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Author Topic: Key Historical Events ...THAT YOU MAY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF  (Read 3836 times)

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    • Agelbert Truth AND Consequences
The Truth Of The Wounded Knee Massacre Of December 29th 1890

Interesting. In a parallel universe, I am re-reading Evan Connell's masterful "Son of the Morning Star," a biographer of Custer and many of his contemporaries, including Sitting Bull. The proximate cause of Little Bighorn was the discovery of gold in the Black Hills, so, of course, the Sioux had to go. As well as the buffalo, for the railroads. Reading excerpts from newspapers of that time calling for a war of extermination on "Lo" (as in "Lo, the noble savage...") is eerily familiar.
Remember how while Americans were horrified when Rap Brown said, "Violence is as American as cherry pie?"

I didn't know about the discovery of gold in the Black Hills triggering the Little Bighorn, but I am not surprised. Americans were, and still are, quite willing to wipe an entire people or culture out, if they are told said culture or people is in the way of "progress". Many will claim that is not so. They are deluding themselves.

Over the years I have tried to figure out how and when this happened, beyond the normal tendency of the average human being to engage in murder and mayhem if the the government backs it, of course. For example, Americans were quite willing to slaughter each other during the Civil War. Who were these people? They were mostly peaceful farmers who used rifles to to protect their property and to occasionally hunt.

After the Civil War, the NEXT big war changed the American soldier's character for good (i.e. for REALLY BAD!). The Spanish American War, though small and insignificant compared with WWI, played a singular role in brutalizing the averge male American far beyond the experience of warring Native Americans or fellow Americans in the Civil War.

In the Philippines, the concentration camp slow torture and deliberate selective murder of unarmed relatives (women and children) was perfected for the purpose of getting the "insurgents" to surrender, at which time they were double crossed and mostly killed too. The "patriotic" murder of people outside our country, who looked a little different, then became part of the mindset of the average male American. If the soldier wasn't racist before he went into the military, he became a racist while there.

By the time the really big wars came along, even the "Geneva Convention", that happened somewhere along the way to our present murdering madness, did little or nothing to stop routine massacres and torture and murder of unarmed prisoners just for the hell of it.

Remember the Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan around 2003 that, after they had murdered women "accidentally", went through the "trouble" of extracting the bullets from the bodies so that American ordnance would not be found in the victims? You know, you have to have sunk to a completely monstrous level of empathy deficit disordered cold logic to even contemplate such a monstrous act. Yet these well trained elite American forces did it without batting an eye. I will never thank them for that "service".

Several generations of war and media approved racism of the "other" have made most American males into the most bellicose, morally depraved, unrepentant, history challenged, might is right believing killing machines in the history of the world. The rest of the nations of the world are well advised to fear us. Trump or no Trump, this country's soldiers are second only to Catastrophic Climate Change as an extinction threat to humanity.
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