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Author Topic: Progress Reports: Petition to White House (for Sept 2015 Delivery)  (Read 148 times)

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To all people who want a better tomorrow: 
I just started a petition on Care2: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort. I'm hoping that if enough people sign my petition, we can make a difference. Right now I've got 66 signatures — will you help me collect more by adding your name?
Here's a link to the petition: http://www.care2.com/go/z/e/Ai3Tb
Thank you

We signed: Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort

Ms. Elizabeth Nipper, MO
Jun 21, 13:06
# 66 
Mr. Howard Johnson, AZ
Jun 21, 10:16
# 65 
Mr. Porter Hedge, PA
Jun 21, 08:23
# 64 
Mr. sam scharff, WA
Jun 21, 07:55
# 63
this accords with ...the general welfare 
Mr. Paul Hof, Netherlands
Jun 20, 17:45
# 62
Mr. James Jorissen, CA
Jun 20, 17:20
# 61
Let's start yesterday.
Mr. Mike Farley, WI
Jun 20, 05:48
# 60
Name not displayed, WA
Jun 19, 22:51
# 59
Mr. Richard Stewart, LA
Jun 19, 19:52
# 58
Jun 19, 15:37
# 57
If only our leaders cared a little more about the future than their own pre it would help.
Ms. B W, VT
Jun 19, 14:39
# 56
Ms. Jane Wilson, NE
Jun 19, 14:13
# 55
Mrs. Gracie Winters, OK
Jun 19, 13:35
# 54
Ms. Laurie Thomas, KY
Jun 19, 11:22
# 53
There is no sufficient excuse, justification or reason for treating the earth with disrespect.
Ms. Charlotte Sines, CO
Jun 19, 10:54
# 52
Mrs. Mary Umowski, NJ
Jun 19, 07:45
# 51
Mr. Michael Hertel, WI
Jun 19, 07:30
# 50
Hi, I have a good idea to produce electrical energy from solar energy using what I want to call SPUDS Solar powered up draft slopes. Simple greenhouse roof holds in warm air which is allowed to travel up slope of mountain through turbines to produce electrical energy. If interested email me, mghertel (at) execpc.com I need lots of help with the design and funding however I am sure if built well it would show a good profit quickly.
Mr. Colin Maddock, New Zealand
Jun 19, 02:50
# 49
Mr. Steven Gaylord, CA
Jun 18, 12:51
# 48
Ms. Merideth Genin, NY
Jun 18, 09:27
# 47
Mr. Lanny Sinkin, TX
Jun 18, 08:46
# 46
Mr. don goger, CO
Jun 18, 08:32
# 45
Mr. bill nowak, NY
Jun 18, 05:57
# 44
Mr. georg van den Berg, United Kingdom
Jun 18, 03:54
# 43
Mr. Shawn Gray, TX
Jun 18, 01:50
# 42
I personally work as a energy broker (selling electricity in deregulated markets at discount in Texas) as well as offering residential service in same markets I offer both customers business and homes a choice of Green or Standard and try to push the green most times higher (not always 80+% of the time) and have been able to sell 15MW Green Vs 100MW Non in the last 5 years but thats up form 0 green five years ago.I also have sold 10 solar systems in DFW zero out of pocket to the owner and lower rates for 20 years www.gosolardfw.com (not just for dfw but most of the us) area this year.I believe green is the way to go (by the way i make the same or less on green energy sales)
Ms. Eileen Novak, NE
Jun 17, 16:40
# 41
Moving away from our nation's dependency on fossil fuels isn't a worthy cause, it's an imperative.
Ms. Lucille Brott, NE
Jun 17, 16:31
# 40
Mr. Jan Peterson, CO
Jun 17, 15:50
# 39
The longer we delay, the greater the pain will be for our children & grandchildren: we owe it to them to make this change happen quickly!
Ms. Madolyn Crumpton, TX
Jun 17, 10:57
# 38
Time is running out. Set aside power and profit for the few and do what is right for the rest of us.
Ms. Karen Ciesar, WI
Jun 17, 05:30
# 37
Mrs. Leana Whitlow, CA
Jun 16, 22:39
# 36
Ms. Sue Torreyson, CA
Jun 16, 20:39
# 35
Mrs. rosslyn dahlmann, VI
Jun 16, 20:21
# 34
Mr. John Wheeler, PA
Jun 16, 19:25
# 33
Mr. Ferdinand Puttinger, Austria
Jun 16, 18:29
# 32
Please Let`s be AWARE: At pre our AGE of exciting scientific discoveries is opening to us the unbelievable view on amazing interrelations between the complex appearances of whole evolution since big bang, from atomic properties to dimensions of boundless universe, but we HUMANS want to give preferences to commercial-driven short-dated and destructive influences, which will change eart`s face irreversible! This is an enormous SELFISH and self-inflicted behavior, because comming generations will never more have the chance to see the unharmed diversity of nature`s uniqueness. If we still prefer to be focused mainly on ongoing excessive economic track, we will always AGAIN come to the same frustrating conclusion that we don`t really move forward to future`s urgently needed solutions! AND It`s the most Appaling witness of Mankind`s incredible DULLNESS which appears as Paranoiac Schizophrenia Behavior of Everyone: We applaud loudly when sciences have found some indications of life in archaeological discoveries on other planets, but we Humans want to continue destroying stubbornly our wonderful multifarious & precious EARTH only for selfish whims of greedy & short dated economic interests. Why is sophisticated Mankind not able to interrupt this strange behavior by aid of Politics & Politicians? Politicians should not only promise to strive for enduring environmental CHANGE at each election. They should finally indeed implement effectively Measures for promised CHANGE! Comprehensive Technical Equipement for Global realisation of GREEN economics is already available at promising competitive Level. Therefore it`s time for CHANGE if Humans want to SURVIVE, because nature is reflecting already Human`s thoughtless behaviour in an unfavorable reaction to compensate our FATEFUL influence, what will limit the scope considerable for our greedy lifestyle and therefore also for economic`s generous revenues in near future! AND WHY is mankind not able to accept that he is only part of Evolution and Not it`s RULER? Up to now science has revealed unimaginable interrelations for deeper Insights into viewable and invisible kinds of Existences in whole Universe. Not only to get amazing Knowledge about these existences, but also to widen our cognition for being able to Perceive our Marginal Role in this Universe. We should learn to be DEVOTED into our marginal being in contrast to overwhelming and generous appearance of unique Universe. Being Thankful and Compassionate to all beings means to recognise our esial Relatedness to all forms of appearances in Universe, but specially to those of our precious Earth. And practising Devotion to our marginal being could make us really Great and being generous to all Nature`s Creatures. This devotion could change us to a New Mental existence, feeling Spiritual Kinship to nature`s beings, what is finally everything what Universe has created since its Big Bang. To be Honestly Thankful for all being`s existence let us feel Pure relationship to all Universe`s appearances and creates desire for treating them Carefully. Awareness of ient beings evolved in Dialog with Universe`s appearances and relies for its education into individual being`s Consciousness furthermore on esial Stimulus of ambient outside world. Therefore our relationship to all Universe`s appearances is evident. If we are tasting our being with all our precious Senses and being Thankful for this Great Gift, we really practise truthful Devotion and want no more longer ask ourselves how great is our role in the face of boundless Universe. This means being Aware of our Awareness and creates Loving Attitude. Such a mental attitude wants let also disappear borders of Religious Denominations. INDEED whole Humankind belongs to one and Universal Spirit of LOVE and COMPASSION, so Let us Be compassionate and give Love to all Nature`s Creatures. Or in other Words & More Clearly: We should Not let RULE our EGO, because Ego based Behavior cannot be satisfied and wants finally destroy its environment only for short moments of feeling Saturated! Thank you for your worthy Attention & Efforts. Kindest regards, AUSTRIA / Europe.
Ms. Grace Adams, CT
Jun 16, 13:14
# 31
We can destroy civilization with business as usual, or we can raise energy prices 70% to reduce demand by 25% and pay 25% of cost of energy to fossil fuel firms as Dane geld to get out of the way, or maybe we can raise energy prices 10% and demand that utilities yield return on investment to fossil fuel firms for the equipment bought with that 10% increase.
Name not displayed, CA
Jun 16, 12:11
# 30
It won't happen unless we make it happen and the consequences of no action are too dire.
Mrs. Brenda Lee, CA
Jun 16, 12:06
# 29
Mr. Keith Augusto, NV
Jun 16, 06:33
# 28
Name not displayed, AZ
Jun 16, 06:25
# 27
Name not displayed, MI
Jun 15, 23:18
# 26
Oil leaks endanger lives, filthy plants endanger lives. We can have clean air, clean water and soil with renewable, clean energy.
Mr. Edward Laurson, CO
Jun 15, 18:42
# 25
Name not displayed, CO
Jun 15, 16:31
# 24
Mrs. C. Batista, VT
Jun 15, 14:53
# 23
Don't you want the children to live in Healthy Climate? Please sign and pass it on so future generations have a chance to live in and thrive harmoniously in a Viable Biosphere. Thank you!
Mr. Dan Metzger, IL
Jun 15, 06:09
# 22
Let us begin. Let us agree.
Mr. Errol Isenberg, FL
Jun 15, 04:58
# 21
Most world leaders are encouraging their countries to produce more fossil-fuel based energy, not less. There is technology available now that would allow us, if the technology is scaled up, to produce most, if not all, of our needed energy from renewable sources. DO IT NOW!
Ms. Sallie Park, VA
Jun 14, 21:23
# 20
Dr. Jatinder Sehgal, AZ
Jun 14, 21:22
# 19
Mr. Bradford Woodbury Sr., IL
Jun 14, 13:57
# 18
Mr. Michael O'Brien, CO
Jun 14, 10:35
# 17
It is our one chance to stop the Global Terminal Extinction Event, if done soon enough.
Mr. Jesse Dellinger, PA
Jun 14, 03:32
# 16
https://movetoamend.org/ http://freespeechforpeople.org/node/527 http://termlimits.org/
Mr. John Cook, WA
Jun 13, 12:17
# 15
Although this may lead to furthering Agenda 21 I prefer to face that further down the road than doing nothing now!
Mr. Jim de Cordova, CA
Jun 13, 11:09
# 14
Mr. Timothy Havel, MA
Jun 13, 08:29
# 13
Ms. Sandra Speicher, CO
Jun 13, 06:36
# 12
Mr. PJ van Staden, South Africa
Jun 13, 03:44
# 11
Mr. David Ferraro, VA
Jun 13, 02:10
# 10
Absolutely necessary for the preservation of humankind. Expect scorched-earth opposition from the fossil fuel lobby.
Ms. Natasha Salgado, ON
Jun 13, 01:41
# 9
Mr. frank mcclain, CA
Jun 12, 23:20
# 8
I hear Sen Inhofe says the solutions to 'climate change' are "too costly". Never mind that continuing to burn fossil fuels is 'too stupid". When we humans start doing something because it is 'smart' instead of 'cheap', we may have a thriving planet to pass on to our great great grandchildren. As of now, it looks like they'll get a smoldering wreck. We can prevent this. Today is the day to change course. We can do this. We really can.
Ms. Mary Ch, ON
Jun 12, 09:35
# 7
Please watch shows "SOS Global Warming" on www.suprememastertv.com
Ms. Stacey Calvert, United Kingdom
Jun 12, 09:08
# 6
Mr. Joseph Wenzel, MN
Jun 12, 05:29
# 5
Ms. Kaileen Reynolds, TX
Jun 12, 04:00
# 4
Mr. Serdar Murat, Austria
Jun 12, 02:55
# 3
Mr. John Forbes, United Kingdom
Jun 11, 21:42
# 2
Name not displayed, VT 
Jun 11, 18:51
# 1

Demand Liberty From Fossil Fuels Through 100% Renewable Energy WWII Style Effort

Pass it on. The DEMOCRACY and planetary biosphere you save may be your own...

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