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Author Topic: Key Historical Events ...THAT YOU MAY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF  (Read 8088 times)

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Agelbert NOTE: Continued from the previous post in this topic thread.



The struggle over the Ruhr had brought the first rnajor breakdown of Allied policy in 1923 when Britain and the United States refused to back up the French occupation of the valley; and ten years later the financiers and industrialists of that area had boosted Hitler into the driver's seat. ...

... Most Germans who meant anything in German industry or politics after World War I considered it an act of patriotism to evade the terms of the Versailles Treaty. In fact, in the years after Versailles, the German courts would entertain prosecutions for the crime of high treason against any German citizen who concerned himself with the execution of the Treaty "in such a way that a foreign power was advised of infractions."

Clearly, the Germans themselves would expect to be supervised and watched. It would be a point of 😈 honor, as well as self-interest, to defy detection, and to camouflage or conceal their intentions.

From our discoveries during three years with the Economic Warfare Section, we had already narrowed down the list of Germans who carried the major responsibility for what had happened. The list was impressively small; for somewhere among a group of not more than a hundred men were those who had done the lion's share of the planning and had carried out the world-wide negotiations that made the economic preparations for war a success.

Still, even a list of a hundred important individuals, controlling sixty or seventy of the biggest companies, was too large for pinpoint investigation by our small crew- Were there some five or ten or twelve men among these who stood head and shoulders above the others either in knowledge or in degree of responsibility for the German efforts?

Perhaps the records of the International Steel Cartel at Luxembourg would furnish clues to help us concentrate our attention first on a few individuals and a few companies in Germany. ...

... Quite by accident, our team arrived on a Saturday, and simultaneously with a visit by General Eisenhower. The officials of the steel cartel somehow gained the impression that General Eisenhower's visit had been made especially to lend additional high-level sanction to the visit of the Department of Justice officials attached to SHAEF.

Hector Dieudonne, secretary of the cartel, and the other top cartel officials, who were heading for the country over the week end, told Eric Conrot, the office manager, to "give every assistance" to the gentlemen from SHAEF. M. Conrot unexpectedly took the instructions quite literally. ;D He opened up all the filing cabinets in the office of the cartel and invited the gentlemen from SHAEF to make themselves at home for the entire week end. They did. 🧐

It is not hard to imagine the hair-pulling among the top officials when they returned Monday morning. They found an extremely weary and sleepless investigative crew sitting among a mass of folders from which an index had been compiled of close to four thousand documents. The investigators expressed their gratitude and said they would very much like permission to make photostats of the four thousand documents.

With a great deal of grinding of teeth and scarcely restrained mutterings at M. Conrot's misunderstanding of diplomatic language, they finally gave their consent, but not without making a protest that their hospitality had in some way been abused by what amounted to "police" methods. ...

... M. Aloyse Meyer, managing director of the Arbed steel combine, returned quietly to the city of Luxembourg from Germany. He had left when the Germans left, but came back with the explanation that he had been kidnaped.

The official attitude was that Meyer had become a hero by keeping his firm intact during the war and thereby preventing the removal of Luxembourg workers from the local steel plants to Germany for work in the German plants. Some officials even alleged that the Arbed management had arranged to slow down production and thereby sabotage the German war effort, but the comparative figures for Arbed and the other two Luxembourg firms did not bear this out.

What the Luxembourgers chose to do with Aloyse Meyer did not change what was on the papers in the files of the steel cartel. It was not necessary to wait for photostats of all the thousands of documents to realize that we now had an enlarged picture from which to work.

Here was something that had gone beyond mere German resistance to the occupation measures of the Allied powers after World War 1. It was a concrete example of how leading German manufacturers had gone about the job of recapturing control over industries and markets and making Germany the "industrial hub of Europe."

This was not resistance, but a counterattack that included enlisting the help of industrialists in other countries. Here again the step-by-step history threw some light on what had happened, but at the same time raised questions about why the otherss let the Germans get what they wanted.

The mid-twenties were remarkable for German industrial combination. They marked the formation of the United Steel Works in Germany, as a combination of the four biggest steel producers, Ernst Poensgen, Fritz Thyssen, Otto Wolff, and the others who drew this combine together had managed to get over a hundred million dollars from private investors in the United States. ...

... The loans which the bigger operators got from Britain and the United States to put them on their feet after the inflation also enabled them to pay prices far above the market values to buy out troublesome competing firms. In effect, the foreign loans and German government subsidies allowed the leading companies, such as United Steel Works, Mannesmann, Krupp, Good Hope and Rochling, to substitute private regulation and elimination of competition for the technical efficiency they had lost when their plants in Alsace and Lorraine went back to French control after 1918. ...

... The Nazi Economic Ministry later gave due recognition to Dr. Poensgen for his services to the German iron and steel industry through his organization of the national and international steel cartels. ...

... All members agreed that in foreign markets they would not undersell each other but would undersell any nonmember in order to drive him out of the market.

Agelbert NOTE: As this excellent book makes clear, the demonization of some "other", though intrinsic to the fascist MO, is merely a peripheral part of the core 'business model', which is Monopoly Capitalism through Cartelization of absolutely every product that human society requires. The point is to eliminate all 'pesky' competition. That is what sanctions are all about. When sanctions do not accomplish the competition crushing  purpose, then war is next. The storm trooper racist crazies are part of the divide and counqer distraction to keep people from realizing they are being screwed 24/7 by a worldwide fascist oligarchy.

As this book explains, fascist efforts to achieve worldwide Monopoly Capitalism through Cartelization, interrupted by WWII, continued after WWII by those who aided the rise of Hitler. Shortly before WWII ended, these fascists moved huge fortunes out of Germany to various places on the planet, including the United States, for the express purpose of resurrecting the fascist 'business model' wherever they could.

These industrialists are true believers in using the local government to do whatever on their behalf, going back generations BEFORE the word "Fascism" ever existed. This book brings you up to 1950. As bad as the fascist infiltration of the United States and Europe was by 1950, it got much worse after that.

However, the continued value of this book is that it exposes the, mostly surreptitious, step by step procedure that fascists methodically engage in to exploit and enslave we-the-people. Their Mens rea modus operandi has not changed in any way from 1950 to the present.
Trump is their creature.

They targeted Europe after WWII and, with the help of the CIA (which controlled the trillion dollar Anderson "Trust" through the treason of Truman), succeeded in crushing Socialism there, and eventually here. Socialsm is an obstacle to Monopoly Capitalism through Cartelization, so fascists will always do whatever to "eliminate" said obstacle.

The point is to eliminate all 'pesky' competition. That is what sanctions are all about. When sanctions do not accomplish the competition crushing  purpose, then war is next. The storm trooper racist crazies are part of the divide and counqer distraction to keep people from realizing they are being screwed 24/7 by a worldwide fascist oligarchy.

Unfortunately, because it is is too nuanced/complicated, too few people grasp the brutal reality stated above.

Fascists like Trump count on public's lack of introspection. Hitler and Trump are birds of a feather.

I challenge you to find any difference between Hitler's mindset in the following quotes and that of Trump:

“If you win, you need not have to explain...If you lose, you should not be there to explain!”― Adolf Hitler

“Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.”― Adolf Hitler

“I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.” ― Adolf Hitler

“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.” ― Adolf Hitler, Hitler's Letters and Notes

“The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.” ― Adolf Hitler

“The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence.”― Adolf Hitler

To be continued:
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