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Author Topic: Power Structures in Human Society: Pros and Cons Part 1  (Read 8310 times)

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Actus reus 9/11 Facina -oris
« Reply #45 on: September 13, 2014, 04:15:00 pm »
Change is change but in my comment I make it very clear change resulting from  9-11 was bad.  I say ugly and dark.  You must have missed that.

Ugly and dark with self-serving assholes who usurped the tragedy and took the country in directions which enriched them.  Directions which solidified their control but left America circling the drain with no future.  Intensifying the exact problem which they would with crocodile tears claim was behind the tragedy.  As much a shock to them as everyone else they can claim but what to do with the tragedy was already a chapter in their play-book.   

Exactly my feelings on the matter. Wish I could have explained them so precisely. Ugly, Dark, Bad, Solidified their Control, Self-Serving Ass Holes, Enriching themselves before they split for Belize and parts unknown.  Thanks MKing, You hit that nail right on it's head.  :'( :'(  :exp-angry: :exp-angry:

Bull s h i t.
Premeditatio malorum (premeditation of evils) is the mendacious fig leaf that Rockefeller used to claim he would "turn crisis into opportunity". 

It is an established historical FACT that Rockefeller did everything in his power through bribery, threats and skullduggery to CREATE EVERY CRISIS that he subsequently "turned into an opportunity".

Golden O, YOU and Mking want to play stupid by willfully refusing to accept that those who  bono from 9/11 were the SAME ONES who, because of Mens Rea, Committed Actus reus  9/11 Facina -oris . I get it. Most of us here understand why.  ;D

But since I'm in a good mood today, I gave you S3 fellows a chance to pretend you don't want to bother to look up "silly" latin legal expressions.

Te conozco bacalao aunque vengas disfrazao (I can see straight through you and you cant fool me)

NOTE: "S3 fellows" is my shorthand for mendacity addicted fellows who continuously write Self Serving Statements (S "cubed"  ;D) to justify their propaganda and narcissistic egocentric world view.


Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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