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Author Topic: Money  (Read 7068 times)

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Re: Money
« Reply #510 on: December 22, 2018, 05:29:56 pm »

Gold, until the futures and options trade is reformed (and I see no sign that will happen) has become somewhat of a stranded asset. Traders can make money, but hoarders aren't making s h i t these days.

Yes, it is insurance against a dollar hyperinflation, which might happen one day...but not in 2019. I expect more staglflation for a while. Like maybe until climate change starts to cause food to get really expensive. We are not there yet. Be patient, and remember that gold is not the ONLY decent asset.

Gold isn't an asset in the manner you are speaking. That's what you cannot seem to grasp.

Gold is money. The dollar you think is money is a derivative of it. When it was time to pay, as was promised in writing by our government, everyone got the finger.

As to your earnings, I couldn't care what  you make. You stated once a while back what it was, as well as your score amount in the pot stocks.

Your answers are full of contradictions and have become absolutely devoid of logic or correct reasoning . You state you wish to show me a chart of gold, how I chuckled with that one, explaining how it has done nothing for it's holders over the last 7 years. Then in your financial forecasts, you tout cryptos which have crashed 80 to 90% in less than a year. Your enamored with ripple which fell from about 3.50 to about 28 cts.

Are you able to see how conflicted and prejudiced your comments are yet??

You tell me, as if I don't know, that banksters are f u c k i n g with gold in the futures market. Yet anyone knows, who follows cryptos, that the top in bitcoin was the week the Crimex added futures on bitcoin. You must also be aware that futures and etfs on all the cryptos that become popular are planned. Yet that doesn't seem to count when it comes to your favored bets on the future.

Again can you see how prejudiced you are against gold and enamored of what you perceive to be a good bet on a  g a m b l e?

Since you will  think I am f u c k i n g with you, rather than instructing you on your errors, let me close with a word of praise.

You opened my eyes about Ripple. As you stated correctly, the crypto purist, who are mostly self loving geek children sillies won't consider it because it is not decentralized, as well as the enormous amount of them outstanding. I fell for that line of bullshit in my first extremely shallow investigation myself. Your revelations about it's USEFULLNESS and the fact that it is COMPLIANT and viable were an appreciated revelation which I missed on my first shallow consideration of it.

You may take pride in knowing that if GO decides to make a bet on Crypto, very far from that move yet, I have three questions for every answer; as things stand today Ripple would be my first purchase. Kudos to your ability to recognize it's usefulness and adoption. Against the crowd thinking is often a way to substantial scores in the financial markets.   


Look Moron

People made huge money on cryptos last year, while gold never moved enough for a long term holder to make anything. I know, because I was a (bag) holder of gold.

This year a few people made even more money shorting Bitcoin. That was the home run of the year.

Just STFU and crawl back under your rock.

Sorry you don't make any sense Edward.

Sorry you can't face the conflicts in the nonsense you spout as well.

I'm not allowed to talk like you talk to me Edward, so I will have to be content to quote on of your fellow Admin God's of the Diner Palloy.

"As usual Edward, You are full of S h i t" Yes, Admin God Palloy had it correct indeed.

You don't lack intelligence. You lack real world perspective.

I don't live in the "real world'?  Now I also "lack perspective"?  ::) Keep pitching the Napalm chief, you are undermining yourself here.

Sears Average Salaries for Store Managers
Job   Average
Assistant Store Manager   $45,980
Retail Store Assistant Manager   $45,703
Retail Store Manager   $64,510

Operations Manager   $58,022

Asst. store mgr's may make that kinda' dough but there on site 70 hrs. a week.
It's minimum wage at best. Retail sucks.

I'm sorry for these peoples job loses, however after they've moved on to their next gig, they'll be glad retail is over for them.

I still see former K-Mart employees in town, in their new gig's & they seem to be better off now.

Those are average salaries, some make more some less depending on the location, size of store and performance.  The point here is that plenty of Sears employees buy McMansions.

Say a Store Mgr in Springfield, MO making $50K is married to one of the Cashiers making $15/hr for a 40 hour week, $600 for $30K year.  That's a combined income of $80K.  According to Zillow, the current median price for homes in Springfield is $140K.  I bought these folks a nice McMansion though for $250K. 

So their total Monthly payment comes to around $1400.  Can they afford this?

Now, I'm not sure exactly what their tax bill is, JDW can give a more accurate number but I'll say they pay 25% in taxes shaving $20K off their disposable income.  That leaves them $60K, which is $5K/month.  $1400 is roughly 1/3rd of their income, which they can easily afford.

Eddie runs a narrative which suits him but which is not reality based.  He thinks he is always right because he's the big successful Dentista and I'm the Cripple on SSI who can live well on peanuts, which he can't do because he lives a high maintenance lifestyle.  Eddie only respects 3 types of people:

[float=right][/float]1- Macho Men who chop down trees with big chainsaws and dig fencepost holes with their bare hands.

[/float]2-  Academics with lots of letters trailing their name like Jordan Peterson.

[float=right][/float]3- Other rich people like himself or even richer ones.

Me, he has no respect for and disses me all the time as a know-nothing armchair quarterback.  I get tired of this periodically.


I have little respect for you now  because all you do is cut and paste Patrice Greaneville, a very stupid man, who is (a) a serial liar and (b) fails miserably to understand the most basic things about human beings.

Like I said, those who work at Sears understand their jobs suck. I actually don't know any of them, but I have a lot of patients who work at Walmart.  AZ gets it, even though you don't.

Your narrative is the false one, and I don't support it.

I have little respect for you now  because all you do is cut and paste Patrice Greaneville, a very stupid man, who is (a) a serial liar and (b) fails miserably to understand the most basic things about human beings.

That is patently false.  I write an article, record a rant, cook a SNAP Card Gourmet recipe or design a new Survey practically every week.  The last article you wrote for the Diner was months ago.

Like I said, those who work at Sears understand their jobs suck.

I never said they like their jobs, just that many can and do afford to buy McMansions.  I demonstrated that by the numbers.

Your is the false one, and I don't support it.

You keep making that assertion, but you never provide any evidence to back it up.  Meanwhile, my evidence is clear and demonstrable.



Remember one salient thing going on here right now, RE. The good doctor's cheerleading for Bitcoin and the like is expected considering that 93% of ALL ASSET CLASSES are in the litter box.  ;D

2018 Is Officially "The Worst Year On Record" With 93% Of All Assets Down

Capitalists are not in the best of moods when reality bursts their Capitalist Happy Talk MYTHOLOGY bubble, along with a LOT of paper profits. ;)

So, they look for some "asset class" (see: Bitcoin bump the last week), no matter how speculative and no matter how iffy (i.e. people will sell the BITCOIN they have, making it go DOWN, when they need money, it being that the dollar value of their stocks and PMs are getting trashed) in the present market situation.

In about two weeks, when the BITCOIN bump turns into the BITCOIN SWAN DIVE , expect the good doctor's mood, along with his "respect" for anyone that dares to put some financial reality in his face, to worsen along with the dollar value of his diversified portfolio. The polished vocabulary of an educated professional will suddenly become the most vile, vitriolic, cussword filled invectic you can imagine. Mild mannered Capitalist Dr. Jekyll will become Angry Mr. Hyde when his "diversified" portfolio is further degraded by CAPITALISM CAUSED reality.

Scraping the whitewash off our CAPITALIST mythologies is painful for those whose lives were framed by those mythologies. They are too busy pointing fingers at their favorite bugaboo, Socialism, to see the Capitalist Cancer destroying their future. 

IOW, "It's the CAPITALISM, stupid."

The Capitalists will be the last to figure that out. They'll fight low and high and dirty and dirtier. They'll do ANYTHING to avoid admitting their ideolgy is ruinously destructive to the people and the planet. They will probably win that battle, no matter how in-their-faces the biosphere destruction gets. Capitalist ideology has NEVER been based on anything but empathy deficit disordered greed. It will be a pyrrhic victory for them. Stupid is as stupid does.
Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Pr. 13:12


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