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Author Topic: You will have to pick a side. There is no longer Room for Procrastination  (Read 3641 times)

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I hear you and applaud your volunteering. I don't plan to sell coffee mugs.  ;D I'm just trying to get some way of putting (AND KEEPING) the pressing need for a 100% Renewable Energy Transition in the public eye. Remember that the fossil fuelers will always throw criticism of ANY industrial society product like a coffee mug or sweatshirt or whatever at us. Of course any product that pushes 100% renewable energy must be 100% recycleable and not harm the biosphere; that goes without saying.

You see, I am keenly aware of the tremendous power of advertising. It was used to make people smoke cigarettes, consume gobs of fossil fuels and buy into to the throw away, consumerist, waste based society that big business and the fossil fuel industry wanted with their planned obsolescence "business (planet trashing) model". I have studied the late nineteenth and early 20th century. Most of the truth about what they did and how they did it is out there but is NOT taught in the grade and high school history books. That's part of the reason I have this forum.

Well, advertising is a tool that has been used to harm the biosphere and make a few conscience free predators very rich. Advertising WORKS! That doesn't make the tool itself evil. That same tool, through its great power of persuasion, can be used to get us OFF of fossil and nuclear poisons. We are herd animals. Those of us that want a viable biosphere just need to figure out how to get that herd moving in the right direction.

We can do this as an adjunct to the kind of very valuable work you and people like you do in volunteering. I am pushing 70 and have a dual chamber pace maker. I can't go out there and rock and roll to change the world. BUT, I can write and put the positive, beautiful future we can obtain through renewable energy in people's minds with posters and whatnot. Graphics are a very important part of internet communication. It's part of our tool chest to bring positive change.

As to getting people to donate, I agree it is a good thing to do. However, I want to get people to stop our government from stealing from us. Here we are, "donating" 24/7 through fossil fuel and nuclear power plant subsidies of all kinds for WHAT!!? By reminding people of this day in day out, people, (most of whom are living hand to mouth and just go on a guilt trip when you ask them to donate because they are having enough trouble feeding their families as it is in our fascist oligarchical corporate state) see immediate value in doing SOMETHING they can do right away to change the planet destroying paradigm we are in. They will then start giving more importance to environmental issues in elections and at the workplace instead of fighting about wedge issues deliberately put out there to confuse and divide the public.

There is storm going on. Advertising is one the ports in that storm. Donations are good, but that will not stop the oligarchs; only massive rejection of their profit over planet policies will.

Do you drink tea? A tea mug works too!  ;D
This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles.. -- Psalm 34:6


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