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Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 17, 2019, 04:38:19 pm »

Robert Reich: The Real Political Battle in America
14,938 views•Published on Sep 17, 2019

Robert Reich
147K subscribers

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains why the real political battle in America isn't right and left -- it's oligarchy versus democracy.

Watch More: America Actually Has Six Political Parties ►►

Category News & Politics
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 13, 2019, 04:44:26 pm »

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 13, 2019, 04:04:07 pm »


SEPTEMBER 9, 2019 1:20PM (UTC)

Mandatory stops at Trump resorts are the tip of the iceberg. This president has been "wetting his beak" all along

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 13, 2019, 03:24:20 pm »

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 09, 2019, 12:59:04 pm »

The EPA is going full Orwell on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) 

Posted on August 27, 2019 by Roger Marks



First 20 High Priority Chemicals

EPA’s list of twenty high-priority chemicals—the same chemicals EPA identified in a March 21 notice—includes:

7 chlorinated solvents;

6 phthalates;

4 flame retardants;


A fragrance additive; and

1 polymer precursor.

Full article:

Agelbert NOTE: The current Orwellian verion of the EPA is probably the most crooked, bought and paid for, "business friendly" bunch of fascist lackeys the USA has ever been cursed with. If you think they are going to protect the public from exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer or other profitable chemical product crap produced by the chemical polluters 'R' US, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. The EPA has dragged it's fascist Trumpian feet as much as possible to delay obeying the LAW passed in 2016. It should have had that 20 chemical list produced and under scrutiny in 2017, but is just now posting a list as the deadline for the 2016 LAW requirements approaches.

Expect nothing but happy talk BULLSHIT from this 😈 EPA. >:(

The EPA will NOT limit the production of these dangerous chemicals, all of which are manfactured in the USA. >:(

The EPA will make a show of "regulating" them  , publishing rules and regulations that lack any legal teeth whatsoever.  >:(

The EPA will NOT force the polluters to label all products containing these toxic, carcinogenic chemicals with appropriate warnings. >:(

As far as product safety, We-the-people are ON OUR OWN 👀, thanks to the Fascist takeover of our government. 😟

Do your own research to protect you and yours. The government is now more of a front for liability free corporate profits from toxic products than it has ever been. 👎👎👎🤬

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 08, 2019, 05:36:20 pm »

North Carolina Did What 🐍🐊🦎🐍🐲 SCOTUS Wouldn’t – Ended 🐘   GOP Gerrymandering

September 6, 2019

A North Carolina state court panel stopped the GOP’s gerrymandering plan by ruling that the maps drawn for GOP-dominated voting districts were in violating of the state's constitution, and of the rights of North Carolina voters
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 08, 2019, 04:39:14 pm »

Truth as a Common Good with Robert Reich

University of California Television (UCTV)

Published on Apr 8, 2017

(Visit: Economist Robert Reich, the Clinton-era Labor Secretary and prominent Democratic pundit, gives a rousing talk on how the intersection of politics and economics led to the rise of Donald Trump and describes the concerns he shares with Republicans  who fear that Trump’s way of governing is harming American institutions.

Reich is the featured speaker at UC Berkeley's  Goldman School of Public Policy’s Board of Advisors Dinner held in March 2017.

 Recorded on 03/29/2017. Series: "The UC Public Policy Channel" [4/2017] [Public Affairs] [Show ID: 32116]

Category Education
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: September 06, 2019, 05:12:28 pm »

Exposing Why The News Won't Talk About Climate Change

Thom Hartmann Program
Published on Sep 4, 2019

Hurricanes are in the news a lot right now, but the media won't talk about the cause of these hurricane's power, global climate change!

So how do we get the media to report on Climate change?

Our very way of existence could depend on a media willing to report on things the 🦕🦖 Fossil Fuel industry doesn't want them to.


Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 31, 2019, 02:15:38 pm »

Is it Cynical to Believe the System is 🦕🦖💵🐉🎩🍌🏴‍☠️😈 Corrupt?

The Real News Network
Published on Aug 30, 2019

While a new poll shows most US citizens believe the political and economic system is rigged against them, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren also echo this sentiment. Some conservatives are now pushing back. But what says the evidence? Bill Black analyzes the situation

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CategoryNews & Politics

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 27, 2019, 06:16:11 pm »

Economic Update: Working Class History and the 2020 Election

Democracy At Work
Published on Aug 19, 2019

[S9 E32]  Working Class History and the 2020 Election

**We make it a point to provide the show free of ads. Please consider supporting our work. Become an EU patron on Patreon:


This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff explores the historic parallels of the U.S. working class and politics in the U.S. He begins by exploring how and why the Great Depression of the 30’s married the U.S. working class to FDR's Democratic Party and then explains how that led to both the Democratic and Republican parties becoming pro-capitalist - which has led to both parties presiding over the exponential growth of income and wealth inequalities along with the political power the richest 10% have, and exploit, over the working class in the U.S. today. Professor Wolff goes on to show that because of this, Trump landing in the White House was a result of the working class’ disgust with both parties. Professor Wolff ends with a discussion about the implications of this history for the upcoming 2020 election.

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Category News & Politics
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 26, 2019, 03:44:45 pm »

Support CleanTechnica’s work via donations on Patreon or PayPal!

Or just go buy a cool t-shirt, cup, baby outfit, bag, or hoodie.

August 26th, 2019 by Jennifer Sensiba

Speed traps are set up to collect unusual amounts of revenue by tricking motorists into violating the law. 😠
A screenshot of the map, showing how widespread the issue is, and how it’s also a bigger problem in some regions. Screenshot from

Agelbert NOTE: A fellow air traffic controller I knew had previously been a Georgia State Trooper. He explained, back in 1974, smirking frequently, how they were quite selective about who they ticketed (i.e. people of the "wrong" color and, of course, anyone, regardless of color, with out of state plates). He even said drivers would pay "extra" ;) if the trooper "allowed them" to pay the fine then and there, instead of going straight to court (Going straight to Traffic Court was a, and probabaly still is, Georgia State "policy" for all out of state ticketed folks). He said he pocketed a lot of extra money that way. He was just trying to help those drivers save some time, of course. Y'all have a nice day! I didn't bother to ask him if that was illegal. Whether it was or wasn't, the Traffic Court Judges and those clever Wynken, Blynken and Nod legislators in Georgia who crafted the "out of state" traffic fines "procedure" obviously approved of this patrolman bribe "subsidy".

I told him the only time I had driven through Georgia was at night through heavy fog. I was not stopped at any time. He said I had been lucky there was a lot of fog. I agreed.     

Selective enforcement of laws is the American way, don'tcha know? Ethics? What Ethics? 😈 We don't need no silly librul ethics in the USA... 

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 24, 2019, 09:18:38 pm »

Joseph E. Stiglitz: Many Despotic Dark Figures Today

HD | Jun 25, 2019 | 554 views | by Central European University

Nobel laureate economist Joseph E. Stiglitz was awarded the CEU Open Society Prize on June 24, 2019. We sat down with Stiglitz to discuss growing income inequality.
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 24, 2019, 07:58:52 pm »

 Get corporate money out of the DNC

Watch Tom’s speech, then share this link with someone who cares about ending corporate corruption.

As president, Tom will make sure the Democratic National Committee does not accept a dime from any corporation. If we hope to clean out the corporate corruption in Washington, how we win is just as important as winning this election.

Let’s return our party and our democracy to one that is of, by, and for the people — not corporations.

Join Tom and add your name.
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 23, 2019, 07:14:28 pm »


AUG 23, 2019, 8:00 AM


If you want to look for a precedent, examine how the U.S. 🦍forcibly annexed Hawaii.

The "vast majority" of native Hawaiians opposed U.S. annexation, but that didn't stop Hawaii from becoming "the first sovereign nation to become a casualty of America's imperial outreach." CREDIT: DE AGOSTINI PICTURE LIBRARY / GETTY

One of the most unexpected turns of Donald Trump’s presidency came this week, when revelations spilled out about the president’s serious consideration of the purchase Greenland from Denmark. According to the Washington Post, senior administration officials mulled possibly offering some $600 million in annual subsidies to the Danish territory, alongside a “large one-time payment” to Denmark for the transfer. Trump even joked about trying to swap Greenland for Puerto Rico, the latter of which remains an American territory.

The idea, at least as of right now, remains a farce, and isn’t yet a tragedy. However, there’s a clear historic legacy Trump’s tapped into — one that reaches directly into America’s Gilded Age of imperialism, buttressed by clear strains of white supremacy and neo-colonialism.

Greenland, after all, would be far from the first island acquisition Washington lawmakers havs pursued. During the 1850s, the U.S. began its run of island-based imperialism through a series of annexations of so-called Guano Islands, a series of Caribbean and Pacific outposts Washington could use to harvest guano — bird droppings — as fertilizer.

Over the years, the portfolio of islands continued to accrue. An 1899 agreement with Germany brought the American Samoa island chain to the U.S. The Spanish-American War landed the U.S. Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Guam. And while American attempts — stemming especially those based out of the slave-holding South — to annex Cuba eventually faltered, the U.S. managed to further cement its Caribbean holdings with the purchase of the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1917.

None of these holdings, of course, came with the consent of the governed. Rather, they were the fruits of agreements between Washington and Madrid, or Washington and Berlin, or Washington and Copenhagen. And that lack of consent from local populations immediately — and sometimes violently — manifested itself. The American acquisition of the Philippines, for instance, rapidly morphed into the so-called Philippine Insurrection — a Filipino war for independence, in essence. As the “most careful study” of the American-Filipino War found, “about 775,000 Filipinos died because of the war,” with Americans torturing, and setting up concentration camps for, Filipinos along the way.

This isn’t the first time concentration camps have appeared on American soil

Not that there would have been much reason to consent to American annexation at the time, after all. Puerto Ricans had to wait nearly twenty years to obtain formal American citizenship, while those in Guam — annexed to the U.S. only when Americans explained to their Spanish counterparts on the island that Washington and Madrid were, in fact, at war — had to wait over a half-century for American citizenship to finally come to them. And American Samoans are still waiting.

There’s no indication Greenlanders would be any different. With the island moving toward ever-greater autonomy from Denmark, the likely next step for Greenland would be outright independence, rather than American territorial status. As Paul Musgrave recently wrote in Foreign Policy, “Right now, there’s reason to think that Greenland may well be on a path to full independence, not simply switching one protectorate for another.” And as others have pointed, the move to sell the territory to Washington would be akin to the U.S. auctioning off, say, Texas or Arizona to the highest bidder — without residents’ consent.

The idea of "selling Greenland" makes as much sense as Trump "selling Texas" or better yet "selling Arizona" with the Hopi and Navajo nations resident there. If we deeply reject the premise of colonialism then we have to reject the language of it too. - Naunihal Singh (@naunihalpublic) August 21, 2019

Kingdom come

None of these incidents of island imperialism, though, are comparable to the egregious conquest the U.S. brought about in its best-known island annexation to date: Hawaii.

By the early 19th century, the Hawaiian kingdom was already warding off multiple Western colonizing powers, all eager to access the islands. The appeal was easy to see: Not only did Hawaii’s position in the central Pacific present an ideal location for everything from whaling ships to coaling stations, but its climate proved fruitful for a sugar industry that, in time, blossomed into one of the world’s greatest. As such, French, German, British, and Russian diplomats eyed the islands as a potential jewel in a Pacific crown.

All of these countries, it’s worth noting, recognized Hawaii as a sovereign, independent nation — as did the U.S. Lorenz Gonschor, who received his doctorate at the University of Hawaii, told ThinkProgress that dozens of countries carried on diplomatic relations with Hawaii, far outpacing other nominally independent North American regions like Texas.

Texas' independence was recognized by five others: US, UK, France, Belgium, & Netherlands. Hawaii, meanwhile, had diplomatic relations with:
— Casey Michel 🇰🇿 (@cjcmichel) January 11, 2017

Still, those diplomatic relations did little to stop the U.S. from pursuing annexation — regardless of how native Hawaiians felt. By 1887, American missionaries and businessmen had accrued sufficient power that, backed by an armed militia, they managed to force the Hawaiian monarch to rewrite the country’s constitution. The so-called “Bayonet Constitution” earned its name from the fact that the Hawaiian monarch was forced, as National Geographic wrote, to consent to the new constitution “at gunpoint.” It was, added historian Steven Hahn, a “successful coup” — one that was finalized with the “goal of annexation” in mind.

A few years later, the process continued. As the University of Hawaii’s Davianna McGregor wrote, American minister John Stevens conspired in 1893 “with a small group of non-Hawaiian residents of [Hawaii], including citizens of the United States, to overthrow the indigenous and lawful government of Hawaii.” Stevens and a U.S. naval representative sent over 160 “armed naval forces of the United States to invade the sovereign Hawaiian nation,” with the U.S. then proceeding to recognize the conspirators as Hawaii’s lawful government. The new government ignored U.S. President Grover Cleveland’s request to restore Hawaii’s monarch, Queen Liliʻuokalani, to the throne. Instead, they forced her to “sign a statement of abdication” — a statement she later renounced.

As 🦍 Teddy Roosevelt thundered, “We ought to take Hawaii, in the interests of the White race.

Shortly thereafter, a massive petition drive began circulating among native Hawaiians opposing American annexation. Thousands of native Hawaiians put their names forward resist American acquisition. As Julia Siler wrote in Lost Kingdom, her overview of the annexation, the “vast majority” of native Hawaiians signed the petition, many of them “don[ning] black armbands in protest.”

But by then, the momentum toward American annexation was impossible to slow. In Washington, annexation fever — buoyed by outright white supremacy — gripped the capital. As Teddy Roosevelt thundered, “We ought to take Hawaii, in the interests of the White race.”

In 1898, the Americans formalized their annexation of the islands, holding a formal transfer ceremony in Hawaii itself. But even that event came with clear opposition from the native population; as one observer said, the band of native Hawaiians slated to perform at the event “threw away their instruments and fled around the corner out of sight and hearing… Some wept audibly and were not ashamed.”

All told, added Siler, “1.8 million acres of land now worth billions of dollars was seized from native Hawaiians and claimed by American businessmen… Hawaiians lost their country, the first sovereign nation to become a casualty of America’s imperial outreach.” The rank imperialism behind the annexation, though, was too much for some even in Washington to stomach. As Cleveland would write, “Hawaii is ours… as I contemplate the means used to complete the outrage, I am ashamed of the whole affair.”

Back in Hawaii, the outrage was just as tangible. Yet again — in a nod to Trump’s musings about purchasing Greenland without any consent of Greenlanders — America had annexed a series of islands without bothering to ask the inhabitants for their thoughts.

Might, to Washington at least, made right. As the deposed Hawaiian queen would write, “Time may wear off the feeling of injury by and by — but my dear flag — the Hawaiian flag — that a strange flag should wave over it. May heaven look down on these [Americans responsible] and punish them for their deeds.”

Agelbert Hawaiian historical NOTE: The above article is correct, but, in regard to Hawaii, it stops at 1898. There is another, even more low down despicable bit of Imperial series of activities by the U.S. in regard to Hawaiian "statehood".

Do YOU think that Hawaiians "voted" to become a U.S. State? If you do, you are the victim of Imperial BULLSHIT. Hawaii became the 50th state on August 21 1959, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed its statehood bill.

Here's the part you did not learn in high school (OR COLLEGE!) American IMPERIAL history. The, oh, so democratic idea was that the kindly U.S. 😇 would ask the Hawaiians, in a plebiscite (i.e. a vote by voting age people living in Hawaii), if they wanted to become a State.

The REASON(S) the U.S. wanted Hawaii to become a state had everything to do with Corporate agricultural products and, of course, having a place the Japanese bombed to station a lot of warships. The Hawaiians understood that perfectly.

The average (happy talk propagandized)  person in the continental USA understood pineapples and Pearl Harbor, period. What they were given the thorough mushroom treatment about was the FACT that the governments of the world were being pressured to de-colonize. The U.S., in customary hypocritical fashion, was Johnny-on-the spot to "urge" France, England, Germany, (and so on) to "free" all their colonies in the name of "democracy" .

BUT, the very same U.S. was activly demonizing, jailing and killing pro-indepence movement supporters in Puerto Rico and Hawaii (there weren't enough people in Alaska to make much noise about independence, but the natives there did NOT want statehood - Alaskan "votes" were already rigged by big oil, so statehood there was every bit as much a done deal as it would be for Greenland, if Trump's 🦀Hydrocarbon 🦕🦖 and Mineral Mining ☠️ Havoc dream comes true.).

It just didn't look good on the world stage for the U.S. to continue lording it over Puerto Rico and Hawaii, so the old "democracy" trick was called upon. In Puerto Rico, it took the form of the "Free Associated State" (see: Colonial PIG LIPSTICK) through a "plebiscite" every now and then, of course.

In Hawaii, the U.S. was in a hurry. This is how it was done.

1. A pelbiscite was held so Hawaiians could decide if the wanted Statehood. They said .

2. Shortly thereafter, another plebiscite was held so Hawaiians could decide if the wanted Statehood. They said .

3.. Shortly thereafter, another plebiscite was held so Hawaiians could decide if the wanted Statehood. They said .

4. Shortly thereafter, another plebiscite was held so Hawaiians could decide if the wanted Statehood. They said .

5. Shortly thereafter, another plebiscite was held so Hawaiians could decide if the wanted Statehood. They said .

6. Shortly thereafter, another plebiscite was held so Hawaiians could decide if the wanted Statehood. They said  .

7. Shortly thereafter, another plebiscite was held so Hawaiians could decide if the wanted Statehood. They said .

8. Shortly thereafter, another plebiscite was held so Hawaiians could decide if the wanted Statehood. They said .

9. Shortly thereafter, another plebiscite was held so Hawaiians could decide if the wanted Statehood. They said NO.

10. Shortly thereafter, another plebiscite was held so Hawaiians could decide if the wanted Statehood. They said no.

11. Shortly thereafter, another plebiscite was held so Hawaiians could decide if the wanted Statehood. The turnout for this ELEVENTH "PLEBISCITE", which had been going down for each subsequent "plebiscite", was the lowest of all. A majority of those who voted in this one wanted statehood. "Democracy" won. The USA gracefully agreed to the "enthusiastic" request by Hawaiians to get a place on Old Glory. Colonies? What colonies?  The USA ain't got no colonies. 
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 16, 2019, 07:24:17 pm »

👹 Epstein May Be Just One Part of an Intricate Network of Sex and Power

The Real News Network

Published on Aug 15, 2019

Journalist Whitney Webb's MintPress series looks at the sordid history tying together mobsters, oligarchs, and government intelligence agencies in a web of blackmail, exploitation, and profit

Subscribe to our page and support our work at

Category News & Politics
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 14, 2019, 07:43:13 pm »

👹 Jeffery Epstein's Mysterious Suicide Raises More Questions

Thom Hartmann Program
Published on Aug 14, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein's suicide in custody is leading to many speculating that something strange happened.

Don Siegelman says that there would be nothing in the cell of Jeffrey Epstein that he could use to commit suicide. He questions why he was taken off suicide watch.

He believes that if Epstein committed suicide, it was with the complicity of ‘someone’ and that it couldn’t have happened by ‘accident’.

He also talks about Bill Barr and his opinion.

Former Governor Don Siegelman (D-AL) and former Secretary of State joined Thom.

📽️ WATCH NEXT: Congress Has a Culture of Harassment It's Bigger Than Roy Moore
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 12, 2019, 03:11:16 pm »

It is also a political strategy. One that works. It is strategy #3 (i.e. Accuse others of doing what you did and/or are doing) on the list of USA Republican political strategist 😈 Karl Rove. If you see two groups basically making the same claim, it is hard to decide who is right. That requires going into the details, investing time and most people will not do that. They will simply select the version they like most and go on with their lives.

I must admit that I did not see a good way to respond the #3 nonsense and typically simply ignored it rationalizing that these people were anyway too radical, that communication with them is useless. However, that makes no sense, because communicating with the political extremists at WUWT & Co. never makes sense; it is futile to hope to convince them. You communicate with these people for the lurkers (if there are normal people around). For the lurkers it may be less clear who is wrong and for the lurkers it may be less clear that this is a pattern, a strategy.

Thus I was happy to finally have found a suggestion how to reply. Art Silverblatt—professor of Communication and Journalism—and colleagues have developed strategies to neutralize the strategies of Karl Rove.

Their response strategy is to make clear to the public how strategy #3 works and deflect it with humor.

For example when Ronni Earle was attacked by 🐍 Tom DeLay using strategy #3, his response strategy was:
Earle put the into perspective for the public, saying, "I find they often accuse others of doing what they themselves do.”

[Earle] chose to discuss the tactic in terms of how it denigrated the political process and, ultimately, the voters. "This is about protecting the integrity of our electoral system and I couldn't just ignore it."

Earle took a humorous approach, so that he wasn't thrown off-stride by the attacks.

"Being called vindictive and partisan by Tom DeLay is like being called ugly by a frog."

Agelbert NOTE: So, what does Rovian Republican SCUM Strategy #3 have to do with 🦀 Trump? SEE BELOW:

Bill Palmer | 9:40 pm EDT August 10, 2019
Palmer Report » Analysis


This afternoon Donald Trump retweeted two different lunatics who had each floated the deranged claim that Bill Clinton had Jeffrey Epstein murdered. Nevermind that Clinton would have had to somehow magically pull this off while Epstein was in the custody of the Trump regime.

Congressman Ted Lieu was quick to point out that to Trump that “you were friends with Jeffrey Epstein and were at parties with him. His death happened under your watch.

But as is so often the case, it was actor, activist and humorist George Takei who won the internet. He turned the conspiracy theory tables on Donald Trump with this quip: “Trump will be giving a statement on Epstein’s death. Aides aren’t worried he’ll sound inauthentic because he’s been rehearsing it since yesterday.”

Full article:

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 12, 2019, 02:30:19 pm »

Quote of the day (for the linked article):

insufferably insouciant

Ahh, the old "institutional incompetence" trumps "nefarious motive" gambit...

As my old boss used to say, the first one is frequently used to cover up the other

... , let’s not forget that where one spots a conspiracy, there can just be plain incompetence.
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 11, 2019, 05:44:02 pm »

The Life and Crimes of George Herbert Walker Bush (w/ Lamar Waldron)

Thom Hartmann Program
Premiered Dec 7, 2018

This week marks the burial of the 41st president of the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush.

In the week since his passing, many in the press have taken this time to describe President Bush as a model president, statesmen and in contrast to Donald Trump.

But in looking at the past with rose-tinted eyes we ignore how the Bush Crime family led us to Donald Trump, and it is in that spirit that Lamar Waldron joins Thom Hartmann to go over the life and crimes of George H.W. Bush.

The Real story that is not being told on the corporate media.

► Join us on Patreon: where you can also watch a re-run of the three-hour program at any time
► Subscribe today:

► BLOG :

The Thom Hartmann Program is the leading progressive political talk radio show for political news and comments about Government politics, be it Liberal or Conservative, plus special guests and callers


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Category News & Politics
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 10, 2019, 09:20:47 pm »

Morning Joe Scarborough just said what a lot of people are thinking about Jeffrey Epstein’s death

Bill Palmer | 7:40 pm EDT August 10, 2019
Palmer Report » Analysis

Donald Trump’s old friend Jeffrey Epstein has died in jail from what the SDNY is dubbing an “apparent suicide.” There are those who believe Epstein may have indeed finished himself off, and then there are those who suspect Epstein may have been taken down by the rich and powerful people whose secrets he held. You can count “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough among the latter.

After Jeffrey Epstein’s death was reported, Joe Scarborough – whose weekday morning MSNBC show doesn’t air on Saturdays – took to Twitter to express his initial reactions. Suffice it to say that he sees something amiss. He ended up tweeting this missive:

“A guy who had information that would have destroyed rich and powerful men’s lives ends up dead in his jail cell. How predictably…Russian. He reportedly tried to kill himself two weeks ago. And is allowed to finish the job now? Bullshit. Powerful Democratic and Republican figures breathing a huge sigh of relief—as well as a Harvard professor or two.”

What stands out is that you don’t usually hear MSNBC hosts jumping straight to the ugliest interpretation of still-unfolding evidence. So did Morning Joe jump the gun, or is he on to something? Perhaps more importantly, will he still be talking like this by the time he’s back on MSNBC on Monday morning, or will he edit his thoughts to make them “safe” enough for television?

Help fund Palmer Report's editorial takedown of Donald Trump!

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 10, 2019, 07:43:25 pm »

Sat Aug 10, 2019, 05:03 PM
choie (2,639 posts)

Epstein's "suicide" and the sickening feeling I have...
No, I'm not grieving the death of that amoral criminal, however, it does leave me feeling very hopeless. Hopeless in the way one feels when it becomes even more clear that Trump and his fellow rich and powerful "friends" will not feel the sword of justice on their necks.

Somehow, someway these rat bastards get away with their actions. Be it Bush and Cheney et al and their war crimes or Trump, Barr, Epstein and their innumerable crimes from , pedophilia to the destruction of our democracy. They never seem to have to face justice. And now, with Epstein silenced, another fellow criminal is no longer available to spill the beans. Accountability and justice is once again thwarted.

Read more;

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 10, 2019, 07:30:34 pm »

Also this:

EXCELLENT quotes from the above linked thread:

RockRaven (3,808 posts)

7. Look at this from the outside. Trump/Barr/DOJ/FBI have absolutely NO credibility here.

Whether or not Epstein really killed himself, whether or not he was enabled or neglected in the course of doing so, this looks to the entire world like dictator-gangster stuff. This is the sort of thing we expect in Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc.

No matter what their findings, the already announced FBI investigation will be seen as a cover-up. Even if the findings are damning of certain people, the question will always remain: if that's what they said, what worse were they covering up?

Congress MUST perform oversight and issue their own report.

Star Member MyOwnPeace (6,283 posts)

18. And I've gotta' ask.........

along these same lines, did ANYBODY actually ever see the "dead" body of "Kenny Boy" - Kenneth Lay of ENRON fame and "acquaintance" of G W Bush?
Funny how these special people just seem to have "problems" when they are in a position to enlighten others regarding past "experiences."

Star Member calimary (53,323 posts) Response to MyOwnPeace (Reply #18)Sat Aug 10, 2019, 01:31 PM

22. I've always been suspicious of that one.

Another “convenient” “death.”

Read more:
Posted by: AGelbert
« on: August 08, 2019, 08:51:33 pm »

How 🦍 Cowboys & 😈 Capitalism are Ruining the American West

Thom Hartmann Program
Published on Aug 8, 2019

Thom Hartmann reads a section from This Land: How Cowboys, Capitalism, and Corruption are Ruining the American West by Christopher Ketcham.

From the publisher
"Journalist Christopher Ketcham has been documenting the confluence of commercial exploitation and governmental misconduct in this region for over a decade. His revelatory book takes the reader on a journey across these last wild places, to see how capitalism is killing our great commons. Ketcham begins in Utah, revealing the environmental destruction caused by unregulated public lands livestock grazing, and exposing rampant malfeasance in the federal land management agencies, who have been compromised by the profit-driven livestock and energy interests they are supposed to regulate.

He then turns to the broad effects of those corrupt politics on wildlife. He tracks the Department of Interior's failure to implement and enforce the Endangered Species Act--including its stark betrayal of protections for the grizzly bear and the sage grouse--and investigates the destructive behavior of U.S. Wildlife Services in their shocking mass slaughter of animals that threaten the livestock industry.

Along the way, Ketcham talks with ecologists, biologists, botanists, former government employees, whistleblowers, grassroots environmentalists and other citizens who are fighting to protect the public domain for future generations. "

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CASEY MICHEL AUG 8, 2019, 10:48 AM


The German bank is at the heart of ongoing questions pertaining to Trump Organization financing: It had issued loans to the Trump Organization when all other financial institutions refused. Deutsche Bank was recently outed as a key player in a massive, $20-billion Russian money laundering scheme, and questions remain about where it got the capital to help finance Trump’s previous projects.

Read more:

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aUGUST 8, 2019

Puerto Rico gets third 🐍 governor in a week, braces for more turmoil

Wanda Vázquez, who had been the justice secretary, was sworn in as Puerto Rico’s new governor on Wednesday despite initially saying she was not interested in the post. Her policies are seen as being the same as those of former Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, who was forced to resign after weeks of protests on the island of 3.2 million people.

The man Rosselló had chosen as his successor, Pedro Pierluis, was disqualified when Puerto Rico’s highest court decided unanimously that he had been placed in the job unconstitutionally, without Senate confirmation.

Vázquez might not last long in the position, as some key players — including Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz — have already declared their support for others to fill the role.

Full article:

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« on: August 07, 2019, 07:38:20 pm »

Why Puerto Rico is America's Fantasy Island

Thom Hartmann Program
Published on Aug 6, 2019

A crucial, clear-eyed accounting of Puerto Rico's 122 years as a colony of the US.

Two years after Hurricane María, Puerto Rico is still reeling from the storm's physical destruction and the ensuing infrastructure collapse. The devastation compounded the harmful effects of over a century of exploitative US economic, political, and social policies, including the trauma inflicted by its $72 billion debt crisis.

In Fantasy Island, Ed Morales traces how, over the years, Puerto Rico has served as a colonial satellite, a Cold War Caribbean showcase, a dumping ground for US manufactured goods, and a corporate tax shelter. He also shows how it has become a blank canvas for mercenary experiments in disaster capitalism on the front lines of climate change, hamstrung by internal political corruption and the US federal government's prioritization of outside financial interests.

Taking readers from San Juan to New York City and back to his family's home in the Luquillo Mountains, Morales shows us the machinations of financial and political interests in both the US and Puerto Rico, and the resistance efforts of Puerto Rican artists and activists. Through it all, he emphasizes that the only way to stop Puerto Rico from being bled dry is to let Puerto Ricans take control of their own destiny, going beyond the statehood-commonwealth-independence debate to complete decolonization.

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Agelbert NOTE: I signed.


The 🦕🦖 Koch Brothers are gearing up for another attack on Social Security.

Sign our petition to tell Congress “Expand, don't privatize Social Security!”

At a time of increasing income and wealth inequality, disappearing pensions and unstable 401(k)s, Social Security is more important than ever for retirees, children, surviving spouses, veterans and people with disabilities.

We must stand together to immediately stamp out all efforts to privatize, cut, and destroy Social Security.

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« on: August 02, 2019, 09:31:42 pm »

What 2020 Presidential Election Reveals about Our Democracy :(

Thom Hartmann Program
Published on Jul 31, 2019

The 2020 Election and the fact that Donald Trump is president currently, says a lot about how our democracy is functioning.

And so far, no one is talking about voting rights.

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AUG 01, 2019

Joe 👹 Biden Proves That There’s Nothing Moderate About 'Moderates'

By Norman Solomon —  If Joe Biden is a “moderate,” the adjective obscures grim realities

Read more

Agelbert COMMENT: Most of those Crooks and Liars trying to pass as "Democratic Candidates for President" are corporate bullshit artists positioned there for the express purpose of reducing the microphone time of Senator Sanders AND watering down his message with anti-Sanders defamation and right wing scaremongering hyperbole.

As the article here clearly states, Biden is NOT a "moderate" unless you think supporting the MURDEROUS government funded status quo that is trashing the biosphere, perpetuating wars and Corporate Welfare Queen HANDOUTS on behalf of the  🦕🦖 Hydrocarbon Hellspawn (and other MIC PARASITIC bastards) "profits", society impoverishing, inequality enhancing, and Wall Street babying is "moderate".

The Democratic Party is trying to undermine Senator Sanders. Don't let them get away with it. DEMAND that Sanders be given 5 TIMES the air time as anybody else in that crowd of disguised Republicans. He has EARNED IT.

Those SAME media outlets gave Trump BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF FREE TIME in 2016! Don't believe any BULLSHIT about "costs" from those corporate media BASTARDS!

Posted by: AGelbert
« on: July 30, 2019, 05:07:26 pm »

Our new ad drills home the moment Robert Mueller tells Congress NO -- he did NOT exonerate Trump.

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