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Author Topic: Money  (Read 7068 times)

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Re: Money
« Reply #555 on: February 14, 2019, 08:22:30 pm »
Taxing Waters Rising

bY flycaster  👍👍👍

2019/02/14 ∑ 12:48


The place was packed with guys like me 40+ white working class/farmers, hey itís rural Wisconsin, and they were all bitching about one thing. Taxes.

It wasnít the quietly disgruntled sort of mildly irritated bitching. It was a seething sort of muted rage that comes from people who are seriously pissed and are looking for someone to blame kind of bitching. Then olí Chuck Grassley appears on the TV pontificating about taxes. Ho Boy. Spark meet gasoline 💥. Even the owner and waitresses lost their sh it. I think ďBald faced fu cking liarĒ was the mildest term I heard used and that was a waitress. Could be wrong though. It was loud.

Everyone and I do mean every single person in that establishment started comparing just what they had to cough up in taxes or just how small their return was going to be if they got one compared to last years. People were going to be short 5k minimum on their refunds. Others were in the hole to the IRS up to 12k. Vacations were being canceled. Repairs and purchases are being postponed. Vehicles are not going to be purchased.

Then the farmers started bitching about who they were going to sell soybeans to. What should they plant? Corn? Soybeans? Itís time to order seed you know? How can I make a profit if I canít sell what I grow? Is this China sh it going to be sorted out soon? Who gives a fu ck about a border wall I need fu cking laborers. Does that fat orange bastard really know what the fu ck heís doing? 50% of these people voted for Trump, Walker and Duffy. Now granted there were some MAGA hat wearing folks in there and a couple spouted off about staying the course and talking points. My did that go over well. Not.

Long story short they eventually brought up her e-mails. Whoopsie. An older farmer who could probably buy the place stood up and said his piece.

ďYou voted for republicans in 2016 because you were angry about a black man being president for eight years and there was no damned way you were going to have a woman, let alone that woman be president. You got what you wanted. It wasnít just that shitbag Trump. It was republicans in the House of Representatives and republicans in the Senate that drafted these tax laws youíre all cryiní about. Youíre stupid. You never learned nothing. You donít look at history. Republicans ALWAYS do what really rich people tellíem to. It ainít about fags, blacks, Jesus, God, her emails, abortions, guns, or any of that other sh it they holler about. Religious freedom donít need no special laws itís right there in that constitution they keep spittiní on. Itís about the money. Itís about how they can take your money and give it to people 👹🎩🍌 who flat donít fu cking need it. All of you need to grow up and take responsibility for your damned government. 2018 was a damned fine year. Democrats in charge of congress again.Ē

Then Mr. MAGA Major bigmouth 😈 just had to ...

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