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Author Topic: Money  (Read 4979 times)

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Re: Money
« Reply #255 on: December 21, 2017, 05:47:29 pm »
Eddie, I think you are mistaken to think most people are believing the fake happy talk news about the Republican Tax Bill. Distinguished Economist Bill Black provides evidence8)

BILL BLACK: Sure. This is clever in a nasty way. The short answer is that the tax cuts for the wealthy are permanent. The tax cuts for the middle class are temporary and they're front loaded so that it looks like you're getting a reduction in your taxes if you're middle class. Most middle class folks in the early years will have small reductions. But that will reverse and most middle class folks will actually end up with higher taxes under this bill. So, it's a redistribution bill that takes mostly from the middle class, certainly from the working class as well and redistributes to the absolute wealthiest Americans.

But here's the key.
The last poll I've shown showed that only 8% of Americans believed the Republicans that this was a tax bill primarily for the middle class. In other words, the Republicans have taken something, a massive tax cut, which intrinsically should be immensely popular with the population, and turned it into something that in the polls is one of the least popular things the Republicans are doing. And the Republicans, as we speak, are gathering on Capitol Hill to celebrate their great victory of robbing the middle class to enrich the ultra-wealthy through a legislation that will also screw up healthcare for tens of millions of Americans. And they think that is the best thing they've done during Trump's entire term. Wow.

Full Transcript:


A Middle-Class Tax Cut? Americans Arenít Buying It

According to a survey of 5,100 adults, conducted this week for The New York Times by online polling firm SurveyMonkey, only a third of Americans think their taxes will go down in 2018. An n of 5100 is pretty respectable.

The SurveyMonkey poll, taken before the final tax bill was out, found that 58 percent of Americans disapproved of the bill, while only 37 percent supported it. An earlier version of the poll, conducted in November, found 52 percent disapproval.

In the latest poll, only 29 percent of respondents said they felt that the plan would lead to substantially higher economic output a decade from now, and only 18 percent believed Republican assertions that the bill would not add to the federal deficit. (Even two-thirds of Republicans said either that the bill would increase the deficit over the next decade or that they werenít sure.)


They shouldn't buy it. They should be mad as hell and throw the bums out.

They aren't buying it, and they are mad as hell, Eddie, they are. Team blue is going to try to herd them into corporate Democrat land (AGAIN) like they did after the Bush massive government corruption, murder and theft. Let us hope progressives, instead of a pack of DINOs, get the majority in the House and Senate in 2018. I am not holding my breath but ya never know.

Maybe we needed this in-your-face massive fascism by Trump and his wrecking crew to finally realize we need to become a representative republic instead of a disguised Totalitarian Dictatorship.

Sine Qua Non Scumbag Elite Ruling Principle: "The people must always be provided with an enemy".
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