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Author Topic: You will have to pick a side. There is no longer Room for Procrastination  (Read 6233 times)

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Oh btw AG: in a subsequent post at DD you wrote the text below, and I just want to say... BRAVO! DOUBLE BRAVO! Very well said and I could not agree more. And fwiw I have spent a LOT of time arguing this very point, at the hubbertsarms forum (circa 2009-10) and elsewhere. I am UTTERLY FED UP with the "overpopulation" bull****, which is misleading in the extreme, and worse. It is mean and cruel and anti-human, and MISSES (as you so well point out) the real locus of the problem, which is OVERCONSUMPTION BY THE AFFLUENT. Perhaps you caught in one of my posts up thread at DD my mention of Trainer's book "Abandon Affluence". The title says it all. I read it many years a go, and it had deep impact on me. He was right then (circa 1983), and he is right now. Excessive affluence is impelling us all toward environmental disasters.

Anyway, kudos for a very good passage and takedown of monsta's foolish post.



agelbert wrote:

I go blue in the face every time Monsta brings up his "we are all to blame because of population overshoot" business. But at least he recognizes that there IS an existential threat, even if he has difficulties reading pie charts.

Anyone can see that if you CULL 80% of human population (ALL the poor and MOST of the middle class), you will not DENT the level of pollution being generated by the rest of Homo Sapdom. Monsta doesn't get that. He really thinks that all those dead people will convince the surviving predators to be nice to the environment.

And there is that Monsta's wet depopulation dream will solve our environmental problems, not simply because the polluting industry facts state otherwise, but because the morally challenged Predators 'R' US world view of the top 20% is at the ROOT of the degradation of democracy and the biosphere.

But Monsta will not go there. And he will not go there because, if he did, the whole population overshoot thing would be exposed for the scapegoating, blame the victim, ethics challenged rhetoric that it is.

NO, Monsta, all those high resource users will NOT use less resources because 80% of the population died.

THAT is because THAT 80% DOES NOT participate significantly  in the MARKET (see GDP fun and games) for all that industrial STUFF we produce in the piggy counties. the FACTORIES will NOT slow down to a sustainable biosphere 'roar' just because the bottom 80% get offed, as you seem to believe.


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