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Topic Summary

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: February 25, 2018, 08:54:50 pm »


February 23, 2018

Former CIA Director 🐲 Admits to US Foreign Meddling, Laughs About It

The U.S. government has overthrown dozens of governments and rigged numerous foreign elections, and former CIA Director James Woolsey finds this funny - Ben Norton reports

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: February 25, 2018, 08:40:59 pm »


January 13, 2016

The History of the 2nd Amendment

TRNN Replay: Historian Gerald Horne tracks the evolution of the gun debate starting from slavery during the country's founding, the post-Civil War reconstruction in the south, and through today's era of mass incarceration


Posted by: AGelbert
« on: February 22, 2018, 09:24:32 pm »

Peter Kuznick: Three False Myths Americans Believe

Regis Tremblay

Published on May 22, 2016

American University professor, Peter Kuznick, destroys the WWII myths that have underscored US foreign policy since 1945. Peter co-authored The Untold History of the United States with Oliver Stone. The book and a ten part film series are available from Amazon.
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: February 21, 2018, 06:43:35 pm »

Learn about NRA Hypocrisy and also the REAL HISTORY of How and Why the Second Amendment was Added to the Constitution

Feb. 20, 2018 3:30 pm

By Thom Hartmann

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: February 20, 2018, 08:35:08 pm »

Chris Hedges and Sheldon Wolin: Can Capitalism and Democracy Coexist?
 Full Version


Peter Shev

Published on Nov 20, 2014

Journalist Chris Hedges interviews political philosopher Sheldon Wolin, who says democracy requires continuous opposition and vigilance by the citizenry.
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:42:56 pm »

Do you know who Judith Miller is? You should. She helped Bush steal 3 Trillion Dollars from we-the-people (US War Crime in Iraq) with daily LIES in the New York Times. Learn more about how you are being lied to for cruelty 🐉 and exploitation 🦖 for Empire 🦀 in this talk by Chris Hedges.

Shutdown Your Electronic Hallucinations, Chris Hedges Empire Of Illusion



Published on Nov 1, 2017
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:00:54 am »


American History for Truthdiggers: Original Sin

The swampy environs of Jamestown, Virginia, claim the life of another 17th-century English settler in this painting by National Park Service artist Sydney King. (National Park Service / Public Domain) (at artcile link)

Truthdig editor’s note: The past is prologue. The stories we tell about ourselves and our forebears inform the sort of country we think we are and help determine public policy. As our current president promises to “Make America great again,” this moment is an appropriate time to reconsider our past, look back at various eras of United States history and re-evaluate America’s origins. When, exactly, were we “great”?

The “American History for Truthdiggers” series, which begins with the installment below, is a pull-no-punches appraisal of our shared, if flawed, past. The author of the series, Danny Sjursen, an active-duty major in the U.S. Army, served military tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and taught the nation’s checkered, often inspiring past when he was an assistant professor of history at West Point. His wartime experiences, his scholarship, his skill as a writer and his patriotism illuminate these Truthdig posts.

American Slavery, American Freedom (Colonial Virginia 1607-1676)

Origins matter. Every nation-state has an origin myth, a comforting tale of trials, tribulations and triumphs that form the foundation of “imagined communities.” The United States of America—a self-proclaimed “indispensable nation”—is as prone to exaggerated origin myths as any society in human history. Most of us are familiar with the popular American origin story: Our forefathers, a collection of hardy, pious pioneers, escaped religious persecution in England and founded a “new world”—a shining beacon in a virgin land. Of course, that story, however flawed, refers to the Pilgrims, and Massachusetts, circa 1620. But that’s not the true starting point for English-speaking society in North America.

The first permanent colony was in Virginia, at Jamestown, beginning in 1607. Why, then, do our young students dress in black buckle-top hats and re-create Thanksgiving each year? Where is the commemoration of Jamestown and our earliest American forebears? The omission itself tells a story, that of a chosen, comforting narrative (the legend of the Pilgrims), and the whitewashing of a murkier past along the James River.

The truth is, the United States descends from both origins—Massachusetts and Virginia—and carries the legacy of each into the 21st century. So why do we focus on the Pilgrims and sideline Virginia? A fresh look may help explain.

The Age of ‘Discovery’

When it comes to history—like any story—the starting point is itself informative. I taught freshman history at West Point, a far more progressive and thoughtful school than many readers probably imagine. Nonetheless, with cadets required to take only one semester of U.S. history, we had just 40 lessons to illuminate the American past. So where to start? The official answer—as in so many standard history courses—was Jamestown, Virginia, 1607.

Read more:

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: January 31, 2018, 08:20:59 pm »

January 29, 2018

Undoing the New Deal: Eisenhower Builds an Arsenal of Nuclear Weapons and a Cabinet of Millionaires 🐉 🦕 🦖 (pt7)

Historian Peter Kuznick says that in spite of his famous warning, Eisenhower can be called the father of the industrial-military complex; when he takes office, the U.S. has a 1,000 nuclear weapons, when he leaves, it's 22,000 - with host Paul Jay

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:52:30 pm »

The Truth Of The Wounded Knee Massacre Of December 29th 1890

Interesting. In a parallel universe, I am re-reading Evan Connell's masterful "Son of the Morning Star," a biographer of Custer and many of his contemporaries, including Sitting Bull. The proximate cause of Little Bighorn was the discovery of gold in the Black Hills, so, of course, the Sioux had to go. As well as the buffalo, for the railroads. Reading excerpts from newspapers of that time calling for a war of extermination on "Lo" (as in "Lo, the noble savage...") is eerily familiar.
Remember how while Americans were horrified when Rap Brown said, "Violence is as American as cherry pie?"

I didn't know about the discovery of gold in the Black Hills triggering the Little Bighorn, but I am not surprised. Americans were, and still are, quite willing to wipe an entire people or culture out, if they are told said culture or people is in the way of "progress". Many will claim that is not so. They are deluding themselves.

Over the years I have tried to figure out how and when this happened, beyond the normal tendency of the average human being to engage in murder and mayhem if the the government backs it, of course. For example, Americans were quite willing to slaughter each other during the Civil War. Who were these people? They were mostly peaceful farmers who used rifles to to protect their property and to occasionally hunt.

After the Civil War, the NEXT big war changed the American soldier's character for good (i.e. for REALLY BAD!). The Spanish American War, though small and insignificant compared with WWI, played a singular role in brutalizing the averge male American far beyond the experience of warring Native Americans or fellow Americans in the Civil War.

In the Philippines, the concentration camp slow torture and deliberate selective murder of unarmed relatives (women and children) was perfected for the purpose of getting the "insurgents" to surrender, at which time they were double crossed and mostly killed too. The "patriotic" murder of people outside our country, who looked a little different, then became part of the mindset of the average male American. If the soldier wasn't racist before he went into the military, he became a racist while there.

By the time the really big wars came along, even the "Geneva Convention", that happened somewhere along the way to our present murdering madness, did little or nothing to stop routine massacres and torture and murder of unarmed prisoners just for the hell of it.

Remember the Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan around 2003 that, after they had murdered women "accidentally", went through the "trouble" of extracting the bullets from the bodies so that American ordnance would not be found in the victims? You know, you have to have sunk to a completely monstrous level of empathy deficit disordered cold logic to even contemplate such a monstrous act. Yet these well trained elite American forces did it without batting an eye. I will never thank them for that "service".

Several generations of war and media approved racism of the "other" have made most American males into the most bellicose, morally depraved, unrepentant, history challenged, might is right believing killing machines in the history of the world. The rest of the nations of the world are well advised to fear us. Trump or no Trump, this country's soldiers are second only to Catastrophic Climate Change as an extinction threat to humanity.
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: January 05, 2018, 09:16:02 pm »

The Truth Of The Wounded Knee Massacre Of December 29th 1890

Thom tells us the story of Wounded Knee on it's anniversary, what really happened over 126 years ago.

Thom Hartmann Dec. 29, 2017 3:00 pm
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: December 29, 2017, 07:41:17 pm »

Historian Peter Kuznick: Three False Myths Americans Believe


Regis Tremblay

Published on May 22, 2016

American University professor, Peter Kuznick, destroys the WWII myths that have underscored US foreign policy since 1945. Peter co-authored The Untold History of the United States with Oliver Stone. The book and a ten part film series are available from Amazon.
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: December 20, 2017, 09:12:35 pm »


December 20, 2017

Undoing the New Deal: Clinton Rolled Back the Deal, Obama Blew a FDR Moment (pt6)

Historian Gerald Horne says that President Clinton's "reforms" were a staggering blow to the social safety net; President Obama had a rare political moment where he could have created a modern New Deal, but he wouldn't do it


Posted by: AGelbert
« on: December 20, 2017, 08:30:33 pm »

  December 18, 2017

Undoing the New Deal: African-Americans, Racism and the FDR/Johnson Reforms (Pt5)

Historian Gerald Horne says that to pass the New Deal legislation, FDR allowed discriminatory practices to appease the racist Dixiecrat section of the Democratic Party; the reforms of the 60's that responded to the upsurge of the civil rights movement helped Black Americans, but have been undone by Democratic and Repubican administratons since - with host Paul Jay


Posted by: AGelbert
« on: December 14, 2017, 09:32:10 pm »

December 14, 2017

Undoing the New Deal: Truman Embraces the Cold War (pt4)

Historian Peter Kuznick says that while Truman supported the New Deal, he paved the way for its undoing by fueling the anti-communist, anti-socialist fervor which played into the hands of the right; with host Paul Jay

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: December 10, 2017, 09:27:30 pm »


Undoing the New Deal: Roosevelt Created A Social Safety Net, Not Socialism (pt3)


Published on Dec 9, 2017

Historian Peter Kuznick says the New Deal created necessary programs and regulations that mitigated the effects of the Great Depression, but he wouldn’t nationalize the banks or challenge private ownership.
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: December 09, 2017, 08:21:20 pm »

December 7, 2017

Undoing the New Deal: Truman's Cold War Buries Wallace and the Left

Historian Peter Kuznick says Truman bought into the Republican's post-WWII campaign against Russia and used the hysteria to purge the Democratic Party and defeat former VP Henry Wallace in the '48 Presidential election; with host Paul Jay

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: December 04, 2017, 02:42:59 pm »

December 4, 2017

Undoing New Deal: The 1944 Coup Against VP Henry Wallace

Historian Peter Kuznick and Paul Jay discuss the historical context of the fight between the Sanders' progressive wing against the oligarchy within the Democratic Party; the overthrow of Vice President Wallace by an alliance of party bosses and Southern racists was a turning point in the decades long process to roll back the New Deal


Agelbert NOTE: Henry Wallace knew what was coming and did his best to prevent it. That is why the Traitorous American Fascists took him down. The Fascist Representatives of Wall Street then began their march to total Fascism in the USA. We are there. 

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: November 27, 2017, 08:53:24 pm »

July 6, 2015

Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt - Chris Hedges on RAI (1/3)

On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges discusses his new book with Paul Jay. In part one, they focus on the revolutionary significance of the life of Tom Paine, a man who understood the moral imperative of revolt and was willing to pay the price.

July 7, 2015

Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt - Chris Hedges on RAI (2/3)

On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss Ferguson, Baltimore and the need to build a movement with candidates that targets white supremacy and corporate capitalism

July 8, 2015

Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt - Chris Hedges on RAI (3/3)

On Reality Asserts Itself, Chris Hedges and Paul Jay discuss the Bernie Sanders campaign and the role of violence in revolution

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 30, 2017, 02:10:08 pm »

Inventing Saladin: The Role of the Saladin Legend in European Culture and Identity


By Brian C. David
MA Thesis, James Madison University, 2017

Possible portrait of Saladin, from a manuscript copy of ‘Kitab fi ma’arifat al-hiyal al-handisaya’, written and illustrated A.D. 1354, Collection Freer Gallery of Art, Accession Number F1932.19 (at Thesis link)

Abstract: This thesis seeks to uncover and understand the strange historical journey of the Muslim Sultan Yusuf ibn Ayyub, known to the West as Saladin. The historic Saladin was a ruler famous for his successful campaigns against the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, his victory at the Battle of Hattin, and his holding action against the Third Crusade. Upon Saladin’s death in 1193, he became the subject of numerous legends, most of which describe him as a merciful, chivalric, and ideal leader of men. The epitome of what a thirteenth century European noble was supposed to be.

This thesis seek to explain how these legends helped form cultural identities, it will also show how the legends of Saladin evolved over time, through a direct comparison between the legend’s role in the thirteenth century and the twentieth century.

Further, this thesis will show how these legends, rather than being simple justifications for Saladin’s success and behavior, are in fact a vehicle which historians and writers can use to better understand English and French medieval culture, and how those two cultural groups defined themselves as societies. Despite vast cultural changes to England and France over those seven hundred years, the legends would again be used to help define the identity of those two nations.

Not only is this thesis trying to justify Saladin’s success and behavior, these later legends are deeply intertwined with justifications for imperialism and scientific racism. The unpacking of these legends will not only help the reader to better understand who Saladin truly was, but understand the culture of Europe as well.


The historians to be analyzed, such as Lane-Poole and Gibb, were heavily influenced not only by Scott, but by an imperialist worldview as well. So if there is a link between modern imperialism and romantic literature, what is imperialism?

Imperialism is defined as the extension of power and influence that one entity exerts on another.232 Modern imperialism, specifically deals with the domination of the world by European nations during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

While this domination most obviously done through military force, European imperialism employed multiple methods, from economic to social controls, to dominate huge sections of the world throughout the modern period. A major part of imperialism, and where the legends of Saladin become important, is the literature of imperialism. Literary imperialism is a grouping of ideals, attributed to Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that favor European conquest and domination of non-European nations and peoples.233

Specifically when talking about the history of modern imperialism in the Middle East, one can clearly see this domination as not just militarily and economically, but culturally as well. British and French imperialist had little respect for any of the cultures that dominated the Levant, and did not believe them incapable of governing themselves.

Thus during the 1920s, they had the League of Nations create the system of mandates, not only to draw up borders for the region, but established imperialists powers to govern those territories as well.234 This patronizing form of  domination was common, it was done in Africa and Southeast Asia as well, and shows how little imperial governments viewed the native peoples of the regions they dominated. It is in the writings of imperialists that one finds the justification for this conquest and domination, and this is the link between imperialism and literature.235 This act of justification does not necessarily have to be a conscious one; rather it is the result of education and knowledge of the day reflected in the writings of those who lived in the empire.

This truth about imperialism is what Phillip Curtin discussed in his seminal work on the subject, Imperialism (1971): That imperialism was the means by which Europeans justified the empires they conquered through new industrialized technological means. Britain and France, the subject of this thesis, had the two largest empires during the zenith of modern imperialism, and thus both benefited the most from such writings.

Click here to read this thesis from James Madison University

Agelbert NOTE: European culture has, as you will learn by reading this thesis, a LONG history of pushing propaganda justifying the brutal and murderous subjugation of people who are not Europeans (that is, when said Europeans weren't busy trying to pillage each other) by the deliberate wide dissemination of lofty, high sounding rhetoric and clever claims that they are "doing God's will".

Pro-imperialst propaganda goes way back. It was composed almost exclusively of duplicitous double talk then, and continues to be every bit as bigoted, mendacious and self serving today.

Captalism is the logical socially destructive product of the imperialist world view in that, exactly like imperialsm, it justifies plunder, abuse, cruel subjugation and murder for naked self interest with lofty, high sounding baloney rhetoric about 'freedom' and 'liberty''. The difference is that, unlike under Imperialism, under Capitalism the plundering  of ANYBODY is 'justified' by greed. 
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 23, 2017, 10:52:39 pm »

October 23, 2017

US Didn't 'Stand By' Indonesia Bloodbath - It Helped

Newly published cables detail the critical US role in the Indonesian military's genocidal campaign against communists and dissidents in 1965. We speak to scholar Brad Simpson, who oversaw the documents' publication for the National Security Archive.

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 23, 2017, 06:37:02 pm »

Inside North Korea Newest Documentary (2017)


Fact Reality

Published on Apr 25, 2017

in this documentary you get to see how north korean people really live in one of the rarest documentaries ever recorded.

Trump's War Loving Modus Operandi represents a MUCH GREATER DANGER for the USA than Kim Jung-un does, or North Korea EVER did!

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 27, 2017, 06:10:06 pm »

Have you ever spoken with Trump one on one behind closed doors?

Ron Wagner, USAF pilot in Presidential Wing at Andrews, airline pilot, aero engineer
Updated Jul 28
I was an Eastern Air Lines pilot who mostly flew the Washington-New York-Boston Shuttle.

On the way to bankruptcy they wanted to sell the famous Shuttle to Trump. Those pilots could go to the new Trump Shuttle. It seemed like my flying career would be saved by this visionary billionaire.


He met with some of us. It wasn't one-on-one, but it was behind closed doors, and in there he creeped me out. What that visionary saw in us suddenly seemed to me to be like what a boa constrictor sees when he spots prey in the jungle.

The beady eyes. The tiny mouth, which I could imagine being on unhinged jaws like a boa, that could swallow us whole.

I declined, Eastern shut down, and I never flew professionally again.


The former Eastern employees who went were all friends. They got spiffy new uniforms. The planes got spiffy new interiors and Trump paint. He said he was “going to run the Shuttle like a diamond, like an absolute diamond.” I'll always remember those words shooting out of that little round mouth.

But within two years, that entire diamond was sunk, like Rose dropping hers in the Atlantic at the end of Titanic.

Well, not quite the entire diamond: Trump took the only life boat in the form of one Boeing 727 for his personal use. He also kept something like $10–12 million personally.

Everyone else went to the bottom. 

Have you ever spoken with Trump one on one behind closed doors?


I had been a USAF pilot in the Presidential Wing at Andrews AFB in DC. Before I met Trump I had met and flown five US Presidents. It's been a little badge of honor my whole life to be able to tell people that.

And now, when I meet people I could say I've met six US Presidents.

But I still say five.


I’m sticking with five, even though one of those five was Nixon!

I flew him on his first official trip after his two-year exile. His eyes showed he was a beaten man. After that trip I always had some respect for him because—yes he made some serious mistakes—but when it came down to America or him, he took one for Team America and disappeared.

In 21st Century jargon, “Nixon threw himself under the bus.”

Trump is gladly throwing all 320 million of us under the bus as he boosts his ego and net worth. Well, not quite ALL 320 million. After all, there is that one percent of one percent that will profit from the tax cuts he wants.

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 05, 2017, 06:39:17 pm »

How Did the Royal Navy Keep up Morale during Long Voyages? ???

It’s said that Britain's Royal Navy instituted the practice of doling out a daily ration of rum as a way to fend off scurvy, a common ailment on ships because sailors didn’t have access to fresh produce and often lacked Vitamin C. However, it wasn’t the rum that helped, but the lime juice that was provided with the sailor’s daily “tot,” served every day around noon for more than two centuries. The daily rum ration finally came to an end on 31 July 1970, when the well-known call of “up spirits” could be heard during last call for the Royal Navy.

All hands on deck:

One of the reasons for ending the rum ration was that the Admiralty Board was concerned about the safety of its sailors, especially due to the introduction of technologically-advanced machinery and weaponry.

Back in 1740, concerned by the drunkenness of sailors who received half a pint of rum per day, Admiral Edward Vernon declared that the rum should be mixed with water.

In later years, sailors would check that their rum had not been watered down. They would pour some on gunpowder and light it :o    -- a practice believed to have led to the term “proof” being used to rate liquor content.

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: July 31, 2017, 07:11:11 pm »

We Haven't Had a Legitimate Republican President Since Eisenhower in the 50s, Here's Why

July 28, 2017

Thom talks about the past several republican presidents who have all essentially cheated to get into office. Also Thom covers some of the news stories of the day.
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: July 17, 2017, 08:14:36 pm »

Eugene Debs and the Kingdom of Evil

Posted on Jul 16, 2017

By Chris Hedges


This was a period in U.S. history when many American Christians were socialists.  Walter Rauschenbusch, a Christian theologian, Baptist minister and leader of the Social Gospel movement, thundered against capitalism. He defined the six pillars of the “kingdom of evil” as “religious bigotry, the combination of graft and political power, the corruption of justice, the mob spirit (being ‘the social group gone mad’) and mob action, militarism[,] and class contempt.”

Debs turned to the Bible as often to Marx, arguing “Cain was the author of the competitive theory” and the “cross of Jesus stands as its eternal denial.” Debs’ fiery speeches, replete with words like “sin” and “redemption,” were often thinly disguised sermons. He equated the crucified Christ with the abolitionist John Brown. He insisted that Jesus came “to destroy class rule and set up the common people as the sole and rightful inheritors of the earth.” “What is Socialism?” he once asked. “Merely Christianity in action.”    He was fond of quoting the poet James Russell Lowell, who writes:

He’s true to God who’s true to man;
Whenever wrong is done.
To the humblest and the weakest,
’neath the all-beholding sun.
That wrong is also done to us,
And they are slaves most base,
Whose love of right is for themselves
And not for all the race.


A great comment:   

Jed Grover

In reading "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Mullins" it highlights how the powerful bankers targeted our system of laws long ago. As I read I could see strong correlations as to how we've been manipulated into our current Orwellian sick society. "Walter Rauschenbusch defined the six pillars of the “kingdom of evil” as “religious bigotry, the combination of graft and political power, the corruption of justice, the mob spirit (being ‘the social group gone mad’) and mob action, militarism[,] and class contempt.”

Excerpted from chapter 5 "Bauer Rothschild" was only thirty years of age when he invited twelve other wealthy and influential men to meet him in Frankfurt. His purpose was to convince them that if they agreed to pool their resources they could then finance and control the World Revolutionary Movement and use it as their Manual of Action to win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and manpower of the entire world. This agreement reached, Mayer unfolded his revolutionary plan. The project would be backed by all the power that could be purchased with their pooled resources. By clever manipulation of their combined wealth it would be possible to create such adverse economic conditions that the masses would be reduced to a state bordering on starvation by unemployment... Their paid propagandists would arouse feelings of hatred and revenge against the ruling classes by exposing all real and alleged cases of extravagance, licentious conduct, injustice, oppression, and persecution. They would also invent infamies to bring into disrepute others who might, if left alone, interfere with their overall plans...

Rothschild turned to a manuscript and proceeded to read a carefully prepared plan of action. 1. He argued that LAW was FORCE only in disguise. He reasoned it was logical to conclude 'By the laws of nature right lies in force: 2. Political freedom is an idea, not a fact. In order to usurp political power all that was necessary was to preach 'Liberalism' so that the electorate, for the sake of an idea, would yield some of their power and prerogatives which the plotters could then gather into their own hands. 3. The speaker asserted that the Power of Gold had usurped the power of Liberal rulers .... He pointed out that it was immaterial to the success of his plan whether the established governments were destroyed by external or internal foes because the victor had to of necessity ask the aid of 'Capital' which 'Is entirely in our hands' 4. He argued that the use of any and all means to reach their final goal was justified on the grounds that the ruler who governed by the moral code was not a skilled politician because he left himself vulnerable and in an unstable position. 5. He asserted that 'Our right lies in force. The word RIGHT is an abstract thought and proves nothing. I find a new RIGHT... to attack by the Right of the Strong, to reconstruct all existing institutions, and to become the sovereign Lord of all those who left to us the Rights to their powers by laying them down to us in their liberalism. 6. The power of our resources must remain invisible until the very moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning or force can undermine it. He went on to outline twenty-five points. Number 8 dealt with the use of alcoholic liquors, drugs, moral corruption, and all vice to systematically corrupt youth of all nations. 9. They had the right to seize property by any means, and without hesitation, if by doing so they secured submission and sovereignty. 10. We were the first to put the slogans Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity into the mouths of the masses, which set up a new aristocracy. The qualification for this aristocracy is WEALTH which is dependent on us. 11. Wars should be directed so that the nations engaged on both sides should be further in our debt. 12. Candidates for public office should be servile and obedient to our commands, so that they may readily be used. 13. Propaganda-their combined wealth would control all outlets of public information. 14. Panics and financial depressions would ultimately result in World Government, a new order of one world government."

Interesting ..... is how this history is so well documented and how they've pulled it off right before our own eyes. Manufactured consent is an age old game. MSM sucks. I do hope that we can all unite because that is the only cure. Everyone. Sorry bout the length.

agelbert > Jed Grover

Exactly. These evil bastards plan ahead. They rig the laws and then claim they are just following the laws that "the people" voted for. Like the polluters, these Capitalist Greed balls are estopped from absolutely any claim to innocence or good will (see below).

"There is a nice legal concept called estoppel. If you argue that you didn't kill the Major in the library with the Ming vase because you were in bed with his wife, you are estopped from pleading self-defence. In the same way, polluters are estopped from arguing that they were only complying with public policy as laid down in the law, because they spent tens of millions shaping those policies and laws to their advantage." James Wimberley

VERY soon the empathy deficit disordered oligarchs destroying lives and degrading the biosphere will reach the end of their ruthless people and nature trashing spree.

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: July 01, 2017, 07:43:48 pm »

States named Sequoyah, Lincoln, Jefferson and Superior that might've been, but never came to be

In 1898, the Curtis Act abolished tribal courts and governments in the Indian Territory of Oklahoma, affecting about 90 million acres of land that Native Americans had accumulated through treaties with the U.S. government.

In response, members of the so-called "Five Civilized Tribes" -- the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Muscogee (Creek), Cherokee, and Seminole -- who had held sovereignty in the area joined forces, creating a constitution and taking steps to formally propose the creation of a state called Sequoyah to Congress.

That effort failed  :(, but at President Theodore Roosevelt’s  ;)  urging, Congress  combined the Indian Territory with the Oklahoma Territory to create Oklahoma, America’s 46th state, in 1907.   

Other would-be U.S. states:

An 1845 joint resolution by the U.S. Congress permitted as many as four new states to be carved out of the original state of Texas :o , including what might have become the state of Lincoln, located between the Rio Grande and Texas’ Colorado River .

In the early 1940s, a state called Jefferson -- made up of land carved out between California and Oregon -- was proposed by secessionists :o seeking independence.

As early as 1858, residents in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula sought to establish the state of Superior at a constitutional convention in the village of Ontonagon.

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: May 25, 2017, 03:13:10 pm »

Agelbert NOTE: The FOX "NEWS" method is exposed here by Keith Olbermann way back in 2006 when O'Reilly flipped history on its head to DEMONIZE AMERICAN TROOPS IN WWII.  THIS is how the FOX Republican Fascist Propaganda Network ended up suckering so many into voting for Trump.

[embed=640,412]<iframe width="640" height="412" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/O2KU02lsfH8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/embed]

Uploaded on Jun 2, 2006
Keith Olbermann Neuters Bill-O

Fox news Climate change coverage
A truthful image from the UCS about Media propaganda.

I agree with this take on Fox News, which has done a great deal of harm. Imho though, it started with Rush, even earlier. The popularity of these horrible people and shows says a lot about how delusional most Americans really are.

Well said. When it started has been documented. It began shortly after the Powel memo was written. The Powell memo is the root of the Orwellian mindset that takes the responsibility of the government (see U.S. Constitution capitalized Welfare clause) to provide for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness the social programs that benefit the entire populace (SS, Medicare, Anti-Trust laws, unemployment compensation, maternity leave, sick leave, LIVABLE minimum wage, progressive taxation, collective bargaining rights, etc.) as an attack (rather than the actual and proven BENEFIT that all these improvements have brought to our nation) on "business", which they cleverly give the Orwellian label of "Free Enterprise". What these fascists wanted was a government they could control to control the workers (selective law enforcement) and allow monopolies to be formed and crush all competition in order to concentrate wealth in fewer and fewer hands AND make sure the elite crooks and liars doing this nefarious nation destroying and pulverizing of individual freedom and liberty of the people have TOTAL FREEDOM TO EXPLOIT WITHOUT CONSCIENSE THE PEOPLE AND THE  PLANET.

The Capitalist Oligarchs that planned this attack on we-the-people to rip away from us all of our freedoms have pretty much succeeded.     

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Agelbert NOTE: The FOX "NEWS" method is exposed here by Keith Olbermann way back in 2006 when O'Reilly flipped history on its head to DEMONIZE AMERICAN TROOPS IN WWII.  THIS is how the  FOX Republican Fascist Propaganda Network ended up suckering so many into voting for Trump.

Uploaded on Jun 2, 2006
Keith Olbermann Neuters Bill-O

Fox news Climate change coverage
A truthful image from the UCS about Media propaganda.

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What Was the Subject of the World’s First Photographically-Illustrated Book?

English botanist Anna Atkins was the first person to publish a book illustrated with photographic images, but she didn’t use a camera. In 1843, building upon the recent discovery of cyanotype photography, she produced detailed scientific images by placing objects on light-sensitized paper and exposing them to sunlight. Her main interest at the time was algae -- in particular, seaweed -- and she made hundreds of cyanotype photograms that were contact-printed for her self-published 1843 book Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions.

Seeing nature in a different light:

•Some call Atkins the world’s first female photographer, but others dispute that accolade because she didn’t actually use a camera.

•Sir John Herschel invented the cyanotype photographic printing process in 1842. Also known as "sun prints," the process involves exposing a mixture of ammonium iron citrate and potassium ferricyanide to ultraviolet light. The exposed paper turns Prussian blue, similar to a blueprint.

Botanist Algae Scientist Anna Atkins 

•Atkins produced three volumes of Photographs of British Algae between 1843 and 1853. Only 17 copies are known to still exist.

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Was Trump's Civil War Remark Racist or Clueless?

Published on May 2, 2017

Big Picture Panel: Sam Sacks, The District Sentinel News Co-op & Bryan Pruitt, RedState. Trump gets Andrew Jackson and Civil War all wrong. Panel also looks at Trump’s strange behavior and the looming shutdown.

Agelbert NOTE: I agree with Thom that Andrew Jackson was a genocidal maniac who ignored the Supreme Court when he FORCED the Cherokees, loyal U.S. Citizens, out of Georgia at gun point (Trail of Tears). Perhaps that is why Trump admires Jackson so much.

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