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Author Topic: Money  (Read 8402 times)

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Re: Money
« Reply #240 on: December 06, 2017, 03:11:51 pm »
I think it would have been better to say Golden Oxen has mixed feelings over Trump's tax reform. On the one hand he is fond of it because it curbs speculation in real estate which is damaging this country especially to the younger generations will have a hard time starting families. On the other he dislikes the plan for the usual cited reasons that it is decrease in corporate tax rates and a raise for the middle class workers. At least that is the point of criticism I assume GO follows since he posted the Paul Roberts article. I think he could have been clearer by not immediately and simply stating he was fond of the plan as he later added caveats to his statement.

From what I see any benefits will be outweighed by the negatives but I wonder how much this would effect his popularity. My sense is it will have no real effect on his voting base as it seems many of them are not interested in facts only bold vague statements and other hard line actions such as tight border controls and racial discriminatory speeches. Money for the mates, bigotry for the base. That is the game he plays.

The vast majority of Trump supporters and voters in general have no idea how the tax plan will affect them personally. Tax cut is a buzz word that gets votes from dumb people. Everybody loves a tax cut. Never mind who gets **** on the deal.

I see GO's POV and understand it. I think he makes a good point. Housing prices are too high.

Personally, I own real estate, so I'm not thrilled about a tax change that will wipe out my investments, but in terms of real estate prices in general, price is not that important to me. Cash flow is king, and cheap houses often flow more cash than expensive ones, and they're easier to buy and sell. It's the tax advantages and the inflation hedge that makes real estate a good investment under the current paradigm. That and the ability to lock in a 30 year loan at historically low rates (which is part of the inflation hedge too.)

Then you did not understand the video that you said you agreed with. All this TALK about side issues like real estate are just dodges for GO's continued racist support of Trump, as the video (I just posted again to Monsta) made CRYSTAL CLEAR, though it did not mention real estate specifically. If you want to wishful think that GO is being logical, go for it. I will not be fooled.
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