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Author Topic: Power Structures in Human Society: Pros and Cons Part 1  (Read 8584 times)

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Obama just came out with a bit of Orwell speak. Less than a month after he named Dr. Strangelove Stanley Fischer to the Fed in order to help orchestrate the drive to Nuking Iran, Obama claims that Congress should "give diplomacy a chance" in Iran rather than "adding sanctions"!

Guess what? It's the FEDERAL RESERVE that controls our planet wide banking sanction machinery! It's the FEDERLA RESERVE that will tighten the screws even more on Iran with Stanley Fischer pushing for WAR with Iran.

Dear readers, this is called plausible deniability. It is ALSO evidence that the drive to NUKE IRAN is now entering the BIG PUSH.

This is how this "works":


THREE: Stanley Fischer will wail and moan PUBLICLY about how sanctions on Iran are BAD for the US and diplomacy is the "best" alternative in dealing with Iran.  ;)

TWO: A terrorist attack will take place (NOT in Israel or the US) somewhere blaming "unknown" parties. ;)  The news will dog the story for weeks until it is REVEALED that "the Iranians DID IT to destroy the US peace initiatives so they could get the bomb!". Scrutiny will reveal this is all bull**** but by then the echo chamber screaming for DEFENSIVE NUCLEAR WAR with IRAN will be in full swing. Obama will ask for calm and diplomacy. The stock market will tank. Iran will be blamed and labeled a THREAT to our ECONOMY.

The Israeli government will PUBLISH statements about "conciliatory gestures" towards Iran.  ;)

ONE: Israel will reiterate that, under no circumstances, will they initiate hostilities with IRAN unless they have no other option. Many US politicians will scream that Israel MUST defend itself from this EXISTENTIAL NUCLEAR THREAT!

ZERO: Israel, in full cooperation with the US military, makes a nuclear strike on Iran on a friday afternoon, US EASTERN STANDARD TIME. The plan is for Iran to be  decapitated during the weekend and the Russians and Chinese convinced the new status quo is a docile, submissive Iran. That weekend there will be a LOT of coverage in the US of some OTHER news, be it a scandal or a sports event.

A message to the GOONS in the intelligence community that read this. Tell your bosses. This WILL NOT WORK. Sure, you won't get WWIII right away, but YOU WILL GET IT WITHIN A YEAR. Do you want a happy fascist future retirement to look at your newsreels of storm troopers marching with swastika arm bands back in the "glory" days of Nazi Germany? Do you want your kids to look human instead of like grape balls or THIS?

Ce-137 caused mutation - Chernobyl baby

WWIII will bring MORE and MORE of these mutations because it takes about 300 YEARS for ALL the cesium-137 spread all over the planet since they started the atomic explosions to START DEVOLVING our species.

If you NSA and CIA and WHATEVER "intelligence" community goons do not stop this INSANE war on IRAN, you will have destroyed your future gravy train and be held responsible for this human catastrophe for all time to come. DON'T TELL ME THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP THIS WAR. You KNOW you can put the fear of God in the Federal Reserve ANY TIME YOU WANT. How about showing some REAL enlightened self interest for a change instead of being stupid ****ing game theory robots for the 1% psychopaths. STOP BEING STUPID!

Strangelove Stanley Fischer is the POINT MAN for this NUCLEAR WAR! STOP HIM!
Please pass this on. The planet you save may be your own.
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Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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