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Author Topic: War Provocations and Peace Actions  (Read 14686 times)

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Unfortunately, Iran will provoke again, and next time the U.S. warmongers may win the argument.

Iran has never provoked. It is the USA that is doing all the provoking. The article correctly blames Trump for all this skullduggery to get the U.S. into a war with Iran (with 100% M.I.C. backing), but fails to look at the entire picture from 1953 to the present.

I will briefly do so, starting just from 1979. The U.S. M.I.C. waged Proxy war (by Iraq WITH U.S. MANUFACTURED CHEMICAL WEAPONS 👹 RUMSFELD GAVE TO IRAQ) that killed thousands of Iranian men, women and children followed by SANCTIONS, SANCTIONS and SANCTIONS all the way to the present.

In July of 1988, the U.S. ahot down an Iranian commercial airliner claiming said airliner was "mistaken" for an F14. If that is not a DELIBERATE act of war, I do not know what is. The FACT that the airliner had its transponder on, CLEARLY identifying who it was, aside for paranoid moment (i.e. the laughable, but expected, claim that it could have been an Iranian F14 "disguised" with the same code on its transponder as said airliner in order to "attack" the U.S. battledhip), radar operaters on the U.S. Ship knew, just like I KNOW, because I am an experienced air traffic controller, what the primary target of a fighter jet looks like in comparison to a large airliner (BIG, BLATANT, OBVIOUS DIFFERENCE!).

So, even if they suspected the transponder code was faked, they would clearly see that the primary target radar return was that of a much larger aircraft than that of  an F-14 fighter.

That was TOTALLY unjustified, regardless of the 1983 bombing destruction of the Lebanon barracks of U.S. Marines (attributed indirectly to Iran) that had no business being where they were in the first place. The "amnesia" in the United States of Amnesia is, as per the manufacturing of consent you correctly mentioned, rather selective.

Iran GDP was stunted while that of Saudi Arabia grew over 800% from 1990 to the present. >:( Despite continuous provoking by the U.S., Iran went out of its way to avoid confrontation.

Then there is the drone thing. It is total bullshit to say Iran knocked out said drone in international airspace. WHY? The wind patterns. If you go to nullschool, you can see the general wind patterns in the area. For a limited time, you can see the wind patterns over the exact place the drone was flying. I just made a screenshot so you can understand what is going on here (NOTE: 1 hPa = 1 mb).

The drone was obviously pointed towards Iranian terrain. It got hit with an Iranian missile and destroyed. The parts kept going ballistically for a couple of hundred yards or so before the trajectory was totally governed by gravity and the winds, which pushed said parts AWAY from the Iranian coast at the time, all the way to the ocean surface. Some wing sections, since they are lighter and can remain airborne longer, thus being more affected by the prevailing winds, may have fallen further out over the ocean.

So, because of the winds at the time of the drone's destruction, there is NO WAY that the drone could have fallen straight down into Iranian terrain.

Of particular interest when analysing this incident is the fact that this type of drone DOES is not simply look at stuff. It tests radar coverage and missile batteries that are activated by the drone flight path in order to plan how U.S. fighters and bombers can more effectively evade said defensive facilities when the war is initiated.

Therefore, Iran had no choice but to stop that gathering of military intelligence that would result in weakened defensive capabilities.

It is breathtakingly FALSE to claim that Iran is doing any "provoking" whatsoever. This "blame the victim" bullshit about how fine a line Iran should walk to avoid looking "warlike" is tiresome, considering the track record of our War PROVOKING M.I.C.!

YEAH, the M.I.C. wants Iran to be a nice little injun, roll over, invite some "objective" American inspectors in, along with a few thousand American "peace keeping" troops, of course, to give them "democracy" (good and hard) so the "great white father" in Washington (and Israel) won't get mad at them. If the Iranians "see reason", everything will be nice and dandy, won't it?
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