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Author Topic: Profiles in Courage  (Read 20701 times)

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Re: Profiles in Courage
« Reply #180 on: July 15, 2019, 05:52:59 pm »

Yup, the old, "Go back where you came from." trick. If you are a minority and/or of the "wrong" color in the USA, this is par for the course. From being a plebe at West Point, to ATC work at Syracuse Tower in New York, to the parking lot booth I worked at the airport in Burlington, to 🕷 Eddie, 🐉 Karpatok, et al at the Doomstead Diner, I know all about it.

There are variations to that 'You don't belong here' theme (You are a guest in this country - You should be more grateful - Why did you come here? - How come you people breed so much? - How long have you been gaming the system?, etc., Ad nauseum) that, of course, always avoid mentioning the fact that the one delivering the 'witty snark' comes from a long line of European invaders to Turtle Island. As 'good old 🕷 Eddie', the proud WHITE Dentist from Texas, would say, "White guilt, I do not DO. ". 

Anyone with critical thinking skills recognizes that Mr. Trump is dispensing with the dog whistle and going full in-your-face "Southern Strategy" NOW because he feels cornered by some "setbacks on the census issue" and needs to start earlier than planned to get his base fired up against 'libruls'.

But, there is more going on here than racist button pushing to get bigots all emotional so they stop looking at their empty wallets under Trump. Yeah, there is that, sure, but Trump is trying to hide something far more damaging to him.

A key part of the Trump volume raising is the fact that he does not want his history with 🐍 Epstein to get discussed by too many people.

One other bit of skullduggery going on TODAY is the methodical disempowering of comment period access by we-the-people in regard to EPA proposals  :o >:(. If a Democratic Adminstration was engaging in that bit of fascist skullduggery, it would be all over the news.

The Trump noise level is always part of a strategy to distract from some skullduggery his wrecking crew is engaging in.

Yesterday, before I learned Trump 🦀 did his 'go back where you blackies came from' thing, I made the following comment after reading an excellent article. I believe it is appropriate to post it here. I hope it triggered some critical thinking among Trumpers, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for that to happen. It's not that I am jaded; it's that I am an experienced observer of my fellow Americans, particularly those who fancy themseves as 'better/superior/smarter/cleaner/civilized' because they are WHITE.


👍👍👍 This is an excellent, truth filled article. Though most people do not possess the impressive intelligence of Annie Easley, her tenacity and grit is an inspiration to all objective humans.

The 😈 privilege hogging bigots that have cursed this country from the start lack any objectivity whatsoever. They go out of their way to hide the accomplishments and brilliance of scientists like Annie Easley.

For example, the scientist who invented "bean soup", the Navy term for a chemical that quickly put out fires on U.S. ships during WWII, thus saving thousands of lives in the process, is NOT mentioned in WWII history documentaries (the exception was a 2007 PBS documentary, but the name of that documentary, "Forgotten Genius", neglects to point out the FACT that he was DELIBERATELY "forgotten" by those who write "sanitized" history in the USA). Percy Julian's name does not even appear in most history books of this period.

Percy Julian was one of the best Organic Chemists of the 20th century.


During WWII the Navy used a foam to put out fires of oil and gasoline. This foam was called Aer-O-Foam, and is still made today by Kidde Fire Fighting. The foam is made from soy protein and water, mixed and then aerated in a nozzle. The foam smothers the fire, coating the oil and preventing oxygen from getting to it. Seamen called the mixture ‘bean soup,’ since it was made from soybeans.

National Foam System (today owned by Kidde) got a sample of the soy protein from the Glidden Company in 1941. Glidden employed an organic chemist named Percy Julian, who had devised a way to separate soy protein from soybean meal. Glidden hired Julian in 1936 because of his resume, and because he was fluent in German, having done his dissertation work in Austria. Glidden had just purchased a modern solvent extraction plant from Germany, and needed someone to supervise the extraction of oil from soybeans, and the production of coatings, solvents, and glues from soy products. Percy Julian was very happy to have the job, having been refused work at DuPont (because when he arrived they realized he was black), and at the Institute of Paper Chemistry (because the town where it was located didn’t allow black residents). ...

... When Glidden gave up pharmaceutical work in 1953, Julian left the company and started his own. At the time he was being paid $50,000 a year (about $440,000 in today’s dollars).

Percy Julian’s later life was a mixture of success and obstacles. His company was fairly successful, and he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences (in 1973, on the second African American in the Academy).

On the other hand, he faced continued discrimination. For example, in 1950, when he moved his family into a ‘nice’ neighborhood in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, someone fire-bombed the house on Thanksgiving Day.

 Later that year someone tossed dynamite into their house.

Full article:

If you think this heinous racist violence has "gone away", you do not understand Trump, his Cabinet's 🐍 "Plans and ☠️ Programs", and his Racists 'R' US enthusiastic base.

You see, there are way too many Americans that long for their privileged 'abuse of the other' past. Trump and his supporters have read the Constitution. They know that when the founders wrote "We the people", they meant "We the WHITE People".

Yes, they also excluded non-propertied white men and all women along with all other humans. Anyone that tries to bring that bit of nuanced BALONEY up is deliberately attempting to get readers to ignore how destructive to modern society the version of Gestapo Racism that Trump Champions IS. You are a FOOL if you think Trump is going to save your white bigoted arse. Your "enjoyment" of the increased violent racism under Trump and his wrecking crew will not feed your family or educate your children. Living on HATE and ABUSE of the "other" is the only "job" Trump wants you to have.

The following was written January 21, 2017. The prediction that the entire social contract that has been laboriously built up by people of good will since the time of FDR up to and including civil rights gains for people of color and healthcare for all Americans during the LBJ Administration would be deliberately and methodically destroyed piece by piece, is coming to pass

Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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