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Author Topic: Money  (Read 6845 times)

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Re: Money
« Reply #360 on: June 03, 2018, 04:54:19 pm »

Fairness in our system has always been very elusive. I'll talk about healthcare, because it's something I know a lot about, for obvious reasons. That's only part of the social welfare system, but it's the biggest part, other than SNAP.

Now, with resources dwindling, the tide is going out on social services in general. The preferential treatment has been much reduced.  The states reduce their pay-out by screwing both providers and recipients in a thousand different small ways, while privatization enriches the middle men who line up for the conduit schemes that privatization creates.

It's now completely possible for a doctor to go bankrupt because the state simply does not pay him in a timely manner for services they actually solicited him to perform. And patients who are supposed to get the benefits are sh it-out-of-luck if no more doctors sign up to be providers.  But that's a win for the uber-conservative Koch-bought state legislators.

It's all very complicated, and seriously fu cked-up.

You know, yo could take this and with a minimum of work turn this into a blog post, a first person chronicle of the health-care wars in the US. Like Ambrose Bierce at Shiloh.

Remember what the secret sauce was!  A rising tide lifts all boats.  The idea pushed was that everybody goes up a notch so inequality was fine because technology would make life fair so humans did not have to.  It would be fine to just worry about ourselves and fu ck and eat.  The natural laws of the universe would make life fair.

Everybody does it so I should too.  That was what uncle Miltie was saying.  Everyone was so shocked by the lunacy of saying greed was good that he sold his pet rock to the entire world.  Seriously, I was there too.  Everyone was pondering if greed was good or not and in that confusion the neo-liberal revolution swept the world.  Milton created a vacuum between everyones ears and nature abhors a vacuum.

I remember discussions about 'greed is good' and women in particular, being the caring creatures they can be sometimes; had big problems with the idea.  You can see a couple of them at the beginning of the video.  Notice the blankness of their attention.  Yet sadly while women did have big problems with being self-centered, they did not rebel against their daddies.

The most evil selfish ignorant fu cks of all time got their hooks into the national legislatures and changed the world by proclaiming greed is good so we should all get greedy and change the world.  Get with the program or let it pass you by.  That was the message.  A message that said no not just to succeeding generations but no even to their own children.  All for them and none for you.  That is how selfishness and the sanction of inequality works.  It can go only one way.

I remember a guy, an expert with a leaf blower who mowed lawns.  He imagined he was going to expand with half a dozen Mexicans working for him so he could buy 'property' because that was the big thing to do at the time.  Greed was out there unabashed and unashamed.  It was good don't you know.  Build the housing bubble so it could pop.  Which it has twice since the summer of Uncle Miltie.  Now the leaf blower works for Mexicans.  He has no property.

I wish Milton were still alive so someone could torture him.  Turn him into a project of 'free enterprise' while he screams and begs for it all to end.  But regardless, the pain inflicted on the world could never be balanced even if he were tortured for a thousand years.

Donahue did no good sucking up to this pig.  By sucking up he sanctioned the message of the bully.

"Don't you ever stop and think that maybe........................................

No Phil he did not and you helped him by not calling him out.  I suppose those were the rules, but did you want to call him out? 

I ask the wind.

All this began to happen long before the Milton Friedman greedball (the clever CROOK who got the US Government to withhold income taxes WITHOUT paying us interest for having that money for one year before tax time) rode the crest of the Chicago school of empathy deficit disordered "economics" tsunami.

It actually began with the Calvinist "Christians" after the Civil War. Mass production and industrialization promised to give people more leisure time and a high standard of living due to gigantic leaps in production efficency. So, the elites masterminded a "religion based" propaganda effort to demonize leisure time and snactify the "work ethic". It was pure and unadulterated bullshit. The elites are THE most leisure worshipping, routine "sabatical" excusing, time wasting, long vacation loving, bankers' hours protecting, parasitical lazy bastards in human society. They knew that machines would give the workers more time off. That would allow the workers time to think.

The elites did not like that idea. The workers might figure out how they were being gamed so profits from productivity gains went to a tiny group of oligarchs that were then happily shaping the Gilded Age massive corruption and horrendously high accidental death rate in US industrial production factories.

The promise of a better life for all was there right after the Civil War. The Calvinists went to work in pulpits all over the Country to provide cover for the one way transfer of wealth to the oligarchs due to machine productivity gains.

The EXACT SAME THING happened about a century later, but without the "religion" excuse and more with a con about "greed is good", when automation promised massive productivity gains as Reagan slithered into office.   

The bottom line here is not greed or even the Calvinist "work ethic" (for anybody that ain't rich 😈) sanctimoneous bullshit propaganda. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT THE OLIGARCHS ARE BOUND AND DETERMINED TO MAKE SURE WE-THE-PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO THINK!

But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou
hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Acts 8:20


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