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Author Topic: Money  (Read 4716 times)

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Re: Money
« Reply #195 on: August 06, 2017, 03:22:09 pm »

Do conservatives ever become liberal?


Stefanie Krzeminski, Former Republican that voted for Bernie in the primaries

Answered Jul 26, 2017

I did, I was a Republican until I was about 25. I listened to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, NRA Radio, and others pretty much every day for years. I was disgusted when anyone put on any news channel other than Fox News. Somehow I still managed to have liberal friends. They are very nice, tolerant people.

I generally would avoid any ďliberalĒ media or topics, but I remember deciding to watch a global warming show on National Geographic just to confirm that I could prove that it was a bunch of BS. I walked away horrified, questioning myself and really upset about polar bears.

The next step was when I moved to DC and realized that I had NEVER spent any real time around people who werenít white. I realized that that really didnít give me much authority to judge others. I saw my coworkers working harder than me and still struggling with finances etc. I could see my ďprivilegeĒ playing out before my eyes.

I was also working for a law firm that processed foreclosures. I spoke with borrowers on the day we were going to auction their home. I listened to their stories while they cried and begged me to stop the sale. I saw how heartless the Republican response was to people who were really suffering and the fact that the problem was so wide spread spoke to the fact that this was a systemic issue, not a personal responsibility issue.

I saw how soulless and ill functioning corporations were when dealing with such a sensitive topic. I saw how complicated, opaque and exploitative the mortgage industry was. I started supporting consumer protection laws, when I used to believe that it was the consumerís job to read every line of a contract and research on their own to protect themselves. Itís simply not possible to do this when you are working and trying to raise a family. The fact that a law firm that did this work regularly struggled to keep up meant that a normal person had no chance.

The death knell for my conservatism was when Glenn Beck pretty much put me into panic attack territory and I had to take a break from politics. I canít remember what the topic was exactly, but I remember thinking that it couldnít be right for me to be this stressed out when everyone else seemed fine. I liked the ďculturalĒ NPR podcasts about food etc, but I vowed that I wouldnít start listening to their liberal propaganda. Well, obviously that didnít last.

Over the next two and half years I slowly realized how wrong and heartless I had been as a conservative. As I met more people with different backgrounds, I realized how incredibly narrow, arrogant and lacking in empathy my perspective was. I always considered myself to be a nice and compassionate person, but my conservative beliefs didnít allow me to act or respond in a way that made me function with kindness and compassion.

I am also much happier as a liberal. I feel that people should be a community. Looking directly at suffering is incredibly uncomfortable and I always feel like I donít do enough, but I know for sure now that Iím not lying to myself. I always questioned whether my position was the right one as a conservative.

Finally, I always used to ask myself whether I would be on the right side of history if another crisis of humanity arose in my backyard. Iím now positive that Iím fighting the right fight.


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