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Author Topic: Power Structures in Human Society: Pros and Cons Part 1  (Read 10041 times)

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View from the Catbird Seat Part 2 of 2 parts
« on: December 02, 2013, 01:06:15 am »
View from the Catbird Seat Part 2

All this stuff and nonsense the rich have grown so fond of with those euphemistic terms for the use of capital and the role of financialization like "leverage" are all part of a mindset that flat refuses to see how deadly for the human race the embrace of this entire bankrupt paradigm is. Leverage is right up there with "enrichment" of Uranium in ridiculous terms. Uranium is concentrated, not enriched. No one gets rich from concentrating Uranium except some nuclear fuel corporation externalizing costs on we-the-people.

And what, exactly, is "Leverage"? It's a deliberate attempt to ascribe POWER to a financial agency such as a bank, hedge fund, venture capital firm or vulture capital crooks by equating usurious financial tools including fractional reserve banking, derivatives and futures contracts, among other fraudulent mechanisms in the world of finance and credit markets to the torque increase one gets when they increase lever length exerting force over a fulcrum.

It's a totally false metaphor. For every increase in length of the lever, you are actually exerting LESS force for a given distance traveled over the arc the far end of the lever travels in comparison to the short arc length of a short lever. With a long lever, the total arc distance may be several times the arc distance of a short lever. Granted, you can move a bigger weight but there is a trade off. The lever length is not a freebie. You have to make it very strong so it doesn't snap when the force is exerted. You need a way to grasp the lever over a lot of travel on the arc.

The clever rascal economists don't care that their "leverage" lever is a figment of the imagination that is so weak that it it needs the force of a government to keep everyone from using the same scam. Leverage is basically a loan WITHOUT collateral in the service of the upper class.

What's the big deal, you may ask. Economists can't win any Nobel prizes if they can't make up a lot of new formulas and catchy buzzwords for their "profession". Financial bullshit is their beat. Well, they are the spearhead of the elite spear that is buried deep in the biosphere. If we don't pull that spear out, the biosphere is going to get gangrene from an infected open wound or bleed to death.

No, I don't think the spearhead is in the heart (YET). And when I say "we", I include all of the human race. Some will say that there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of getting the elite to change their fatal support for this festering wound.

They've got a pack of funnel tubes all along the wound entrance and are happier than pigs in poop even as the surrounding tissue begins to necrotize. Which brings us to the title of this post and the "bacteria eats all the agar in the petri  dish leading to a massive dieoff" view of humanity's fatal flaws.

Are the rich really that stupid? Would all of us here, if we were in the catbird seat, behave exactly the same due to our brain's inability to react to a threat that isn't immediate?

My experience with only two rich people is anecdotal and those two are certainly not part of the decision makers that constantly exert force through their lackeys and counterfeited "leverage" in economic systems to inhibit, not just action to obtain sustainability, but the adoption of the "love and respect of all life" paradigm that delegitimizes their elite worldview.

The elite believe they are in the catbird seat because they deserve to be there. They also believe they are the most intelligent humans on earth and rightfully should make all the most important decisions as to how to preserve the biosphere sustainably. I really do believe that they believe that.

I think you do too. Come on, admit it. We have all sorts of fun deriding the abysmal stupidity of these reptiles but deep down we know they aren't just greedy and selfish; we know they have a plan. We have seen their PR outlets slowly but surely beginning to push the plan. Part of the plan is less people. The elite are cheapskates so they always try to "leverage" whatever scam they are pushing by investing as little capital as possible.

Just killing off the surplus population is extremely expensive and can create major difficulties among your gophers doing the killing when they realize they can just take the NBC filtered bunkers from the 1% if, or when, TSHTF.

No, some finesse is called for. It's probably quite convoluted and complex and I'm not privy to the details. I mention this part of their plan because the other part, bioremediation of the biosphere appears to be absent from their plan. I don't know.

It is my hope that these people in the elite have a solid grasp of the causes and long term effects of the coming environmental collapse. The Chinese leadership appear to take this very seriously with their 5 year plans. Just looking at the huge jumps in wind and solar power far beyond even the 5 year plan proposals is quite positive.

On the other hand, the massive pollution problems in China often pointed to by RE and JoeP along with China's insane decision to build nuclear power plants does not bode well for Homo SAP.

Is this "ring circling" (see bacteria in a petri dish when the agar runs out) dynamic of the 1% going on worldwide, but in secret, because we-the-people don't have tickets to board this boat?

Please follow this sequence of pictures:

A few decades ago things still looked calm to the average person.

Then disturbances sprang up here and there.

 Sometimes things got quite turbulent but we were assured it would pass.

Depending on where the average person was on the globe, things looked better in some places and worse in others but this was because we weren't in the catbird seat.

This is the view from the catbird seat.

Doomstead Diner readers have figured out that this is coming. Most people won't see it until it's too late.

Now let's go back to the first photo in the sequence.

This is what we saw decades ago.

This was the view back then from the catbird seat. IOW they knew then and they don't have alzheimers.

This is the hope of the elite; to make it through the turbulence to the, relatively, smooth waters while the biosphere rebounds.

They are right that a reduced population will lower environmental stress but they are wrong to think they can carry the putrid seeds of environmental destruction essential to their world view and not fail in achieving their environmental paradise.

That's why I write this stuff. I hope to convince THEM that their mindset is now, and always has been, the "bacteria eating up all the agar in the petri dish" and there is no way you can put lipstick on that pig.

It is in their best interests to condemn greed and rampant competition for resources now. If they don't, their own little group of pseudo Olympian gods will immediately be at each others throats in the lifeboats after the environmental collapse.

Feel free to pass this on. Maybe, just maybe, some of them will stop they're calm aplomb and assurance about anything and everything like my friend Steve used to have. Maybe they will realize that the environmental collapse threat that they have been aware of long before we were and planned accordingly for is not the the real threat to homo sapiens; their worship of greed and power is. 

As in The Lord of the Rings book, they must recognize that the problem is not external to them and they cannot externalize it. They tried and failed to externalize environmental costs.

They tried and failed to provide proper allocation of resources through their usurious leverage based economies.

They must recognize those two failures and the fact that both of them are based on the failure to recognize that egocentrism is a cancer and they, as long as they cling to it, are the cancerous cells that will destroy everything they touch, including themselves. If they accept that, there is hope.

If they don't, then yes, the human bacteria will reduce it's numbers with genocide but the killers will, nevertheless, find themselves, unable to avoid engaging in the same or greater environmental destruction and "king of the hill" competition and warfare. The problem is not lack of agar, it's the ATTITUDE.

The core requirement for human survival is that the parasitic human bacteria MUST modify itself to become symbiotic with the biosphere, period.    

The 1% emerge from their Lifeboat after the Environmental Collapse
Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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