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Posted by: AGelbert
« on: January 13, 2014, 07:10:03 pm »

That the Fed is a key player in Iran sanctions implementation is certainly no secret. 

The Fed has been an equal partner in levying hundreds of millions in fines against foreign banks such as R.B.S, Barclays, Standard and Chartered and H.S.B.C. which were charged with violating the Iran sanctions regime. 

Although AIPAC never mentions it, American exporters have been seriously hurt by sanctions on Iran and the punitive secondary boycott.  A coalition representing the US Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, Coalition for American Trade, the National Foreign Trade Council and others urged Congress not to enact sanctions provisions they estimated would cost  $25 billion and 210,000 American jobs.  (PDF) 

Keeping such a costly regime in place despite thawing relations and any hard evidence of an Iranian nuclear weaponization program has therefore required immense ongoing efforts by Israel lobbying groups.   

Fischer may also want to launch "exercises" to prepare the U.S. financial system for the fallout of Israeli military attacks on Iran.  :P  :o

New bills in Congress drafted by AIPAC call not only for additional sanctions aimed at thwarting a fledgling deal on Iran's nuclear program (favored 2-to-1 by Americans). AIPAC's bill forces the U.S. to "have Israel's back" in the event of a unilateral Israeli strike. 

If Israel has already decided to attack Iran, it would benefit immensely from having Fischer inside the Fed, protecting the financial flows Israel now regards as all but a birthright from its primary global underwriter.

Less well-known is the Fed's authority to authorize foreign bank acquisitions. 

Any future Israeli campaign to further entwine its banks into the U.S. financial system through acquisitions would likely find a much more welcoming regulator in Fischer.


Posted by: AGelbert
« on: January 12, 2014, 07:29:49 pm »

Here, for you readers, is a concrete example of MENS REA to look upon, both YELLEN and her ASSIGNED KEEPER  (who was the mentor of Bernanke for his doctoral thesis, by the way) FISCHER, are hell bent to destroy this country for Israel and Wall Street banking.

HOW EXACTLY does a dude that was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), when it was a COLONY and he was an integral part of colonial bull****, becomes HEAD of the Israeli Central Bank, is invited every year to the annual Federal reserve August shindig in the boonies, become the top ****ing dog in dictating who does what in financial affairs of the USA? Are you going to tell me that Obama could not have found someone else to get some post in the Federal Reserve (I guess naming him Fed Head would be too obvious and probably illegal because he is NOT a U.S. Citizen by birth although I'm sure he is playing the "dual" citizenship game that Israel fosters)?

ANYONE that thinks this we have a democracy is BAT **** CRAZY!

GO, STUDY FISCHER and you will know, in advance, all the **** that is coming down for our currency. The guy is a world class SNAKE. And he is a SMART SNAKE at that! His country is Israel and he does not give a flat **** about the USA.

Stanley Fischer, the former head of the Bank of Israel, at a press conference in Jerusalem. (Sebastian Scheiner, AP / January 30, 2013)


John D. Rockefeller resemblance to Stanley Fischer is coincidental!

BUT, perhaps it would be WISE to find out where Stanley Fischer "stands" on fossil fuels and renewable energy... I smell a Rockefeller RAT in the Federal Reserve.  :P

And every negative truth I just said about Fischer has been thought of by the propagandists so expect puff pieces coming out to cover for this Fischer Predatory Capitalist Rodent.

Dig out all the dirt on this guy and publish it here. We need to find out exactly what Dr. Strangelove Fischer is up to. What they are planning to do is NOT, IMHO, more of the same.

I think they are sweating bullets about distributed (i.e. Democratic) energy and social interconnection communication through the internet. It's HURTING the elite, centralized, top down predatory view of the "real world" mind**** they have put on humanity for the past 100 years or so.

THEY WANT TO REVERSE THE DEMOCRATIC INERTIA. I don't know how they are going to do it. Help me find out and share it here. Fischer is REALLY BAD BUSINESS FOR THE USA and the world, for that matter.

If you think I'm being hysterical, then research him and prove me wrong.

Whatever this Fischer is planning, I can assure you it will NOT be good for gold, our currency or most humans. Of course the Wall Street ****s will be bailed out AGAIN in order to destroy social security, medicare (which will impoverish the masses even more, kill democratic processes and "put the little guy back in his place"). The crisis will probably include some false flag attack on Israel by "Iran" (the Mossad and our special ops) causing a limited nuclear attack justification, scaring the rat **** out of the entire planet, and make 2008 look like a walk in the park.

You don't have to believe a thing I say. But now that you have heard my "conspiracy theory", I request that you check it out over the next year for the good of humanity.

In the depths of my soul I feel this guy Fischer IS EVIL ON STEROIDS!

Let's flush him out and spread the word. The planet you save may be your own.

AIPAC’s Fed Candidate Stanley Fischer on a Warpath Against Iran

Dual-citizen nominee's lifetime benefit to Israel comes at a heavy cost to America

by Grant Smith, December 28, 2013

A closer examination of Fischer reveals that average Americans have good reason to oppose his appointment, because his lifelong achievements for Israel have imposed high costs and few benefits to the United States while making peace more difficult to achieve.

Soon after word of his Fed nomination spread, Fischer again made uncharacteristically harsh statements about Israel at an NYU Law School forum. As reported in The Jewish Week, Fischer told the audience that Israel is not seeking peace "to the extent that it should" and that it is "divided between those who want to settle the West Bank and those who seek peace." Fischer – who had every chance to pull U.S. and Israeli financial levers that could have forced Israel out of occupied territories or forced compliance with International law – never did. Adding to suspicion that the statement was simply more empty "lip service" aimed at building popular support among Americans tired of war, was the reporter of the quote – former AIPAC lobbyist Douglas Bloomfield. In 1986 Bloomfield was grilled as a key suspect (pdf) in the 1985 FBI investigation of AIPAC for espionage during the FTA negations

If Americans were ever polled on it – and they never are – the majority who now object to increasing aid to Israel would also likely object to quasi-governmental and governmental positions being staffed by people who – by citizenship or sheer strength of identity politics – are primarily occupied with advancing Israeli interests rather than those of the United States.

It is obvious that the real reason AIPAC and its economic luminaries such as Fischer never substantiate any of the advertised benefits the U.S.-Israel "special relationship" delivers to America in return for all of the costs is simple – there simply aren’t any.

As greater numbers of Americans become aware that the entire "special relationship" framework is sustained by nothing more than Israel lobby campaign-finance and propaganda networks, the harder the lobby will have to work to forcibly wedge operatives like Fischer into positions where they can thwart growing public opposition – whether it takes the form of boycotts or grassroots opposition to the U.S. fighting more wars for Israel.

In the very short term, Americans can only fight such undue Israel lobby influence by again – like during the drive to attack Syria – staging a mass action to demand their senators reject Stanley Fischer’s nomination.


If you LIKE NUCLEAR Warfare, DO NOT SHARE THIS POST WITH ANYONE. However, if you care about our future, I suggest you pass this on to everyone you know...  8)
God help us.

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: October 15, 2013, 06:34:56 pm »

Speaking of the inability of our lawmakers to negotiate, and keep our country from becoming the largest default in history, taking that title from Nazi controlled Germany (another thing we resemble Nazi Germany in  :P) . Well, the Chinese are not sitting quietly by, watching all of this unfold.

The official state-run Chinese news agency, Xinhua, ran an editorial on Sunday titled: "A de-Americanized world". Here's a snippet, and the link to the whole story (in English). "As U.S. politicians of both political parties are still shuffling back and forth between the White House and Capitol Hill without striking a viable deal to bring normality to the body politic they brag about, it is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world."  ;D

U.S. fiscal failure warrants a de-Americanized world

Xinhua writer Liu Chang

BEIJING, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -- As U.S. politicians of both political parties are still shuffling back and forth between the White House and the Capitol Hill without striking a viable deal to bring normality to the body politic they brag about, it is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world.

Emerging from the bloodshed of the Second World War as the world's most powerful nation, the United States has since then been trying to build a global empire by imposing a postwar world order, fueling recovery in Europe, and encouraging regime-change in nations that it deems hardly Washington-friendly.

With its seemingly unrivaled economic and military might, the United States has declared that it has vital national interests to protect in nearly every corner of the globe, and been habituated to meddling in the business of other countries and regions far away from its shores.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government has gone to all lengths to appear before the world as the one that claims the moral high ground, yet covertly doing things that are as audacious as torturing prisoners of war, slaying civilians in drone attacks, and spying on world leaders.

Under what is known as the Pax-Americana, we fail to see a world where the United States is helping to defuse violence and conflicts, reduce poor and displaced population, and bring about real, lasting peace.

Moreover, instead of honoring its duties as a responsible leading power, a self-serving Washington has abused its superpower status and introduced even more chaos into the world by shifting financial risks overseas, instigating regional tensions amid territorial disputes, and fighting unwarranted wars under the cover of outright lies.

As a result, the world is still crawling its way out of an economic disaster thanks to the voracious Wall Street elites, while bombings and killings have become virtually daily routines in Iraq years after Washington claimed it has liberated its people from tyrannical rule.

Most recently, the cyclical stagnation in Washington for a viable bipartisan solution over a federal budget and an approval for raising debt ceiling has again left many nations' tremendous dollar assets in jeopardy and the international community highly agonized.

Such alarming days when the destinies of others are in the hands of a hypocritical nation have to be terminated, and a new world order should be put in place, according to which all nations, big or small, poor or rich, can have their key interests respected and protected on an equal footing.

To that end, several corner stones should be laid to underpin a de-Americanized world.

For starters, all nations need to hew to the basic principles of the international law, including respect for sovereignty, and keeping hands off domestic affairs of others.

Furthermore, the authority of the United Nations in handling global hotspot issues has to be recognized. That means no one has the right to wage any form of military action against others without a UN mandate.

Apart from that, the world's financial system also has to embrace some substantial reforms.

The developing and emerging market economies need to have more say in major international financial institutions including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, so that they could better reflect the transformations of the global economic and political landscape.

What may also be included as a key part of an effective reform is the introduction of a new international reserve currency that is to be created to replace the dominant U.S. dollar, :o  so that the international community could permanently stay away from the spillover of the intensifying domestic political turmoil in the United States.

Of course, the purpose of promoting these changes is not to completely toss the United States aside,  ;D which is also impossible. ;D  Rather, it is to encourage Washington to play a much more constructive role in addressing global affairs.

And among all options, it is suggested that the beltway politicians first begin with ending the pernicious impasse.  ;)


Oh, those oh so subtle Chinese.  ;D

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