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Author Topic: War Provocations and Peace Actions  (Read 14740 times)

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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #15 on: December 28, 2014, 05:07:35 pm »
Karpatok said,
So am I, even if you can't see it. But thank you anyway. This is all true AG and the Perps need to be stopped and taken out. How do YOU propose it should and could be done. And please spare us FAKE DEMOCRACY and "WORKING WITHIN  THE SYSTEM" The system is dead and the JUNTA and CABAL operate for SATAN and the DEMIURGE OF DEATH. In such a demolished and dumbed down apathetic society, what can be the WAY?  PLEASE!                                Karpatok

These people are the problem:

The solution IS NOT this: 
Although I admit it has a certain appeal.  ;D But as a student of history, you surely know that it just passes the buck to another clever "king (or queen) of the hill" that then proceeds to grow the tyranny cancer from the democratic beginnings. See Yogi Berra and Deja vu all over again. 

The hippies had it right in the 1960's. It was a workable, viable plan. That is why our gooberment stepped in and drugged them left and right to give them a bad rep with "respectable" people. The hippies were a HUGE threat to the MIC!

IF we STOPPED supporting the system of consumerism, materialism, and hedonism, the system would DIE. They could print all the money in the world and if we (or about 40% - that's all we would need to bring the bastards to their knees) REFUSED to eat ANYTHING but what we absolutely HAD to have to get by (and less if they jacked up the price!) and REFUSED to use energy for ANYTHING except the bare necessities and ALL lived the MINIMALIST life style REFUSING to have cable, REFUSING to change our clothes more than once a month (so we wouldn't use as much energy washing and soap to wash with), REFUSING to travel except to get food and go to work (and then WALKING or riding a bike as often as possible) and REFUSING to work ANYWHERE that contributes to FEED TPTB, they would be FORCED to stop their ****ing wars,  24/7 dehumanizing of everything good about human empathy and celebration of brutality and ruthlessness as a "Virtue" of the "Apex Predator" or go to prison.

If everybody VOLUNTARILY decides to be SUPER FRUGAL and live DIRT POOR even if they have the money or the gold or whatever to consume, then MONEY LOSES ITS POWER to undermine ethical behavior and morality in this country.

Yep. That is one tall order. But at the end of the day, TPTB are supported, as MKing correctly says, by every kilowatt hour we consume, every house we buy, every car we run and so on. Every gadget, every cell phone, every CD, every sound system, every cable subscription and even every internet subscription is a compromise that HELPS the CORRUPT status quo.

Well then, how come I'm not living in a panther cave?
Because I'm NOT a purist! I don't have the intestinal fortitude to take a vow of poverty like Knarf. Mea Culpa.

HOWEVER, if 40% of the American public had exactly the same "consumer" (see Orwell    ) profile that I do, The stock market would have collapsed, the real estate market would have collapsed, the town budgets would have shrunk from low real estate taxes from people living in 980 sq. ft.  houses or smaller and there would be no mortgage industry to speak of because everybody's house would be paid for.

The derivatives, tranches, scams and so on in mortgages would never have EXISTED. The price of oil would have crashed in 2003 from lack of demand. The Fossil Fuel profits would NOT have been able to buy the politicians they bought to get the wars going and the oil price climbing and torture escalating AND SO ON.

The entertainment industry would be bankrupt. The hotel, travel and tourism industries would be bankrupt. Most automobile manufacturers would have had to shut down. Most mall and stores would have closed, including Walmart! The PC gaming industry would have never taken off. Less than 10% of the electorate would vote! The main stream media would be a JOKE to Americans in any and all surveys put out by TPTB (their advertising revenue would TANK). No printed newspapers would be in business for at least ten years now..

But the internet would still be there.  :-[

In the above Agelbert Frugality is Freedom Scenario, TPTB would fight back JUST LIKE THEY DID WITH THE HIPPIES in the 1960's. IN fact, they ARE fighting back by using every trick in the book to make us believe we MUST support the system (and the saintly, holy- and so on- TROOPS) that BRINGS us all these GOODIES.

What will they do if we all say they AREN'T "GOODIES"?  What will they do if they see us making the CONNECTION between consumerism here and destroying a family or a piece of planet there?

They will try to RIDICULE, DEFAME, DEMONIZE and, if that don't woik, IMPRISON the leaders (in that order. It's cheaper and more efficient that way, ya know.  ). And a few examples of killing the people making too much sense are in order to keep the rest of the sheeple in line, of course.   

My response is, SO WHAT? What have YOU GOT that makes me feel good about the traitors running my country and the planet into the ****ing ground? You've got NOTHING! Take your cell phones and distractions and shove them up your descending colon! 

At which point TPTB do what they have always done when everything they try does not work. They go on a killing rampage with agent provocateurs starting it and the "new hippies" getting blamed. Works every time.  ;)   

But those of us left who know their tricks will continue to NOT work within the system. The financial elite pretend all this is a distraction because they own all the stocks anyway AND the government AND the Military AND the health care (and so on).

And we win. We win because TPTB NEED to make us work for peanuts so they can HAVE their piggery and Planetary Pillage. They are slaves themselves of gigantic consumerism and hedonistic world views so they just cannot get it through their heads that people would rather live in misery than support a suicidal world view.

What's different know from previous history is that people, in the past, resisted tyranny as a matter of justice, morality, and common sense. But what they were after was a reasonable level of HUMAN COMFORT AND PEACE.

There WAS a future. There WAS hope for a better world. There WAS more patience and willingness to give the new top dog the benefit of the doubt that he or she would not revert to the Lord of the Manor BULL****.

NOW, we KNOW that human comfort and peace is IMPOSSIBLE if TPTB continue their fascist business as usual. NOW we know we ALL ARE COMMITTING SUICIDE by supporting the corrupt system.

So we are given a choice to have some relative comfort while we commit suicide or undergo a lot of hard times and misery of dealing with a government that hates us because we won't consume enough to support the MIC fascism.

The CFS types will tell us that agelbert's attitude is suicidal along with being anarchic and stupid. I counter that, as compromised as I am because I don't live in a panther cave  ;D, I am waging a war for peace and justice with my level of frugality that nobody I know, except maybe Knarf, is willing to engage in to battle the CERTAIN suicidal world view of TPTB.

EVERYONE out there buying lots of STUFF is helping destroy our species. And FOR WHAT?

For COMFORT! You are BRAINWASHED! You have been told that comfort is GOOD! It's good If you aren't degrading the biosphere and democracy to get it! At that point you become a Quisling!

The MKings will tell you that if you consume ANYTHING AT ALL, you are as big a pig as they are and have no moral standing. That's false. WHY? Because TPTB operate MOSTLY on marginal profits. It's the old make a penny here and there and it adds up through volume sales. If the Frugality is Freedom Minimalist mindset is embraced by 40% or more of the populace, it's a death sentence for the MIC fascist status quo. Peer pressure will take care of the inertia of change.

People with a lick of sense CANNOT be bought for a COMFORTABLE SUICIDE. That is what most people are, in fact, accepting as what they GOTTA DO TO GET BY!

That's just plain STUPID, PITIFUL and, of course, aiding and abetting eventual HUMAN EXTINCTION. 

So yeah, Karpatok, we are between a  rock and a hard place. I recommend as extreme frugality as you can handle and the preaching of said lifestyle everywhere you can along with berating the materialistic DUMB ASSES shooting themselves (and the rest of us) in the foot FACE with their unethical  addiction to stuff.


We must be willing to Starve to death, if need be, not for our principles or purity or purpose, but because TPTB are parasitic. Ticks cannot live without blood. They WILL NOT breed unless they have sufficient nutrition. WE-THE-PEOPLE are the host. Unlike the tick metaphor, WE are actually sticking a VOLUNTARY and UNNECESSARY IV in our blood veins and feeding TPTB. Pull that ****ing IV OUT of your arm!

IF 40% of us UNITE in a Frugality is Freedom Minimalist Mindset, most of us will not starve to death, ethical behavior will have a fighting chance of being what most of humanity embraces, our stupid view of the "economy" can be discarded along with the "might is right" insanity causing the pillaging of our planet and JUSTICE has a chance to exist among Homo SAPS.

In fact, it's our ONLY CHANCE to have a government based on CARING instead of CONQUEST, PERIOD.

Sure, a lot of people will die horrible deaths. The specter of dying of hunger or/and disease because you didn't work for the fascists or support their consumerist crap is terrible. :(

But the CURRENT PATH IS SURE to prevent the life of BILLIONS of humans in the future because there won't BE any humans in the future.

Violence is dumb, Karpatok. I possess the skills to do all kinds of horrendous things. If I wanted to, I could actually duplicate the grizzly scenario in one of those Tom Clancy books (without an A-bomb - I'm anti-nuke. LOL!). I know EXACTLY how to fly a huge airliner. I know EXACTLY how to fool ATC radar with certain transponder code settings that only someone who has programmed ATC computers AND been an air traffic controller will know about - And I would NEVER DO IT even if the devil himself, every fascist in the world and every corrupt and murdering MIC bastard were all gathered in a stadium for an easy hit BECAUSE they will be REPLACED the next day and they will MULTIPLY. Violence BREEDS VIOLENCE. I want LESS VIOLENCE. I want MORE LIFE, not more DEATH, COMPRENDE, AMIGA?

The fascists FEED on DEATH as well as our habits.

We must all make a choice. I have made mine. That is, to the best of my ability, to live the most frugal minimalist life possible to starve TPTB that feed on me. If I die in the process, I'll die knowing that, even though I might have lived longer if I had participated in a bit more fun in my dotage, had everyone emulated my lifestyle, humanity would not have gone extinct. As you see, I really am not misanthropic, even though that is the way a act sometimes.   

I repeat, I have made my choice.
I ENJOY the fact that I live small and spend little. I do not hunger for this, that or the other (except maybe Volt   ;D ). Yeah, I'm a Christian. And that has a LOT to do with my supreme disgust with materialism. But this is NOT about religion. I do not think God is going to do JACK SH IT to keep us from reaping what we have sown. We've got to figure this out or perish, period.

Anyone that follows the Frugality is Freedom Minimalist Mindset pattern should sell ALL their stock, move to the smallest place they can possibly live in (and so on as mentioned above). They must STOP participating in the world of money as much as possible by severely downsizing their expenses regardless of their buying power. Said person must disparage demonize, criticize, mock and take every opportunity to embarrass worshippers of pecuniary wealth with hard, direct and angry vitriol about the fact that these people are aiding and abetting civilizational suicide.

My choice is not popular. So if you take it, you will not be popular. But you will be doing the right thing.

Any other choice, from violence to clever prose about Maslow's hierarchy and whatever that leads to doing zip to actually change the suicidal trajectory we are on is wrong.

I urge you to make the right choice.

For anyone reading this that makes the wrong choice (comfortable suicide leading to eventual human extinction), I have a question for you:

Do you feel lucky?



Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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