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Author Topic: Money  (Read 6356 times)

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Re: Money
« Reply #435 on: October 24, 2018, 05:16:15 pm »

CashMcCall: Lets remember that GOP is in charge of the GOV. Presidency, House, Senate and Courts. And look what you have...

1) GOP Trump Tariffs ripping the bottom out of 30% of US companies reporting. 3M, CAT, PPG, Deere, Texas Instruments, etc.

2) No border control, no immigration policy and no enforcement of existing laws.

3) Warmongering across the world. Sanctions on 25% of the world population

4) Saudi Dictatorship butchering murderers, and US Weapons used to kill school bus loads of elementary kids in Yemen. Incomprehensible. Imagine sending your elementary school kid to school on a bus only to be targeted and killed by a Lockheed missile!

5) Pipe bombs and every person that got one was mentioned in Trump's hate filled Texas speech.

6) Auto industry in collapse. China not buying US made autos before GOP Tariffs, they bought more cars than Americans. Same with US Ag products. Farmers destroyed. ON GOP Trump Welfare now.

7) GOP and Trump antagonizing every country that buys US Treasury debt. Then they announce they don't need any buyers like China or Russia. Next AUCTION FAILS and they wonder why!

8 ) US high dollar policy and Tariffs are devaluing every currency that trades in the Reserve Dollar.

9) Bond market yields pop with each advance in interest rates and geopolitical stress. When it breaks the economy will plunge into recession.

10) GOP and Trump want to withdraw from nuclear arms agreements and build more NUKES. LOL. Destroying everything Ronald Reagan achieved to stabilize the world. As the GOP goes full Bush II on steroids.

11) Intermixed is the endless seedy activity of Trump from his infidelities, cover ups to his denials of his own ***** grabbing voice. Throws food at Chancellor Merkel, humiliates the Japanese Prime Minister in public. Endless conflict, endless bullying.

12) GOP in Afghanistan for the 17th year! Constant antagonism in the South China Sea, Bullying sanctions on Iran, Turkey, and Russia as if this won't come back in spades.

The bellicose blowhard owns the markets as they rapidly move into recession. His popularity is 39% job approval or 61% disapproval. Stuffing his pockets with his phony work vacations at his resorts. Filling rooms with secret service and billing the US Taxpayer to the tune of half a billion dollars last year! Self dealing grifter. GOP does nothing but stuff its own pockets with RINOTax Crony skim offs as the debt piles up at a faster acceleration that under the combined insanity of Obama and Bush II!

This country is falling apart just as it did with Bush II, spending into oblivion until the whole system collapsed. 9 Trillion in assets of the people evaporated. BUT Bush and Obama took care of the Banks with TARP. NOBODY WENT TO JAIL!  😠 🤬

Now we are back with more derivative leverage than in 2008! 😱 With a vociferous nitwit and expert in all subjects 🦖 at the helm. 🚩

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