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Author Topic: War Provocations and Peace Actions  (Read 14740 times)

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Re: War Provocations and Peace Actions
« Reply #15 on: December 28, 2014, 04:44:21 pm »

IF we STOPPED supporting the system of consumerism, materialism, and hedonism, the system would DIE. They could print all the money in the world and if we (or about 40% - that's all we would need to bring the bastards to their knees) REFUSED to eat ANYTHING but what we absolutely HAD to have to get by (and less if they jacked up the price!) and REFUSED to use energy for ANYTHING except the bare necessities and ALL lived the MINIMALIST life style REFUSING to have cable, REFUSING to change our clothes more than once a month (so we wouldn't use as much energy washing and soap to wash with), REFUSING to travel except to get food and go to work (and then WALKING or riding a bike as often as possible) and REFUSING to work ANYWHERE that contributes to FEED TPTB, they would be FORCED to stop their **** wars,  24/7 dehumanizing of everything good about human empathy, celebration of brutality and ruthlessness as a "Virtue" of the "Apex Predator" or go to prison.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of everyone simultaneously taking a vow of poverty voluntarily is statistically close to ZERO.

However, there are fundamental thermodynamic reasons why money will stop functioning as we move along here, so the poverty will come to all including the Masters of the Universe.

Article Coming Soon to a Laptop Near You.   

The possibility of the near term extinction of Homo SAP is closer to 100% without 40% of us adopting a (somewhat less severe than a vow of poverty) Frugality is Freedom Minimalist Mindset that WILL get Da "job" done.

I think the low probability of 40% getting with the Minimalist program is, as low as it is, the only plan that has a ANY chance of avoiding extinction. It's a Sophie's choice type thing but the CFS math favors the MINIMALIST pain for the perpetuation of the species gain.

It's harder for people like you with big bucks to see that because, if you adopted a Minimalist Mindset, you would feel deprived and less special in world that has taught you that money, is not just the mark of success, it's USE in the SYSTEM is the mark of intelligence. That is Wall Street brainwashing baloney. But comfort is quite seductive, is it not? Are those seduced by this "money must be put to work to make more money" mindset not busy rationalizing away how they are supporting fascism and pollution with their life style? That River in Egypt is the Wall Street Bernays special that works a LOT BETTER to ensure our comfortable suicide than the whip.

But I hear ya, good sir. You are a fairly astute student of human nature. I have had numerous, but gentlemanly, discussions with you about DAT. I have noted that you have a tendency to view the baser condition reflex pattern (see yeast, bacteria, ring circles and so on) as far more predictive of Dunbar number PLUS any number above DAT Homo SAP behavior than cooperation, empathy, caring (and so on, in a rather long, but usually ignored by the Darwinists, list of sappy human traits that Darwin himself claimed were ESSENTIAL to our survival as species).

It is an established historical fact that most humans are more altruistic than they are greedy. To judge the entire species by the evolutionary dead end traits of the most vicious, arrogant, mendacious, acquisitive and ambitious members that become leaders is statistically INACCURATE. They ARE the NUMERICAL minority.

You are adopting the Wall Street attitude of "leverage".    You are saying these LEADERS will drive the sheep off the extinction cliff because the sheep are JUST LIKE THE LEADERS and are dominated (in numbers above the Dunbar number) by the same baser emotions and condition reflex pattern of conscience free predation as the leaders. That is just not so, RE.

But I admit I may be wrong and you may be right. But I will NOT let you dance around the CERTAIN conclusion you MUST draw from your analysis, study and conclusions about human behavior.

If you are right :(, then we are TOAST. There is NO HOPE WHATSOEVER. We will go extinct. All your erudition and all your intelligence and all you grasp of world economics along with Steve from Virginia's plethora of graphs about this, that and the other will do nothing to change this sad trajectory. You would better serve Homo SAPdom, with our alleged terminal case of the Dunbar limit dumbass, by writing about unicorns and strawberry fields forever because that, at least, can make you feel good while you wait for your ass to be grass.
All the horseshit from the "genius" at TBP (Quinn?) is just so much methane. All the stats by the money minded monkey bean counters who's graphs and self important screeds (that at least 98% of human beings don't read) won't meant ****.

There is NOWHERE TO RUN TO if when the biosphere stops supporting human life. The biosphere RUNS, not on tooth and claw (that's a TINY subset of it!) but on trophic levels that EAT, directly or indirectly, SUNLIGHT. The overwhelming biomass is autotrophic (phototrophic). ALL the trophic levels above them are TOAST if the autotrophs buy the farm. THAT is the STATISTICAL REALITY of life on this planet.

Your proposal of a breakaway civilization of highly intelligent, caring, cooperative and CFS Dunbar groups is a nice thought that lacks the corner stone of a viable biosphere. No Viable Biosphere = no brave new Dunbar group. That is the only math that really matters. And that math takes all that talk about the evolutionary "advantages" of the "apex predator" and makes it look like the anthropocentric Wall Street wishful thinking that it is. It's a fairy tale!

IT DON'T WORK DAT WAY! It NEVER has! Spencer made it up out of whole, unscientific  "cloth" (Herbert Spencer's new phrase "survival of the fittest" alongside "natural selection" was first published in the fifth edition of On the Origin of Species, published in 1869.). You have bought that dog eat dog fascist fairy tale HOOK, LINE and SINKER. You have extrapolated that Wall Street world view to all of human history, past and future, as the prevailing human condition. 

If Homo SAP is the "CEO" (i.e. the planetary biosphere's executive) because we are the only self aware tool maker here, the biosphere has a mental disease.

BUT, if the ones with mental disease are the pack of arrogant greedball crazies that temporarily steered humanity into suicidal behavior because MOST of humanity TRUSTED those lying sacks of evolutionary dead end "apex predator" **** FOR BRAINS, then the REAL evolutionary advantages of Homo SAP that include caring over conquest, empathy, altruism and so on, will, through peer pressure, not explosive violence, cure the Homo SAP disease and put us back on the path of HARMONY with the other life forms here.

Homo sapiens is a DERIVATIVE of autotrophic/phototrophic life biomass, NOT the Lord of the MANOR!

In Closing, enjoy this fellow Doomer that, like you and I, shares a realization that we are on the SURE path of Extinction if we do not change our civilizational trajectory. ENJOY!     

Smarter Than Yeast?

Are humans smarter than yeast? We will know the answer all too soon.

About This Blog

I call myself S. cerevisiae because I enjoy good beer and because the more I observe the depletion of planetary resources by humans I tend to agree that as a species we are not proving to be smarter than yeast. This is my little corner of the blogosphere where I will rant about whatever I need to vent about, from the sorry-assed Minnesota Vikings to the even sorrier-assed (is that a word?-who cares) politicians who fiddle as the planet burns.

Hello NSA!

Greetings to my readers at the NSA! I've always assumed you were reading all this stuff anyway so this weeks news is no surprise to me. I remember being called an anti-American dirty hippie for speaking out against the so-called Patriot Act a decade ago, now the same ones who passed it are crying foul? The fourth amendment has been gutted over the last thirty years, mostly because of the war on (some) drugs, I don't remember a huge right-wing outcry over that.

 Privacy is so twentieth century.

But the collapse will render it all moot.

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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