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Author Topic: Money  (Read 7022 times)

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Re: Money
« Reply #210 on: October 12, 2017, 07:47:58 pm »
Time for Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands to Go All Green

OCT 06, 2017

by Harvey Wasserman 


Tesla’s Musk helped green nearly the entire energy supply of American Samoa, as well as much of Hawaii’s island of Kauai. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are far larger. But advanced collectors and battery storage systems, along with a new generation of wind turbines, are poised to quickly replace the islands’ rickety, obsolete energy supply system with a green network of storm-proof micro-grids—and a showcase for global change.

The Caribbean is also fertile ground for biofuels to power the region’s automobiles. Brazil runs a very large portion of its vehicular fleet by turning bagasse, a byproduct of growing sugar, into an alcohol-based fuel that’s far cheaper and more efficient than imported gasoline.

And the islands could use a massive influx of LED lights, along with other energy-efficient technologies to streamline demand.

But micro-gridding will be key. The islands are mountainous, with many remote villages. Most could be made self-sufficient quickly with local networks powered by rooftop panels, small wind arrays and homegrown biofuels.

Full EXCELLENT article:


Yes, Elon Musk yet again doing things, accomplishing something worthwhile, solving problems with action and not words.

While quite certain this genius has overextended his corporation Tesla, aptly named I might add, financially. Who can deny this wizard's contributions?

I have a very negative outlook on Tesla's future as a company.

Also quite fearful that if it crashes in price this amazing person's reputation will be tarnished by the pigs of Wall Street who only know how to measure success by money.

GO disclosure: I have a small short position in Tesla via a put option and it is the only time in my life I am wishing to lose the bet.  :-\


I understand your position. I undersatnd your logic in taking that short position. Nevertheless, I recommend that you cover ASAP.

A discussion of Tesla short selling was entered into by some posters at Cleantechnica. The arguments made on behalf of shorting Tesla were more a defense of shorting itself (i.e. they defended GREED BASED IDEOLOGY and pretended morality is 'irrelevant') as a "valid" form of making money on the stock market than as what it actually is (i.e a herd following the Zerohedge/Seeking Alpha Tesla hater crowd).

Yes, GO, they talked about the "lack of fundamentals" in the Tesla balance sheet that would 'merit' a view toward the company finally becoming profitable after all these years of 'unproftability'.

So what is wrong with their hope of making lots of money by shorting Tesla?

The FACT that Musk published his game plan over a decade ago and has stuck to it, all the way, except when a part of his game plan was accelerated. He has NOT been sidetracked. But the shorters could only bring up comments like "Tesla is not Amazon or Apple" and so on.

The only way that Tesla can go down is if Trump and Pruitt and the rest of the fossil fuel TOOLS in that sad excuse for a government find a way to make the sale of EVs illegal in most states because they, uh, 'pollute the environment'.

Yes, GO, I admit that skullduggery is possible. But I think the probabilty is too low to justify shorting Tesla at this time. I hope you make the right decision. As you know, I do not buy, sell or short stocks.

The fellow with the handle "Dan" is particularly knowlegedable. I am on the same page as he is. You are probably on the same page as Joseph Dubeau is. He says, "... Greed has the ability to turn many of blind eyes from the truth". I vigorously disagree.

Here are some comments and the article link:

alexays • 4 days ago Whilst most agree the Model S is a great car and the Model X is also appealing, the fact is that Tesla has never made an annual profit and survives only through repeated capital raises through share dilutions and junk bond issuance. The Model 3 doesn't quite have the cachet of the S and X and the dashboard leaves a lot to be desired. If this flops, then the company will have trouble paying its debts and may end up in chapter 11. The only thing more dangerous being short with this stock is being long.

agelbert  alexays • 4 days ago The nuclear power industry has, for the last 60 years, been continously unprofitable. The only reason it has been able to "declare profits" to the shareholders of the electric power companies that own these nuclear white elephants is because of massive government subsidies AND periodic, totally unjustified, bail outs.

As for Tesla, the "subsidy" money they have gotten has been a tiny pittance compared to the massive subsidies the internal combustion engine powered car manufaturers are getting which are both visible and invisible because the fossil fuel bribe team "lobbyists" go out of their way to see that they are "profitable".

In both cases, we-the-people are being coerced to support massive polluting economic travesties that YOU seem to think are "going concerns". They are not. They are dead men walking.

The only thing more dangerous than being short with Tesla stock is being long with nuclear power company or ANY internal combustion engine powered automobile manufacturer stock.

Tesla is the leader that others with good economic sense are following. It's over for the internal combustion engine. Your focus on Tesla balance sheets is not objective simply because you do not understand the fragility of the internal combustion polluting titanic which is inexorably sinking, despite all the efforts of the "business as usual" Wall Street crowd.

The only logical basis you have to be concerned with Tesla is the fact that Trump will do whatever he can to prevent EVs from dominating. Trump and all the other bought and paid for tools of the fossil fuel industry will fail, despite the fact they are attempting a repeat of the successfull Big Oil orchestrated strangulation of all things Renewable Energy powered in the 1980's.

The EV is here to stay AND dominate.  Whether Tesla becomes the leader in EV sales or is outsold by a Chinese (BYD) or Japanese NISSAN) or Indian (TATA) EV manufacture is the only question you should concern yourself with if you plan to short Tesla.

This stunning statement from General Motors will keep Big Oil    up at night GM, Ford, and China strongly embrace electric cars, signaling trouble for Big Oil.

Technom3  alexays • 4 days agoAgreed. Also if the model 3 has the same amount of problems the x had... The market won't forget him. There are too many fanbois who can finally afford the car... And they have a loud megaphone and are temperamental. If the car is great they will sing praise. If it's unreliable or poor quality etc... I don't think Tesla will be able to recover from it as they trade too much on these people selling their blue sky valuation. The model 3 is going to be mean everything for this company. If it fails... Tesla likely will as well.

Also this company hasn't turned a profit with virtually 100% market share. Good luck with Porsche entering the market.... Ohh and Mercedes. Ohh and BMW... Ohh and by the way... These people all have dealerships... You know... Places to actually get the cars serviced at...

agelbert  Technom3 • 4 days ago The following graphic describes you and the entire Tesla/EV hater crowd at Zerohedge within a single year (the one after that is me):

D800-fan • 4 days ago
There are many, many people on Wall St that are making a healthy living by shorting.
It is not just Tesla that gets heavily shorted. There are other tech stocks that are considered legit targets by Wall St. These include Apple. Wall St marks down APPL and TSLA because they don't play the Wall St 'lick my boots game'. Once you understand that then it all makes perfect sense.
Now, I'm from the UK so how do I know this? I spent a whole transatlantic flight sitting next to a shorter. We was slightly drunk as he'd made over $250K with a series of shorts the previous week.

Shorting is a real growth industry.

Dan D800-fan • 4 days ago
Shorting is a game. Saddly these days we let gamblers play with a lot of money in the stock market. It isn't investing it is just gambling and the reality is this type of situation only hurts the working class trying to make an honest living working for the companies these gamblers crash just to make a quick buck. One more example of how the rich have turned our economy into nothing more then a game they play where the winner gets more personal wealth with no regard for the real word cost to society. The entire thing makes me sick.

Agelbert Dan
Exactly right.  One of the greatest examples of how we-the-people have been defrauded by the despicable "greed is good" corporate mentality is the nauseatingly repetitous claim by those who claim monetary profit (over people, planet and anything else in the way), is not only "justified", but "demanded" of anyone in the business of managing money. This willful disdain of morallity in business has been exposed as a fraud. No corporate charter can claim that profit is "IT" above all other concerns simply because ALL corporate charters are subject to each and every law created for the public welfare.

But that doesn't stop Wall Street from making up this profit over people and planet craven stupidity up as they go along. Somebody needs to stamp the following on the foreheads of those planet eaters.

Joseph Brown  Dan • 4 days ago
I don't think you understand what holding a short position really means, or what effects it has on the market. Shorting is perfectly valid, and a way to provide both liquidity and stability to a market. That said, there are times to short, and times not to short -- and I think the Tesla Bears have called this one dead wrong.

Dan  Joseph Brown • 4 days ago
" Shorting is perfectly valid, and a way to provide both liquidity and stability to a market"

Now that is funny.
Maybe you should look up the meaning of stable.

Stable not likely to change or fail; firmly established.
"a stable relationship"
synonyms:   secure, solid, strong, steady, firm, sure, steadfast, unwavering, unvarying, unfaltering, unfluctuating; More
established, abiding, durable, enduring, lasting, permanent

I expecially like how shorting is by your definition is key to enduring, lasting, permanent. I alway thought short term and permanent where opposites.

Agelbert Dan  • 4 days ago
Well said. The standard erudite sounding baloney that Wall Streeters spew is that "shorting is valid because it provides liquidity".

That was a half truth at best prior to high speed trading algorithms. Now with the trading desks of the 6 "big boy" banks running their high speed algorithm fun and fraud games representing over 70% of all trades per day, shorting is a joke.

But it gets better. Much  (almost ALL) of the money "loaned" to these "banks" (you know, the ones that prefer stock gambling to serving customers now)  by the "Federal" Reserve is at NEGATIVE interest rates! So, we-the-people get to provide, at interest the "Federal" Reserve ends up charging us so the "banks" get paid (i.e. negative interest) to fix/game/cheat/defraud "invest profitably" in the mahket. 

And THAT is what is providing all that "healthy income" to those that engage in this "valid" money making activity.


Below please find, a spokesman for all that activity to help the "economy".

Here's another picture of a trio of them without the sheep covering:

Message to the PARASITES on Wall Street that think they are engaging in "valid" activity on behalf of the "economy":

There Is An Epic Battle Happening Between Musk & The Tesla Haters
October 8th, 2017 by Matt Pressman

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