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Topic Summary

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 17, 2019, 03:59:58 pm »

A great man has died.


October 17, 2019/27 Comments/in Congress /by Rayne

Elijah Cummings, representative for Maryland’s 7th District, died last night. He had served his constituents since 1996.

His passing is a huge loss for his district, his state, and our country.

Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, spoke with NPR this morning about Cummings’ passing.

Cummings’ remarks this summer were prescient:

I’m begging the American people to pay attention to what is going on. Because if you want to have a democracy intact for your children, and your children’s children, and generations yet unborn we’ve got to guard this moment…this is our watch. pic.twitter.com/ShTZwbQROP

— Elijah E. Cummings (@RepCummings) July 24, 2019

Read more:

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 15, 2019, 12:17:10 pm »

BLACK BEAR NEWS 10.13.19 Hagibis Strikes - XR  Updates - Trump Protests - McCorkle Comments
984 views•Oct 13, 2019

Black Bear News
2.44K subscribers

#FridayGasStrike #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateStrike
#GretaThunberg #ClimateChange

Typhoon Hagibis: Japan deploys 110,000 rescuers after worst storm in decades

Global Rebellion - Brussels (pepper spray)

Global Rebellion - Brussels

Thousands Protest Trump Rally in Minneapolis Minnesota

Twitter @BlackBearNews1

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Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 12, 2019, 11:31:06 pm »

SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

Reverend Jim Wallis on Faith and Political Polarization

Progressive evangelical leader Jim Wallis talked about his book, Christ in Crisis: Why We Need to Reclaim Jesus, in which he argues that the United States is experiencing a political and religious crisis.

Reverend Jim Wallis C-Span video interview:

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 12, 2019, 10:59:11 pm »

Agelbert CELEBRATION: The Christian dam resisting Trump impeachment just BROKE!

By Neil Steinberg  Oct 10, 2019, 12:56pm CDT

“If you are followers of Jesus, you can’t ignore what Jesus said,” said Rev. Jim Wallis, who was educated in Deerfield and returns to the area for appearances this weekend.

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 09, 2019, 05:48:19 pm »


By Jordan DavidsonOct. 08, 2019 11:02AM EST

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 08, 2019, 09:13:22 pm »

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Mon, Oct 8, 8:21 AM

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 08, 2019, 08:38:54 pm »

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Mon, Oct 7, 8:29 AM

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 08, 2019, 08:03:54 pm »

Oct 7, 2019, 9:20 AM

Extinction Rebellion begins blockades in Berlin, occupies central traffic junctions
#Climate & CO2    #Society   

Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion have begun two weeks of blockades and acts of civil disobedience by occupying two main traffic intersections in Berlin, demanding that Germany's government "tells the truth" about the threat posed by climate change. Berlin authorities have said they will tolerate protests as long these stay peaceful while a federal government representative said "dangerous" interventions in traffic are not acceptable.

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 08, 2019, 04:42:24 pm »

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 29, 2019, 10:05:37 pm »

Our newest clients: 16 young climate activists

This week, 16 young people from around the world came together to demand a livable future. Represented by Earthjustice, they brought a legal complaint to the United Nations urging world leaders to develop aggressive, comprehensive solutions to the climate crisis. Learn more about their fight.


Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 26, 2019, 11:56:18 pm »

Another Global Climate Strike Is Coming Friday. These Kids 🌟 Aren't Giving Up. 
Source: Vox

Another youth-led climate strike is planned for Friday, September 27, a week after organizers rallied more than 4 million people across more than 150 countries into the streets in a strike to demand action on climate change.

Last week’s strike was intended to pressure world leaders headed to the United Nations Climate Action Summit on Monday, a meeting convened to encourage more ambitious climate commitments. Youth activist Greta Thunberg, who began striking alone outside Swedish Parliament in August 2018, opened the summit admonishing world leaders for failing to do enough to limit climate change.

“My message is that we’ll be watching you,” she said. “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.”

While 67 countries this week indicated their intention to enhance their commitments to climate action under the Paris climate accord by the end of 2020, the summit failed to deliver big commitments to limit greenhouse gas emissions from the world’s largest emitters: China, the United States, and India.

Read more: https://www.vox.com/2019/9/26/20885295/greta-thunberg-climate-strike

Greta Thunberg is targeting the airlines with this strike. Youth activists didn’t get all of the results they wanted from the UN Climate Summit, but the event showed they changed the conversation around climate change on the international stage. Such an event would not have happened without pressure from young people global leaders recognized.

France's President Macron noted, “Each week for months and months now we’ve had young people speak,” “I think they’ve identified an absolute urgency that we have to respond to here.”

Youth and other campaigners are planning to keep up the activity and continue weekly strikes. Dozens of events are planned around the world. In Italy, the education minister Lorenzo Fioramonti wrote on Facebook that he invites students and families to participate in the strike there. In Washington, DC, activists may try to impact traffic in the morning by blocking key intersections, as they did on Monday.
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 24, 2019, 04:51:25 pm »

Greta RULES! 👍👍👍

Most teachers, particularly those teaching science, fully support Greta's call to action.

This man exemplifies the support that Greta has all over the world:

"The old frameworks for what is reasonable, they don’t apply anymore. That’s due to the scientific reality of climate change. Moderate, incremental policy is incompatible with a livable planet in the future. But also because the neoliberal project has been so delegitimized, people are looking for an alternative to that. And their eyes are going to find it in a sea of white nationalism and retrenching fascism or they’re going to find it in a vision of a better world, a more just world where everyone takes care of each other. So we should all organize and fight for that better world." -- Isaac Larkin, a 27-year-old molecular biology PhD student from Northwestern University

André Balsa
The very exact problem with climate change is the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, and the solution is not in the hands of individuals but in government policies that will drive systemic changes on a global scale.

Hence Greta Thunberg is 100% correct in blaming politicians for procrastinating for decades on implementing such policies.

Just as a reminder, on a global scale we still subsidize fossil fuels to the tune of $500~600 billion per year.

Brooks Bridges
Just watched her entire speech. First time I've seen her get angry. Powerful, moving and sad.

I've kept up with the science for years and her statements about the science are totally accurate.

A lot more kids will be waking up from now on and getting angry at the "adults" who destroyed their world. Greta is just the beginning - and a fuse lighting a power keg of justifiable resentment and disgust.

By The Conversation Sep. 21, 2019 07:00AM EST


I asked the children to personify climate change — to see it as an animal and give it a voice. If climate change could talk, what would it say? I hoped that by externalizing that voice, they could talk more honestly than they otherwise would. Even so, I wasn't fully prepared for their responses.

You created me, and now you must face the consequences… You spoilt the planet for the children and animals, now I'm going to spoil it for you… Adults have made the world a worse place, so now I'm here for revenge.

Anger was the most common emotion that surfaced with this technique. These complicated emotions about climate change — perhaps difficult to express or articulate in conversation — surprised me, but they probably shouldn't have. Given the severity of climate change and biodiversity loss predicted in their lifetimes, anger seems appropriate.

read more:

Marc Dorwit
nobel peace prize? She sounds like the doctor in the movie cassandra crossing (which is currently free on you tube), that is meant as a complement.

I attended the new york demonstration, i was impressed by the high school students, so well behaved, talking about current events, properly dressed, and i did not see any of them smoking anything, what a difference from when i went to high school in the 80's. To be surrounded by so many high school kids and not feel threatened was quite an experience. The crowd was huge, estimates were between 60,000 to as much as a quarter million, this was on a friday, not a weekend. The organizers had only planned for 5,000 people. The repo's and capitalists have a lot to worry about with this young generation, and we have good reason to be optimistic for america's future.

She's not only heroic but brilliant. There is no attack surface for psychopaths like Trump. "You should be in school!" Greta: "I"d much rather be in school". "You have Asperger's, weirdo!" Greta: "That's why I can see straight." "Where is your plan?" Greta: "That's your job, not ours."

A great inspiration. I think a tidal wave of change is beginning and if people like Trump continue to try to block the doors and exits, they will be swept away, and deservedly so.

Read more GREAT comments (and some fossil fueler troll takedowns too ;D):


Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 24, 2019, 01:32:07 pm »

Greta GLARES at Hydrocarbon 🦖 Hellspawn Trump  at UN on September 23, 2019.

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 23, 2019, 04:47:14 pm »

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 19, 2019, 10:25:02 pm »

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 17, 2019, 05:58:19 pm »

1,092 views•Published on Sep 16, 2019

Black Bear News
2.41K subscribers

Friday Gas Strike

Massive Strike Hits General Motors As 46,000 Workers Walk Off

Australia launches emergency relocation of fish as largest river system faces collapse

Australian towns could run out of water by Christmas as drought drags on

Twitter @BlackBearNews1

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Category People & Blogs
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 16, 2019, 06:59:07 pm »

Make Nexus Hot News part of your morning: click here to subscribe.

September 16, 2019

The Kids Are Rising

Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg led around 1,500 youth climate protesters in a demonstration outside the White House Friday, the latest Fridays for Future climate strike that began more than a year ago with Thunberg protesting alone outside the Swedish Parliament.

Last week's protest comes as a preview of the country- and worldwide planned walkout on September 20, three days before the UN Climate Summit begins in New York City. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said last week that the Department of Education will excuse children who decide to skip school next Friday for the climate strike.

Since arriving in New York last month following a two-week transatlantic boat journey, Thunberg has appeared on multiple news outlets, including an interview with The Daily Show's Trevor Noah. "It feels like many people are debating about the climate crisis, which they are doing everywhere," Thunberg told the Washington Post in an interview ahead of Friday's protest. "But here , it’s like they even doubt facts."

Full Newsletter:

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 07, 2019, 07:25:24 pm »

San Quentin State Prison's death row on August 15, 2016, in San Quentin, California. JUSTIN SULLIVAN / GETTY IMAGES

BY Laura Flanders, Truthout

PUBLISHED September 6, 2019


The U.S. is the world’s leader in incarceration. We’ve read about the atrocities that continue to take place in prisons and as a result of being imprisoned. There has been some progress, a growing movement to abolish prisons and jails. But how and where would we even begin to dismantle this enormous so-called prison-industrial complex, and what are the real solutions that encompass the needs of the vast and diverse communities that have already been harmed?

Full video and transcript:

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 06, 2019, 04:40:42 pm »


Friday, September 6, 2019

Business as usual is what's doing us in.

We live on a planet that finds itself rather suddenly in the midst of an enormous physical crisis. Because we burn so much coal and gas and oil, the atmosphere of our world is changing rapidly, and that atmospheric change is producing record heat. July was the hottest month we've ever recorded. Scientists predict with confidence that we stand on the edge of the sixth great extinction event of the last billion years. People are dying in large numbers and being left homeless; millions are already on the move because they have no choice.
Their logic was impeccable: If the institutions of our planet can't be bothered to prepare for a world we can live in, why must we spend years preparing ourselves? If you break the social contract, why are we bound by it?

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 05, 2019, 03:08:17 pm »

Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives in NYC to Fight “Biggest Crisis Humanity Has Ever Faced”

Democracy Now!

Published on Aug 29, 2019

Following weeks of anticipation, Swedish climate justice activist Greta Thunberg arrived on the shores of Lower Manhattan Wednesday afternoon after a 15-day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in an emissions-free yacht. She was welcomed on land by hundreds of supporters at the North Cove Marina. As Thunberg’s yacht sailed over the horizon and past the Statue of Liberty, youth climate activists chanted The sea levels are rising, and so are we!and “We are unstoppable! Another world is possible!”

The 16-year-old climate activist is kickstarting a months-long tour of the Americas. For her first action, she will be joining New York students climate-striking outside the U.N. Friday morning. She will then take to the streets for a massive climate march in New York City on September 20, followed by two U.N. climate summits here. In December, she will attend the COP25 climate summit in Santiago, Chile. We hear highlights of Greta’s first speech and news conference upon arriving in New York City and speak to her father Svante, as well as New York youth climate activists Alexandria Villaseñor and Xiye Bastida.


Democracy Now! is an independent global news hour that airs on nearly 1,400 TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch our livestream 8-9AM ET: https://democracynow.org

Please consider supporting independent media by making a donation to Democracy Now! today: https://democracynow.org/donate

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Category News & Politics

Greta Thunberg crossed the Atlantic in the above Clean Energy powered yacht
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 19, 2019, 05:31:04 pm »


The World According to George Galloway

This article’s (lightly edited) interview with George Galloway may be seen on video by clicking here.

LONDON—There are few politicians in Britain who are attacked by the courtiers in the press and the mandarins in power more ferociously than George Galloway, a former member of Parliament and an icon of the left. They routinely shower him with insults and accusations. This is because there are few politicians willing to as ferociously name and condemn the crimes and injustices carried out by the American and British governments. He has for many years unequivocally stood up to defend the human rights of Palestinians, thundered against Israeli war crimes and demanded justice, leading him to be attacked as an anti-Semite. He has long opposed the Western sanctions and the endless wars in the Middle East, generating charges that he is a defender of terrorists. He has steadfastly raised his voice on behalf of those persecuted by the American government, including WikiLeaks Publisher Julian Assange.

The Economist once described Galloway, who spent more than 25 years in Parliament, as “the hate figure for the British establishment,” which, given who constitutes the establishment, is the highest of compliments.

I interviewed Galloway in London.

Chris Hedges: Let’s begin with this strange political moment—the rise of figures like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, a very Trump-like figure, perhaps a smarter version of Trump. How did we get here? From the start of your political career, you spoke out on behalf of the working class, how it was being attacked through neoliberalism, which corrupted the Labour Party the same way it did the Democratic Party in the United States.

George Galloway: Ontology is important. We need to define what is right-wing and what is populist. Some of the appeal of Trump, of Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party in Britain, is the very non-right-wingness. The apparent standing up for the little man, standing up for the worker against big business, against the bankers and the establishment—Trump played that card very well in the Rust Belt of the United States. Nigel Farage played it very cannily in similar places in the Brexit referendum in Britain. The support they garnered was not in fact right-wing, but left-wing. It was an anti-capitalist critique of the kind of finance capitalist model that has beggared millions of people and whole areas of your country and mine. When they say populist, I wonder if they really mean popular. I am attacked as a left-wing populist. But what does that actually mean?

My politics have not changed—perhaps this is a condemnation of me—not a single inch from my teenage years. I stand at exactly the same place. It’s everyone else that moved around me. Insofar as the kind of politics and approach and style that I’m employing are popular, that’s what drives the prevailing orthodoxy crazy. Dr. Johnson, a great Englishman of letters, said, ‘The grimmest dictatorship of them all was the dictatorship of the prevailing orthodoxy.’ I stand up against that from my political standpoint. So does Farage. So, to an extent, does Trump.

Now we come to the ontology of what you call the resistance. The **** hats and the achingly liberal resistance to Donald Trump leaves me entirely cold. I know they would not be out there protesting worst crimes that the Clinton crime family and the crooner Obama would and did commit. It’s the vulgarness, the brashness, the ugliness of Trump they oppose. But Trump is just American imperialism without the lipstick. Hillary would have had the lipstick. But the crimes would have been the same—arguably much worse.

CH: Figures like Trump and Boris Johnson are con artists. They are using the issues you spent your political career actually fighting for. …

GG: Certainly Boris Johnson. Beyond the mop of blond hair and the rancid morals, I don’t think there’s that much to compare between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. Boris Johnson is unequivocally a character of the 1%. He was educated at Eton and Oxford. He has spent his whole life in the milieu of the ultra-rich. The real upper class. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is to some extent on the outside. He was fabulously rich, although six times bankrupt. Perhaps not as rich as he claims. He has some identification with those on the outside. Con artist, definitely. But not the same kind of con artist as Boris Johnson. I was not happy that Donald Trump became the president of the United States. But I was very happy that Hillary Clinton did not.

CH: The Clintons, like Tony Blair, betrayed their base. Obama [did so] as well. He was quite conscious of what he was doing, unlike George W. Bush.

GG: Trump is failing the people he conned. Whereas Boris Johnson won’t even try to con them. He will not pretend to the British working class that he’s in it for them. Not really.

CH: What is the attraction of figures like Johnson and Trump who turbocharge the looting and pillage by the 1% and the consolidation of power by the global oligarchic elite?

GG: The way they win power is by correctly identifying real, material, objective realities amongst the masses of the people. Trump said to the people in the so-called Rust Belt [that] it’s the Clintons, NAFTA and super-nationalism, and the finance capital model that these people represent, that have done this to you. That was a correct identification and correct analysis. The fact that he’s a creature of the same swamp, and far from draining it is filling it, only comes later. But the existence of these grievances is what the left ought to have been doing. The British Labour [Party] movement, not just in Parliament, but in a broader movement, even in trade unions, in political parties of the left, bought into neoliberalism. The failure of the Labour government of the 1970s, the rise of Thatcher Reaganomics, knocked the stuffing out of the left. They began to follow the line “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

CH: [Margaret] Thatcher reportedly said, “My greatest creation was Tony Blair.”

GG: New Labour was her greatest creation. The left went along with that. And then the collapse of the Soviet Union caused a further oceanic loss of confidence. Instead of consistently standing up for working-class interests—against corporate capitalism, against globalized capitalism, standing up for the people of your own country—they liquidated their previous existence. The working people, quite correctly, thought, “You’re no longer for me. You’re no longer part of me. You’re no longer with me.” That’s a correct identification.

Jeremy Corbyn has rowed back from that into more familiar waters. Insufficiently well, hampered massively by the Blair-ite rump. It’s not really a rump, it’s a ramp actually because it’s quite a lot of MPs whose main purpose is to sabotage him. I know these are not things that can compare across the Atlantic all that easily. But that’s what’s happened here. The working class was abandoned by social democrats. Of course, people to the right of them, these populist figures can move in and steal some of their former clothes.

CH: How do we effectively build a political movement that stymies the rise of these very frightening alt-right entities and these political figures? We’re not doing a very good job of it in the United States.

GG: Not that good here either. First, we have to correctly critique what is wrong with the approach of the alt-right populists. That is to say, not critique what is right about what they’re saying, but to say it better and more convincingly. To say to the workers in the Rust Belt in our countries, “We stand for you. We’re going to fight for you and everything that is in your interests we will support. Everything that is against your interests we will oppose. Whoever else is saying the same thing, you can believe us because we are a part of you. We are your party. We are the people who represent you on a daily basis.” Secondly, to develop an iconography, a vocabulary, that can appeal to people. If you’re waving the flag of the European Union, you will leave the working class in the north and the south, in the west, and south Wales, cold.

The people of this country identify with this country. So, you have to. If you sneer at patriotism, if you sneer at people who actually, warts and all, love their country. … John Lennon once said, “If you want a revolution, don’t go waving pictures of Chairman Mao.” He was right. Chairman Mao leaves them cold on the streets of England. You have to find the iconography, the vocabulary, that fits.

The most impressive figure of my political lifetime was Georges Marchais. He was the leader of the Communist Party of France. He talked of socialism in the colors of France. He talked of France keeping its nuclear weapons but pointing them both ways. He was a figure of the French working class. It’s no accident that as an individual he was the most popular political figure in France, left or right.

CH: Are xenophobia and Islamophobia the driving forces behind support for Brexit?

GG: If you fill the atmosphere with hatred of the Muslims as an other, to further your foreign policy abroad, you’re going to get blowback at home. If you tell everyone that one new Hitler after another—from Nasser, through Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Gadhafi, Bashar al-Assad … I’ve probably forgotten a few Hitlers on the Nile and the Euphrates—if you fill people, the atmosphere, with that kind of mentality, then how do you expect some people not to blame Abdul, who owns the news agent, or the 7-Eleven, on the corner? It’s inevitable. We predicted it. It’s come to pass.

CH: Is the resurgence of white nationalism an effective mechanism in the hands of figures like Trump and Boris Johnson? Does this divide the country and disempower socialists such as yourself?

GG: There is racism in Britain, of course; how can it be otherwise? We were the senior partner in empire for a very long time. You can’t have an empire without notions of racial superiority. How else can you justify occupying and ruling other people and their countries? You’re the father figure holding their hand until they are able to govern themselves. There is racism in Britain. But if you think Britain’s racist, you’ve never lived in France.

It is not as bad in Britain as it is elsewhere in the European Union. Similarly, there are real material reasons for racial antagonism on the part of the majority here. The British government moved a group of Islamist fanatics to Manchester who were known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. The clue was in the name. That Libyan Islamic Fighting Group were cosseted there by the British state for the day they could be sent back to fight in Libya.

One of their sons blew up a lot of our children in the Manchester Arena not that long ago at an Ariana Grande pop concert. It’s legitimate to hate the people who did that. It’s not racist to hate the people who murdered people on this very bridge. [He motioned toward London Bridge.] [Who] cut their throats, drove cars into them. It’s not racist to hate them. If you claim it is, you are actually helping the racists. The existence of an element of Islamist fanaticism on the edges of the Muslim community here in Britain or anywhere in the world should be attacked as ruthlessly by the left as it is for opportunistic reasons by the right.

This is a mistake the left has made. I always say to people, “Never confuse me with a liberal.” I’m not a liberal. I’m actually quite ill-liberal in many regards. I’m a socialist, not a liberal; that’s a different thing. Never get caught seeming to support extremism amongst sections of the community. Be as ruthless. If I was the mayor of London, I’d be hunting down al-Qaida. I’d be out there in a high-vis vest with the police in the mornings, raiding their houses. Whereas quite often, the so-called left looks like they care more about the criminal than the victim. They care more about the human rights of the terrorists than the victim of the terrorist. So, we have to be much smarter.

CH: I have interviewed members of al-Qaida and Islamic Jihad. These figures do not come out of religious households. They came out of petty crime, sometimes more than petty crime, drug addiction.

GG: Sri Lanka is the first time one of these suicide mass murderers came from families that were actually religious and not petty criminals. So, that’s undoubtedly true. But it’s not to say they don’t exist. They exist. They are a Siren on the rocks, seeking to lure young Muslims onto those rocks of extremism and a cult of death. We have to call them out. We have to struggle against it. It can’t only be solved by the military, the police and legal action. It’s necessary but not sufficient.

CH: The North African immigrants that live in banlieues outside of Paris have no jobs. They live in appalling conditions. The racism, as you pointed out, in France runs very deep. They are segregated from most French people. They are not considered—although they may have lived in France since they were 2—to be French by the French. They go back to Tunisia and they’re not considered Tunisian. There’s a loss of identity, a loss of work. These are the contributing factors, which gets back to the reconfigurations of these economies by neoliberalism, which cast aside not just immigrants but huge sections of the working class and working poor as human refuse.

GG: Exactly. I’ve just been writing for my website about the BBC series “The Looming Tower.” We contributed to the rise of this fanaticism in three ways. The first one you just mentioned. The second is by endlessly supporting by all means corrupt dictators, medieval kingdoms, leaving the people of these Muslim countries bereft of any other path out of their misery. Thirdly, by directly assisting al-Qaida and ISIS in Iraq, in Syria. We provided funding, weapons, propaganda and other material on the principle that my enemy’s enemy is my friend. So, if an Islamist fanatic is blowing himself up in the Caucasus, in Chechnya, that’s fine. We’ll help him. We’ll talk about his human rights. But if he’s running on the bridge in London cutting people’s throats, we’ll describe him in quite different terms. Thrice we have assisted the development of this fanaticism.

CH: Those of us who stand up for Palestinian rights are immediately attacked as anti-Semites. The press is an echo chamber, amplifying those attacks. Does Israel have a lock on Britain as they do in the United States?

GG: It doesn’t. But it has a bigger lock than I imagined. The last four years of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party, the success by which they have done that, the scale of which they have done that, shows they do have a bigger lock than I thought. Not even in Israel does this Zionist movement have a bigger lock than it does in the United States. Nothing compares to that.

It’s a trick. An Israeli Cabinet minister, Shulamit Aloni, giving me dinner in her house in Tel Aviv, literally told me it was. “It’s a trick,” she said. “We always do it.” They do it because it works. If someone stands up for Palestinian rights, the first default position is to call them an anti-Semite. The fact that someone like me [is attacked as an anti-Semite], with my politics, and the basis of my politics is so heavily Jewish, from Marx, through Trotsky and Chomsky. Half of the Bolshevik Party’s central committee was Jewish. According to the right wing, I am involved in a Judeo-Bolshevik conspiracy. The idea that I can be described as an anti-Semite is pitifully absurd. Ditto Jeremy Corbyn, who comes out of the same stable as me more or less. I’d like to think it doesn’t work. But to some extent it does. My wife, who is a person of color, an Indonesian woman, was abused in the street the other day as the wife of an anti-Semite, the wife of a racist. It’s absurd and effective, but less effective than it was before. If you call everybody an anti-Semite, then eventually nobody is an anti-Semite. The boy who cried wolf is a parable of note for a reason.

CH: The real anti-Semites, the Christian right of the United States, have become a political ally of Israel. It’s the equation of anti-Semitism with opposition to the government of Israel. One of the biggest racists in the Middle East is [Israeli Prime Minister] Bibi Netanyahu.

GG: There’s worse than him waiting in the wings.

CH: Where are we going? It’s a frightening direction if things don’t go right. What are the forces that frighten you? What does the left have to do?

GG: I’ll be honest, I’m not as pessimistic as you. I have faith in the people. I always have. I can only speak for my own people here. We hate fascism. We stood alone against fascism. Anyone who presents in the form of fascism will be rejected here. There’s not a single fascist counselor in Britain, not a single fascist MP in Britain. There never will be. Fascists are counted in the hundreds, not in the millions, like they are in many European countries. They are in almost every parliament in Europe. They’re in many governments in Europe. But they never will be here.

I believe in the chaos of the British political scene at the moment. It’s perfectly possible that the Labour Party could be the next government. Maybe soon. Parliament is in complete chaos over the Brexit issue. It’s one of the reasons I supported Brexit. But not the main reason. Out of that chaos, it may welcome a Jeremy Corbyn-led government. As someone who has known Corbyn well for 40 years, I can hardly believe I’m saying those words.

Chris Hedges

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Resistance in Honduras Marches on as Political Prisoner Is Released on Bail 👍


Released last week on bail and facing trial proceedings today, Honduran political prisoner Edwin Espinal tells Truthout that while he will continue to resist the administration of Juan Orlando Hernández, human rights defenders must focus on dismantling the systems of oppression the regime installed.

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Protesters Crash 🦕🦖 ALEC 😈 Conference to Resist Bill Criminalizing Pipeline Activists


A group of protesters with the Austin chapter of Extinction Rebellion were briefly detained Thursday after disrupting a private meeting at the American Legislative Exchange Council’s annual conference to protest the organization’s role in developing a “critical infrastructure” bill that charges those who damage or disrupt operations of oil and gas facilities with a felony.

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AUG 12, 2019 NEWS

Bernie Sanders Is Acing the Electability Test

By Jake Johnson — SurveyUSA has him trouncing 🦀 Donald Trump by eight points, the 15th consecutive poll in which the Vermont senator tops the president.

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AUG 07, 2019

By Aviva Chomsky 👍 / TomDispatch

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Morning Joe Scarborough :o hits Donald Trump where it hurts 👍

Bill Palmer | 10:10 am EDT August 7, 2019
Palmer Report » Analysis

Yesterday a political ant hill got kicked over when Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro tweeted the names and occupations of some of Donald Trump’s biggest donors – information which was already publicly available on the FEC website. Republicans tried to claim that Castro was somehow “doxxing” or “harassing” Trump’s donors.

“Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough of all people ended up stepping in as the voice of reason. He tweeted this about Donald Trump’s donors:   “If your business funds Trump’s campaign, then you are supporting white supremacy. Full stop. Look at his rallies. Listen to the chants of “Send her back!”Hear the calls of “Shoot them!” Your money funds that. Your business supports that. You are complicit.”

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy made a series of false accusations about Joaquin Castro over the incident. Castro fiercely fired back. But it was once again Joe Scarborough who stomped all over McCarthy’s disingenuousness, firing off this missive at him: “This is such bullshit coming from a man who says NOTHING when Trump laughs at supporters who shout for the shooting of immigrants or engage in fascist chants to “send her back”. Nobody is being targeted. Even you know that ALL donations to presidents become public record.”

So there you have it. Joe Scarborough, a former Republican member of the House, now finds himself defending a House Democrat against dishonest attacks from the leader of the House Republicans. It’s a reminder that the GOP simply has no leadership, and no honesty, these days. What stands out here is that by helping Castro to humiliate Trump’s donors, Morning Joe is hitting Donald Trump where it hurts: in the wallet.

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Historically, meta-narratives and images of fear have helped sustain the island’s colonial condition — fear that was instigated by the federal and local governing bodies toward pro-independence and socialist movements of the 20th century, fear of communism during the Cold War, and fear and doubt toward free determination and self-governance. This was all done in order for the governing elite to remain in power — until now.
el Rey Charlie riding with his cavalry

Rejecting Politics of Fear, Marginalized Puerto Ricans Led the Uprising 👍


The uprising in Puerto Rico was unprecedented in its creation of a new visual language of protest based on those same marginalized groups of Puerto Ricans historically oppressed and reviled by a heteronormative and elitist colonial culture. The creative and performative nature of the uprising helped sustain its momentum and is now being used to call for a more radical transformation of Puerto Rico's political, economic and cultural framework.

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CNN 😈 Tried to Derail Sanders and Warren Last Night. It Failed.

Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren greet each other at the start of the Democratic presidential debate at the Fox Theatre on July 30, 2019, in Detroit, Michigan.JUSTIN SULLIVAN / GETTY IMAGES


Tuesday night's Democratic debate was a CNN-engineered center-right ambush of Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren that was so ham-fisted in its conception and execution, it could have been drawn up by Donald 🦀 Trump himself. It did not work out the way CNN hoped.

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July 30, 2019

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The impeachment process against Donald Trump just took a swift Sunday evening turn 

Bill Palmer | 9:15 pm EDT July 28, 2019
Palmer Report » Analysis

On Friday afternoon, the House Judiciary Committee used a court filing to open a low-key but definitive impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. Since that time, Trump has been on an endless racist tirade in the hope of distracting the media and the public from the fact that the impeachment process against him has begun. But on Sunday evening, the process took a swift turn.

Democratic Congressman Denny Heck made this announcement on Sunday: “After considerable reflection and prayerful consideration, I have decided to support a formal impeachment inquiry.” But he wasn’t the only one. In a span of twenty minutes, Democratic Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, Democratic Congressman Derek Kilmer, and Democratic Congresswoman Kim Schrier each separately called for impeachment.

Not only has the number of House Democrats calling for impeachment soared past the one hundred mark, these calls are now happening at a rapidly accelerating rate.    It’s clear that the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment inquiry has opened the floodgates for those House Democrats who have been wanting to call for impeachment, but who have been waiting for the appropriate time.

Moreover, these new calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment came in the midst of his thirty-six hour long racist tirade against Congressman Elijah Cummings and the city of Baltimore. Trump is displaying the kind of erratic, unhinged, and deranged behavior that one might expect from a cartoon villain out of a poorly written movie, not the Oval Office. Momentum for impeachment is now picking up rapidly, and it’s more clear than ever that it’ll end up happening.

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Agelbert WARNING: Trump will try a 'Wag the Dog' false flag attack distraction when he feels sufficently cornered. He HAS TO BE EVICTED from the White House before he can perpetrate a false flage attack horror!  

When cornered, the White House RAT will become even more of a threat to National Security.

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