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Author Topic: 🦕🦖 Hydrocarbon 🐍 Hellspawn Mens Rea Actus Reus modus operandi  (Read 7497 times)

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As to the CNN article on Sanders, I firmly believe, unlike CNN, that Sanders is 100% accurate in everything he says about what the overwhemling majority of the public supports and what the public is against. The "for the moment we ain't gonna talk about dis or dat" (because, of course, they need to undermine the credibility of Sanders first so they don't have to bother with an argument they cannot argue with) bit right at the start is evidence of 😈 clever sophistry. 

The establishment needs to do a certain amount of (SEE: Noam Chomsky) manufacturing of consent. In the Sanders case, the trick is to manufacture some DISSENT.

You begin by running a bunch of "public opinion" stat numbers by the masses to establish some credibility. Then you play all sorts of word games with those numbers to make Sanders look like and opportunistic liar.

But that is certainly not the most important part of the demonization strategy that all these ethically challenged propagandists want to carry out successfully. In the background is the uncomfortable fact that the public overwhelmingly supports Sanders' position on sine qua non action required to mitigate Catastrophic Climate Change. That is far more important to the public than adequate, and affordable, health care, though both are extremely important to the public.

The trick is to get enough people convinced that Sanders is full of baloney WITHOUT actually saying ANYTHING about his position on Climate Change MITIGATION. That way, the water carrying BASTARDS for the M.I.C., the Fascist Bankers and Big Oil can kick that can down the road another decade or so.

I do NOT think that will work. They will fail in their heinous efforts to demonize Sanders.

Because of that failure to manufacture consent (and dissent), the elections must then be rigged for the fascists to win.

The media will claim "the people have spoken", which is total BULLSHIT, and the Pentagon Internet Troll Farms using our tax dollars to bullshit us 24/7 will cheer all this "democracy".

Yeah, there is a big ethics free lobby out their buying politicians to defend the corporate health insurance crooks and liars, but those corporate greedballs are beginners compared with the oligarchs FULLY engaged in a criminal conspiracy to double down on biosphere trashing profit over people and planet.

They will use their 😈 pals (i.e. Pelosi, Biden et al) within the Democratic Party to do everything they can to underhandedly ruin Sanders' excellent reputation for reality based positions and solutions. I pray that they do not succeed.

SNIPPET from July 5, 2019 Counterpunch article by JONATHAN COOK:
It takes a determined refusal to join the dots not to see a clear pattern here.

Brand was right that the system is rigged, that our political and media elites are captured, and that the power structure of our societies will defend itself by all means possible, “fair or foul”. Corbyn is far from alone in this treatment. The system is similarly rigged to stop a democratic socialist like Bernie Sanders – though not a rich businessman like Donald Trump – winning the nomination for the US presidential race. It is also rigged to silence real journalists like Julian Assange who are trying to overturn the access journalism prized by the corporate media – with its reliance on official sources and insiders for stories – to divulge the secrets of the national security states we live in.

There is a conspiracy at work here, though it is not of the kind lampooned by critics: a small cabal of the rich secretly pullng the strings of our societies. The conspiracy operates at an institutional level, one that has evolved over time to create structures and refine and entrench values that keep power and wealth in the hands of the few. In that sense we are all part of the conspiracy. It is a conspiracy that embraces us every time we unquestioningly accept the “consensual” narratives laid out for us by our education systems, politicians and media. Our minds have been occupied with myths, fears and narratives that turned us into the turkeys that keep voting for Christmas.

That system is not impregnable, however. The consensus so carefully constructed over many decades is rapidly breaking down as the power structure that underpins it is forced to grapple with real-world problems it is entirely unsuited to resolve, such as the gradual collapse of western economies premised on infinite growth and a climate that is fighting back against our insatiable appetite for the planet’s resources.

As long as we  colluded in the manufactured consensus of western societies, the system operated without challenge or meaningful dissent. A deeply ideological system destroying the planet was treated as if it was natural, immutable, the summit of human progress, the end of history. Those times are over. Accidents like Corbyn will happen more frequently, as will extreme climate events and economic crises. The power structures in place to prevent such accidents will by necessity grow more ham-fisted, more belligerent, less concealed to get their way. And we might finally understand that a system designed to pacify us while a few grow rich at the expense of our children’s future and our own does not have to continue. That we can raise our voices and loudly say: “No!”

TPTB have a plan (see below). People like Sanders and AOC are obstacles to that plan.


JULY 5, 2019


Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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