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Author Topic: 🦕🦖 Hydrocarbon 🐍 Hellspawn Mens Rea Actus Reus modus operandi  (Read 9968 times)

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Below, please observe, SEVERAL images that I have prepared over the years, that no longer display because they have been hacked so the link to Create-a-forum's website and server no longer functions .

The list is not complete, but, as you can see by the image descriptions (the only thing now showing), these images are all, directly or indirectly, severely critical of the 🦕🦖 Fossil Fuel 🐍 Fascists, who fund all efforts to keep the truth about how Greenhouse Gases CAUSE Catastrophic Climate Change from reaching we-the-people.

Considering how small this forum is, one would wonder why they bother. I believe that it isn't personal, just 🦖😈 business. The Hydrocarbon Hellspawn know their business model is endangered by the truth that they owe we-the-people BIG TIME for pillaging the environment. They don't want to be held responsible for their 24/7 Mens Rea Actus Reus Modus Operandi.

They know a picture really is worth (at least) a "thousand words". They are skilled at propaganda techniques, having used images for at least half a century to BULLSHIT people into believing that hydrocarbons are the "best thing since toasted bread, we will all die without hydrocarbons and we must bow and scrape to our loyal servants from Big Oil", while simultaneously dismissing Climate Change as "baloney".

So, they pay people hither and yon to continuously scan the internet for images that tell the Global Warming Causes and Consequences TRUTH. Once they identify them, they target them for hacking. The images below, that you cannot see, have been published on this forum, and others, including Disqus, over the last 5 years or so. I have copies of most of them in permanent, secured offline storage. However, the harm is done because all the posts where they appeared over the years now lack the images that accented them. 👎 :(

The Hydrocarbon Hellspawn will eventually lose this fight to prevent paying for their responsibility for trashing the biosphere. BUT, it is quite possible that their Predatory Delay (one of the images I had to duplicate several times because they keep hacking it) may doom us to extinction.

It is sad what greed can do to people.


IPCC RCP models vary too much   
IPCC RCP 8.5 business as usual scenario is too conservative. ALL the climate models low ball global warming
The Environmental and Public Health Benefits of Achieving High Penetration of Solar Energy in the United States PLUS the HARM POLLUTANTS DO




Major Correction to Satellite Data Shows 140% Faster Warming Since 1998 HACKED!

Globe third warmest may on record PLUS temp rise rate graph HACKED!
burning fire constitution HACKED!
Hurricanes Jose Maria and Lee Sep 16, 2017 with no negotiate message HACKED!

Hurricanes Jose Maria Lee Norma Otis  Sep 17, 2017 with nothing to see here snark HACKED!


GIFs That Show the Effects of Climate Change
Sometimes nothing's as good as just showing people the GIFs. HACKED!

Arctic ice receding over 15 years in National Geograhic atlases.
National Geographic’s 2014 atlas update had a big change: the tiny Arctic ice sheet. It was the biggest update the publication’s made to their maps since the end of the Soviet Union. Now shipping companies and oil drilling companies are eyeing the Arctic for new shipping routes and drilling opportunities. HACKED!

The Columbia Glacier in Alaska is one of the most dramatic examples of the effect of climate change on glaciers. The southern side of the glacier has receded 12 miles in 30 years, and the remaining parts of the glacier in the Chugach mountains are thinner.HACKED!

The Sierra Nevada mountains are looking a little barren these days.
The Yosemite Conservancy has a number of webcams set up around the national park, and these shots from their High Sierra camera, prominently featuring Half Dome, were all taken around the same time each year from 2011 to 2016. The dramatic change in snow cover shows just how bad California’s drought is, even in the mountains.HACKED!

Deforestation in the Amazon for agriculture and development is releasing a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere. In fact, deforestation worldwide is responsible for about 15 percent of CO2 emissions.
Greenland Ice melt HACKED!
glacier stream melt HACKED!
mountain Glacier melt HACKED! 
Earth's Melting Glaciers Captured in Stunning Before-and-After Images 1 HACKED!

Earth's Melting Glaciers Captured in Stunning Before-and-After Images 2 HACKED!
Retreat of the Columbia Glacier, Alaska, USA, by ~6.5 km between 2009 and 2015. Credit: James Balog and the Extreme Ice Survey HACKED!

Earth's Melting Glaciers Captured in Stunning Before-and-After Images 3 HACKED!
Stein Glacier, Switzerland, retreat of ~550 m from 2006 to 2015. Credit: James Balog and the Extreme Ice Survey HACKED!

Earth's Melting Glaciers Captured in Stunning Before-and-After Images 4 HACKED!
Solheimajokull, Iceland, retreat of ~625 m from 2007 to 2015. Credit: James Balog and the Extreme Ice Survey HACKED!

Exxon fracking poison gas HACKED!
How Fracking impacts water stressed areas HACKED!

  2 degree C option now lost HACKED!
Muffler pipe exhaust pollution HACKED!
Jews against Trump anti-semitism HACKED!
Map of Federally owned USA fossil fuels land HACKED!



GHG and Climate change temperature increase global warming CO2 Warming Global HACKED!

Earth with and without GHG  HACKED!

the last time CO2 was this high    HACKED!     
The REALLY inconvenient bell curve truth about the IPCC projections:HACKED!
 Prof over Plan Parasites  Exxon Oil HACKED

Tick Frack this planet parasite HACKED

Hosea 10:13   HACKED!
diagram of methane  doom hacked!
  Stop Pollution HACKED!

Earth nullschool tutorial  HACKED!

Agelbert NOTE (of hope): I am in the process of duplicating most of the lost images SEVERAL times. It will cost the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn more money to keep hacking my images.

The hacked images from Dr. Brown in the list above came from the following videos. It is clear that the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn DO NOT want you to see those images which were taken from the videos.

Although the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn have been busy trying to make videos that tell the Global Warming Truth go away (Facebook has now gotten a "fact checking" group funded by the 🦕🦖 Koch Brothers ::) - U-tube keeps "disappearing" videos critical of Big Oil), the videos by Dr. Brown are still 👍 viewable.

It really BOTHERS the Hydrocarbon Hellspawn that those videos are out there. For that reason alone, I recommend you view them, copy them, take screenshots of graphs in them, save said screenshots in your computer, and tell all your friends about them.

Just think of the hearburn you're causing the fossil fuel fascists!

While you are having fun at Hydrocarbom Hellspawn expense, you just might save the biosphere for future generations!

The GRIM REALITY BOTTOM LINE: The Warming EMPIRICAL Observations are tracking WORSE than the "Worse case" IPCC scenario (RCP 8.5 Business as Usual). 😟

 The Fossil Fuelers 🦖 DID THE Clean Energy  Inventions suppressing, Climate Trashing, human health depleting CRIME,   but since they have ALWAYS BEEN liars and conscience free crooks 🦀, they are trying to AVOID   DOING THE TIME or   PAYING THE FINE!     Don't let them get away with it! Pass it on!   
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Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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