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Author Topic: Money  (Read 7068 times)

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Re: Money
« Reply #555 on: February 24, 2019, 04:59:50 pm »
Agelbert NOTE: Commenter Rufus Temblor 👍 makes accurate observations in regard to Capitalist mumbo jumbo about inflation by the (PRIVATE) Federal "Reserve":

All the well-paid buffoons need rationalizations for keeping the punch bowl well stocked. The funny thing is how these very well educated people have no idea how biased and stupid they are.

In the related article by Mitch (A Libertarian  :P), he tears the Fed inflation rationale into tiny bits 👍. However, Mitch, being a Mises true believing Capitalist , misses the REAL CAPITALIST disingenuous motive behind the Fed's selective low balling of double digit annual inflation in things we ACTUALLY NEED TO BUY TO LIVE (i.e. the deliberate distortion of a reality based CPI), while selectively ignoring real estate and stock bubbles the Fed it totally guilty of inflating.

So, what is BASIC, as well as INTRINSIC, to the Fed's fun and games? It's the ideology, STUPID.

Capitalist ideology REQUIRES that the populace equate "VALUE" with pecuniary PRICE. Once most people are on board with that FALSE EQUIVALENCE, then you can control them by controlling WHERE you target the money supply. The rest is rinse and repeat exploitation to transfer wealth from the "unworthy poor and middle class", to the "worthy rich" (see lobsters and Jordan Peterson 😇 for a full explanation of "Stuff happens in God's evolutionarily determined human pecking order, so don't waste your time with concerns about inequality among humans"  ).

This totally unChristian world view is pushed (often, but certainly not limited to, by pseudo-christians 😈 with the "Christian" label who studiously ignore Paul the Apostle's words about EQUALITY among brethren) in order to so corrupt the public about the definition of "VALUE" in human civilization, that they become quite willing to accept as "normal" the ruthless commodification of human beings.

Spiritual development, a key part of which includes obeying God's commandment to treat your neighbor with the SAME dignity and respect as you treat yourself (long before Jesus Christ said "Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself", this commandment was part of ancient Scripture), is relegated to a "value" based on how "efficient" that "spirituality" is in helping you become a "better person" (i.e. PROSPER MORE IN MONEY!).

Capitalist Ideology has so brainwashed our civilization that the false equivalence between the amount of CAPITAL (i.e. material "blessings") a person has and his "VALUE" to society is endemic. 👎

BUT, it got worse after that! TPTB then began an Orwellian game of low balling the "value" of the basic items we all need to buy to live while simultaneously funneling as much counterfeit money to the stock and real estate bubbles as the "economy required".

This puts most of the populace in a state of cognitive dissonance (i.e. inability to challenge the status quo due to mental confusion and conflict produced by the experience of perceived reality versus government stated "reality") because of two mind twisting realities we see, which are studiously denied by the government and the CAPITALIST propaganda media outlets:

1. Our experience tells us that NO, those stocks are certailnly NOT worth that much, and NO, the value of real estate is certainly NOT as much as the "market" says. The average working person could buy a house for 2.5 times his annual income in 1970. I know. I was there. GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) even stated that was the way it should be in an accounting course I took in Business Administration back in 1974. NOW the SAME size house (i.e. total square feet) is "valued" at  more than SIX TIMES (and UP!) the annual income of the average working person.

2. Here's just one example of everyday stuff out there. True, fast food is not technically a "needed" item, and should probably be avoided like the plague. But, it is food, which IS a needed item that SHOULD be included accurately in the CPI. I present this as an example of inflation and hedonics Fed Capitalist THEFT. Our daily experience tells us that NO, a whopper, which was 39 cents in 1965 (I was there. I worked at Burger King while at Miami Dade Junior College), is NOT worth the $4.19 we are forced to pay for it now. Also, the whopper of 1965 was MORE of a whopper than it is now, so we have been gamed two ways there while the Fed plays hedonic mendacity games.

Yeah, you can go online and calculate inflation according to the U.S. Government . When you look at your income and when you look at your purchasing power, the disconnect that the Fed and the CPI gamers refuse to admit becomes evident.

People who have been CAPITALIST brainwashed to believe purchasing power is equivalent to self-worth begin to lose self esteem. Those who are 'greed is good' Capitalist "winners" pile on verbal abuse and condemnation on the alleged "useless eaters", thereby adding Capitalism inspired empathy deficit disordered insult to Capitalist exploitation injury. Suicide rates go up because of that. The vast majority of the public knows there is something desperately wrong but are told (see Voltaire) that we are living in the "God approved CAPITALIST best of all possible worlds" AND that any economic difficulties anyone has "is their own fault and they just need to work harder". .

It is a vicious lie. We are being ruthlessly exploited by representatives of a FAILED Economic system that has nothing left but to tell us to not believe the MASSIVE, SOUL WRENCHING INEQUALITY that we see and experience daily.

But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented. -- Luke 16:25

THE CAPITALISTS are the demonic bastards that have no VALUE, not the exploited poor and (shrinking) middle class subject to CAPITALIST pecuniary TYRANNY!

Mitch thinks owning gold is the answer. NOPE.

The answer is, and always has been, to PUNISH unethical behavior and REWARD ethical behavior. True, the Capitalists have tried to twist the definition of "ethical" by claiming that exploitative behavior 👹 that enriches a persion is "rational", thereby "justified" (i.e. at the end of the day it's "okay" = "ethical"). As I said before, they are quite Orwellian in there clever BULLSHIT pitch.

Of course, being mostly a doomer, I'm not holding my breath waiting for ethical behavior to triumph in this Capitalist trashed valley of tears. Many doomers. like those here who are ethical folks, but not Christians by religion, get all that about inflation and Fed ripoffs and the benefits of Socialism, but they then proceed to limit there ethical efforts to calorie counting survival (i.e. MATERIAL survival).

We need to properly eat, sleep, be clothed and housed to live, of course. That isn't enough.

Making material prosperity your priority in life guarantees stunted spiritual development and often no spiritual prosperity whatsoever.

Jesus Christ wasn't the first person to say that man does not live by bread alone. If you are in the trap of believing that physical needs and wants is the be all, end all of human existence, then CAPITALISTS have you right where they want you. You are DOOMED to equate "Value" with "Price". You are DOOMED to equate human biochemical requirements with the monetary PRICE you must pay to provide them. Don't be a sucker.

Proper Spiritual development is Sine Qua Non to a life well lived. Mitch does not realize that. I hope you eventually do.

Evidence of Proper spirtual Development is to treat your neighbor with the SAME dignity and respect as you treat yourself.

Capitalism is 100% AGAINST treating your neighbor with the SAME dignity and respect as you treat yourself. Anyone that claims otherwise is lying. All that psychological sleight of hand about pecking order "entitlement" for the "genetically gifted winners" and the "normal and acceptable" shaft for the high percentage of "losers" is just clever, but malicious, envy fueling propaganda to keep the suckers hooked on Capitalism.

Capitalism celebrates, encourages and teaches the "VALUE" of greed, period. Greed and ethical behavior are incompatible. Anyone that tells you that greed is "rational" is a spiritual pygmy. 



But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. -- Mathew 4:4 (KJV)

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