between us sometimes is, “We must’ve met back then and didn’t even know it,” because he was just a little kid. He’s five years younger. I’m 16, that means he was 11 or something. So we always thought that’s where we met. We really met years later. We became to be really friendly back in the early ’80s.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: Okay. And what was that like?

MARC STEINER: Well, he was in the House of Delegates. I was running Billy Murphy’s campaign for Mayor back in 1983. And that’s my first real remembrance of intense conversations with Elijah at that point when we were running–actually the second time–a major black candidate for Mayor of Baltimore.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: That story about him kind of integrating that pool in Baltimore shows how deeply entrenched Cummings was in the city.

MARC STEINER: He’s 11, right.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: So what does his loss mean? We’ll kind of start small and go big. What does it lost mean here in Baltimore? What kind of space does he leave to be filled here?

MARC STEINER: Well, Elijah was… Whether you agreed with everything he did or not, Elijah was a deeply spiritual force, and he was a good human being in his heart and soul. So it wasn’t just me. If I texted him, he would text back. But I hear from lots of people who didn’t know him as well as I did, and he would do the same thing. He was just always in touch with the community; never left living in the community, he always stayed in the community. He was just dedicated to that. And so that’s a real rarity. And he filled some shoes. I mean, this is a seat that was created in some sense and won by Parren Mitchell and then Kweisi Mfume, and then Elijah Cummings, so you know that’s a legacy of that seat.

And to me, he reaches back even to Parren who had a real radical vision for the future, and Elijah did too. I mean, he was caught in the establishment a lot and stuff. He’s a Democratic leader. But he had a real passion for the people and for the human rights and civil rights and ending poverty and fighting racism, and it was in his heart and soul. And he also knew how to do–despite that stuff in taking on Donald Trump and stuff–he knew how to cross the aisle when he needed to get something done. He was a very honest and special human being, no matter… Yeah, he just was.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: Let’s talk a little bit about what he did on national stage, but I think he was influential here in Baltimore and then kind of the voice that he was, the role that he played on a national stage I think people were really looking to him. People especially Real New viewers, people here in Baltimore, were looking at him as kind of a solution to the mess that we’re kind of in with Donald Trump. So can you talk a little bit about the role that he occupied on a national stage and kind of some of the work that he did maybe even before Trump came into office?

MARC STEINER: Oh, yeah. He built himself into a Democratic powerhouse. Everybody knows the name John Lewis because John Lewis is John Lewis from SNCC. And so he had a reputation from Alabama and Selma and the rest. Elijah was only second to that in terms of notoriety inside the House; people respected him. He fought hard for bills, for economic justice. He fought hard around every racial issue in and then giving power to black men and women in Congress and lifting people up with him, and so then he became Chairman of the Oversight Committee. And in that role, he really proved himself. He took no prisoners.

When you saw him ask questions, when you saw him interrogate people–especially from the right–he just went after them and would not let go. And he tried to get to the truth. And in this process of impeachment, he became one of the political and moral leaders in the battle for impeachment eventually. I mean, he did wait for some of the Democratic leadership to come around and then he did it. But he became one of the ones who really pushed the issues with Trump. And so he always played that force as a kind of a progressive voice. Some people may argue, “Was he really a progressive voice?” I think he was.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: I remember… I want to say it was AOC who said that he was very welcoming. Well, he first wanted to make sure that she kind of knew her stuff and then was very welcoming with her to Washington. She’s been her own very polarizing figure. So what’s next? Does anyone know kind of what the steps are to begin thinking about who can fill his gigantic shoes?

MARC STEINER: Yes. So A) let me just say that what you mentioned with AOC and Elijah that is Elijah Cummings would embrace the young people, especially young people of color and black women who came to Congress. And he would just really push them and welcome them into this space. I’m not surprised. I didn’t know that story; I should know it. I don’t know it, but I’m not surprised at the story about Elijah and AOC, I’m just not surprised at all. That is him. So what happens now? From what I understand they’re going to have a special election. The governor has to call it–I think I’m right about this–the governor has to call it. He hasn’t set a date. And then, you know the city, it’s going to be a free for all; it’s going to be a scramble. I wouldn’t be surprised if his widow, Maya Cummings, runs for that seat.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: Oh, really an accomplished politician in her own right.

MARC STEINER: She’s Chairman of the State Democratic Party. But then you’ve got all these other people. You’ve got the most views who probably want to run. You’ve got the state senators, all of whom may run for his seat. Like Jill Carter I’m sure is considering running for the seat, I would imagine. And Mary Washington’s probably considered running for his seat. There’re numbers of people who were thinking about this. This doesn’t open up much…. Congressional seats do not open up. And the history of this state and the country is that when you’re in Congress, you get voted in election after election after election. And so when it opens up, it becomes a free for all. This is everybody’s chance to go to Congress.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: So I feel like our job as journalists and the jobs of people here in Baltimore are going to be: how do we make the right decision? How do we kind of keep on the right track? I think.

MARC STEINER: We have a lot. We have to ask really tough questions for everybody who’s running and really push it and let the people know where these people stand, how these people stand, how effective they can be in the halls of Congress, and how they would fight for us or not fight for us. I live in his district. I know where you live; you live in this district too.


MARC STEINER: But his district, you see, is interesting. Because the bottom line is, I consider Baltimore, Maryland one of the gerrymandering capitals of the country.


MARC STEINER: And his district is ridiculous. I mean, it’s this huge piece of Howard County and Baltimore City where a lot of black folks live, and it snakes up in this little thin line and goes to Baltimore County in this really white conservative district. And so the danger here would be if somebody conservative and white is going to try to run up the middle and win the election. That’s not impossible. And so people have to be very vigilant about what happens; to look for an even more progressive voice to take Elijah Cummings place in Congress. And so it’s going to be a free for all battle. It’s going to be a short, quick fight and that person getting elected will be probably hard to unseat.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: All right. Thank you so much for talking.

MARC STEINER: Oh, it’s my pleasure. I just want to say one last quick thing.


MARC STEINER: And that’s just my heart goes out to his wife and his kids and the people who loved him and were around him. None of us knew he was this sick. Nobody knew he was this sick. I mean, I thought… We thought he was getting better and he was going for treatments. We thought he was out because he wasn’t feeling well. And this was such a total shock to all of us who knew and loved him. And that goes beyond whatever my agreements or disagreements we might’ve had in life or in politics. He was just a generally decent, powerful, lovely human being. And he’s gone and it’s a shock and a shame, and so my heart is with the family.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: Thank you very much for joining me today, Marc.

MARC STEINER: It’s my pleasure.

LISA SNOWDEN-MCCRAY: I am Lisa Snowden McCray, and you’ve been watching The Real News Network.
Title: Elijah Cummings 🦅 Remembered: Great American Statesmen ✨
Post by: AGelbert on October 18, 2019, 06:51:11 pm
Elijah Cummings 🦅 Remembered: Great American Statesmen ✨
1,369 views•Oct 17, 2019

Thom Hartmann Program
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Joe Madison joins Thom Hartmann to celebrate and remember the late Rep. Elijah Cummings who passed away October 17th.

Tell us one about your memories with Elijah Cummings in the comments below.

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Title: “The Internet of creation disappeared. Now we have the Internet of surveillance and control”
Post by: Surly1 on October 24, 2019, 06:42:42 am
Renata Ávila: “The Internet of creation disappeared. Now we have the Internet of surveillance and control” (
An interview with this specialist in human rights, technology and freedom of expression to discuss how today’s societies are advancing to the drumbeat of “digital colonialism”.

Karma Peiró
01 OCTOBER 2019

Three decades ago, the Internet promised to be a democratising place to be turned to in the flight from the inequalities of the analogue world. It was presented to us a field in which to find freedoms, boundless creation, communication that transcended frontiers and free education for all. “We were promised an open Internet – and it was a trap”, says Renata Ávila, annoyed. “We believed that we were building something collective, but we ended up being the unsalaried slaves of the new digital world”. We take advantage of the awarding of the CCCB III Cultural Innovation International Prize, to talk with one of the most influential and lucid voices in the world of technology and human rights.

A booby-trapped connection for the poor

The Internet Report Health 2019 offers us a reminder that half of the world is already connected to the Internet. Which means over 4 billion people. But we could also turn that on its head and think that – three decades following the creation of the Internet – only half of the world is connected. What happens to all the people who are unconnected? How do they relate with each other, communicate, work or entertain themselves? “The people deciding for what purpose those without access to the Internet are going to connect to it are the technology companies that dominate the future of industry. And these companies only represent the hyperconnected 1%”, explains Renata Ávila.

Each of the answers in her discourse – laboriously and firmly constructed – unravels a complex web of connections that explain why, today, we live with the same or more inequalities than in the past, even though we were promised that the Internet was going to change everything. Apparently happy but more controlled than ever before. We know this and yet we ignore it, because we don’t want to lose our portion of fame, of ego, of being famous, of being communicated or saving time, even if we then squander it on worthless rubbish.

This lawyer and activist talks with a global perspective about the movements that the power of “digital colonialism” is weaving. Her arguments are essential for preventing ourselves from being crushed by the technological world, from being carried away by the current of ephemeral divertemento. For being fully aware that, as individuals, our battle is not lost, but that we can control the use of our data, refuse to give away our facial recognition or demand that the privacy laws that protect us are obeyed.

Before the imminent transition to 5G ­– all of us connected to all the objects that surround us – Renata Ávila strips us of our veil of naivety and insists that the Internet is now never going to be the Internet that we dreamed of. Now we are inside the Internet of surveillance, of control and of measurement. “It may be that factory workers in Bangladesh do not have access to the Internet, but they are connected to objects that are watching them all the time. They monitor their work, check they are not distracted, that they aren’t chatting with their workmates. And what those cameras see is going to determine their wage packets. The connectivity that is offered today to poor people is the connectivity of control and of chains”.

“If I were president…”

The priority themes that the Internet Health Report has highlighted for this year are five: privacy and security, decentralisation, digital inclusion, openness and digital literacy. But if we are going to prioritise, which of them is most urgent? “None of them can be dismissed”, answers this activist with cross-cutting ideas. And to explain it she proclaims herself imaginary president of three countries. “If I were president of country A – which concentrates all the most powerful technology companies on the planet – my decision would be to back decentralisation. Because if I do not fragment these companies that have so much control and power, by using good laws of competition, I am feeding a monster that is literally going to swallow me up and I am not going to be able to govern”. This example takes us to the USA.

And she continues. “If I were president of country B – which produces a certain technology and I have my population connected, but my citizens consume everything from country A, while the latter steals their data, gives them an insecure infrastructure and violates their fundamental rights as citizens – my concern would be security and privacy”. And, again, we can see an analogy with this hyperconnected Europe and Silicon Valley.

“However, if I were the president of country C – where I have almost nobody connected, I do not produce industry, I am consuming the cheapest and least prepared services of the type A country – what do I do? Do I connect them to a free centralised system in exchange for giving away all the data of my citizens? They have not even developed digital literacy skills. Where do I begin? Do I take them to a new phase of dependency, of colonisation?” The answers are not easy, Renata Ávila points out. “We should pressure type B countries to offer alternatives to the poorest countries and revert the current situation. We can only thus achieve a balanced system”, she answers as a possible recipe.

The surveillance empires

International lawyer Renata Ávila defends at all costs technology as a tool for empowering citizens and achieving true transparency of governments and multinationals. This is precisely the objective of the Fundación Ciudadanía Inteligente, (Smart Citizens Foundation), of which she has been executive director since 2018.

The combination of power – explains Ávila – with a highly sophisticated degree of technological development and a strong market push are making it easier for the USA and China to enter poor countries, to exploit them and to control them, these days technologically. Faced with the question of whether there is any escape from the desolate and manipulated landscape that she is sketching, the lawyer shrugs and answers: “The only hope to redefine this technological imperialism is for Europe to take on the leadership role that is its duty. For it to offer alternatives that respect human rights and alternative business models that are not based on data extractivism. This will not be competitive in the market but it could come from governments, putting social interests at the centre”.

Digital colonialism

A few companies concentrate a lot of power, and the worst thing, Ávila affirms – is that they control the thinking of entire collectives. Welcome to “digital colonialism”. Trump, Brexit, Bolsonaro and Johnson are all examples of this domination. But so too are the American GAFAM (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft) and the Chinese BATX (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi) empires.

“At the start of the 21st century, one of the questions that excited me most about access to the Internet was the possibility of producing infinite copies of books and sharing knowledge. That idea of an Internet that was going to be a tool for integration and access to knowledge has shattered into smithereens. It was a booby trap. We are working as the unpaid slaves of the new digital world. I feel that it’s like when the Spanish colonisers reached Latin America. We believed the story of ‘a new world’. And we were in a box, controlled by the most powerful country in the world. We should have regulated a long time before. And we should have said: ‘I will share my photo, but how are you benefitting and how am I?’ Because what we are doing today is work for free; with our time, creativity and energy we are paying these empires. We are giving them everything”.

And she rounds off her speech by ensuring that not only are our lands at their mercy, like in the past, but the most private, most vulnerable part of each of us. “We are totally predictable and controllable. And that means easily manipulated. This really worries me”.

A control that is exercised, undoubtedly, through the algorithms implemented in our mobile apps, in public services, in the companies that sell us products. Algorithms that take decisions automatically, that influence our most everyday actions, but that we are unaware of because of the opacity operating around us. Because we don’t make the effort to learn. Because we don’t want to know.

“I am on the advisory council of an initiative of the InterAmerican Development Bank to conduct pilots of ten artificial intelligence applications in the public sector. Our first fight is that all of them must be transparent and auditable”, she explains to me with hope. “Let’s start there, because we can’t attack the private sector”.

Precarity sold as an opportunity

We move into the field of ethics and ask Renata Ávila about three concepts that have modified their meaning in the last decade, precisely due to the acceleration with which we have adopted technology. They are trust, privacy and transparency and how these influence the new generations. We cannot divorce these three questions from the concepts of austerity, precarity and the institutional corruption crisis”, she argues. “Letting strangers into your home to spend the night, is that an excess of trust or the need to seek resources?”.

For this activist, the intense precarisation of employment, the lack of opportunities for young people, the betrayal by governments that opte to bail out the failed banks following the economic crisis rather than concerning themselves with the future of their citizens, has led people to find other resources. “How many Über drivers have I found that had two university degrees? The failure is very much a systemic one”.

“We are immersed in two extremely important crises, of which we do not want to take the slightest bit of notice, but one day they are going to explode and we are going to realise”, comments Renata Ávila. It cannot be overlooked that so much technology must inevitably take its toll on the environment. An environmental crisis, but also a technological one. We cannot decelerate the current pace, and much less return to a past where connections were only face to face. So, what is to be done? She has a formula, which is perhaps not “magic” but could give a result: changing the logics with which we function. And it consists precisely of trusting in technological innovation in order to harm the planet less. “Leave behind the years of programmed obsolescence, the data extractivism model, store less on giant servers that need monumental refrigeration systems, etc”.

An optimistic message for the present

After all that has been discussed, some might think that this Guatemalan activist is so realistic that she leaves no room for optimism. But Renata Ávila does not like being negative and she is convinced that the human race is capable of finding resources to emerge from any “mess”, even at the most critical moments. “We have a perfect cocktail” – she says with a half-smile of worry. “A democratic crisis caused by some terrible leaders in power, with a climate-change and technological crisis. This can only lead to a collective reflection and make us reconsider on what planet we want to live in the future”.

Title: We wanted to change the world in a peaceful way and we ended up being severely punished. We were fur
Post by: AGelbert on October 28, 2019, 01:30:45 pm

October 28th, 2019 by The Beam

Grandparents From All Over The World Are Joining The Climate Strikes (

Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on November 27, 2019, 01:27:35 pm
A picture of Rupert Read ( from October's International Rebellion in London.

November 27, 2019 


While I have been enjoying my academic work and writing recently, I am currently on strike with University and College Union over pensions, pay and working conditions. We should all be concerned about the increasing corporatisation of the higher education sector and the reliance on the badly paid labour of new precarious academics. Around 50% of University staff are not on permanent contracts any more, and this number is only increasing. I worry about the future for my excellent PhD students in this increasingly unfair and ferocious job market.

Full Newsletter: (

Dispaches from October's International Rebellion (



Title: Latinx and low-income community bears the brunt of pollution and climate impacts AND lacks resources
Post by: AGelbert on November 28, 2019, 03:36:09 pm
Victor Rivera


By: Chispa Organizer Victor Rivera 👍

"Federal funding for critical environmental and public health programs is determined based on the number of people that live in a particular area. Communities like mine that are on the frontlines of pollution and climate change need everyone to be counted in the census so we can have the resources we need to protect our health and environment."

Full article ( (
Title: More than 800,000 people march against Macron as strikes grip France
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BLACK BEAR NEWS: More than 800,000 people ( march against Macron as strikes grip France
11 views•Dec 8, 2019

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More than 800,000 people march against Macron as strikes grip France

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Title: I Was the Child Laborer Who Made the Clothes on Your Back
Post by: AGelbert on December 17, 2019, 10:46:32 pm
I Was the Child Laborer Who Made the Clothes on Your Back (w/ Nasreen Sheikh)
611 views•Dec 17, 2019

Thom Hartmann Program
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Overseas child labor produces almost $3 trillion of products for the US. Nasreen Sheikh was nine years old when she ran away from her home in Nepal, to avid an early arranged marriage.

Her experience in Katmandu earning $2 for a 12 hour day, p=made her want to out things right.

Nasreen shared her moving, powerful and compelling story with Thom. Please share this video widely.

Nasreen is from the Empowerment Collective and Local Women’s Handicrafts.

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Title: Year in Climate Crisis: Fossil Fuels Expansion, Scary Science and Global Activism
Post by: AGelbert on December 26, 2019, 05:32:11 pm
Year in Climate Crisis: Fossil Fuels Expansion 🤬, Scary Science and Global Activism

December 26, 2019

The Real News Network's Steve Horn and Dimitri Lascaris talk about the 2019's biggest climate stories.

Story Transcript (

Lisa Snowden-McCray: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Lisa Snowden-McCray. The Real News is spending some time looking back over some of the most important issues we covered this year including Latin America, Israel and Palestine, US politics, the criminal justice system, and the climate crisis.
2019 was a busy and scary year for climate news. Places all over the planet reached temperatures higher than ever recorded, warnings from scientists and activists reached a fevered pitch; teen activist Greta Thunberg sounded an alarm for people gathered at the International Climate Talks held in Madrid earlier this month, saying, quote, “We no longer have time to leave out the science.”

Here at The Real News Network, we were on top of it all. We tackled the Green New Deal, environmental justice issues associated with oil drilling, and the power Big Oil maintains in Canada. Today, I’m joined by Real News climate reporter and producer, Steve Horn, who’s been at the climate beat since 2010. Also joining us is Real News contributor Dimitri Lascaris, who is also a member of our board of directors. Dimitri focuses his coverage on climate politics and foreign policy. Thank you both for joining us.

Dimitri Lascaris: Thank you, Lisa.

Steve Horn: Good to be here.

Lisa Snowden-McCray: Now, at the beginning of this year, actually at the beginning of your time here with us, Steve, we were wanting to do some reporting on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, which is definitely a climate issue. Dimitri, you were actually on the ground there in Puerto Rico. Can you talk a little bit about what you saw?

Dimitri Lascaris: Yeah. So, I was there in March of this year, so many months had gone by since Hurricane Maria had ravaged the island. And I could see signs of the devastation in quite a few places. There were a number of buildings that were destroyed, had not been demolished, or were in a state of disrepair. I drove from the north of the island to the south of the island, and as I crossed through forested areas, I saw large swaths of trees that had been stripped bare.

I visited a baseball stadium in San Juan where the municipality was giving out free supplies, in particular free fresh water because a lot of people still couldn’t access fresh water. So, the island had been recovering very slowly, and it was clear that it was nowhere near a complete recovery at that time, and it was in that context when, thanks to some excellent investigative work by Steve, we discovered that [inaudible 00:02:34], rather than moving away from a fossil fuels-dependent energy system, was actually upping the ante with liquified natural gas. And that’s something that I think Steve can talk about in some light.

Lisa Snowden-McCray: Yeah, Steve, can you talk a little bit about that?

Steve Horn: Yeah. So, what I realized is that… I was following this issue in the Southeast United States where this capital investor kind of oligarch-type figure, Wes Edens, was building out LNG-by-rail down there. And of course, Florida being the closest state to Puerto Rico, and he was gearing that up to LNG-by-rail to export, I was wondering, where is that natural gas going?

So, I started doing research, and when I found out that Dimitri was going to Puerto Rico, and I found out, “Okay, one of the places that’s targeted is Puerto Rico.” And so, basically what I did from there is examined the exacts of how much is planned to go to Puerto Rico, and the… especially looking at what was happening on the United States side, with the broader LNG-by-rail; they needed to get a permit from the Trump administration, meaning Edens’ company, and there’s been several instances this year, I think there’s been… Edens has been sort of the connective tissue in a lot of natural gas-related issues. Like I said, LNG By Rail and others happening in the eastern United States.

And then the last thing I’ll say about that is, even going into the power politics of the Democratic Party in Milwaukee, Wes Edens… There are conventions in Milwaukee this year. Eden is on a host committee of the convention, same guy who owns the natural gas that’s going to… and also opening power plants in Puerto Rico and in that area of the world. And one of the questions that was being raised is, “Why is the Democratic Party not discussing climate change at its debates?” And so, one of the answers may be, oh, well, Wes Edens is a huge player in the convention that ends all of these debates, where the Democrats will announce their final nominee. So, yeah, there’s been many instances where he has popped up this year.

Lisa Snowden-McCray: Yeah. I can see, as we move in, as the Democrats kind of narrow in on who their presidential candidate’s going to be, climate change could or possibly could not be one of the issues that we continue to discuss. Steve, I want to kind of keep going with you for a little bit. I know that you’re based out of California, which is always just a font of climate news for a variety of reasons, and you did a lot of reporting on cap and trade this year. Can you talk a little bit about that, and how that effects climate?

Steve Horn: Yeah. So, cap and trade is California’s climate policy; it’s what oversees not only everything that happens at the state level, but also at the local level when cities create climate action plans. So, it’s really important to understand the basic question: is cap and trade actually working in a way that its proponents say it’s working? It’s been the policy of the state basically this entire decade, first signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, and now being carried out by our new governor, Gavin Newsome. And so, yeah, a lot of our coverage has been… kind of since I started right when Newsome started, it’s, what is Newsome doing in the aftermath of Brown?

Brown was seen as almost like a global figure in climate change and his leadership in the way that promoters say it. So, that’s PR on their end; what we’re trying to do is answer the question, is California actually a quote-unquote “climate leader” the way that it’s been hailed?

And basically, our reporting on the cap and trade system, and on another related issue called the tropical forest standard, has said, “Take a step back,” and actually seeing, well, not quite as much, you know? The emissions numbers aren’t as good as the proponents said they were going to be; there are serious questions on if those numbers can be met by 2030. And as that happens, oil and gas continue… sorry, oil in particular continues to be drilled in this state. There’s not a really whole lot of huge changes happening that would point to the fact that, “Oh, well, the emissions are going down.”

So, basically, it’s a question of, is cap and trade more of a scheme that’s being used to toy with the numbers? And, yeah, the emissions numbers tell a different story than what the proponents are saying that’s happening.

Lisa Snowden-McCray: I got to say, I’m not feeling too good with the things that you guys have told me so much about climate. It’s like, Puerto Rico’s still bad. This legislation’s not working.

What do you see… I guess, based on your reporting, especially like these two pieces of legislation that you just talked about, is legislation the way forward? Is that going to be the thing that saves us?

Dimitri Lascaris: I think that the threshold question is, how are going to get that legislation? Because you indicated at the outset, you said that there has been, I think, a real shift in the public’s consciousness about this crisis in the West, and this is certainly the case in Canada. And this is a very positive development. You know, we’re seeing in Canada significant resistance on the ground to the government’s complacency about the climate emergency; Extinction Rebellion, which I believe was founded in Europe, has now migrated to Canada, it’s begun to stage acts of civil disobedience on the ground. A few months ago in Montreal, an estimated 500,000 people marched for the climate and listened to a powerful speech from Greta Thunberg. I was there, and it was extraordinary to see that many Canadians in the street. It was the largest protest in the history of the province of Quebec, which has seen a lot of big protests over the years.

Public concern over the climate crisis seems to have had an impact at the ballot box, as well, in Canada. In the federal election in October, Justin Trudeau was returned to power, but with a minority of seats rather than majority. And I think it’s fair to say he paid a price for the fact that he broke his promise to end fossil fuel subsidies. He bought this Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline from US energy giant, Kinder Morgan, for 4.5 billion dollars. His promise to spend billions more to expand it…

Canada’s existing plans will leave us about 80 million tons of CO2 shy of the existing 2030 goal of 513 megatons of CO2 in equivalence, and that goal is the weak goal of the prior conservative governor, Steven Harper, which Justin Trudeau criticized when he was in opposition. And so, I think Canadian voters are grasping more than ever that when it comes to the climate emergency, there’s a huge disparity between the reality and the Trudeau government’s rhetoric. And this is happening in other countries, and the reaction has been one that gives me a great deal of hope. It’s been resistance and real demands for radical change.

Lisa Snowden-McCray: Okay. I feel a little bit better. Does Trudeau have any things kind of planned to gain back some of that ground that he lost with a lot of voters?

Dimitri Lascaris: Well, he’s certainly talking the talk, but… He just had a meeting with the Premier of Alberta, which is where the fossil fuels industry in Canada is centered, and he emerged from that meeting, he issued a communique in which he said that the government remains as determined as ever to build the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

So, you know, I think, really, what would have sent an even more powerful message is if he had been removed from office entirely. He doesn’t seem to have grasped yet that he’s going to be expected by this electorate to begin to deliver on his promise to deal with the climate crisis. And I do think that that expectation is now real, and any politician who continues to ignore that expectation is going to pay a serious price at the ballot box.

Lisa Snowden-McCray: Now, I feel like one of the things that we function to do here at Real News is to kind of be the ones helping ring the alarms, to let people know how serious things are, and one of the ways that you do that is with some of your climate science reporting. Are there any things that we really need to make sure that we have at the top of our list? What are the things that are kind of the things that are most jarring, the things that are going to be the most important, Dimitri… I guess in the past and going forward, what do you think we need to really keep it in mind?

Dimitri Lascaris: Well, I think what we’ve seen over and over again, Lisa, is that the scientific community is underestimating the severity and rapidity of climate change, and we just did a story at the Real News about a new climate model being developed by the Canadian government. This climate model showed or is predicting that if in a high-emissions scenario, the world will see between seven and eight degrees Celsius of warming by 2100. So, that’s within the lifetime of children who are being born today.

Lisa Snowden-McCray: Yeah.

Dimitri Lascaris: At that level, if we achieve that level of warming by 2100, I can’t imagine how we’re going to be able to avoid a civilizational collapse. It would be absolutely unmanageable and devastating for the human population. Even under this new model, even in a strong emissions reduction scenario, the model’s predicting 2.4 degrees Celsius of warming, and that’s significantly above the upper threshold stipulated by the Paris Climate Accord, which said, you know, we should be aiming to keep it under 1.5 and as much as possible, below two.

So, we understand, based upon our investigation into this new modeling, that this is not just confined to this model, but that other newer, more sophisticated climate models are also yielding results that are more alarming than the prior generation of models. So, this is something we have to watch very carefully, and as the science becomes more sophisticated, the results are becoming more concerning. So, the political will has to catch up to the science, and it’s not yet doing that.

Lisa Snowden-McCray: Okay. And while we’re kind of talking predictions, Steve, what do you have on your plate? What are some of the things that you think are super important as we move into 2020?

Steve Horn: Well, I think that the… I mean, since we’re talking about movements, in the United States, the movement around the Green New Deal started really at the beginning of this year as almost a new thing. And it morphed into, there is now something called the select committee on the climate crisis, which was a compromise between the Pelosi wing of the party and, we’ll just say, the AOC wing, which was calling for a select committee on the Green New Deal…

Lisa Snowden-McCray: The squad.

Steve Horn: Yeah, the squad! Exactly. So, in March, the select committee will be putting forward… by the end of March is the deadline to put forward its report on what it’s learned in the past year of hearings, and field reports, and stuff that they’ve been doing. It’ll be interesting to see what that select committee puts forward, and how that compares to the demand for the Green New Deal, which is happening now not only at the national level where it started, but has moved really to many states, to regions like in the South, which we’ve covered for The Real News.

There’s now a piece of legislation called The Green New Deal for Affordable Housing; that’s the first legislation, so it’ll be interesting to see how that’s discussed in the presidential cycle, and I will say, lastly, the Green New Deal has now gone global. The European Commission just announced its own Green New Deal, Jeremy Corbyn’s been talking about the Green New Deal. So, this concept that was once just something that Green Party candidate Jill Stein was talking about on the campaign trail when she was running in the 2012 cycle, now has become something that really has… and really, was a fringe-ish idea back then, has become a global phenomenon. And that’s really interesting to watch in the months ahead, for sure.

Lisa Snowden-McCray: All right! Well, thank you, Steve, thank you, Dimitri, for all your hard work, and thanks for coming on today.

Dimitri Lascaris: Thank you, Lisa.

Steve Horn: Thank you.

Lisa Snowden-McCray: I’m Lisa Snowden-McCray, and you’ve been watching The Real News Network.

Speaker 4: Thanks a lot for watching! Appreciate it. But do us one more [inaudible 00:14:39] favor. Hit the Subscribe button below. You know you want to. Stay up on your videos.
Title: Black Bear News Live Stream - Music Haunting Climate Change Song
Post by: AGelbert on December 27, 2019, 10:46:56 pm
Black Bear News Live Stream - Music

Black Bear News
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Category People & Blogs
Title: Bolivia’s Free Territory Of Chapare Has Ousted The Coup Regime And Is Bracing For A Bloody Re-Invas
Post by: AGelbert on December 27, 2019, 10:59:01 pm


Bolivia’s Free Territory Of Chapare Has Ousted The Coup Regime And Is Bracing For A Bloody Re-Invasion

December 27, 2019

By Ollie Vargas, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Known as Bolivia’s Chapare region, the Tropico of Cochabamba is a sanctuary for elected President Evo Morales' most dedicated base of support. Since the November 10 coup, it has effectively become a self-governing territory where the military junta is absent. The police and military were sent in full retreat from this area the coup began and were told they would only be welcomed back if the they “get on their knees and apologize” to the community. 

full article with more pictures (
Title: “Lucid, brilliant and uncompromising in his dissection of the capitalist system he also provides a s
Post by: AGelbert on January 03, 2020, 09:39:52 pm
Understanding Socialism ✨: Richard Wolff vs 👹 Capitalism
1,495 views•Jan 3, 2020

Thom Hartmann Program
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Is your workplace more similar to a kingdom or a democracy? Richard Wolff explores how socialism can Democratize the workplace.
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Reviews from Understanding Socialism, by Richard Wolff

A blend of history, analysis, and theory, "Understanding Socialism" is an honest and approachable text that knocks down false narratives, confronts failures and challenges of various socialist experiments throughout history, and offers a path to a new socialism based on workplace democracy.

"Richard Wolff's book is the best accessible and reliable treatment we have of what socialism is, was, and should be.” - Cornel West

“In the same accessible style that has made his programs and lectures such a hit, he explains his subject in a way that's not only smart but makes the rest of us feel smart. It's actionable intelligence for every person.” - Laura Flanders

“Lucid, brilliant and uncompromising in his dissection of the capitalist system he also provides a sane and just socialist alternative to capitalist exploitation, one we must all fight to achieve.” - Chris Hedges

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Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on January 04, 2020, 05:03:39 pm
By Ramzy Baroud,

January 3, 2020 | RESIST!  (

🕊 Archbishop Atallah Hanna ✨
Title: What If...? 🎯
Post by: AGelbert on January 08, 2020, 08:28:16 pm
What If...? | a spoof in which we make all the right 🎯 decisions | Extinction Rebellion ✨
7,763 views•Jan 3, 2020

Extinction Rebellion (
51.5K subscribers

The mini-sequel 'What If' was produced by the team behind the award winning film 'The Age of Stupid', to commemorate its 10th anniversary re-release. That ambitious documentary/drama/animation hybrid starred Pete Postlethwaite as an archivist in the devastated world of the future, asking the question: "Why didn't we stop climate change when we still had the chance?" He looks back on footage of real people around the world in the years leading up to 2015 before runaway climate change took place.

Our thanks to Franny Armstrong and the folks at Spanner Films for their rebroadcast permission. FYI... 'Age of Stupid' is now available to buy or rent from video on demand platforms. Get it now on:
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Meanwhile, for those of us who do not live in a parallel universe, the year is 2020 and we believe it is our duty to act. Together, let's unite and insist our governments take action for us, for our children and for all life! We are unprepared for the danger our future holds. We face floods, wildfires, extreme weather, crop failure, mass displacement and the breakdown of society. The time for denial is over. Our system is broken but we are Rising Up!  (

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Title: Auditors Battle Cops to Protect our First Amendment Rights
Post by: AGelbert on January 13, 2020, 03:38:32 pm

( Auditors Battle Cops to Protect our First Amendment Rights
18,547 views•Premiered Jan 9, 2020

The Real News Network
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Auditors across the country are turning the tables on police surveillance. The Police Accountability Report spoke to an auditor who was arrested to understand how filming cops ultimately preserves our civil rights.

Producer: Stephen Janis
                   Taya Graham
Director: Bababtunde Ogunfolaju

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Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
Post by: AGelbert on January 22, 2020, 03:06:54 pm
January 21, 2020


In Historic Shift, U.S.'s Second-Largest Physician Group Endorses Medicare for All (

The fight for Medicare for All received a two-handed boost from tens of thousands of doctors on Monday when the American College of Physicians (ACP) officially endorsed a single-payer system as among only one of two possible ways to improve the nation's health care woes. Representing 159,000 doctors of internal medicine nationwide, the ACP is the largest medical specialty society and second-largest physician group in the country.

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Title: Climate Activists Sound Alarm on Mediterranean Natural Gas Pipelines
Post by: AGelbert on January 22, 2020, 06:37:59 pm
Climate Activists Sound Alarm on Mediterranean Natural Gas Pipelines
3,988 views•Jan 21, 2020

The Real News Network
379K subscribers

Activists say the environmental risks of natural gas drilling are being ignored in the rush to challenge Russia's control of the European energy market.

Producer: Steve Horn
Copy Editor: Jocelyn Dombroski
Narration: Taya Graham

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Title: 'Time For Courage!' Roger Hallam urges business executives and leaders to have the courage to take a
Post by: AGelbert on January 25, 2020, 05:46:35 pm
🦅 Roger Hallam | World Web Forum 2020 | Extinction Rebellion
7,272 views•Jan 20, 2020

Extinction Rebellion
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'Time For Courage!' Roger Hallam urges business executives and leaders to have the courage to take action. He is empowering radical change by hosting his only workshop in Switzerland at WorldWebForum in Zurich on January 17, 2020. []

He calls for action beyond talk, and demonstrates his courage by going shirtless before an audience of 2000 business leaders.

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Title: 'I've been told telling people about the climate crisis is a very dangerous thing to do' Greta Thunb
Post by: AGelbert on January 25, 2020, 06:18:12 pm
Greta Thunberg | Averting a Climate Apocalypse | Davos 2020 | Extinction Rebellion
6,468 views•Jan 21, 2020

Extinction Rebellion
52K subscribers

Extinction Rebellion
52K subscribers

'I've been told telling people about the climate crisis is a very dangerous thing to do' Greta Thunberg speaks at Davos 2020.

Filmed in Davos, Switizerland - 21 January 2020.
Original here:

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Post by: AGelbert on January 27, 2020, 02:53:35 pm
117 views•Streamed live 37 minutes ago

Black Bear News
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( (
Title: Danny Glover and Eddie Conway on the 50th Anniversary of MLK Assassination
Post by: AGelbert on February 17, 2020, 10:42:55 pm
Danny Glover and Eddie Conway on the 50th Anniversary of MLK Assassination
1,140 views•Feb 17, 2020

The Real News Network
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TRNN Replay from 2018: Actor and activist Danny Glover and TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway talk about how Martin Luther King Jr. worked to build a movement of inclusiveness against militarism, exploitation and racism

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Title: Extinction Rebellion Activists – On the Way to Jail? (w/ Margaret Butler)
Post by: AGelbert on February 18, 2020, 05:53:50 pm
Extinction Rebellion Activists – On the Way to Jail? (w/ Margaret Butler ✨)
329 views•Feb 18, 2020

Thom Hartmann Program
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Extinction Rebellion started in the UK in 2018 and has spread around the globe but is now on trial and activists could be on the way to jail.

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Extinction Rebellion in Portland, OR, took action in the city. Discover what they did and why there is a court case due.

Margaret Butler from Extinction Rebellion activist in Portland OR, joined Thom.

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Title: Law Students Are Refusing Job Offers From 🎩 Elite Until It
Post by: AGelbert on February 22, 2020, 04:46:09 pm
Law Students Are Refusing Job Offers From 🎩 Elite Firm Until It Drops 🦖 ExxonMobil


Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP is one of the most prestigious law firms in the U.S. Its attorneys rake in millions representing some of the most powerful corporate actors in the world, including ExxonMobil. However, a growing number of law students have launched #DropExxon, a campaign that is calling on the law firm to drop clients who are climate crisis profiteers.
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Title: Teacher ✨ Resigns During Kansas School Board Meeting With Powerful Speech
Post by: AGelbert on February 22, 2020, 05:40:01 pm
Teacher Teacher 👍 Resigns During Kansas School Board Meeting With Powerful Speech
1,577 views•Feb 22, 2020

NowThis News
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'Teaching is like a bad marriage, you never get your needs met, but you stay in it for the kids.' — This teacher ( resigned on the spot during a school board meeting with this impassioned message.

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In US news and current events today, teacher Amanda Coffman resigned on the spot during a school board meeting and delivered a powerful message to her former students.

Coffman is a former teacher at Indian Woods Middle School in Kansas. She says she resigned because she felt ‘silenced’ when Shawnee Mission School District issued teachers new 3-year contracts.

Coffman says the contracts don’t address the concerns or needs that the teachers have fought for in the past.

Listen to Amannda Coffman's fiery resignation speech to the Kansas school board here. Here is how she plans to continue the fight for better education in America.

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Title: AOC ✨ Flips the Religious Freedom Argument on Its Head
Post by: AGelbert on February 29, 2020, 07:26:36 pm
AOC ✨ Flips the Religious Freedom Argument on Its Head | NowThis
24,456 views•Feb 29, 2020

NowThis News
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‘The only time religious freedom is invoked is in the name of bigotry and discrimination. I’m tired of it’ — AOC just flipped the entire ‘religious freedom’ argument on its head.
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In US news and current events today, watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez destroy the GOP’s ‘religious freedom’ argument.

In this viral clip, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez calls out the hypocrisy of religious conservatives using their faith to justify bigotry and discrimination in the United States.

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Title: 🦅 Jury Opposes Felony Charges for 🌞 Protesters Who Shut Houston 🦕🦖 Ship Channel
Post by: AGelbert on March 05, 2020, 05:39:19 pm

🦅 Jury Opposes Felony Charges for ( Protesters Who Shut Houston 🦕🦖 Ship Channel ( (


By Reuters on Mar 04, 2020 09:58 pm

By Liz Hampton March 4 (Reuters) – A Texas grand jury on Wednesday declined to issue felony indictments against a group of Greenpeace USA activists who closed a key oil export waterway for 18 hours last year by tying themselves to a Houston bridge and dangling over the water. Felony charges had been brought against […]  Read full story... ( (
Title: Will Fischer: This Vet Wants a GI Bill for Everyone
Post by: AGelbert on March 05, 2020, 08:29:23 pm
Will Fischer: This Vet Wants a GI Bill for Everyone
158 views•Mar 5, 2020

The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow
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Title: Jews for Bernie
Post by: AGelbert on March 05, 2020, 08:43:47 pm
Jews For  (
1,053 views•Mar 5, 2020

Bernie Sanders
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I would be very proud to be the first Jewish president. Together, we will counter the hatred and bigotry of the Trump administration.

We're going to win this election and transform the country, but we can't do it alone. The way we win is person-to-person contact, knocking on doors and making the case for people to get out to vote. Are you in?

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Post by: AGelbert on March 22, 2020, 09:21:20 pm
Agelbert NOTE: Bernie and the Squad expose the gross corporate welfare queen corruption GOING ON RIGHT NOW in the US Government COVID-19 Proposed 😈 Legislation and abuse of the most vulnerable among us. They provide detailed, specific actions that MUST be done NOW to keep the Coronavirus, exacerbating the threat of the health and livelihood of MOST PEOPLE in the USA, from dooming the US to a Depression WORSE than the Great Depression 😵. Already, the unemployment rate in the USA is projected to be over 30% THIS MONTH. During the worst part of the Great Depression, the unemploymnet rate was 24%. I am not confident that their advice, which is the only thing that will prevent CATASTROPHE, will be followed by Congress and ( Trump. The greedball 🐘 Republicans AND the 🐍 DINOS are too empathy deficit disordered to help the masses, even if not doing is inexcusably destructive to the public welfare. 😞

2,575 watching now•Streamed live 2 hours ago

Bernie Sanders
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AOC, OMAR, TLAIB AND BERNIE ON CORONAVIRUS: This is an unprecedented moment and we have got to think in an unprecedented way. Join our livestream on the coronavirus response with Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, featuring musical guests including Grandson.
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Title: Major victory ✨ for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Post by: AGelbert on March 26, 2020, 03:35:36 pm

March 26, 2020 (

Major victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (


This is why we never stop fighting.

In a major victory for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, a federal judge struck down permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline, the notorious oil pipeline that crosses the Tribe’s ancestral lands.

A federal court found the Trump administration violated the law when it issued permits for the project. Specifically, the Court found that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers failed to consider the health and environmental impacts to the Tribe in the event of an oil spill.

This decision validates everything the Tribe has been saying all along about the risk of oil spills to the people of Standing Rock. (

The Court has now ordered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to prepare a full environmental impact statement on the pipeline, something that the Tribe has sought from the beginning of this controversy.

This victory came about through years of perseverance from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, who persisted in challenging the pipeline through the ups and downs of major court victories and setbacks. Last week’s hearing took place despite unprecedented hurdles, as traveling to D.C. for the hearing became too dangerous amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A virtual hearing was held and I was able to deliver arguments over the telephone on behalf of the Tribe.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Mike Faith said,

“After years of commitment to defending our water and earth, we welcome this news of a significant legal win. It’s humbling to see how actions we took four years ago to defend our ancestral homeland continue to inspire national conversations about how our choices ultimately affect this planet.”

This fight is about justice and sovereignty, and we will continue to see it through until the Dakota Access Pipeline has finally been shut down.

Thank you for your continued support,
Jan Hasselman
Staff Attorney
Title: 👨‍⚕️ Dr. Abdul El-Sayed ✨: Healing Politics
Post by: AGelbert on April 06, 2020, 09:03:28 pm
👨‍⚕️ Dr. Abdul El-Sayed ✨: Healing Politics
392 views•Apr 6, 2020

The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow
31.6K subscribers

#HealingPolitics #TZHLockdown #COVID19

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Title: Noam Chomsky On COVID-19 And His New Book: Internationalism Or Extinction
Post by: AGelbert on April 13, 2020, 07:15:08 pm
Noam Chomsky On COVID-19 And His New Book: Internationalism Or Extinction
5,444 views•Apr 13, 2020

The Real News Network
394K subscribers

Noam Chomsky analyzes the coronavirus pandemic in the context of neoliberal capitalism's failures, climate change, potential nuclear disaster, and Donald Trump's authoritarianism.

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Title: Black Bear News ✨ Anti-Machine 🗽 Machine 🦅
Post by: AGelbert on April 30, 2020, 04:16:00 pm
Anti-Machine 🗽 Machine 🦅 (
228 views•Streamed live 79 minutes ago

Black Bear News
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#FridayGasStrike #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateStrike
#GretaThunberg #ClimateChange #CompassionateDegrowth
#BlackBearNews #PlantTrees #Cicada #Rewild

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Title: Corporate Rent Strike!
Post by: AGelbert on April 30, 2020, 05:41:23 pm
Corporate ( Rent Strike 🗽 ! ( (

38 views•Apr 30, 2020

The Leap
442 subscribers
Corporations aren't being shy about their housing needs. We shouldn't either.

Narrated by Hari Kondabolu. Produced by The Leap. Edited by Nick Hector.

Find out more at:
Category Film & Animation
Title: Workers Are Fighting Back
Post by: AGelbert on April 30, 2020, 05:46:32 pm
Workers Are Fighting Back (
April 30, 2020✨

Labor journalist Sarah Jaffe says despite unprecedented challenges, working people are finding new ways to organize for basic protections during the coronavirus pandemic.

Story Transcript
This is a rush transcript and may contain errors. It will be updated.

Worker: We’re going to stand together on May 1st. We’re going to come together and we’re going to protest. We don’t want to do this. We’re being forced to do this. We’re not protected, we’re not paid correctly, meaning there is no sick time leave or paid sick time or hazard pay.

Jaisal Noor: Welcome to the Real News. I’m Jaisal Noor. There’s no crisis the powerful won’t exploit and despite the enormous challenges, workers are continuing to organize and fight back. And have called for a general strike on May 1st. As the staggering death toll from the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow and working people are not only facing the health impacts but economic devastation as well. An unemployment rate unmatched since the Great Depression with at least one in seven workers now seeking jobless benefits. Half of those have been unable to secure assistance according to a survey by the Economic Policy Institute. Millions unable to pay rent or mortgages with no assistance in sight and governors seeking to reopen their economies against the advice of public health experts and threatening to punish workers who refuse to return to work.

Well now joining us to discuss this is a top labor reporter who was on the beat before it was cool. Sarah Jaffe is a reporting fellow at the Type Media Center and the author of Necessary Trouble, Americans and Revolt, and the forthcoming Work Won’t Love You Back. Thanks so much for joining us.

Sarah Jaffe: Thanks for having me.

Jaisal Noor: So workers are facing unprecedented challenges, there’s record unemployment numbers and many of those who have work, especially low income people of color, have to work in dangerous conditions. What are you hearing right now?

Sarah Jaffe: I’m hearing from workers who are scared, who are mad, who are laid off and struggling to figure out how they’re going to pay the bills and who are going to work in terrible conditions. And some of them are actually winning some concessions from the boss.

Jaisal Noor: Yeah. So can you talk about what that looks like?

Sarah Jaffe: It looks like a lot of different things right now. We’re in this moment where a lot of the traditional organizing tactics don’t work so much because people who actually respect the lockdown, which I’m sure we’ll get to that point later, are trying to stay apart from one another. So things like normal mass protests don’t look the same anymore. However, what we learned is that it’s really, really striking to see sort of perfectly socially distanced actions from workers ranging from nurses who are demanding more personal protective equipment, to the workers at GE plants who are demanding to make more personal protective equipment. And of course the strike still works.

Jaisal Noor: And those GE workers you talked about are really striking because they were demanding their workers create protective gear, sorry the factories create protective gear. Something Trump has the power to do. Something he’s used to help create his wall. And now he’s ordered the reopening of meat processing facilities, which have been hotbeds for the coronavirus pandemic, because, similar to other workplaces, it’s impossible to socially distance. But he hasn’t used that same power to, which some of the nurses have been demanding for for weeks and months now to use PPE. Can you talk more about that?

Sarah Jaffe: Yeah, exactly. So we’ve seen healthcare workers calling over and over again for the government to use the Defense Production Act, which allows them to basically requisition production to create protective equipment, to create ventilators, to create other sorts of healthcare things that would actually save lives during this crisis. And they’ve done that a little bit by now. Trump has used it in limited capacity and mostly, as an article I was reading this morning said, for places that were already doing it. So we’re seeing the call is coming from workers over and over again to use this.

And instead, after the CEO of Tyson foods took out, a full page ad in the New York times, suddenly Trump is mandating, under the Defense Production Act, that meat processing plants, where there have been documented outbreaks of the virus. I mean we should really stress that these are places that already are spreading the virus and they’re spreading it to the workers. But there’s a long history of us being quite aware that the conditions in meat packing plants, in particular going back to Upton Sinclair, that affects the cleanliness of the food we eat. I don’t know if you all want to be ordering some Tyson chicken with the side of coronavirus, but I sure don’t.

And so that’s what they’re doing and that case it’s essentially, you know, demanding, forcing, pressuring workers back to work. In situations like that strikes are forbidden, although once again, you can’t actually stop people from striking. You can fire them for it, but you can’t really forced them to go into work unless they’re in prison, which is a whole other situation we could talk about for probably years in this crisis. So to see where the government’s priorities are, it’s essentially keeping certain corporations profitable rather than making sure that we have the actual life-saving equipment that people, including if we wanted to keep those meat processing workers safe, those workers, the equipment that they would need.

Jaisal Noor: And just the level of profits that some of these big CEOs are seeing, it’s just truly astounding. I think Jeff Bezos, he’s already earned something like an extra $18 billion since this crisis started. And so the workers we’re talking about are the people that often work for these big CEOs. And it’s just striking to see how little has been done to hold these big corporations accountable. They’ve been given a blank check from the stimulus up to $6 trillion with few, if any, strings attached. Yet working people have gotten a pittance from this. Talk about, there’s mounting pressure now on Democrats to actually get some for working people, which are supposed to be their base. These are the people that are going to need to show up in November if Democrats are going to take back the White House, in a sense.

Sarah Jaffe: If we’re going to have an election. Well that’s a whole other story too. Yeah. Talking about Jeff Bezos, right? Jeff Bezos owns Amazon, which owns Whole Foods, which are two of the companies where workers are calling for strikes on Friday. I don’t know how big their strikes are going to be because this organizing is all really new and mostly again, taking place in unprecedented ways. We’re looking at organizing that’s happening online, on Zoom calls, Facebook groups, which is not, it’s not brand new, but it has been something that is both been used dramatically, in the case of worker-organizing at Walmart over the last several years, but also, sometimes with limited success. Still though we’ve seen workers walk out at Amazon’s factory or not factories, excuse me, Amazon doesn’t have a factory. Warehouses, distribution centers. Not just in this country but in France.

My friend Cole Stangler, who’s now reporting from France had a piece today in the New York times about the way that they’ve managed to bring Amazon to the table in France. Now of course in France and other European countries, they have what’s called sectoral bargaining, which means the companies are sort of forced by the government to deal with the workers’ representatives. That we don’t have here. We could have here. We’ve had sort of something similar to it at some point and it might be something that, if the Democrats cared about working people, thinking about ways to implement it might be a good idea. Again, leaving election alone for now.

Jaisal Noor: Yeah, and I’m glad you brought up France because, from what I read, in France Amazon has been ordered to stop shipping non-essential goods, which seems like a common sense demand right now. So that’s something that’s happened in France and I think courts were involved in that as well. So it’s those common sense basic demands you’re hearing from the workers, but not really hearing from that many elected officials. And something we were talking about off-camera is how the press has given far more attention to these reopened protests, which we know are backed by the dark money of the Koch donor network and demanding to reopen the economy when public health experts are saying this is going to cause new outbreaks. And we’re already seeing that in places in Tennessee where there’s been outbreaks after these protests have happened. Talk about what we know about who’s behind these and now there’s governors saying if workers don’t return to work, they’re going to get punished as well.

Sarah Jaffe: Yeah. I think there’s a few important things to unpack here. One of course, is that our unemployment system, as you mentioned, is designed to make sure people work. So you don’t get unemployment normally if you quit, you don’t get unemployment normally if you’re fired for cause. You get unemployment if you were laid off through no fault of your own. They’ve loosened that a little bit depending on the state with the coronavirus unemployment package that was passed through Congress, but it’s still quite difficult to get unemployment. As you mentioned at the beginning, only about half the people who have been laid off have been able to access it and that’s before these States like Georgia are trying to reopen, right? And what that means is that workers are no longer considered doing the right thing if they stay home. Suddenly they’re supposed to go back to work and they can get kicked off of those unemployment benefits if they do not go to work, take the first job that is offered, all of that stuff.

The other thing about these protests, right, is that it’s sort of like the tea party, right? This was during the financial crisis, with the resulting recession in 2008, 2009 the first big protest that we seemed to see were coming from the right and it was backed by the same kinds of people that, as far as we know are backing these protests now. And it’s sort of all wrapped up in this idea of freedom being you can buy whatever you want. Which is a particularly American definition of freedom and one that, as you mentioned, the workers at places like Amazon and Walmart are saying like, “Please don’t shop for unnecessary things right now.”

And the other thing about that definition of freedom is that it is, as historian Greg Grandin put it in his recent book, The End of the Myth, which is some great coronavirus reading if you’re bored right now. He argues that Americans’ understanding of freedom is sort of this understanding of, of not being restrained in what we do. And that that kind of lack of restraint has often meant the freedom to oppress other people. So when you look at somebody holding up a sign that says, “I want a haircut,” or, “Why can’t I buy XYZ thing?” What they’re demanding is that somebody else has to go to work in order to do what they want to be done. They are still sort of demanding the freedom to oppress other people. And what we know from the statistics on the essential workers who are currently working and the service industry more broadly is that the people who will be forced back into these unsafe conditions are largely black and brown. A lot of them are immigrants and a lot of them are women.

Jaisal Noor: And finally, you’ve been following the labor movement, organized labor for some time now. Where does organized labor stand in this moment? Have you been encouraged by some of the actions they’re taking or are they also in a really difficult space without a lot of political power at this point?

Yeah, I mean nobody I think would have said that the American labor movement was in a strong place at the beginning of 2020, right? There are some bright spots, the teachers organizing that has been going on for the last decade. That sort of first popped up in places like Chicago. That has been a really exciting bright spot for the labor movement. The fact that the public sector unions didn’t completely collapse after the Janus decision. That was just about a year ago. That has been a really good sign, but it is also true that a lot of the workers who’ve been laid off belonged to service sector unions. Those unions are in a rough place right now. Some of that is being outweighed by some of their members. Them being essential workers like the United Food Commercial Workers represents a lot of grocery store workers and they have done things like get them hazard pay, which is great, right? You get hazard pay, you can bargain to some degree.

Protective equipment, again, if you can get your hands on it you can bargain sort of safety precautions in the stores, limited amount of people, out-in, things like that. And then of course the thing that’s happening now is just that the calculus of going to work at a kind of lousy job used to be like, “Well it sucks and it doesn’t pay me enough, but it’s something. It’s better than nothing. I can get another job later.” Now, when that lousy job that was maybe okay is also possibly going to get you very sick or kill you, that’s a totally different set of calculations that people have to make. And when you work at say, the Smithfield plant in South Dakota that had hundreds of workers sick and then Trump says, “You got to go to work.” Are you going to go to work? What’s that going to look like? Are you willing to go to that job and who’s going to be willing to take those jobs if the current crop of workers, well A, hundreds of them are sick, but B, they just stopped doing it.

And so there’s a potential moment for a lot of power for working people right now. It’s also a really, really dangerous time where a lot of people are unemployed. And so the labor movement, if it is smart, should be thinking about also how you organize among the unemployed, how we think about and talk about work and the lack of it in a global pandemic. All of these things that we have some understanding of how to talk about, but not in this particular context. And so that’s something we all could be doing with our lockdown.

Well, we know the wealthy, the powerful are exploiting this crisis and the working people have to organize as well. Sarah Jaffe, thanks so much for joining us. Reporting fellow at the Type Media Center, author of Necessary Trouble, Americans in Revolt and the forthcoming Work Won’t Love You Back. Thanks so much.

Sarah Jaffe: Thank you.

Jaisal Noor: And thank you for joining us at the Real News Network.
Title: Cole Stangler: How French Workers Fought Amazon and Won
Post by: AGelbert on May 01, 2020, 04:21:28 pm
Cole Stangler: How French Workers Fought Amazon and Won (
437 views•May 1, 2020

The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow
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Title: Five Years After Freddie Gray's Death: The Resistance Makes 🗽 Change, The Government Doesn't 😡
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Five Years After Freddie Gray's Death: The Resistance Makes 🗽 Change, The Government Doesn't 😡
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The people at the core of the resistance after Freddie Gray's death are changing lives and building community five years later, while the government has done little to address poverty and isolation in the poorest Black communities of Baltimore.
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Title: The 🗽 Serfs: The Second French Revolution
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The 🗽 Serfs: The Second French ( Revolution (
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Prof. Wolff joins the Serfs to tell the story of the second French revolution happening before our very eyes.

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Title: ‘Way ahead of his time’: Jim Jeffords’ 2001 political switch back in the spotlight
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“If I were to pick the movie that feels most emblematic of my life story,” Jeffords began his 2003 autobiography, “I would choose ‘Mister Smith Goes to Washington,’ or some other wholesome film that shows what life was like before we became so obsessed with speed and consumption, a time when your word meant something and people were driven by ethics more than money.” -- Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont


U.S. Sen. James Jeffords of Vermont, pictured on television in a Burlington hotel ballroom, announces he was leaving the Republican Party on May 24, 2001.

‘Way ahead of his time’ ( Jim Jeffords’ 2001 political switch back in the spotlight

By Kevin O'Connor

May 23 2021


Following President 🐘🦖 George W. Bush’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 2001, Jeffords’ party controlled all branches of the federal government for the first time in 40 years. That allowed the Vermonter to anticipate passage of several pet projects as chair of the powerful Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

U.S. Sen. James Jeffords, Rep. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Patrick Leahy offer a “milk toast.” Office of Sen. Patrick Leahy photo

But by February, Jeffords faced growing differences with Bush and his conservative colleagues, especially over the administration’s proposed $1.6 trillion tax cut. The senator said he’d vote for the plan if Bush set aside $180 billion to cover the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, a longstanding special-education law that traditionally lacks enough funding.

The president balked. Jeffords, feeling his peers had rejected one too many of his priorities, began talking privately about bolting from the party.

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Title: Despite Hate from 😈 Evangelicals, Katharine Hayhoe 🕊️ Sees Climate Hope
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Despite 👿 Hate from 😈 Evangelicals, Katharine Hayhoe 🕊️ Sees Climate Hope

For Katharine Hayhoe, climate change isn’t just a topic of study or her area of expertise; it’s what she calls “an everything issue.” Hayhoe, who is a leading climate science expert, told Sojourners that everybody everywhere “already has everything they need to care about climate change” and its impact on people, animals and Earth.
Read More About Our Chief Scientist’s Views in Sojourners ( (

"I am a climate scientist because I am a Christian. If you take the Bible seriously, in Genesis it says God gave humans responsibility over every living thing on this planet. It talks about God's love and care for the tiniest and most minute aspects of nature." -- Katharine Hayhoe, a renowned Texas Tech climate change researcher and mother of a 13-year-old son, Gavin. May 5, 2021
Title: Profiles in Courage
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Reality Winner exits the Augusta Courthouse June 8, 2017, in Augusta, Georgia. Winner is an intelligence industry contractor accused of leaking National Security Agency documents. Sean Rayford/Getty Images

This story originally appeared on Common Dreams on June 14, 2021, and is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

NSA whistleblower Reality Winner released from federal prison amid calls for full pardon

The Freedom of the Press Foundation said Winner’s release from federal prison was “long overdue.” (

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Title: A Farewell to my Friend: Climate Warrior Stuart Scott ✨
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A Farewell to my Friend: Climate Warrior Stuart Scott ✨

Jul 19, 2021

Paul Beckwith
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A Farewell to my Friend:
Climate Warrior Stuart Scott ✨
Died: Thursday July 15th, 2021

My friend Stuart Scott will be sorely missed. Although his physical manifestation is gone, there are many many things that remain with us. His indomitable spirit, work ethic, caring heart, hope for humanity, fight, and resilience remain.

In the summer of 2014, I got an email out of the blue from Stuart. He had seen some of my work, and he invited me to attend the fall 2014 climate conference COP20 (20th version of the Climate of the Parties) in Lima, Peru. He offered to cover my travel expenses with Air Miles. After doing my due diligence and determining that Stuart was not a serial killer, I gladly accepted his gracious offer. Off I went to Peru, to a most memorable UN climate conference where I presented with Stuart on the perils of abrupt climate change in many press conference side events. I remembering Stuart telling me to run a comb through my dishevelled mop, wear a nice suit, and straighten my tie.

I’ll never forgive Stuart for convincing me to wander around the conference each day for an hour or two wearing a polar bear suit. It was extremely hot and humid in Lima, and needless to say it was torture inside the bear. Our lodgings was a Nun’s Convent, enclosed in a compound with very high walls, in a sketchy part of town. On more than a few evenings, after a night of refreshments in the local watering holes, I would return late and have to convince the guard to let me cross the gate, sometimes necessitating the waking up of Stuart; annoying him to no end.

Next conference for me and Stuart’s team was COP21 in Paris in 2015. Somehow Stuart had convinced James Hansen to attend, and we all had some great presentations on abrupt climate change risks and consequences.

I skipped a few COPs, but not Stuart. He went almost every year, and many UN people organizing the conferences knew Stuart on a first name, friendship level.

Then came the 2019 COP in Madrid Spain, hastily assembled in one month since Santiago, Chile was cancelled as a venue due to civil unrest. I got an email, out of the blue, offering me lodging, so again, after my detailed due diligence to ensure it wasn’t a Dexter 2.0 situation, I gladly accepted Alfonso’s gracious offer.

Once again, I had the pleasure of working with Stuart and his teams at the COP to inform the world in almost daily press conferences on the perils of climate mayhem.

I was extremely sick the weekend before the conference (early Covid?), and missed the first day. I remember getting to the conference early the second day, sitting at a sofa just inside the entrance, and hearing a loud commotion. A woman with a camera ran by me, and then a man with a camera literally leaped over me on the sofa, to get close to a group of teens sitting in a circle. I looked around, and there was Greta Thunberg joining the circle. This was the first rock star that I have ever met; hordes of reporters and paparazzi followed her every movement and word she spoke at the conference.

It was Stuart who first got Greta and her dad to a COP climate conference years earlier in Katowice, Poland; the world can thank him for that.

Stuart could never understand how my blog and video channel could get so successful; using raw unedited videos done invariably with one take, and having no polishing. I told him it was the cat, which annoyed him even more. (

Stuart always had to balance many of his projects on the go, but when I introduced him to the group Scientist’s Warning, he took it to heart to greatly expand their breadth and depth of social media outreach. Never one to rest on his laurels, Stuart then went on to start Facing Future. I remember on one group Zoom call when I was walking outside, he got annoyed with me saying it was very unprofessional. A few months later, being inside for the Zoom call, my coworker Shackleton the Explorer (black cat) jumped into the call, again annoying Stuart. (

From one fellow Climate Warrior to another, thank you Stuart. Your rich and deep climate fight legacy and work will continue to be a long term inspiration to us all.

Paul Beckwith
Monday July 19, 2021
Title: Stuart Scott 🕊️, Eco Warrier
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Agelbert NOTE: This great man was the person who brought Greta to the world stage. He had many other accomplishments in his career as an Eco Warrier. He made it clear that modern society's WORSHIP of money is the root of the evil now destroying human society.

Stuart Scott 🕊️, Eco Warrier

Jul 18, 2021

Facing Future

20.1K subscribers

This conversation about Stuart's remarkable life was recorded in December 2020.
Stuart Scott (72) passed away at his home in Honolulu on July 15th.   His colleagues at FacingFuture will continue his work, in the sobering recognition that there are only a few years left when it will still be possible to save humanity and many other forms of life on Earth.

Stuart’s recognition of the human impact on the planet’s ecosystems resulted in a personal mission dedicated to educating the public about the climate crisis we now face.  Following an extensive training course with Al Gore’s group Climate Reality in 2008, he left his regular employment to devote the remainder of his life to this effort.  He advocated ecological economics, founding The Circle of Elders of Ecological Economics in 2021 as an antidote to the illusion of endless growth on a finite planet,

Educating the public about the climate crisis and offering a solution via ecological economics are his everlasting legacies, which live on in his name by way of several venues he established, but most importantly in the hearts of countless people throughout the world who were touched by his work.

Stuart’s reach was global, spreading the word about a dangerously changing climate system with over 100 presentations at notable climate conferences as well as innumerable recorded conversations with senior scientists and environmental advocates made available to the public. 

His introduction of Greta Thunberg at the age of 15 to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change COP24 (Conference of the Parties) in Poland was the start of her remarkable trajectory for a global movement called Fridays for Future.  He also influenced a reluctant James Hansen, the dean of climate science, to accompany him to the Paris ’15 climate summit.

Recently, Stuart took the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to task for its appalling failure to properly handle the serious threat of inadequately stored nuclear waste, a project that he intended to carry forward with additional exposure of this covert lethal affair.

Throughout his efforts for climate justice, Stuart has been a vocal advocate of uniting faith and science.  He met Pope Francis and Cardinal Turkson, encouraging them to recognize the role of the Church in protecting God’s creation by inspiring congregations to act on climate change. He suggested that Pope Francis attend COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021, which the Pope has agreed to do.

Religious leaders including the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu as well as the UN World Council of Religious Leaders, the World Council of Churches, and the Central Council of the Baha’i Faith have endorsed Stuart’s tireless efforts.  Secular organizations Greenpeace, McKibben’s and The Center for Biological Diversity have also endorsed Scott’s Interfaith Declaration.

 .Stuart’s passion for this work extended to his dying day, including his last conversation with Noam Chomsky, recorded June 29th. . More of his work, action ideas, and commentary are on  FacingFuture.Earth.

His children Sean Scott and Joshua Scott, his siblings Diana Scott and David Scott and former wives Melanie Oldfather, Fawn Shang, Rosemary Bak, and Atey Noun survive Stuart.

A meditation will be held at the Arica School, of which Stuart was a lifelong member.

Please send any donations to help support Stuart’s work to:

(extracted from Robert Hunzikr's " The Legacy of Stuart Scott")
Title: Re: Profiles in Courage
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Ed Asner 🗽🌟 (1929-2021) ( Ed Asner was the epitomy of a Profile in Courage.

Agust 31, 2021

Greg Palast 🗽:

The death squads had just executed Maryknoll nuns, bullets to the back of the head.

It was the Reagan-sponsored war on “communists” in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Afghanistan.
Ed Asner, an actor who wasn’t particularly political, agreed to attend a press conference denouncing the killing of the nuns.

Within short order, his network canceled Lou Grant, the number one show on American TV, in fact, #1 worldwide.

Ed once told me he could’ve kissed the network’s ass, promised to be a good on-stage puppet, an off-stage mute, and save his career which was now on the new Black List.

But he couldn’t. Couldn’t stay silent. Instead, Ed grew louder.

And unstoppable.  At dinner this week, Ed told me he was preparing to open in three new one-act plays.

But my wife didn’t think so. She said, “This is the last time we’ll see Ed, isn’t it?”

I wish she weren’t always right.

I remember when we were about to film Ed in The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. I deliberately hadn’t revealed his lines to him, nor his costume: a ridiculous Santa suit.

Ed was a good sport about it. And a “one-take” wonder. But, we needed several takes, a bit too long for his 80-something’s bladder. So, rather than halt the production, he said, “The heck with it!”, let go, then simply dropped his soaking pants and continued the shoot in his boxers.

So, that’s how we shot the next scene: Ed Asner in a top hat and underpants. Absolutely brilliant. Take a look.

Ed Asner in The Best Democracy Money Can Buy 2016

Asner was an actor of great talent because he was a man of great feeling. He would allow nothing to get between his emotions and the words he would express. It was true fearlessness, a courage and inner power that came through even in a sitcom or in a Santa suit.

There’s no guessing where it came from. A working class Jewish kid from Kansas City, child of the Depression and the incipient Holocaust which most Americans, Left and Right, were happy to ignore, and a fierce union man from early on. Ed only became an actor, he told me, because he lost his job in the steel mills.

Alev ha-shalom, my friend.