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Author Topic: Money  (Read 8400 times)

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Re: Money
« Reply #525 on: December 24, 2018, 06:10:13 pm »
How about that education at West Point? What did you do with that gift from the taxpayers? Why aren't you a general or something. You were groomed to be cog in the wheel of the USMIC.

An education from West Point isn't a gift from the Taxpayers.  It's a part of the MIC designed to groom young men to be leaders of warfare.  They failed in the task with AG.  He did go on though to have a good career teaching people to fly and then as an Air Controller, before the stress nailed him.



He's just exactly like you.

He's the son of a rich man. He comes from privilege. He blew through a lot of opportunities, sabotaged his own life, and ended up sick and broke.

Now he's a socialist. A Good Christian who believes in the Golden Rule.

Not really much of a surprise.

None of which would bother me........if he didn't want to rag on my working-class ass. He's a **** fool is what he is, and he's in good company here.

I dare you to leave this post up. I don't think you have the balls.

I see the good doctor has left his gloves at the dental practice...

Here's the problem with discussing the VALUE of this or that way of living with a CAPITALIST. Their ideology frames "good" and  "bad" exclusively in terms of money. After that, it gets even worse. :P Anyone who does not embrace the "fiduciary responsibility" of making as much money as possible is somehow "irresponsible". 

Let's take the good doctor's assumption that I do not contribute to society (while he does) and therefore I am a "loser parasite".

In 1986, if my memory serves me, I was given a couple of awards as a Federal Aviation Administration computer analyst. You've all read about the dude that suggested mail boxes and other post office stuff be painted in one color that saved them millions, if not billions of dollars. Well, I haven't done the math, but a program for Air Traffic Control that I cooked up paid for (at least) 10 times the pension I will get in this lifetime, even if I live to be 120    ;D.

I had controlled traffic, both at the enroute air traffic control center level and the approach control level, before I got the computer analyst job. I was a good CAPITALIST in those days and I got this idea to save the gooberment some money by cutting ATC jobs. 

You see, there are well over a hundred approach control facillities in US airspace. They are (roughly) birthday cake shaped portions of airspace 30 miles in diameter and 10,000 feet high. The ATC Center "hands off" descending aircaft to the approach control with a "slew and enter" using his track ball and keyboard on the data block. It flashes in the approach control facility. The approach controller "slews and enters" on the data block, which causes its sector tag to change and it stops flashing. At the Enroute ATC Center, the sector tag changes, which signals the enroute ATC person to tell the pilot to switch to approach control frequency. All this was done over a land line before computer automation.

During moderate to heavy air traffic periods in these facilites, which are staffed 24 hours a day, they needed a Coordinator position. The Coordinator was a Journeyman Radar Air Traffic Controller (three years including school plus On The Job training minimum). The pay for a Journeyman Radar Air Traffic Controller now is about $80,000 to $100,000 a year (roughly speaking - it varies by facility level - Starting salary for a GS-14 employee is $89,370.00 per year at Step 1, with a maximum possible base pay of $116,181.00 per year at Step 10. The hourly base pay of a Step 1 GS-14 employee is $42.82 per hour1). I was a GS-13 Step 8 at the time, which is a hair less than the above. Of course the base pay was about half what it is now but I give you the present numbers to give you an idea of what the program I wrote, which was adopted in all the approach control facilities, represented in dollar terms.

The job of the Coordinator is to call the sequence of arrival traffic to the the tower ATC guy or gal. Inside the Tower Cab there is what is called the "Bright Display". It's like a radar screen but is much brighter so you can see the aircraft data blocks while you are in bright daylight. I noticed that there was an area of memory in the ATC program that projected all the info onto that screen. In programmer/ATC parlance the thing I was looking at is called a TAB LIST. It was used in approach control radar screens and enroute ATC radar screens but the tower people did not use it.

I figured that I could progam the tab list with a bubble sort so the approach controller could just do a "slew and enter" with his track ball onto the next aircraft in the sequence. The tab list would then put the aircraft call sign at the bottom of the tab list. The call sign at the top was the first in the sequence. When the aircraft landed, the data block would "die" (no radar tracking data). My program also watched for that and deleted that aircraft's call sign in the tab list at the top. The call signs beneath would then "bubble" up. That is why it is called a bubble sort.

Within a year or so, after the programs were modified at the national level, every Coordinator position, staffed for at least 8 hours in any 24 hour hour period all over US airspace, was eliminated. YOU do the math, Eddie. If you still think I am a "parasite", you need your head examined.

I got an award of $332 for that, followed by a quality within grade step increase. That's cool. I knew I worked for the gooberment and anything I came up with was PUBLIC. Sure, it bothered me to not get some recognition on a national level, but I was never confused about what the top management felt about minorites like me (i.e. "Salt Water Niggers") who "thought too much". I don't believe in the tooth fairy either, pardner. And YEAH, I DID see people who were dumber than a wedge get all sorts of recognition and promotions for doing ZIP while they "worked" at the FAA. That's the way the cookie crumbles in our "meritocratic" CAPITALIST MYTHOLOGY.

All that said, I do not give a tinker's damn whether a person "earned" DA MONEY to not be classifed as a "parasite" by the CAPITALISTS. It's a false meme based on trying to put a dollar sign on the value of human endeavor.

As I alluded to at the beginning of this "I am worth it" braggadocio silliness, there are actions, and the lack of them, IN GOVERNMENT, as well as in daily living on this planet, that you CANNOT out a price on. That is why businessmen make such LOUSY politicians.

Jon Adair, my super smart brother-in-law, an excellent dentist and scuba diver, was too dense to heed the warnings of Agelbert at a beach in 1980, when I told him, "it looks kinda rough out there". He drowned and I almost drowned trying to save him in the rip current and massive surf. I made a decision to TRY, even though there was NO PROFIT IN IT. I don't know how the good doctor Eddie quantifies the "value" of what I tried to do that day, but I suspect there is NO WAY you can put a "he failed and is a loser because the dentist drowned" price tag on it.

What the good doctor cannot seem to place any value on, is the FACT that many efforts by people of good will DO fail in pecuniary terms. Hence they must be credited with genuine value, not be deliberately demonized as "parasitical" because those who "won" in monetary terms are allegedly "carrying" the "parasites".

That's the Victorian BULLSHIT that is the fundamentally flawed basis of Capitalism.

"Capitalist ideology claims that the world is perfectly ordered and everybody is in their place (i..e. everybody gets what they deserve). This self legitmating aspect of Capitalism is Socially Catastrophic. This is the Victorian view of the world." Rob Urie - Author " Zen Economics"
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Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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