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Author Topic: War Provocations and Peace Actions  (Read 4092 times)

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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #225 on: June 04, 2018, 02:58:53 pm »
Agelbert and Palloy, listed alphabetically and not in order of importance  :laugh: ;D ::)

Would any or both of you gents care to comment on the Russian boasting of it's new weapons prowess a short while back.

It seemed like a bold threatening boast that was found believable by me of it's new superiority.

My reason for asking is the subsequent non reporting and totally ignoring of the boast both by the media and the rhetoric and threats from both parties namely Russia and The US as if nothing had even happened or mentioned, and the status quo seems to have remained the same.

It seemed, at least to me, as a massive restart of the nuclear arms race as well as making the new China,Russia alliance a much more potent military force, yet there is nary a word of it mentioned.   

You two gents seem to have an abundance of interest in these matter, Palloy from the political war wary area and AG from his recent revelation of his work in this area and aircraft expertise.

Did I read it wrong, did not Putin state he had the goods we could not intercept and issue a warning??
                                                                                              Thanks, GO

It is FAR crazier than you can imagine. The US and Russia are now in a new NUCLEAR arms race  . Plutonium pits, those deadly little hollow balls of Plutonium that get injected with Tritium nano-seconds before a hydrogen bomb goes off, which we ALREADY have thhousands of sitting in warehouses in TEXAS, are now all the NEW THING to FUND in the Trump adminsitration. The new ones are a nuclear welfare queen operation to save Senator Graham's arse since the Mox making plant he championed has gone so far over budget that it had to be cancelled.

This new cold war is nuts. These are not just weapons of mass destruciton; they are weapons of GLOBAL destruction.

Hear all about it at Radio Echoshock:

Two Dangerous Myths Exposed
Posted on May 23, 2018, by Radio Ecoshock 📢


Did you know about Putin's FABULOUSLY RICH daughters? Perhaps Palloy will do a bit of research and tell us all about them.  ;) Between the Putins and Trumps, the corruption competition is fierce.   

They may have to blow up the planet to see who is the biggest "apex Predator" among these empathy deficit disordered dynastic bunches.

Have a nice nuclear day.

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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