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Title: Energy from WATER
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Published on Apr 19, 2013

This extraordinary documentary raised a storm of interest when it was first broadcast in America. It tells the story of a small group of inventors who are seeking in various ways to unlock the vast amounts of energy locked water! Ordinary everyday water. A vast untapped storehouse of one of the greatest fuels in the universe, hydrogen. At first their efforts were ignored by scientists, but steadily their work has won recognition. If only a fraction of their hopes were to be realised, untold amounts of clean energy would become available to future generations. This documentary tells an intriguing story that no one else has tracked and in relation to which no one can predict the outcome.
Agelbert NOTE: Both the Russian scientist and Stan Meyer died suddenly...  :(

Cavitation technology WORKS! It produces STEAM with much less energy than resistance heating or fossil fuel burning! Why don't we have this all over the country for more efficient water heaters or radiant heating? You tell me!  :(


As a liquid passes through the SPR it is subjected to “controlled cavitation”.  The heart of the device is a specially designed rotor that spins.  The spinning action generates hydrodynamic cavitation in the rotor cavities away from the metal surfaces.  The cavitation is controlled and therefore there is no damage.  As microscopic cavitation bubbles are produced and collapse, shockwaves are given off into the liquid which can heat and/or mix.

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How the nuke pukes have kept EASY hydrogen powered SAFE (not stored - just extracted from a hydride through slight heating on demand providing a range of 400 miles!) hydrogen from we-the-people!
Bob uses solar panels to power an H1 generator which produces H1 from H2O (water). For the safe and efficient storage of the dangerous H1, 6Li H must be created with a particle accelerator and used for H1 storage in high compression tanks. With the H1 generator, H1 is forced into the 6Li H tanks through the syringe compression process.

Bob is the owner of of United Nuclear Scientific and Switch2Hydrogen. Jon is the owner of ODEMAX and director of this video.

* Engineers and scientists, send errata my way and I will fix it.
Title: Re: Energy from WATER
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Rolling fluid turbine


Tiny turbine.(European Patent Office)

Czech civil engineer Miroslav Sedláček   ( a way to generate power from weak water streams. Most water turbines, like those in dams or at sea, involve water flowing through blades at rapid speeds to generate electricity, but Sedláček’s new method allows power to be generated in brooks or on tidal currents.  :o  ;D

Sedláček’s small turbines take advantage of the vortex effect found in the eddies in flowing water, and without disturbing the flow of the water, the EPO says each one can power a few households.    (

 These top twelve inventions could one day change the world (

Agelbert NOTE: The above is just one more reason to doubt the projected "barrels per day of oil" predictions the fossil fuel loving "Energy Expert" BULLSHIT artists solemnly proclaim we MUST have or "civilization will collapse".   (       


The only that will cause the collapse of our civilization is the POLLUTION FROM THE USE OF FOSSIL FUEL BASED ENERGY!

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