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Title: Cat and Dog Capers
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Cat undoes his mischief.  ;D
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Title: Re: Cat and Dog Capers
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Title: Kitty Jeddai
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Title: Kitty Jeddai seduced by the dark side!
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 (                                                         (

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Watch closely.  ;D
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Watch these sweet doggies live at link

Watch Kitties at NO-KILL shelter in L.A. live at link

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Pallas Wild Cat Kittens imitating Doomstead Diners Checking Out Agelbert Posts  ;D
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An Enterprising Entrepreneur and his Beautiful dog do non-predatory Capitalism in China (unless those dog leashes were made with slave labor, of course  ;)).



A man sells dog leashes with his dog, which sported a pair of sunglasses, at the Hangzhou Pets Cultural Festival. The festival was from Sept 12 to today, in Hangzhou, capital city of east China's Zhejiang province.[Photo/IC]
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Stray Cat Guides Blind & Deaf Dog Friend Through Life

This blind and partially deaf dog has an “unbreakable bond” with a friendly cat. What makes this pair so amazing? The cat guides Tervel around, acting as his eyes, ears and best friend.  Watch these two and their amazing friendship.  (
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Smart Kitty knows how to get a meal real quick!  ;D
Title: See How the World Looks Through Your Cat’s Eyes
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See How the World Looks Through Your Cat’s Eyes

by Beth Buczynski


I love my cat. She’s a great companion, and I like watching her watch the world. Like most cat lovers, I’ve often wondered what she sees through those big brown eyes. Can she tell the difference between people just by looking? Does she know it’s me when I wave goodbye from the driveway?

A new project from artist Nickolay Lamm helps to answer some of these pressing cat-parent questions. Using information from top veterinarians and ophthalmologists, Lamm constructed images that contrast human and feline vision.

I was shocked to learn that although cat’s eyes are superior to ours in some ways, they’re not nearly as good in others.

While cats have a broader field of vision than we do, the resolution is inferior to ours  :(. What seems clear to us at a distance of 100 feet or more is totally blurry to cats. They see things more clearly at 20 feet or less. (So no, your kitty doesn’t see your face as a big blob when you’re cuddling on the couch!  ;D)

What cats lack in distance vision is made up for in other areas, however.  (  Cats can see six to eight times better in dim light than humans due to their eyes’ high number of rods and because of their elliptical pupil, large cornea and tapetum. Since cats are nocturnal animals, this is a great advantage for hunting and hiding from enemies.

Many picture comparisons at link:

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Do Dogs See Everything in Black and White?

Dogs do not see everything in black and white; however, they do not have a full spectrum of color vision like humans. The ability to see different colors is a result of neuron cells in the eye that send signals to the brain after recognizing a color.

Human eyes contain three types of cells that detect color, known as cones, while dogs’ eyes only have two cones. This allows dogs to view shades of yellow and blue, but not any colors on the red to green spectrum. Since dogs don’t have the cones that detect red and green, their neurons don’t make any signal to the brain and the default is for the brain to perceive it as shades of gray.

More about animal vision :

•While the human eye is composed of one lens, the bee has thousands of lenses that allows it to spot flowers with nectar while flying.

•Snakes have sensory tools between their eyes and nose known as pit organs, which gives them the unique ability to see the infrared light from the heat of nearby prey.

•Cats’ daytime vision is estimated to be around six times blurrier than human vision.
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AG - I absolutely loved this pic.  It reminded me of when one of our cats looks up at me like this...then I sneak off to the cupboard an get some treats for them...the "soft" ones, or "the good stuff".  LOL  (

Except for memorial to Yellow, the pictures are recent and taken at the Kitten Rescue NO Kill shelter in Los Angeles. They have a live cam and I watch the kitties play, eat and grow. It helps with my grieving over Nino.  :emthup:

There has been some drama as Binx (the black one) and Boris (the Russian Blue) got very sick. Einstein and Serenity were under the weather too for a few days. Bane is the strongest of the Group. Touché is still separated as she grows due to a herpes ulcer but she will soon join the others. These kittens were abandoned. Somebody put them in a box and left it in front of a pet store in Burbank that called Kitten Rescue for help.

I suspect they lost their mom soon after birth and may have missed the vital colostrum needed to fight infection. They were in bad shape. Binx and Boris had eye infections, they all had giardia. After nursing them to health as well as possible, they were put on view at 4 and a half weeks (Sep. 22, 2014).

A week later Serenity and Einstein came down with calici virus (there are hundreds of variations -but kittens do better than adult cats which die quickly from it). Then Binx and Boris became gravely ill. Binx was hospitalized and had to have entubation and pure oxygen for a while. A large amount of mucous had lodged in one lung and he was dying. A q-tip was used through a scope to clear the lung passage. He made it, thank God. He is now out of danger, home from the hospital and eating and growing stronger along with Boris.  Enjoy!

Yellow Memorial

Kitten Rescue Logo:( Compare (

Cheat sheet

Einstein 9/24/14

Einstein and Boris 

Einstein sleeping ~ 9/25/14

Serenity 9/29/2014

Serenity 9/29/2014

Einstein convalescing 9/30/2014 

Touché healing 9/30/14 

10/1/2014 Einstein HEALED!

10/1/14 Binx and Boris Convalescing 

10/1/14  several hours later (IMPROVING!) Binx and Boris Convalescing 

10/3/14 Binx & Boris bright eyed!

10/3/14 Einstein Pounce Practice

10/5/14 E & Bane Sleeping

Kittens may be viewed live at link below:  ( (

If you want to help Kitten Rescue get "Catified", just vote here (no ID required - it just will not allow your IP address to "vote" more than once every 3 hours) at the link below: (

Every vote counts! Each vote submitted in this poll brings your favorite shelter one step closer to the grand Prize makeover and several prizes for runners up including signed copies of Jackson’s books and discounts on some of the great products available on and
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My Nino's Look alike Kitty (passed away August 8, 2014  :'(  :() and a parrot pest.  ;D
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Feline does paw swat practice with water!
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Turn up the volume for some great laughs!  (
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4 Best Places to Pet Your Cat — and 1 to Leave Alone  ;D

October 17, 2014

Some things really do get better with age. I have long joked that my hairline isn’t one of them, but I know one thing that is: My ability to understand cats better, and to build a stronger, more fulfilling bond with the felines in my life and in my practice.

Which is not to say that I haven’t always loved cats, and had them in my life. But on the Idaho dairy farm where I grew up, everyone had a job, and the cats were employed keeping mice and other vermin from taking over the place. Ours was a professional relationship, an admiration of coworkers.  ;D They did their jobs, and I did mine.   ( Workplace romance was strictly limited to a little heavy petting now and then.  ;D

I’m no longer a farm boy, but I’m still more than a little bit country. Up here on our Almost Heaven Ranch, I still have barn cats, but they are much more than coworkers now. They’re family.  (

Feline Love: Breaking the Code

I’ve spent my life caring for and about animals, and I’ve always been a careful observer of what makes them happy. I know the “sweet spots” on every pet I’ve ever met, and since Almost Heaven is a horse ranch (with Quarter Horses whose personalities rival Golden Retrievers for sweetness), I know what makes equine hearts sing too.

But I also know if you hit the wrong note on many a cat, you won’t be singing a happy song for long. And while most cat owners eventually figure that out on their own, you could be one of those people whose current cat tolerates pretty much anything. Your next one, though, could be scratch-happy if you don’t know where to go.

Which is why I love sharing about caring, and in cats that means sticking to four top spots for heavy petting, and ignoring one spot that dogs love but that most cats never will.

Do Not Touch!

Are you ahead of me on the one spot most cats don’t like but most dogs do? If you guessed “belly rub,” you’re right! Why the difference? While dogs are generally pretty secure in their identity as a predator — even tiny dogs seem to imagine that they’re really big, scary wolves — cats have to be more careful when they’re on the prowl. That’s because they are very aware that they are both predator and prey. To a mouse, a cat is an effective killing machine. To a coyote, a cat is lunch.

What this means for a cat is that he’s always looking over his shoulder at what might be coming up behind him. When a cat is in a fight for his life, there’s no territory as important to protect as the belly, since that’s where all the vital organs are readily accessible. A touch there from a cat who hasn’t learned that you don’t mean any harm will trigger a defensive maneuver. Claws and teeth come out, even if they’re not fully engaged.

While some cats can learn to accept gentle belly rubs, others never will. Honestly, it’s probably better to stick to the spots cats do enjoy, even if your cat shows his belly all the time.

Scratch Here, Please  ;D

The places cats enjoy being petted are those where their scent glands are concentrated. When your cat rubs on you or the corner of your couch, it’s his chin and the head that make the contact. When a cat does that, he’s leaving his scent on the item (or person). Spreading his scent makes him happy and content, since it makes his environment smell familiar. (Synthetic versions of these pheromones — Feliway is the feline version — are great for helping cats get through stressful events such as moving or going to the veterinarian.)

When you pet a cat in these areas, you’re making him feel wonderfully content.[/b]   ( And you’re also helping him to mark you with his special scent, which makes him even happier. So what are these hot spots?

Base of the chin. Rub your cat gently along the underside of the chin, especially where the jawbone connects to the skull. You’ll likely get the purr-motor running hard, as your cat pushes into this pleasant caress.

Base of the ears.
Like the area underneath the chin, this spot is great for scent-marking. When your cat bumps his head against you — this is called “bunting” — he’s marking you as his own.

Cheeks behind the whiskers. Hit this spot right and you can often get your cat to show his pleasure keenly by rotating his whiskers forward, as if to say, “More! More! Yeah, right there!”

Base of the tail. I call this “Elevator Butt.” A gentle caress down the back with pressure at the base of the tail. Repeat, repeat, repeat!  :D

Work your way through these kitty hot spots, and the love you share will only grow. You’ll have earned your tabby stripes as a cat whisperer, and your cat will love you for it.


By Dr. Marty Becker |

More on (links at link)
Don’t Make These 5 Cat Care Mistakes
Is It Safe for My Pet to Lick Lotion?
Meet the Cutest Kitten You Will See This Week
Title: Lioness Love
Post by: AGelbert on October 25, 2014, 10:02:24 pm
Cats often do make the best companions, but this one is a bit larger than the average housecat.  :o Sirga the lioness at the Modisa Wildlife Projects in Botswana, a program dedicated to conserving endangered wildlife, greets her trainer Valentin Grüner, who has obviously earned her trust, with a big hug.

Read more:
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Orphaned Squirrel adopted by cat queen learns to purr!  ;D  (
Title: Re: Cat and Dog Capers
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This is HILAREOUS! (
Title: Re: Cat and Dog Capers
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How to introduce two CATS to each other... (   ;D
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Scientific evidence that Cats use circular logic.  ;D
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Russia's leader pets a Leopard. The cameraman got a good scare!  :o  ;D
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The Civilized Cat.
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Calm, cool and collected Kitty!  (
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Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc (
If your cat has become blind or you are thinking of adopting a blind cat, please read  our  ABOUT US page.  It tells a lot about living with blind cats.
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Fly Guy! (
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Parakeet likes cat whiskers!
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My former owner died of natural causes. It's not my fault he was so clumsy ... ;)
Eight Signs your cat is trying to do you in.  ;D
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I know, this is the cat and dog caper thread but this animal video is funny so here it is!  ;D
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Synchronized head and eye movements by cute kittens.    (
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Cats doing their wild thing!  ;D
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Cat OBSERVER awareness and cooperation activity.  ;D
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Puppy Race in 4K!  (
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( (
How Can Cats Turn Their Ears So Many Ways?      (

Cats are able to turn their ears in so many ways because they have 32 muscles in each ear. That's more than five times the number of muscles in a human ear.These muscles allow each ear to move up to 180 degrees and independently from one another.

Cats are alert animals and they use their ears to follow various sounds.
A cat's ears will be upright when there is a sudden noise that catches his or her attention. If a cat is in an aggressive mode, such as when getting ready to pounce on a bird, another cat or a human, his or her ears will take a backward position. Rapid ear movements and independent ear movements may be signs that the cat is confused or afraid.

Cat owners often become familiar with their cat's ear movements and what they mean.   (

More about cats: 

•Cats have better hearing than dogs; they can hear low pitch and high pitch sounds equally well.

•Cats use their whiskers for navigation and to measure space relative to their own size, which is why obesity can cause a cat to miscalculate an opening and get stuck.

•Indoor cats live at least three times longer than outdoor cats. (

Agelbert NOTE: And that's not all. I had a cat that detected my wife's arrival in a car several minutes (at least a mile away!) prior to her arrival consistently for over 10 years!  :o It can be argued that he "heard" the car engine. I think he had ESP. There are hundreds of trees all around my residence with the assorted wild life and all the sounds they make. Then there are cars going to and fro on the main drag about a quarter mile as the crow flies (over the forest) from my home. Occam's razor is ESP, not hearing. Cats are amazing beings. (
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Why Do Cats Lick Themselves?

A cat is any one of the 37 cat species belonging to the family Felidae, including cheetas, lions, tigers and the domestic cat. They're a carnivorous mammals with an endearing and royal appearance, featuring round heads, long whiskers and paws with dangerous, sharp claws.

All cats are known to lick themselves with their unique tongues, spending up to one-third of their waking hours doing so, which serves several different purposes. Firstly, it's a grooming method that cleanses fur of food and dirt particles, as well as excess oil and odor. Secondly, licking moderates temperature, keeping the cat warmer when it's cold, and cooler when it's hot.

Thirdly, licking improves circulation and cats will persistently lick wounds to speed up the healing process. A cat's tongue has sharp protuberances which make it easy to comb and clean fur and distribute saliva evenly for temperature control. Aside from these, licking and grooming are a type of ritual for cats. Grooming can be a sign of comfort and happiness. Cats may lick one another or even their owners as a sign of love and affection.

More about cats:

•The Egyptian Mau is the oldest domestic cat breed in the world.

•Domestic cats can run up to 30 miles (48 kilometers) per hour, and can jump as high as five times their own height.

•The Siberian Tiger is the largest cat in the world.

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Enjoy the video but please feed WET ( cat food to your cat. No, dry cat food DOES NOT keep cat teeth clean.    (  That is another myth you may have heard. From what vets actually say, that is exactly backwards. Dry cat food actually hurts cat dentition and leads to gum disease.  :P

 This Cat Video Is Good for Your Mental Health

Diana Vilibert
June 24, 2015 6:00 pm 115 comments

Read more:

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Great laughs!   (
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An affectionate kitty.  ;D
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Abandoned Baby Left To Die, Until God Sent An Unlikely Hero!

Masha the cat has created a reputation for herself as a hero, and when you hear what she did, you’ll know God sent this furry friend to be a guardian angel and save a baby’s life!

Here’s the story: (
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Old Dog Watches Over Trapped Buddy for a Week Until Help Arrives


by Laura Simpson
September 21, 2015

Old friends make the best friends, and for two Washington state dogs named Tillie and Phoebe, that is especially true. Could this pair teach us all something about the true meaning of loyalty?

The dogs made a quick escape from their home a week ago when a door was left ajar during a party. What began as a mischievous adventure soon turned to misery when Phoebe, a 4-year-old Basset Hound, made her way into a cistern and simply couldn’t climb back out.

Eleven-year-old Irish setter mix Tillie, who is considerably taller than her pal, tried several times to go for help but to no avail. Tillie would sleep perched above Phoebe and wait with her throughout each day, leaving only briefly to try to find human aid. Phoebe was indeed in great danger but she was never alone in her ordeal. Her best friend simply refused to abandon her.

Residents witnessed Tillie running through a back yard several times over the course of the week, but they didn’t realize what was happening until a volunteer group called Pet Protectors put out a distress call on Facebook. Pet Protectors soon received a lucky tip from someone who had seen Tillie several times.

“With a needle in the haystack hope we made our way into the ravine, and after a bit of searching, finally heard that sweet sound we have been waiting for all week, a small one-woof response when we called out ‘Tillie,’” Pet Protectors posted on their Facebook page. ”For nearly a week Tillie stayed by her side with the exception of the few minutes of each day when she went for help.”


The dogs’ guardian B.J. Duft had been beside himself with worry during the ordeal and was relieved to learn that the dogs were still together.

“I was absolutely not surprised to learn that Tillie had stood by her side the whole time,” Duft said in an interview with ABC news. “She’s a very caring, loving and nurturing dog and the two of them are best friends.”

The dogs have an interesting history together. Tillie had been living with Duft since she was a puppy, but the two welcomed Phoebe into their home some time ago after the dogs became fast-friends at doggie daycare.

“They’re best pals — inseparable,” Duft said to ABC News.

Tillie and Phoebe are both back home and happy.    (

Neither of the dogs suffered any major health issues as a result of their ordeal and now that the two are back home, they’re facing significant penalties for their actions.  ;)

“Their ‘punishment’ was extra hamburger and a roast when they got home because I was so thrilled to see them,” Duft said as the two dogs rolled around on the living room floor.  (

Both dogs are now sporting new GPS enabled collars to ensure that they’ll never be lost again.  (

Read more:
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Signatures Needed to Stop OC Animal Control From Killing Karma The Husky
355,901 supporters
BY: Danna Cruzan, Vice President, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary
TARGET: Frank Kim, Steve Franks, Jennifer Hawkins, Sean Fulton, Brian Frick,...

We Won!! Karma is saved!!  We Won!! Karma is saved!!   (

Thank you so much to everyone that helped it took a huge amount of people to do this and I appreciate everyone that helped we couldn't have done it without you!!

Look for a GoFundMe in a future update to help with costs of court filings and special reports that were needed.

 Click here for the full post:
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Ghost Kitty Discussions: Either I have as vivid an imagination as these posters or the spirit of a recently deceased kitty visits his human friend for a while. 

I'm on the others side but I wanted to visit you, my old friend and companion. The other side is real, not wishful thinking by "foolish" humans.   (

08/05/2015 05:30am
I live in a house at the dead end of a 3 way crossroad. There is high entity traffic & my parrot can see entities. I can see them out of the corners of my eyes in the daylight. In the dark it is very easy to see an entity.

There is only one entity that my parrot likes. When she pets her my bird just groans happily.

08/18/2015 08:29pm
There are ghost kitties in our apartment! I know at times our three cats see them. I on the other hand can only feel them brush by in an instant.

09/17/2015 02:30pm
My roommate can see them. Our recently departed Kitters came by twice that he saw.

09/18/2015 02:28pm
After my first cat was killed by a dog that entered our yard, he kept going to bed with me until I adopted my current cat. It lasted for about 4 months. I could feel him walking on the bed as soon as I went to bed, just like before. When my third cat died of old age, she came by the evening of the day she passed away and jumped on the bed where my second cat and her slept. He was with me in the living room and I know he heard her jump also, because he looked towards that door same time as me.

09/22/2015 12:41pm
I'd give just about anything to have a visit like that from my beloved Ragnar, who passed away in 2013. I can feel presences (and occasionally feel his), but would SO love to feel him walking on my bed again.

10/23/2015 02:53pm
I believe your comment about the ghost kitten. I am in a new apartment, when I lay in bed on occasion I will feel small paw prints of what feels like a cat or kitten walking across my legs or settling at the foot of my bed.

What Cats and Dogs Can See that Humans Can’t: You Won’t Believe it!
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Post by: AGelbert on June 17, 2016, 03:57:02 pm
Kitty doing the physics math    (

Cats seem to grasp the laws of physics

June 14, 2016

Researcher Saho Takagi holding her cat. Credit: Mayu Takagi

Cats understand the principle of cause and effect as well as some elements of physics. Combining these abilities with their keen sense of hearing, they can predict where possible prey hides. These are the findings of researchers from Kyoto University in Japan, led by Saho Takagi and published in Springer's journal Animal Cognition.

Previous work conducted by the Japanese team established that cats predict the presence of invisible objects based on what they hear. In the present study, the researchers wanted to find out if cats use a causal rule to infer if a container holds an object, based on whether it is shaken along with a sound or not. The team also wanted to establish if cats expect an object to fall out or not, once the container is turned over.

Thirty domestic cats were videotaped while an experimenter shook a container. In some cases this action went along with a rattling sound. In others it did not, to simulate that the vessel was empty. After the shaking phase, the container was turned over, either with an object dropping down or not.

Two experimental conditions were congruent with physical laws, where shaking was accompanied by a (no) sound and an (no) object to fall out of the container. The other two conditions were incongruent to the laws of physics. Either a rattling sound was followed by no object dropping out of the container or no sound while shaking led to a falling object.

The cats looked longer at the containers which were shaken together with a noise. This suggests that cats used a physical law to infer the existence (or absence) of objects based on whether they heard a rattle (or not). This helped them predict whether an object would appear (or not) once the container was overturned.

The animals also stared longer at containers in incongruent conditions, meaning an object dropped despite its having been shaken noiselessly or the other way around. It is as if the cats realized that such conditions did not fit into their grasp of causal logic.

"Cats use a causal-logical understanding of noise or sounds to predict the appearance of invisible objects," says Takagi.

Researchers suggest that species' surroundings influence their ability to find out information based on what they hear. The ecology of cats' natural hunting style may therefore also favor the ability for inference on the basis of sounds.

Takagi explains that hunting cats often need to infer the location or the distance of their prey from sounds alone because they stake out places of poor visibility. Further research is needed to find out exactly what cats see in their mind's eye when they pick up noises, and if they can extract information such as quantity and size from what they hear.

I am pondering the derivative of ballistic trajectories and any accompanying acoustic differences in order to compute my chances of a quick lunch. Yes, I really am up here for my health.  ;D

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LOVED the NiBIRU "Combat Training" (

I had a dog just like that one and the cat is an identical twin to one I shared many years with.

Also, excellent current skycam photo and condition research tools.  (  I cannot make heads or tails out of those orbs except that they should not be there.    (

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LOL! Tiny Kitten Refuses to Leave Husky Sibling’s Side … Literally (VIDEO)

Having a younger sibling comes with a ton of perks. You always have someone to talk to, someone to boss around, and someone who will always have your back when things get scary. But being adored by a little one has one small drawback. You’re the center of their world, which can make getting alone time impossible!.  (
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Rescued Kitten is Madly in Love With His New Family’s Dog. The Dog Doesn’t Seem to Mind At All!  ;D
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Watch Shelter Dogs and Cats Go From Sad to Ecstatic After Receiving Surprise Christmas Toys! (

Christmas can be a joyous time for many. With festive lights, good cheer, and the company of your friends and family, the holidays are filled with love and happiness. But for the six to eight million animals that enter U.S. shelters every year, Christmas can be depressing. Many wonderful volunteers will take the dogs out for walks and will maybe have a few minutes of play time, but at the end of the day, the dogs and cats are alone once again.

But one animal shelter is working towards changing that. Every year, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa asks their volunteers and supporters to put toys, food, and supplies underneath the “Tree of Life” so that they can collect donations for homeless animals. Not only do animal lovers stock the tree full of goodies, but the dogs and cats get to pick out their very own toy! As seen in the video above, the pups rush over to the “Tree of Life” and eagerly pick out a toy they can call their own. The smiles and tail wags as they learn Santa Paws didn’t forget about them are absolutely contagious. Santa Paws didn’t forget about the many homeless cats either  – the felines all get some toys to keep them entertained and happy.

If you’re considering welcoming a four-legged companion into your home, please always adopt and never shop. And if you’d like to get involved with your local animal shelter, check out our guide to volunteering.
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Squirrel Reunites With His Best Cat Buddy and … OMG!(

If anybody out there had any lingering doubts that animals can remember their friends, this video will quickly eradicate them.

This family had a pet squirrel. While having a wild animal as a pet is never a good idea, they eventually did the right thing and released him back into the wild where he belongs. Clearly doing well, the little guy would pop back in from time to time in order to visit his best buddy … the family cat!

The pair clearly enjoy one another’s company, rolling around playfully and wrestling like two toddlers on a playground. Watching these two, we can’t help but be reminded of the deep social bonds that animals form, no matter what species they come from. Once again, we all could take a lesson from these animals that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you look like. A friend is a friend.  ( (
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The above banana peel is about to be scratched into tiny pieces. 🐈 (

Do Any Animals Show a Preference for Right or Left “Handedness”? (

Just as people are either right or left-handed, cats often have a dominant paw preference, which they may demonstrate when they’re reminding you that it’s time to eat or boxing that new feathered cat toy. Researchers at Queen's University Belfast's School of Psychology wanted to know more about this feline behavior, and collected data from 44 cats (24 males and 20 females) of varying breeds, gathered over a period of three months by the animals' owners. They found that the male cats strongly favored their front left paw, while the female cats favored their front right paw.

What it says about your cat:

Researchers were interested in which paw the cats led with when walking down stairs or accessing litter boxes. Each cat was also studied while fishing out treats from a food maze.

About 73 percent of the cats showed a lateral bias when reaching for food; 70 percent displayed a preference when going down stairs; and 66 percent used one paw more prominently when accessing a litter box.

Left-limbed animals, which rely more heavily on the right hemisphere of the brain, tend to display stronger fear responses and aggression than right-limbed animals, which are left brain dominant.
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Henri 2, Paw de Deux  ;D

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Kitty 🐈 wants in NOW! A lesson in feline perseverance.  ;D
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Cats VS Drones ( Mega Compilations. Funny cats

Fly Drone Guru
Published on Nov 24, 2016
Funny moments with cats and drones.
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Fights cats and drones.

Funny cats

When shooting videos, no cat does not hurt)))

Music:My Train's A Comin' Unicorn Heads

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How Do Postal Workers Feel about Cats?

( Got a problem with mice? Hire a cat.

That’s what London's Post Office did in September 1868, when 🐁🐭🐀 rodents began to overrun its Money Order Office. Three cats were officially hired that year to search and destroy ( ( by the Secretary of the Post Office, who decided to see if a feline force could reduce the mouse population. But they didn’t work for free. ;D They were hired at a rate of one shilling per week.

By 1869, it was noted that the post office cats “have done their duty very efficiently,” and their wages were increased to one shilling and six pence. (

Of course, these civil servants also earned Royal Mail pensions. Over the next century, a series of hardworking, well-compensated cats would continue to prowl around British post offices. (

Their appointed rounds:

🐱 The most famous post office cat had to be Tibs the Great, a 23-pound (10.4-kg) enforcer who kept the Royal Mail’s headquarters mouse-free for 14 years. Tibs died in 1964, fat and happy.

This is not the famous Tibs the Great, but you get the idea  :D

( The last crime-fighting kitty at the London headquarters was Blackie, who died in 1984. His death coincided with the postal service’s switch from cloth sacks for mail to rodent-resistant plastic sacks.

🐈 In 2016, an exhibit at the Postal Museum in London paid tribute to these indispensable feline employees with a reverential historical display. (

Agelbert NOTE: Plastic is bad for the planet. ('s time to go back to Kitty Patrols and cloth bags! (