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Author Topic: Welcome!  (Read 2163 times)

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« on: October 27, 2013, 11:17:59 pm »
Thanks. Yeah, I'm starting to get my act together here.  ;D  My goal is somewhat amorphous beyond the very specific and daily desire to do whatever the Boss upstairs wants me to do. There are quite a few nature articles I wrote at my DD channel that I plan to publish here in nice, easy to reference "Wonders of Nature" topic categories so that people can go and just relax and lay back with nature video or strange and wonderful info on all the critters we share the planet with and the many biomes they inhabit. I hope to have a fun, as well as informative, general nature audio/video/article library that doesn't require a degree in biology (or any other science) to enjoy. One day at a time.

As to subject matter, I am trying to find a niche that people will feel comfortable going to for interesting, stimulating, enjoyable and at times, righteous anger producing articles, video and audio.

Rummaging around the Admin settings I discovered I have a limit on word count per post. At first I though I would jack it up like RE did at his forum but now I think I'll keep it because it keeps each post from becoming over long and forces me to split posts into parts.

I think I have an advantage as an admin in that I don't dwell on one subject and, quixotic as it may seem, continually seek to provide down to earth, realistic hope for myself and the viewers of the forum even while I holler and scream about some injustice here and there.

I will make every effort to avoid a pitfall in publishing. That is, to concentrate on putting out more material on a subject that gets lots of views. I respect the views but I realize that it is entirely possible for a crowd of 'one subject' zealots to dwell in a certain area. If those just happen to be the ones passing through on a given week or month and I mistakenly assume the other subject areas lack merit, I'll unbalance the subject matter and do future viewers a disservice.

If it's okay with you, I would like to make you a moderator here. No, I'm not asking you to spend more time or do more than you do right now. I realize you have your hands full with the facebook, your channel and the weekly doom load.  I just think it's your right.  ;D
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