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Author Topic: Money  (Read 4716 times)

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Re: Money
« Reply #195 on: July 27, 2017, 02:11:08 pm »
Bannon Wants to CON us into believing he wants to Tax the Real Rich

I don't agree with much of Steve Bannon's alt.right agenda, but I love this idea. Raise the marginal income tax rate for people who make more than 5 million bucks a year, to 44% instead of 39.5.

At least Bannon understands the difference between the real rich and the merely affluent, something most people don't get, and no politicians care to recognize. This is something I've bitched about for years, as everyone on the Diner knows.

This idea will be DOA with the Republican Congress, I can tell you that.


Ryan Grim
July 26 2017, 3:25 p.m.

TOP WHITE HOUSE adviser Steve Bannon is pushing for tax reform to include a new 44 percent top marginal tax rate, hitting people who earn more than $5 million a year, with the revenue paying for tax cuts for the rest, according to three people who’ve spoken to him recently.

The top rate is now 39.6 percent and most Republicans have been planning to lower it significantly as part of tax reform. The plan Trump put out previously would have only three brackets, with the top one brought down to 35 percent.

Raising taxes on the very rich has been a rare policy that President Donald Trump has publicly espoused throughout much of his life. On Tuesday, he told the Wall Street Journal, “if there’s upward revision it’s going to be on high-income people.”

“I have wealthy friends that say to me, ‘I don’t mind paying more tax,’” he said. White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders was pressed on Trump’s comment at a televised briefing Wednesday, and said that further specifics of the plan would be released shortly, with an emphasis on tax cuts for the middle class.

Axios previously reported that Bannon was looking to raise the top marginal rate to “something with a four in front of it,” but the 44 percent bracket for those making $5 million and above is a more fleshed out proposal. Bannon has described himself as an “economic nationalist” and has pushed a populist agenda both through his previous outlet Breitbart News and and as an adviser to Trump. That contrasts with what Bannon calls the “globalist” wing of the party, made up by people like economic adviser Gary Cohn (though both Cohn and Bannon come from Goldman Sachs).

When the broad outline of the tax hike was reported earlier, Breitbart covered it favorably. The hike on the very rich would face stiff opposition from congressional Republicans, but find favor with Democrats.

According to IRS data, just over 43,000 people filed tax returns for the year 2014 claiming income of at least $5 million, accounting for $600 billion in taxes, or 8.8 percent of the total taxes paid.

The new rate would only apply to about a third of that money, as the 44 percent kicks in at the $5 million level. Still, the hike would pull in around $18 billion per year, or $180 billion over 10 years.


I don't believe a WORD that Bannon says. Anyone that does is kidding themselves. The guy is a wedge issue EXPERT.         

For example, Bannon was HAPPY about all the protests against the Immigration ban because, even though he KNEW it would probably not make it to law, he WANTED the white population of the US to get stirred up against the immigrant HISPANICS when they went out in large numbers on the street!   

That's right, he EXPECTED AND PLANNED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HATE BY BIGOTS.  He explained calmly that he set all this up so it would appear to Trump's base that Trump was "keeping his promises" to them.

But there's more. Bannon firmly believes that MOST Americans (Bannon's definition of "American" = person of white European descent  ;)) are racist, which is the "logical" way to be, according to Bannon, despite his claims of "not being a racist".

So, making the HISPANIC immigrant population more visible in the eyes of "Americans" is a great method of strirring up hatred and consolidating power for the "good" of "Americans". It is a mere coincidence that this gives Bannon and Trump more and more despotic power. Bannon is counting all those "good Germans" out there to help Trump and Bannon DO their THING.

In Germany, they know EXACTLY what Trump and Bannon's THING is (see below):

Here's an article that is rather clear to anybody possessing a shred of objectivity:

Steve Bannon, Michael Savage and Alex Jones (among others) are now in the cockpit of national power, while the nation's major newspapers and television networks are doing their very best to "normalize" avowed bigot and fascist (using Mussolini's definition of the word) Donald Trump. Bannon is Trump's chief adviser. ...

 ...Bannon's ex-wife has even testified in court that Bannon has 'said he doesn't like Jews' and didn't want his children to go to school with Jews."

Bannon and company are some of the most talented practitioners of the dark arts of political propaganda in this country, and they all came together like beads of mercury under Trump's banner. It's essentially a Kristallnacht waiting to happen: the murder of a policeman by a black man or undocumented Hispanic, or a Muslim suicide bomber will fuel weeks of media melodrama in their hands as they continue to create an alternative reality for cable news while driving a policy agenda dictated by petro-billionaires.

He is VERY clever, in a satanic sort of way. What ICE is doing was started by Obama. But Bannon and Trump have increased it for propaganda purposes, NOT to improve working conditions or add jobs for the poor in the USA! Bannon and Trump USE wedge issues to stir up HATE so they can gain more POWER, period!

A Veteran ICE Agent Speaks Out: ‘We Seem to Be Targeting the Most Vulnerable People’

Now this "taxing the rich" BULLSHIT he is peddling is MORE smoke and mirrors to make Trump's base believe that Trump is "keeping his promises" to "poor downtrodden whitey red blooded Merikans". And even the poor among the minorities might fall for this sucker play.

Eddie, do not be fooled by this. Here is a video interview with Joshua Green, a man that met, talked with and studied Bannon IN DEPTH that explains Bannon's MO and WHY Bannon's ideology provides inspiration for him to cook up this kind of clever sleight of hand swindle to SUCKER people so the racist wealth worshiping fascsists can continue consoliditating their power in the USA.   

Joshua Green wrote a book titled, "Devil's' Bargain", where Trump and Bannon's methods are objectively exposed.  In this interview, he explains why Bannon DOES what he DOES.

The rich are the LAST people that are worrying about this SUCKER PLAY. Bannon wants to "Tax the RICH" ??

The system is GAMED in favor of he rich crooks that have slowly, silently STOLEN EVERYTHING THEY HAVE from we-the-people. The process began with inflation fun and games. It proceeded from there to make an artificial tax rate distinction between "earned" and "unearned" income. If Bannon really wanted a just tax reform, the FIRST thing he would have to do is ELIMINATE the distinction between "earned" and "unearned" income, including that ridiculous term called "Capital gains". BUT HE HAS NOT SAID ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING ABOUT ADDRESSING THAT SOCIALISM FOR THE RICH WELFARE QUEENS GIVEAWAY. His silence on that says it ALL!

You are crazy if you think Bannon has ANY plans to change that socialism for the rich ONLY SCAM that Trump and Bannon wholeheartedly SUPPORT!  That will only get WORSE under Trump and his wrecking crew.

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