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Author Topic: War Provocations and Peace Actions  (Read 14686 times)

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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #210 on: April 11, 2018, 10:06:16 pm »

Even with WW3 maybe only HOURS away, you are still all laughing and joking about the possible Death of the World.

My take on the possibility of WW3 with Captain Cheeto at the helm is that it ain't gonna happen. 

Besides that, we have a global economy now.  That economy is balanced by all of the fuckers at the top across all of the nations.  Murika is the bully in charge of that with Captain Cheeto head bully in charge.  He makes a real good bully.  He's stupid and doesn't know it, and he's weak. 

Anyways, I listen to the Murikan news on satellite radio these days.  I do that to hear human voices in conversation because even I get lonely driving this truck.  I listen to Fox, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and NPR.  They are all full of ****, and I get a good laugh listening to their "fair and balanced" propaganda bullshit.  They are very good at getting you to believe their bullshit.  But it's all bullshit and it's bad for you.  I don't believe any of it. 

Yesterday I listened to the entire Zuckerberg hearing, and all of the Senators with their questions.  Interesting.  Apparently Swampbook doesn't sell data...lol...according to Suckerburg.  He also seems like a likable fella.  I found myself thinking, as I listened to our senators, that maybe democracy is working.  Maybe it's not a Corporatocracy running everything.  Then I laughed at myself for thinking something so preposterous. 

I don't think we are going to have WW3, especially not nuclear WW3.  Nobody wins with nuclear WW3, and that's why I think that.  Even the .0001% lose in that case.  They will all just "saber rattle" and take conventional pop shots at each other.  Captain Baby Cheetos will keep tweeting his digital diarrhea, and nobody will take him seriously with exception to the members of the global idiocracy. 

Eventually war will happen in Murika.  It will happen when gas and diesel stop being viable at the pumps.  When the fuel drys up for the masses we will have the end.  There will be massive civil unrest, looting, and rednecks and gangbangers out shootin' it all up.  When the gas dries up it's over.  Until that happens BAU will just keep on keepin' on in all corners of the world.  Unless, that is, the world shakes us off like flees with climate change or some over natural disaster with global scope. 

The only ends I see are two.  Either we run out of viable fuel or the biosphere puts an end to it.  We won't have global war, not until either of the two options I just mentioned happen.


not even Billionaires can stop the progress of Collapse.

A Collapse that has a nuclear strike on 12 April 2018 could have been stopped if you had got off your asses in 1980 and acted bravely, and no I don't mean by voting for Carter.  You've had Earth First, The Weathermen, Tim McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, Ploughshares, to inspire you, but you told yourself jokes and stuck to safe subjects for discussion instead.

Without WW3, Collapse would play out very differently. THAT is what billionaires can't stop.  But YOU could have stopped WW3 if you had bothered.

Damn, I already wrote about this in my lost post. LOL.

Short version...I have definite regrets. I could have gone a different way, and at this point I do regret not becoming more of an activist. I never thought things would get to where we are now so fast. I knew it was likely, even when I was 16. But I thought collapse was in the very distant future. I knew about Silent Spring. I knew about Bucky Fuller. But where I lived there was no real movement to join. I only read about such things in the Whole Earth Catalog.

By 1980 my course was set. I'd have had to change course in 1974. I even thought about moving to the Farm back then. I liked what they were doing. But it wasn't like now. I couldn't email Albert Bates like I can now. I led a very isolated life, far from most like-minded people. I lived in my head a lot, and still do.

I'm not a joiner or a crusader. I've always been cynical about politics anyway. I didn't start voting at all until 1980, and I was trying to prove myself wrong about it being useless. That's why I did it. So nobody could say I didn't participate.

I hope somewhere in the multiverse there is a version of the US of A that listened to Bucky and didn't vote for Ronnie Raygun. Instead they got an early handle on PO and climate change...and managed to create some kind of society that didn't starve most people while making a few people wildly affluent. I really do hope that world is real, and maybe I can be born into that in my next incarnation. This earth is a cooked goose, and it's all over but the dying, which will commence soon enough.

I didn't change the world, but I get the lesson.

Getting the lesson, to me, might be just as important as changing the world.

Eddie and Lucid,

GREAT posts!  :

I agree WWIII ain't gonna happen. That said, I would LOVE to see the price of oil go to $300 a barrel! $1000 a barrel would be even better! 

But, if that does not happen within a couple of years, the climate is going to GIT us. Sure, it will take a while to git most of us and a few of us may make it all the way through. I do not find that to be much of a consolation. 😓

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #211 on: April 11, 2018, 10:19:21 pm »
Eddie: This is the only world I ever found to live in, unfortunately. 

Ever heard of Mexico, about 2 hours drive away?

It's not that close. Maybe 4 or 5  hours to the closest border town, which from here is Piedras Negras, I think.

And yes, I've spent some time in Mexico, and I've read what a couple of ex-pats have written about living there. But I never learned the language (a failing of mine, it would even help me here, of that there is little doubt). I have enjoyed my trips to Mexico, but I haven't seen even a fraction of it.

And places I used to go with no worries are not at all safe anymore. When I was young, hippie kids went to the market in Matamoros in droves and we bought our huaraches and wedding shirts and a lot of junk. I went to Acuna, and I bought a very bad guitar when I was 16. That's the shithole where they shot the movie Mariachi. I wouldn't go there at all now. People get shot all the time.

I love Merida and Tulum, and even Cozumel, even though it's not nearly as cool as it was 30 years ago. Neither is Chichen Itza, but its still a place where you can feel the power of what it once was. Enough human sacrifices in one place, and it leaves a kind of creepy psychic residue that's palpable. I felt that anyway, and I'm fairly skeptical about such things.

I've been through the jungle to the pyramids at Coba and  Ek Balam. I've swum in deep clear sinkholes and eaten Octopus ceviche at the Casa Cenote by the Cenote Manatee on Tanka Bay. There's a tiny hotel there I used to dream of buying, but I never had that kind of money.

I'm no expert, but I have met prominent people who do what I do in Mexico, and I can tell you only the connected doctors who are from rich families and cater to rich families make real money. There is no middle class in Mexico. I couldn't make a living there.

The co-founder of this site, Peter, lost his life savings trying to make an ex-pat life in Mexico, from what I understand, and had to return to Canada. RE knows more of that story than I do.

There are some intentional communities in Mexico that I've investigated. Like the ones everywhere else, they're a mixed bag, and you have to buy in to participate, and the ones I saw aren't cheap.

As an alternative living place, I'd pick BC over Mexico, or David's northern Ontario cottage country.  Or C5's Maritime country. But, I have ties to this place. Lots of good reasons for staying, at least for the moment.

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #212 on: April 12, 2018, 05:17:29 pm »
World War III: The False Narrative that Fuels Conflict in Syria and Beyond

by TDB

Thu, 04/12/2018 - 11:34

Via The Daily Bell


The timing is fit for a movie plot climax!

Just as Trump announced intentions to get out of Syria, Assad did something unspeakable. According to Assad’s opposition, the Syrian government “once again” used chemicals weapons on civilians.

At a time when the war is almost won for Assad, he decided to re-ignite international calls for his ouster by senselessly murdering about the same number of civilians the Las Vegas Shooter killed. Seems logical, right?  ;)

Well, there goes the Syrian exit! 😇 😈


CNN reported in 2012 that America was involved in training the rebels to secure and monitor chemical weapons sites.

The United States and some European allies are using defense contractors to train Syrian rebels on how to secure chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria, a senior U.S. official and several senior diplomats told CNN Sunday.

The training, which is taking place in Jordan and Turkey, involves how to monitor and secure stockpiles and handle weapons sites and materials, according to the sources. Some of the contractors are on the ground in Syria working with the rebels to monitor some of the sites, according to one of the officials.

This confirms that rebel forces had access to chemical weapons and that the U.S. helped familiarize rebel groups with storing and transporting the weapons.

And now, with the rebels almost defeated, someone  decided to use chemical weapons against a few dozen civilians.

And everyone had to know that this was the most likely way to drag the U.S. deeper into the conflict.


There are No Good Guys

It is important to remember that there are no “good guys and bad guys” here. Arguably, they are all bad guys.

Full article with accurate history of war causing events in Syria:  8)


Agelbert NOTE: Operation Enduring Pentagon MEGA-Budget continues to BE, uh, somehow, "JUSTIFIED".

Suckers! 🕵️

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #213 on: April 28, 2018, 08:06:28 pm »

 April 27, 2018

Korean War Finally Ending, in Huge Victory for Peace Activists  🕊

North and South Korea have agreed to sign a peace deal, after nearly 70 years of war. Christine Ahn says this is thanks to dedicated activism inside and outside of the Korean Peninsula.

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #214 on: April 30, 2018, 09:00:41 pm »

April 30, 2018

Israeli Military 🦍😈 Attacks Iranian Backed Syrian Bases

Col. Larry Wilkerson: Israel does not want to end the war in Syria, it is in their interest to keep this war going, and to keep the Iran Nuclear Deal from succeeding

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #215 on: May 01, 2018, 03:06:30 pm »
US Officials: Israel 😈 Preparing For War With Iran, SeekingUS 🦀 Support

by Tyler Durden

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:14

Not that there was much doubt who was behind it, but two days after "enemy" warplanes attacked a Syrian military base near Hama on Sunday, killing at least 11 Iranians and dozens of others, and nobody had yet "claimed responsibility" the attack, US officials told NBC that it was indeed Israeli F-15 fighter jets that struck the base, NBC News reported.

Wow! Video of a huge explosion just now in #Salhab in #Hama, reasons still unknown pic.twitter.com/AfWYRAzosT

— Danny Makki (@Dannymakkisyria) April 29, 2018
Ominously, the officials said Israel appears to be preparing for open warfare with Iran and is seeking U.S. help and support.

"On the list of the potentials for most likely live hostility around the world, the battle between Israel and Iran in Syria is at the top of the list right now," said one senior U.S. official.

Fire and explosions are seen in the countryside south of Hama city, Syria, April 29, 2018
The US officials told NBC that Israeli F-15s hit Hama after Iran delivered weapons to a base that houses Iran's 47th Brigade, including surface-to-air missiles. In addition to killing two dozen troops, including officers, the strike wounded three dozen others. The report adds that the U.S. officials believe the shipments were intended for Iranian ground forces that would attack Israel.

Meanwhile, as we reported yesterday, the Syrian army said early on Monday that "enemy" rockets struck military bases belonging to Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime. According to several outlets, the strikes targeted the 47th Brigade base in the southern Hama district, a military facility in northwestern Hama and a facility north of the Aleppo International Airport.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Tuesday that Israel on Tuesday morning had four problems, one more than the day before: "Iran, Iran, Iran and hypocrisy." The comment came one day after Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu "revealed" a cache of documents the Mossad stole from Iran detailing the country's nuclear program, which however critics said were i) old and ii) not indicative of Iran's current plans.

"This is the same Iran that cracks down on freedom of expression and on minorities. The same Iran that tried to develop nuclear weapons and entered the [nuclear] deal for economic benefits ,” Lieberman 😈 said.

“The same Iran is trying to hide its weapons while everyone ignores it. The state of Israel cannot ignore Iran's threats, Iran, whose senior officials promise to wipe out Israel,” he said. “They are trying to harm us , and we’ll have a response.

Iran's Defense Minister Amir Khatami threatened Israel on Tuesday, saying it should stop its "dangerous behavior" and vowing that the "Iranian response will be surprising and you will regret it." Khatami's remarks came Following Netanyahu's speech which Khatami described as Israeli "provocative actions," and two days after the strikes in Syria.

* * *

Meanwhile, in a potential hint at the upcoming conflict, Haaretz writes that two and a half weeks after the bombing in which seven members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were killed at the T4 base in Syria, Israel is bracing for an Iranian retaliation for the Syrian strikes (and if one isn't forthcoming, well that's what false flags are for).

As Haaretz writes, the Iranians’ response, despite their frequent threats of revenge, is being postponed, screwing up Iran's war planning. It’s also possible that as time passes, Tehran is becoming more aware of the possible complex consequences of any action. Still, the working assumption of Israeli defense officials remains that such a response is highly probable.

The Iranians appear to have many options. Revenge could come on the Syrian border, from the Lebanese border via Hezbollah, directly from Iran by the launch of long-range missiles, or against an Israeli target abroad. In past decades Iran and Hezbollah took part, separately and together, in two attacks in Argentina, a suicide attack in Bulgaria and attempts to strike at Israeli diplomats and tourists in countries including India, Thailand and Azerbaijan.

In any case, Lebanon seems all but out of bounds until the country’s May 6 parliamentary elections, and amid Hezbollah’s fear of being portrayed as an Iranian puppet. The firing of missiles from Iran would exacerbate the claims about Tehran’s missile project a moment before a possible U.S. decision on May 12 to abandon the nuclear agreement. Also, a strike at a target far from the Middle East would require long preparation.

* * *

For now, an Israeli war with Iran in Syria is far from inevitable: the clash of intentions is clear: Iran is establishing itself militarily in Syria and Israel has declared that it will prevent that by force. The question, of course, is whether this unstable equilibrium will devolve into a lethal escalation, or if it will somehow be resolved through peaceful negotiation. Unfortunately, in the context of recent events, and the upcoming breakdown of the Iran nuclear deal, the former is looking like the most likely outcome.


Agelbert NOTE: Dear readers, don't be fooled by this Orwellian exercise in mindfork news. THIS is ALL about sabotaging the US agreement to not sanction Iran that is up for review NOW in May. Israel is the totally unjustified aggressor here with Tump's 🦀 Pompeo Kochroach cheerleading the Zionist Fascist warmongering all the way.

There is much truth in the comments (see below). 🧐
Son of Captain Nemo Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:15 Permalink
If you're still an investor in the stock market after you've read this one... Try to put a smiley  face on the financial outlook for Wall Street based on THIS announcement???...

Speaking of forecasts for the market(s)!....

Needless to say the fat assed 3 $tar $milin nate is on board and willing to make whatever $acrifices are necessary WITH HIS OWN (https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-19/top-us-general-says-american-…) who will be more than happy to die making the Tribe exceedingly HAPPY (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samson_Option) SOMEWHERE "ELSE"!...

Now hit that big red plastic button center that says it for U.S.!!!


If we could get all of our current active military and veterans to sign this (https://www.ae911truth.org/) and tell Syphilis-in-Chief NOT ONLY NO BUT HELL "NO"!...

And then nuke Israel and Saudi Arabia with our Navy this World would finally be able to start over!!!

Vote up!40 Vote down!11

strannick  Son of Captain Nemo Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:19 Permalink
If Christians would stop worshipping Israel, and Israel would start worshipping Christ, what a wonderful world.

In reply to Put the financial outlook… by Son of Captain Nemo
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Dickweed Wang  strannick Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:19 Permalink
When are the morons in the USA that get their "news" from MSM outlets (i.e. from the government) going to realize the essentially nothing to do with IsraHell is good for the people of the US??  It's time to totally cut off the foreign and military aid to that little P.o.S. country. If they want to start a war with Iran then hey, go for it.  Just don't ask or expect the US to act like big brother and come in to kick someone's ass when you started the **** in the first place.  But we all know logic, common sense or reality for that matter has no place in the "relationship" between the US and IsraHell.

The creation of IsraHell during the 1940's will go down as one of the most evil events in the history of the world.

In reply to W by strannick
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FireBrander  GlassHouse101 Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:26 Permalink
The USA should fully support Israel by selling it all the rope it needs to hang itself in a war with Iran.

In reply to I think we can start… by GlassHouse101

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BullyBearish  FireBrander Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:30 Permalink
disgusting how anti-war pre-president trump becomes military pandering trumpanyahoo after election...his handlers, knowing he will need them in the near future, set him to constantly stroke the military every opportunity he has...

    B O N E     S P U R S

In reply to W by FireBrander

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Chupacabra-322  BullyBearish Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:36 Permalink
The Western globalist billionaires and elites are ultimately responsible for any aggression coming from Israel. If they can conquer and control Iran and take over its oil and gas reserves, risking the fate of the millions of people in Iran, Syria and in Israel, then the losses to them will be incidental. The Western-globalist-Zio-hawk Axis no doubt feels it has to act now against Iran in case everything settles down in the ME with the Syrian war cooling off. Any expansion of Israeli turf or getting control of resources to the north would be stymied with further waiting and allowing both Syrian and Iranian defense systems to be further fortified.  The Israelis appear to be completely confident that if they can instigate a war with Iran that it will be backed by the US, the UK, France and other NATO nations.

That confidence could only come from the Western elites running things.  However, after their last fizzled false-flag poison-gas attack in Syria, the support by many NATO nations for more Axis aggression may not be that solid.  So what does the Israeli tough talk and threats mean at this time? Perhaps it means that Israel is in the process of concocting a massive and much more sophisticated  false-flag attack, like the taking out of a US war ship and blaming Iran for starting the war.

Remember Five points:

1. Isreal will fight to the very last American Soldiers Death.

2. The Zionist screams in Pain as he Stikes you.

3.The Yinon Plan.

4.Operation TALPIOT.

5. Qatari Pipeline Petro Dollar Vs. Russia / China Petro Yaun.

One bright aspect is the Anti-Isreal / Jew Zionist movement is gaining steam.  More & more Individuals are speaking openly against Israel’s War Crimes, False Flag involvements, The Yinon Plan along with Pro Zionist immigrantion policy of migrating Muslim’s &  Arabs to the EU & US without fear of retribution.  Pro migration policy which supports territory boarder expansion via the Yinon Plan & ethnic cleansing & migration of Arabs & Muslim’s.

Not to mention the Billions in US foreign aid, AIPAC, ZioNeoConFascist NGO’s & dual Israeli Citizen’s which hold Political Office in CONgress.  Which must be outlawed. 

In reply to disgusting how anti-war pre… by BullyBearish

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evoila  Chupacabra-322 Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:37 Permalink
Iran proving it is the rational actor in this.

In reply to The Western globalist… by Chupacabra-322

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Gadfly  BullyBearish Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:37 Permalink
Don't take the bait Trump. We elected you to get us out, not to go all in for the Israeli/One World Order agenda.  If you go along with this and get us into another war in the Middle East, you're a one term President.  I guarantee it.

In reply to disgusting how anti-war pre… by BullyBearish

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BullyBearish  Gadfly Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:43 Permalink

In reply to Don't take the bait Trump… by Gadfly

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Eyes Opened  BullyBearish Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:51 Permalink
“They are trying to harm us, and we’ll have a response"

The word "response" seems inappropiate somehow...

Kinda like getting in your retaliation first..😒

In reply to disgusting how anti-war pre… by BullyBearish

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Truther  FireBrander Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:32 Permalink
The Khazars are looking down at their sandy graves. Their wish will come true.

In reply to W by FireBrander

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BangDingOw  Slimedon1 Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:50 Permalink
Anyone who thinks the NOK peace deal lining up with the iran war deal is a coincidence ought to think again. There are no such coincidences. The cabal knows the American people cannot handle threatening global thermonuclear war against 2 countries at the same time. Either Kim is a puppet, or they made him an offer he can't refuse. Either way he is a puppet. iran is in the crosshairs now regardless of what she does.

In reply to It is pretty uncanny how… by Slimedon1

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Polynik3s  GlassHouse101 Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:55 Permalink
At five pounds a turd, I can get you 200 Bullshits to equal Israel's evidence for another goyim war.

In order for the world to live, Lucifarian Zionism must die.

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Manthong  Dickweed Wang Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:26 Permalink
..the good news is that Tel Aviv will be crossed off the list of tourist destinations unless the populace there puts the tribal chiefs are put in their place.

In reply to . by Dickweed Wang

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MK ULTRA Alpha  Manthong Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:30 Permalink
What about the 3 billion barrels of Syrian oil under the Golan. And block 9 Lebanon gas field.

And the plan to take southern Lebanon for the off shore gas field and the water.

It was the water, now it's water, oil and natural gas.

No word on Jew controlled MSM.

And no word on the killing of over 500,000 Syrian Christians out of a prewar population of 2 million.


Genie oil company, a Jewish controlled Red Shield operation. Why is this not told to the American people?

In reply to ..the good news is that Tel… by Manthong

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inosent  Manthong Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:30 Permalink
The God damned jews and God damned israhell are at it again. Same old thing. When I contemplate the sublimity of the magnificence of creation and all of its manifest beauty, I am depressed and perplexed at the grotesque evil that continually emits from the satanic cabal of the juden and their israhell - and even WORSE, that a tax liability is place on my back to pay for it all.


In reply to ..the good news is that Tel… by Manthong

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Jesus von Einstein  strannick Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:27 Permalink
"The report adds that the U.S. officials believe the shipments were intended for Iranian ground forces that would attack Israel."

Why would Iran try to launch a ground attack on Israel - to guarantee they'd get nuked?  This is another lie.

Iran is in Syria, at the invitation of its government, to fight the largely, perhaps even mostly foreign [not Syrian] mercenaries, many or most of them Islamists [Sunni].  They've been fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Israel, on the other hand, has by many accounts, directly and indirectly been supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda, and also attacking Syrian, Lebanese and apparently Iranian troops fighting those terror groups.

So Israel is claiming to be "defending itself" by attacking another country in order to kill people from another country, there legally, who have been fighting the Islamists/terrorists that the Israelis [and US, and Saudis] have been helping...  because, despite Israel's military and nukes and chem and bio weapons and the backing of the US...  Iran is going to attack Israel on the ground from Syria....

Listen, if you believe this, please consider the possibility you've accepted the spin and lies of inveterate, dissembling warmongers who think it's okay to kill lots and lots of people in wars of aggression reframed as 'defense.'

In reply to W by strannick

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mailll  Jesus von Einstein Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:34 Permalink
Might as well call the State of Israel the 51st state of the US, since we will defend Israel State as if it was our very own.  And since Israel want Assad and Iran taken out, there is nothing that can stop their desire.  They will, unfortunately, get what they want.  Expect war to escalate in Syria and war with Iran to break out.  I just don't see it not happening. The US and Israel will continue doing what they want to Russia's allies until the bear comes out of hibernation and says "enough is enough".  The future is going to be pretty interesting.

In reply to "The report adds that the U… by Jesus von Einstein

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Fireman  Jesus von Einstein Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:41 Permalink
The apartheid abomination in occupied Palestine is a malignant cancerous disease that needs to be defanged and broken up. The state of Palestine must be created and the chosenite khazarian dead beats must be forced to live in peace. Failing that send these killers back to the Eastern Europeon, USSAN and Russian slums that hatched them. The world can no longer indulge these monsters and their sickening hollow cost cult of murder.

No debate

No discussion

No tolerance

Boycott the horned beast of zion and all the filth that it produces. 

Barcodes 500, 729 & 871 mark the filth of "Israel"

Barcodes 7219 & 7922 mark the filth from the rest of occupied, apartheid Palestine. 

Hurt the beast where it does the damage. No more shekels for the squatters! 

In reply to "The report adds that the U… by Jesus von Einstein

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Fireman  strannick Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:31 Permalink
USSANS are finally going to grasp the problems that all nations face that open their doors to khazarian thugs. However, no nation has ever been as seriously infected with the supremacist virus as Slumville. Are USSAN tax cattle ready to die for their anglozionazi masters and the neocohen evil that is nested at the core of the cancer that is Washing town?

In reply to W by strannick

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FireBrander  strannick Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:33 Permalink
If Israel would start worshipping Christ

The Jews murdered Christ for Christs' sake!

Now you want them to worship him?

Which of Christs' "teachings" do you think they would be willing to observe as damn near every aspect of Israel is anti-Christ in manner and form.

In reply to W by strannick

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Polynik3s  strannick Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:54 Permalink
Rothschild has twin Lucifarian monsters that have enslaved and brought endlessly financed wars: Central Banking Cartel and Israel.

When Trump and Q Anon push Rothschild's agenda, they reveal their true master: Lucifarian Zionism.

In order for the world to live, Lucifarian Zionism must die.


In reply to W by strannick

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bowie28  Son of Captain Nemo Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:20 Permalink
Not what is seems.  Trump is using Israel as the attack dog for Nuke deal negotiations.

They will bark and maybe bite a little bit but will not be taken off the leash.

There will be no war and Iran will back down, just like Kim in NK did.

The game has changed.  Watch.

In reply to Put the financial outlook… by Son of Captain Nemo

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I Am Jack's Ma…  bowie28 Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:44 Permalink
Kim hasn’t given up his nukes, and you seem to think Israel wants off the leash to fight Iran...

Not at all:  Israel wants Uncle Sam to do it, and then Israel also wants help with Hezbollah because the Jews covet Southern Lebanon to the Litani.

Anyone ever consider that there is no evidence for a powerful ancient Jewish kingdom?  No major ruins...  very few refeences outside the bible to Israelites...

There is no cognizable Jewish claim whatsoever on Lebanon...  they just want the water and offshore gas.

In reply to Not what is seems.  Trump is… by bowie28

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junction  Son of Captain Nemo Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:21 Permalink
For more on Israel's low radiation mini-nukes (the ones they used to demolish the World Trade Center and destroy the Iranian weapons depot in Syria), go to:


In reply to Put the financial outlook… by Son of Captain Nemo

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Perimetr  Son of Captain Nemo Tue, 05/01/2018 - 13:24 Permalink
Where is Russia in this? Does Israel get a free ride when it comes to bombing Syrian bases?

What happened to the vaunted Syrian and Russian air defenses in this latest attack?  Surely F-15s can be tracked as easily as cruise missiles?  Has Putin decided not to send the S-300s to Syria or are they not yet deployed or ???

Does Russia think it can stop a war through diplomatic means?  Good luck with that.

In reply to Put the financial outlook… by Son of Captain Nemo

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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
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Sunflower Newsletter: May 2018

Rick Wayman, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

May 3, 2018

Peace in Korea? Hope and uncertainty mix in the wake of Kim-Moon summit

Cesar Jaramillo lays out the factors that might make or break a more sustainable peace in the Korean peninsula, from security assurances to human rights.

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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
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I Know Which Country the U.S. 🦍 Will Invade Next

By the end of this column, it will be clear which country the United States will invade and topple next. Or failing that, it will be clear which country our military-intelligence-industrial complex will be aching to invade next.

We all want to know why America does what it does. And I don’t mean why Americans do what we do. I think that question still will be pondered eons from now by a future professor showing his students a video mind-meld of present-day UFC fighters booting each other in the head while thrilled onlookers cheer (not for either of the fighters but rather for more booting in the head).

But we all seem to assume that America—the entity, the corporation—has some sort of larger reasoning behind the actions it takes, the actions put forward by the ruling elite. And almost all of us know that the reasons we’re given by the press secretaries and caricature-shaped heads on the nightly news are the ripest, most fetid grade of bullshit.

We now know that the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction. We now know that the crushing of Libya had nothing to do with “stopping a bad man.” If one does even a cursory check of what dictators around the world are up to recently, you’ll find that the U.S. doesn’t care in the slightest whether they are bad or good, whether they’re using their free time to kill thousands of innocent people or to harmonize their rock garden. In fact, the U.S. gives military aid to 70 percent of the world’s dictators. (One would hope that’s only around the holidays though.)

So if it’s not for the stated reasons, why does the U.S. overrun, topple and sometimes occupy the countries it does? Obviously, there are oil resources or rare minerals to be had. But there’s something else that links almost all of our recent wars.

As The Guardian reported near the beginning of the Iraq War, “In October 2000, Iraq insisted on dumping the U.S. dollar—the currency of the enemy—for the more multilateral euro.”

However, one example does not make a trend. If it did, I would be a world-renowned beer pong champion rather than touting a 1-27 record. (I certainly can’t go pro with those numbers.)

But there’s more. Soon after Libya began moving toward an African gold-based currency—and lining up all its African neighbors to join it—we invaded it as well, with the help of NATO. Author Ellen Brown pointed this out at the time of the invasion:

[Moammar Gadhafi] initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the euro, and called on Arab and African nations to use a new currency instead, the gold dinar.

John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hitman,” also has said that the true reason for the attack on Libya was Gadhafi’s move away from the dollar and the euro.

This week, The Intercept reported that the ousting of Gadhafi, which was in many ways led by President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, actually had to do with Sarkozy secretly receiving millions from Gadhafi, and it seemed that his corruption was about to be revealed. But, the article also noted, “[Sarkozy’s] real military zeal and desire for regime change came only after [Hillary] Clinton and the Arab League broadcasted their desire to see [Gadhafi] go.” And the fact that Gadhafi was planning to upend the petrodollar in Africa certainly provides the motivation necessary. (It doesn’t take much to get the U.S. excited about a new bombing campaign. I’m pretty sure we invaded Madagascar once in the 1970s because they smoked our good weed.)

Right now you may be thinking, “But, Lee, your theory is ridiculous. If these invasions were about the banking, then the rebels in Libya—getting help from NATO and the United States—would have set up a new banking system after bringing down Gadhafi.”

Actually, they didn’t wait that long. In the middle of the brutal war, the Libyan rebels formed their own central bank.

Brown said, “Several writers have noted the odd fact that the Libyan rebels took time out from their rebellion in March to create their own central bank—this before they even had a government.”

Wow, that sure does sound like it’s all about the banking.

Many of you know about Gen. Wesley Clark’s famous quote about seven countries in five years. Clark is a four-star general, the former head of NATO Supreme Allied Command, and he ran for president in 2008 (clearly he’s an underachiever). But it’s quite possible that 100 years from now, the one thing he’ll be remembered for is the fact that he told us that the Pentagon said to him in 2002: “We’re going to take down seven countries in five years. We’re going to start with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, then Libya, Somalia, Sudan. We’re going to come back and get Iran in five years.”

Most of this has happened. We have, of course, added some countries to the list, such as Yemen. We’re helping to destroy Yemen largely to make Saudi Arabia happy. Apparently our government/media care only about Syrian children (in order to justify regime change). We couldn’t care less about Yemeni children, Iraqi children, Afghan children, Palestinian children, North Korean children, Somali children, Flint (Michigan) children, Baltimore children, Native American children, Puerto Rican children, Na’vi children … oh wait, I think that’s from “Avatar.” Was that fiction? My memories and 3-D movies are starting to blur together.

Brown goes even further in her analysis of Clark’s bombshell:

What do these seven countries have in common? … [N]one of them is listed among the 56 member banks of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). That evidently puts them outside the long regulatory arm of the central bankers’ central bank in Switzerland. The most renegade of the lot could be Libya and Iraq, the two that have actually been attacked.

What I’m trying to say is: It’s all about the banking.

So right now you’re thinking, “But, Lee, then why is the U.S. so eager to turn Syria into a failed state if Syria never dropped the dollar? Your whole stupid theory falls apart right there.”

First, I don’t appreciate your tone. Second, in February 2006, Syria dropped the dollar as its primary hard currency.

I think I’m noticing a trend. In fact, on Jan. 4, it was reported that Pakistan was ditching the dollar in its trade with China, and that same day, the U.S. placed it on the watch list for religious freedom violations. The same day? Are we really supposed to believe that it just so happened that Pakistan stopped using the dollar with China on the same day it started punching Christians in the nose for no good reason? No, clearly Pakistan had violated our religion of cold hard cash.

This leaves only one question: Who will be next on the list of U.S. illegal invasions cloaked in bullshit justifications? Well, last week, Iran finally did it: It switched from the dollar to the euro. And sure enough, this week, the U.S. military-industrial complex, the corporate media and Israel all got together to claim that Iran is lying about its nuclear weapons development. What are the odds that this news would break within days of Iran dropping the dollar? What. Are. The. Odds?

The one nice thing about our corporate state’s manufacturing of consent is how predictable it is. We will now see the mainstream media running an increasing number of reports pushing the idea that Iran is a sponsor of terrorism and is trying to develop nuclear weapons (which are WMDs, but for some strange reason, our media are shying away from saying, “They have WMDs”). Here’s a 2017 PBS article claiming that Iran is the top state sponsor of terrorism. One must assume this list of terror sponsors does not include the country that made the arms that significantly enhanced Islamic State’s military capabilities. (It’s the U.S.)

Or the country that drops hundreds of bombs per day on the Middle East. (It’s the U.S.) But those bombs don’t cause any terror. Those are the happy bombs, clearly. Apparently, we just drop 1995 Richard Simmons down on unsuspecting people.

Point is, as we watch our pathetic corporate media continue their manufacturing of consent for war with Iran, don’t fall for it. These wars are all about the banking. And millions of innocent people are killed in them. Millions more have their lives destroyed.

You and I are just pawns in this game, and the last thing the ruling elite want are pawns who question the official narrative.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it, and check out Lee Camp’s free weekly podcast, “Common Censored.”


Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #218 on: May 09, 2018, 02:22:21 pm »

Is Trump’s 🦀 Exit From Iran Deal a Prelude to War?

May 8, 2018

With Trump withdrawing from the JCPOA and European allies showing no signs that they’ll withstand US pressure, the Iran nuclear deal is in danger and the threat of war has increased, says Jamal Abdi of the National Iranian American Council

Comprehensive analysis  (video with transcript) of this precarious situation:

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
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Israel 😈 Threatens Lebanon After Hezbollah Makes Gains in Election

May 8, 2018

After Hezbollah and political allies won seats in Lebanon’s first parliamentary election in 9 years, Israeli minister Naftali Bennett threatened to retaliate against the Lebanese state for Hezbollah’s actions. Journalist Jamal Ghosn says this is the latest in a long string of threats, and Israel violates Lebanese sovereignty every day.

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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #220 on: May 19, 2018, 08:02:09 pm »
US-North Korea Peace Talks: Trump 🦀 Threatens Kim with Gaddafi’s Fate

May 18, 2018

Col. Larry Wilkerson: Trump’s threats, Bolton’s inexperience, combined with the military exercises in the region is putting the North Korean peace talks at risk. It is inexplicable form of diplomacy, unless you want the talks to fail

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #221 on: May 22, 2018, 05:38:09 pm »
What the Pentagon Papers were really all about



You’ve heard about the Pentagon Papers and they were a big deal. But what were the Pentagon Papers really all about?

Assassinations, torture, drug dealing, money laundering – by the CIA.

You never heard that part, did you?

Here’s the story:

While Eisenhower played golf (and recovered from a heart attack), the fledgling CIA grew fangs.

Maybe it was his exposure to the mass slaughter of WW II, but whatever the reason Eisenhower was a big fan of covert – and illegal – operations.

The CIA succeeded in using illegal, covert operations to remove the secular and popularly-elected Mossadegeh from power in Iran in 1953 and did the same thing in Guatemala in 1954.

In 1954, something called NSC 5412 was written to set up to give the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State and the President oversight over this secret, un-elected new branch of government.

The so called “Pentagon Papers” were the first public look into the operations of the 5412 committee.

But there’s more to the story than that.

Under the conniving of Allen Dulles, the 5412 committee soon calcified into a weak review board and the real action of the CIA was carried out “off the books” and away from the oversight of the 5412 committee.

That’s how the Vietnam war really started. It had little to do with the Pentagon at all.

Confused yet?


Now to go deeper down the rabbit hole…

Who exactly was Daniel Ellsberg?

For starters, he was a war hawk.

Then after proving his bona fides as a Marine Lieutenant he was loaned by the Pentagon to the CIA’s proto-Phoenix Program where he engaged in the “pacification” of the Vietnamese people under the direction of none other than CIA officer/Air Force General and overall maniac Edward Landsdale.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Long story short: The Pentagon Papers were released by a CIA operative who managed to keep the attention OFF the CIA and on the Pentagon.

There is no video on this, but there is this excellent article by Douglas Valentine: Will the real Daniel Ellsberg please stand up.


MARCH 8, 2003

Will the Real Daniel Ellsberg  Please Stand Up!

Political activist Daniel Ellsberg became an icon in 1971 after he leaked The Pentagon Papers. This “act of conscience” helped turn public opinion against the Vietnam War, and contributed to the demise of President Richard Nixon, whose felonious minions, the infamous Plumbers, sent CIA officer E. Howard Hunt, and former FBI agent (and self-professed rat-eater) G. Gordon Liddy, to burglarize confidential files from Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office. Hunt and Liddy thought they could trump the anti-War movement by showing that Ellsberg was a mentally deranged LSD-abuser, but their slap-happy plan backfired, and instead opened up the Pandora’s box of the CIA inspired dirty tricks the Republican Party relied upon (and still uses today) to wage political warfare.

Starting on March 9th, the Pentagon Papers story will be broadcast as a made-for-TV movie on the popular F/X network. Based partially on Ellsberg’s autobiography, the movie will star quirky James Spader as Ellsberg, and will feature Hayley Lochner as “the wife,” Jonas Chernick as CIA connected New York Times reporter Neil Sheehan, and Paul Giamatti as Anthony Russo, the man who went to prison on Ellsberg’s behalf.

Be forewarned: nowhere in this revisionist history will be audience be presented with the cast of Corsican drug smugglers and CIA agents that shaped Ellsberg’s sensibilities and sent him on his path to New Left notoriety. But as the reader shall see in this article, somewhere between the official Pentagon Papers story, and the CIA’s involvement in international drug trafficking, is a disturbing clash of facts from which Ellsberg will not emerge with his icon status intact.

Ellsberg And the Quiet American

The first thing the reader needs to know is that Ellsberg was not always a pacifist “dove” intent on ending the Vietnam War. At first he was an aggressive “hawk.” His militant approach to the Cold War ? he was all for nuking the Soviet Union ? was shaped during a tour of duty as a Marine lieutenant, and precisely because of his hard-line attitude, and his ability to articulate it, he was offered a job as a Defense Department analyst.

Then in 1965 he was assigned as a Pentagon observer to the CIA’s Revolutionary Development (RD) Program in South Vietnam. Here Ellsberg came under the influence of his mentor, CIA officer cum Air Force General Edward Lansdale. The mass murderer Graham Greene used as the model for Alden Pyle in “The Quiet American,” Lansdale was the architect of the CIA’s anti-terror strategy for winning the Vietnam War. When not engaged in typical RD Program “Civil Affairs” activities, such as helping the local Vietnamese build perimeter defenses around their villages, Ellsberg and his fellow RD advisors, under the tutelage of Lansdale, dressed in black pajamas and reportedly slipped into enemy areas at midnight to “snatch and snuff” the local Viet Cong cadre, sometimes making it appear as if the VC themselves had done the dirty deed, in what Lansdale euphemistically called “black propaganda” activities.

Functioning as a gruesome “shadow warrior” was not Ellsberg’s only claim to fame in South Vietnam. It will not be addressed in the TV docudrama, but Ellsberg was exceedingly charming and possessed with the uncanny ability to reproduce conversations verbatim–talents that made him a highly prized asset of John Hart, the CIA station chief in Saigon. Hart and the CIA’s foreign intelligence staff wanted to know what influential Vietnamese citizens and officials were privately thinking, and plotting, so they introduced Ellsberg into Saigon’s elite social circles, and he began reporting directly to station chief John Hart on matters of political importance.

And if what his CIA colleagues say is true, Ellsberg was not only as a superb spy, he was also as a swashbuckling swordsman who romanced numerous women, including the exquisite Germaine. One part French and three parts Vietnamese, Germaine was the object of every red-blooded American man’s desire, and when Ellsberg met her at a swinging Saigon party, the hot-blooded cocksman immediately rose to the occasion, heedless of the fact that she was engaged to an opium-addicted Corsican drug smuggler named Michel Seguin.

It is here, with Ellsberg’s love affair with Germaine, that the discrepancy between fact and fiction has its origins. According to Professor McCoy, at the time Ellsberg met Germaine, Ellsberg’s close friend, CIA officer Lucien Conein, was negotiating a “truce” with the Corsican gangsters who supplied South Vietnam’s top military officers and government officials with that most lucrative of black market commodities, heroin.

Ellsberg’s Perilous Peccadilloes

Legendary CIA officer Lou Conein was an Old Vietnam Hand. As a member of Detachment 202 of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), Conein had fought with the French Special Forces in Indochina in World War II. After the war he married a Vietnamese woman and remained in Vietnam. He joined the CIA upon its creation and after a tour of duty in Europe, he returned to South Vietnam in 1954, as an aide to the aforementioned Ed Lansdale, to help organize the CIA’s anti-communist forces in North Vietnam. As a measure of his knack for deceit and deception, it is worth noting that one of Conein’s favorite “dirty tricks” was “to stage funerals without a corpse, and bury the coffin filled with weapons for later use by the anti-communists.”1

“Black Luigi” Conein departed South Vietnam in 1958 after Lansdale had safely ensconced his Catholic prot?g?, Ngo Dinh Diem, as President of South Vietnam. Conein spent the next few years in the opium rich outlands of Iran as a military advisor to the Shah’s special forces. In 1962 he returned to Vietnam as a “floating emissary,” reporting directly to the Kennedy White House, while secretly coaching the cabal of generals that murdered President Diem and his opium-addicted brother Nhu on 2 November 1963.

After the bloody coup d’etat, Conein remained in South Vietnam, but not without further controversy. As noted, professor McCoy contends that Ellsberg and Conein formed a fast friendship at the exact same moment Conein was arranging a “truce” between the CIA and unnamed Corsican drug smugglers in Saigon.

Conein, however, adamantly denied the allegation that he arranged a drug-related “truce.” In a 1972 letter to McCoy’s publisher, he insisted that his meeting with the Corsicans, “had to do with ameliorating a tense situation engendered by Daniel Ellsberg’s peccadilloes with the mistress of a Corsican.”

Here we return to enchantress Germaine, her opium-addicted Corsican fianc?, Michel Seguin, and a new character in our passion play, Frank Scotton. In 1965 Scotton was ostensibly employed by the U.S. Information Service, though his undercover job as a CIA officer was forming assassination squads around Saigon in what was the prototype of the CIA’s infamous Phoenix Program. Through this experimental “counter-terror” program, which fell under Lansdale’s RD Program, Scotton and Ellsberg met and became the best of friends. In fact, it was Scotton who invited Ellsberg to the party where the fateful encounter with Germaine occurred.

What happened next is subject to conjecture–and it must be emphasized that in order to understand how the Discrepancy might occur, the reader must need be aware that rumors, whisper campaigns, and half-truths are the preferred weapons of political warriors. CIA dirty tricks and deceptions are meant to misdirect and discredit, so one must examine these statements closely to discover what is being concealed, and why. Complicating the already convoluted situation is the fact that Ellsberg’s closest friends, Lou Conein and Frank Scotton, were CIA officers. Which is not meant to cast guilt through association on Ellsberg, but it is intended to warn the reader that one must carefully study their conflicting stories.

Scotton and Conein, in separate interviews with this writer, claimed they warned Ellsberg to sever his relationship with Germaine. But Ellsberg, they said, would not be kept from his lover’s embrace. Scotton and Conein claimed that Michael Seguin hired a Vietnamese assassin to kill Ellsberg, but, they said, they were able to intercept the assassin before he could carry out his contract.

In an interview with this writer, Ellsberg admitted to having had the affair with Germaine, and he confessed that Seguin put a gun to his head and warned him to stay away from the woman they both cherished. But Ellsberg vehemently denied that either Scotton or Conein intervened on his behalf. Their stories, he said, were standard CIA disinformation, designed to make him seem beholden to former CIA comrades, and thus cast doubt on his motives for leaking The Pentagon Papers.

Ulterior Motives

Theoretically, it seems logical to conclude that one of the conflicting stories hides an ulterior motive. And in a search of the recorded history of the time, there is only one source that sheds any light on the situation. All we know, according to Professor McCoy, is that CIA agent Lou Conein met with Corsican gangsters to arrange a “truce” regarding drug smuggling in South Vietnam, and that after this “truce” the Corsicans (including, one would presume, Michel Seguin) continued to serve as “contact men” for the CIA in the drug smuggling business.

This is where The Discrepancy reaches critical mass, for Ellsberg denies that his CIA mentor, Edward Lansdale, or his CIA friends, Lou Conein and Frank Scotton, were involved with Corsican drug smugglers.

Recapping: McCoy claims that Conein arranged a” truce” with the Corsican gangsters over drug smuggling in South Vietnam; Conein denied the allegation and said the meeting concerned Ellsberg’s affair with Germaine; and Ellsberg denies (1) that Conein and Scotton intervened on his behalf, and (2) that Conein, Lansdale and Scotton were involved with drug smugglers.

Who is telling the truth? Could a CIA officer with a photographic memory not be aware that his colleagues were involved with drug smugglers? Or is McCoy’s research fatally flawed? Did the alleged “truce” occur? Was the good professor, who has prompted so many people to question the CIA’s role in international drug smuggling, misled by dirty trickster Conein. Was the ulterior motive to move McCoy toward the Corsicans and away from the CIA’s unilateral drug smuggling operation? Thinking the Unthinkable

It was 1970 when the mainstream American press first reported the CIA’s involvement in international drug trafficking, and it was 1970 when the U.S. Senate launched a potentially explosive investigation into the CIA’s Phoenix “assassination” Program, a special unit of which was providing security for the CIA’s unilateral drug smuggling operation.

The House of Representatives launched deeper probes into CIA drug smuggling and the CIA’s Phoenix Program in early 1971, and, naturally, the CIA at this critical time took extensive countermeasures in a concerted effort to conceal these facts. What is relevant to the discrepancy is the that in June 1971, Daniel Ellsberg leaked the aptly named Pentagon Papers, shifting blame for the increasingly unpopular Vietnam War from the CIA to the military, while distracting public attention from the investigations of the CIA’s Phoenix Program and the CIA’s involvement in drug smuggling.

Ellsberg is aware of the rumor that Conein and Scotton asked him to leak the Pentagon Papers as part of the CIA’s disinformation campaign. But he shrugs off the insidious rumor as yet another instance of ? CIA disinformation designed to cast doubt on his motives for leaking The Pentagon Papers.

While it is definitely politically incorrect within what passes nowadays for the New Left to even make the suggestion, is it unthinkable that Ellsberg might have suffered such a whisper campaign in order to prevent his CIA friends from being indicted for drug smuggling and mass murder?

The Politics Of Heroin (And War Crimes) In America

After Ellsberg leaked The Pentagon Papers, the CIA’s plot to cover-up its unilateral drug smuggling operation moved forward with greater gusto. According to the Justice Department’s still classified DeFeo Report, Conein in the spring of 1971 was called out of retirement by CIA officer E. Howard Hunt and asked to become an advisor to President Nixon’s “drug czar” (and Plumber) Egil Krogh, on matters regarding “problems of narcotic control in Southeast Asia and the Pentagon Papers.”

Consider that in 1971 the relationship between the French intelligence service and Corsican drug smugglers in its employ was exposed after a series of spectacular drug busts made in America with the assistance of the CIA. Concurrently, Conein was called out of retirement and immediately, in June 1971, told McCoy about the “truce” with the French-connected Corsicans, one of who put a gun to Ellsberg head.

Consider also that Egil Krogh’s investigators stumbled upon the CIA’s unilateral drug smuggling operation at this time, and that in July 1971, President Nixon declared the burgeoning war on drugs to be a matter of national security. Nixon went after the CIA and quick as a flash, E. Howard Hunt (Conein’s comrade from OSS Detachment 202) bungled the bugging of the Watergate Hotel. Washington Post reporter and former Naval Intelligence officer Bob Woodward, then assigned to cover Nixon’s war on drugs, was approached by the still anonymous Deep Throat, and based on unsubstantiated rumors, incrementally engendered the Watergate scandal and effectively neutralized Nixon, and his war on drugs.

In the summer of 1972 came the publication of McCoy’s book, which implicated the CIA in Corsican drug smuggling operation in Thailand, Vietnam, Burma and Laos. But no CIA officer was ever indicted for drug smuggling. In fact, the CIA boasted that it was actually helping, by infiltrating the Corsican operation, to wage the war on drugs. Amazing as it may sound, McCoy’s exposure in 1972 of the French Connection drug smuggling operation also helped to divert public attention from the CIA’s unilateral drug smuggling operations.

That same summer of 1972, Lou Conein became a consultant to the newly created Office of National Narcotics Intelligence (ONNI) at the Department of Justice. After the Drug Enforcement Administration was formed in July 1973, Conein became chief of a special operations unit that in 1975 was investigated by the U.S. Senate for the dubious distinction of assassinating drug lords.

The Pentagon Papers, Drugs, and Political Assassinations

Today only questions remain. Why did Conein meet the Corsicans in 1965? Was the rumor of an assassination attempt on Ellsberg concocted to provide Conein with a plausible cover story for his “truce” with the drug smuggling Corsicans? If so, why does Ellsberg deny that his CIA comrades, Lansdale, Conein and Scotton, were involved in drug smuggling, as McCoy contends? And, finally, was McCoy deliberately led by Conein in a wide circle around the CIA’s unilateral drug smuggling operation?

Unless these questions are resolved, the truth about Watergate and the Pentagon Papers will continue to elude historians, and this quiet discrepancy will serve, like the TV movie based on Ellsberg’s autobiography, only to perpetuate the myths, mysteries, and half-truths that define American history–a history that hauntingly reflects standard CIA operating procedures.

DOUGLAS VALENTINE is the author of The Hotel Tacloban, The Phoenix Program, and TDY. His new book The Strength of the Wolf: the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, 1930-1968 will be published by Verso. Valentine was an investigator for Pepper on the King case in 1998-1999. For information about Valentine and his books and articles, please visit his website at www.douglasvalentine.com.

He can be reached at: redspruce@attbi.com

Valentine’s last article for CounterPunch was: An Act of State: the Assassination of Martin Luther King


Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #222 on: May 25, 2018, 02:38:09 pm »
Agelbert NOTE: Russia sends Trump a message (while Trump plays finger pointing games in the US).

Russian Defence Ministry

Watch: Russian Nuclear Submarine Rapid-Fires Four Ballistic Missiles

May 23, 2018 by gCaptain

The Russian Defense Ministry has released video of nuclear-powered Borei-class submarine test firing a barrage of four Bulava missiles from below the surface.

The test was conducted on Tuesday from a submerged location in a designated area of the White Sea, located off the northwest coast of Russia. The Ministry said the missiles were launched against targets at the Kura shooting range on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

The test, which was conducted using the nuclear submarine Yuri Dolgorukiy, marked the first-ever salvo fire from this type of submarine, the Ministry said.

The footage published on Wednesday shows some pre-launch activities on board the submarine before it is shown firing four missiles in quick succession.

“The test confirmed combat readiness of the Project-955 Borei SSBN and the Bulava missile system,” the Defence Ministry stated.

The full-length version of the test is below:


Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #223 on: May 25, 2018, 08:43:03 pm »
Trump-Jong Un Meeting Cancelled, But Can the Talks Survive?


May 24, 2018

Denuclearization, Libyan model, military exercises, and criticism in South Korea, we discuss it all with columnist James Dorsey, in Singapore

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #224 on: May 30, 2018, 01:05:47 pm »

Agelbert NOTE: More of the above brinkmanship stupidity from the Trump 🦀 wrecking crew.

A poster named Jtrillian tells it like it is.

Jtrillian Wed, 05/30/2018 - 11:13 Permalink

Those Islands are China's.  They belonged to China prior to Japan taking them in WWII.  They were returned to China in the terms dictated in the above mentioned agreement as part of Japans unconditional surrender.

But hey, when has any agreement that we signed ever stopped us from making war?

China has a valid claim to the islands.  The US government is trying to provoke the sleeping dragon into a war.  Be careful what you wish for... you just might get it.



“We are going out of our way to cooperate with Pacific nations, that’s the way we do business in the world,” Mattis 🦀 told reporters. “But we are also going to confront what we believe is out of step with international law, out of step with international tribunals that have spoken on the issue.”

The above is from the article linked below:

Wed, 05/30/2018 Mattis: US Will Confront China With "Steady Drumbeat" Of American Ships Over Weaponized Islands

Agelbert analysis: Friends, to the too clever by a half Trump wrecking crew, this is not about war.    That's right. sports fans.

THIS is about the silly posturing blustering bravado Trump's ghost writer talked about in the "Art of the Deal". It is no accident that Mattis 🦍 is making all these noises just as the US trade team is scheduled to arrive in China.

The Chinese, who are experts in this sort of thing, are probably laughing all over themselves by this crude and thoroughly pedestrian attempt to get China to swallow some US tariffs without retaliating big time. Trump does absolutely everything he can to insult both the North Koreans and the Chinese so he can get them into the "negotiating position" Trump wants.

Trump totally missed the memo on Face Saving in these cultures. The only thing Trump has accomplished is to strengthen their resolve to RETALIATE economically BECAUSE they have LOST FACE! Trump thinks he has "softened them up" with threats before he turns on the charm (📢 THAT DOES NOT WORK WITH THE CHINESE or the North Koreans!).

Trump is cornered by China on trade. THAT is what this is REALLY all about. The US, due to its trading account imbalance, NEEDS Chinese products more than they need ours. China can EASILY destroy what is left of our asset stripped and impoverished economy while maintaining a market for its products in other countries.

Sure, Turmp knows that. But the only thing Trump understands is winning by intimidation. That DOES NOT WORK with China (or anyone with half a brain when dealing with a country with a reputation for ignoring/breaking treaties like the USA).

China inderstands the USA better than the USA does. The USA is ALL ABOUT MONEY. So, expect China to REALLY put the tariff heat on our exports now (this will negatively impact our economy FAR AND WIDE, not just the grain exports).

This will hit the banksters that run the USA in the wallet, where their god is.

This will severly impact tthe stock market.

This will bring down the Trump wrecking crew.

The problem is that the Trump 🦀 wrecking crew😈🦕👹🦖🦍  is so STUCK on their "(F)Art of the Deal" ideology, that they might just start a shooting war 💣 if they see that their too clever by a half FArt of the Deal intimidation maneuvers resulted in the following:

1) they FAILED to make China back down

2) The USA becoming the economic and military laughing stock of the world

3) Political GOP disaster in the midterms due to a cratering market and economy.

Read the following story between the lines. Please consider what I have written in regard to the Chinese modus operandi. If you work for the Trump wrecking crew, please get your "Art of the Deal" mafia head out of your ass and stop this insane brinkmanship before you end up wishing you had never been born.

War Erupts Between Trump's🦀
Two Top Trade Advisors 😈 👹  Over China

by Tyler Durden

Wed, 05/30/2018 - 10:14

Commenting on the latest, surprise escalation in the US-China trade ceasefire war, in which Trump unexpectedly announced 25% tariffs on up to $50BN in Chinese imports, prompting a fresh round of outrage and confusion in Beijing which was confident it was done with Trump's "flip-flopping", we observed that "the latest move by Trump signals the more hawkish wing of Trump’s trade team is trying to amplify its hard line, after Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said this month that any talk of a trade war was suspended for now."

“Mnuchin’s ‘trade war on hold’ comments look to have been repudiated,” said Derek Scissors, a China analyst at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. “It may be the administration has shifted somewhat to appease the Congress on the lifting of the ZTE sanctions.”

Which, we concluded, begs the question:

is China trade hawk dragon Peter Navarro back in Trump's good graces, and if so, is the countdown to Mnuchin's resignation officially on?

Then just moments later, none other than Peter Navarro himself confirmed that there may be another major battle behind the scenes, when in a rare public rebuke of Steven Mnuchin, Navarro - who the media recently relegated to D-grade advisor status when he was excluded from China talks after reportedly exploding at Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross two weeks ago - called Mnuchin's claim that the trade war with China was "on hold" an "unfortunate sound bite" and admitting that there’s a dispute that needs to be resolved.

“What we’re having with China is a trade dispute, plain and simple,” Navarro said in an interview broadcast Wednesday with National Public Radio. “We lost the trade war long ago" with deals such as Nafta and China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, he said.

"That was an unfortunate sound bite," says WH adviser Peter Navarro of Steven Mnuchin saying a trade war with China is "on hold." It's on hold no longer, though Navarro calls it a "trade dispute." More in this thread.https://t.co/m7oPSJWcTA @MorningEdition @npr

— Steve Inskeep (@NPRinskeep) May 30, 2018
Navarro also said that "we can stop them from putting our high tech companies out of business" and "buying up our crown jewels of technology.... Every time we innovate something new, China comes in and buys it or steals it."

Earlier this month, Mnuchin shocked markets and sent stocks surging after he said in a weekend televised interview that the prospect of a trade war with China was "on hold." It turns out, Mnuchin was merely saying whatever someone had told him to say.

The latest controversial remark from Navarro, who refuses to go gentle into that good night, came just days before U.S.  Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is scheduled to meet with his counterparts in Beijing to discuss ways to reduce the U.S.’s trade deficit with China, and - as noted earlier - follows Trump's surprise announcement that the U.S. is moving ahead with plans to impose tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports and curb investment in sensitive technology.

The renewed tariff threats could stop the planned talks and jeopardize a deal, the WSJ reported on Wednesday, citing sources in both countries. A team of U.S. officials was scheduled to arrive in Beijing on Wednesday. Asked about potential Chinese retaliation, especially on American farm goods, Navarro said “we’re ready for anything.”

As for the implications of this growing trade advisor war in Trump's inner circle, two weeks ago Bill Blain wrote that "Mnuchin’s Name Is Now High On The Trump Deadpool List" and come to think of it, it has been a while since Trump fired anyone...


Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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