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Author Topic: Key Historical Events ...THAT YOU MAY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF  (Read 8334 times)

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Dear reader, did you know that many of the ideas made infamous by Nazi Germany were being taught in Wilhelmine German academia in 1910? These included Lebensraum (‘living space’) and Rassenhygiene (racial hygiene) , and the idea that handicapped people were worth less than animals. War was just an aspect of Darwinian survival of the fittest.

And a few years before 1910 a TRUE BELIEVER in YOU KNOW WHAT applied Darwin to the Hereros of Africa.  The architect of this mass murder—65,000 of the 80,000 Hereros, Lieutenant-General Lothar von Trotha (1848–1920) was a virulent white supremacist who believed in ‘cleansing’ the allegedly less fit.

Because 80% of the Hereros were killed, this is regarded by historians as the worst genocide in the 20th century.  Yet, you've probably never heard of this "water under the bridge". GUESS WHY?  ;)

A lot that was later (in the NAZI Third Reich) done to the German "misfits" and later the Jews was PRACTICED first on the Hereros. Some were killed quickly and some SLOWLY with the "innovative" introduction of CONCENTRATION CAMPS and medical experimentation including shipping the skulls of starved to death Hereros to BIOLOGISTS AND ANTHROPOLOGISTS in Germany for " evolutionary study".  Anything for the advancement of science, eh? 


The SECOND Reich's influence in creating the Third Reich.

Now I ask you, dear readers, do you think Mking and a few other Darwinian TRUE BELIEVERS here possess the identical world view of this famous fellow below? I do.

NOW do you understand that the Mkings are the REALLY WILD EYED Crazies in our society?

Do you understand the DANGER to civilization that these people pose who openly state they DO NOT CRY for peoples and warriors that whitey tried to exterminate as they IGNORE REAL HISTORY and hem and haw about grand juries and trusting the police in a pretense of a "measured" approach to society's wrongs?

Do you understand WHY they eschew welfare and helping the poor and downtrodden in any way shape or form?

Do you FNALLY understand that the LINK to their RELIGION (Social Darwinism) is the COMMON THREAD in all their cruel and uncaring mindset presented as "prudent pragmatism"?

I feel sorry for you if you don't. These people are dangerous to themselves and society.

You have been warned. If you let Social Darwinism in your home, it will destroy it as it is destroying our country. Have a nice day.
Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart. Ps. 97:11


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