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Author Topic: Key Historical Events ...THAT YOU MAY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF  (Read 6765 times)

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The American Republican Party is run by descendents and still surviving home-grown AmeroNazis who put Hitler into power in the first place--and enabled the 3rd Reichsters to escape. Standard Oil Frank A. Howard was a member in good standing of these AmeroNazis.

😈 Frank A. Howard of the 🦖 Standard Oil (NJ) Company

Continued from previous posts on this book:

All 💵🎩 Honorable  Men



The papers we picked up indicated that Mr. Frank A. Howard of the Standard Oil group and Dr. Ringer of I.G. Farben had met in the last week of September 1939, at The Hague. They prepared a document that became known as the "Hague Memorandum." This document appeared on its face to be an agreement under which I.G. Farben sold to Standard Oil of New Jersey various patents and shares of stock. Actually the two men also prepared a separate agreement, kept secret, under which I.G. Farben retained the right to cancel the transfer and get its properties back as soon as it was safe to do so. Mr. Howard did not even keep a copy of this agreement. He signed the original and the carbon copy on behalf of Standard Oil and handed both copies to Dr. Ringer, who took them back to Frankfurt.

The Standard Oil case might very well have had a happy ending for the fraternity brothers if the suit had been filed in 1947.

Even by 1946 it was to become very difficult for United States government representatives to get facts from German files. It was not long before we had to show cause why we should be permitted to prowl about among the business papers of reputable German concerns.

By 1947 investigations which the Germans considered troublesome would appear doubly objectionable to American businessmen acting as military government officials in Bizonia. Investigations that might disclose embarrassing transactions between American and German companies were called a "waste of taxpayers' money."

Also, troubling busy German industrialists with unfriendly questions would tend to "interfere with German recovery" and might arouse ''antagonism."
In the end we were caught between  businessmen representing private interests and 😈 others of the same persuasion holding official positions, where they had power to change the orders under which we operated. 👎

But for a brief period in 1945 matters were not so well under control. True, we found a number of members of the 😈 international brotherhood, commissioned as colonels and brigadier generals in the occupation Army, moving about rather freely in the field on matters of their own concern; but by the same token it was also possible for representatives of the government to get around freely as we all did in the Standard Oil case.

The documents needed by the government to establish the falsity of the Standard Oil claim were finally shipped by air back to the United States, along with Dr. von Knieriem as a government witness. Dr. von Knieriem, who had supervised Ringer's work, had annotated his own copy of the secret Hague Memorandum with comments showing its true intent. One of these phrases alone should have been enough. It was a marginal note, "Nach Kriegs Kamouflage" (postwar camouflage).

Not only was this case unusual in that enough trained manpower was available, for once, to track down the evidence, and that conditions permitting full investigation happened to prevail, but because the Federal Courts in dealing with the evidence used unusually strong language to describe what the fraternity brothers had done. 👍

The following examples from the opinion of the Circuit Court of Appeals may illustrate:

The negotiators prepared the so-called Hague Memorandum which was neither an accurate summary of the past dealings of their companies, nor complete and faithful representation of the agreements made at the Hague. ...

The real agreement which was made by Mr. Howard and Dr. Ringer and which was later ratified by their principals can be gleaned only after a scrutiny of many documents and the oral testimony of Mr. Howard. ...

The Court found that these were sham transactions designed to create an appearance of Jersey ownership of property interests which nevertheless continued to be regarded by the parties as I.G. Farben owned. The parties intended that after completion of the war and the resulting disappearance of the danger of United States Government controls the property would be formally returned to I.G. and the pre-war relationship resumed. ...

On the witness stand,  Howard, testifying concerning the Hague Conference, was, in the opinion of the Court, not a credible witness.

In effect the courts held that the Standard Oil Company had tried to put across a misrepresentation in order to protect an outpost for I.G. Farben.

Whereas President Roosevelt had referred to the use made of the I.G. Farben trust by the Nazis, and had insisted on the "eradication of these weapons of economic warfare," Standard Oil, in the middle of the war against the Nazi state, had invoked the aid of the Federal Courts to defeat the measures of the United States. 

Frank A. Howard was not prosecuted for perjury. The District Court and Circuit Court of Appeals merely declared he was not a "credible witness." The Supreme Court did no more than sustain the action of the lower courts in upsetting the sham transactions and letting the Alien Property Custodian keep the patents and stock. Mr. Howard retired gracefully in 1945, full of honors 😇, as vice president of 🦖 Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, having retired the previous year from his other position as president of the 🦕 Standard Oil Development Company

This arrangement between Standard and Farben was only one of many conspiracies between German business leaders and their counterparts in the United States and Britain to help in keeping alive bridgeheads for future ''economic warfare."

At the time we discovered them it would have been hard to forget the other side of the coin: that these same German organizations — I.G. Farben, Krupp, Flick, Mannesmann, Siemens & Halske, and a few dozen more — had shown their less gentlemanly and more brutal side in the slave camps and murder factories, and in the looting of occupied Europe, all by "legal" means under Nazi laws.

Before the press carried pictures of the murder camps at Belsen and Auschwitz and the records of I.G. Farben's poison gas experiments on slave laborers, It might have been possible to concede that some American businessmen connived at preserving these organizations for the postwar period without knowing the awful truth. We hoped that the record after 1945 would not reveal any conniving in the revival of similar types of "industrial" organizations, or any reliance on the same men to guide Germany's economic recovery.

To be continued:

If you missed the other posts on this excellent book, you can click on the links below to read them at your liesure.

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Now you know why the Republican Party has ALWAYS championed "subsidies" for the Rockefeller 🦕🦖 Hydrocarbon Hellspawn; they are 👹 FASCIST Birds of a feather.

Rob not the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate:
For the Lord will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Pr. 22:22-23


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